That’s the last line of Paul the Spud’s article, “And Another Thing! at the great Shakesville blog.

Paul the Spud has been yapping “about Obama’s embracing of Bush’s Faith Based Organization (FBO) plan.” He quotes an A.P. article, and boldfaces this sentence:

Obama contended he is merely stating long-held positions — surprising to some, he said, after a primary campaign in which he was “tagged as being on the left.”

Then Paul the Spud adds:

Forget that “taking a page from President Bush” makes my skin crawl. Forget the “aggressive reach” for Republicans. Forget the “centrist themes” in regards to guns, spying on Americans (I refuse to call it “government surveillance”) and capital punishment. Forget the use of Reagan. All of this give me hives, but riddle me this, Batman:

Why the hell should I be excited and agog about a Democratic Presidential candidate who is so goddamned eager to distance himself from “the left,” progressives, and everything I value?

Paul the Spud quotes from Obama’s speech, posted at Obama’s campaign site. About Obama’s plan, he observes:

Obama recognizes the fact that many FBOs, as opposed to social services organizations, secular or otherwise, that are trained and experienced in providing services that have had their budgets gutted by the Bush administration, may not be equipped to provide best services. Instead of returning that money to the organizations that were already doing good work, he’s going to give more money to the organizations that may or may not know what they’re doing.

Then, his big plan for training these FBO’s is to take already overworked organizations that are struggling to provide services for their clients with minuscule budgets and staff, and have them train these FBO’s to do their jobs. Isn’t that just a brilliant bit of outsourcing?

In addition, is “training the trainers” optional? If so, then there will be some FBO’s that will be paid to provide services they’re not trained to provide, or if not, they will be told by the government how to provide their services. How does that work with the separation of church and state? And how is that fair to FBO’s?

And that’s why Paul the Spud says, “I’m living in a cuckoo clock.”

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  • No to B.O.= Body Odor & B. Obama

    Do these programs mean even more of OUR tax money is going to go to Reverend Wright’s and Father Pfleger’s hate-espousing churches?

    In these economic times, I would prefer some of that tax money back rather than to go towards spreading hate against everyone who is not Black – but I guess that’s just me and my empty pockets from paying $4.50 a gallon for gas…

  • Linda C.

    This economy is about ready to go over the cliff. They are having food riots in other countries. The only thing that is keeping US manufacturing limping along is the weak dollar and artificially low interest rates.. However that cannot continue because it is driving up fuel prices and inflation. The jobs that are being lost now are service sector jobs. The automakers are laying off as well too. We have been practicing Wiemar Republic economics and will now doubt have a similar result. The economic bobble heads at the feds think they can control this train. They are fools to think so. The only issues that need to be substituted are our current debt for the German war debt and demand for reparations by the Allies. For other issues within the article just substitute “outsourcing” for Germany’s loss of valuable resources, special low interest sweet loans to important people, and hedge funds where appropriate.
    It was partly because of fear of Bavarian instability that Preuss wrote into the Weimar Constitution the now famous Article 48, which gave the president of the republic the right to govern by decree in emergencies. Before 1928, however, nobody paid much attention to this provision…

    Economic problems were among the most pressing that the young republic had to face. Because of the inflationary means by which the imperial government had financed the war, the German mark in 1919 was worth less than 20 per cent of its prewar value. Despite Erzberger’s energetic financial reforms, the state’s revenues from taxation based on nominal values were hopelessly inadequate.
    Another reason for the prominence given to reparations is their alleged contribution to the runaway inflation of the early 1920s. In fact, however, inflation, far from being the consequence of reparations, preceded them. Successive governments then seized on it as a means of evading reparations payments, as well as for internal social purposes. No German government before 1923 made any attempt to stabilize the currency, because German industrialists worked out a system of ”inflation profiteering.” They would obtain short-term loans from the central bank for improvement and expansion of their plant, and then repay the loans with inflated currency.

  • Susan1968

    It’s clear he will do or say anything to be the first African American president.

    And if swinging to the right gets him elected, he will continue to pander to the right to win a second term

    Essentially there will be NO CHANGE AT ALL during the first term of a Prez. Obama.


