This is precious. Barack is in a snit over so-called smears. (Deb, thanks for the tip.) Karen Tumulty writes in Time Magazine:

According to campaign officials, what finally launched Obama into a full rumor counteroffensive was a story that apparently first made a big splash on the Internet in late May in a post by pro-Hillary Clinton blogger Larry Johnson. Quoting “someone in touch with a senior Republican,” Johnson claimed that there was a video of Michelle Obama “blasting ‘whitey’ during a rant at Jeremiah Wright’s church.” (Later versions of the rumor had Michelle’s “rant” happening at a Rainbow/push Coalition conference.) No such videotape has surfaced.

Now, are you ready for the shocker? Look at the next paragraph of Karen’s piece:

When the Obama campaign got wind of the rumor in April, Michelle’s close friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett asked Michelle if there could be anything to it; the candidate’s wife dismissed it out of hand.

I did not hear about the tape until MAY. REPEAT. I DID NOT HEAR ABOUT THE TAPE UNTIL MAY. Yet, the Obama campaign knew about the tape in April. Got it? And I am the one responsible for the so called rumor?

Au contraire. What is really fascinating is that the Obama campaign continues to issue a non-denial denial. They are fighting so-called smears, but not challenging the very facts that underlie the charges.

There is a recording of Michelle Obama using a racial slur about white people. I have not seen the tape but I am certain that the people who have told my sources they have seen such a tape are telling the truth. What is really interesting is that the Obama folks knew about this long before I did.

And you know what else? One of my sources told me last week that the Obama camp knew about the tape. So the Obamas have confirmed what one of my sources about the existence of the tape has told me.

I am happy to take credit for being the one who has put the Obama campaign on edge. But it looks like they themselves knew there was a problem.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Senator Obama is NOT a Dirty Muslim!

    “What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party is the kind of politics that uses religion as a wedge,” says Mr. Obama, while denouncing statements of him being a Muslim as a smear. Why is the presidential candidate who claims to be religiously inclusive is treating the word “Muslim” as an insult? Apparently, it is OK for Mr. Obama to be associated with terrorists like William Ayers or racists like Jeremiah Wright, but God forbid somebody would call him a Muslim! No, he won’t stand for that kind of smear! We admit that most terrorists are Muslims, but most Muslims are not terrorists and the statement on Mr. Obama’s website is insulting to hundreds of millions of people.

    How could a man who discards his family heritage in favor of political expediency be even considered for presidency of the United States? Where are all the so-called “Islamic civil rights groups” like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, MAS, etc. who are quick to defend every Islamic terrorist, but are silent when Muslims in general are being denigrated? Would Mr. Obama have the same reaction if someone claimed that he was raised as a Jew? We sincerely doubt that.

    Muslims Against Sharia demand immediate removal of “SMEAR: Barack Obama is a Muslim” statement from the official Barack Obama’s website as well as an apology for giving the word “Muslim” a negative connotation.

  • Jon

    Good Lord what the hell am doing at the piece of shit website.

    • good lord Jon, why are you.. a piece of shit, coming to my favorite web site..???????

      troll elsewhere..thank you.

  • Floyd Brown

    Excuse me, but where IS the tape? Larry says Obama is not dealing with the facts. No tape has materialized, so what FACT are you speaking of? Man, this site is pathetic.

    • hey you have reading comprehension problems??????

      Larry has stated over and over and over and over and over again..the tape will not be released by the GOP people who have the tape until after the convention..and most likely in who has the problem here..Larry who told the same story Obama’s people did ..who knew about the tape one month before Larry did..or is it your inability to read?

      shoo..go away little are nothing but a gnat..

      that we will continue to swat at..

  • mike

    don’t be ignorant people. if you want the truth go here:

    if you want to continue believing lies, stay on this site.

    • If you want to continue, go to Huffpo or Daily Kos.

      Gimme a break….

      Like blogs….heck, like AP is giving facts?

      AP screwed up regularly this silly season. HuffPo is Drudge for Lefties.


      Lighten up.

      This stuff gets filed in the category of “Who knows and who cares?”

