Just as a reminder of who Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is, here’s this little clip of her speaking to the “Non-partisan” (HAHAHAHAHA) group, ACORN:

Just when were you thinking you weren’t going to let Obama get away with anything, Rep. Waters?? Because, so far, if you ask me and will pardon the pun, you seem to be his water-carrier. Yep, you seem to be acting more like Rep. Jesse Jackson did, threatening people with retaliation and loss of their positions if they didn’t toe the Obama line:

And honestly, while I was often frustrated by the Blue Dogs myself, considering the massive, humongous deficit under which we are currently staggering, perhaps a little fiscal conservancy might just be what the doctor ordered? (Sorry – I don’t know what is wrong with me today with the pun thing…) But maybe they just want to READ the damn thing first before voting on it, Rep. Waters? I realize that is not a very popular idea among prominent Democratic Representatives, but the people kinda like the thought of our elected representatives knowing what the hell the bill says first before foisting it upon us.

I wonder if Waters’ thinks the recent polls among a number of organizations showing growing disapproval of Congress is because of these few people whose tenure she is threatening for 2010, or because of people like her, Hoyer, and Conyers, who are trying to ram a major, life-changing, proposal through Congress without giving it the proper attention it deserves? Just askin’.

What do you think?

  • tzada

    Maxine is not alone. Could this be a get out of jail free card?

    No. 3 at Justice OK’d Panther reversal

    Case involved polling place in Philadelphia

    Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, the No. 3 official in the Obama Justice Department, was consulted and ultimately approved a decision in May to reverse course and drop a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters in Philadelphia during November’s election, according to interviews.


  • masslib

    Maxine Waters should not just argue against this abomination. She should vote against it. I’m not down with most of you here. I didn’t realize making middle class Americans indentured servants to the private, for-profit health insurers was considered a liberal ideal. I think we should just give everyone Medicare and get the private, for-profit insurers the hell out of our doctors office. But that’s just me, oh, well, and nearly the entire western world, our elderly, our military and our vets. Good God, how can anyone see a mandate to buy private, junk insurance from a for-profit company as some sort of “big government” program? The entire industrialized world is laughing at us. Maxine, don’t just talk the bill down, vote against the effing thing!

    • NoBamaNoWay


  • helenk

    Backtrack has nothing but contempt for congress. He does end runs around them by trying to get most things in the executive branch rather than the legislative branch of government.
    He will use the democratic congress as pimps when needed to publicize and get money for his programs. He threatens them by controlling the money for their elections. So Maxine Waters can make all the excuses she wants and do backtracks work by threatening other democrats but in the end when she no longer has any value to him under the bus she goes.



  • HARP

    Maxine Waters would have to study for a urine test.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Hey Harp, that would be inferring she actually would be required to read in that process?

    • Cindy

      Harp—you’re hilarious!

  • helenk


    Half a dollar hookers have more integrity then the msm



  • Objective Analysis

    I just love how Wright, Gates, Waters all act a DONKEY on national tv or in front of people and then think everything is RACIAL.


  • Problem Here!

    Maxine Waters is a twit. If she had a brain she would be dangerous.

    • OWG

      check out her video where she gets tongue tied and mistakenly reveals she’s trying to force socialism. It’s a fairly old u tube.

  • elise

    The speech in the first video is odd to me. Is this just a “wink, wink” or did she have a moment of doubt?

    There have been some outstanding and outspoken black congresswomen in the last few decades. I admired her until she drank so much koolaide. Stephanie Tubbs Jones stayed loyal to Hillary almost to the bitter end. She knew Hillary would have been a wonderful president and more responsive to the needs of the African American community.

    In the second video, she is just repeating the party line. The speeches given by those closely tied to Obama in the party are intervhangelbe. The same talking points, misrepresentations and refusals to accept any blmae.

  • Jesse Jackson JR. Just thought i’d clarify.

    Not senior. Senior is the bomb. Jr. is a pathetic pig.

