The Obama campaign is telling reporters from major news organizations that the videotape of Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at a panel alongside Nation of Islam maximum leader Louis Farrakhan is nothing but a “scurrilous lie,” according to one of those reporters who called for an answer.

But at the same time the Obama campaign has disseminated either a doctored or concocted transcript of the supposedly nonexistent videotape. Major Obama donors went to the campaign demanding explanations after the posting of my story on No Quarter about the contents of the videotape confirmed to me by several reliable sources, all Republicans with access to knowledge but who do not know each other.

So the campaign created a would-be transcript of the video it says doesn’t exist. In the Obama campaign produced transcript Michelle says “why’d he” instead of “whitey.” Very clever. Then the campaign sent this transcript to key Obamaton bloggers to circulate. And the campaign sent it to the donors to prevent them from having a nervous breakdown.

In other words, the Obama campaign is a two-faced operation, telling the national press one thing and using eager little bloggers as propaganda stooges. But now they’ve been caught in obvious dirty trickery. Will the press play along? The Obamaton bloggers who happily allowed themselves to be exploited have exposed themselves as just junior media whores.

Meanwhile, Obama’s political collapse is accelerating. Two new polls in the final primaries conducted by American Research Group show Obama’s fortunes in rapid decline. He was supposed to easily clean up in South Dakota and Montana, where he was ahead of Hillary, just a short time ago. he was supposed to run across the finish line with two clean wins and the crowd cheering. Now, he’s behind in South Dakota by a whopping 60 to 34, and barely holding on in Montana, just slightly ahead 44 to 40. What happened, Barack?

Looking at those terrible poll numbers we’re not surprised that Obama quit his church over the weekend. The Father Michael Pfleger anti-Hillary sermon at Obama’s church must not be going down too well.

And now we’re beginning to understand why Obama engaged in his thuggery at the Rules and Bylaws Committee, stealing delegates in Michigan that rightfully belonged to Hillary according to votes actually cast. Yup, looking at his bad poll numbers and rising unfavorabilities, Obama needs every delegate he can steal.

Then, out of further desperation, Obama spread a false story that Hillary was dropping out. He’s doing everything he can before the vote in South Dakota and Montana to try to depress Hillary’s turnout. Obama’s Big Lie has worked before. To listen to Obama Hillary has been dropping out since the beginning of the campaign.

And behind all this is Obama’s fear of the Michelle “whitey” video about which he’s spreading two different stories–one to the mainstream press and another to his blogger-stooges. Lies, lies and more lies.

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  • Bella

    MEchelle snObama is a racist and America hater. I don’t even need to see the whitey tape to solidify this.

    Her thesis is all about her blackness and the meanie whitey on campus that looked at her skin color first (yeah right, just another excuse for MEchelle to rag on whites). She was never proud of America until Bwack became the frontrunner. Her comment that black people will wake up and ‘get it’ when asked early on why Hillary was getting the majority of AA support. Oh and her famous THERE AINT NO BLACK PEOPLE IN IOWA meltdown.

    *twirls hair* AS IF!

  • MarkL

    Wait.. how do you know the Obama campaign disseminated this transcript?
    I thought that was just a stupid joke. If that’s really what Michelle said.. ugh.

  • Ray

    does anyone remember the Obama commenter, on this site, last week who said he had seen the tape?

    He said the tape was of Michelle telling a story about an old lady calling someone “whitey”….the blogger went back and forth on the original michelle obama tape thread here…..

    now the excuse, and justification, has changed again.

  • typical irishman

    Obama sounds desperate right now. Said his church isn’t worth renouncing did he? twenty years just wasted? It will be a hell of a note if and when that tape comes out they have the wrong words on the fake tape.

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  • It never fails to mystify me how deeply determined the Obamanots are when it comes to supporting their candidate. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will change their points of view. If both Barack and Michelle were caught on tape, spewing profane racist hatred, that will nto change any of their votes. Even if, in an event gunshots were heard and he suddenly lifted up a baby infant to shield himself from bullets (think of Martin Sheen in the Dead Zone), still they will support him and probably find a way to blame Hillary for the gunshots. They are all working on a subconscious level, and it is all terribly sad.

  • Nobama

    If this is the partial transcript Larry is referring to, it’s sure bad enough!


    Reported verbiage from Michelle Obama’s tape

    “Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen, Why’d he leave millions of children behind. This is the legacy the white man gives us”

    How’d you like HER for a First Lady?

  • Rick

    I asked you a long time ago if you were still a Republican? And if you were, why?

    You’ve answered with alarming clarity. Reminds me of Barry Goldwater’s quip about extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. That was bullsh*t then and now, and you’re certainly an extremist.

