The aggressive far-left union SEIU has teamed up with the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA to spend tens of millions to blitz TV and radio with pro-Obama health care ads. To counter this dominating ad flood, each of us needs to spread the word and contribute to keep the following two opposition ads on the air. You’ll find links and contact information below.

In Comments, please suggest other ads you’ve seen and provide a link! Now, here’s how to visit the Web sites for these two ads:

THE FIRST AD FROM 60PLUS.ORG: Read all about‘s op-eds, speeches and “about us” page. Also check out its membership and donation page. 60Plus’s ad has been attacked hard by the left, as a search of YouTube proves.

THE SECOND AD FROM TRUSTCOMMONSENSE.COM: Learn about as well as sign the demand letter and pitch in to keep this ad on the air.

Here’s the text of the “demand letter” that you can sign. Of note: At the same time you sign and send the “demand letter,” you can sign up for one or more of’s newsletters.

Congressional Leaders:

In the name of our children, our grandchildren, and our children’s children yet unborn, We demand, that the President and Congress of the United States do not commit by law to spend another dollar on any new initiative that will burden future generations with an unbearable debt. There is no more money. You have spent it all. Indeed you have wasted it on bailouts, on taking over car companies and on political pork projects.

The proposition that we must spend trillions to avoid bankruptcy is absurd on its face. We must fix the economy and create jobs if we as a nation are to be able to sustain the obligations to which you have already committed us. No more.

The issue of spending is a moral threat to the very life and future of America.


I like that. Simple. And it’s focused on the key issue that we must solve before we take on ANY OTHER legislation.

I do not believe ANY of Obama’s promises that the health care plan will be “deficit neutral.” Such plans are NEVER cost-free, and always cost far more than anticipated. As someone said on a news show today, if our economy were strong (like it became under Bill Clinton in the late 1990s), we could consider such legislation. But not now. We need to take care of first things first.

That’s really all that I, personally, want: First things taken care of first. Unlike the creators of the above ads — yes, we part company at this point — I am in favor of overhauling the health care system, but not until we get our economic house in order, which means putting people back to work in jobs that provide a decent standard of living.

I also want to wait until we have a president who truly knows how to craft legislation and how to work with Congress, which I have no confidence that Obama knows how to do.

On her Thursday show, Greta Van Susteran said that she tried to read the House’s health care bill, and she found it nearly incomprehensible. Think about that: Greta is a top attorney with a great mind and an excellent grasp of the issues, and she couldn’t understand the language of the bill.

This is frightening: Imagine what will happen if this bill is passed and then sent out across the nation to be implemented. If Greta finds it impossible to understand, how will state and municipal officials and their employees manage to make sense of this bill and implement it?

I’ll bet you anything that officials, across the nation, will interpret sections of the bill differently, leading to wildly different implementation of the new legislation. And I’ll bet you that patients and doctors will be forced to contact whoever we can find to fight for our interpretation of the legislation. And who will we contact to appeal decisions? Will we contact agency bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.? Our senators and representatives? A state agency czar? Our private health insurance company’s decision-makers? Who?

The last thing we need is massive, poorly written legislation rushed through without sufficient thought and debate. Such legislation is nearly impossible to execute coherently and fairly across a nation as large as ours. We need more time. And we need a stronger economy — FIRST! — before we take on another expensive and complex federal health care system.

  • tzada

    Have any of you seen the ad from “them”?

    It shows an ambulance trying to pass cars that appear to be blocking it’s way. To me it was not very effective, even if I was of a mind to be swayed, which I am NOT. It was sponsored by AARP and was shown in Florida, not sure what network, but am thinking NBC

    • tzada

      It may have said AMA but it surely looked like AARP.


    I didn’t see anyone post this yet I don’t think. There’s a new group that I like a lot. US Citizens Association. That took out a HUGE full page ad in USA Today that I will post too. They seem to have money behind them and want to compete with

    Here’s the link to the site with the three videos they already made. They paid to have them run on cable, and I have seen one run after MadCow shot her mouth off.


      That’s the full page ad they ran in USAToday, which I was dying over. The pics look like a gallery of crooks and thieves.

      • Seattle Moss

        Thank you Molly!

        Great site!

        Over at Atlas you should see the pics of all the anti-American protesters from several years ago. Disgusting!

      • tzada

        That was a very effective looking ad. I signed up and I hope everyone will as well. Thanks for the links.

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  • I’m a Linda too

    Leave it to the Democrats to screw things up so bad. CHeck this out. They managed to do the impossible in such short order.

    Besides Barry’s numbers tanking, as they were at 47 with Rasmussen yesterday, 48 today, look at this:

    Forty-four percent (44%) of voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on health care. Forty-one percent (41%) trust the Democrats more. While those numbers are essentially a toss-up, they represent a significant shift in opinion. It’s the first time Republicans have held any advantage on health care in years of tracking the issue. In June, the Democrats held a ten-point advantage on health care.

