The DNC, Barack Obama, and his followers just don’t seem to get it. There are a lot of very upset people, and they are not about to fall into line all that easily. P.U.M.A. (“Party Unity My Ass”) is just one of scores of emerging groups that want far more satisfaction than a few nice after-the-fact words about their candidate and her campaign. And to those who claim her supporters are poor losers don’t get it either.

This angry resistance may go go in different directions when it comes to who, if anyone, they say they will support in November, but their passionate outrage is united when it comes to number of very serious issues.

Virtually all are concerned about the sexism (imagine strong-arming a candidate who got 18 million votes and more pledged delegates in the larger and swing states being complained about by old, grey, male candidates of yesteryear who went to the convention with far fewer delegates in their pockets), the undemocratic and flawed caucus system that suffered from numerous reported incidents of fraud, the Michigan and Florida slap in voters’ faces, the disrespect heaped on Hillary Clinton from so many within the party as well as the DNC, and the malevolent treatment of many of her followers by mean-spirited Obama supporters.

Will the DNC pay attention in time to create at least a partial reversal of its lost party members? If Democrats remains split and the votes are not there for Obama come this fall, it will not be because of Hillary Clinton—it will be because the DNC failed to learn critical lessons about how it goes about doing its business and how it views and treats many millions of Democratic voters.

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  • j in TX

    Your not missing it, everyone is trying to do the same thing … get Hillary elected. A new site is just starting for just the purpose you ask … go to http://www.hillaryclintonsupportteam.com The purpose is one point, one site for all, regardless of what other Hillary site you belong to. No one believes there are millions … this site wants to collect the names to show that this is not a game, along with doing several other things. I’m sure a few good suggestions will help.

    Anyone can email me if they have questions… edkha@hot.rr.com

  • kris

    I see on the “Just see no deal” site a million blogs which are for the PUMA folks like me. However it seems like this is splintering the effort to organize the PUMA crowd. We need one common place on the web all PUMA supporters can aggregate our efforts to take effective action which can ensure Obama’s defeat. Is there such a place and Im missing it? Or the separate blogs is all that we have?

  • Marilyn Monohan-Hopkins


    Jamie Ader vs Barack Obama

    Defendant: OBAMA, BARACK


    Filing Date: 1/15/2008

    Case Number: 1265766


    Filing Type: CIVIL

    Case Type: CIVIL OTHER



  • Marilyn Monohan-Hopkins

    Subj: FW: Post Turtle
    While suturing a cut on the hand of a Texas Rancher whose hand had been caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually, the topic got around to Obama and his bid for the presidency.
    The old rancher said, Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.
    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked, ‘What is a post turtle’?
    The old rancher said, When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle’.
    The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain.

    ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he sure as heck doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there and you just wonder what kind of an idiot put him there in the first place.’

  • Marilyn Monohan-Hopkins

    Friends and Associates of Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama
    William Ayers – American Terrorist
    Raila Odinga – Cousin, Radical Islamist
    Raul Reyes – Columbian Terrorist
    Antonio Rezko – Muslim Slum Lord
    Professor Khalidi – Muslim Terrorist Supporter
    Reverend Wright – Racist Muslim Supporter/Preacher, Anti-American
    Reverend James Meeks – Racist
    Reverend Louis Farrakhan – Racist Nation of Islam / Faux Preacher
    Reverend. Jesse Jackson – Racist – Anti-Semetic
    Nadhmi Auchi – Muslim Billionaire
    Sohaib Abassi – Muslim Millionaire

    • Jerry Kennedy

      This is Wright on! How in the world did the general public overlook this very important list of cronies?

      It is a sad sad situation at best Jimmy Carter’s second term and worse!

  • Pat! I love it! Might we post your cartoon at JustSayNODEAL.com?

    Please let me know,

    Will Bower
    PUMA / Just Say NO DEAL

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  • Brush It Off

    Michelle Obama is now off limits Really!
    Earlier this year when she was on the campaign
    trailshe said this about Hillary. “If you can’t take
    care of your own house, how can you take care of
    the White House”.

    She had better be careful she might have to eat
    those words some time in August:)

  • Lynn

    PUMAs are fighting mad. Fortunately the media is now starting to question Obama the way they should have from the beginning. It took his reversal on a number of salient issues for that to come about though. PUMAPAC members are determined to teach the DNC a lesson.; namely, stop assuming we will support whatever you sandction. You, the DNC, are expected to fulfill our wishes, not us fulfill yours. You ignore us at your peril; the Democrats may go the way of the Whigs.

  • ShortTermer

    Larry, how do I send you a graphic that you would want to include on your site here?


