By now, most everyone has heard that President Carter claimed people who don’t support Obama do so because they are racists. Wow. Obviously, this is shocking on the face of it. If you have not heard this, the video is below. I also recommend two very good posts on this topic, one by pm317, and one by LisaB. To the Carter video:

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But here’s the problem for me. I had really liked President Carter. I had a lot of respect for him, in fact. I was young and naive when he was in office, but certainly the work he had done AFTER leaving the White House was commendable. For instance, the work he and his entire family did for Habitat for Humanity has helped numerous people, including in my home town. I have experienced firsthand seeing the joy and pride the new homeowner as she looked at her house, and talked about what it meant to her. And the group of university students with whom I was working, all female, becoming more empowered, more sure of themselves, because they were helping to build someone a HOUSE, and the sense of pride and accomplishment that gave them.

The work Carter has done in Africa, helping to eradicate a horrible disease of worms that infiltrate too many areas there, doing horrible damage to the people they infest. Or his work in monitoring elections. Heck, even his recent decision to leave his church of many years because they will not ordain women.

My partner and I have visited the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, GA, a beautiful place in a calming and serene environment. I walked through that buildung filled with a sense of awe, seeing what he gave up, and subsequently his wife, when he left his commission as a Naval officer behind to go back to Georgia and help out the family. As I saw photographs marking historic moments, actual papers from events I had read about, or seen on tv. I was in awe as I saw his actual Nobel Peace Prize. And with pride, we have supported the Carter Peace Center for years now with monthly contributions…

(Photo by rachydachy)

But, things have been changed now. It began with some of his statements about Israel. Then President Carter inserted himself into the Primary Campaign, making some unkind remarks about my hero, “>Hillary Clinton. And now this. Being called a racist because I oppose the way by which Obama became President, but even more, because I oppose his policies. When someone calls me a racist, I gotta say (as we do down here in the South, “Them’s fightin’ words.” And so, I have written this letter to send to the Carter Center when my next payment is due:

Dear Carter Center,

On September 15, 2009, President Jimmy Carter claimed that those who oppose President Obama do so because of his race. I cannot begin to tell you how much I resent President Carter’s remarks.

I used to have a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter. As you can see, I am a long time contributor to the Peace Center. I have been to his Presidential Library, and literally wept when I saw his Nobel Peace Prize. But this has gone too far.

It was bad enough when President Carter made disparaging remarks about then-Senator Hillary Clinton continuing the presidential race, the person who received more votes than anyone in a Primary EVER, who, had Obama not committed rampant, documented caucus fraud, would easily have had the delegates for the nomination, and as it was, was separated from Obama by just a few delegates – until the Democratic Party committed the worst atrocity in its history on May 31, 2008 – took lawfully cast votes from one candidate to give to another. They took votes certified by the Secretarys of State from one candidate and GAVE them to another. That is about as undemocratic as one can possibly get. Where was President Carter when the DNC did this, the champion of fair elections everywhere in the world but here?

I guess it never occurred to President Carter (or Rep. Hank Johnson of GA, with his comparisons to the KKK,for that matter) that I, and others like me, oppose Obama’s policies on their MERITS. For that matter, we pick our presidential choices on their MERITS, something sorely lacking with Obama. It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin – it has to do with his lack of experience, his race-baiting, his misogyny, especially his treatments of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin; his aforementioned caucus fraud; his payment of $832,000 to ACORN for “voter registration”; his 20 yrs in Rev. Wright’s hate-mongering church; his associations with Rezko, Khalidi, Kilpatrick, Meeks, Ayers, and Kmiec, to name a few; his “present” votes; his lack of holding ONE meeting of the committee charged with overseeing Europe, NATO, and Afghanistan, then having the audacity to claim what a mess Afghanistan was; his thugs; his reneging on FISA, DOMA, DADT, and I could go on and on. Not one of those has to do with the color of the man’s skin – not ONE.

How DARE President Carter call me a racist because I don’t fall in lockstep that “Everything Obama Does Is GREAT!” I have the CONSTITUTIONAL right to disagree with, and CHALLENGE, my president, when I disagree with his policies – and that does NOT make me a racist, but an AMERICAN.

