sultanknish.jpgBY SULTAN KNISH (photo left)

Obama supporters have been playing up the so-called scandal of Claytie Williams, a fundraiser for McCain making a joke about rape 18 years ago. McCain has already canceled the fundraiser but the furor refuses to die down.

This is all the more obscenely hypocritical, not just because of Al Franken’s own rape jokes, which have come up during his Senate candidacy, but because Obama has had no problems taking lots of money from Hollywood figures who have regularly mocked the subject of rape and rape victims.

Let’s take Seth MacFarlane for starters. As the creator and executive producer of Family Guy, MacFarlane has presided over a TV series that has regularly been criticized for its rape jokes, general contempt for women, racism and anti-semitism and mocked rape victims, such as in the following scene.

–Material should be considered inappropriate for just about everyone–

MacFarlane, like a lot of Hollywood people is a sizable Democratic party donor, having donated a 1000 dollars to Obama’s campaign, 3300 to Lautenberg and tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic party over the last few years.

Daniel Palladino, a co-executive producer on Family Guy donated 2300 dollars to Obama.

It’s safe to assume that Obama, who hypocritically attacked McCain over this, won’t be returning MacFarlane’s donation. And there are of course no shortage of similar examples throughout Hollywood.

Unlike Claytie Williams, MacFarlane’s comedy didn’t happen 18 years ago, but is an ongoing thing, and one that has a significant impact on American culture and the perception of women.

But of course the entire Claytie Williams scandal was an attempt by the Obama campaign to show itself as pro-woman, itself a pathetic hoax, from a candidate whose supporters routinely trafficked in sexist attacks.

  • yeah

    What the fuck are you smoking? Obama is responsible for his donors offensive comedy?

  • AXT

    First, I am opposed to censorship.

    Second, I do not give a damn about what Hollywood has to say about anything. They are first and foremost a business, no different from the big financial, oil, pharmacutical corporations. They are there to make money. I do not value their political opinions. They do not influence me to do anything, whether it be to vote for a certain candidate/party or give to certain charities. I use many factors when deciding these things. The opinions of Celebrities is not a factor.

    Hollywood is what I call “fashionably” liberal. They take up the popular social causes of the left. When it comes to money/business, they are as Republican as Exxon/Mobil, Walmart, and JPMorgan. In this sense, Hollywood is the heart of the “creative class”. They do not want to be inconvienenced with the doings of the common man, but want to feel good. Hell, we all know many of them love drugs and drink as well as party. They do not have to worry about paying the bills or getting health insurance. Hollywood can preach to you and I how we should be conserving energy while they drive their massive tinted window SUV’s and fly their Lear Jets. Even Leonardo DiCaprio loves his chartered private flights.

    So don’t be suprised that Mr. McFairlane would make such vile crap.

  • ghost2

    Another point.

    Someone saying a bad joke 18 years ago is bad, but everyone calling Hillary a B—h and much, much worse this year, and then Obama standing with other democratic leaders silently benefitting from the crap is OK?

    This primary was a slap in the face to every self-respecting woman.

  • ghost2

    Thanks for this. I am sick of Democrats’ hypocrisy.

    Well, Obama has the media in his pocket, and supporters ready to ‘google bomb’ negative articles on McCain. Why not use them?

    Yeah, say goodbye to principles, democrats. The magic of (D) after anyone’s name will save the planet.


  • D

    Great article! I am glad someone is taking the time to debunk this man.

  • Diana

    This should be Obama’s theme song:

  • I don’t believe that candidates can be responsible for their supporters. All a candidate can do, as McCain did, is exercise good judgement as to when to back away. I applaud McCain for realizing that money isn’t worth the flack.

    The flacksters show more about themselves than about McCain. They are unfair.

    Too bad, but then Obamabots are, by definition, unfair and unthinking polemical personalities.

    I would suggest that they be ignored.

  • sinking ratboat

    Larry and Susan: Please have more posts by Sultan Knish. He’s an excellent writer. ( No, I am not his mother. )

    • ghost2


  • db

    Are those videos supposed to be funny?

    No wonder the news media got away with all the sexism the last 6 months.

    Disgusted PUMA!

  • wodiej

    I don’t watch programs like Family Guy but I know a gay female friend who does-I am shocked these kinds of things are on there and she watches it. Have to have a talke with her about that….I think it’s absolutely unforgiveable that this type of thing is even allowed to be aired as comedy. Someone else posted that all of these meida outlets are owned by just a few people. I believe this had something to do with Bush allowing less oversight and manipulation or some type of law. It’s completly unacceptable.

  • Thanks Nelson!