    He will “stay the course” with his nose up the right wing’s butt all the way to 2012.

    I know for a fact Hillary would NOT EXPAND faith based initiatives. She would NOT EXPAND the death penalty. And I’m pretty certain she have the cojones as the DEM NOMINEE (and leader of the party) to vote AGAINST FISA.

    Not BO — nope, he’s going along with the Bush Camp on FISA.

    The only Obama flip flops left are healthcare and abortion rights.

    Any minute now — it’s coming.

    • “It’s clear he will do or say anything to be the first African American president.”

      Well if he can claim the Selma March got him born even though the events in Selma took place 4 years after he was expelled from his mothers womb, as a way to claim the mantel of the African American Struggle in the United states, why are you surprised.

      There is nothing he won’t say do deny and backtrack on if it he deems it as politically expediant.

      I wish there was enough room on a bumper sticker for his full name.

      Barry Bacrack Backtrack Barack Black Liberation Get under My Bus Liberal Latte Hussein Hope Hopium & Change Christian Kennedy Selma O’Washington O’Jefferson O’Lincoln Omerica Anti-NAFTA Pro-NAFTA Warrantless Wiretap Waffle Just Words Obullshit Obama ’08

      Ofcourse if you are driving a buss then there is enough room on the back for a really big bumper sticker.

  • Perry Logan

    Is it too soon to start impeachment proceedings?

    • Dawnelle


      Funny Farm – ho ho ha ha hee hee!

  • Ann

    If we aren’t successful in nominating HRC at the convention then we must elect McCain. Why? Because a failed Dem presidency on the order of Obambi will ruin Dem chances for possibly years. (Think Carter or Nixon)

    • pm317

      Yes, I agree.

    • Dawnelle

      I think worse

      Carter was a cake walk (I was serving overseas during his admin)

      Nixon? Different tactics. I think more sinister and unforgiving. But that’s just one woman’s intuition.

  • pm317

    Wow! this is rich!

    surprising to some, he said, after a primary campaign in which he was “tagged as being on the left.”

    He is saying that it was an artificial label that majority of his supporters and others fooled themselves into giving him? Blame the supporters and detractors alike. Do his left-wing supporters have any self-respect? If they do, they should join in our revolt and try to get Hillary back in the game. It is still not too late.

    • WildChild

      I’ts too late. The BOBOweenies have been absorbed ino the dark side of the fringe. They are using the same excuss for staying the BOBOcourse that the conservatives used for their beloved chimp…. the alternative would be worse.

      • Dawnelle

        roflol I just love that name

        boboweenies!! lmao!

  • NY still loves Hillary

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if July 4, Independence Day, was the day that Americans finally wake up from this nightmare and demand accountability from our politicians?

    One can only hope that the discord in Obamaland is a sign that this is the summer of our discontent. Best wishes to all the true Americans here at No Quarter as we Hope that Americans Change their minds and vote to save their country from plunging into the abyss!

    Happy Birthday America!

    • Randall Allen

      I just sent my $5.44 to Mc. For sending such a small amount, it felt really good!!!

      NOBAMA – EVER!!!!!!!

  • tish

    i guess people will have to decide, what is more important the cause for the party? which is a disgrace and obamaion put upon the people, and will cause the suffering of the likes you have never seen, or for america! if you think this is not true, then you dont know, or are for some reasons blind..with all the information that has been released how can you even consider backing the DNC? do you really think they dont know obama is a traitor to this country? could it be that they are to? what is wrong with you?

  • tish
  • happy holiday all
    hillary or mccain 08
    for america

  • TeaMug

    Contact Barack Obama

    Contact DNC

    Contact Superdelegates

    Ask for Barack Obama to step aside to make way for Hillary Clinton. Hillary can beat McCain

    Your Country..Your Voice..Be Heard

  • Kevin

    Jesse Helms dead at 86

    Why do the good die young?

  • Kevin

    Just came across this
    BOs proposals are at $874 BILLION

    Can I get a “Tax and Spend Liberal” ad from a 527?

    • Karma

      I thought that was the cost for just one of them.

