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Written by none other than the noted author, novelist, reporter, Helene Cooper of the number one newspaper in the nation, The New York Times.

Drum roll, please.

Mr. Obama: “Where’d my First Lady go?”

Mrs. Obama: “Right here,” stepping beside him, as it started to drizzle.

Mr. Obama pokes fun at the pool, whispering something to Reggie Love and Mrs. Obama, then looking at pool and saying: “We’re talking about how you guys are all waiting to write something down.”


Mr. Obama is teasing Mrs. Obama. “You’re standing on the wrong side of me.” She moves to his other side. He says, “I’m just teasing.” She stares straight ahead with a smile.

Oooooh, I have goosebumps all over.

The Scene:

Well, there was no red carpet lining the walkway to the Phipps Conservatory for the leaders’ dinner tonight hosted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. But since the First Couple nonetheless spent almost two hours greeting each of their 60 or so guests as they arrived, one by one — or in the case of couples, two by two — and since your pooler’s dream job is actually to work for E Channel covering the Academy Awards Red Carpet, consider this your Red Carpet report.

At 6:15 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Obama stepped out of the Phipps Conservatory, underneath an awning to greet their first guests. Mr. Obama in a dark blue suit, Mrs. Obama in a taupe, pink and green patterned cocktail dress with straps. Pink patent leather two-inch heels. Hair pulled back in a full, bouffant faux ponytail. Long pearl necklace, pearl earrings. No stockings.

That’s it. I got nothing.


7:20 — Carla Bruni!!!!

Carla Bruni Sarkozy and Nicholas Sarkozy arrive. Sarko is wearing a suit. Carla Bruni is in a stunning black silk sheath dress, stops just below the knee. She’s holding a green wool scarf, and is wearing Christian Louboutins black evening shoes.

Mr. Obama kisses her four times. “I’m not going to get a chance to see you much.”

Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Sarkozy chat warmly. A lot of touching there too.

That ladies and gentlemen, is your esteemed national newspaper, The NY Times. No wonder, these fucking incompetent morons are sinking and begging for a bail out.

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  • Eastan McNeal

    I thought the photo was from Capitol Steps, a comedy skit. M looks like she is trying to be a rapper. This is not the Kennedy family I knew. Oh. Yea. I forgot. They were born and funded by the South Side Mob.

    Obama, in the Illinois Senate, made a bill that gave govt money to minority owned investment companies to loose the pensions for govt employees. His bill said the money should go to minority businesses. When Hispanic businesses got some of the biz Obama’s folks got upset. duh! Be careful about all these minority set-asides. In 2050 when whites become the minority, then they will be calling in the chips you are creating now.

    Why not just be? I mean it. Just be. Don’t be white, black, or other. Just be. And get your big a** talked about, even if you are a black wide a**ed woman or a white one. M. You look like a garden implement.

  • sproutingly

    Why does Michelle like to wear clothes that look hairy?

  • sproutingly

    Why does Michelle like to wear clothes that looks hairy?

  • Phillymiss

    I’m not a fan of either Obamas, but it’s kind of cruel to make fun of Michelle’s figure. After all, she didn’t make herself.

    As for her fashion sense, or lack thereof — who cares? It’s her husband’s policies I’m worried about.

    • pm317

      You are perhaps new to this blog. The dynamics here are not that everyone here wants to make fun of MO but rather want to show their displeasure at the person she showed herself to be during the primary — being mean, cold, ungracious toward Hillary (and most of our readers are Hillary loyalists and they resent that). The other dynamic going on here is that the media has made her something that she is not and most commenters here are pointing out the craven stupidity of the media lapdogs. Take that picture for example, is it too much to expect her to move graciously when in public? What is she doing? Is this the person the media lauds as the fashion icon? You can hang a designer something on anybody and make them a fashion icon?

  • AF catfish

    POTUS kisses Carla Bruni FOUR TIMES.

  • huh

    who’s “Reggie Love” ?

    • pm317

      His personal assistant, aka body man. I don’t know what he does, may be he is like his valet?

      • TeakWoodKite

        Ya think he does the Charlie of West Wing? LOL

    • Hank

      He replaced Sinclair

  • Sassy

    “Put your right foot in”
    “Take your left foot out”
    “Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about”
    Rock it Michelle! You got rhythym girl!

  • elizabethrc

    No stylist can change the fact that she is big, wide, obnoxious and a hater of all things white (except the toilet paper dress she wore at the inauguration).
    If it’s true that beauty starts from within, we’re in for 3 more years of the wicked witch of the north, east, south and west.

  • Peggy Sue

    Is Michelle trying to mirror Carla Bruni’s stance? I mean look at how Bruni is standing [Bruni who is truly elegant]. Then look at Michelle. Either that’s the worse imitation I’ve ever seen or Michelle’s legs went dead once she got on stage.

