Well, it’s about damn time – again. Yes, Rep. Conyers has finally been persuaded – again – to investigate ACORN. Oh, yes, all the recent brouhaha about ACORN, all of the exposure from the faux pimp and prostitute, have FINALLY gotten the House Judiciary Chairman to get off his duff, and investigate ACORN, as this article highlights (the US Census Bureau and the IRS have cut ties with ACORN), Conyers Seeks Answers On ACORN:

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers – a Detroit Democrat – is weighing into the controversy involving a much-maligned national community organization, asking congressional researchers whether any laws may have been broken by surreptitious recording of the group’s employees.

Just last week, the Democratic-led House followed up on a Senate vote that started cutting off federal funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, amid Republican-led calls for a widespread investigation into the group and its activities.

Even President Barack Obama has criticized the actions of ACORN employees in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere seen in sting videos. The employees appear to give tax advice to filmmakers pretending to be a hooker and her boyfriend. (Well, kinda – he said it wad “inappropriate. See video/transcript below.)

Conyers and House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts asked the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service on Tuesday to provide an analysis on several aspects of ACORN. Among them:

# Any current or previous criminal investigations into the group.

# A breakdown of any funding received by the group and any violations of the terms of that funding.

# A report on alleged improprieties in collecting voter-registration forms and “the extent … that resulted in people being improperly placed on voting roles and actually attempting to vote.”

# The group’s programs to provide housing opportunities.

It also asked for a report on private sting activities “in which individuals have reportedly visited ACORN offices, misrepresented their identities and proposed activities, surreptitiously videotaped resulting conversations with ACORN workers, and widely distributed them.”

The letter went onto say, “Conflicting allegations have been made about the propriety of these activities. Please research and report on the federal and state laws that could apply to such videotaping and distribution of conversations without the consent of all parties.”

I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

Why the disdain dropping from my laptop? Because this isn’t the FIRST time Rep. Conyers was going to investigate ACORN. Previously, he had been pretty disturbed by the actions of ACORN, or so he claimed (this is a good article to see more of the underhanded workings of ACORN). Remember that they have been under investigation in over 14 states for voter fraud and voter registration fraud for some time now. The recent expose is just the icing on the cake. But the disdain comes for the REASON Conyers dropped it: The “Powers That Be” put an end to it. Yes, you read that right: THE POWERS THAT BE told the House Judiciary Chairman to knock it off.

Hmm. Let’s think. Just who is high enough to tell this powerful chairman to drop his investigation? It’s a pretty short list, I can tell you that much,

But, hey – better late than never, right? Yeah. Sure.

And I just KNOW once Obama has a spare moment, you know, when he’s not on The David Letterman Show, or something, maybe he will finally have a chance to follow what’s going on with ACORN, since he claimed to be out of the loop despite the millions ACORN has gotten, or the billions it stands to get. Yes, this is what he said in his recent interview with George Stephanopoulos:

STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the funding for ACORN?

OBAMA: You know, if — frankly, it’s not really something I’ve followed closely. I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Both the Senate and the House have voted to cut it off.

OBAMA: You know, what I know is, is that what I saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re not committing to — to cut off the federal funding?

OBAMA: George, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. It’s not something I’m paying a lot of attention to.

Or you can watch it here:

That Obama – he’s just so busy doing the talk show circuit, he couldn’t POSSIBLY know what is going on with ACORN. I mean, really, besides his having worked for them, and all of that, what possible connection could he have with them?

Oh, wait – he does. Right in the West Wing. Uh huh – his Rove, the Director of the Office of Political Affairs, is Patrick Gaspard. Mr. Gaspard, before moving into the West Wing, was the Executive Vice President of – Wait For It – SEIU. SEIU was founded by Dale Rathke, the brother who embezzled a million bucks from ACORN. Which they hid, by the way. Whatever. Just a million of your tax paying dollars, no biggie.

And Patrick has a brother, Michael, who works for the Advance Group. Which represents – like you need to wait for it – ACORN. Coincidentally (hahahahaha), the national spokesman for The Advance Group, and ACORN, is one in the same, Scott Levenson.

I gotta wonder, how long will it be before Conyers is called off of THIS investigation?

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  • can’t wait for the Chicago one..

  • getfitnow

    I heard Breitbart on a local radio program yesterday. He said there are more ACORN videos to come but didn’t indicate when he would release them.

    • Lyn

      and I’m sure the last and best will be Chicago

  • TeakWoodKite

    Did President Obama pay tribute to a lie?


    I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.

    Boneheaded BO
    I did not know, you tell me.

    The South Sangamon building finally had its heat turned on in February 1997 after the city of Chicago sued, eventually collecting a $100 fine from Rezmar. At about the same time—January 14, 1997, according to public records—state senator-elect Obama received a $1,000 campaign donation from Rezmar.


    The lawyer for the defendent? Yup. You guessed it. He knew because he was the one defending Rezko and the $100.00 fine.

    A refresher course on the soup this crunk crawled out of.

  • Cathy in Ks.

    The debacle with ACORN is not going away anytime soon even though Obama is in denial. My question is can the democratic party be saved? I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a massacre at the polls and democrats are going to lose seats big time in congress. What will Obama do if this happens? More than likely Obama will play “clueless” and he will leave it to his supporters to cry “racism”.

