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I learned over the weekend why the Republicans who have seen the tape of Michelle Obama ranting about “whitey” describe it as “STUNNING.” I have not seen it but I have heard from five separate sources who have spoken directly with people who have seen the tape. It features Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan. They are sitting on a panel at Jeremiah Wright’s Church when Michelle makes her intemperate remarks. Whoops!! When that image comes out it will enter the politcal ads hall of fame. It will be right up there with the little girl plucking daisy petals in the famous 1964 ad LBJ used against Barry Goldwater.

Barack may have quit his church but his religious problems are not over. Barack Obama has a Nation of Islam problem that will receive more attention in the coming days. Before Barack came on the scene, THE MAN in his political district was Louis Farrakhan. No one could take Alice Palmer’s seat without Farrakhan’s blessing. No one. I do not fault Barack Obama for seeking out the blessing of Farrakhan, but the story of what was done behind the scenes to get rid of Barack’s predecessor—Alice Palmer—has not been told. A knowledgeable source tells me that Tony Rezko played a direct role in this feat. And Rezko has been tight with Farrakhan.

It also should come as no surprise that Barack hired two members of the Nation of Islam to work on his staff—Jennifer Mason and Cynthia K. Miller. (And no, I am not merely recycling info initially reported by Debbie Schlussel. I have two independent Chicago sources for this info.) If Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger had kept their yaps buttoned none of this would mean much. But the fact that both men have been—until scrubbed from the website in recent weeks—listed as spiritual advisors to Barack Obama and also are very close to Louis Farrakhan, forces the question about Barack’s faith and beliefs.

In probing those matters we begin to understand that the Nation of Islam has been a critical component of Barack Obama’s base of support. And, I am told, Louis Farrakhan has been careful to use Tony Rezko as the intermediary in his relationship with Barack. This is not guilt by association, this is guilt because of actual relationship. Farrakhan, Wright, and Pfleger are each on tape in various settings spewing the most vile racists garbage in the guise of preaching. Barack Obama, up to this point, has tried to pretend he had no idea that these men had these thoughts or said these things.

NONSENSE!! He knew and he knows. And the gig will be up when the Michelle tape hits the airwaves. One source described how this tape was acquired. Let’s just say that one of the republican candidates who is no longer in the race, but had a dandy oppo research capability, uncovered this gem. If Republican poohbahs have their way the tape will remain on ice until October. But when it comes out, Barack will be permanently branded with the Nation of Islam. That’s not a winning platform in November. And Barack’s bundlers understand this threat. I also have learned some major financial backers are asking the Barack team about the tape and are being stonewalled. It is a wild card in the political campaign that has not yet played out.

  • cowgirlblues

    Any one hearing that Hillary is ahead in the polls in S. Dakota and even in Montana????Guns are a big issue in Montana but alot of leftys have moved into montana lately-any word???


  • alohaleezy

    I used to be a very big fan of both Larry and SusanHu back when they were defending Val PLame. Now, this is just plain disgusting. You both should hang your heads in shame. Nothing but Republican?Rovian talking points here. What a waste of talent.

  • Brendy

    With a moniker like ‘HillaryLost’ – you expect Hillary SUPPORTERS to support your inexperienced, racist, sexist, dirty campaign, vote stealing, DANGEROUS candidate Obama? HA!

  • Duck

    Obama + DNC = Kerry 2004

  • Bella

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

    Obama + DNC = Bush III

  • Mary O’Bryan

    The Democrat Party does not speak for me anymore. I guarantee you that Obama will never get my vote. What happened to all votes must count. They do unless they are in favor of Hillary not the chosen one. 55 years old and now an Independent. Also, I hope Hillary returns the favor DNC. Disenfranchised and gone, Mary

  • Arius

    Even if you set aside the whitey comment by this hateful B he’s married to.. set it aside.. The fact that he, she are even associated with Louis Farrakhan is a story in itself.

    Any decent American should have a huge problem with this. Any decent voter would not vote for him on this alone, aside from all the other scum that’s in Barack’s resume.

    A connection to Farrakhan and America would elect this? OMG!