    Awful, awful photo. And I have seen the FLOTUS look attractive. But not here, not in this pose or this particular dress. Very unflattering.

    I understand Sarkozy is ticked off at Obama over the Iran disclosure–that extra nuclear site [which apparently we’ve known about for months]. Puts the weak-kneed response by the POTUS over the Iranian elections in a new light. Remember, he was holding back so as not to squelch or ruin the possibility of “meaningful” negotiations with Iran. When he knew all along they were lying weasels x 2.

    Maybe Sarkozy hired the photographer!

    • HAHAHHA I had to go back and look and your comment, with that photo just cracked me up!

      I think she was out of the picture, and Obama asked her to move in, and she was scooting/sliding over. Bad, bad picture indeed. But, I love your explanation much better!

      • Peggy Sue

        Your explantion is most likely the correct one, AGI. But I couldn’t help myself :0).

        I generally don’t do catty. But honestly–this is not an image anyone should have to live down. Not even Michelle. Plus, she looks “huge” in comparison to everyone else.

        FLOTUS Turns Linebacker. What a headline!

        If I were Michelle I would insist all copies of this photo be burned, on pain of torture and/or death.

        Awful. She needs someone to give her decent fashion advice. If she has a stylist, he/she should be fired instantly.

        • mountainaires

          I couldn’t agree more. Michelle Obama–touted in the sycophantic press as a “stylish” First Lady, has the absolute WORST taste in fashion I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m more a fan of the classics, but my God, this woman looks awful 95% of the time she’s out in public.

          Someone needs to show her the pictures of herself. She looks tacky in these shirt-waist dresses with horrid belts around her waist. And, her penchant for those God-awful big-flowers…well, what can I say? She needs fashion counseling–big-time.

  • glennmcgahee

    Another thing. I see Mrs Obama on the best dressed list? Man, we’ve really sunk to new lows. That designer she’s featuring is pathetic. I know clothes and hers are pitifully designed not to mention very tacky.

    • Hank

      There is not enough material for 1st quality products. All those 1st quality goods were purchase by Carla Bruni’s designer.

  • Daisy Mae

    My mother would have mentioned the need for lessons in “deportment.” Also, the term “galoompy” would have been applied to FLOTUS.
    As for me personally, I get nauseous when I see such clumpsy dumpsy from my Prez and the Mrs.

  • TeakWoodKite

    This picture has knew meaning.

    BO; “Hey Nick forget 2016, see ?
    Nick, “Vous êtes plein de merde! Laver ma chaussure, vous avez embrassé elses tout le monde!”

    • Portia Elizabeth

      LOL! Vraiment!

  • LibOne

    You know, the real reason she wears the bare shoulder look is to take the focus off her wide hips.

    • mountainaires

      and her bowed legs…


  • Nobama4me

    OT, but you are not going to believe what I just saw on TBS; there was a commercial break and there they were:George Lopez and the President of the US
    George Lopez:” I was thinking, maybe an ambassadorship to Mexico”
    POTUS: “you don’t get it George, you have to change the time of your show, that is change I can believe in”
    and then the announcement of a new time for the George Lopez show. I don’t know if it was filmed before he became the Pres. but it was utterly bizzarre to say the least…I mean how many Pres. pitched a comic’s show on TV? Anyone else ever saw this?

    • Yep – but of course, he has no time to look into ACORN. He’s too busy doing these promos.

      He really seems to think he is Celebrity In Chief instead of the President. Wow…

      • I do believe he’d take a staring role in a Hollywood film today if one was offered to him.

        He is the lowest class President we’ve ever had. Not an ounce of dignity. No understanding of how he’s supposed to behave. He thinks jutting his chin out and looking arrogant is what he’s supposed to do to look as if he holds authority. What a disaster.

        • Carmen

          He could take Nelson Riley’s place on Hollywood squars.

      • Ani

        Uh, people are dying in the middle east. Our troops. Civilians. He has time to record a promo. Whenever it was done doesn’t matter. He should have been hitting the books or learning some vital information that would help him to make better decisions for our country.

        What is this, American Idol?

        Don’t answer that.

      • jbjd

        R3A, perhaps if he ‘paid attention’ to the brouhaha over illegal activities going on throughout ACORN, he would find the time to address the problem.

    • sowsear

      Well if the comic is Hispanic, wadayathink?

      • sowsear

        Gotta get out the vote.

    • Margaret

      Ooooohhhh. How deeply I wish this were a joke. He is making a laughing stock of the venerated office he is in.

  • listingstarboard

    The phrase ungainly water buffalo comes to mind looking at FLOTUS.

    • HARP

      Why denigrate water buffalo?

    • NewHampshireAlex

      That’s racist and gross.