    • b mathews

      that is exactly why he is trying to ram this ridiculous obaMEcare down our throats in such a hurry. he knows he will lose a lot of dems. in the next election and wont stand a chance in hell of passing it. as a registered dem. (who voted for mccain as a protest vote) i plan on voting straight republican in 2010.thats the only way we can weaken his power before he brings america to its knees(which i truly believe is his intention).

  • TeakWoodKite

    Here is a map for Conyers.

    I wonder if his wife is exempt.

  • Jackarooty

    Oh I’m sure that Rep. Conyers will take this investigation at least as far the one regarding Charlie Rangel’s financial and tax scandals has gone.


  • HARP
  • Obamastolemycountry

    It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all…

    Very interesting. It’s kind of like, Oh, earl last year when I just wondered why all the big boys would be just drooling over a little known Senator from Illinois. You know, a guy we never really heard much of before 2007 and then he went on his amazing Rockstar tour during the Primary and the world loved the little know Senator from Illinois. It was all just very curious indeed and how he raised all that money. Wow.

    Curiouser and curiouser!!!

    • Yeah, I’ll say. Curious indeed. Ahem.

      Get this – the CEO of ACORN is pitching a fit that the current increase of our deficit (so we don’t have to declare bankruptcy) provides a provision that ACORN won’t get any more of that money. She claims it is “un-Constitutional” to single out an org. like that. I kid you not. Here’s the link: http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/2009/09/congress_slaps.html

      Apparently, she never read any of Jefferson, who said it was anathema for a citizen to have to pay with his/her taxes to support an org. with which the person fundamentally disagreed (I am paraphrasing a little bit, but can find the quote if you want to see it).

      Can you believe that?

  • waterstradt

    He dropped the investigation day his wife got a light sentence from the Obama Justice dept.

  • Ferd Berfle

    OMG, RRRA, this sordid affair is like a soap opera done on the *really* cheap. The plot is far-fetched and the acting is wooden. Can we have a do-over?

    I find myself muttering under my breath every time I read about this criminal enterprise and those who profited from it.

    They all need a long prison stretch.

    • BlueX

      That criminal enterprise ACORN should be defunded, investigated and dismantled.
      And then we can direct our energies to a much bigger outrage (I am sure you’ll be muttering under your breath about this) :
      “The single greatest beneficiary of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary. KBR has been paid nearly $32 billion since 2001. In May, April Stephenson, director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency, testified that KBR was linked to the vast majority of war-zone fraud cases and a majority of the $13 billion in “questioned” or “unsupported” costs. According to Agency, it sent the inspector general “a total of 32 cases of suspected overbilling, bribery and other violations since 2004.”

      • Ferd Berfle

        (I am sure you’ll be muttering under your breath about this) :

        There will never be an investigation because That One is a crook, too, and crooks don’t investigate other crooks. Why do you think That One wanted to “move forward”. It certainly wasn’t out of some altruistic motive or for the good of the country–he knows he had a closet-full of skeletons, too, just waiting to be discovered.

        I’ll reserve other muttering for the i d i o t electorate and the blue and red Kool-Aide chuggers, thank you very much.

        • BlueX

          Then let’s keep beating on the small-time crooks, picking the low hanging fruit to vent our frustration, since we can not touch the big fishes.
          I’m sure it is liberating to thunder on ACORN misdeeds (‘they helped elect That One, for chrissakes!’), we’ll feel like we are accomplishing something, while we’re robbed blind and made fools of by the real players.
          Look!! ACORN!!

          • Ferd Berfle

            More obfuscation from an Obamabot. You never did answer the question, dink. There will be no investigation because That One is Bush II. Read it and weep. Own your own stupidity and YOUR BOTUS and stop blaming others for your lack of discernment.

            And the next time you come up for air, go to HuffnPuffPo to demonstrate your profound ignorance.

            • BlueX

              What was the question again? You know when you ask a question you should put a question mark, right?
              And what’s with the name calling: obamabot, dink, stupid, lack of discerment, ignorant…? How old are you, 14?

        • b mathews

          somewhere deep down (very deep down) obaME knows he did NOT win the election but stole it with the help of acorn, mickey mouse, donald duck, the dead, pets, etc. etc. and thousands of other fake voters. of course he doesnt want acorn investigated…he needs them for the next election because he knows thats the only way he can “win”. heaven forbid his legacy (?) be tarnished by massive corruption and fraud. too late obaME …most of us know the truth and it will not die with us. there are way too many books written revealing him for the fake that he is.

          • I hope you are right, but so far, I have seen very little remorse for the way by which Obama “won,” from him, the DNC, his thugs, none of them.

            I just hope some of those books will reveal him, and not continue to perpetuate these myths created by David Axelrod…

      • beachnan

        I agree wholeheartedly tha KBR and others should be looked into for the tremendous amount of our money they have received. My question to you, is why is the current administration, and Democratic congress going after these guys? As a former Dem of over 36 years, I am ashamed that the Democratically controlled Congress, since 2002, hasn’t stepped and investigated. Why not?