Have you been watching Fox News? Have you caught any of Major Garrett’s stunning reports as well as his exchange with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs? Regardless, be sure to watch this report from Friday’s Special Report with Bret Baier:

What do YOU think is really going on here? Next, check out this segment from Hannity’s America with Tony Blankley:

Again, I ask: What do YOU think is really going on here?

I’m going to withhold my own opinions because I first want to read yours. Go for it.

  • LisaB

    Interesting story. I suspect the campaign bought the lists and didn’t bother to check them at all, as it would be nearly impossible to do. So, this makes the WH a spammer, IMO.

  • tzada


    Alright enough already! Will someone please turn the lights back on and roll the credits for this week’s episode of the Twilight Zone.
    First we have the brazenly Orwellian directive from the Office of Health Reform/Ministry of Truth to contact our friendly snitchboard operator to report any “fishy” communications from our neighbors/political extremists. Then from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs I learn that the National Guard is now looking for a few good internment/resettlement specialists?
    Internment of who?
    I’m moving where?
    As if the seeming overnight bankruptcy of our entire country were not enough to rattle one’s nerves, we have the White House’s apparent confidence that it need not bother fretting over the appearance of totalitarianism. What is it that imbues these people to think that no-one will notice the unsettling parallels they have with unseemly dictators?
    It is at about this point that I start trying to reassure myself that this can’t really be as terrifying as it sounds. Then I remember this little clip entailing what Ogabe’s former SDS friends had in mind for people like me. Many of whom, like Marilyn Katz & Andy Stern, are wandering the halls of the White House today.


  • “Tell us what myths you want us to address next”

    1) the myth that Obama is qualified to be President.

    • That’s too funny!

      We should all send that comment to the WH.

      I recently read Orwell’s 1984, meaning I read it only a couple months ago to refresh my memory. I was terrified reading it – because it’s happening.

      I decided the next thing I should read is Revelation. Still terrifying, but at least we have a map of the future.

  • Diana L. C.

    Hey, I’m still getting mail from O and the DNC, though I’ve asked several times to be taken off their mailing lists. Today I got one with a little rubbery refrigerator magnet with Dear Leader’s ugly mug on it. I even received a certificate as a person who could be a member of his “kitchen cabinet”–Wink Wink–so cute, so precious.

    It gave me the creeps to think of people actually putting his smarmy smiley face on their refrigerator and thinking that whole certificate thing was cute. Again, I wrote my nasty comment about how I will keep using their no-stamps-necessary envelopes to send back my insults to their POTUS along with my request to be taken off their mailing lists until they actually go to the trouble to take me off their lists.

    I just hope I am put on some kind of list of possible subversives. Now that would be an honor far more than recieving his cutsie certificates.

    • HC123

      We have presidential refrigerator magnets? How vile.

      • Diana L. C.

        Mine is really vile now because I put it in the trash compacter with my other smelly garbage.

  • RebelCarol

    Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Provided by Google maybe?

  • Keeping a list like that is illegal; Nixon got impeached for it.

    • Terry

      Is it really illegal anymore? Didn’t the Patriot Act take away most of our privacy rights? Obama as Bush 3 is just high-teching it. I heard Megyn ? (the reporter on Fox) say that by law the White House is required to keep copies of all email sent to them as well as the addresses associated with (including, I guess, the addresses imbedded in them as ‘neighbors’ forward the ‘fishy’ emails.)

    • Jackarooty

      Fyi…Nixon was never impeached. He resigned before it could happen.

  • Archimedes
    • oowawa

      Yikes! I’ve been saying that so much lately, I feel like it should appear in a thought-balloon over my cartoon head.

    • Diana L. C.

      if it sounds like Marx, and acts like Mussolini, it is probably Obama.

      Thanks for the link. This about says it all.

  • ford

    All in all , a great day for Orwell.

    • Cindy

      So true…Orwell is not spinning in his grave. He’s
      poppin’ the cork on a bottle of champagne, and yelling down from on high: “I told you so!”

  • carol haka

    I really think that when he goes off on his “luxury vacation” in the next few days, and the media shows us his “awesomeness” without a shirt, his numbers will bottom out!

    The f*cker has ruined our economy and our wealth, and he struts around like a f*cking movie star unscathed by his bs.

    Impeach him, and let him live with the knowledge that he is the “worst and most ignorant” of all Presidents in history!


    • oowawa

      and the media shows us his “awesomeness” without a shirt

      He missed his chance to star when he was in Russia: he and Vlad could have had a “flex-off.”

  • Tricia Spiegel

    I got the letter from Axelrod, and it gave me the creeps. That guy looks scary to me.