It has been Obama, and his representatives, from Jim Clyburn, my representative (who stabbed Bill and Hillary Clinton in the back repeatedly, completely misrepresenting what they said prior to the Primary in SC), to Jesse Jackson, Jr., and now to President Carter, who have thrown around the charge of racism, a serious, serious charge, whenever people have tried to hold Obama to the SAME STANDARDS as every other president, or presidential candidate.

To NOT hold Obama to the same standards, to NOT require of him all of the same transparency, paperwork, records, etc., is what is truly RACIST, as it treats him differently than every other candidate/president. Therein lies the irony. Those of us who expect accountability for promises made, and scrutinize policies, are not the racists – those who defend him no matter what he does and claim it is because of the color of his skin should take a long, hard look in the mirror before throwing out such a highly charged insult.

I cannot, in good conscience, continue to send my monthly contributions to the Peace Center. I almost ended my support when President Carter insulted Hillary Clinton, who got 18,000,000 votes – clearly, the PEOPLE’S choice. But I decided to let that go. But not this. It is clearly pointless to submit my professional work on anti-racism, much less the makeup of my extended family. The charge has already been made.

I have sent my last contribution. From now on, I have decided to send my monthly contributions to the Clinton Foundation to support the work of President Clinton who has not called me a racist once.

The Rev. Amy

What a sad day, for me personally, but also for this nation, when a former president makes such a grievous, and unfounded, charge against over half of the population. Because we have the audacity to judge the president by his CHARACTER, rather than the color of his skin, as Martin Luther King, Jr., charged us to do, we are called a heinous name. How sad, and how infuriating.

President Carter, as respectfully as I can muster after being called a racist, I would suggest it is time for you to go into retirement, and leave off sharing your political opinions. You are not doing yourself or your legacy any good, to be sure. Even more, you are not doing this nation any good. Rather, you are fanning flames that divide us, not unite us, all to provide cover for a man who, had he been properly vetted in the first place, and had the DNC followed its own rules, would never have gotten this far. Speaking for me only, I am judging Obama on the merits, not the color of his skin. I suggest you do likewise.

  • momule

    That’s a great letter, Rev. Amy. The lesson that I draw from Pres. Carter’s actions is that every politician will ultimately disappoint us to some degree. I always go back to Teddy Roosevelt’s remarks about the Pres. only being the highest ranking public servant in the nation and the one who should be judged by the highest standards.
    Unfortunately, a whole bunch of people have forgotten or never learnt this. They were so flimflammed this time that any critical faculties were knocked out by the Koolaid. That’s the only explanation I can give for people (like Bob Herbert), whom I thought of as a sensible person, seem to have gone totally bonkers. Meanwhile, the Dem Party, among whose ranks I considered myself to reside until around Feb. 2008, have resorted to despicable actions when their master plan for us started to go astray, with the result that they have managed to wreck race relations and any kind of cooperative spirit to the point that they seem almost irreparable.

  • It’s funny that Carter snubbed Clinton, considering Kennedy’s snub of him. Anyway, I agree with the Rev.

  • Ginger

    Wow! Reverend Amy! Your letter so eloquently voices my sentiments exactly. I am moved to tears after reading it. Thank you so much for this.

  • HEPT

    I disagree with much Barack Obama stands for.
    I am extremely proud That my country has overcome race and elected a black man for our Leader.
    I am proud for the black American’s who now have a leader that they can back and support because he is one of their own.
    I see the election of Mr. Obama as the end sought in that terrible war fought to decide slavery in which so many American’s, Black, white, red and brown died and suffered to make men free.
    I feel that anyone who uses the racism word to enable a political agenda is in fact a racist themselves.
    Jimmy Carter is a son of the old south.
    The old south was racist.
    Jimmy uses the term racism and racist to enable his political agenda.

    • sayhmm

      Except that he is not a descendant of slaves, he didn’t grow up in the U. S. and he was selected not elected.

  • snowhite

    Shame on you Jimmy Carter!!!!!!!How dare you call you call us Racists because we do not agree with everything Obama says and does.Why would you cause even Democrats to be angry and insulted?The Obama followers such as acorn,Jones have opened Pandoras box but you have ripped the lid off and thrown it away.I actually feel sorry for you ,at your age to bring humiliation and anger down on you and your family.You have become as scorned as Nixon.