  • Cath

    Sadly, Seth MacFarlane is the idol of many a young, male (potential) voter. Otherwise intelligent guys somehow think MacFarlane’s sexist crap is funny. I learned this from the experience of watching “Family Guy” with a younger relative. I tried to keep an open mind to figure out what my relative saw in it, but the MacFarlane stuff was mostly junk — and NOT that funny.

    What’s more, otherwise intelligent men (and some women) laugh off the “Hillary Nutcracker” product and actually believe it shows Hillary’s strength. Learned this first-hand as well.

    I’m discovering that my liberal family has more than one closet, semi-misogynist. Of course, when I object, I’m told that I have no sense of humor.


    And if Seth is for Obama, you can bet the guys will be right there.

    • peter pentagram made too many enemies

      Otherwise intelligent guys somehow think MacFarlane’s sexist crap is funny

      A lot of that is cultural, and unfortunately we still have a way to go.

      Those who are taught, purposely, to look past sexism and racism, are the truly intelligent ones, the others go on to start wars with Iraq, and such…

      • peter pentagram made too many enemies

        For example, as a child, I had/have a very good teacher who taught me to look at both sides of the spectrum, politically, spending TIME with me, teaching me, and breaking me of my bad habits, as I was a FLAMING liberal (not the Ayers kind, a real liberal) labeling everything conservative as “evil,” in a knee jerk fashion, more a reaction, as opposed to thoughtful consideration.

        (Much like DK analyzes, well, anything it finds personally threatening, it’s reactionary, and they aren’t even self aware enough to know this about themselves, specious thought, all around, springing from fear, as opposed to logic. And here, the emotional, fear driven boys label WOMEN as emotional…)

        Most of the other republican sites are just clinically insane, not even worth trying to understand, they’re nuts, it’s like trying to decipher a sunburn. It’s like kook Disneyland, come along for the magical mystery tour of kookhead…)

        Anyway, he TAUGHT me how to think a bit less judgmentally, it was only later I realized this wasn’t the case for almost ALL the adults I knew…

        Not that’s it’s perfect, nothing is, and shouldn’t be, there is always room to grow…

        • peter pentagram made too many enemies

          Kookhead, like Marblehead, it’s somewhere in Massachusetts, maybe Harvard, or MIT, the “men,” or mice, of meow.

          Obama, ’08, yeah…

          Let’s go bowling, right?


      • Cath

        Good point. So what can we do to reach and teach more folks to look past sexism and racism?

        Do we start with looking closely at our own biases? Example: I don’t intend to become conservative by any means, but am trying to understand that there may be some conservatives worth listening to.

  • Remember that it was Senator Obama who suggested that ‘his’ Democrats would not support Senator Clinton if she won.

    Obama challenged Hillary supporters the same way Pres. Bush challenged the terrorists when he said to them “Bring it on”.

    Obama’s challenge coupled with the fawning coverage of him and the hideous coverage of Hillary by my formerly favorite news shows on MSNBC has made it difficult to stomache looking at the man.

  • cofer


  • I’d like to be clear by saying that Barack Obama has PERSONALLY offended me. Digging up crap on other people does not reduce the pile of shit that he is to me.

  • Tommy

    McCain did the respectalbe thing distancing himslf. Obama can’t find enough integrity in his heart to denounce chit regardless who or what…It’s obvious this 2008 presidential campaign is scripted to take the sincerity and seriousness out to appease certain groups and cause deception among America and law abiding citizens..America had better forget the playing and go back to it’s roots…this 2008 election is the most dreadful one and the worst organized election I’ve read about or experienced in my 61 yrs…

    Why is it so Damn important to run a campaign on all inclusion? No way in hell can America accept certain groups simply because many represent Anti-semitism and racial divide and Terrorist that will murder their own family members for leaving their beliefs…

    Actors ,movie stars and some of the bullchit films are designed to cause problems for America and divide people..

    Other countries can kiss my American ass, Hollywood included.I am not about leaving what America offers in exchange for inclusion…Damnit, come the America way or screw you…Chit is not a joke,it’s designed to be what it is,propaganda ! We used to call it Brain washing…Damn far left ass holes brain wash people using jokes and joking about certain crmes or diseases…It’s just simply Bullchit and unethical as hell!

  • hootnannie

    You know, I’m beginning to wonder just what IS real about Obama. He probably started using “Barack Obama” again instead of “Barry” with the stepdad’s last name in order to fit in better with the Farrakhan crowd in Chicago. And he wed a suitably dark woman whose father was a precinct captain. He can’t even produce an inarguably legal birth certificate and hasn’t offered to produce a baptismal one (which I’m sure Wright could concoct anyway). There have been so many lies, misstatements, and truth twistings that I don’t know why anyone should believe anything he says!