    • Bella

      I wonder how much $$ snObama earmarked for Farrakhan’s mosque. That hasn’t come out. Yet.

  • Duck

    Barry threw himself under the (church) bus !!!

  • Duck


    How precious…
    Use a sign-on that slams the very person who is qualified to be our next president…

    And then beg us not to vote for McCain.
    I’m leaning towards being a GOP troll myself.

  • venomous

    the guys who “produce” the news are mostly interested in propaganda that benefits who they favor.and just like they turned on the clintons suddenly,they will turn on obama.and you must be a marxist radical shill.blow george soros much?

  • drkate

    I believe the tape exists, I think the republicans have it, and they will not release it until Obama has the nomination secured. They won’t release it now because they DON’t want to run against Hillary. If they thought she was a weaker candidate to run against, this tape would have been out by now.

    The effort to get this information out now is to alert as many as possible what this monster Obama is, the friends he keeps, and his radical wife. So far Obama has accused everyone of racism when they are critical.

    Here’s what we have here:

    *Knowledge of tape. check
    *the racist/sexist pastor tape. check
    *the supers telling him they’ll leave him if he doesn’t leave the church. check.
    *steals 4 delegates from HRC
    *resigns from the church. check.
    *says “hands off my wife”. check.
    *sends ron brown’s son on air to decry existence of tape as repug dirty tricks. check.

    I have read through the comments in the entire set of threads here for this post. The obamabots must have received a direct order to invade this site as a quick check of other sites reveasl continuous diaries on why the tape or Larry Johnson is a fake.

    Everyone, take names of these obamaphiles, I have. call them out. they are nervous and are fishing. they will resort to anything. They are using multiple handles…you can too. use their own name if you have to.

  • venomous

    obama>rezko>auchi>saddam>iraq obama>wright>farrakhan>hezbollah>iran. the five degrees of barak hussein obama

  • Duck

    The Kos rules !!!
    They are gonna “steamroll” our GOP troll asses in November !!

    Jeff… hon… I’m a DEM
    Most of us here are.

  • venomous

    im starting to believe it IS real.i mean,this would be the easiest thing for obama and his camp to deny,right?so why havent they even touched it?they usually respond to anything important within hours,if not minutes.having this rumor floating around doesnt help them in any why suddenly so quiet?

  • awp

    Oh come on, don’t you people think if there was a campaign-ending video about Obama floating around it would have surfaced and you know, ended his campaign by now? I know McCain and Clinton both have teams working round the clock to get something like this alleged video out, but if they have one, what are they waiting for? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t exist.

  • Duck

    The Daily Kos has threatened me…
    Quick mommy…. call their mommies…..

  • Duck

    You are calling my ass out??
    You sound really tough…
    Does the Daily Kos have a militant branch??

    You gonna slap me really realy hard Jeffy???
    Too funny Jeffy

  • Duck

    Yep.. a republican troll….

    And you’re a …..

    So there….

  • Ulahane

    Is that the best you’ve got?

    Yes Cindy McCain had a drug problem and is ashamed about it. Obama had a drug problem and half brags about it in his first book. He is refusing to release his full medical records. Can you say relapses?

    Yes the Chelsea joke (ten years ago) was stupid, but, like an adult, he apologized and the Clintons accepted (ten years ago!). Obama has made continual sexist remarks (“periodically when she gets down”, Jay-Z references, etc) and has never apologized for them.

    McCain is far from perfect but he is a man who owns up to his mistakes. Obama is a child who thinks everybody is picking on him.

    • Maddie

      Obama didn’t have a drug problem. He tried drugs. Sheesh. get informed.

      • bcc

        You’re kidding right?

        C’mon. What was he on when he married that lantern-jawed female impersonator?

        You know – Michelle. The WHITEY hater!

  • Duck

    “Any guy writing, “I love Obama”… either 14 or gay ! ”

    Or both….

  • Craig

    Any guy writing, “I love Obama”… either 14 or gay !

  • Hmm

    It is interesting how many Obama supporters have taken the time to deny these charges today. If it is all just a fairy tale I have to wonder why they bother.

    • Maddie

      its fun to mess with you low info voters and liars.

      Thanks for playing!