    Your extremism is a slap in the face of democracy. You’ll say, write anything to further REPUBLICAN goals. Your sources are disinformation from 3rd hand tainted rumors. You are doing Roger Stone’s work for him. OPERATION CHAOS needs folks like you, to muddy the waters, to make Obama the angry Black candidate. You are demonizing Obama in the same manner that your fellow travelers demonized the Clintons in the ’90’s. Your efforts and tactics are shameful, although, like the other true Thugs, you are shameless.

    Before NO QUARTER became the clearing house for all things vile and venal in this campaign, I read with great interest your blog. Since this has become the McCain/Clinton snake pit, you’ve attracted a following whose comments are painful to read. Your blog has become a freak show.

    No wonder that your neighbor, David Brooks doesn’t want to deal with you. He’s more content with his shabby mailbox, than his shabby neighbor. He must have been reading this blog.

    I’m disappointed in you, sir – who I once held in high esteem.

  • hillaryfighter

    Obamabots in full swing tonight. LOL. They need to go back to their comfortable kos zone or be sent to Iraq… LOL.

  • Donald from Hawaii

    This is ridiculous, Larry. The proof is there, you’ve implied repeatedly. 0900 Monday, you said.

    Yet here we are, still awaiting that proof. Because without it, your contentions amount to nothing but a lot of mean-spirited hearsay and innuendo, and I won’t go there. Speaking for myself, I’ve been quite patient and have tried to give you considerable latitude, because you’ve done some great things for our country in the past, and I felt that you deserved every benefit of the doubt.

    That said, these sorts of highly inflammatory yet thus far specious allegations are totally inappropriate when offered within the context of an American political context.

    Rather, it’s now dawned on me, to my utter dismay, that the only thing I’m seeing unfold here is a nasty smear campaign against Michelle Obama, tapping our inherent fears and ignorance about Muslims and black Christians and inciting our latent bigotry to create a wedge issue.

    Please say that isn’t your real intent here, Larry. Please, say it ain’t so. Just because people on the other side have clearly engaged in this kind of crap doesn’t give Hillary’s supporters carte blanche to do the same.

    I’m through posting here. You guys are becoming a terrible waste of good bandwidth, and I won’t associate with such miscreant political behavior.

    • hillaryfighter

      Bye, ‘progressive’ male wimp. LOL. Maybe onto Iraq?

  • karen for Clinton

    barky’s inconvenient truths:

    Rezko trail is near done, jury is hung up on one of the 24 counts.

    Wright is sooooo Wrong for America but it was just what made the obama’s dance and cheer every sunday with their children who they had in training to become just like uncle jerry, the family mentor and spiritual and political advisor and book title giver.

    Pflager the flake and St. Sabina’s church roof rasing with Axelrod and the chicago 7 teamobamabots. And the cardinal, archbishop of Chicago has had a few things to say about that! I bet The Vatican is not pleased… and neither are catholics everywhere.

    The black panthers and farrakhan and ayers and the whole jew hating and white hating bunch of racists he spent his time courting are all helping him out behind the scenes of his campaign. His HAMAS loving friends earned their endorsement for him.

    What a freak show indeed.

    His supporters have the nerve to come here and doubt and insult Larry???? Tsk, Tsk! You’ve made me think fondly of republicans for the first time in decades.

    Go visit your ignorant ostriches over at the “orange satan” and leave our Hillary supporter haven here to us. We don’t go to your sites, sheesh.

    May the best woman win.

    • RL

      You don’t want to talk about the Black Panthers. Hillary defended them.

  • raquelf

    you are not naive. if you were, you would have leaked it out after the first source. You waited after confirming from 5 different sources. There is therefore the tape. But to hold us in suspense, you have a motive, and I think you are reaping it. And one of them is for SDs to think deeply and ask ‘what if’? For them to investigate further? For them is it worth the risk? Will they win without Hillary’s base? What if the Repubs win over Obama? Double loss! The women are not the sort who can be wooed easily after being thrown under the bus!
    I trust you Larry.

  • kat in your hat

    Now I do believe Larry. I’ll tell you why: If Obama really did try to cover this up as this article explains–it is DEAD ON WHAT HE DID AFTER THE San Fran cling/ bitter comments!!

    Obama went to Indiana and said something that was similar to what he said, but NOT those comments. THEN, he passed along that Indiana video to the media and all of his followers as what he said–like it was the supposed original.

    Finally, most people figured out that it was NOT what he said in Indiana, but what he said on tape recorder in San Fran–there was NOT a videotape of his SAN FRAN comments.

    Yes, Obama pulled this exact same kind of trickery before.

    Now I believe the Michelle tape is real!