    • monid

      maybe more scorned than nixon

  • Cahil

    Rev. Amy,

    What a beautifully written and well stated letter. As so many have said before, the charge of racism is the desperate charge of those who know they have already lost the arguement and have no recourse.

    Sadly, our new excuse for a president is probably the most racist of all, as he exibited so profoundly in the police officer/professor fiasco.

    I’ve also heard, yet haven’t seen verified as yet, that Pres. Carter’s foundation gets large amounts of its donations from the Saudi’s and the Palestinians. He’s also made some rather suspect comments about Jews, so it’s rather pathetic that he’s calling others racist.

  • jbjd


    For some reason, I got to that letter without realizing it had been written by you. I admit, I usually skim such letters if I read them at all. This letter had my complete attention. I was saying, ‘Whoa,’ to myself when I realized, hey, this is R3A talking.

    Of course it was.

    • jbjd, what a truly lovely thing to say. Thank you!

      And Sassy, thanks! Glad you liked the title, too! 🙂

      Cahill, I appreciate your kind words. And you make a good point abt Obama – at the very least, he USES racism, which is cowardly and self serving.

      Hey, if you find any info abt the large donors, let us know! Thanks!

      • TeakWoodKite

        I second what jbjd.

  • Sassy

    Excellent Amy!
    I’m sure that letter was wrenching for you emotionally, but it is very powerful!
    On a lighter note, love your title!

  • viking

    Here’s a post in a chicago blog that echos a lot of the comments here.

  • NoBamaNoWay

    “Fighting words.” that’s exactly what i thought. falsely accusing someone of being a racist isn’t much better than falsely accusing them of being a child molester. i don’t appreciate it.

  • Daisy Mae

    A terrific letter and post. It is infuriating and depressing to be called a racist because one disagrees with policies, and when one has worked all one’s life to mitigate racism and sexism. I am appalled at all the names protestors and people who disagree have been called.

    Signed, a moron raaaaaacist, troublemaker, evil monger yahoo astroturf stupid disruptive righwingnut hick kkk applicant woman

  • RRRA..great letter and i concur

  • Lily

    Excellent letter. I do hope Jimmy Carter reads it. But if I have judged this man correctly, which I feel entitled to do because he has set himself up as someone to be judged, he probably believes he must suffer the slings and arrows of lesser mortals for righteousness sake. The final paragraph of this blog would have fit quite nicely as the final paragraph of the letter, but maybe he needs to come to those seemingly obvious conclusions himself.

    I also contributed many years to the Carter Foundation, but I was not as forbearing as RRRA. I abruptly quit donating during the Democratic primaries without a word. Now I have just one word for Jimmy Carter….hypocrite.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      correct; i’m sure that he’s sees all the outrage over this statement (and others) as proof that he’s right and we’re just a bunch of racists and trouble-makers.

  • SYD

    Another excellent post by the Reverend!

    Thanks, Amy, for all you do.

    • And thank you all for your enthusiasm, your thoughtful responses, your humor, and your support. You are the best!

      Susan, I am humbled. My deepest gratitude…

  • Scranton4Hillary

    So many similarities between Carter and O-bla-bla–both promised to be “different” kinds of presidents than those who came before. The nation held such high hopes for these men but each has proven to be a total misfit in the Oval Office. Both men have democratic control of the house and Senate. Yet Carter could get nothing done in Washington and Obama is now being forced to rely on Olympia Snow’s (R)vote and the rush-rush appointment of a dem to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat to pass his health contortion bill. While Carter had gubernatorial experience, neither he nor the Emperor have what it takes to be an effective national leader. They should get together to have a good crying jag. O-beer-bla can bring the booze and of course, Jiminy Cricket Carter can bring the peanuts.