  • TeakWoodKite

    I have to say Mr. Johnson…you break their hearts!

    It is up to 5 people you have sourced and as Bud White says the 7 dwarfs are looking for it.

    OH the pain…So out of curosity if I might, any SD’s callin you and asking? “Hey Mr J. can you offer proof of “””. ”

    Mainly asking ’cause I have been having a good laugh, which I thank you for, seeing all the traffic in trolls and wishful hopin going on.

    I find it interesting that in your original story you DID say that it won’t come out until BO gets the nod or some wants to be a million dollars to the positive. I wish people would remember that…

    The way I see it. I don’t care when, if the dems are THAT Ignatz crazy to have BO so be it. I won’t like it one bit and would much rather be voting FOR someone than against. But is the way of things and hope and Change “are gloming” and that doesn’t work.

    Keep at it. Best to you and yours.

  • ken

    lol ………… angry man talk too much,…… I am guessing you guys devolved bitter stomach ace …

    Phase one …….Mission accomplished …………

    Obama is more clever and brilliant than any body in the country …

  • Maddie

    You Have Been Had

    To: *******
    From: S. Schmidt
    Date: May 15, 2008
    Subject: Clinton Strategy

    According to both internal polling and exit polls by independent news
    organizations, the Democratic Party is becoming increasingly polarized along
    certain segments of its base. The recent result in West Virginia, while generally
    unsurprising and definitely unlikely to cause any real shift in the race,
    highlights the growing bitterness between certain supporters of Clinton and
    the Obama camp in general. This unique situation has created an opening that
    could help depress the turnout of key Democratic demographics in November.
    The specific group we are targeting is a cross-section of white, female voters
    over the age of 40. Internal polling reveals that this group is the most likely to
    support John McCain after Obama wins the nomination. However, we expect
    Obama’s numbers to improve following Clinton’s drop. Our job is to make sure
    that number stays as low as possible.

    Our limited financial resources and the media’s attention on the Democratic
    race, however, prevent us from reaching this group. Our aim is to point out
    specific issues that we believe resonate well:

    1. Sen. Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright

    2. His inexperience

    3. His links to the corrupt Chicago political machine

    However, we cannot fully achieve this goal without a greater commitment on
    the part of McCain’s fundraisers and our various media partners. In lieu of
    that, we have developed a number of inexpensive ways to reach this audience.
    We have already worked to reinforce the Clinton campaign’s narrative about
    the unfair treatment that some networks, specifically MSNBC, have given her
    camp. We are also planning to unroll a new campaign to highlight Obama’s
    experience deficit.

    Simultaneously, our team has been testing new lines of attack through
    independent pro-Clinton communities on the Internet. Our hope is that our
    message here will spread by word-of-mouth. Our local community organizing
    has also been successful. We have organized dozens of “meet-ups” across the
    country for Clinton supporters, and we have used that time to stress the
    importance of punishing the DNC for choosing the undemocratically selected
    far-left Obama. At the moment, this is nothing more than a headache for the
    Obama campaign. With a greater commitment on your part, I hope to see it
    metastasize into something much more.

    Let me know if you need more detail.


    • drkate

      another cross post from mydd and dkos. saying we’re stooopid.

      this maddie is a dkos troll.

  • finchy

    You guys make me laugh!

    Your’re all so scared that when he becomes President he will put all of you in chains to work on a labor camp or plantation.

    Or why else are you so scared and pulling all kinds of B.S. and rumors out of your arses… LOL

  • bcc


    It SHOULDN’T HAVE taken half a day and a dozen tries to see my post finally show up.

    That’s leaving me with a bit of a “the hell with you” feeling at the back of my throat. Know what I’m sayin’?

    Get back to me if you want more/better.


  • Duck

    The Barrybot comments are about two-to-one.
    Except during shift changes….

    Very good sign if you ask me.
    (I especially like when they start out with: I’m a McCain supporter… but…)

    Keep it up Larry !!

  • bcc


    Is it really SO IMPORTANT to keep McCain out of the WH – SO IMPORTANT that Hillary supporters are supposed to forget their grievances and jump onboard the O-train?

