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Thread #2 : Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan Take On Whitey

This is THREAD #2 — comments in the previous thread will be closed shortly. COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD ARE NOW CLOSED. GO TO THREAD #3.

FYI, for those expecting to SEE the tape, GET REAL. Read Larry Johnson’s description of what is ON the tape. That is the story.

BELOW the fold, Larry Johnson’s full story:

By Larry Johnson on June 2, 2008 at 7:43 AM

I learned over the weekend why the Republicans who have seen the tape of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” “STUNNING.” It features Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan. They are sitting on a panel at Jeremiah Wright’s Church when Michelle makes her intemperate remarks. Whoops!! When that image comes out it will enter the politcal ads hall of fame. It will be right up there with the little girl plucking daisy petals in the famous 1964 ad LBJ used against Barry Goldwater.

Barack may have quit his church but his religious problems are not over. Barack Obama has a Nation of Islam problem. Before Barack came on the scene, THE MAN in that political district was Louis Farrakhan. No one could take Alice Palmer’s seat without Farrakhan’s blessing. No one. I do not fault Barack Obama for seeking out the blessing of Farrakhan, but the story of what was done behind the scenes to get rid of Barack’s predecessor—Alice Palmer—has not been told. A knowledgeable source tells me that Tony Rezko played a direct role in this feat.
It also should come as no surprise that Barack hired two members of the Nation of Islam to work on his staff—Jennifer Mason and Cynthia K. Miller. If Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger had kept their yaps buttoned none of this would mean much. But the fact that both men have been—until scrubbed from the website in recent weeks—listed as spiritual advisors to Barack Obama and also are very close to Louis Farrakhan, we begin to understand that the Nation of Islam has been a critical component of Barack Obama’s base of support. This is not guilt by association, this is guilt because of actual relationship. Farrakhan, Wright, and Pfleger are each on tape in various settings spewing the most vile racists garbage in the guise of preaching. Barack Obama, up to this point, has tried to pretend he had no idea that these men had these thoughts or said these things.

NONSENSE!! He knew and he knows. And the gig will be up when the Michelle tape hits the airwaves. I have received new information about how this tape was acquired. Let’s just say that one of the republican candidates who is no longer in the race but had a dandy oppo research capability uncovered this gem. If Republican poohbahs have their way the tape will remain on ice until October. But when it comes out, Barack will be permanently branded with the Nation of Islam. That’s not a winning platform in November.

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  • JDRhoades

    So this is not just something Larry is reporting, it’s out there.

    Circualr reasoning. It’s out there because Larry is “reporting” it.

    But showing a tape that is true and accurately reflects someone’s beliefs is not Swiftboating, it’s doing actual vetting that should have been done months ago.

    Except nobody’s shown anything. Remember?

  • Arabella Trefoil

    Defeato-crat Taylor Marsh has once again thrown in the towel for Hillary. This means only one thing – fabulous news for Hillary!

    Every time Defeato-Crat Taylor Marsh hosts a grief counselling session faciliatied by ObamaTrolls, Hillary wins big the next day.

  • http://deleted AnninCa

    Obama will be asked. The story is too big to avoid.

    He can deny.

    And sweat it out, if he’s lying.

    He can spin.

    And sweat it out if he’s lying.

    Or he can cruise.

    And know that it’s a false rumor.

    Hillary has dealt with this type of stuff for years.

    Welcome to the real world, Obama.

  • Joe

    I don’t think ‘troll’ means what some of you think it means – brandishing it about left and right like that against anyone who disagrees with you.

    To Troll: to post controversial or provocative messages in a deliberate attempt to provoke flames.

    Sounds like the big Larry Johnson is the troll.

    • Dawnelle

      where’s your link to the definition of troll please?

      you neglected to add – a troll LIES

      so far I won’t say this is a lie
      it’s late
      unless truly he never intended to show the tape

  • Prodem


    I have registered twice, and am still wating for my confirmation
    This is a test to see if this gets posted

  • cleek

    Larry’d better sit down with a lawyer brush up on the notion of libel. and he’d be smart to lay off spending any of his ad revenues for a while.

    • TexasDarlin

      Sounds like a threat. Larry is just reporting what he heard. Can you prove that he didn’t hear it?

      You people sound really scared.

    • Try again troll

      Your comments remind me that “tootsky” last week said this blog was being monitored by the ADL. “tootsky” also said he knew the Southern Poverty Law Center would be in contact with the blog owners here over the racism on the blog. I’m laughing at your comment and his.