  • r2d2

    Why beat Maxine Waters? Why complain about a broken fingernail when the whole body is rotten to the core? The Democratic Party, like the GOP, work for its own best interest, not the American people.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      pretty much.

    • Diana

      That about sums it up. I’m sick of both parties and their self interests and agendas. Neither party is listening too or working for the American people.

      It’s here, let’s toss them a bread crumb and pat them on the head. Now leave us be, we have adult business to attend too. Excuse me I am not your puppy, nor am I a child. I’m sick of being treated as such. That adult business you have to attend too is mine as well, it’s WE THE PEOPLE.

  • bayareavoter

    I used to like and respect Maxine Waters and she was a Hillary backer until the end….

    but what’s her problem with the blue dogs sayin’ they will vote the way they want to–aren’t they supposed to represent their constituents?

    • WMCB

      The problem that the furthest left Dems have, AND that the furthest right Repubs have, over and over, is that they can’t accept the fact that MOST of this country is CENTRIST, with a judicious compassion for the public welfare but also a strong individualist/libertarian bent.

      • Diana

        I was bored the other day and thinking did my political opinions/ideas really change that much? So I did about 5 political tests.

        3 said that I am Centrist leaning Libertarian. 2 said I am Centrist leaning Democrat. 2 said I’d be best suited with Conservative Democrats or Libertarians. The other 3 did the breakdown and then informed me I’d be best suited with the Libertarian Party because there is no Centrist Party. But, not in the same order as the results. One was over 16 pages long.

        One was cute it said I was half Democrat and half Republican. Conservative in my government beliefs for smaller government and fiscally. Democrat in all other areas. I’d be best suited for the Libertarian Party.

        Then, I almost contemplated suicide. I did that personality test the Jung-Myers-Briggs and it said other famous personality types matching mine were Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Lincoln, Reagan. Wow! I’m a thinker, that must be good. Then! It said Oprah, and OBAMA! lol

        As far as Waters. She better watch it, she’s not exactly on everyone’s Christmas list with some of the crap she’s been pulling lately. She can go to work with her buddies in Acorn. She may find herself out. She doesn’t just represent the far left. She also has many conservatives in both blue dogs and republicans in her own district.

        • Mia

          I turned to be in the INTJ group(Rational, Mastermind)on Jung-Myers-Briggs. It includes Hillary Clinton among others.

          • Diana

            I am INFJ.

    • Waters flipped her support to Obama on 6/3, but I get your meaning, Bayareavoter. I used to respect her, too.

      You would think that Democrats WOULD care abt representatives representing their constituents, but apparently, that is just too much to ask these days…

      Georgia, that is some doctor you have in your town! Wow!

      And WMCB, what a total crock abt the ins. companies claiming that what these doctors are doing is basically the same as insurers. Please.

  • Thank Goddess for the Blue Dogs. They may have saved us after all. A little fiscal conservatism is just what we need right now.

    • TeakWoodKite

      The Blue Dogs are just keeping a thump in the dyke.

      I am NOT holding my breath. hiccup…

      • You are probably right but let’s see what a month of hearing from constituents does.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Top Ten Ways To Tell Your President & His Party Aren’t Fighting For Health Care For Everybody

    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Barack Obama and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate were swept into office on a promise they would deliver affordable and accessible health care for all Americans. But the corporate media journalism limits the national health care conversation to what insurance companies, drug companies, for-profit health care professionals, their executives, lobbyists and politicians of both parties and other hirelings have to say. So it isn’t as easy as it ought to be to tell what the politicians are doing about accomplishing health care for everybody. Hence we offer these ten points. This is how you can tell whether your president and his party are fighting for the health care you deserve.

    1-Their plan doesn’t cover the uninsured till at least 2013.

    2013 isn’t “day one.” It’s not even after the midterm election. It’s clear after the president’s second term, if he gets one. Congress passed Medicare in 1965 and president Lyndon Johnson rolled out coverage for millions of seniors in eleven months, back in the days before they even had computers.