    I never signed up to receive anything from the White House.

  • mel

    Ok, simple take on the “Big Brother” theory if you simply think for a few minutes about it!

    What companies have required major intervention by the WH since January 20th that required significant interjection by Obama Czars and orther Obama people to get a grasp on visa vie opening their books et al to WH people?

    Car Companies
    Insurance Companies
    to name a few.

    Under the guise of obtaining market reactions and viable interest before investing public funds to help and save problem companies attaching a tracker to a companies website is a breeze.

    In thinking about it, all you need do is find a more plausable explaination as to how GM decided to cancel dealerships mostly to GOP backing dealers and non-Obama supporting dealers.

  • helenk


    This is OT
    I think Larry would have a better take on this then the rest of us.



  • Patrick Henry

    Make That Three Good Laughs..Cindy…


  • oowawa

    If the United States is a great big community, and if the leader of the country is a community organizer, I suppose it is logical to think that he would try to compile a huge database of the citizens of that community in order to organize it under his authority. We’ll have ACORN involved in the Census! And now here’s the internet, what do you know, and he has access to cutting edge technology such as he never had back in Chicago, and there’s an army of really tech-savvy young geeks out there, most of whom supported O in the last election, many with fanatic devotion . . .

    I guess receiving a spam e-mail from O will be the least of our problems if push comes to shove . . . But it IS an alarming first indicator.

    • Patrick Henry

      I agree OOWAWA..( Is that Native american..??)

      All the same thoughts that were going through my mind today..and a VERY serious subject..

      The guys running the Obama Organization/Administration have all the BEST tools, technology.. and capable people at thier Disposal…

      Also a Tremenously WELL Run Machine..thats been in OPERATION Long enough to become Highly Caraple, Highly Tuned and Obtain LOTS of data, and Backgrounds..

      Thats a Know Fact by Now, and they didn’t Dismantle After they Got Obama Nominated and elected to be POTUS..

      Knowing That..I have some things to Consider..

      1. Where are they located Now..?

      2. Are there new DEPARTMENTS of Special Ops inside
      the white House or any other GOVERNMENT Building that are si,milar in CONCEPT to those run by VP Dick Cheney and the Neo Cons.. ?

      3. What data does baracks PRIVATE Organization Provide to Obam directly or Indrectly..??

      4. What is the NAME and TITLE of the Person who Provides that DATA to Barack Obama..

      5. Does The Obama Organization use the Internet to Monitor..or Hack in to Web Sites like NO QUARTER and any or other Web Site or Person to Obtain DATA ..and Monitor Public Opioion so that the Obama Organization can Creat thier OWN POLLS..and try to keep ahead of the PUBLIC and or Groups they consider “Unfriedly”..?

      6. Do any other HIGH TECH Corporations or Companys or GROUPS..Provide Assistance and ACCESS of Internet or ELECTRONIC Data to this Obama Organization..??

      • oowawa

        Impressive list of questions, Patrick. This list could provide the outline for a book exploring this godawful era–and okay! Since nobody asked me, here’s a prospective title for the book: Inside Obama’s High-Tech Barackracy.”

        As for my blogname: not Indian–I like doo-wop music from the 50’s, and sometimes you hear the background singers going “oowawa–oowawa–oowawa.” Wish I had some Indian heritage to brag about!

      • tzada

        Makes you wonder if that huge satellite for “weather” really was for weather, or maybe it is whither art thou little fishy?

    • don tufts

      for as smart as they think they are they they have been sending me emails since last year adressed to
      Dear F–k.i kid you not.

      • Chicago Joe

        Triple LOL. In fact, ROFLMAO!!

    • Patrick Henry

      OOWAWA I just wrote a long response to your good Comments..on this subject..

      It Failed to POST..

      Thats the THIRD time TODAY…

      • Patrick Henry

        Just wrote another new piece on how Obamas Organization Operates..

        THAt one didn’t Post Either..

        FOURTH Piece I have NOT Post Now..

  • Cindy

    If Obama is my big brother, I hope I find out that I was adopted.

    Good post, Bronwyn.

    • Obamastolemycounty


      • olivia1998

        double LOL

  • Obamastolemycounty

    Is FOX the only network to carry this story?

    • Of course. No other network is allowed to air anything negative about ‘the won’.

  • candymarl

    This reminds me of the Nixon list. The only difference is that it’s gone high tech.

  • Chicago Joe

    I think Tony is on to something as well. From Jess Honig, of Fight the Smears infamy, to the “doctor” in the audience, a bunch of dedicated twenty-somethings are running the government.

    No offense to twenty-somethings. It’s just that the may be lacking in life experience, political know-how, and common sense.

