Barack, you may be from Illinois, but you are no Abraham Lincoln. You may be tall and you may be a great speaker, but you lack President Lincoln’s magnanimity and vision. Lincoln, in the waning days of the Civil War, ignored his supporters who wanted revenge on the South and sought reconciliation. His words from his second inaugural address still resonate:

With malice toward none, with charity for all, …let us strive on to finish the work we are in, …to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

Barack had his opportunity tonight to start healing the rifts in the Democratic party and, to put it bluntly, he flopped. (CNN is giving the Barack spin, but don’t believe it.) I am told from people who attended the fundraising soiree at the Mayflower Hotel that the One was a dud.

Hillary, ever the good trooper and team player, gave Barack an intro to her big dollar donors and an opportunity to start the healing. But Barack continues to play the role of petulant bore. He gave an uninspired, mechanical speech. The charm exhibited on the campaign trail that left women swooning, was missing in action. Folks from the Hillary camp described the speech as snobbish, arrogant, and boring. But it was Barack’s response to questions from Hillary’s supporters that produced sour bile.

1. What about the Vice President slot? The questioner told Barack that if he named Hillary as the Vice President that the Democrats would be in a position to own the White House for the next 16 years. Barack said nothing to give Clinton supporters hope that he would consider the Senator from New York.

2. Will you help Hillary retire her debt? On this one Barack said he had written a check for $2300 (note, no check from Michelle UPDATE: according to the AP, Michelle gave a check as well. A good first step.), but that his real interest was getting access to the phone lists of Hillary’s donors and contacts. Hillary supporters at the gathering sat on their hands, their checkbooks, and their lists.

3. What will you do to stop the sexist smear of Hillary? The questioner noted that Barack did nothing to quell the rampant sexist attacks on Hillary during the campaign and that she continues to be brutalized. Barack said, “Yes, I know. But there is another woman who has been brutalized as well. The healing will take a long time to fix.”

So there you have it. No vision. No magnanimous gesture. It is still all about Barack and Michelle. Most of the Hillary supporters left unassuaged. Instead of a promise from Barack to tell his supporters to stop the attacks on Hillary and her supporters, he essentially put his hands in his pockets and shrugged his shoulders.

Let’s be clear. The recently concluded Democratic party primary season does not even begin to compare to the death and horror that convulsed America during the Civil War. But the hurt feelings and anger among Hillary supporters are real. And Barack’s refusal to tackle this issue head on is but one other reminder that he is not ready to unite a nation fractured by political strife. We know Mr. Lincoln, and you sir are no Abraham.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Steve

    Brother Rev Manning is the opposite of Rev Wright. He tells it like it is to Black folk. Who don’t want to hear the truth. Check out his videos from Atlah.

    Rev Manning says Michelle Obama looks like King Kong’s baby sisiter. Lol. Obama is a MacDaddy useing blacks on his way to the W/H. Controlled by corporate America, a myth created by Soros type of money. Propped up by a controlled corporate MSM.
    If I were married to Baby Kong, I yurned Homo, too. LMAO! No wonder Obama smoking “Date crack-pipe” and taking those limo rides. Sounds alot similar to fromer Goveror Jack McCreevy cruising the Turnpikes at midnight for that male-sex quickie at the reststops. Nothing against gays. Man just don’t want to see it in White House!

  • Sammy

    It seems you guys are real BADASS losers !!

    In April you all said he would never be the nominee – now he is !

    You all are now saying he will never Unite the Democratic Party – now he and Hillary Clinton are on the move.

    You all say Hillary will not be on his ticket as VP – I say just wait and see !!

    You say he will never beat McCain – I say again let´s just wait and see !!

    As we Italians say “I wish you all long lives, so you can all see us triumph [Obama President]”

  • BMW-Neverbama ’08

    Hi Everyon and thank you for letting me put my “two cents in” here…. Beligerent Obama folks in here… didn’t read one accomplishment of his here either. Haven’t seen any here nor on any interview show either…. Funny thing is they are supporting a man who “hasn’t accomplished” anything they can think of, but he gives good speeches…LOL

    Like the ‘get over it’ one that really made me want to “PUKE”…Endearing man that he is…LOL

    Keep educating yourselves folks and there are now 60 documented lies and counting on this website… you will need to scroll down to the middle of the page to view them… remember they are documented in writing with actual writing on them so those who only listen to speeches — it may be too much for you!

  • meme

    Where is the scarring from this “other woman who was brutalized”? Michele escaped scot-free and Hillary the Brave Woman as always took the heavy artillerty through the heart from the media frat-boy misogynists and with great assist from Obama HImself!