  • Now Garrett saying that people slept outside overnight to get seats and “first come, first served”…hahahahahaha. Even Fox has bots.

  • OMG. Butt kisser, Shepherd Smith is insinuating that the NRA questioner was a “hard hitting” questioner of Obama. Send Shep to MSNBC.

  • CG
    • CG
      • Peggy Sue

        That’s a good article by Kurtz. “Collective Amnesia” and selective memory, I might add. Thanks for the link!

        Now I’ll go read the conservative pov.

        • tzada

          Did you see David Brooks on PBS last night? Even though he was as over the top as usual about the selected one, he did say that Obama was telling some “whoopers”.

    • Peggy Sue

      Don’t disagree with much in this article either. But I think Obama needs to take a much stronger, aggressive leadership role in where the economy is headed. By allowing the banks to continue to lie about all those toxic assets still on the books, encouraging fraudulant accounting practices, he’s only prolonging the agony, not addressing the problem.

      And we are being fed lies about “green shoots,” the emerging recovery. We aren’t even being given true unemployment figures. Which are horrible! The shit is going to hit the fan, sooner or later. And the Administration that will be remembered for the fall is not Bush& Co., regardless of prime responsibility. But the guy who’s in office, right here, right now.

      He’s got to stand up. He’s got to push against those who “brung him to the ball.” Or he will go down as the President, who ushered in the end of America.

      Is it fair?

      Not really. But that’s the way the chips fall and he made his deal with the Devil, willingly.

      Election mode is over. If he’s a leader, an actual God damn, no questions asked leader, he has to show it now.

      Or forget about it. And don’t cry over the history books. Because they will not be generous.

  • Peggy Sue

    In all honesty Bronwyn, I haven’t seen any ads in my neck of the woods beyonf the Harry & Louise, pro-healthcare ads. Of course, that in itself is beyond odd because the original Harry and Louise ads back in the 90s were anti-reform. And now? They’re sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association.

    That’s not to paint the pharmaceuticals as the ugliest of heavies. But it should give us pause.

    The first ad you featured is dynamite. I hadn’t seen that before. But my in-laws fall into this age group. My father-in-law is a veteran of the Pacific Theater and both he and my mother-in-law, in their 80s now, are deeply worried about what exactly these changes mean for them. And with good reason.

    As much as I want to see decent health reform, I’ll be damned if I sign onto anything that would limit their choices. People like them deserve our respect. Not the back of our hand.

    I heard a very interesting conversation with Ron Paul’s son, a physician himself. Yes, it was on Glenn Beck and he can be a histrionic pill. But where is the suggestion that regulations be lifted on intra-state competition between insurance companies to increase competition and lower costs? Where is a policy addressing tort reform or tax breaks to physicians, clinics and hospitals to treat those poorly insured or uninsured to provide as wide an access as possible without cutting the physicians bottom line and bankrupting the country?

    If the recommendations are there, I haven’t heard about them. And it’s why a program that does not consider all ideas, throw everything against the wall is getting such a push back by the public.

    Don’t tell Americans that Big Government has all the answers because we know from experience it does not.

    The Democrats are squandering the moment and the public’s trust and patience. And unless they get back on track? This will not end well.

    • sowsear

      And where is the guarantee that cuts in medical insurance coverage for seniors, handicapped, and just plain folks won’t translate into coverage for illegal aliens? Immigration reform is way down the road.

      • Medicare will be watered down in order to cover illegals. I say if employers are supposed to carry insurance, make the ag industry cover every one of them; anyone not working and not paid for? Deportation. Unfortunately, they will end up on the government program. We’ll still pay for our own coverage and theirs too.

        I’m sure LaRaza has already told the immigration cottage industry to keep quiet because even if illegals are taken out, he’ll get them legalized next year with amnesty, so not to worry.

        • sowsear

          That’s the truth with any of the provisions they may seem to take out of the bill. They’ll just put it back under another category and/or leave the wording so vague or buried that no one will notice until it’s being implemented. (Remember how we worked to keep ACORN from getting any money?)
          Also, it’s not only the Ag industry employing illegals,even if you could get them to pay for the insurance of their workers.

      • Peggy Sue

        I agree, sowsear. All these things feed into one another, which only indicates that healthcare reform is not one issue, but a multi-issue problem and something that cannot be rushed without a 360 degree consideration.

        But I for one believe that healthcare reform is necessary, something that’s worth pushing to the max and considering every pov and angle out there. We’re paying more than any other country in the world but leave behind a substantial number of our own citizens, some rural, some urban, some simply forgotten. We have a moral responsibility to take care of our own. I’m sorry but I earnestly believe that. We pride ourselves that we don’t leave our wounded soldiers in the dust. How can we do anything less for our own neighbors?

