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I Have A Dream

This is a rant by NancyInCali, whose blog is The Hillary Hotline. Nancy’s is a continuation of the “rants” that I have invited all of our readers to submit, and I have vowed to publish all, whether or not I specifically agree with specific points of view. I’d also like to thank Nancy — and all of our “ranters” — for their lively and passionate participation here at No Quarter. – SusanUnPC

I Have A Dream … Now it’s a nightmare.

Today I registered as a Republican for the first time in my life.

I have been a lifelong democrat, but today my family and I left the Democratic Party and registered as Republicans.

We will be supporting John McCain in November.

We didn’t have to re-register, we could have simply voted for McCain in November, but we wanted to send a message to the Democratic Party. We are unhappy, disappointed, and angry at Obama, his supporters, the media and the Democratic Party. 

Barack Obama was Selected, Not Elected by the Democratic party.

“No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her” -Susan B Anthony, 1872.

The way in which Obama got the nomination is similar to how Bush won in 2000 against Gore. All votes were not counted and they were not counted equally.

Pledged delegates were won by each candidate either through a primary or a caucus. Obama received most of his delegates by winning caucuses. The very nature of a caucus suppresses voter turnout, since caucuses take place over a few hours on a specific day and do not allow absentee ballots, those that are unable to attend (workers, disabled, mothers with childcare issues) cannot participate. Consequently a delegate in a small state with low voter turnout like Idaho, receives far more weight than a delegate from a primary in a bigger state with high voter turnout, like California.

While the Democrats cried “foul!” to the outcome in Florida over the votes counted and not counted in 2000, this same party decided to count votes in Florida by 1/2 for moving their primary date forward which was not the party’s fault.  And in Michigan the Rules & Bylaws committee voted to completely OVERTURN the results of the election and give Obama 59 extra delegates that he did not win, while taking 4 delegates from Hillary Clinton that she did win.

When you consider that Obama “won” the pledged delegates by a mere 3%, or 125.  This includes the extra 59 delegates from a state whose ballot he chose to remove his name from. You can see that the 125 delegate lead is reduced to a mere 58 pledged delegate lead had the delegates been distributed according to the votes. This is called OVERTURNING THE ELECTION RESULTS – the very thing the Democrats cried “foul!” over in 2000.

Pledged Delegates          Barack Obama     1,765  (51%)  + 125   +3%
                                         Hillary Clinton     1,640  (48%) **she takes these to the convention

What MI should have
looked like:                      Barack Obama       1,702   (50.8%)    +58 +1.7%
                                         Hillary Clinton      1,644   (49.1%)

Super Delegates             Barack Obama      424     + 144
                                         Hillary Clinton      282
                                         Uncommitted       118
                                        (Super Delegates can change their mind, final vote at convention)

Hillary Clinton not only won the popular vote in the Democratic primaries, she received more votes than any other candidate in the history of any primary in the United States with over 18 million votes!!

Obama has a history of disenfranchising voters. Not only did he not want the votes counted in Florida or Michigan, he did not want a revote to take place.

I am not surprised, when Obama first came to Chicago and ran for his state senate seat in IL he was successful because he had the incumbent, Alice Palmer and his other opponents removed from the ballot in a legal loophole maneuver. Consequently, he ran unopposed and the popular, qualified incumbent Alice Palmer was OUT!

Obama has lied about his relationships with Rev Wright, Father Pfledger, and convicted terrorist William Ayers. He has also lied about his association with convicted felon Tony Rezko.

Does anyone else find it odd that demands for Hillary to leave the race escalated on a day when his “friend” Rezko was convicted on 16 counts of bribery and fraud that the news media failed to report on?

He has called all these relationships “unfortunate”.

This is the politics of “Hope” and “Change”?

Are you kidding me?

The Male Elite Losers of the Democratic party all backed Obama early and consistently called for Hillary to quit the race.  Dashle, Bradley, Kerry, Edwards, Richardson, Leahy, McGovern, Kennedy and Howard Dean are all losers themselves in their quests for the Presidency.  The only Winner in the group supported Hillary Clinton. 

The only President to successfully serve two terms in my lifetime:  Bill Clinton.

Since neither Hillary nor Barack could win the nomination through the election process, due to the tightness of the race, it required the Elite to choose one of them and -how surprising- they chose the younger, inexperienced, unqualified male over the older, experienced, qualified female.  In California we call that DISCRIMINATION.

“Woman is the Nigger of the World” -John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1972.

“Woman is the Slave of Slaves, We insult her every day on TV and wonder why she has no guts or confidence. When she’s young, we kill her will to be free. While telling her not to be so smart, we put her down for being so dumb.”

How can I vote for McCain?

EASY. This is my protest vote.

Sometimes the PERSON running (or not running in this case) is MORE IMPORTANT than the issues.

Sometimes if they will not listen, you have to find a way to make yourself heard.