    • wtf

      yea, no alternative views or debates are welcome here. If you don’t share our views you should leave. And if we don’t like your post, we’ll delete it!

      So go on to HuffPo or some other liberal lefty site, you libtard!

    • wtf

      Oh, and I forgot to say: why don’t you go work on getting a summer job or finding some video game to play. We know that only kids like Obama.
      Don’t forget to have you Kool-Aid topped off.
      Obama is a muslim.
      He’s also a member of an anti-American christian church.
      Obama is a lefty socialist while at the same time being a right wing fascist.
      If Obama becomes president, in 4 years he will turn America into a dictatorship.
      If Obama becomes president, he will make you become a muslim.

    • oh yeah mike..lets go to the obama smear site that has a birth ceritificate that is a fraud posted there..sure ..lets get fed gallons and gallons of kool aide..i can’t wait…

      well… but…

      yes i can !!!!!!!!!!

      go to another site..your momma is calling…

      up and out of the basement with you today..she is letting you get a little sunlight…and another heavy dose of cherry obamaaide ..topped off with a cherry !!

      ummm… i bet you can’t wait!!

  • CC

    Fight the Smears!

    I am appalled that John McCain’s very own campaign is sending out this ad with Barack Obama’s face side by side with that Iranian terrorist! It deliberately associates Barack Obama with that horrible leader to make us subconsciously associate Barack with terrorism – spreading fear. It’s also obvious that John McCain’s headquarters is striving to paint Obama as an un-American “outsider” by partnering him with a foreign tyrant. As an American, I am outraged that this type of ad – from a candidate’s official website – could be tolerated. I believe that the media should bring this foolishness to the attention of the rest of the public. How dirty! I respected John McCain and thought that he wanted a respectful competition. Instead, on his very own website, he is demonizing Barack Obama!

    • well lets see..obama sits in a church for 20 years listening to the hate about america…and is good friends with a domestic terrorist.,.and friends with a guy who stole billions in iraq from reconstruction money…who gets out of prison there with the help of blackwater and funds the guy who helps obama buy his first home at age 45…and you are worrying about what McCain..war hero has on his web site??????

      let see if i have my choice of candidates..

      war hero ..or…zero..who should i pick..hmmmmmmmmmm

      war hero…….or guy who sits in a church that spews..god damned amerikka???????? who should i pick??????????

      war hero………or friend of Ayers….who should i pick??????????

      pretty easy for me to choose..

      only an absolute idiot would pick the other guy!

  • Natasha

    Different perspective here, coming from far left [anarcho-independent now]

    Just want to throw in a few observations for, I don’t support the two party system,not in either the Hilary or Obama camp, though I am outraged at the misogyny directed towards Hilary and to all women.

    I do, have strong reservations and objections about the Obama candidacy because of what I have seen as far as alliances between Stalinist nationalists and Political Islamists the years I worked in the far left and,

    I will tell you flat out…THE TROJAN HORSE IS AMONG US.

    fascism–Weber, 13 kinds, not just Hitler, but Mussolini [connect the dots–state capitalism]

    Why Obama and not Jesse Jackson, African American descendant of slavery…

    Obama is not…how easily they forget–the art of the buffer between colonizer and colonized–Africa, via educational elites or those with agendas.

    connect the dots, friendly creeping fascism is about to get very unfriendly,

    and it is far worse than many realize. I saw it, working in the very camps propping it up on a global scale via ideology and alliances formed. IF one cares about human rights especially if they are women, they had better wake up and very fast.

    Voice from far left–fascism is right, the Trojan Horse is here.

    • wtf

      exaclty, let’s redefine the word fascist so that it fits whatever insult we want it to. Now a person with views on the left of the political spectrum can be called a fascist. Hell, let’s call anyone we don’t like a fscist. To hell with getting our slandorous statements correct!

  • cb

    I found the update….

  • kevin

    no problem with rational debate. the vileness and vulgarity have been heaped upon mostly women who support sen clinton, b**ch, c***, etc. most of the pro-obama crowd here have been doing it, and the reaction from people here is a normal reaction.

    beer time,
    gotta go

  • dahveed72

    Just curious, but when did trolling and respectful, rational disagreement become synonymous?