    22,000 Americans now perish each year because they can’t get or can’t afford medical care, and this year three quarter million personal bankruptcies will be triggered by unpayable medical bills. Why this president and these Democrats are in such a hurry to pass health care now that doesn’t take effect till two elections down the road doesn’t make sense in any kind of good way.

    2-Their “public option” isn’t Medicare, won’t bring costs down and will only cover about 10 million people.

    The “public option” was sold to the American people as Medicare-scale plan open to anybody who wants in that would compete with the private insurers and drive their costs downward. But in their haste not to bite the hands that feed them millions in campaign contributions each hear, the president and his party have scaled the public option back from a Medicare-sized 130 million to a maximum of 10 million, too small to put cost pressure in private insurers. Worse still, the president and his party are playing bait-and-witch, not telling the public they have reduced the public option, to nearly nothing.

    This remnant of a public option is not Medicare, as Howard Dean insists, and it will not lead to the sort of everybody-in-nobody-out health care system that most Americans, whenever they are surveyed say they want.

    Some Senate and House Democrats want to ditch even the pretense of a “public option” in favor of something they’re calling a private insurance “co-op”, which as near as anybody can tell has the same relationship to an actual cooperative that clean coal has to actual coal.

    3-The president and his party have already caved in to the drug companies on reimporting Canadian drugs, on negotiating drug prices downward and on generics.

    This explains why Big Pharma, the same people who ran the devastatin g series of anti-reform “Harry and Louise” ads to spike the Clinton-era drive to fix health care are spending $100 million to run Obama ads using the president’s language about “bipartisan” solutions to health care reform.

    4-The president and his party have received more money from private insurers and the for-profit health care industry than even Republicans, with the president alone taking $19 million in the 2008 election cycle alone, more than all his Repubican, Democratic and independent rivals combined.

    Democratic senator Max Bacaus got $1.1 million in 2008. Democratic senators Harkin, Landreau and Rockerfeller each got over half a million, and Senator Durbin got just under half a million. Other Democratic senators got a little less. Four Democrats in the House, Rangel, Dinglell, Udall and Hoyer got over half a million apiece in 2008, with other Democrats not far behind.

    Is there any wonder that the insurance companies, like the drug companies are also running “bipartisan health care reform” commercials using the president’s exact language?

    5-The president’s plan, and those of Republicans and Democratic blue dogs too, will require families to purchase health insurance policies from private insurers.

    This is something the policy wonks call an ‘individual mandate”, under which Individuals will be “mandated” to purchase affordable insurance, though companies would not be required to offer it. In Massachusetts, the prototype state for the Obama plan, a family with an income of $33,000 can be required to spend $9,000 in deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses before the insurance company is obligated to pay a dime. As in Massachusetts, public money is used to purchase private insurance for the very poorest citizens. With the revenues of insurance companies on the decline, individual mandate programs are a welcome bailout for the private insurance industry.

    6-The president’s plan, and those of Republicans and Democratic blue dogs too, could force you to buy junk insurance.

    Think about an insurance policy that costs a lot, but is full of loopholes, exceptions and steep deductibles and co-payments. That’s junk insurance, and for many it’s the only insurance companies offer. Even more pernicious is the widespread practice among insurance companies of “recission” in which claimants are routinely investigated and disqualified in the event that they finally make a claim. Insurance companies admit they do this to half of one percent of policies per year. That means if you hold a health insurance policy twenty years, you don;t have insurance – you have a ninety percent chance of having insurance.

    7-The president’s plan, as well as those of Democratic “blue dogs” and Republicans, are to be funded in part with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.

