This came in from the Boston Globe last night:

The US House today joined the Senate in voting to defund ACORN, the community advocacy group beset by allegations of voter registration fraud and videotapes apparently showing employees advising conservative activists posing as a prostitute and pimp how to break the law.

The measure, offered as part of a motion on a student loan bill, passed by a vote of 345-75, with all “no” votes coming from Democrats.

The Senate voted earlier this week to withdraw housing and urban development funding. Last week, the Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN, which on Wednesday said it is suspending accepting new clients and launching an investigation.

But congressional Republicans are calling for all federal funds to be cut off and for a Justice Department investigation.

“Today’s overwhelming bipartisan vote to stop all federal funding of ACORN is a victory for American taxpayers. Of course, it is only the beginning. We need to keep up the fight to end taxpayer funding for this troubled organization,” Boehner said in a statement.

“House Republicans have worked tirelessly to sever ACORN’s ties to the federal government. Those efforts began to bear fruit late last week when the Census Bureau ended its relationship with ACORN under steady pressure from Republican lawmakers. Though today’s vote indicates that the writing’s on the wall for ACORN, President Obama must indicate whether he will join the Congress in taking decisive action to break all government ties with this corrupt organization.”

“ACORN has violated serious federal laws, and today the House voted to ensure that taxpayer dollars would no longer be used to fund this corrupt organization. All federal ties should be severed with ACORN, and the FBI should investigate its activity,” Representative Eric Cantor, the No. 2 House Republican said in a statement. “This united Republican effort to defund ACORN is a victory for the rule of law and taxpayers across the country.”

Holy Smokes! More as this develops!

And H/t to for the roll call link.

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  • I’m a Linda too

    Wow, call me surprised that Leno did that.

  • helenk

    Get more popcorn. It will be needed.



  • tzada

    Nadler: Republican ACORN Amendment is Flatly Unconstitutional and Threatens any Organization Disliked by Congress

    Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, denounced a Republican Amendment adopted by the House of Representatives to deny all federal funds to ACORN as blatantly unconstitutional and a threat to unpopular organizations everywhere. The Republican initiative, entitled the Defund ACORN Act, singles out a specific organization by name for exclusion from participating in any federal program, in direct violation of the Constitution’s prohibition against Bills of Attainder.

    “Today’s Republican Amendment is in blatant violation of the Constitution’s prohibition against Bills of Attainder,” said Nadler. “Congress must not be in the business of punishing individual organizations or people without trial, and that’s what this Amendment does. Whatever one may think of an organization, the Constitution’s clear ban on Bills of Attainder is there for the protection of all of our liberties.”

    • helenk

      Where in the constitution does it say that tax money has to go to any organization that is not government?
      By his reasoning the maifia should have been allowed to participate in all government building projects.



    • Typewriterstreaming

      Nadler is a disgrace.

  • tek

    Oh, and I should say I don’t have a problem with faith or with charity or with sincere christians. I don’t see any reason why our tax dollars should be given to these people because they claim to adhere to a certain religion which we view as the traditional religion of our country. Every country in Europe has a state church and they don’t have any of this corruption–it’s a unifying thing.

    It just seems to me the whole purpose of having churches is to do these very things the government says they are funding. The congregations of the churches are already funding good works, no? That is their mission. Too often the tax dollars the churches receive only go to pay for outlandish material purchases which then corrupt the church.

    If Bill Clinton started the FBI, then shame on him (I still think he was a waaaay better President than Bush & Obama). I would like to read up on what exactly his program amounted to and why it was necessary for Bush to establish his program by Executive Order.