    My point being that these are individuals who all think they are on The West Wing, except that this is reality and it is our lives they are mucking up. They are not constitutionally well-versed enough to even understand the basic tenets of the country. They just got on the bandwagon and are now following their marching orders in service of the cause (you know, that phony Change thing).

    • Obamastolemycounty

      I just hope they think they are on the West Wing and not 24-LOL!

    • Diana L. C.

      As I’ve said before, the doo doo that comes from the far-left progressive followers of O is just as bad as what came from the far-right neo-con followers of Bush.

      Remember that Bush was giving important jobs that required a great deal of experience to the inexperienced, just graduated sons and daughters of his neo-con followers. These were people who had just graduated from those southern (mostly) conservative Christian universities. They were put in charge of awarding and overseeing the re-build and constructon efforts in Iraq. Remember the U.S. embassy fiasco in Iraq? You just have no sense if you appoint people based on ideology rather than on experience and proven competency.

      But then ideology is all that counts in both neo-con brains and far-left progressive brains.

      • Obamastolemycounty

        Well Obama is definitely Bush 3 in that regard. Rezmar corp (affiliated with Tony Rezko) got their own exclusive Iraq contract:


        Fascinating, no?

        All the same handlers and friends I’d say. If we can find out who the puppetmaster really is and topple him/her(?), I think we’d get our country back.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      word, Joe. these twenty-somethings also believe that the end justifies the means. they believe that if BushCo brought a knife, they should bring a gun. the american people are the ones getting caught in the cross-fire.

  • Lily

    Tony Blankney seems to be suggesting that the White House may have used confidential government lists to target certain individuals. If that if the case, then I would consider it an invasion of privacy and should be against some law or rule or regulation. If the White House is using lists where the people on the list have agreed to certain privacy conditions which would allow their address to be distributed, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t received an email, but have no more than the typical interest in or connection to healthcare reform.

  • Patrick Henry

    Mine are gone too…Wow…The more we focus on Big brother the more things seem to disappear..

  • Diana L. C.

    I’ve posted twice and my posts do not seem to make it through. Please–retrieve one of them.

  • Diana L. C.

    I hope my comment doesn’t appear twice. I thought I sent it and then waited to see if he showed later, but it hasn’t.

    Without any real evidence in regard to the particular people who complained, I will make the guess that Tony Blankley was on target. He suggested that maybe the people working this gig for the White House were “insufficiently experienced in national politics.” His words, thought, are too kind, and he’s absolutely correct that they better give an answer and not a phony excuse soon.

    I believe that the people working for him not only lack experience (of any type) but that they’ve been schooled under the Billy Ayers educational system and do not have a clue about U.S. ideas of ethics, propriety, privacy laws, or common sense. They’re idiots and arrogant ones at that: Gibbs for example or the nitwit graduate student who agreed to be a plant and to claim she is a doctor. They will arrogantly deny that they did anything wrong.

    I am not only afraid of the bumbling arrogant fools working for this administration, I am not a little bit worried about what kind of private information regarding me is now in the bowels of the federal computers. All the people I know who worked in departments of the federal government had to work on computers way out of date and on cobbled together networks. Heaven help us if 1.) some idealogue hi-jacks that system or 2.) if one of O’s “insufficiently experience” fools destroys an important federal computer system. (OOPS! It’s both given the person of their idiot Dear Leader.)

    Why, oh why do we not have an experienced and truly knowlegeable adult as our POTUS?

    • Obamastolemycounty

      Because imbeciles are allowed to vote. Seriously, you should have to pass a test to vote!

      • olivia1998

        Maybe we should be targeting the media. That’s who got him elected and is keeping his polls from dropping more. Think about it 4 years no one know who he was. I heard he wasn’t even invited to the 2000 Democratic convention. Think about that.

        • Obamastolemycounty

          Yes, we should boot out the media. How? I have stopped watching CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, but they haven’t seemed to suffer since I am one of few.

          I have often wondered if we could do a large class action lawsuit against them. All Clinton supporters. Anyone know?

          • olivia1998

            NOW YOUR THINKING.

  • Patrick Henry

    If you have a Birth record, Social security card, bank account, Medical history, Computer or Credit card..rent or own a house, held a Mortgage..served in the Military..been on Welfare, medicare..medicAid..The Government Knows everything about you..and all Your Data is Bought and Sold because everything is For sale in America..

    you think Google, Bing and your email are safe to USE..You are ALL in a Hugh data Base somewhere..

    Yes, we are all tracked and Monitored ..Except the Illegal Aliens and BARACK OBAMA..

    He refuses to provide His DATA..