  • jes

    I’m sure that the tape will surface sooner or later. Personally, I would prefer sooner.

    Strangely, the Ombambots appear to want it to appear sooner rather than later, too. They’ve been loudly complaining, stamping their feet like children and throwing tantrums all day that they haven’t been able to watch their Chosen One’s wife in a racist rant that could blow up his presidential bid. If they were truly intelligent, they would hope that tape never surfaces. But, then we know they’re not intelligent or they wouldn’t be supporting an empty suit with a very thin resume who has spent the last twenty years attending a racist church that preaches black supremacy.

    • RL

      I know. Did you know that even Martin Luther King Jr. hated white people?

  • catriley

    Well.. the thing is the out-of-context verbiage they are trying to get you to believe “why’d he..” was that even if they peddle those “why’d he..” instead of “whitey” statments, it does NOT erase what that transcript revealed just before and after those phrases. And yeah.. “white” and “white man” is all over there. Frankly, her appearing with Farrakhan is enough to disqualify them both from the White House.

    I agree with Larry and others.. if they want to show us all once and for all that she was talking about one guy.. that “He”, then they’d release the tape themselves. Of course these are the same people that peed all over themselves when someone close to them doctored a film to slander a Clinton supporter, and Clinton, with false accusations of racial slurs.

  • thom803

    Larry, you overhyped this.

    I want Hillary to win, but I’ve been very disappointed today by what you have. What you have isn’t new and dramatic. It’s just more unsubstantiated rumor.

    We need proof. And fast. Because without proof Hillary loses very very very soon.

    • Dear chump,

      The only time Clinton can lose is on the first ballot some time after August 25.
      Don’t hold your breath.

  • If true, you have done an excellent job of reporting and research and have possibly made HRC President.
    If false, you have a winning resume bullet point for disinformation, acquired primo brochure material for BERG Associates and have possibly made HRC President.
    My complements and congratulations, it’s win-win.

  • Nebraskan

    Isn’t it clear to everyone yet that Larry is dropping this bs now to try and create momentum for HRC before the SD and MT primaries tomorrow? That, and all the visits to his site have probably earned him some blog ad revenue.

    Its sad to see what was once a somewhat credible blog descend so quickly into an anti-Obama cesspool.

    • hillaryfighter

      sorry, pack up, kids. The male ‘progressive’ wimps make me dizzy. They all need to be sent to Iraq to taste some tough battle.

      Wimps like you do deserve wimps like Peolosi/Dean/Bamba… LOL.

    • catriley

      LOL- yeah.. Larry single handedly made this shit up. He created a mythical time in 2003 when M.O. may have said those words, and dreamt up his contacts who do not know each other, to tell him essentially the same things.

      I don’t know Larry personally, but I can’t imagine an intelligence guy is all about writing fairy tales. I think the fairy tales are coming from the Obama camp… spin, baby, spin.

      Though I know that you are a member of the cult, but did it occur to you why there was a sudden and visible push to make Michelle out-of-bounds to the media and other candidates recently? And how she suddenly has disappeared from the public? And how Obama suddenly resigned from his church (who was part of that conference that MO did her whitey bit?)

      I guess that’s too reasonable for you to ask yourself…

  • hillaryfighter

    Here’s another stupid comment by that racist pig Michelle Obama. It’s just so laughable and I can’t know where to start.

    The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama told a few hundred supporters gathered at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center they had to remain active in their communities and do their own research on issues in order the change the country’s political path.

    “The way this campaign has been run is the way we need to be forever,” Obama said. “Don’t trust bloggers or someone else’s opinion, because people lie.”

  • russ

    In “Center of the Storm”, George Tenent is very strong is stessing that intellegence is based on the best available facts, known at the time. I think Larry Johnson has lost his way in this regard, in deference to a political view point. Larry’s adherence to an anti-Obama view is equal to the Bush view (I alone know what is right) that took us into Iraq.

  • kat in your hat

    Now I do believe Larry. I’ll tell you why: If Obama really did try to cover this up as this article explains–it is DEAD ON WHAT HE DID AFTER THE San Fran cling/ bitter comments!!

    Obama went to Indiana and said something that was similar to what he said, but NOT those comments. THEN, he passed along that Indiana video to the media and all of his followers as what he said–like it was the supposed original.

    Finally, most people figured out that it was NOT what he said in Indiana, but what he said on tape recorder in San Fran–there was NOT a videotape of his SAN FRAN comments.

    Yes, Obama pulled this exact same kind of trickery before.

    Now I believe the Michelle tape is real!!!!

  • Hilla08

    Larry, why did change yesterday’s post about the tape being released today? It’s not helping us to say one thing then try to pretend it was never said. It only makes us look as bad as them.