  • I have to wonder how many Obots will go after Leno for depicting the drug dealer as black. I can hear the cries of “racist!” now.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    Another great post Rev. Amy. Thanks so much. I hope this goes to a full blown investigation. ACORN’s voter fraud fest has been absolutely sickening and frustrating to watch. NONE of my many coworkers, Obots the lot, knew a darn thing about what shennanigans they pulled. They still barely know a thing. Good for Jay Leno. That might get through a bit. What I find additionally disturbing is the ease in which these workers accepted the idea of child prostitution. I haven’t heard a thing from child advocates – including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Maybe, I’ve just missed it all??? Anyone know??? But I’m really disgusted and disturbed that there is no persistant and loud demand from any of the child advocacy groups that an immediate investigation be conducted to look for exploited children aka child slaves. Does anyone really think this kind of situation isn’t currently occuring in ACORN housing units for real?

  • Docelder

    The next generation of these community organizing type groups will be faith based. These groups will hide behind religious protections and exploit the tax exempt status of religious groups. Mark my words.

    • jangles

      They already do this!

      • Docelder

        Yep, I worded that a bit wrong, should have said that the preferred model of the future will be faith based. More like this organization below. This is more probably the model of the future for these organizers. Put aside the pseudo religion of the organizations and just go all out with something that qualifies as an actual religion.

        • Docelder

          This article is interesting too.

          And at this time we were just creating the Gamaliel Foundation. I met with Barack on a regular basis as he incorporated the Developing Communities Project, as he moved the organization into action and as he developed the leadership structure for the organization. He would write beautiful and brilliant weekly reports about his work and the people he was engaging.

          When Barack decided to go to Harvard Law School, he approached John McKnight, a professor at Northwestern and a Gamaliel Board member for a letter of recommendation. When Barack was leaving he made sure that Gamaliel was the formal consultant to the organization that he had created and to the staff that he had hired.

          Barack has acknowledged publicly that he had been the director of a Gamaliel affiliate. He has supported Gamaliel throughout the years by conducting training both at the National Leadership Training events and at the African American Leadership Commission. He has also attended our public meetings.

          We are honored and blessed by the connection between Barack and Gamaliel.

    • i agree

  • ACORN’s sister organization, SEIU isn’t taking this news lying down. They are fighting back, big time.

    ACORN Fallout: SEIU Spokesperson Declares War!

    • Docelder

      From discover the networks. It speaks for itself.

      Wade Rathke founded the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), for which he served as Chief Organizer from 1970 to 2008. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Tides Center; a Board member of the Tides Foundation; an Executive Board member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); and Chairman of the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum.

      Reminds me of when young Dorothy threw a bucket of water on the wicked witch. It’s melting. 😉

    • tek

      ithitsthefan: Hilarious. Anyone perceive the subtle threat that ACORN et al will see to it The One does not do well at the polls since they will not be there to corrupt to the vote? I know it’s a lot to read between the lines, but I just got that immediate impression.

  • Brodie

    What I find a little ironic about ACORN is that it was so instrumental in Obama’s election, yet it was originally founded in Little Rock, AR.

  • Tricia Spiegel

    It’s about time, thanks to these two courageous kids.

    I hate to say this, but the big corporate boys are so much smarter (they would never suggest that a buddy hide cash in a tin can in the back yard, for example) that they have given Congress no choice.

    ACORN crashed and burned because they were stupid, not because Congress really wants to combat corruption.

  • Tricia Spiegel

    It’s about time, thanks to these two courageous kids.

    I hate to say this, but the big corporate boys are so much smarter (they would never suggest that a buddy hide cash in a tin can in the back yard, for example) that they have givem Congress no choice.

    ACORN crashed and burned because they were stupid, not because Congress really wants to combat corruption.

    • Ladydawnelle

      ACORN crashed and burned because they were stupid, not because Congress really wants to combat corruption.

      I’d say that’s about 90 percent true. Yeap.

  • Tricia Spiegel

    It’s about time, thanks to these two courageous kids.

    I hate to say this, but the big corporate boys are so much smarter (they would never suggest that a buddy hide cash in a tin can in the back yard, for example) that they have Cpmgress no choice.

    ACORN crashed and burned because they were stupid, not because Congress really wants to combat corruption.

  • LisaB

    You know, I think the most disturbing aspect of this story is that no one was really bothered by the idea of a prostitution ring setting up shop.