  • josephine

    This is a really great letter. I’m always amazed at how supposedly great people succumb to human flaws in their thinking thus reminding us that they are just simply human. This is a man who goes around the world criticizing undemocratic practices in elections in other nations, and three times when it counted was helpless to and in one case, voiceless, to stand up for what was right. He stood by and let the media tell us that GW was president for 2 terms despite massive voter fraud and now, because it is ideologically expedient,he chooses to disregard the corruption of the BO campaign and presidency. Any overwhelming endorsement of BO and his presidency is a ridiculous and partisan display of incompetence. It is not what I expect from leaders. He could speak honestly about things that may be good about BO and bad about BO. If he really cared about the nation. Not just being a political hack. That I would respect.

  • Susan lidondici

    Rev. Amy,
    I am a long time lurker who comments occasionally. But you brought me to my feet, and my fingers to the keyboard with that awesome, all-encompassing letter.I’d like to carry it with me to show to friends who continue their worship of The One. I have also lost my respect for Pres Carter and Roslyn, especially after their obvious snub of Bill and Hillary at Obama’s innauguration. You really nailed it this time. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation, and please continue your awesome writing.

  • Anon

    I think this letter needs to be sent to an editorial page somewhere!

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Awesome letter Rev Amy!!! Written from the heart with true feelings.

  • Ani

    Rev. Amy,

    Brilliant letter. I am so glad you sent this to the Carter Center. This needs to be said. I will write to them also. You have inspired me. I think the more of us who bombard our newspapers and elected representatives with letters like this, the more they will see that this meme will not work and they will have to do their jobs properly — instead of taking the cheap way out and playing the race card to cover their own blunders.

    And you are spot on that these are the people showing their racism by excusing Obama for all of his behavior, as though he does not need to be held to the same standards as any other President — they are the ones exhibiting racism — and they are too blind to see it. The are condemning him with low expectations and are the ones who enabled him in the first place. They did not do him or us any favors with that behavior.

    As you point out, had he been vetted and had to tough it out and show his mettle, the situation would be very different today.

    • Thank you so much, Ani – I appreciate that!

      Yes, we must speak up, and speak out, that trying to SILENCE us by calling us racists will not stand, nor will it work.

      We know what is in our hearts, and we will not be labeled by others, by cowards, for standing up for out country. Like I said, that doesn’t make us racists, it makes us Americans.

  • robert

    How did this troglodyte find credibility since being laughed out of office?

  • Peggy Sue

    Thumbs up, Amy. What a powerful and genuine post and letter.

    You speak for many of us. Thank you!

  • bmatthews, obama is a already a one term diasster. that is in fact the case. i too hope the dimwits aren’t that stupid also. however i believe pelsoi is that stupid. i refer everyone to that “speech” she gave before the first tarp vote and wall street fell 700 points.

  • wbboei

    Carter is a bitter feeble minded old man and a guilt ridden southerner. He hates Republicans. I suspect that the Obama people put him up to this. They told him he needed to say that in order to save the democratic party. Also, at this point in his life, he believes this crap. He has been boorish toward the Clinton’s. I voted for this idiot in 1976, not knowing what we would be dealing with. But 1980 it was any port in a storm–anyone but carter. It boggles the mind to think that he was once a competent officer and Naval Academy graduate. The writer is right-he needs to retire, or be put in mothballs.

    • ROTFLMAO – oh, thank you AGII – and for the laugh, too!

    • helenk

      Rev Amy

      since I do not know how to make the icons like AGI , I will just add my name to her comment.
      What a wonderful letter. The words needed to be said.



      • Georgia

        I 2nd that!!

  • b mathews

    if you listen carefully to those that are calling us racists, particularly pelosi, it sounds to me like they are trying to incite AA’s to riot. i hope they dont fall into this trap as it will damage this presidency beyond repair and will insure that obama will be a one hit wonder. as it is his house of cards is already beginning to collapse. violence will only speed up the fall.

    • DAB

      I don’t know if the incitement is intentional, but it could certainly contribute to that possibility, especially since these types of threats were made during the campaign.

    • Ani

      I think it is more likely that those like Pelosi now running the entire candy store, don’t know what to do with the power they have. They control all branches of gov’t yet still can’t sell the crap they think Americans (read suckers) should willingly buy. Pelosi is incredibly arrogant, like many inside the beltway living in a rarified air. The problem is, by opening her mouth and saying these horrible things, she, like Obama, Gibbs, Axelrod and the rest don’t really think through the ramifications of the violence and divisiveness they are inciting — they just want to take down the opposition and shut them up as quickly as possible.