    And that’s despite the fact that youre being called idiot, zombie, Hitler youth, or worse for voicing your opinion.

    A bit surreal

  • kevin

    A take on Bill Engval’s “here’s your sign”

    every troll gets one

    you can pick

    change we can believe in


    hope for america

    every time they say something

    reply with

    here’s your sign

  • sioux0707

    Yep, Larry, you’re named personally on Mr. Hopey-Changey’s pathetic website as one who has smeared him. I just checked it out. Is it just me, or is his creating this website really kinda sad? It’s like he’s telling the entire nation “Quit making fun of me!” It’s pathetic, weak and sad. It just goes to show he can’t stand it. He can’t stand to be questioned, becuase he doesn’t know the answers. He can’t stand for anyone to disagree with him because he’s in serious need of some therapy for his narcissism. Unbelievable! Larry, you better start a website called, “Barack, you big bully! Leave me alone!”

    • dahveed72

      Very very reasonble post eli. But if youve read some of the posts (Obama is a racist, a radical moslem manchurian candidate, a closet homosexual, a crack addict, Hitler, etc..)you must know by now that reason is not really the point. Nice try tho.

      O and in response to a post, narcissism and running for Prez kinda go hand in hand. Sorry

  • eli

    Larry: Which is it, do you want credit for creating this lie or not? you seem ambivalent.

    (you say: “There is a recording of Michelle Obama using a racial slur about white people. I have not seen the tape but I am certain that the people who have told my sources they have seen such a tape are telling the truth. What is really interesting is that the Obama folks knew about this long before I did.”)

    How can you be “certain” of what you’ve heard 3d hand?

    How can you continue to assert that the tape exists when you’ve supplied no proof?

    Put up or shut up, as they say.

  • Bod





  • Retired

    You know, there is a very simple way to debunk the tape myth. All Sen. Obama has to do is make this simple statement: “Neither I nor my wife have ever made a racially divisive statement nor used disparaging racial epithets. If anyone can prove that either of us have done so by, say, producing a video of this, I will withdraw my candidacy for President.”

    Simple, direct, gets the job done. I don’t quite understand why he hasn’t done this yet.

    • eli

      more simple: you just don’t respond to unsubstantiated bullshit attacks.

      If Larry next says he saw Obama in the bathroom with Senator Larry Craig, should he deny that too?

      It’s a basic principle that you don’t need to respond to every lunatic in the world who makes something up anything and asserts it as fact.

      • Retired

        Actually, it’s a basic principle that you either don’t respond, or you respond decisively–unless the allegation has some basis (I used to work for a Member of Congress who schooled us in this rule). For some reason, Sen. Obama has responded, but not decisively. This implies that either the allegation has some basis, or the Obama communications team is unskilled. But you see the problem–in either case, a non-decisive response breeds uncertainty that can continue to be exploited.

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  • Moochie

    I don’t think this site is going to work very well for Mr. Obama. I’m pretty sure there is a video of Ms. Obama ranting about “Whitey” out there.
    What makes me curious, is why doesn’t he dispel the rumor that’s been going around since January. The one from Larry Sinclair talking about how Obama was smoking crack in the back of a limo while Mr. Sinclair was performing oral sex on him.

  • dahveed72

    Oh and as nicknames go, Barky is kinda cool. And its not original btw, seen on a few PRO Barak blogs.

    Anything’s better than Barry. Especially if youre under 50.

  • dahveed72

    “Ok Sweets, than why haven’t you been able to shut Larry down. As you Obama supporters say hundreds of times in diaries like this, “Put up or shut up” I’m sure if the rumours were untrue, Barky and Michele would have served Larry with papers already.”

    You obviously dont know much about politics OR the law. The fact is the vast vast vast majority of Americans could care less about this blog. Or most blogs for that matter. Why in God’s name would Obama or his family or his campaigs waste time money effort on responding to anything here?

    You can hate him, or not vote for him, without making him the antichrist. Its harder, I know, but surely there are concrete substantive issues that you can use to rationalize your decision.

  • dahveed72

    Oh and I dont think Adam was promoting violence. He just suggested Larry punch HIMSELF in the face. As a last resort Im sure.