    Big Brother Indeed..

    Invasion of Privacy..What PRIVACY..??.The Government doesn’t even need Search warrants any more..

    Freedom from Government Intrusion and Corruption.??

    Thats Gone..Done..Kaput..

    Our Constitution is a Crumbling Document..and it too…will be Eleminated from Our History Class’s..like the Dignity and Character Qualitys of Our Founding Fathers..

    Now our kids are taught that our founding fathers were all racists..Billy Bomber Ayers is running Our Education System Now..and its a Mess as a result..

    America is just a Nation now that is Doped Up and Dummied Down..Sold out and Bought off..

    Hey Axelrod..be sure this go’s in my File..

    You KNOW My IP..

    Thats WHY I Proudly call Myself..PATRICK HENRY..

    The Only One who can withhold His DATA

    • Patrick Henry

      IS Barack Obama..

    • maryann

      must say…just remember we don’t give a shit about his birth certificate

      he’s an admitted british citizen, means not a natural born citizen

      means an installed usurper resident

      mr. cynical bullshit in chief position to destroy American, at which he’s doing a fine job

    • Patrick Henry

      IS Barack Obama..Our PRESIDENTI..

      Also Folks..on the Topic of BIG BROTHERS capabilitys..

      I have written Three seperate Pieces on Barack Obamas Operations, and Policys..and How His High Tech … PRIVATE ORGANIZATION May be OPERATING..and Assisting him with DATA..

      None of those Comments HAVE Posted here during the Filtering Process..

      I’m Confused about WHY..??

      • tzada

        I too have posted things on the so called swine flu and they have not made it. Who is eating them and why?

  • One word: OSPAMAGATE!

    • Cindy


  • barry bums a ciggie

    I watched Major Garret interview two people, and they are senior citizens. I wonder though, if those who got spammed by Axel-grease are of a specific age group. The Dems don’t want to lose that senior voting block.

    • Chicago Joe

      Wondering if this is all the AARP demographic? Someone also said on Fox that what they received was a pop-up on AOL. Anyone have that experience?

    • listingstarboard

      Thank goodness for Major Garret. Bet he won’t get called on anymore. Man, Gibbs is like that arrogant kid in high school you wanted to pinch their HEAD OFF. What a supercilious little turdlicker he is.

      • Chicago Joe

        Gibbs is a complete tool. That is the only way to describe him. I love how Jake Tapper quotes him on this Political Punch blog on ABC. He does it word for word and there are more sputters, stutters, gaps and pauses than you can shake a stick at.

  • Diana L. C.

    With no evidence one way or another, I’m going to jump in and make my guess. I tend to believe the way Tony Blankley suggests it is possible that the WH allowed this to happen. There are idiots working for the White House (Gibbs is a prime example. Not only is he an idiot, he is an arrogant idiot.) The are people who–like their Dear Leader–have no real understanding or respect for the privacy laws or for going through protocols. He probably has a lot of young, inexperienced people educated according to the Ayers educational methods working in his administrative offices. (Maybe someone like that idiotic woman who claimed to be a doctor at a townhall and who was not. She probably had no clue at first that what she did is wrong.) Blankley uses some kinder terms for them–“not sufficiently experienced in national politics.”

    Not only the inexperience of politically arrogant people working for him frightens me, but I am also expremely frightened about what personal data they have on me will be in the bowels of the federal government’s excuse for computer systems. The people I know who worked for the federal government were always working on systems that were far more out of date and unrealiable than the ones available in most private organizations.

    Damn–I wish we had an experienced adult in the highest office of the land.

    • Juliet16


      There is no effing way that anything is going on at the White House that the Big Guys in charge don’t know about.

      True, some young netroots computer hacks may be IMPLEMENTING this action, but someone way above their paygrade authorized them to do it.

      • Diana L. C.

        And my point is that Bush didn’t know better than to hire his friends kids, and BO probably didn’t know that it would be wrong for them to implement this stupid email campaign and might have approved it. You can be sure, though, if they do make a statement about it, etc., some poor underling will get the blame.

  • Obamastolemycounty

    This is the most evil and paranoid administration ever! That’s what is going on. Why so paranoid Obama? Why? Because no one will like you on your merits, that’s why! These people do seem to believe that Obama is King of the world and the American people better damn sure set them straight that he is not ASAP!!!!

    • maryann

      because Obama the admitted British citizen is just an installed usurper, the final spit in the face as they desecrate our constitutional republic

      • Obamastolemycounty

        I’m ready to boot him out, anyone with me?

        • Obamastolemycounty

          It still truly galls me that with his background he wouldn’t even be allowed to clean toilets in the White House, but apparently it’s just fine to put him in the big chair!