    How dare the Cicago thugster
    display such arrogant disregard to those women and men repulsed by the treatment of Sen. Clinton by the media and by his own campaign?! SHAME ON HIM.

  • Hillcrat

    Wow! What is in the Kool-aid today?? Hate-Cherry flavor…LOL!

    Thanks Larry! Looks like Barry is stepping in his own sh^t and he has yet to smell his stench!

    O-Waffle is doing a hell of a job “uniting? the party”

    Go Barry, Go! Keep putting your foot in your mouth. At this rate Hillary WILL be our next Madame President!

    Hillary FOREVER!!! NOblahma NEVER!!!


  • jr

    If you want to know what a person will do – look at what they have done – Look at his district in Chicago –
    better homes – nope look at the videos of grove park etc.
    less crime rate – stastics
    less tax – NOPE
    Public Funds waste one corrupt developers – YES

  • It’s Not Me

    So all he wanted was Hillary’s supporter list? WHAT A SLIME BALL! She better NOT give him my name! I hae unsubscribed from that bastards email list so many times I’ve lost count. I DO NOT want him to have my name. PERIOD. He will not EVER see one cent from me.

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  • IF o’precious becomes president we will deal with it just like we dealt with Raygun. You will have to pry this country out of my cold dead hands.

    • Sammy

      Gee are you all on drugs ? We vote for president here in the US so if OBAMA wins it´s cos the majority elected him into office. As for your dead hands, Nobody will miss a MORON like you !! ADIOS !!

      • meme

        Were you puffing the magic dragon with your buddy Barry? You IMBECILIC Obamyopic dipstick! He tole the nominantion like he stole it from AA Sen. Alice Palmer, his mentor in Chicago in ’96! Stabbed in the back. Barry-style. He is a professional thugster! No presidential material your Obamabot. Go practice camouflaged sexist mime, moron!

  • Palomino

    “The healing will take a long time to fix.”

    He knows how hard it is to put fixin’ on your family.

  • Sam

    What if BO wins and becomes President of the USA ? What will you all do ? Move to Canada ? You all said he could NEVER be the nominee – now he is. You say he can´t be elected – and he ends up beating McCain. Then what ?? I´d love to hear Larry Johnson one this one.

    • Not worried. O’boy will not get elected. I’m so confident, I just bought a new house in the USA.

      You sound a little scared though.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      Don’t worry, if he does get elected, the repubs will come up with the goods to impeach his scrawney ass. And it won’t be lying about a blow job either. Call it a win win for th GOP.

  • Susan1968

    About the Whitey Tape — follow the money.

    The Obama camp revealed they became aware of it in May.

    Larry’s sources said it was being shown to GOP campaign contributors.

    In May, McCain has his biggest fundraing month – 21-million.

    And in May Obama raises LESS than his previous months.

    Gee — why would contributions to McCain’s coffers suddenly spike in May?

    Whitey tape perhaps?

    Follow the money.

    • The O’boy fund raising juggernaut is begging Hillay donors for cash??

      Doesn’t he know he needs hat in hand and flowers and big sincere (at least sincere sounding apologies) to win them over?

      He is still trying to throw Hillary supporters under the bus, except now he is trying to pick their pockets while doing it.

      O’boys donors are tapped out, and he’ll get nothing from Clinton donors. He’ll be regretting rejecting public financing in another month.

      Public funds will match up to 85 mil of private donations. That’s 170 mill to spend on the campaign.

      There are 5 months left to the Nov election. If O’boy raises 25 mil per month like he did in May, That will give him a total of $125 mil.

      O’boy got greedy and thought he could raise 40 mil a month forever. It won’t happen. Many of his Primary donors were Republicans and others who were motivated to get Clinton out. That task was accomplished.

      Those donors have gone back home…. to roost

      • SamZk

        I heard hes got more than $28 million so far (June/08). I have to admit he has a mean highly trained war machine out there and will take on McCain in a way never seen before. I was a Marine and I swear he´s using strict military tactics. This his guy scares me !

  • Salty

    thus is the issue this is who the man is with out a speech writer. come on all of us know many empty suits like this with a power point deck wow without or deviate form the question blank stare….and Grievance lordy he loves grievance I guess another women Rev Wright taught him the grudge match well it appears.…lofty virtues nah speeches he reads well at times….and always poor Obama they pick on my wife instead of unity pony he should be called Dependency Pony…always the victim never the proud empowered pol

  • JustADude

    TO Larry Johnson – Wow all you said here is circumstantial. If Obama writes a check you´ll yell where´s Michelles check and if she then writes one you´ll yell what about his two daughters !! It´s more honest you just admit that whatever Obama does no matter what you will allways cry foul!! I´m a Clinton supporter I may decide to stay home in november but one thing´s sure I will never read your stupid comments again.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      Okay. See ya.