    Private insurance companies have always hated Medicare because it is far more efficient than they are. Medicare’s administrative expenses are under five percent, as compared with the one third of every health care dollar taken by the for-profit insurance companies for their advertising, bad investments, billing and denial machinery, executive salaries and bonuses. Private insurers have, over the years, purchased enough influence in Congress and previous White Houses to restrict Medicare’s payment rates and partially privatize it. But president Obama’s plan, perhaps the most friendly to Medicare and Medicaid, calls for over $300 billion in cuts to the programs that now provide medical care to those with the fewest options, while failing to guarantee that care will come from elsewhere. In Massachusetts right now, hospitals are turning away poor people they used to be able to provide care for because funding that used to go to those institutions is now plowed into the state’s “individual mandate” system.

    8-The president, with the cooperation of corporate media and the Republicans is trying to make the argument about himself instead of a discussion on the merits of his policy.

    The president and his critics are happy to talk about whether this will be “his Waterloo”, or his Dien Bien Phu, as if that matters more than the 22,000 Americans who die each year from lack of medical care, or the three quarter million who will go bankrupt because of unpayable medical bills. The concentration on whether the president looks good or bad takes up air, ink, and coverage time that might otherwise be spent explaining what is and isn’t in the various proposals, and why.

    If the president were not afraid of his own supporters publicly examining the merits and demerits of his proposals, he would mobilize those 13 million emails and phone numbers collected during the campaign. The reason he has not sone so already is that most of his own supporters favor a Medicare-For-All single payer health care system, HR 676.

    9-The president and his party, and the corporate media have spent more time and energy silencing and excluded the advocates of single payer health care, mostly the president’s own supporters, than they have fighting blue dogs and Republicans.

    But no matter how diligently the spokespeople for single payer are excluded from media coverage and invitations to Obama’s policy forums and round tables, no matter how many times the White House cuts their questions from transcripts and video of public events, the calls, emails and letters keep pouring into Congress and the White House demanding the creation of a publicly funded, everybody-in-nobody-out system, a Medicare-for-All kind of single payer health care plan.

    10-Despite the president’s own admission that only a single payer health care system will deliver what Americans want, he and the leaders of his party insist that Medicare For All, HR 676, us utterly off the table.

    Before he became a presidential candidate, Barack Obama identified himself as a proponent of a single payer health care system. All we had to do, he told us, was elect a Democratic congress and senate, and a different president. Now that this has been done, he insists that “change” is just not possible, and we have to settle for less. The president continues to admit that only a single payer health care system will cover everybody, but insists that America just can’t handle that much change.

    The truth is that Barack Obama campaigned as the candidate of change, and a health care system that covers everybody from day one with no exceptions is what people imagined they voted for when they swept him and an overwhelming number of Democrats into office.

    A single payer Medicare-For-All system will eliminate 500,000 insurance company jobs and replace them with 3.2 million new jobs in health care for a net gain of 2.6 million new jobs according to a study by the National Nurses Organization. That’s as many jobs as the US economy lost in all of 2007. Single payer will create hundreds of billions in annual wages and local and state tax revenues for cash strapped cities and towns. It will lift the shadow of bankruptcy for medical reasons from two thirds of a million American families yearly. It’s what we deserve.

    It’s what we voted for, and we won’t stop demanding it.


    Open Secrets

  • WMCB

    My husband and several doctor friends are talking about getting together, saying EFF YOU to the insurance companies, and trying something like this:


    Cash-only practices have until now been limited to hoity-toity “concierge” plans. Doctors who actually care about how big insurance has ruined their profession and their relationships with patients are looking for solutions for low to average income folks that work.

    If you were employed but uninsured, and could pay 39 to 79 dollars a month for unlimited same day access to a family doctor, who spent 30 minutes or more with you at an appointment, plus it covered basic blood tests, xrays, etc, would YOU do it? I would.

    I want UHC, but dammit if our govt won’t solve this, maybe some of our docs need to get together and rebel in this way – find a way to provide care cheaper, without armies of billers and support staff, and tell the insurance companies to take a walk except for catastrophic coverage.

    • WOW, WMCB – sign me up!! Very interesting concept.

      I hope you will keep us posted on this, and what your husband/friends decide to do.

