Barack Obama is NO friend to MoveOn. What has Barack Obama ever DONE for MoveOn? Why does MoveOn still put Obama’s photo on its home page and pander to him?

Obama attacked MoveOn head-on in his speech today for its ads criticizing General Petreaus in September 2007:

All too often our politics still seems trapped in these old, threadbare arguments – a fact most evident during our recent debates about the war in Iraq, when those who opposed administration policy were tagged by some as unpatriotic, and a general providing his best counsel on how to move forward in Iraq was accused of betrayal.

Last September, when Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) attached an amendment to a defense bill that condemned MoveOn’s ad, guess who stood up for MoveOn’s right to free speech (albeit ill-advised): It was Sen. Hillary Clinton, who voted against Sen Cornyn’s amendment. And now guess who hid out — even though he was in the building — to avoid voting to support MoveOn’s right to free speech:

Last September, when it mattered that he take a stand for MoveOn’s right to speech (even though it was a strategic blunder), Barack Obama was a “no show” in supporting MoveOn. Today, Barack Obama went out of his way to condemn MoveOn’s ad last September.

What fairy tale world do these MoveOn lefties live in that they can’t see that Barack Obama doesn’t care about them or their rights — even though he’s happy to scarf up all the money they’ll throw at him?

The obvious answer is that these MoveOn folks won’t be getting a clue any time soon.

MoveOn will keep parading photos of Obama on its home page.

MoveOn will continue its silly campaign to make Fox News end its racist attacks — playing RIGHT INTO Obama’s playbook to turn any criticism of him into a racist attack, thereby trying to silence his critics through shame and white guilt.

MoveOn will never acknowledge the political courage that Hillary Clinton showed in voting against Cornyn’s condemnation, even though MoveOn’s ad was idiotic and took the focus away from Petreaus’s defense of the Iraq War and made the general a sympathetic figure.

MoveOn has even disbanded its 527 because it actually believes Obama’s baloney about discouraging 527 ads. A New York Times blog explains that this is really just a shell game:

The liberal group,, recently closed its dormant 527 but is hoping to raise some $40 million for the general election through its political action committee, which can accept donations of up to $5,000.

It recently teamed up with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees to spend more than $500,000 on an anti-McCain commercial that aired nationally on cable and in Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Fund for America’s filings with the Internal Revenue Service, which only covered up to March 31, 2008, showed George Soros, the financier who has been a major donor to such organizations on the left, contributed $2.5 million to the organization, as did Stephen Bing, another major donor for Democratic causes.

There is a fool born every minute, and a good percentage of them unthinkingly give money to MoveOn — which in turn gives it to the candidate who didn’t stand up for them and who today spurned them because he found it advantageous politically to do so.

The one candidate who “stood up” for MoveOn got dirt kicked in her face by MoveOn and the left.

Go figure.

MoveOn, your chosen “One” will always have his hand extended to you. But only to take your money.

If you only knew how foolish you look.

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  • Sassy

    “Money doesn’t make the man!” Sorry George…you didn’t get a good return on this investment!!!!

  • AnninCA

    I just would like to see Michael Moore’s face with all these Obama stories. *heh

  • bmc

    Amen on MoveOn. I dropped ’em like the dirty turdie they turned out to be, the moment they jumped on the Obama bus–which they’ve now clearly been tossed UNDER just like everyone else.

    Barack Obama cannot be trusted, by his friends, by his enemies, by anyone. He’s a coward, who folds at the slightest difficulty. Progressives who think his “hope” and “change” schtick are real, are going to be very disappointed when he turns out to be the FIRST ONE TO FOLD TO GOP PRESSURE EVERY TIME.