          My blood boils.

          • maryann

            Now watch as people seem to go back to channel oblivious, oblivious to the illegal usurper, as if it doesn’t matter, and banter away about policy..

            • Obamastolemycountry

              Yes, Maryann, HR 3200 may just well be a distraction from the birthers. They were getting a little too loud and a little too close for comfort.

      • tzada

        Kinda ironic isn’t it, that we may lose the Revolutionary War to the British after all?

        I got an email that it seems worded in the same way as the Axelrod emails. It is from The Pen. How they got my email I do not know. I do know that after getting a email about HC my yahoo email acount was down for nearly 2 days.

  • oowawa

    So the O Administration is spamming folks in order to promote O-Whole-Health. The question then is, where did they get their spamming list? There are 3 possibilities:

    1–They bought the list from somebody.
    2–The were given the list by some sympathetic party.
    3–They have already compiled e-mail lists through their own surveillance and have databases matching up citizens with their e-mail addresses, their IP addresses, and maybe even their home addresses.

    I don’t know which of these possibilities is accurate, but I think I might be interested in hiring the NQ Almighty Spam Filter to watch over my humble inbox . . .

    • I’d guess it’s #3. What else is the flag@whitehouse.gov email for?

    • Tuppence411

      I think they compiled the email addresses from their “phishy” website. Of course the person who forwarded the “phishy” email contacted them directly, but all those names and addresses imbedded within as it was forwarded and sent along from email list to email list before ending up in the “phishy” inbox were also captured.

      Barky’s administration runs a 24/7 war room and is is in constant campaign mode, not even bothering to learn how to govern or the laws concerning White House conduct.

      And the country thought Clinton was always in campaign mode and Bush was always in the war room. HA! we haven’t seen nothing yet. Barky’s gonna make them seem like novices.

      • Docelder

        I think they compiled the email addresses from their “phishy” website.

        Yes, most forwarded mails will have a cc: list in the header. This is one of the purposes of the forwarded mails to gather a list of everybody who gets these mails. The other reason is to stop the senders of them. Don’t expect the secret service to visit these people… rather look for them to get disconnection of service notices from their internet providers. It is premature to use the list itself directly, but it exists the same as the spam list exists.

    • Anna

      Hey! I got one of the David Axelrod emails — did you?

      • Lisa

        I got three e-mails from the White House. I asked them to get me off their list. It took me three tries before they stopped. I never read them – I don’t know what the e-mails said. I did tell them that I was not an Obama supporter and never will be.

        • Juliet16

          Just out of curiosity, did the emails contain an “OPT OUT” link?

          Or did you have to try to email them back in order to request them to quit spamming you?

          Just wondering…

          • Lisa


            The e-mail from the White House came directly to my e-mail. I assume that they got my e-mail address because I sent an e-mail to the President.

          • Lisa


            I think I confused the issue with my last reply. I never solicited the White House. I sent an e-mail to President Obama at the beginning of his term, I can’t remember what it was about. I never did get an answer. I think that is how they got my e-mail address

    • elizabethrc

      If number 3 is the answer, I say bombard their site with emails. Challenge them to come after us and take your pod cameras along. Publicize what these goonsquads are trying to do to America. Shame them from office. They don’t belong in the America as I’ve know it. Can they arrest all of us? They may well have awakened that sleeping giant the lady spoke about in a recent town hall meeting.
      It is appalling to see how little Obama understand Americans or America. Forget that he is inexperienced…more important, he doesn’t understand democracy! Not what I want in a president!

  • Have you seen the White House “Reality Check” website?


    Notice how their contact form is NOT about soliciting feedback from Americans about what they think about the healthcare bill. It says:

    “Tell us what myths you want us to address next.”

    This is astonishing propaganda. I am blown away by it. It makes me wonder why they are SOOOO attached to their current health care plan, trying to shove it down our throats when most Americans don’t want it.


    • oowawa

      Tell us what myths you want us to address next

      Well, Hillary or Bust, I want them to first address the really “fishy” myths–the ones that reek of fishiness to high heaven. I want them to clean them up and sanitize them so they don’t smell fishy any more.

      Also, after they “address” these fishy myths, I want them to find out what IP addresses these fishy myths originated from, so that the source of the fishiness can be expunged and will no longer be a pungent public nuisance.

    • kgirl1028

      Honestly I wouldn’t make it a habit of going to the white house website. i’ve heard they might be using your access of the site as an ivitation to access your computer information. What sites you visit and how often. Things that are frankly none of their damn business. So becareful giving people links to those freaks without some type of disclaimer.