    • rigs

      do you really think the Obama camp would bother suing Larry? puhleazeee. though i agree this is just wrong and Larry should STFU if he doesnt have evidence

  • Prodem

    I have registered twice, and am still wating for my confirmation
    This is a test to see if this gets posted

  • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

    The popcorn concession stand is now open. Please try one of our delicious frozen treats.

    We now bring you back to our regularly scheduled program:

    “As The Trolls Squirm.”

    Sponsored by Larry Johnson.

  • Sugar

    If there was nothing to this tape, the Obamazoids wouldn’t be swarming this place like flies to shit! They are here because they know, that once this shit hits the fan, Coward Dean and the Guttersnipe (Brazile) will look like even bigger fools for pushing Obama to be the nominee.

    • Adam H.

      Urgh. Having people point out that all of this is so far unconfirmed and apocryphal doesn’t make it MORE true, you know.

  • Arabella Trefoil

    Trollies – You are repeating yourselves. You are scared. We can smell the fear. Skye Masterson Obama needs you to go out and collect money. He’s in big trouble with his loan shark.

  • rigs

    Susan, are you freaking kidding me? His take IS THE STORY? no its, not, only the tape itself would be the story, even then its a long shot, not tape, no story. Larry Johnson’s telling of it is good for about 30 people on this blog, nothing else unless there is a tape to be shown, where is it? Who has it? Why does noone seems to have it or have talked to someone who has seen it? I CALL BULLSHIT, AND I”M AN HRC SUPPORTER ALL THE WAY!

  • Leo

    My read on this is that Larry is getting played by the Republicans. These kinds of smears tend to have some blowback on the smearer. By getting it out through a pro-Clinton site the Republicans keep their hands clean.

    This is true even if there is a tape (I’m skeptical, but feel free to prove me wrong), but it is 1000% more true if there is no tape. In that scenario both Clinton and Obama will have suffered (Obama through a false smear; Clinton by association with her supporters who pressed that smear).

    I would say this reading is reinforced by the fact that Larry’s sources are apparently Republican operatives. What incentive would those operatives have to tease this now? Wouldn’t they be better off holding their cards close to the vest until at least August, perhaps even later? The only reason I can think of is that they don’t want the blowback (which could be severe if this turns out to be a bogus story).

  • Jack

    Here’s the deal, folks. Your candidate Hillary Clinton will concede the race by the end of the week. She will then become the biggest Obama supporter you’ve ever seen. It will be an Obama-Clinton lovefest for the rest of the summer, with each singing the other’s praises. So, you can continue to hate on the black candidate until November if you like, and go ahead and vote for John McCain. Judging from many of your posts here, you all would probably find a better home in the Republican party. There will be more than enough rational Republicans defecting from their party to vote for Obama in the fall to make up for the loss. We don’t need you. Good riddance.

    • Eurogirl70

      Why do you feel the need to keep bringing up Obama’s race. Those of us here that post on a egular, if not daily, basis don’t make that an issue. The issue is his lack of experience, his shady character, his political and religious bedfellows from Chicago and his overwhelming Bush-like arrogance and nastiness during this primary.

      Obama=Bush Plain and simple.

  • CognitiveDissonance

    A commenter over on Taylor Marsh has mentioned that Neil Cavuto is supposed to be releasing a bombshell on Fox News today at 3 pm eastern time. I don’t know what this is about and the commenter didn’t source this information. It could pertain to Larry’s story or be about something else entirely, or just a rumor. Cannonfire reports the rumor that ABC News has this tape. Also, no sourcing. And let’s not forget that they were talking about this tape on Fox yesterday. So this is not just something Larry is reporting, it’s out there.

    Personally, I hate Swiftboating. But this is something different. Swiftboating is about making untrue inferences, such as with the Dukakis situation. Or getting people to swear that something untrue happened, as with the Swiftboat veterans. But showing a tape that is true and accurately reflects someone’s beliefs is not Swiftboating, it’s doing actual vetting that should have been done months ago. We have all seen the crowd of racists and corrupt political fixers that are in Obama’s orbit. The fact that there may be a tape that connects those dots is a relief. If we had a real press, they would have been doing this already, much as the dots were connected to Richard Nixon so long ago.

  • Arabella Trefoil

    The Obama Brats are hopped up on high fructose corn syrup, as usual. Today the are also drinking Robutussin.