    And that was just the start.They said they would illegally import very underage girls – involving kidnapping as well as statutory rape as their business plan – without causing horror in the listeners. Listeners were actually happy to conspire with the couple in how to do this. WTH?

    What does that say about the relative worth of those girls? Holy cow, talk about amoral. . .

    • Docelder

      The way this organization recruits and the way they operate just seems to concentrate the worst elements that exist in the communities that they form in. In San Diego it was border fraud, which is probably seen throughout San Diego’s underworld. But, it is seen to aggregate somewhat in this organization. I think the methodology of community organizing as a whole does this. These groups feed off anger and division. In society which exists on the surface, we concentrate on the things that unite us, on the things we have in common and in those things which are good. Under the surface in the underworld of cities prostitution exists, and human trafficking exists and corruption is acceptable if not revered. This group is showing that is more of an underworld enterprise. But operating on methodology such as rubbing raw resentments etc. what would we expect but a negative underworld style outcome? I wonder why anybody is shocked or surprised at all? To the extent that our President has embodied these ideas of division and strife, anything he produces will be just as stained. It isn’t so much the organization as it is the methodology that is producing these outcomes.

    • tek

      What does it say about the character of the people from the groups involved? What stood out to me especially was that woman in Baltimore saying “whatever the government doesn’t get money from is illegal.” Like she was saying, what’s wrong with the federal government they don’t legalize child sex slavery so we ghetto people could make a nice living without working ourselves.

  • tek

    TW: my take is, if this sting saved one El Salvadoran 13 yr. old from being a sex slave in one of these sewerish cities, I’m going to celebrate. I do not want my tax dollars spent enslaving little girls in prostitution.

    See the look on that Mexican man’s face when the couple said they were going to have a brothel with a dozen 13-15 yr. old girls? You could tell, he was going to be their first customer, after he finished smuggling them into the U. S. Disgusting. Probably planned to try them all out.

    I believe there are several other programs that assist poor people with their necessities of life.

    • Linda Anselmi

      What you just said Tek! All of it. I 100 % Agree!

      I don’t understand how any of the dems can justify voting against defunding.

    • trixta

      Wasn’t the smuggler’s faced blurred out on TV? I don’t recall seeing his actual face.

  • TorchWood

    While I am SOOOO happy that a big domino from That One’s 11th dimensional chess game is about to fall, I am kinda sobered by the thought that a lot of good people will probably suffer from it.

    Yeah, I know, collateral damage and Karma, but sad nonetheless.


    • I know, TW. You are right on that point. Good people will suffer for the corruption of too many others. But it is systemic in that organization, and that is the problem.

      But ACORN has gotten our money by claiming it is non-partisan. Uh, yeah, NO. And that’s the other problem with their getting taxpayer money. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said no one should be forced to support a cause with which they disagree, and that is the case for too many in this country, especially as more comes to light abt how ACORN operates…

      • candymarl

        RRRA you nailed it. There’s no doubt whose side the Swiftboaters were on. They were formed as a group of attack dogs to derail John Kerry’s run for the WH.

        Yes, it’s true the Republicans received money from insurance and other lobbying groups. However, these groups always hedge their bets and give money to both sides. That’s something I was surprised to learn. It’s never an either/or proposition.

        BTW the Faith Based Initiative started under Bill Clinton. That was one of the few things he did that I vehemently disagreed with.

        Although the sting was bad enough that’s not all that happened at ACORN. Money was embezzled and the person was merely transferred to a new job. Also, several board members at ACORN asked to see the books. They were all fired.

        So RRRA , I agree that there are problems there that go deeper than this sting.

      • Typewriterstreaming

        “Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said no one should be forced to support a cause with which they disagree”
        Here! Here!!!

  • Zoom

    You’ve got to give it to Republicans, they know what buttons to push:
    Community advocacy group, voter registration fraud…Boring!
    Add prostitutes, pimps, under-age brothels…Now we’re talking!!

    • tek

      Zoom: where was all the button pushing when Dubya was committing all his corruption? Or maybe you think he was a great president? All this corruption is not a partisan issue.