        But we need to do it sensibly without bankrupting the country in the process and without the continuous political divisions. If we can put a man on the moon, we should be able to figure out healthcare reform, where desperately ill citizens are not left to fend for themsleves because they’ve lost employment or children suffer because they had the misfortune to be born into a poor family, or people are turned away for preexisting ailments.

        Those conditions/decisions are immoral. This is America. We’re better than that.

        But American citizens first and foremost, natural born and naturalized citizens. We have absolutely no agrument there.

    • tzada

      One pharma who should go down in history and not in a good way.

      Baxter International

      The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.
      And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

      But there seems to be no repercussions or hard feelings when industry oversteps the boundaries of morality and integrity and enters the arena of obscenity. Because, lo and behold, which company has been chosen to head up efforts, along with WHO, to produce a vaccine against the Mexican swine flu?

      It was Baxter International

      Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX), is an American health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois

      Wonder who owns stock in Baxter International? More of just the Chicago Way?

  • HARP

    HYPOCRITE WATCH When Nancy Pelosi loved shouters and disrupters:

    Fast-forward this 2006 left-wing video of Nancy Pelosi at a San Francisco anti-war forum to 3:48, when hard Leftists start shouting and disrupting.

    The moderator tries to discourage a shouting match.

    Pelosi cuts off the moderator and encourages her hecklers chanting “NO MORE WAR:”

    Pelosi: “I appreciate that. I appreciate that you as advocates can say that. That’s okay. That’s okay.”

    At 4:50, a group of disrupters march up to the stage and stand at her feet with protest signs.

    Pelosi greets and applauds them.

    At 5:40, the crowd erupts and the shouts continue.

    This dissent is patriotic.

  • HARP
    • sowsear

      Also I read in the previous blog comments that when the NRA guy stood up to speak, Obama said, “Wait a minute, Randy” (while they handed him the mike). Then Randy announced that his name was Randy…. A plant by any other name is a skunk cabbage.

  • sowsear

    Off topic, but maybe you need a humorous reminder of where the blame should land.
    Five Amazing Holes

  • Boxer Mum 06

    A bit OT but this is great. Just saw that the CEO of Whole Foods took on ObamaCare and presented his own ideas. The Lefties are going ballistic and demanding a boycott. Worth a read – especially the comments that follow. Could this be a great business move by the Whole Foods CEO – who btw makes only $1 yearly salary?

    • I’ll shop at WF twice a week now. I’ll be interested to see if any of Zero’s supporters who work there will quit in protest…

      I get produce there and my local farmers market. But, due to American Girl in Italy’s inspiration last month, I now have my own lettuce, parsley, basil, green peppers producing in my own patio container garden (tomatoes and zucchini coming on…) I loved that article though.

  • If you slowly double click on the first youtube video, it will take you to the youtube home page. If you then click on the word “statistics” it will reveal where people are coming from to see this video.

    I see the creeps at DailyKos have infiltrated the commercial, and that could explain why the video only has 2.5 stars by it.

    Back in the mid 90’s, Barack Obama flew over his bed ridden dying mother in Hawaii so he could finish writing a book about his deadbeat dead in Bali, and this is the guy we are supposed to trust for healthcare programs?

    • lorac

      Obama told us that his grandmother got her hip replaced – that’s why she was ill. It wasn’t until she died a few months later that he acknowledged that she had cancer. Hmmmm….. Maybe he already knew he wanted to limit the healthcare of the elderly, but wanted his grandma to get her hip replacement before he started talkin about how older people should just take pain pills and not have these surgeries, especially old people with cancer or dementia, etc… He got his, now screw us….

    • tzada

      Keep in mind that Geroge Soros son, may be on the Utube board. Pretty sure I am right. Think his name is Steve.

  • jangles

    Another note from Greta.

    She has noted several times—if we find the language on its face confusing and incomprehensible—what happens if its enacted and Health and Human Services begins to write the implementing regs and then we have the lawsuits over the regs and the bill passed? Great way to spend our money.

  • jangles

    I had exactly this confirmation this am with my cardiologist team. Most of their lab work and tests are imaging. They have received a 20% reduction in Medicare payments this year and it is projected they will receive another 40% reduction next year. They are a mobile team that provides cardiology services to rural qualified areas in CA/NV. With the 60% cutback they know they can not provide the traveling services to these areas. For me that would mean a 150 mi. trip one way for any advanced cardiology tests (beyond an EKG). That does not even get into treatment after diagnosis.