  • Denise

    What I am most appalled about is it seems to me that the media is soft on Obama issues that make major statements about who Obama is. Obama makes a mistake or changes his mind on and issue and the media just slaps his hand a few times, and then say they’re sorry and that it’s ok that he did a no-no and told a fib because he’s so popular the people will forgive him and it won’t affect his campaign. So in my opinion the viewers are saying well if the media is giving Obama a pass it’s ok.
    There is never a time when it is ok to fib to get what you want and he’s teaching the wrong message to our children.
    People may not mind if you change your mind if it is for a good cause but they do care if you fib about why you’re changing your position. Obama is not only changing his position but he’s blaming someone else and saying the system is broken. Obama never takes accountability for his decisions. I can not wait until everyone understands that he is also changing his position on bring the troops home from Iraq.
    Obama is blaming McCain for the levees not holding because he didn’t vote for the PORK bill that would repair bridges and levees. People the bill passed but the levees were never reinforced and I am asking: WHY NOT? The media should be investigating why the levees were never fixed with all that money that was appropriated to that fund. Now that would be an interesting news story. Oink, Oink!

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  • PragmatismRules

    Check this out:

    An excellent response to obambi’s race-baiting remarks:

    Lt. Col. Allen West is a candidate for Congress in the 22nd District in Florida; his website is:

    • rwc

      Lt Col. Allen’s reply is nothing short of brilliant and is why race and identity politics which work wonderfully in a Democratic primary don’t work in the general election.

      You can bully Democrats but you can’t bully Americans.


    The Creditability of a Campaign

    written by: A Hillary Loyalist

    Astonishing grassroots support for Obama and Clinton Campaigns hits the MSM headlines. Rally goers show their support by bringing in handmade signs.
    What would you think if I told you that the signs made for Obama were really made by their campaign? Would you ask for proof? What if I showed you proof? Would you begin questioning what the signs say and what his campaign is implying with theses signs? We were all made aware that Obama’s spiritual guider Rev. Wright. He believes that 911 was orchestrated by our government

    Read how this is a HUGE PROBLEM FOR OBAMA!

  • Lucinda

    If McCain is going to be held responsible for what Williams said 18-years-ago, then by all means, let’s hold Obama responsible for all of the crap that comes out of his supporters’ mouths starting with the trolls who post here.

  • cofer
  • Sultan Knish, I woke up this morning wondering what you were up to and trying to remember where you post. It’s good to see you peeking out of your turban.

    Why am I not surprised that the Master of Hypocrisy takes money from people who make that money at the expense of women?

    BTW, check out Super Grams scientific discovery about Bots! Explains a lot.

    • drkate

      the bot fly! OMG. No wonder I’ve been nauseated for months! I guess my body is viserally rejecting this parasite! the transplant did not work!

    • peter pentagram made too many enemies

      The economist this week also has a good article about bots, an article about how to better integrate them with humans.

      Of more interest is the trouble AIRBUS finds itself in, it’s 2005 glory in danger due to insider trading, oil prices, and catastrophically flawed software design. This trickles down to the defense industry, they’re all connected, you know…

      Yeah, the corporate world vision of flaming morons…

      • peter pentagram made too many enemies

        Flaming morons, I read it back as “flaming moos.”

        And what do we call flaming cow meat?

        A BBQ, that’s right, uh huh, lighing up that grill, where’s my “star wars” charcoal…?

  • lorelynn

    I always thought Obama’s “periodic” comment was worthie of Claytie. Obama’s a pig. Anyone who would tolerate the behavior that has been unleashed on his behalf is someone with real problems.

    • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

      It’s only been unleashed on his behalf because of the tenor of his campaign and the type of people he attracts…unscrupulous, vicious thugs…

  • Let’s see. Obama claims that it is unfair to bring up his long time associations with others. But at the same time it is (according to him) fair to bring up someone else’s associations with his opponent. That is well beyond hypocritical, it’s audacious.

    • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

      it’s the old “audacity” of hope again folks…

    • He doesn’t want to be vetted. So he THINKS he can declare his own rules. Wife off limits. Past off limits. Friends off limits. This guy thinks he is going to be president without America knowing anything about him except what he says is true.

  • cofer
    • HARP

      Every thing with him is staged. He probably isn`t black either…just doing his Al Jolsen impersonation.

    • wcwf50

      Wow, just more evidence of the fraud perpetrated on the American people by the Obamaland camp and the adoring press. Thanks for posting it.

    • Yes they have done that right along. A friend of mine told me they were handed the signs at the rallies and the home made ones are pre-made by the Obama campaign. The whole thing was staged. Just like Obama is staged.

  • DoroB

    That’s why I don’t watch Family Guy. It’s a disgrace.
    And Obama is a hypocrite for his fake outrage.

    • workingclass artist

      Agree…that talking baby is BEYOND CREEPY….
      I don’t think FASCISM has a strong pro-feminist record and since OBAMA IS A FASCIST….this is hardly surprising….no ?