      • No, it’s not a partisan issue, but ACORN WAS, and was receiving OUR tax dollars, as well as throwing elections through rampant voter fraud. Those are problems for all of us.

        And just for the record, I felt abt Bush pretty much the way I feel abt Obama. Bush stole the election in 2000, and most likely 2004, and Obama stole the nomination, and most likely the election, in 2008. Ah, such symetry… 🙂

        • Ladydawnelle

          Right ON Sista AMY!!! ^5

        • This is my problem with ACORN plus Obama. There’s a good chance that the election was stolen by Obama through the vote tampering allegedly perpetrated by an ACORN tentacle program. Wasn’t it Texas that just filed suit?

          • Donna Brazile

            Notice how That One always defends his ACORN association by saying they didn’t use them during the GENERAL Election. NO, because you used them to pad the voting rolls during the PRIMARIES.

            Would someone please call him on this suttle distinction?

            Stop the stretch the truthfest!

        • tek

          I am not in any way defending ACORN. My point is merely that comparable organizations and policies existed under Bush. I get discouraged to see people saying that if only we had the Republicans back, all would be well. It’s absolutely not true. Also, when Obama ran in the primaries and the DNC was trying to get all Dems behind him, half the Democrats had the chutzpah to tell the Party to stick in there ear. We didn’t all think, oh well if it gets our party into power, whatever they do is okay.

          It’s obvious to me now, the Democrats have been aiding and abetting ethnic minorities who have turned out to be corrupt and the Dems have done corrupt things for them to get votes. The Republicans do this same thing with corporations and in 2000 with fundamentalist christians and latinos.

          I have no idea what the solution to the corruption of both parties is, but I know we can no longer cheerlead one party over another or look to these corrupt entities for solutions.

          • mountainaires

            If we have the Republicans back all will be well…

            The stuff of nightmares, if you ask me. I waited for EIGHT LONG YEARS to get G.W. out of office. Then, the hope’n’change cult took it right back over again, for a sequel.

            I have given up on ANY PARTY forever. There is simply NO POLITICAL PARTY in this great country that will bring real change. We need to stop believing in political parties altogether.

            From now on, I just won’t vote unless I have someone to vote FOR. I’m done colluding in the elite oligarchy’s rigged system.

        • Peggy Sue

          Absolutely, Amy! It is/was a wicked symmetry we could have all done without.

      • Zoom

        ACORN is an easy target, dimwits being played by incredible ploys of prostitutes and pimps.
        Military ‘contractors’, banks and health insurance companies are ripping us taxpayers by the Billion$$$, and where’s the outrage?
        Right, there’s no sex involved.

        • mountainaires

          ACORN has been a target for a very long time–deservedly so. But, yeah, you’re right, unfortunately. The voter fraud, corporate shakedowns, government fraud–Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, “liar’s loans”, and the rest of their mafia-like activities, meant nothing.

          Someone figured out that the way to get to them was through a sex scandal. I’m glad to see ACORN get what they deserve–condemnation–but I wish people had cared about the voter fraud and all the rest. I’m as cynical as it gets nowadays, but sheesh, it’s terrible that the American people don’t give a damn that their elections are completely rigged and stolen–and BOUGHT AND PAID FOR–anymore.

          The basic, fundamental problem in this country is that we need campaign finance reform–we desperately need to prohibit privately financed elections.

          • I agree – I wish they had cared abt the Voter Fraud issue, too, and not blown it off as just sour grapes. ACORN being under investigation in a number of states FOR voter fraud never seemed to get through to them. Just easier to go after anyone who didn’t bow down to The One.

            There are LOTS of issues that need to be addressed, and lots of ways our money is spent, like now owning 61% of GM, but keeping $8.5 BILLION of our dollars from going to this organization is no small thing.

            There IS the issue of how do we help those people who need help – but using this corrupt organization is not the way.

      • trixta

        All this corruption is not a partisan issue.

        Right again, Tek!

