I must admit I initially thought this was a farfetched question. But there is a significant body of evidence, some circumstantial, that suggests the answer may be “no.” An internet friend (Katherine) has pursued this relentlessly. She sent me the following:

According to the state laws in Hawaii that were in effect at the time of Obama’s birth, a child must be born to “TWO” U.S. Citizen parents (this law was in effect from “December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986,“ which means it applies to Barack’s birth.

But only Barack’s mom was a U.S. Citizen. Papa Obama was a citizen of Kenya. Well, the Hawaiian law stiplulates that:

…If only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least FIVE of which had to be after the age of 16.”

It appears that Obama’s mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means she was shy of the 21 years of age required by the law. In other words, she was not old enough to qualify her son for automatic U.S. Citizenship. At what point was Barack Obama Jr., son of Barack Obama Sr., recognized by the U.S. Government as an American citizen? When he moved to Indonesia with his mother and step-father in the mid-1960s I am assuming he had a U.S. passport.

There is a law suit in the works. Of that you can be sure. As was noted in an early post today on No Quarter, Barack’s stubbornness on the birth certificate issue is keeping the matter alive. Not a good idea going into the General Election.

I am not a Constitutional scholar (nor is Barack for that matter). The relevant clause of the Constitution stipulates that:

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

Now, I had always assumed that a naturalized citizen (like Arnold) could not be President. but the clause, “or a citizen of the United States,” seems to open the door for people who become citizens. Any lawyers out there?

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Mike Hicks

    U must b a muslim and or nigge  r………..

  • Jack
  • miky

    So———Who is Barry Sotoro?????????

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  • A 22yr old 2008 non-voter
  • Read small print from this propaganda. I do not wish to make annoy statements as so many have on this long forum. Whether Obama is eligible or not does not matter at this point. We need an underground society as americans our government will not deliver us this time but to the enemy. A large portion of the world is waiting for the right time to finish all of us. Does not matter of race, color, or age. They are angry because we “as a country” have allowed our government to become our parents. We will not be informed of an attack. They will come in a blink of eye. It wont be the end of the world. But the end of our country and its constant support of allied, neutral, and enemy supplies and trading. Thus making us targets to all. Our government has brainwashed us into watching the new tv series or video game. I have two children and I will be damned to sit back and let them murder as they have their own. Sending their wives and children into battle saying
    “its for muhummand” (dont care about spelling) they mourn because they believe its the only way. They think were nazis. How do you stop a president who
    is “planning economic growth”, in the name of others. They will make this country the staging area for their world plans. Its not about DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN ANYMORE its about opening your eyes to your demise. (Zeitgeist.com) download this video if it is still available. Beginning is bullshit. But after that comes the eye opening shocker. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.

    Believe this…

    Youre either going to have a rag over your head to be shot or you dont let them take you.. wake up

  • Tonni

    Why question his birth AFTER the fact wouldn’t this had been an issue or should been one earlier in the Presidential campaign? Also

    All persons born in Hawaii on or after April 30, 1900, are natural-born citizens of the United States. Hawaii was declared U.S. State on August 21, 1959.

    Obama was born in 1961

  • Zoe

    Wow people are gullible.

    Why didn’t anyone demand to see George W. Bush’s birth certificate? The VAULT copy? I didn’t hear even one person asking for it.

    Why the double standard?

  • Chris

    are you aware that Hawaii is a state of the US? he was born there; THAT MAKEs HIM A US CITIZEN. and dude; its hawaii they dont have much of a technology down there at that time so of course there would be strange flaws with birth certification, and besides people mess up all the time. and are you aware that obama’s father never moved to that area. his pops stayed in kenya, that means end of a relationship, that means single parent, that means one parent. and come on man there is no LAWSUIT, what you’d sue someone who’s a US citizen.

    Do you think they dont run background check on people? had his background, birth certification and passport not been in order HE WOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT- ELECT, HE WOULD BE WORKING AT TACO BELL WITH PACO THE MEXICAN ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    furthermore, his mother WAS ALREADY A US CITIZEN.

  • AXJ

    The international civil and political rights organization known as AXJ has published a whole article with documents about this matter. Their website is: http://www.axjus.com


    OK this is wrong. here http://www.hawaiiankingdom.org/info-hawn-citizenship.shtml

    are the details. The portion of hawaii law talked about in theis article applies to to “BIRTH ABROAD” IE not in hawaii. this article is a hoax. look it up ladies and gentlemen

  • barb

    This is for Steve in reply to keeping down the poor.This whole thing is about racism. You do not have to be poor. Some people just want to live off of welfare. Why have kids if you cannot afford them? First you get a job. get married then have kids. Not get pregnant and go on welfare. My son-in-law is black both parents were drug addicts. He’s in his 8th year in the Navy and he suports his son. Get off the pitty pot and quit saying poor me.Do something productive with your life. I have friends that work 2 jobs. I don’t hear them cry.Obama won this election frauduantly. No one will ever change my mind about this.