  • Tim

    ‘When I use a word… it means just what I CHOOSE it to mean, neither more nor less.’ (Humpty Dumpty)

    Thus, in “Obama-speak,”

    1. A commitment to public campaign financing is not binding when feeding the pig is more important than keeping one’s word. After all, this is the same guy who received a $60,000 contribution from George Soros for his Senate race, thanks to a loophole Soros found in the rules.

    2. Surely, Obama didn’t really mean small-town, working class Americans cling to their religion and guns because they’re bitter. The problem must have been our failure to comprehend the nuances of his soaring rhetoric (hence, “What I should have said was…”).

    3. So, if we thought we understood the meaning of “without preconditions,” apparently we didn’t. In Obama-speak, there’s a world of difference between “preconditions” and “preparation”.

    4. And remember “I can no more disown him [Rev. Wright] than my own white grandmother?” Well, as it turns out, YES HE CAN!

    5. So what if this barely-one-term senator has one of the worst records (20%) of missed votes (compared with Clinton’s 8% since Jan. of 2001). So what if he missed the 76-22 vote in Sept. of ’07 designating the Iranian National Guards Corps a terrorist organization; after all, he did publish a strong objection to the decision on his Senate web page immediately thereafter…. Uh, wait, he’s recently begun to backpedal on that position, too.

    6. Should it matter that in a 2004 interview he opposed Israel’s security fence, which since its contruction, has more than proven its efficacy? When did we last hear of a suicide bomber blowing himself up on a bus, in a Jerusalem coffee shop, pizzeria or a Tel-Aviv night club? Uh, he didn’t mean that statement, either.

    And when, two weeks ago, he told AIPAC members that Jerusalem will remain the undevided capital of Israel, we must have heard wrong, because that’s not what he was saying last week.

    So, given his “enormous emotional attachment and sympathy for Israel” (at least those were his words in a recent interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg), why should supporters of the U.S.-Israel alliance worry that several of his foreign policy advisers are known chiefly for their anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic views – e.g. Carter cohorts Anthony Lake and Zbigniew Bzrezinski (along with his son, Mark), Ivo Daalder and (formerly) Robert Malley. And, lest we forget the wrath incurred by John Kerry’s 2004 proposal to appoint Carter and James Baker as negotiators in the Middle East peace talks – which he subsequently blamed on his foreign policy advisers – that idea was actually the brainchild of Susan Rice…. That’s right, the same Susan Rice who’s now heading Obama’s foreign policy team. Oops.

    7. And, since Obama seems to think that McCain’s pro-life position should be reason enough for pro-choice women to vote for him, ask yourself whether “pro-choice” should mean partial-birth abortions up to and including the third trimester. That’s where he stands – uh, stood – on this issue. Who knows?

    Indeed, this lengthy entry confirms that Obama has a record – a record which should erase any doubt that he is “the candidate of CHANGE”. Who can deny his uncanny ability to change his mind, his positions and his commitments on a dime? And, if “words matter,” why should his WORD matter when something greater is at stake?

    Therefore, if the RBC meeting on May 31st was not enough to persuade Democrats that our elected officials are thoroughly out of step with – or oblivious to – the will and welfare of their voters, their collective opposition to offshore drilling should. Personally, I’m fed up; I’ve finally printed out a voter registration form and am switching to Independent.

    When you go to the polls in November – PLEASE DO! – keep two things in mind: first, a vote for McCain is the only real vote AGAINST Obama, and second, even if you have to hold your nose, a one-term McCain presidency can’t possibly be worse than two of Obama.

  • Steve

    Ole Barky dosn’t get it, but wouldn’t you think the DNC and all CNN etc. etc. etc. paid pals would? but, wait, no, I guess not.

    All Barky is doing is making easier for McCain.
    He can’t hide the arrogance, aggression and stupidity.

    I wish he’d stop trying to insult our intelligence.
    No, not all Hillary Clinton supporters are women, no, we won’t fall in line and support him, and Yes, we will remember in November.

  • Lanlan

    It is amazing that someone who proclaims himself to be a uniter would cause so much divisiveness, just like Bush did.

  • Epilogue:
    It is interesting how whoever is the first poster sets the theme for an entire thread. Mark may be a paid Obama blogger (I guess there are 400 of them), but if the campaign was smart they would fire him. This is not the way to attract any supporters who are dissatisfied with what had gone down. And the “make nice” ones muyst also realize that they may not get the expected pleasant response either. Trust has been broken, and that takes a lot of time AND action to overcome.

    Having said that, I really enjoyed the comments and all but a few should send a strong message to the DNC and the Obama campaign. Thanks all.

  • PA Guy


    My comment:

    A Donation for Obama………..
    …………….from my cold dead hands.