      Gibbs is a perfect example of a rude frat boy who has absolutely no respect for anyone. He reeks of this vile attitude every time he opens his mouth.
      And Pelosi certainly does not care enough about the rank and file citizens of this country to consider the long term effects these vile words have on innocent people, already angered by irresponsible policies.

  • Donna Brazile

    I’m contacting the Carter Center and telling them that I am sending a donation to the Clinton Center in honor of Rev. Amy and her letter.

    Stop the race baitingfest!

    • Wow, thank you so much, DB!

      And thanks, beachnan, too! Y’all are too, too kind…

      • Donna Brazile

        Donation done! Thank you for your powerful letter!

        Keep up the thank you fest!

    • I’m a Linda too

      GREAT IDEA. WE should ALL do that, to send the CORRECT message.

      • I’m a Linda too

        Carter Foundation:

        Contact Information: The Carter Center

        Hours of Operation:
        Monday through Friday
        8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

        Mailing Address:
        The Carter Center
        One Copenhill
        453 Freedom Parkway
        Atlanta, GA 30307

        (404) 420-5100 or (800) 550-3560


        Note: Should you have any difficulty sending an e-mail to The Carter Center,
        please call (800) 550-3560 to report.

        The Clinton Foundation
        Donation page:

        • I’m a Linda too

          Done. Email sent, contribution made.

        • Outstanding, IALT!

          What amazing people y’all are…

      • I happen to have the address here: The Carter Center, One Copenhill, 453 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, GA, 30307. Their website is: I assume there is a place to make comments there.

        We do not have to take this, after all – we do not have to let Carter end the discussion (Krauthammer said that the other day. That’s what it does when someone calls you a racist – it ends all conversation. H/T to NQ commenter, Anthony, for this link:

  • Tammy

    Did you guys hear that Osama Bin Laden recommended Carter’s book as a “must read”?

    I laughed so hard. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s so sad and pathetic that Carter’s book was pimped by a terrorist.
    Irony anyone?

    • DAB

      Carter can be very naive when it comes to foreign affairs. For example, I believe that his trip to North Korea some years ago may have done more harm than good.

      He is obviously a man with a huge ego who still sees his presidential loss as unjust since he’s always trying to stick his nose into places where it doesn’t belong in order to assert his relevance.

  • maryann

    Carter’s words are nothing but VERBAL TERRORISM. The counter-weapon is but one question:

  • Tammy

    How weird. I posted a bravo response too, but it didn’t show up. There were no swear words. Hmmm.
    Where’d it go?

    FANTASTIC letter, Amy. Carter has been one of the most disrespectful Presidents evah!

    As soon as he became a mouthpiece for Hamas and showed what a blatant anti-semite he is, I was done with him.
    Go do some good, Carter, and STFU.

  • beachnan

    Thank you Reverand Amy! That was a very powerful letter to former President Carter. I hope it reaches him. I would like to see that letter reprinted in all the newspapers in the United States, as it speaks for many of us who have been silenced by our own Democratic Party. It also speaks for many others, Republicans, Independents, etc., who have been labeled “racist”, for simply disagreeing with Obama’s policies. The politicans in Washington better wake up, and realize that most Americans are getting very tired of this charge of racism every time someone disagrees with Obama. The backlash will be huge.

  • hokma

    Carter has become an ongoing embarrassment to the United States. He intentionally embarrassed Bill Clinton was he was President with his foreign policy free-lancing.

    Carter has always been anti-Israel from before his Presidency and his efforts to undercut Israel has resulted in people who were loyal Jewish supporters of his leaving his foundation.

    What Carter and others are saying and writings is clearly part of a White House strategy to play the race card in an effort to stop any criticism of Obama, while Obama stays above the fray. However, the White House has now stated that racism is not the overriding reason for criticism of his heathcare policy. That means that it is a reason.

    What I find interesting is that neither Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson have weighed in on this which might tell us what effect this is having on African Americans and if they support this claim.

    • DAB

      I agree with you about Carter’s nastiness towards the Clintons, particularly after he came back from his Haiti mission before the American invasion there. He was crude, tasteless and way out of line in how he openly derided and ridiculed Clinton’s action in that country after he returned to the U.S.