    And for anyone, male or female, who supports a woman’s right to choose, not voting for the Dem nominee because youre still pissed off is, well, kinda like SHOOTING yourself in the face.

    And Im against that, being against violence.

    • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

      ahhhh come to do the SCOTUS dogwhistle have you

      last resort of Dems Gone Wild for Uhhbama

      let the Dems Gone Wild learn to use birth control

      states rights baby

      stare decicis says ALITO

      Reagan couldnt overturn it, McCain wont either, he is on record as states rights, Uhhbama told us “pro choice people just dont understand the wrenching moral decision faced by pro life people”
      condescending pandering two faced..

      now go home and pray you dont have a pregnant teenage daughter one day with your threats and bad karma….if you havent been in the situation and arent able to be for lack of a uterus you should shut up about it and stop threatening us….

      cause that is what it is

      a passive aggressive threat to keep us in line


      Hillary or McCain 08!!!

  • dahveed72

    Jesus tapdancing Chris! Hes Hitler now? Hitler?

    I just literally breathed a sigh of relief. You guys are obviously on the fringe of the fringe.

    Maybe this site is cathartic for you, i dont know, but good luck to you all.

    And for God’s sake, try keeping things in perspective. You’ll be a lot happier.


  • dms

    If this tape does exist I wish someone would get it out there and put this to rest. It’s getting old already. Everytime I am about to say it does not exist something comes out that changes my mind. After reading Michelle’s Thesis I would not be surprised that she has said something in the past that will shake things up.

  • dms

    Larry good job in responding to the new Obama Smear web site.

  • Adam

    “…I am certain that the people who have told my sources they have seen such a tape are telling the truth.” Good one Larry. If I only had a penny every time someone said they were certain that a rumor so far removed from them was true. Get off your butt and stop slobbing all over Hillary — she’s done. And yet you continue to harass Obama. I gotta tell you, a lot of Obama supporters and campaign workers would have supported and work for Clinton if she was the nominee. Why? Because they believe in the Democratic party’s principles and that the country needs a different perspective — a perspective brought on by a united party, not some candidate who attempts to use her and her husband’s clout to bend the rules and wills of everyone else who’s ready to move on and look elsewhere. You, however, have lost touch with reality completely and feel that Hillary’s our only salvation. You need to punch yourself in the face.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      My such anger…I wonder why? Real liberals don’t resort to violence ya know. Think Ghandi, MLK, Jesus…

    • ritamary

      Adam: The Democratic Party’s principles? Which principles are those? Impeachment is off the table, bros before hos, Florida delegates worth half a vote, smearing the most successful Democratic politician since FDR with Republican talking points? Which Democratic Party principles are you talking about?

      • Adam

        Rita, did you work on Hillary’s campaign? It sounds like you did too much field work and need some water. Hillary is no doubt an incredibly skilled and intelligent politician (she’s an amazing legislator). But Hillary supporters, in pivoting away from her, have gone into a mad tail spin allowing themselves to be lead by bitterness and regret either straight into McCain’s waiting arms or away from the ballot box entirely. Some of Hillary’s supporters would rather walk through hell than let their bitterness dissolve into support for Obama. Yet Hillary and Obama aren’t very different from each other. Both are still talking heads for the DNC. And the MI/FL delegate decision is another whole issue entirely that is compeletely debatable (Rep. Wasserman Schultz, by the way, has retarded talking points on the issue). I have no problem with a woman becoming president — I want progress in all forms. But our country also has deep racial/religious problems and as long as we’re beating back either misogyny or racial/religious discrimination, then I’m alright with that. I’m not alright however, with Larry and people like you bringing your bitterness to the bargaining table and using that to spread xenophobia simply to prove your case that Clinton “was a better candidate”

  • Pray

    Prove it then. Put your money where your mouth is Fat Boy and show us the video. I have a video of Larry fucking a goat… but I can’t show it too you… and even though I haven’t seen it, I know its true.

    What bullshit. Fat Boy, you are a giant jerkoff.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      Another shining example of why I won’t vote for Barky. You are who you hang with.

      • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

        and they use PRAY as their tag



        next time they should use PREY cause that is what they are

        Karl Rove is having the best summer evah!!!

        he has me voting for his candidate without lifting a finger, the uhhbots have done two thirds of his work for him…..

  • Urban Hillbilly

    Here is a letter I just sent to Ms Tumulty at Time:

    Dear Ms. Tumulty,

    As a Hillary Clinton supporter I have been called racist, hillbilly , “fucking cunt” and other awful names by Obama’s supporters on many blogs online.

    I am dismayed you were not made aware of this behavior already embraced by Obama supporters. Seems like you could’ve talked to many people and found out about it. Their bullying tactics are well known. So, did you ask how “his millions of supporters” will “help him hunt down and quash these stories’? That would’ve been a great question.

    I, also, noted you did not talk to Larry Johnson for your article. Are you taking Obama’s talking points and writing them up nicely? Unfortunately, that’s how it appears.

  • Nobama Mama

    cindy b:

    Please familiarize yourself with the following concepts:

    * public figure
    * actual malice
    * reckless disregard for the truth

    Or take my word for it, there will be no lawsuit as long as Larry is relaying the truth as it has been told to him by people who he has reason to believe are credible.

    • cindy b

      There is no truth to anything the Mr. Johnson has posted on his blog. He is guilty of libel. There is certainly actual malice in his statements. Michelle Obama is a public figure and Mr. Johnson’s actions constitute a reckless disregard for the truth.

      I have posted Illinois law as Mrs. Obama is a resident of the State of Illnois and if action is brought, venue would be proper in that state.

      • StrawberrybitesBarky

        Ok Sweets, than why haven’t you been able to shut Larry down. As you Obama supporters say hundreds of times in diaries like this, “Put up or shut up” I’m sure if the rumours were untrue, Barky and Michele would have served Larry with papers already.

    • Wessia

      So basically, if you have your head up your ass like Larry and most of the posters here, you can believe anything and get away with saying anything. You people are a joke.

  • joy316

    I came here to see/hear the video/tape WHERE IS IT. Larry time to put up or shut up. Also, I don’t see any advertisers on your site–could it be you are funded by some craze control-the-people group?

  • cindy b

    ‘A libel is a malicious defamation, expressed either by printing or by signs or pictures or the like, tending to blacken the memory of one who is dead, or to impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation or publish the natural defects of one who is alive, and thereby expose him to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, or financial injury.’
    People v. Fuller, 238 Ill. 116, 87 N. E. 336; People v. Strauch, 247 Ill. 220, 93 N. E. 126; Ogren v. Rockford Star Printing Co., 288 Ill. 405, 123 N. E. 587; Cerveny v. Chicago Daily News Co., 139 Ill. 345, 28 N. E. 692, 13 L. R. A. 864; Pollock on Torts (11th Ed.) pp. 254, 255. The words of an alleged libelous article must be taken in the sense which persons of common and reasonable understanding would ascribe to them, and all the words used in the article must be considered. People v. Fuller, supra.
    Establishing libel per se requires a serious charge of incapacity or misconduct in words so obviously and actually hurtful that proof of their injurious character is dispensed with. ( Makis v. Area Publications Corp. (1979), 77 Ill.App.3d 452, 456, 32 Ill.Dec. 804, 395 N.E.2d 1185). The four categories of words constituting libel per se are: 1) those imputing the commission of a crime, 2) those imputing infection with a loathsome disease, 3) those imputing unfitness or want of integrity in performing the duties of an office or employment, and 4) those imputing lack of ability in a person’s business, trade or profession ( Fried v. Jacobson (1982), 107 Ill.App.3d 780, 63 Ill.Dec. 564, 438 N.E.2d 495, leave to appeal granted, Sup.Ct. Docket No. 57279; *1012 Makis v. Area Publications Corp.).

    Be very careful Larry. Very Careful.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      You’re telling this to a retired CIA agent? Becareful cindy b, be very, very, careful. Bwahahahahahahah!

      • cindy b

        You’re damn right I am.

        And how do you know who I am?

        • StrawberrybitesBarky

          Think about it “Very carefully” cindy.

        • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama


          • beebop

   The level of ignorance is mind gobbling … just mind gobbling … Without cut and paste, they would just be what? Eighth graders?

    • Bella

      You are such an idiot.

      MEchelle Obama is a public figure, therefore fair game. She can’t sue squat.

      Now run alog before the Hitler Youth meeting starts without you.

      • StrawberrybitesBarky

        Actually Bella, cindy is late for her shift at Hooters.

        • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

          AHH you guys are crackin me up today

          LOVES IT!!!


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    • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

      awww I got pinged again

      how sweet!!

      maybe it is the Uhhbamabot page dedicated to my comments


      cant you feel the Uhhbama love and unity now!!!


  • WTG Larry. Good catch! The truth will prevail. The truth will set us free.

  • Grumpy Code Monkey

    I’m willing to be you don’t look

    Dammit, that should be “willing to bet…”

    Something about this page brings Firefox to a crawl…

  • Grumpy Code Monkey

    I asked this once before, but it was a stale thread so it never got answered.

    Let’s suppose for the moment that there really is a videotape, and it really shows Michelle ranting about “whitey”.

    So what?

    She’s not the one running for President. Why should it matter? If you’re going to participate in a whispering campaign, why not go after the candidate himself?

    There is a recording of Michelle Obama using a racial slur about white people. I have not seen the tape but I am certain that the people who have told my sources they have seen such a tape are telling the truth.

    Just like those pictures of Kitty Dukakis burning an American flag.

    Oh, wait, there weren’t any pictures.

    Or the evidence that Theresa Kerry was funding terrorists.

    Oh, wait, there wasn’t any of that, either.

    Look, I understand you don’t like Obama; that’s fine, and you’re certainly free to point out the things you consider his weaknesses. I’ll gladly take him over McCain, but I’m willing to admit he wasn’t my first or second choice (by that token, neither was Hillary)

    But participating in what is obviously a smear campaign against his wife because people told you that other people told them that they saw a videotape…well, that’s pathetic. You’re letting your irrational (and yes, it is irrational) hatred of the man to cloud your judgment. You sound just as silly as Our Lady Of Perpetual Outrage (Malkin), and I’m willing to be you don’t look anywhere near as good in a cheerleading outfit.

    • Mike

      And what’s better than that?

      There’s no tape to begin with. This guy is a liar and his entire blog is a troll.

      • StrawberrybitesBarky

        Oy, so why was Michelle(yikes)asked about it in APRIL!!!! Weeks BEFORE Larry heard about it? Now slow down, spanky, let that one digest a second…

        • Grumpy Code Monkey

          So Larry didn’t originate the rumor about the tape. That doesn’t mean that the tape is real.

          Jesus God, it’s no wonder we elected the boy genius twice. Critical thinking is obviously passé.

    • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

      uhmmm youre kidding right?

      • Grumpy Code Monkey

        Kidding about what?

        That there is a long history of making up defamatory shit about a candidate’s wife out of thin air in the hopes of damaging the candidate? No, I am not kidding.

        That it’s a poor commentary on American voters that such tactics appear to work? No, I am not kidding.

        That if there really is a tape of Michelle saying “whitey”, that it’s no big deal? No, I am not kidding. She’s not the one running for President. Find me a tape of Barack saying “whitey” and we’ll talk.

        That Larry’s judgment appears to be clouded when it comes to the Obamas? No I am not kidding.

        Now, does that clear things up for you? If not, you need to be a little more specific in your questions.

    • ginaswo still says no to Uhhbama

      you know whitey is the equivalent of the “n” word right?

      are you for real with that ??

      • Grumpy Code Monkey

        The issue is not the word itself. The issue is this rumor of a videotape of Michelle saying it. Larry hasn’t seen this tape, Larry’s sources haven’t seen this tape, neither Larry nor his sources can say exactly what’s on this tape or in what context it appears, but by God Michelle says “whitey” on it, and it’s going to be bad.

        Give me a break. Right now this tape occupies exactly the same space as those pictures of Kitty Dukakis burning the American flag. Until it actually shows up on YouTube or wherever, it’s nothing more than an empty rumor. I’m not just going to take Larry’s word on it, especially in light of his feelings towards Obama.