  • jangles

    I heard Greta say exactly those words “On the Record”, not once but several times. I have read the bill and it is full of references to other government codes that are not explicated on the side so that you have some clue as to what they refer. So Greta in my view is exactly right. What you can read and comprehend is not very reassuring.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Anytime you see a reference to another government code, it is almost always an incorporation by reference, which means that you have to read almost the entire damn section referenced, if you can stay awake long enough to get through it. Then the real fun starts: you must decipher all the euphemistic language and the never ending TLAs, FLAs, and poly-LAs that are used in lieu of clear and precise language. But you’re not through, yet. After you’ve read the referenced 16-volume set, you have to remember why your were reading that dull-as-dishwater dreck in the first place and have to go back to the original code to find out just how it really fits in. If you didn’t leave a trail of bread crumbs as you went on your initial journey, you’re up a creek without a boat, much less a paddle.

    • tzada

      I have no basis for this comment, just a gut feeling. I wonder just what got slipped into that so called “stimulous bill”? After all it was maybe over 1,000 pages long. Then in the middle of the night they slipped in other things? Things that no one had time to read or understand. Some of the things sneaked in may have gone for pork, to buy votes from reluctant members, but could there be other things too?

  • Boxer Mum 06

    If we are really concerned about the folks who don’t have health care as a priority.. human right .. here’s a suggestion.. if they can gather this much money to make their commercials, than why can’t they just take donations and this money for commercials and buy these people insurance?

  • TeakWoodKite

    Think about that: Greta is a top attorney with a great mind and an excellent grasp of the issues, and she couldn’t understand the language of the bill.

    So what kind of lawyers does Conyers have when he says ” you need lawyers to read it.” ?? He had know intention of reading anything except the amount on the check.

    Great has read a law or two or legislation in legalize and I can’t ever remember her saying such a thing.

    Great read, I saw this commercial and thought what STRANGE bedfellows those 3 amigos. SEIU hanging out with corporate whores? sk TSk.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Let them waste their monney. lol In case they haven’t noticed, people are the unions thug tactics and also of TV. lol

    tv viewership is at an all time low. aawwwe, poor things. And gee, how perfect, two special interests teaming up that Obama has promised gifts and favoritism.

    We all saw the leaked memo that on some of the promises he made to Big Pharma, right? On his NON transparent, secret meetings with Big Pharma:

    “It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced”

    Don’t we wish we had the memos of all those other meetings, like when Obama gave 34 permits for Mountain Top Removal to the Coal Execs, after their meeting.

    • Diana L. C.

      And that is why he is now pandering his healthcare plan in “unscripted” meetings in coal country in Montana and in Grand Junction, CO.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Obama gave 34 permits for Mountain Top Removal

      Such a “green” POTUS, in so many ways,

  • Hg

    Obama offers two choices in his health care scam. (1) Euthanization if you are 60 or older. (2) Slavery if you are below 60. You can die now or you can die later after paying for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$trillions it will cost to insure people who have never worked, who will never work, who do not intend to work and live on the dole at the expense of the working people. Your socialist dollars at work.

  • Obamastolemycounty

    It is the campaign that never ends, isn’t it? This all makes me crazy. Are we on candid camera or something? I cannot believe that this is all really happening!

    My fear is that he bought himself a little ol’ Presidency and now he’s just gonna buy him a little ol’ healthcare bill just for fun! Where is all this money coming from, hmmmm? Funny, that many of us lost a lot of money in 2008 and Obama just seems to have an endless supply of contributors, isn’t it?

    Here’s what I think, not that I am anyone special, but if they truly wanted to fix healthcare and cover the uninsured, they could do so with some bills that aren’t so intrusive. They do’t need to change the whole system, but they want to change the whole system. Someone’s payoff was the health care bill. It’s that simple. The SEIU, the drug companies, the insurance companies? Who, all 3? We will findout later. This is the way for a single payer system in which the fat cats will profit enormously. If it wasn’t a sneak in through the back door (as Obama is famous for), there would not be such a rush. there would be debate and research into ways to save money in the system we have. There’s not. It’s decided. It was bought and paid for and Obama will get his crappy bill passed and you little people will just STFU and like it. We are very screwed!

    People voted for change and change is what they’ll get. No one ever said they’d have to like the change, did they?

  • I also am reminded on looking at the jokers who introduced this loser that Representative Dingle is listed first. Isn’t he the very honest politician whose campaign worker was caught carrying the large poster with the Obama/Hitler mustache penciled in trying to blame it on the opposition?

    • Animal Control

      Now this is interesting–any links?

  • Yes, Greta is correct. Here’s just a tiny example:


    (a) FAILURE TO ELECT, OR SUBSTANTIALLY COMPLY WITH, HEALTH COVERAGE PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS.—For employment tax on employers who fail to elect, or substantially comply with, the health coverage
    participation requirements described in part 1, see section 3111(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (as added by section 412 of this Act).

    Compre-hen-day? I thought so.

    • jwrjr

      And who determines what is “substantial compliance”? (Rhetorical question, really.)