(Bumped up from early Thursday, July 30, 2009. Of note: Also check out Larry’s July 26th post, “The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy,” referenced in Andrew McCarthy’s article at the National Review Online.)


The White House and media are doing a great job of ignoring the key issue about Barack Obama’s failure to produce his birth certificate. Barack Obama has only produced his “Certification of Live Birth.” He has not produced the “CERTIFICATE” of Live Birth. There is a difference.

Let me be clear that I believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. I believe that the facts show Barack meets the Constitutional requirement to be President. Understand? I’m not part of the “birther” crowd that is insisting Barack is a foreigner and not entitled to be President.

So what’s the big deal? Barack is deliberately deceiving the American public and the world about some uncomfortable facts on his birth certificate. Like what?

Let’s look first at Barack’s “CERTIFICATION.”


What does a 1961 Hawaiian CERTIFICATE of Live Birth look like?


So, returning to the original question, what is missing?

The CERTIFICATE includes the name of the hospital. The CERTIFICATION does not.

The CERTIFICATE includes the name of the attending physician. The CERTIFICATION does not.

The CERTIFICATE includes the name and address of the parents. The CERTIFICATION does not.

The CERTIFICATE includes the race of the parents and the race of the baby. The CERTIFICATION does not.

What is Barack hiding?

As I pointed out the other day one fact Barack did not want in front of the public was his adoption by the Indonesian muslim, Lolo Soetoro. This does not disqualify him from being President.

His name was originally recorded as BARRY not Barack.

Here’s another kicker. His race was listed as “white.” Tough to be an authentic black man when your birth certificate states you are white.

UPDATE #1: One commenter makes the legitimate point about the evidence that exists Barack was named Barry. When Barack Obama was enrolled in school (not a madrassa) in Indonesia his name in the application was listed as “BARRY SOETORO” and his religion as “muslim.” Why make up another name if he is actually BARACK OBAMA? He wasn’t. He had been legally adopted and Lolo Soetoro was raising him as his own.

Here’s the proof:

One other point. Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama’s father’s race is listed on the CERTIFICATION as “African.” WTF? The dude was Kenyan. His race should have been listed, give the conventions at the time, as Negro or Colored. Not African. That is a modern clean up.

Arguing over whether or not Barack was born in Kenya is silly and distracting. The real issue ought to be why is Obama still hiding the original, long-form Certificate of Live Birth? Let’s accept the fact he was born in the USA. Why the continued obfuscation?

UPDATE #2: Paragraph 3 of the Soetoro divorce decree (attached PDF file) says: “The parties have 1 child below age 18 and 1 child above age 18 but still dependent upon the parties for education.”

Barry Soetoro is, of course, the child over 18, but it shows Soetoro claims Barry was his child.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Still at it?
  • NYCgirl

    Orly Taitz just filed a motion on Aug. 1, 2009 to authenticate a birth certificate allegedly issued for Obama in Kenya:

    Motion for rogatory discovery to authenticate Kenyan Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama


  • MKL

    With all the birthers running around making
    fools of themselves, driving the moderate
    voters away….why on earth would Obama
    wish to put an end to it?

    • lorac

      Got news for you. We ARE the moderates.

      • MKL

        FOX News?

        • lorac

          This site has different posters, but it’s mostly lifelong dems who went independent on May 31, 2008.

          • MKL

            I have no idea what you are referring to.
            My post was an answer to Larry’s question:Why?

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  • ConfusedAmerican

    Found this interesting quote in an Australian news article Written by Greg Rogers
    “If Obama is going to cause the destruction of America and Israel, I at least want to know that he was constitutionally empowered as a “Natural Born Citizen” serving as President of the United States to destroy us. I hate to think all this could have been prevented by some state official somewhere doing their job and asking to see proof that Obama was eligible to run for office. That never happened.”


  • Objective Analysis

    Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution list three requirements to be president.

    1. Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Or a Citizen of the U.S. at the time the Constitution was adopted in 1787
    2. At least 35 years of age
    3. At least a 14 year resident

    The reason why Obama and his supporters do not want to release his Certificate of Live Birth because it will prove he was not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

    His original birth certificate will show that his father, Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan National and he is not a U.S. citizen.

    What Obama and his supporters are doing is propagandizing his legitimacy the same way Hitler did in Germany. This is what is frightening.

    Keep exposing the lies people and address the real issue: whether Obama is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN?

    • #1 It doesn’t matter if Obama’s father was Kenyan or not. His mother was an American and he was born on American soil. He’s American. Furthermore, I never thought that his father’s nationality was in question? Doesn’t everyone know his father was Kenyan? So what?

      #2 Obama’s birth certificate is online for everyone to see. No other President has ever made such a personal document public before, but President Obama has. He has nothing to hide. The sad thing is that even though he’s gone way beyond what he really had to in order to appease the nutters – it still hasn’t helped. The insane “Birthers” are so mad about having a black man “socialist” as their President that they are grasping at any straws to try to make it not real.

      Sorry buddy. It’s real. President Obama is an American. He’s our President. Get used to it.

    • bho boo

      He already admitted his father was Kenyan and that he was born with British citizenship, and he still is a Brit. Only his Kenyan citizenship expired at age 21.