      Despite his good works, Clinton has a mean, petty and self-righteous side that had become evident to me some years ago.

      Regarding Sharpton et al, I feel that Obama’s presidency has not really benefited the African American Community because of Wright and the high-profile that it gave Acorn, who was operating under the radar screen before he became prominent. Obama of course likes to incessantly lecture them on fatherhood and how they should live their lives, but I guess that is wearing a bit thin with them right now.

    • SYD

      “clearly part of a White House strategy to play the race card in an effort to stop any criticism of Obama”

      Yep. That’s how I read it as well.

      But a former President should not sink to that kind of low, for the political gain of his party.

      Shame on Jimmy Carter!

    • “I really think all of this racist talk is a smokescreen … If people don’t agree with Obama they are ignorant, uneducated …”

      I think lauraks answers your question about Sharpton — and I say this as someone who respects Rev. Sharpton. Obama’s race card is code for ‘white trash.’ It’s a different strategy from Sharpton calling NYPD racist.

      Sharpton, as an expert on race politics, knows what Obama is up to: playing the race card to manipulate the left into defending his giveaway to pharma, his cave-in on abortion, etc. Sharpton never plays race to benefit ‘The Man.’

  • I’m a Linda too

    Omg Bravo, bravo. I am standing and applauding you for this excellent post and your letter…and of of course, you efforts, at my computer. Thank you.

    I agree with every single word you said. From the first stated compliments to the ending paragraph, sentences and word. Yes!

    • I’m a Linda too

      sorry for those stupid typos 🙁

  • Diana L. C.


    I was probably a little older than you when Carter was president. I was a single mom, getting almost nothing in child support (not enough to cover daycare even). I liked Carter’s refusal to make deals Washington style–over drinks and at unofficial functions. I liked his sincere concern during the hostage crisis. Actually, I liked Rosalyn also, a down home style First Lady. I was furious about the terrible snide treatment the press often gave Amy. I never blamed him for the bad economy. I guess I did, as we are doing now, blamed the Wall Street type people.

    Now these are things that got him in trouble, and he was laughed at for his early concern about the environment. So I did learn that a president needed, in some way, NOT to be a Washington outsider in order to deal with Washington. A president needed to be someone who maintained HER character, honesty, intelligence, experience and used it to get the right things done.

    That was my real concern about Obama. I saw him as another Dem mistake (though I wouldn’t have wanted Kennedy either) that would get them a one-term presidents again. And, besides, I knew Obama didn’t have any qualifications and, instead, had serious character flaws. So maybe Carter is reacting because he’s seeing Obama in the same situation he was in, a possible one-term presidency.


    So, yes, I am like you. This statement by Carter really threw me for a loop. I am wondering if there are ANY past or current political leaders who don’t have serious problems.

    I know the problems with judging leaders as we judge everyday people. Many, many, many past leaders throughout history were able to do for their countries amazing things, good things, while having terrible personal faults. But calling an entire group of people racists without knowing their mmotives for their beliefs is beyond a personal fault. It shows lack of good leadership skills.

    I will contact him also to express my similar thoughts. If you don’t mind, I’ll use your letter to help me write my comments.

    • I would be honored, Diana. Thank you.

      See, I thought he was a good guy, who seemed to care abt the country, not just political gain. And I agree with so many other parts of your comment – Roslyn, Amy (who was brilliant, btw), and their commitment to help others. They seemed like down home people.

      And to that point, when they were in my home town with Habitat for Humanity, Amy got hurt. A friend of my family’s worked at the hospital. When they came in, Roslyn didn’t pull any airs, or anything, she didn’t say, “Don’t you know who I am???” Nope – nothing like that. They were doing the intake, and she was rummaging through her pocketbook looking for their insurance card. People realized who they were just from the answers, including, “President of the US” for father’s previous occupation.

      It was stories like that, his own life story, all of that, why I respected him so, as well as what he tried to do for the country (though I did feel pretty sorry for the Olympic Athletes). So when he started in on Hillary, making such incredibly disparaging, mean-spirited comments, and now THIS, I just have to wonder if he isn’t suffering from demetia. I’m being serious here – I really wonder if he is ill?