      Thanks for the info!

      • WMCB

        Amy, hubby is researching, and guess who is fighting this model in court?
        Yep, BIG INSURANCE.

        They claim that by doing this, these practices count as “offering medical insurance”, therefore must be subject to all “pool” provisions and regulations governing them, cover catastrophic hospital, etc like any insurance company. Which of course defeats the purpose.

        They know its a specious legal argument, because you are not an “insurer ” if you are the one actually providing the service. It’s flat fee for services, period. An insurer is by definition a middleman pooling risk, not a provider of the actual service. If a doc wants to figure out how to take care of people cheaper, bypassing insurance, that’s his/her business, as is how s/he charges for it.

        But Big Insurance is getting their butts in gear and spending mucho money to challenge it, because if it caught on, it could seriously screw up their world.

        This could be a real solution for a lot of working people with ordinary incomes, if enough docs got fed up and did this. Like I said, we are looking into it. Telling Big Insurance and the govt both to take a hike where ordinary everyday routine care is concerned would sure feel good.

        It’s like “going Galt”, but in a way that takes the working little guy with us.

      • Tuppence411

        You know this very same concept has been running through my mind all week since a vet appointment. We recently adopted two shelter kittens. A highly qualified DVM, graduate of a prestigious Northeast University no less, made a housecall, bringing with her a mobile hospital that was parked in my driveway. The cost for the two exams was similar to the co-pay for me and my husband to go to the doctor’s office. Here’s the kicker- kitties got name brand antibiotics for their cat colds from a reputable, long standing pharmaceutical company for the same price as my insurance “prescription coverage” would cost me for a generic version made in some fly- by- night lab in East Screwupville with materials imported from India or China. WTF! The cats with no insurance- get better health care for the same price- as me and my husband who have a $1500 a month policy. What’s the difference? No middle man. No excessive goverment regulation. No insurance company. Just us and the doc doing business.

    • Georgia

      We have a very good Dr. in our town. He’s $40 a visit, cash only. Never have to wait. In and out and doesn’t take insurance. He’s a great option for someone that doesn’t have insurance or a high deductable like me.

      • Tuppence411

        And you know what? I betcha your medical records are more complete and accurate since your doctor isn’t wasting their valuable time entering billing codes into your file instead of pertinent info!

    • TeakWoodKite

      I am glad you posted this link thank you, WMCB.Very interesting.

      I would like to hear from the professionals that work there. Since the company is looking at the regulatory topolgy in other states, it would be interesting to see how as a business it would work in your state.

      • WMCB

        There are a ton of press links and interviews with the providers there on this site:


        • TeakWoodKite

          Again thanks WMCB, I have found your posts insightfully informative and I appreciate the first hand view you give it.

          I am forwarding this to my primary care Doc.

          This doctor no longer performs deliveries because of the cost to cover the liabilities. The days of the being a Doctor who brings several generations into the world and has the experience to understand the medical history are long gone.

          Got to love whole sale prices and a onsite pharmacy. Think of the time and energy and the fact that if the pharmacist has a question about the drugs prescribed he can consult face to face.

    • tzada

      Great idea. Some doctors in my area won’t even see you if you have money to pay, but no insurance.

    • Patience

      I’m old enough to remember when something of this type of healthcare was the norm. I’m not kidding, it was. It used to be that people had hospitalization coverage. Doctor visits and tests were out-of-pocket expenses.

      oday, HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are somewhat similar. They have higher deductibles, lower monthly premiums thus most doctor visits, tests and meds are out-of-pocket expenses. Some expensive screenings are covered nevertheless.

      Basically, this is catastropic coverage. Pretty darn good for many people. Prevents bankruptcy due to serious illness. Reduces frivolous use of healthcare.