    This tape is the least of Obama’s worries this week. Major stuff is about to hit the fan. Obama is singing “Luck Be a Lady” and sweating a lot. People are calling in his markers.

    • Right On

      Absolutely! I know you’re right about the Obamabrats. And boy do they have a lot of worries this week! Major stuff is on the way! (But could you tell us a little more specifics — I can’t always remember them all, and I like to be able to cite specifics to my Obamabrat friends here at work…) THANKS!

  • J.D. Rhoades

    And your posts will get deleted.

    Just like they do on freerepublic and LGF! Welcome to the nutsosphere!

  • katmandu

    Feminist Democratic leader in MN will not vote for Obama.

  • Cornelius

    UFOs and inkblots from an ex-CIA agent. Go figure.

  • Walt

    The REAL news in this “news” is the fact that Larry Johnson provides a third hand account of a second hand account of an alleged tape.

    This is not news. This is a whisper campaign.

  • HARP

    Following is a revised version (including additional material) of an article by Ivan Tyrrell, first published in 1993, that explores Dr Arthur Deikman’s enlightening work on cult behaviour.

    Cults use various methods of indoctrination to keep cult members committed: alternative information about other ideas are banned and denigrated; cult ideals are endlessly promoted; and members are kept busy, thus distracting them from observing their changing state and what’s really going on.

  • dave™©

    When you guys have at least an actual transcript of this supposed “tape,” please get back to us. Otherwise, I think a big steaming cup of “shut the fuck up” is in order.

    I speak as someone who has defended both of you at the Orange Satan. Sadly, you are both as batshit insane as they are.

    Again: produce or shut the fuck up.

  • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

    Meanwhile as the trolls try to discredit a video they claim doesn’t exist Hillary and her supporters fight on to propel Hillary to the nomination and the presidency. Keep the donations going to Hillary!

    Larry Johnson you are a great man!

    The links won’t post. The info below is at Hillary’s web site.

    New Montana Ad Highlights Hillary’s Historic Popular Vote Total

    With two days to go until the Montana primary, the Clinton campaign today unveiled a new television ad, “17 Million.”

    The 30-second spot highlights Hillary’s lead in the popular vote. Over 17 million Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton, earning her more votes than anyone in the history of Democratic primaries.

    Watch the ad here.

    The ad will be airing statewide tomorrow morning.

    Following is the complete script of the ad:

    “17 MILLION”
    TV: 30

    Tuesday, it’s up you.

    You can join over 17 million people who’ve voted for a leader to fix the economy.

    [17 million]…for a Commander in Chief to bring our troops home from Iraq 17 million who want to beat John McCain.

    17 million Americans have voted for Hillary Clinton…more than for any primary candidate in history.

    Some say there isn’t a single reason for Hillary to be the Democratic nominee.

    They’re right.

    There are over 17 million of them.

    HRC: “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.”

  • typical irish

    I like scaring hell out of the kooks :)

  • hillarysmygirl

    Doubt. That’s what this whole story is about. Larry wants to cast doubt on the Messiah with the MSM, the Obamabots and most importantly, the Super delegates. And judging by the extraordinary traffic on this blog today, I’d say “job well done!”

    If there were no reason to think this tape or any other damaging evidence of Michelle’s angry, racist attitudes existed, no Obamabots would have showed up today. Because if she weren’t so full of self-hate, if she were a lovely, supportive, smart young woman like, say, Chelsea Clinton, no one would even flirt with the idea of a tape like this. What I read in the Obamazoid/Troll posts today is fear and relief. What are you so relieved not to find? What are you afraid of? Doubt is a scary place to live.

    To quote John Patrick Shanley in his brilliant play, “Doubt,”

    “What do you do when you’re not sure?”

  • Mr.Murder

    The revelation that Tony Rezko was a high-roller in Las Vegas casinos was not widely known in Illinois — before Thursday, that is. Authorities there announced they had a warrant for Rezko’s arrest for allegedly skipping out on $450,000 in debt.

    Two casinos — Bally’s and Caesar’s Palace — knew him well enough that they allowed him to write checks for tens of thousands of dollars. Sources say Rezko took trips to Vegas with businessmen, politicians and fellow Gov. Blagojevich fund-raiser Chris Kelly.

    Wonder about those card games…

    …Obama is said to love playing cards.
    Not just the racial cards.

    • Dawnelle

      OO SnaP!