    Good to know. That means it’s surely SO IMPORTANT that Obama should publicly announce that he will ask Hillary to be his V.P. in order to assure victory.

    After all, this may not be his first choice, but the alternative is TOO IMPORTANT to risk.


    And if not, why not?

    • Myshiba

      Because Hillary is too good to be second fiddle to an incompetent (obama).

      • Maddie

        following your “logic” do you think McCain will get us out of Iraq and not overturn Roe V. Wade?

      • bcc

        OBVIOUSLY she is too good for that. But I am curious for the Obamabot response.

  • whatever

    As a McCain supporter I was hoping for something more. Unfortunately I’ve not seen anything. I realize Mr. Johnson has said that the tape would not be released but he eluded to more. Farrakhan should have been mentioned from the get go when Roger Stone mentioned it. This “whitey” thing would peak interest but not hold the fort.

    The sort of tidbit information is not enough I say. We live in a state of evidence. Witnesses are no longer as credible as DNA or video or cassette tape (which people rarely use any more)—which catches the culprit in the act. A witness can see something in 8-9 different ways—but the video tells it like it is.

    Unfortunately, I’m prone to agree with the leftist saying this a a moot point. I like anything that helps my candidate but as long as it can be substantiated. This however, has not been and is coming out of people’s mouth with no evidence.

    This is not a cat and mouse election. To drop bits of information here and there is turning this election into a game and not taking this seriously. I’m very upset with the media on both ends. If this tape is real make it known to the US American people.

    Don’t sit therer on it and drop it like candy so the public goes “mad” over it. That doesn’t show journalistic integrity and that is also turning the people you work to inform into pawns. I’m horrified that a writer would do that even if this would lead to the passing of my candidate.

    Until it airs, this will be handled like a rumor pawn with no legs. Roger Stone and yourself Mr.s Johnson should be ashamed of yourselves for confirming and endorsing a tape you’ve yet to see yourself.

    • Myshiba

      Don’t hang your hat on a tape . . . . obama is bad enough without it!

  • Myshiba

    even without the tape , obama is history!
    calm down! don’t take the obamabot bait! they are desperate and afraid because their messiah’s ship is sinking like the Titanic!

  • Laura

    Larry we need to be very careful with this. This may be a set-up by the obama camp. It’s possible Michelle is saying “why’d he” not “whitey”. Don’t take the bait. There could be tremendous blowback if it turns out Michelle did not say “whitey”. The obamas will become martyrs and be seen as victims of dirty tricks. I wonder just how whoever has possession of the tape, received it. I smell a major set-up. This is eerily reminiscent of the Bush National Guard flap on 60 minutes. I still believe to this day that the White House set-up Dan Rather.

    • karen for Clinton

      Don’t be condescending to Larry or his sources.

      Do you think the republicans are showing this to their high rollers to get funds with Why’d he?

      Would they be stunned by that?

      This place needs an exterminator today, it seems we have an infestation of disinformation freaks.

      Larry is a pro. You are not. Larry has experience and isn’t flippant.

      As Bill Clinton said “everybody just chill.”

      • Maddie

        Right on! Only Larry’s GOP sources can condescend to him. They are laughing their asses off at Toupee Boy today.

      • Laura

        I’m on your side. I’m just considering the possibilities. You are right, I’m not a pro and obviously haven’t heard the video. I am assuming the video will be listened to very carefully before any public airing.

        • Maddie

          Consider this: The only business I could find that Farrakhan had with Trinity was an award they gave him years back but it was not even held at the church. Also Farrakhan doesn’t do “panels” so I would not hold your breath for this tape to even exist.

          The GOP wanted to run against Hillary in the General so if they had such a tape, don’t you think they would have produced this after Super Tuesday along with the Rev Wright stuff?

  • thom803

    no tape = no hope for hillary.

    • Myshiba

      The tape would just be icing on the cake (not the be-all/end-all). Don’t get over-exceited because even with no tape, obama is toast.

      no tape = obama is toast
      tape = obama is burnt toast

    • Maddie

      no tape = pretending there is one = GOP coordinated Smear for low infos.

      • drkate

        dkos troller here. look at her “low infos”.