    Please keep everything up as it is on your site. There are a lot of trolls around here who just eat those changes up. We know you don’t control the tape. We’ll back you up when you make a mistake.

  • Faustina

    Larry has said his sources describe the tape of Michelle as stunning. Michelle saying “whitey” that could be twisted into “why’d he” is not stunning. So there must be something more folks.

    I wonder what the “transcript” of the nonexistent tape says. There is only so much doctoring than can be done. I suspect that is where the real desperation is. Whoever is sending out a doctored transcript is betting the real tape never hits the airwaves.

    Now, let’s see, Obama said be careful about involving his wife in this campaign. Was that a threat of some kind…does he think he has something with which to blackmail McCain? He really cannot count on the media to try to keep the Republicans boxed in the way he has been able to do with Hillary.

    I think John McCain, if he is the honorable man everybody thinks is, should tell his Republican colleagues to release the tape now. Then he and Hillary could have a civilized campaign and we could all talk about things like Iraq, Social Security, taxes, etc. in the true tradition of a participative democracy….the way our founding fathers intended.

  • Arabella Trefoil

    Ha ha. The trolls are hopped up on high fructose corn sweetners and Nyquil.

    They sound like crazed lemmings.

    Tape or no tape, Obama is unqualified to be CIC.

    Howard Dean is ruining Obama’s campaign. Why’d he do that?

  • Mike

    Shorter Larry Johnson: I have it on good authority from the sleaziest of Republican operatives that this tape exists and it’s really, really, really devastating to Obama. Therefore the supers should logically ditch him and endorse Hillary.

    Have you ever considered, Larry, that you are being used a “propaganda stooge”?

    Have you ever considered, Larry, that it would make more sense for your Republican buddies to let Obama win the nomination and then unleash the tape in October? Instead of leaking it to a moron like you to run around and look like a fool promoting.

    Have you ever considered, Larry, that you are seriously out of your mind and require strong medication?

    Can we get some sort of promise from you that when this tape never materializes, you will publicly admit that you are a gullible tool of Roger Stone?

  • AF catfish

    Oh my god. “No she wasn’t railing against Whitey. She said Why’d He.”

    So the tape exists.

    Just like Obama didn’t flip her the bird. I saw it and I know what I think. The other Hillary volunteers in Portland said after seeing the flipping-the-bird-to-Hillary video, er um “scratching his face” video, they cannot vote for this guy. Because scratching your face isn’t going to work with Ahmenedijad and Putin, Barky.

  • catherine

    The trolls are squirming like mad tonight. LOL

  • michael

    I’m a Clinton or Obama supporter, so I hope there is a tape. Whether there is or not, a little payback for the race-war Obama has started (by racializing comments by the Clintons around South Carolina*) is fair game in my books. It would also vindicate my prognostication skills, since I said Michelle Obama would undo the Obomination.

    Perhaps some future projects… what if you could find Obama’s former drug dealer (if he had one)? Jilted pre-Michelle ex-girlfriends? At this point, you need something that even the Obama camp can’t deny if you are going to make a difference. This stuff, because Clinton supporters WANT to believe it can only hold the coalition together for a prospective convention fight- it can’t change minds, as there is always room for “why’d he” denial.

    *All of which were comments that were, at worst, reasonable punditry.

  • First of all, there needn’t be a tape of MO badmouthing whites for BO to be the worst candidate the Dems have ever fallen for. He was bad in beginning, bad in the middle and he’ll be bad at the end. Anyone who’s done their homework, not just propaganda, knows that to be true.

    Secondly, given everything we know about BO and MO’s 20-years of active membership in Trinity United with Rev Wright, and the Catholic hate-monger, and Louis Farrakhan, I don’t have to see anything to be convinced that MO said what she’s reported to have said. She and BO are part and parcel of that congregation. And if anyone really believes that Obama didn’t hear Wright et al curse out American Whites, they are truly delusional.

    Most BO supporters I know actually believe that Rev Wright is correct in his anti-American diatribes. They support BO because they think America is the enemy. They pride themselves on being sympathetic with the terrorist who bombed us. They are represented by Ward Churchill, Moveon, Bill Ayers, and other elite pseudo-intellectuals.

    Thirdly, if Larry says the tape is real, then it is. I have total confidence in Larry’s reporting of sources.

    My concern is that the mendacious dumb asses in the DNC leadership are being paid off by BO and his crooked bankrollers. That’s the only explanation to their willingness to break the law and send a huge portion of their voters to the Republican side.

  • The Obama trolls remind me of frying frog legs in an iron skillet. Love to watch ’em dance!