    The DNC has left both I and millions of other Democratic voters hanging like a “CHAD”.
    I have to agree with Donna Brazile, that if the “Will of the people” is overturned by Delegates, I will consider leaving the party.

    Would I vote for Obama? “I’ll have to think about it”.………NOT………………from my cold dead hands………..…….Not only am clinging to my guns and religion, but also reservre my right to choose whomever I believe to be the best, most qualified, candidate for this 2008 Presidential Race.

    I will most likely “Vote Qualifications vs. Party”.

    I will vote based on a candidates experience and qualifications. I would never hire someone of lesser qualities. Hillary fulfills all credentials required to fill the most important job in the world.
    I will follow Hillary to the convention, but in November, I will vote anyone but BHO. He is all talk and his achievements are limited.

    Hillary will do what she has to do; I understand that. But the Democratic Party is failing because of its smoke and mirror campaign tactics and fuzzy math.

    The Democratic Party has driven us to McCain or a NO VOTE.
    Those who just assume that we will jump on Obama’s soul train fueled by inspiration and false hopes are only making us more determined to NOT vote for Obama. Never Assume!

    PA Guy


  • prplvette85

    Delusional is:
    they will all fall in line
    Delusional is
    we are the ones we have been waiting for
    Delusional is
    we will give you 1/2 votes
    Delusional is
    Hillary supporters are uneducated
    Delusional is
    thinking we will ever believe one more word he says
    Delusional is
    underestimating the power of Puma’s

  • It used to be about Hillary and how she was treated; now it’s about keeping Obama out at all costs. He is a dictator in the waiting.

  • StarDust

    Too bad for Obama, his paid bloggers at the top of this article got wiped out by the enormous growl of us Puma’s!!!!

  • Linda

    This is another wonderful cartoon. My only suggestion would be to make Obama’s ears bigger. He doesn’t look enough like the doofus that he honestly is. Rove has picked another airhead. The last one looked like Alfred E. Newman and this one looks like Curious George.

  • The polls show that the public is divided. It’s going to be another long year, it appears. I believe that the Democrats are waiting to see if they can generate enthusiasm. So far, No Deal.

  • S. Heath

    Obama creating his own Presidential Seal shows just how arrogant and narcissistic he is.

    As far as I am concerned he now has desecrated the Presidential Seal and I sent emails to the DNC letting them know my opinion. I think everybody should write and complain.

    How dare he do this? And I think they should be able to arrest him for it since it is agianst the law. Why does he get away with all this crap?

    Cheating at caucuses, deals with Rezko. Where is the accountability when he does something?

    • Melody

      In the Nevada Caucus in January, the Unions not only endorsed BO, but they took pictures of every single person standing for Hillary throughout the state. Hillary won by a very small margin – people were crossing over to BO when the pictures started being taken. For the Convention, Hillary couldn’t get enough delegates to attend the State Convention.

  • texas latina!

    i hate osama/obama so much, i have now put him in the same category as michael vick. he is just that disgusting to me. this 4th generation democrat will be voting for anybody and i mean anybody other that osama. i know my grandmother and mother will be doing the same. he is not liked nor welcomed out here in rural west texas. he can go back to chicago with his wussy and whining unmanly self!

  • I agree with most of the comments—except for Mark the Wonder Boy. I will not vote for Obama and won’t even if Hillary is his VP. I am hoping that people will make their voices be heard to the DNC by registering Independent.

  • navyvet48

    Obama now tells a female member of the Congressional Black Caucus that we women will just have to “get over it” because he needs all his time to run against McCain. I got the message loud and clear!

  • NeverObama

    But you will need us and will not get us!
    We are the independent thinkers. We are not brainwashed. We think it is important that this fraud voted to give more money to the war, that he has already confirmed he will not withdraw troops by 2013, that he voted for the big oil welfare program, he voted to not charge big corporations for drilling hard minerals on PUBLIC lands, he voted for the reaffirmation of the Patriot Act.
    Wake up or is it that you cannot admit you are wrong?
    Either way, it is a shame you are acting this way about an ELECTION of our nation.
    I am way too proud to let some ghetto, racist, ignorant, hammerheaded, flip flopper into this office.

  • walter

    Dont need you guys.

    Sore losers.

    • fooj

      It’s all relative.

      “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…”

    • wcwf50

      “Sore losers”, “deadenders”. Let me tell you what,


      Obama nor Clinton had enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination. And instead of letting it play out until the convention (the historical and usual way of doing things), the Democratic Party fell over themselves to shove Hillary out. The AP assisted them by proclaiming Obama the nominee, before the polls closed in the last 2 primaries. Obama had “clinched” it. It was one dirty trick after the other. It was no better (in fact worse) than how the Repulican Party made sure that Bush would be the nominee in 2000.