  • Nobamadem

    Why does everyone engage the Obamabots in conversation? Just ignore them and comment on the articles. You are being BHO’d. Bamboozled, hoodwinked and off topic’d (if there is such a word)

  • DancingOpossum

    Paul F: Just FYI, John Edwards played football in college and apparently was very good. S not surprising he whupped BO’s skinny effete butt in b-ball.

    Just a Thought, thank you for that moving post about John Lewis and your own work in the 60s. These young bots have no idea of their own history, and it is sad.

  • Linda C.

    According to either democrats or republicans leaders it doesn’t matter who is in as long as they have either a D or a R behind their name. So the campaigning and unity stuff will happen without saying much. The Republicans deluded themselves into believing at least Bush was a republican and that had to be better than any democrat. Democrats leaders are going to push the same thing and that is exactly what they are doing.

    Besides all of the party rah rah which is going to happen folks, we have to decide who is better. The party certainly isn’t going to do it for us.

  • Larse12

    Hillary is a politcal prisoner. What else do you
    think she can do? But I for one will never vote Obama. EVER

  • Linda C.

    Barak and Michelle participated in the sexists smears and stereotypes.. As long as it worked to their advantage then it was okay, because it was just about “that woman”. Now Michelle Obama has become “that woman”. Obama too short sighted to know that the sexism guns they were pointing at Hillary Clinton would soon be turned around to point at Michelle.

    Life’s lessons are difficult. Karma is such a bitch.

    However, if issue is not made of this, then it will continue to be fair play for anyone else under the disguise of “that woman”.

    Otherwise has Obama seemed to be generally flat well beginning even before the end of the primaries? He does more “bland reading” of statements. I suppose that he is realizing the difficulty of having his favorite “fixer” in jail. There is no more phone calls to Rezko to put the pieces in place and having to just to show up. No wonder he deluded himself into being a “uniter”. All of his fixer friends were doing the manipulative uniting for him while continuously stroking Obama’s ego telling him about how great and talented he was.

  • basil


    I don’t blame Hillary for “supporting” BO. The DNC has FORCED her to do it. Either do as they say or be ostracized by the party”

    IMHO, the Undems, the DNC and BO plan to get rid of her anyway so why should she cooperate?

    I’d rather she went down swinging.

  • Judy

    To Nelson

    Obama on the war – I check MSNBC online one time in 6 months and there is a video clip of the Good Morning Joe (Scarborough) show.

    Anyway, he was over the top with news that the Washington Post reported that Obama had sent aides to meet with the Iraq minister – the message: “Don’t listen to the news – I will not pull out of Iraq”

    Do you think one word of this has been anyplace else – no. I can’t find the Washington Post article, and, of course, the MSNBC clip is gone. Not one other news program picked up on this.

    The MSM have become 3rd world – reporting only Pro-0bama messages.

    I will give Joe credit – he tried.

  • D

    Obama Bombs? It must be in the name.

  • Christy

    I don’t blame Hillary for “supporting” BO. The DNC has FORCED her to do it. Either do as they say or be ostracized by the party. So she is being paraded around like a puppet. But I think the DNC expecting Bill to support Stinky is BS!!!! He isn’t part of the deal! Leave him alone!

  • Christy

    I can’t believe BO mentioned Michelle as having suffered sexism either. Self-centered pig.

  • Christy

    The Obamas have zero class. Michelle was shocked when Laura Bush defended her. I am in no way a Bush fan, but at least Laura has class, (although misguided in this instance). Michelle is a rabid sewer rat who will never fit into polite society. Neither would Obama.

    And I don’t think BO is eloquent at all! His speeches BLOW. His halting snipey way of speaking- it’s like he has to memorize every speech- like when doing an oral report in college. No wonder he is terrified of a debate with McCain. He needs to memorize his answers before hand.

  • The comment about Michelle did it for me. What an arrogant self-centered jerk!

  • Judy

    I can’t wait for the 527’s to drive this guy back to the south side of Chicago.

    I just heard on a report that behind the scenes Bill Clinton is extremely bitter, and he can’t get over what happened to Hillary, and that Obama accused him of racism.

    I can’t believe anyone would vote for this sociopath.

    I said a month ago that Obama is a sociopath, and so is Axelrod. If that group of dems were looking for remorse or caring – they still don’t get who this guy is – he is not capable of any feelings – only his self centered narcissism.