      BUT this type of coverage doesn’t fulfill political goals or maximize profits for insurers. So it’s no wonder government and insurance companies aren’t interested.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Is this the same woman who said she would not fall to threats of Obama and his people that if she didn’t switch her endorsement to Obama, she would be met with a Challenger and money to back the challenger? And the names they were calling her wouldn’t cause her to sell her endorsement?

    Funny how things change.

    But, while they compalin about the Blue Dogs, those blue dogs are doing what the voters ask, maybe Maxine, Conyers et al should PAY ATTENTION AND READ a bit more. Or maybe they may be finding themselves out of their job.

    The more I hear irrational comments comoing from Democratic Representatives, the more I’m believing all of this is just to pass health care for low income and screw the end result.

    • I’m a Linda too

      ie, non working or low income will get free health care on non controlled health insurance and the rest of us will pay in tax, cuts, limiting health care on older citizens and us having to pay higher rates, just so he has a foot soldiers and votes for his next campaign…which is only when this insurance is going to go in effect for.

      Another reason all should give pause, if this was a good plan, why are they waiting so long to put it in effect?

    • steel magnolia

      Yes, it is!

    • Dem NO MORE

      It’s another form of “redistribution of wealth”. Destroy businesses but keep sending more money to the bureaucrats who never take a pay cut, give up their benefits or even bother themselves with reading a bill.

      We’re all going to have the playing field leveled except, of course, the ruling elite. Bambi and Gates head off to the Vineyard while the little people are working two and three jobs (if they can find them) and Bambi blames Bush for the next 3 years or those “greedy businessmen”. Never his mishandling of taxpayer money or showing a little more empathy for the starving masses than Marie Antoinette.

      • I’m a Linda too

        Yep. He even said so much in that LA fundraiser, another one of those Freudian slips, where he said most people will never be able to afford this, but hopefully increase for many. Something like that. in other words, the gap to grow, elite and wealthy….and then lower income.

        They better then also change our laws real fast, because we will vote their @sses out.

  • Dem NO MORE

    OMG–did she just say, “the chickens have come home to roost”?

    Rev. Wright keeps popping up in my mind for weeks for no apparent reason…

    Thanks, Amy! Great article (again)!

    PS–If ACORN will be involved in gathering that census data, will they also be involved in the scanned images of our medical records?

    I’m getting tired of the “ruling elite” taking a pass on everything that’s being rammed down our throats.

    • jbjd

      We need to get ACORN out of the census. The House (Republicans) Committee on Oversight & Government Reform just released an 80+-page report – I have read most of it, it’s well-documented and cited – calling ACORN a criminal enterprise.

      • politicalidentitycrisis

        agreed jbjd. Please support Michelle Bachman, who is trying to stand up against ACORN and stop them from getting any more tax money for their criminal acts! Please sign her petition!


    • politicalidentitycrisis

      OMG–did she just say, “the chickens have come home to roost”?

      My jaw dropped and I just have to keep shaking my head. I am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder election ’08 and I keep suffering from repetitive use injuries in my jaw, neck and head.

      Make the scary fascists go away!

      • Dem NO MORE

        I am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder election ‘08

        Me too! I wonder if it will be a covered condition under Obamacare?

        I think I still have PTSD from the Ayers “anarchist” videos at U of M…and his blog quote “the end of an empire is messy”. I would go back on this blog to look but I would probably need shock therapy afterward.

  • Patrick Henry


    I wouls really like to take this time to Compliment you for the Outstand Blog Site Sir..

    With not only Your Own Fascinating , Worthy Commentarys here,Larry…
    but Great Great Regular writers who alway Put up such Interesting things to read..Like..




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    • Very kind of you to say, Patrick Henry. Thank you!

      And I am fortunate indeed to be included in such a list…

      Dem NO MORE, YES, she did! Good catch on your part! I could scarcely believe my ears. Axelrove and Wright scripting what the Dems say – that’s just jake, isn’t it??

      And yes, IALT, funny how the shoe is on the other foot. Now SHE’S doing the threatening. Wow. What incredibly short memories on display…

    • Thank you very much! :O)