  • Sam

    It ain’t over till it’s over


  • Obamatoids are delusional if they think BO’s polls are going to stay slightly ahead of McCain’s.

    Do they really think the GOP is going to give that corrupt, lying, loser the kid gloves care that Hillary and the media did.

    They have DVDs of him and his big-mouth wife, they have his record of absent votes, flip-flops, lobbyist money, and no accomplishments.

    They have his half-brother proving he was born and raised Muslim. They will find his REAL birth certificate, he’s probably not even eligible to be prez.

    They will ask what kind of parent subjects their children to years of racist and un-American hate. And, why did it take him 20 years to figure it out.

    They will dig up the Chicago money-laundering and Rezko deals. The Auchi deals. The PLO deals. They will remind voters of his Hamas and Black Panthers endorsements, and ties to other extremists.

    They will connect Sinclair’s phone numbers to BO.

    They may even bring up how he “won” caucus delegates with his thugs and their threats, force, fraud, and theft. And, how he conspired with the DNC to rob Hillary of her FL & MI delegates. Without that robbery Hillary won the legitimate delegate count AND the People’s Votes. As Pelosi said “the will of the People”.

    They will re-introduce Ayers, the terrorist who likes to bomb U.S. sites and stomp on the American flag when he’s not helping BO with his campaign.

    They will prove to the voters what a no-good, useless, corrupt, two-faced liar he is.

    Check the polls a few weeks after the convention, after they’re sure they don’t have to go up against Hillary.

  • fran

    “Will the DNC pay attention in time to create at least a partial reversal of its lost party members?”

    They cannot unring the bell. It doesn’t matter what they say/do now, because it will all be motivated by self-interest. The manipulation and abuse during the primary season that resulted in a distorted process produced an illegitimate nominee. The RBC meeting was a farce that violated the very foundation of the party and our democracy. We are supposed to just accept that and move on? That cannot be fixed by anything other than a new nominee. That is the only reconciliation that I am interested in, and somehow, I do not think that is what Coward Dean has in mind.

  • If reasonable conservatives recognize the Trojan Horse from unknown origin that is Obama and were open to it, I think the most amazing thing for this election would be for McCain and hillary run on a ticket.

    That puts Hillary in the number 2 job, but that might not be a bad thing since pretty much everyone has in the back of their mind the thought of McCain’s um.. actuary table.

    Then for Obama it could truly be said that he was a Uniter. He united bitter foes to come together to defeat a threat aimed at the power center of our nation by his campaign.

    • NeverObama

      I was hoping for thr same thing! Better if she ran Independent! BUT if NObama takes hagel, then she should be FREE to go with McCain!
      Then we could have block parties to reimburse her for HER loans to her campaign.
      Either way would be a landslide!!!

  • Chicago Joe

    At this point, I hope Hillary is not on the ticket as I would have to hold my nose to vote for this phony, pompous, arrogant, flip-flopping, ethically bankrupt, sexist,inexperienced, egotistical, self-centered, messiah-in-his-own-mind, ineffective and inexperienced wannabe.

  • Rich

    Another great cartoon that in simple terms says what is wrong with the Democratic Party. They do not understand the people that are part of the party. They seem to think that they are Republicans with just a different title. That the people, especially women, will just do as their leaders, religious or otherwise, tell them to do. Many in the republican leadership roles, religious and political, believe that the women should let men be the leaders and that women should submit to the desire of their men for the good of the family and the party. That if a job decision comes down to a man or women, the man should have priority, even if he is not as qualified. This is also probably why women earn less then men, even if they are doing a better job then their male counterparts. The Democratic Party is broken and continues to do business as usual, while Obama talks about change. Talk about what is broken and out of touch with the people.


  • Don S

    Love the cartoon and commentary. Obamanites haven’t a clue about the size and power of the determined opposition. Never give up and never give in! The PUMA is poised to pounce! The DNC and the Obamanites are cowering because they know they have treated Hillary and her supporters with great disrespect. They underestimate the loyalty and unity and determination of the millions of people who voted for her and the anger of those whose votes were disregarded by the silly rules of the DNC which have created a major split within the Demo party.
    Pat, you deserve much credit for your pithy cartoons and insights so well expressed in your commentary. The Obamanites are masters of self deception as they fail to look at the real Obama, the waffler, who reminds me of a chameleon that can change its skin tones to blend in with its environment. Whatever is expedient will be the new position for the day. He is the candidate of change. Yes, change of mind and direction encased in flowery rhetoric to hynotize his supporters and enrage the opposition. Beware of the PUMA!