  • Emily

    All of the birth certificate specimens I have seen on the internet sites are NOT copies of the ORIGINAL VAULT COPY OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. They are only certifications that the government of Hawaii has drawn up on their computers on their new computerized forms. 1961 Birth Certificates didn’t look anything like them. Besides, it looks like this type of certification can be easily forged, or even created by someone inthe government paid off to do it. That is why a certified copy of the ORIGINAL VAULT BIRTH CERTIFICATE is what is required in the lawsuits. With all the lying people working in government these days, why would anyone trust one of these new-day copies to be valid?

    Additionally, there is something fishy about someone wanting to be presidet and refusing to request a copy of the VAULT CERTIFICATE to produce in proof of his claim that he is a citizen. There is something fishy about someone who refused to release his college admission forms (which would include where he was born) and also refuse release of ANY COLLEGE RECORDS whatsoever, including his thesis. What does OBAMA HAVE TO HIDE? Something stinks here.

    • larmar

      Several years ago I requested my birth certificate from a county in Ohio where I was born. I was presented with a computer printed certificate that was stamped by the health department. The health dept said as long as they had certified the copy then it is a legal birth certificate.

      People, you are starting to sound like Mel Gibson’s wack-job character in the movie “Conspiracy Theory.”

      This is a non-issue!

      • You weren’t running for president, dipshyt.

        It will remain a huge issue.

  • Emily

    I believe that it means that one qualifies to serve as president if they are a natural born citizen OR a citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution (in other words, that last portion only applied to that time in history == when the Constitutuon was adopted and they were a citizen). This would make sense because at that time, many people who were in America, were not born there. They still had to have some choices for president, and there just weren’t that many who were born there who would either be interested or would be appropiate.

    Secondly, I was told that there are TWO different birth record documents in Hawaii — CERTIFICATE of Live Birth, and CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. The CERTIFICATE is for those who WERE born in the U.S. (Hawaii) and the CERTIFICATION is for those who were FOREIGN BORN. If this is case, Obama’s CERTIFICATION of Live Birth would indicate that he was NOT BORN IN THE U.S. I will be checking this out shortly for correctness. Meanwhile, does anyone know the details on this?

  • Bible Loving NRA Member

    I am not opposed in any way that Obama will be our President. The fact that he is African, Arabic, Southwest Asian, or full blooded American is of very little consequence – he won! My only issue is that Political Parties putting forth candidates in any election and especially a Presidential Election should be required to run their candidates through some sort of certification process. I know I am advocating some sort of government process that does not currently exist and that would be growing the government, but this process would circumvent the divisive nature that a candidate could benefit from or be hurt by the argument that still lingers!

  • ArmyMomForObama

    welcome to republican america. you are guilty of anything that any nutjob says about you until you can prove it’s not true. jeez.

  • Steve

    I’m a white independent conservative Christian, and found that Obama was easily the candidate for the job. I disagree fully with his stances on gays and on abortion, but these are not political issues.. they are not government issues. The Republican “Christians” always vote against abortion but also vote against funding those who can’t care for their own. Despite my Christian values, this hypocrisy can not be tolerated. Abortion will exist, whether we like it or not. Those are decisions to be made by families and individuals, not by us. To add to that, the “Christian” Bush has done nothing but make the world hate us more than ever before. Republicans have used their campaign trickery to make Christians think that because they’re Christian, they must be Republican. However, despite their record on voting against gay and abortion legislation, they have done everything else to bring our name down as Christians.. a war that was moved to Iraq without real justification except monetary gain, an economic system that keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer (which we see the results of now), a closed-door policy to keep out those who will disagree. They are unbelievably anti-Christian in nearly every step they’ve taken and it’s time for change. It’s time for the old to step out and the young to step in. It’s overdue, and whether you agree with me or not, when January 2013 comes we will have come a far distance from the destruction that have been caused to our nation over the last 8 years. God Bless us all, and the USA.