For the 6-10 million Hillary supporters that plan to vote for McCain, or not vote at all – we are lucky. The Republicans actually picked a MODERATE candidate!!! John McCain has similar views to democrats on: global warming, immigration, gay rights (he believes same sex couples should have legal rights of some sort), and campaign finance reform.

Now, of course, Republicans don’t have a problem with the idea of many Hillary supporters joining them against Obama.

In fact, I was shocked to see that on McCain’s own website blog there were more Hillary supporters there on Wed night than McCain supporters!!

“Welcome Hillary Supporters” one Republican male wrote – “We may not agree on all issues, but we will try to be open minded and hear you, we hope you will be open minded too. Remember, even we Republicans can’t agree on very many issues. But we all have one goal and that is to defeat Obama in November.”

Senator Joe Lieberman sent us Hillary supporters an email on Friday asking us to join him in supporting John McCain.

Of course Democrats and Independents are appalled at the idea that I would support John McCain. “What about abortion rights and women’s rights?” they cry.

Okay – do you not get it? I have just witnessed the biggest abuse of a woman in modern history – the take down of the most qualified, experienced WOMAN candidate by her OWN party.

What about THAT Woman’s Rights?

Where was the Democratic Party leadership when Clinton was being verbally abused and having sexist hate messages hurled at her by the media on a nightly basis? Where was the media when the Obama campaign screamed “Racist” at Bill & Hillary Clinton?


Nope – it ain’t gonna work – not this time.

Threatening me with Supreme Court justices and overturning Roe v Wade isn’t gonna work this time. If it was not overturned in the last 8 years under the most conservative, backwards administration and congress in my lifetime, then it surely will not be overturned under a more moderate McCain Presidency who will have a majority Democratic congress.

And – I do not care about the war anymore. The Deaths of the 4,000 soldiers killed sit squarely on the shoulders of the stupid idiots that voted for Bush – TWICE. Talk to THEM.

I have been a loyal democrat, I supported John Kerry, even though I didn’t like him. I knew the stakes were high then, but stupid people voted for Bush and here we are.

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights” -Hillary Clinton, 1995 Beijing, China

This is about how Hillary Clinton has been UNFAIRLY treated as a Woman
candidate for President: by the media, by Obama, by his supporters and
by the Democratic Party.

If we do not correct it now and speak out about it now, then it will not change.

We must protest.

This is about WOMEN’S RIGHTS and telling the Democratic Party that the 60% membership of women in the party count too.

I no longer share the values of a party that selects its nominee through a series of discriminating and disenfranchising methods. Where certain votes count and others do not.

My Goal is to Have Hillary Clinton as PRESIDENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Not just ANY Woman – THE Woman, Hillary Clinton.

I wish she’d leave the Democratic Party and run as an Independent. She won’t do that, but voting for McCain opens it up for her to run in 2012.

It is the fastest path for her to be elected barring the possibility that my new party will find enough trash in Obama’s background to have the Super Delegates change their mind at the Convention. Obama is the ‘presumptive’ nominee.

And finally, I do not believe Obama has the experience, qualifications or Character to be President. 1 year in the Senate (2 years running for office) does not qualify him. In fact, if he won – he would be the LEAST QUALIFIED, LEAST EXPERIENCED President we EVER had in our ENTIRE History.

I believe the Vice President position is an INSULT to Hillary Clinton (she’s already done that will Bill).  Still, I would like to see her take it for the simple reason – it is HISTORY making and she is only a heartbeat away from the #1 spot …..things happen….

Yes – I would vote for Hillary Clinton as Vice President, I could never vote against her.

I am glad that Hillary will only suspend her campaign and hold all her delegates until the Convention. Since the final vote by all delegates is not cast until the Convention.

And let’s be clear.

Obama did not SOAR to this nomination – HE LIMPED. In fact Hillary won the last 6 out of 9 contests. She has won most of the contests since March. She has WON ALL SWING STATES. She has the stronger poll numbers against McCain and she wins the electoral swing states needed to secure the nomination.

It is the closest election in the Democratic Primary history.

Here is just how close the popular vote numbers came out:

Popular Vote                    Hillary Clinton     18,046,007 (50.2%)  + 176,465  +.5%
                                         Barack Obama     17,869,542 (49.7%)

In the end everyone makes up their own mind about who to vote for and why. That’s America.

But, for me. November, 2008 – I will send a message to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party:

“No You Can’t”.  “Not This time.”

John McCain for President 2008

  • flowers

    wow. thank you. you’re an incredible writer. please continue.

  • Michigander

    My family donated $ to John McCain and let them know we are ex Hillary supporters. We will vote for John McCain in November since we consider him the only viable candidate left.

  • Mark

    Uppity I’ve been reading your blog for a while. It’s one of my favorite bookmarks. I will never be convinced to vote for Obama. The DNC gamed this whole thing and so did Obama. He and his big money media pals with the help of ECHO and moveon.orgre I wondered why and then I figured it out. No way in hell I will reward them for pulling this debacle. Why bother to vote at all if we let them get away with this. They can just tell us ahead of time who they picked and be done with it.

    PUMA! The party is OVER!