      THANK YOU for sharing your story, Diana.

      • lauraks

        President Carter has disliked Bill Clinton going back to his first term. I have always believed it is because of Clinton’s true talent at understanding and caring about the concerns of all the people in this country.I have met him several times and he treated me as if I was the most important person in the world to him at that moment.Carter never possessed that innate gift and of course despite his good intentions the American people didn’t stay with him.

        Hillary’s brillance and true populism Carter was no match for either.To snub them at public events when both men have been president was seriously petty and classless. Mind you I voted for the guy twice. Carter has a very competitive streak in him and I believe is working out his own moral issues with regard to race. Why on earth would he project that extremely charged label onto what amounts to the majority of the voting public right now if he weren’t conflicted in some way? Otherwise he is consigned to be just a mean guy. That doesn’t comport with his humanitarian efforts. His wife’s concern for the abandoned mentally ill was real.

        I really think all of this racist talk is a smokescreen.It to me is very classist.If people don’t aghree with Obama they are ignorant, uneducated and to be dismissed. Same ‘ole same ‘ole. Then we never get to the merits of his policies. In my view he is afraid to be challenged because he really isn’t steeped in the details of the policies he’s promoting nor particularly enamored of the hard work of actually governing.Carter coddling him along with an assembly line of smug snob scribes calling themselves reporters isn’t going to make Obama a better leader. That work must be done by him alone.

    • TeakWoodKite

      over drinks and at unofficial functions
      I have read several accounts of where this created problems politically for him.

  • Onofre’s arm

    Carter IS a thinly disguised racist, and blatant anti-semite. Way back when he was Governor of Georgia (when he belonged to an exclusively white congregation), he submarined the chances of Gov. Marvin Mandel of Maryland becoming the president of the Dem. Governors association. Carter’s reason for doing that; “I’m not going to let that Jew bastard become president”.

    Carter is a visciously nasty, ebittered old backstabber. He’s one of the least qualified persons to lecture the rest of us on racism and civility. What an egg sucking rat.

    • Um, OA – I wish you would tell me how you really feel! 🙂

      Seriously, I was unaware of Carter’s response toward Mandel. That is truly disturbing. Wow…

      And thanks, SoCalDem, I hope he does, to, not that I think it will matter to him…

      Oh – a plug for the Clinton Foundation – 95.9% of their funds go DIRECTLY to programs, and the rest is used for administration and fundraising costs. That is REMARKABLE.

      • Onofre’s arm

        In M. Scott Peck’s excellent, must read book, “People of the Lie”, Peck describes in detail the type of person that has an essentially evil core that they vigorously disguise with good, but highly visible, public activities, and they’re sure to advertise any of their charitable contributions. Peck may well have been using Carter as a blueprint for his description of such people. As Peck states in his book, if you want to spot the truly evil among us, check the front row on Sunday morning.

        • Georgia

          Wow, you are right on. Read the book too and Carter does fit the mold! Another great book to read is: The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout PHD. I found this very helpful. You’ll see a lot of Gov. types in this book as well. You’ll also see THE ONE.

        • Diana L. C.

          Peck’s People of the Lie is/was an attempt to understand those people who have, for some reason, seemingly chosen to do pretty hateful, evil stuff. Peck’s characterizing it as almost a pact with the Devil and his discussion later in the book about exorcism does tend to make this book less popular than it was at the time The Road Less Traveled and (later) it came out. It’s a pretty Christian (Catholic) interpretation of evil, though written by a psychiatrist.

          It was a helpful book for me when I was dealing with some pretty nasty, manipulative, liars in my life in the sense that Peck didn’t spend all his time trying to make me feel sorry for these “poor” people who were making my life a hell on earth by excusing them as “victims” of bad parenting or some other rationalization for an excuse, as was popular psychological approach the in those days.

          I wouldn’t point only to people in church pews, though. I came from a large group of very regular church attendees, many of whom were Christians in the best sense of the word. I generally came away thankful I had that experience. Most of them knew the ones who attended and didn’t practice what they were supposed to learn as they sat in the pew. They simply ignored them and hoped some day something would reach their hearts. You find these two-faced people in all kinds of “charity” work, too.