    • Pennsylvania Caucasian

      The Republicans had nothing to do with exposing ACORN. It was the young filmmaker and his associate who knew they had to use Alinsky tactics to fight the corruption. (Alinsky’s rule: Make them play by their own rules.)

      Andrew Breitbart deserves the credit. The RNC has been largely ineffective for some time.

      (that said, my local state rep (R) has been active in exposing voter fraud in my region, but little has come from his efforts)

  • Sassy

    This is a very gratifying development!
    I applaud Beck and Fox for their assistance to the young couple who FINALLY got the goods on this corrupt organization!
    Thanks also to NQ writers who have spread the word so efficently!
    Stay vigilant, for the roots survive long after the foliage is gone, especially when they have reached the sewer!

  • Just Me

    Well while I do not approve of ACORN actions I find the republican ststements hypocritical. Where was both Boehner (who has gotten $2,065,270 from the health care industry so far) and Cantor (who has gotten $2,237,428 of his own from his buds in health care), when Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the League of Conservation Voters violated the law?

    Like I said before 527’s need to be really hammered but then again these congresscritters will never zap their campaign donors and some of their 527 buddies. You will not see any backdoor amendments attached to any education bill doing that unless its a partisan issue.

    • Diana L. C.

      Well, have to agree with you there. There was absolutely no push back during the Republican days in power. It was frustrating. I guess ex-dems dem moderates are more into truth than ex-repubs and repub moderates. (Now I’ll get it, but the Republicans were every bit as corrupt and in bed with corruption when they were in power.)

      Still, I’m thrilled that ACORN had some of its money ripped out from under it.

      • elizabethrc

        It’s unfortunate that Dems are just as abusive (maybe even more so) than Republican were when they controlled Congress.
        What happens to these people when then get control? They have no self-control, it seems. Where oh where is there a party with intelligent, reasoned thinkers? Surely not in either the Dem or Repub parties.
        Matthews is finally reporting (a little) about Acorn, but as you might expect, he’s backhanding Beck, et al with an air of disdain and ridicule.
        Pathetic, he.

        • Ladydawnelle

          ok I’m not religious (but I believe) I’m willing to BET that way way over on the far LEFT that has NO belief – there would be rampant SPITE and VENDETTA w/little worry about the consequences (that’s why DEMs might be worse)

          where on the far right fundie land – I give them credit for their trying to obey their own commandments

          this is all generalizing of course

      • Tammy

        You’re not going to “get it” from me, Diana.
        They’re all corrupt, especially when it comes to campaign funding. We can all thank stupid McCain and Feingold for creating those loopholes.

        But this Acorn thing is HUGE, and I blame every President in office who ignored them. Bush fed this beast with more of OUR tax dollars, and did nothing.

        I’m sure you agree that ACORN must be stopped, right?
        And that desire has no party affiliation. At least not with me.

      • trixta

        Now I’ll get it, but the Republicans were every bit as corrupt and in bed with corruption when they were in power.

        Absolutely! A thorough-going house cleaning of both parties is needed! The moderates of both Parties need to ferret out corruption within their own organizations. But I’m hoping that a viable third Party or coalition/movement can emerge from all of this. I’ve had it with both Parties!

      • Senneth

        I agree Diana. Sanctimonious and self-righteous, but where were these Republicans when Dubya was “driving the truck down the taxpayer road?” A pox on both the Parties. Never Again!

    • The thing is, Just Me, ACORN is funded in large part with OUR money. That’s my problem with them. As we all know, they are under investigation in over 14 states for voter fraud, and now this, using OUR money.

      And they stand to get a helluva lot more.

      Yes, the Republicans could have done a lot more, and many of them have their OWN sets of issues, but these lobbies give money to just abt everyone. Check out from whom Obama has gotten money, for instance. But that money does not come directly from what WE have given the government. A lot of ACORN’s funding does.

      • tek

        RRR: did you not catch ALL the programs and organizations Bush funded totally with OUR money? For instance, Faith Based Initiative which was nothing more than a program to buy votes for George W. Bush. Billions went to so-called Christians who “got out the vote” for Bush through their congregations. A lot of the money was spent on dissipated vacations and yachts and multi-million dollar homes.