  • I think all of those “birthers” have the wrong idea about what constitutes proof. They are talking about an “original birth certificate” and not willing to accept the Certificate of Live Birth from the State of Hawaii. I wonder if they are aware that this “original with the doctor’s signature” that they are waving about is a SOUVENIER that is issued by the hospital. It’s for the baby book and is in NO WAY a legal birth certificate. (No government agency will accept the hospital certificate as proof… those can be filled out by anyone!) The hospital reports the birth to the HIGHER authority (the STATE) who in turns records the “Certificate of Live Birth” into the public records. How do I know this? I ran into the problem years ago when trying to prove my own children’s birth. The ONLY legal and valid birth certificate anywhere in the U.S. is the kind that Obama has already provided.

    • bho boo

      We don’t care about the birth certificate. Obama makes an admission against interest that he was born a Brit and he’s still a Brit. The BC would not change that his father was Kenyan and he’s not jus soli jus sanguinis required per USC Article II s.1 and 7 SCOTUS precedent definitions.

      • “that he was born a Brit and he’s still a Brit”

        Hold it right there! You’ve just set a new record for insanity! Let me go get your prize!

        • GORDO

          This is a link to an essay by Mario Apuzzo, attorney — Kerchner et al vs. Obama & Congress et al.

          “Obama, the President of the U.S., Is Currently Also a British Citizen”


    • tango

      So what?? That is NOT the point of this thread. Many of us agree that what is published is legally acceptable for most purposes. We accept he was born in Hawaii.

      The point is, why has he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees to refuse release of his long form birth certificate if truly nothing on it is questionable? Why has he refused to release any educational records? You would think he’d be releasing the information right and left to shut the Right Wing Wackos up. But no, he’s not. That tells me he has something to hide because he and his spokespersons have never avoided referring to Limbaugh and other conservatives by name when refuting what they say if it’s negative to Obama. So he’s not afraid of the fight. But this is one fight he shirks away from and that gives me great pause.

      Why don’t you address why you don’t think he should have to provide any documentation disproving these allegations if truly he is the President who approves and practices transparency?

      • “why has he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees to refuse release of his long form birth certificate if truly nothing on it is questionable?”

        What evidence of this do you have? Obama doesn’t really have to do much of anything to keep his birth certificate private. It’s the law that he can keep it private. By posting what he posted online he’s already gone far beyond the call of duty. But even after that, the “Birthers” just keep on with the crazy. It’s really breath-taking. The amount of crazy. It’s a whole new level of insanity! What having a black man as President will do to the crazies in this country? I guess we are finding out right now!

      • Thinker


        If he has nothing to hide, why has he spent MILLIONS of dollars to block this information?

        People who have nothing to hide don’t spend that type of money to block the release of a simple birth certificate.

        The hardest thing to get some people to admit to is the obvious.

    • lorac

      ” I wonder if they are aware that this “original with the doctor’s signature” that they are waving about is a SOUVENIER that is issued by the hospital. It’s for the baby book and is in NO WAY a legal birth certificate.”

      Oh my gosh, you are SO wrong. I don’t know about “hospital BCs”, but you are equating all long-forms with this “hospital BC” – and that is wrong. I have both a long-form and a short-form, and the long-form is from the “Bureau of Records and Statistics, Department of Health, the City of NY”.

      And it lists ALL kinds of things that could be checked to verify any story I might later give – my father’s job, where my mother lived (I don’t know about contemporary BCs, but back then they only asked about father’s job, not mother’s, and about mother’s address, not father’s – they were usually the same back then). It also lists the doctor’s signature and his name, and his address. It also lists the hospital name and address.

      All these things (and more) are missing on the short-form, which is all BO is willing to release. Which means that he is refusing to release a form which contains information which could be used to verify the form itself. Which is telling.

  • Carmen

    OMG! I found this post on Michelle Malkin’s site. It is too good!

    On August 1st, 2009 at 12:45 pm, ITookTheRedPill said:
    Guess who said the following words:

    I remain distressed that the White House during this confirmation process, which overall went smoothly, failed to provide critical documents as part of the record that could have provided us with a better basis to make our judgment with respect to the nomination. This White House continues to stymie efforts on the part of the Senate to do its job. I hope with the next nominee who comes up for the Supreme Court that the White House recognizes that in fact it is its duty not just to the Senate but to the American people to make sure we can thoroughly and adequately evaluate the record of every single nominee who comes before us.
    Who said that?

    Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, really.

    I hope the Obama White House recognizes that in fact it is its duty not just to the Senate but to the American people to make sure we can thoroughly and adequately evaluate the record of Barack Obama.

    Where’s your birth certificate, Barry?

    Where are your college records, Barry?

    Where are your passport records, Barry?

    Before the Senate can confirm your Supreme Court nominee, the Senate must first put to rest the questions about your eligibility by:

    1) Inspecting an official copy of your original birth certificate, delivered under seal directly from the State of Hawaii, and

    2) Asking the Supreme Court to clarify the definition of “natural born citizen” so that the senate can support and defend the Constitution (relevant sections include Article II Section 1, and the 12th, 14th, and 20th Amendments).
    It is your duty to the American people to make sure we can thoroughly and adequately evaluate your record and your eligibility to hold the office of President.

  • inconsiderable wretch

    Dear Larry,
    Let me thank you once again for continuing this extremely helpful line of inquiry!!!