  • Lucinda

    When they played the tape of the meeting on CNN, I found that a couple of things stood out for me.
    When Hillary spoke about Democrats winning back the White House in November, she spoke in generic terms. She never said, “When Barack Obama wins” or even “When he wins”. Then, when she introduced him, she didn’t say, “the next President of the United States”. She simply said, “my friend and colleague, Barack Obama.” Perhaps, I’m reading too much into it, but it didn’t sound like the emphatic speeches I’ve heard her give in the past.
    Also, I just have one question for all of the Obama supporters who keep telling us that we need to fall in line, because Hillary told us to support Obama. If she’s so gung-ho for him, why hasn’t Hillary given up her delegates?

  • joeysky

    Good. One more confirmation that we wont’ vote for BO.

  • im4america

    During the primary season, we met quite a few of Hillary’s friends from her past, childhood friends, friends from college, friends from Arkansas. Yet the only “friends” of Obama’s we met were Wright, Ayers, Rezko, Pfleger, Khalidi. Where are Obama’s childhood friends? He seems to lack a past – there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding his upbringing. The only living close relative is a half sister. How much do we really know about Obama ? Does he have a manufactured “legend”?

    His only real element in his past is his associations with the dirty Chicago political machine.

    • NeverObama

      Do we know if the Obama’s have ever had any “normal” friends?


  • Maria E. Hill

    What a narcissist he is.

  • Eurogirl70

    So Obama says that it wasn’t just Hillary that was vilified but rather his dear sweet mousy wife Michelle as well?

    Who insinuated herself into the campaign with the following little medley: “If Hillary couldn’t keep her own house in order, how can she be trusted to keep the White House in order?”

    Yes folks that was little old Michelle, who then proceeded to refer to her own husband as “sweet and pathetic” on The View, until she was conveniently corrected by Barabra Wa-Wa!

    Michelle who said she wanted to “scratch” Bill Clinton’s eyes out?

    Michelle who said about her husband running for office; “this is the first time I have been proud of my country.”

    You know in the movie All The President’s Men, there is a scene where Carl Bernstein is interviewing Attorney General Mitchell over the phone. When he realizes that the Washington Post is going to press with the story, Mitchell tells Bernstein that Katharine Graham is going to get her “titty in a vice”.

    I think this is apropos here because while the Nixon administration was making threats to those who were speaking truth to power and doing their duty as members of the 4th estate, Barack and Michelle are the Nixon administration. They have gotten little college-age thugs to make a mess of things on the internet, limiting personal access, spinning lies into “truths” and accusing others of the very things they have been doing.

    I think before this is all over with, I think we all know that “the vice” will be finding a new home!

  • Christy

    PUMAS- please sign this petition to send the corrupt DNC a message- we won’t vote BO and we WANT Hillary!

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    The Ever-Malleable Mr. Obama
    By Charles Krauthammer
    Friday, June 27, 2008; Page A17

    a. hillary
    b. mccain

    america first!

  • baracknophobia

    ^ obama hates gay people?

    link? proof?

  • Clinton Fan

    I am mad as hell. If I don’t vote PRESENT on election day, I’ll vote for McCain, if I am in a bad enough mood.

    I don’t see any real difference when you look closely. Obama avoids the choice issue, he hates gay people, he loves coal and nuke power….he’s McCain, without a sunblock fetish and minus a few years.

    Just say no…indeed.

  • blueasthesky

    I donated to Hillary’s campaign, and I continue to get emails. I haven’t gotten one yet that came out and explicitly endorsed Obama or said anything particularly laudatory about him.

  • motherinKY

    Michelle Hussein Obama is responsible for a lot of the sexism in this campaign.

    • God Damn Michelle Obama

      Then God Damn Michelle Obama for introducing sexism into the primary.

  • brendy

    So much for Obama’s support for women’s rights –

    (3. What will you do to stop the sexist smear of Hillary? The questioner noted that Barack did nothing to quell the rampant sexist attacks on Hillary during the campaign and that she continues to be brutalized. Barack said, “Yes, I know. But there is another woman who has been brutalized as well. The healing will take a long time to fix.”)

    Hmmph! Sounds like he’s only concerned with Michelle’s and their daughters’ rights. He could have at least said something like ‘yes, I think it was wrong that Hillary had to endure those attacks, just like it was wrong that my wife had to endure them’ – or something like that. That shows me that he’s a selfish, non-caring person who’s only looking out for himself and his family; I thought the president was supposed to represent EVERYONE. Remember, he’s already told the republicans to ‘lay off his wife’. I wonder if McCain is gonna come out with that same ‘warning’ concerning HIS wife? Obama = an arrogant, self-centered Obummer!