          I guess, since I’m now confused about my previous feelings toward Carter, I would start looking to the more modern analysis of what makes narcissists–and we produce many of them here in the U.S. They are people whose facade is charming, pleasant, and kind, but whose inner character is dark and lacking in empathy. “It’s all about them.”

          But, on a different note, I still often re-read the chapter in People of the Lie entitled “Mylai: An Examination of Group Evil.”

          The whole experience of Viet Nam still rests uneasy in my soul. It’s central to my generation. I’ve thought of this chapter as the Abu Graib (sp?) situation arose and as I read the news about the event when it occurred and now about the trial of the soldiers who were accused and found guilty of raping and killing in Iraq.

          • Onofre’s arm

            The reference to church attendees was of course a generalization. I do understand that the great majority of church go’ers are wonderfully decent people. But the wolves hiding among the flock, do so by wearing sheep’s clothing.

            Our modern American culture is fertile ground for an expanding crop of Narcissists. The genesis of the malfunction begins with the disintegration of healthy family structure, and the emotional or physical abandonment of the children. Understanding the roots of pathological Narcissism makes it easy to have some degree of sympathy for the individual, but do not turn your back on them, and never believe a word they say. Never allow a Narcissist to have control of any aspect of your life, you’ll be ruined. Obama is no exception to these precautions, yet the clueless masses keep trying to fill his bottomless ego. The best we can do now is to batten down the hatches and weather the storm.

        • Diana L. C.

          I wrote another response to Onofre’s Arm in regardt to Peck’s book. But it somehow didn’t go through the filter. Can you check on it, please? I don’t want to try to respond again.

        • Lily

          I also read this book many years ago and found it to be very disturbing and very powerful. The connection you make seems quite legitimate to me. In any case, Carter is just fanning the flames of whatever racial hatred might exist.

    • Ellen D

      “I’m not going to let that Jew bastard become president”.

      Wow! Please tell me where you got this reported quote.

      • Onofre’s arm

        Yesterday, Mark Levin had a guest host on that was living in Maryland at the time of the occurance. He went into great detail describing the event and the circumstances. He also described the charges that Mandel had to deal with that were later overturned. That said, I can not give a specific citation for the quote. However, most radio talkshow hosts, especially conservative ones, are extremely careful to be accurate because they are all well aware that there are parties that monitor them closely for the specific purpose of trying to catch them in factual errors. I’ve always encouraged and supported this type of hostile scrutiny, it keeps things honest, so I can have more confidence in the validity of facts that are given by radio hosts. This story had references to many of the players involved, times, dates, and circumstances that all gave it the ring of truth. Also, if it had been inaccurate, you can bet that representitives from Carter’s camp would be howling defamation today. But it is the sort of thing that Carter will not cry too loudly about simply because he does not want the truth of his statement to become too ubiquitous.

        • TeakWoodKite

          I heard that segment too.

  • Tammy

    Amy, I’m clapping and saying bravo to you right now!
    What a fantastic letter, so well-put, and so spot on.

    I wish President Carter would show the same kind of dignity that President Bush I showed to President Clinton, and that President Clinton showed to President Bush II and so on.

    In other words, shut your trap, Carter, and stay out of it! Stick to helping the organizations that are dear to you, like Habitat for Humanity.

    I lost all respect for Carter when he became such a blatant anti-semite.
    Go away already. You make my skin crawl, Jimmy.

    • NoBamaNoWay


    • “I wish President Carter would show the same kind of dignity that President Bush I showed to President Clinton, and that President Clinton showed to President Bush II and so on.

      In other words, shut your trap”

      Amen! You can add that President Ford kept his mouth shut about Iraq War. It’s a huge breach of protocol for an ex-President to pre-empt a sitting C-in-C. Not to mention depicting POTUS as a charity case.

      Yes, we respect Carter’s missionary work. But Obama is POTUS, not some poor Third World tsunami victim. Carter sees all blacks–Obama included Obama–as victims in need of his help.

      Carter was more disrespectful to Obama’s office than Joe Wilson.

  • SoCalDem

    That was a very powerful letter. Hope he reads it and takes heed.