      • DoroB

        Yep. I found the humor lame and degrading. And that talking baby is weird.

        Not sure I’d call Obie a fascist. It’s a strong word. Any woman who thinks he cares about women’s rights will find herself under the bus soon enough though.

        • peter pentagram made too many enemies

          Any MAN who thinks Obama and crew are anything but a corporate cartoon will find themselves outside that bus, too.

          Beginning to look like the best thing that can happen to a person is to be thrown off the bama corporate bus.

      • flummox

        I also can’t stand that shows’s distracting vignettes. They’re nothing but ripoffs of other shows and movies. But it does make sense that Obama supporters would like that…

    • After I read this post by Sultan, I remembered how much KEITH OLBERMANN loves that cartoon show. I think he’s even done “guest appearances” on the show.

      Of course a sexist like Olbermann would adore a show like this!

      • DoroB

        I know college students who love Family Guy. It’s part of the immature phase for some people. Keith Olbermann probably never really grew up.

      • missE

        I am so glad you brought up Olbermann.

        She named her blog, after a line from “Hamlet” she says the perennial bachelor quoted.


      • Olbermann has monsters in his head he needs to deal with–or one day they will carry him off waving and screaming. How will we be able to tell the difference?

        I am serious here. Matthews is just mean, but olbermann has some serious issues.

    • beebop

      Good Father Pfegler misused the word. It isn’t just the act, it is — like racism — throwing it in people’s faces to the point where it no longer means a damn thing. That is what bothers the hell out of me. But Father Mike used it in BoBo’s former church, so I guess that made it okey dokie.

    • John

      Not only do I not like Family Guy, but I have yet to meet a Family Guy devotee I can spend five minutes with. There is something repulsive, sexist, crass, and just plain rude which hangs in the air around such people.

      I’m especially irritated by thirtysomething fans of the show. I mean, grow up for christ’s sake.

      I get “but you like the Simpsons” thrown back at me, which is ridiculous: The Simpsons is intelligent comedy. Homer is not Peter; Homer, for all his goofiness and carelessness, has been shown again and again as a guy who adores his wife and children. Peter is just an ass who treats his wife like shit, and she’s an annoying doormat. No comparison.

      • Teakwood

        The Simpsons, the first year or two of production was some of the best political satire I have ever seen.

        The family guy is BS.

    • mahaska

      I watched family guy once and in it the male for some reason has a garden house in the house and was using it to spray the wife to the floor. F’ing sick.

  • peter pentagram made too many enemies

    Isn’t it all kind of an industry of crap, the nation of Chevron, from this TV show, to Obama, to Rolling stone Magazine, to Washington?

    The one thing they have in common is they are all owned by the same corporations, so big deal, they simply represent the talent, the creativity the intellect, the POV of the CEO.

    They’re not cutting edge, they’re not creative, they’re corporate.


    Move along, little doggies, move along.

    Astroturfed counter culture is still astroturfed shit, the Clay Aikens of the “cutting edge video cartoon industry?”

    What are they gonna do now, hack? insult? smear?

    • peter pentagram made too many enemies

      Colin Moulding is talented, Seth is annoying, see the difference?

      One is an artist, the other is a corporate product, no matter the image.

      And poor old Seth, and others like him, have no fucking clue how much of a corporate product they are, really, from the day they were born.

      Look, American mediocrity, even the USSR was better at nurturing it’s artistic talent, despite the oligarchy.

      Our’s just sucks, doesn’t it?

      Though it does function as a perfect mirror of the mediocrity that nourishes it, just look at what happened to poor old REM…

      From brilliance, to a sloppy fat lardy retread of John Lennon’s Number 9 dream.

      Now, how did that happen…?

  • Duck


    Take a look at this YouTube Video:

    Obama Lies Again, Maybe We Should Believe Larry Sinclair

    There he goes again…
    Barack Obama lying his ass off again…

    I’m starting to believe Larry Sinclair

    • Perry Logan

      I TOTALLY BELIEVE Larry Sinclair. The people who condemn him are all liars, misogynists, and cheats.

    • wcwf50

      This, like the second video on this post, are “no longer available”. Does anyone (who actually saw them), know why these videos are being scrubbed? Also, one last night that was supposed to be another from Native Americans against BO, that wasn’t available either. ????


      • alee21

        Here’s one of the Native Americans against BO – from the PUMA site.

        • wcwf50

          That one worked, thank-you so much!

        • I love this video more every time I see it. I shall have to blog it soon.

          • Linda K

            I agree, it is a very powerful video. And I must say I have never noticed an election where so many typical Democratic groups are banding together to vote against a Democratic presumed nominee.

    • terri

      Sorry, i can’t stand to watch his skanky face long enough to get through the video. George W. Bush all over again.