    • Northwest rain

      Since Obama as one of the main individuals guilty of using SEXISM as part of his campaign strategy then he would have to apologize to Clinton and ALL women — and Obama is incapable of admitting he is ever wrong.

      Obama is a loser.

      Clinton or McCain — there is no other option FOR America!

  • hillarysmygirl

    Sheesh, Larry, you must have really touched a nerve with the Obamazoids, I could hardly scan through the comments! I have always found his speechs boring: their delivery, their content, their lack of sincerity or emotion. So I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one!

    Hillary supporters at the gathering sat on their hands, their checkbooks, and their lists.

    Love that! I got two requests from the Obama campaign for money and one from the Democratic Senatorial Whatever It Is and I sent back empty envelopes with big red letters rewriting “We are what we’ve been waiting for” into “You are not what I’ve been waiting for,” and a big red $0.00 in the amount. You’re damn right they better sit on their lists, because I better not start getting any more gimme letters from the Obama campaign!

  • When Hillary mentioned that “working class white people” were voting for her after her win in WV, the press went into a tizzy. She meant that her statistics regarding voter support in the region did not include working class blacks, who were indeed voting for Obama.

    All the racist jerks heard this as if she were saying blacks aren’t hard working. How dumb. Just like everyone jumped on Don Imus again the other day for making a comment about racial profiling that no one got. How dumb. The real racists are always projecting their own racism into everyone else’s words.

    The real racists are swooning over an unqualified black man for president as if there will never be a qualified one.

    • AlwaysIndependent

      She was QUOTING from an AP article regarding “working class white people”. MSM decide to run with it. Gheez, she just quoted what analyst were saying. Felt really bad for her since DNC set up the rules re. what should be said and what shouldn’t be said about BO. BO can say black, white or color.

    • blueasthesky

      She did say it awkwardly, “Hard-working Americans, white Americans,” which could be interpreted as backing up the stereotype that blacks are lazy. I don’t think she meant it that way; it was just a unfortunate choice of words in an off-the-cuff statement.

  • dems4barr

    HEY GUYS! i heard from my friend’s neighbor’s daughter’s cousin who babysits his girlfriend’s pet dog that Bin laden and Michelle were there dancing on an American flag singing f@ck whitey!

    … of course i can’t prove any of this, but my intel’s pretty good.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      Oy, that was sad. Look, if you want to be funny, start with the classics, Mel Brooks, Marx Brothers, the Original cast of SNL…Jackass the movie and Adam Sandler suck wind.

      • Andy Lewis

        He’ll be here all week. Be sure to try the veal.

        • Zeke


    • NeverObama

      Your informers got it wrong, it was actually Obama’s buddy Ayers dancing on the flag in a garbage ridden alley.

      The picture appeared on this blog. I am sure Michelle would have liked to join in the dance, but she was in another alley that day bashing her country.

  • Lou

    I feel sorry for the guy. He has no social skills and even that alone neutralizes his “fresh face in Washington”.
    He will not be able to speak to other nations leaders with or without conditions. He is sorely lacking in charm and grace. The MSM purposely marketed him to be something he is not. Poor guy..all he has is his pseudo-intellectualism (nice term for bullsheet). He definitely has been made into someones stooge. I wonder if he is the frontman for Pelosi who would govern behind the scenes. I don’t think he is at liberty to choose Hillary for VP. And for all we know he could have already offered her it and she declined on that fateful night when he visited Hillary at Diane Feinsteins.
    He’s just not presidential. He admits he’ll need Bill Clinton and Hillary to help him ‘govern”.
    I feel that someone prodded him to run before he was ready.
    When he loses in November he will ruin it for the next AA for a longtime..unless it’s Tavis Smiley or the like.
    Maybe it was too soon to be meeting with Hillary et. al. He at least should have waited until after the convention.
    Timing is everything and he clearly has missed a beat in everything he does. Stealing the primary doesn’t automatically make him a good fit for the General Election.
    It shows.

    • Newly Independent

      “When he loses in November he will ruin it for the next AA for a longtime..unless it’s Tavis Smiley or the like.”

      This is what truly hurts. Because it’s true.

      If a truly experienced and capable African American decides to run for the Presidency in the near future, Obama has ruined the path for him (or her.) His stealing of the Democratic nomination this year and his disgraceful treatment of the Clintons and women will always be remembered by many voters for years to come.

    • rjj

      Obama the noblesseless

      I think Obama knows how to ingratiate himself to people who can advance him, but he seems unable to be gracious. He has mastered the client role, but fails as patron. He is either magnanimity challenged – or has modeled himself after his liberal benefactors.