  • For the trolls

    First there was Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he and Obama did drugs and engaged in gay sex in Chicago in November, 1999.
    Next came Lawrence Lessig and his use of a gay Jesus video in multiple seminars along with his proposal to blur the distinction between heterosexuals and gays.
    Next we find out about the close ties to weathermen bomber William Ayers and his admission that he had sex with male friends.
    Next we hear form a former Chicago restaurant chef about persistent rumors in the gay community that Obama was on the down low.
    Now a video has just surfaced in which the reverend James Manning calls both Obama and Jeremiah Wright, closet homosexuals.
    Do Larry Sinclair’s allegations seem so far fetched now?

    View the Manning video here:

  • CognitiveDissonance

    These trolls are just ridiculous. For the past 5 months, they’ve taken every obvious slimed-up rumor off of Drudge’s site and posted it all over the internet without one shred of proof. They’ve taken every slimy smear that Bob Novak has posted in his column without proof and posted it all over the internet to slime Hillary. And now they want to slam Larry for a story that he has been carefully vetting the past couple of weeks? When have you pimple-faced kool-aid drinkers ever vetted anything about Hillary? You haven’t! You’ve simply made up stuff and posted them everywhere while your candidate pulls the sleaziest campaign tricks we’ve ever seen in an election and you’ve blithely ignored. Go back to your video games, kids! Better yet, go get a damn job and do something useful with your lives.

    • Andy

      Well said CognitiveDissonance !!!

  • tootsky
    • rjj

      depends on what the definition of “may be” is.

  • Mudkipz

    Because, HARP, we’re too busy preparing for the rise of the Mahdi who will assist our Mullah Obama in seizing control of the country and establishing a Neo-Caliphate which will stretch from Santa Monica to Long Island, you fucking douchebag internet tough guy.

    • HARP

      Aw, did I step on your poor itty bitty ego?

  • Lady MacBeth Obama

    Anybody got a can of Troll-Be-Gone? I used mine up.
    Oh well, back to the store.

    I can’t wait for the tape to come out. After every delicate word that the sweet natured Michelle utters has become a fixture in the minds of every American, I will set it to some dance music and we can call party hearty! Happy days.

    • Right On

      Great comment, Lady. I too can’t wait for the tape. And I especially look forward to your mash-up!! But since it might be awhile before we get to hear it, is there a way you can go forward with your mash-up just using Larry’s description, at least? If you have a budget, maybe you could hire an actress to voice it? You might be surprised how reasonable actors’ rates can be (since most of them are always looking for work). You’d be doing us all a great service if you could go ahead and produce it now before the Obama hoodlums find a way to destroy it. Do it now Lady! Later might be too late, if the MSM pretends that it never existed (or that she was really saying “why’d he…” Give. Me. A. Break.! Who ever says “Why’d he…”?) God bless.

  • TLB

    For those who are tired of waiting for the tape, go to one of BHO’s appearances and ask him about this, then upload his response to Youtube.

    He’s not used to real questioning, so his response to being calling on one of his lies will probably be quite revealing.

  • Lumi

    Larry Johnson you’re flat out dick. You’re a racist and this site is disgraceful. There’s no fucking tape!

  • Kevin

    We would actually prefer a more experience woman who shows far better judgement in her affiliations, but please keep calling us racists, it makes us feel morally superior to idiots such as you.
    thank you and have a day

  • proud white

    Well I for one believe anything the Republicans want me to believe about ol’ Barry. Why would they lie? THey aren’t even running against him. They’ve got no dog in this fight. It’s gotta be true.

    I trust Larry – I don’t need to see the tape.

    Go Hillary! BOMB IRAN, BOMB BOMB IRAN!! (LOL, don’t be so uptight.)



  • BJS

    I knew this was a scam.

    It sure is going to be fun watching you screech for the next four years over President Barack Obama.

  • Mudkipz

    “I think I know tomorrow’s headline: ‘Local Man is Liar.’”

    “Hey, that is a good headline!”

  • HARP

    If he is such a great uniter and he thinks statements made at TUCC, were inappropriate, then why, after 20 years, did he not change the message coming out of his own church. WHAT A PHONY AND A BAG OF SHIT.

    • TeakwoodKite

      He is the message coming out of the church…all 20 years of it.

      No thanks.

      “for some time”
      “just a guy from the neighborhood”
      “My political godfather”
      “my crazy uncle”

      community development…surrreee. For who?