    • Cliff

      To all you Bush bashers out there. Take a good look at what has happened in the last 7.5 years. We were bombed and we fought back and are WINNING. The stock market in the end of 2001 was around 8000. Just before the democrats took over in early to mid 2007, it got up to 14000. Last time I checked that was a 175% jump in just 5.5 years. The economy was doing so bad…. please. Millionaires increased by 50%. Economy was so, so bad….. 1.2 million jobs were created (known jobs) not telling how many work-at-home jobs that are not reported. Since we had more millionaires, they were paying more of tax burdon since there were more of them and the middle class could invest more in the stock market and make money cause Bush lowered Cap gains from 50 (under Clinton) to 28% so so horrible…riiight. Since people were making so much more money then, so many of you could now afford those gas guzzeling SUVs. It really was bad, especially for the ford and chevy people getting 7000 dollar bonuses due to making 100s of millions in earnings. Man the economy was just aweful…..so rough. Lets talk gas prices now. Since everyone got into the SUV business including the likes of Porsche that got 20 or less mpg and truck sales hit an all time high with them getting an ave of 17 mpg, add record sales and people now affording multiple vehicles per household, while driving farther to work with usually just one person in the car at fewer mpg….supply/demand finally reared its head just after Katrina and we, and I do mean we, including myself to a degree, got what we deserved for increasing fuel consumption 60+% and what do you know, fuel prices went up cause the exporters of crude knew we would pay and banked on it. Sure enough we did, then bitched about it when we were the cause. How you ask, when we quit driving so much and sold the SUVs and drove something we needed and not wanted, prices went down as we see now. Now, lets get a little more up to date. Enron CEO, CFO, and other upper management was put on trial by the bad old repulicans for doing bad things and causing people to lose their retirement due to ‘cooking’ the books. WHERE ARE THE TRIALS FOR BS, Mae, Mac, AIG, Big 3, and others that are holding their hands out for public money cause they mismanaged. Well lets see, Mae and Mac CEO’s make 18m and 21m for going broke, no telling what the other forementioned make that were either bailed out or going to be. Oh yeah, the demos are in charge, no trials, just handing out money and saying, dont do that again. Big 3 just talked to Pelosy and need 25b now and maybe another 25b from the what used to be 700b but ended up being over 850b when said and done. There are good dems and repubs out there but, before you blame Bush for crap that was mainly done by dems and some reps too, remember the basics, CONGRESS makes the laws. Have you ever read and actual law? Its like reading 18th century English. Bush doesnt read word for word on them all. If CONGRESS didnt add so much bull to a decent law, it would be easy but, that would be too much like right. Last, there is such a thing as a business cycle, Learn a little economics before you make fools out of yourselves and blame any one person for everything. Yes, the stock market fell on its butt, why, cause dems took office in late 2006 and started their junk in 2007 and there you go. Some reps were in on it too. When the dems started handing out the dough, investors know that taxes are going to go up and then you have a sell off. People are just panicy in general. There is so much more I could write about this. When you get to the root of the problem, you see things in a more informed view.

  • Paula

    Anyone who was a citizen at the time the CONSTITUTION was adopted was eligible, as well as all natural born citizens who came after that date; not any citizen…

  • Americans are stupid for lettin this guy be president

    Wow good job america. You have brought a man who’s birth has not been made public yet President. Yeah he’s not for real people . He has good speaking skills. If more then 10% of people would pick up a bible now and then you would know what i am talking about. Lets read over this again. WHERE THE HECK WAS HE BORN . I want an answer . You people are so freaking stupid its not even funny. He can’t promise you ANYTHING until its passed through congress. People don’t understand “well he’s gonna give us free healthcare” bull crap if he does we will end up like canadians lying on our deathbed with nothing to help us . Well its time Americans that can work to get off the couch and work instead of drawing welfare. Well after his “dictatorship” and yeah i said he’s going to be a dictator , i hope you can realize what you have done. He is the antichrist some people think . I agree with that . But i just thought … if Obama would have lost, there would have been a HUGE racial dispute that would break out and he would say he was discriminated against because he was black and all that crap that just gets old.

    McCaine I wish you would have won
    its going to be a sad rest of our lives

    • Cliff

      amen to that. The govnmt. is supposed to help us when we cannot help ourselves and not just dole out the money just cause they can to win votes. People should get out there and work or do community service, if able, to receive a gvt check of any kind. Kids are not paychecks and a good butt spanking will prevent alot of ADD. People should depend on themselves for work and food and not wait for or think they deserve handouts. When people cannot afford to take care of themselves and then have kids, its a disgrace. Also, people who think they are beating the system by trying to qualify for assistance for something they really dont have or lying on their application, they are only cheating the tax payers, which is most everyone, including themselves in many cases. Last, no one is entitled to a good life, certain material things, or money they did not work for, so, when people do try to take advantage of a program that was not meant for them, they are stealing from the ones that do need it. The very people who read this and get offended, are the very people that do this. When people work together and do the right thing, times are good for everyone. Its called self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment.

    • slobodaneee

      Aren’t you getting tired of that discredited birth certificate nonsense? it is fun knocking it down, but it is really getting sad to see such insane babble. It will be a long 4 or 8 years for you. For the rest of us it will be just fine.