        What the people upstairs are trying to say, and I agree totally, is that the federal government since 2000 has become completely corrupt. Americans have got to stop thinking that one party or the other is the solution, that these parties are trustworthy.

        Yes, Obama is corrupt but the reason he was able to get into office through corruption and implement various corrupt programs is because George W. Bush opened the door to all that. We have to get it turned around and stop thinking if we could only get a Republican majority everything will be all right. George W. Bush’s administrations were so corrupt it made people ashamed to be Americans.

        • Docelder

          True religion doesn’t need and shouldn’t want anything to do with Washington. Obama likes the faith based idea now that leftists posing as ministers can get their noses in the federal trough. In many ways the left and right are the same, both overreach and both abuse power. Neither represent middle America. Middle America is treated more like livestock by our lawmakers than as citizens.

        • Ladydawnelle

          U ARE CORRECT! (to a point)

          (metaphorically speaking)
          I’m ready to stop looking back because it’s just too dirty to clean properly. I’m ready to just burn the house down and build another. Really! lol

          I mean, this one has termites, roaches, rats & other vermin!

          What’s to save? If I could vote them ALL out which would mean sacrificing the very few who may be decent, I think they would perhaps agree to make that sacrifice for the BETTER. Just think, a brand new fresh clean HOUSE!!

          (ok in my dreams)

        • trixta

          Tek, you are absolutely correct! I was just telling my husband that Faith-based funding needs to be stopped, since such funding is not only unconstitutional (in my view), but a conduit for corruption at all levels.

        • Yes, Tek, I did – and the Faith Based Initiatives was an outrage, and I say that as a minister. I am a FIRM believer in the separation between Church and State. And I am even more outraged that Obama decided to EXPAND it, something he even acknowledged BEFORE the election. I have written a TON abt that.

          I could not agree more that things got much worse under Bush. You’ve been around for a while so surely you must know that abt me by now. Lifelong Dem until 5/31/08. (Is Obama’s expansion of the Faith Based Initiatives also a payoff to his “Get Out the Vote”? I’m gonna guess just maybe…)

          Thanks for the concern.

          Folks, I believe we have a couple of impostors her of regular posters. The combative “Just Me” is NOT the same as the “Just Me” who usually comments here. Just beware. The regular one is much more tempered in tone, and not so argumentative. I urge you to not get into it with the trolls…

      • Just Me


        I can’t dispute your post but to add that Acorn is not the only 527 to run into public money concerns. Remember November Fund a US Chamber Of Commerce spin off? The Chamber got into a fight with the FEC over November Fund.

        I do not remember any republicans or even democrats running to backdoor legislation like that which was done to Acorn.

        We need to revisit the law again, but don’t hold your breath.

    • avwrobel

      It is comical reading Cantor: “…a victory for the rule of law and taxpayers…” Please. As a former Democrat and now left-leaning Independent it does sadden me to see ACORN becoming drunk with power esp when their mission is to help the poor. The only way out and forward is for Obama to leave office. Did you see he called Kanye West “..a jackass” Unbelievable! Its like he’s trying to push his approval ratings down into Bush territory.

    • Peggy Sue

      I agree, Just Me. Both parties are equally toxic. This gameplaying, all shock and horror of the party-out-of-power has been going on for decades. And big losers? The public, each and every time.

      I certainly won’t cry at ACORN’s demise. And I’m glad the Republicans have rediscovered their fiscal hearts. But where the hell were they for the first six years of the Bush Administration??? Spending like drunken sailors just like their Democratic buddies.

      They’ve all had their fingers in the cookie-jar.

      The Swift Boat smear was dispicable. Only to be matched by Dem supporters regarding McCain’s military experience, ie. he was a war criminal, how can you call the man a hero when he was caught by the enemy, yada, yada, yada???

      Sickening. Both sides!

  • lightacandle

    And not a moment too soon.