      The End Global Poverty Tax…the Iraqi Food for Oil program/grift of this century…tied to our GDP.

      So, the rest cost just as much? Ugh

      I wonder if these Chicago machine clowns figure in their pay-to-play amounts when they crunch the numbers?

      Or if like the Chicago school system results don’t matter….just spreading those tax dollars around to pals is the only concern.

      Anyway, it looks like that’s hundreds of billions for the money men at the UN and overseas.

      Then there is the domestic pie to split with the other policies/hundreds of billions.

  • Steve

    Mr. Obama is a controlled, compromised, blackmailed puppet. His myth was created by corporate, Soros type money. His myth is propped up by the same corporate contolled MSM.

    When are these kool-aid drinkers going to wake up? I believe that the Black community has been duped and is a lost cause. They did believe that OJ is innocent. The youth vote has been conned by all of the fluff. The hype and smoke and mirrors. It is only right that we, Core Dems bring down this phony.
    Our party does have to be punished for going for the payola. Voting against my party all down the line.

    • wac for hillary

      I disagree with your comment that Obama is a blackmailed puppet. I think he is a willing participant.

      • NY still loves Hillary

        That’s right. The blackmailing doesn’t start until after he’s elected.

  • fran

    Even the NY Times is finally getting a clue. From an editorial today re: his flips & “Mr. Grassroots Fundraising” crap:

    Even his own chief money collector, Penny Pritzker, suggests that the magic of $20 donations from the Web was less a matter of principle than of scheduling. “We have not been able to have much of the senator’s time during the primaries, so we have had to rely more on the Internet,” she explained as she and her team busily scheduled more than a dozen big-ticket events over the next few weeks at which the target price for quality time with the candidate is more than $30,000 per person.

  • jwrjr

    Normally voting against someone isn’t such a good thing. But for this election Obama would be such a disaster as President that voting against him would be in the best interests of the country.

    • wac for hillary


  • Happy Independence Day all…

    Today is “Green Rain for McCain”

    Please donate $5.44 to his official site. The .44, as most of you know, symbolizes we are Hillary supporters. Let’s beat the pants of Obama by donating to McCains campaign.

    • Dawnelle

      I might be able to afford that.

      What’s the link?

  • ” right wing trojan horse”…good one!

    definitely an apt description of the blahblah, and the unbelievable chicanery of the elite repubs in cahoots with and/or/manipulation of the elite dems. all very apparent to many of us for some time now.

    for some reason this coup must have oblahma at the helm. they will use any means to this end as there must be a manchurian in their white house.

    lately i’ve been sensing an undermining of McCain as the next domino to be edged into oblivion. guess we’ll have to watch and see. nobody more than me hopes i’m wrong about this. but the corruption of Democracy is almost unimaginable.

    very interesting indeed.

    in a psy-op-ish and science fiction-ey kind of way.

    i’m voting for Mac in the GE unless Hillary makes a comeback at the convention and the forces of truth prevail.

    no other option.

    obama will not be POTUS.

    Happy Fourth Of July to Larry and all of you concerned Patriots!

    Let Freedom Ring.

    • Just Say No Terrorists and Nobama

      You may be right, there seems to be very little middle ground in this election. The elites of both parties may be handing this over to Obama.

      Check out the polls. WHY is Obama not down 20 points across the board?

      What other candidate could have won the nomination with as much baggage as Obama has? His affiliation with Reczko and the purchase of his house. The friendship and support he received from terrorist Wm. Ayers. The racist views of his longtime pastor and friends at the TUCC and the obvious anger espoused therein. He has been exposed repeatedly by this site–why not in the MSM?

      Where is ROVE besides talking apathetically on Fox. Morris, who may not be a Clinton supporter is much more energized and angry about the turn of events. I wish the McCain camp would start listening to him, he’s right. McCain–when are YOU going to get angry?

      • wac for hillary

        Why are you doing this “Oh woe is me” routine? Why should McCain and the RNC spend a lot of money now before Obama gets the official nomination? I wouldn’t; I’d just let Obama continue to suffer from “foot in mouth” disease.

        • Hope Floats

          Exactly. Republicans are upset that McCain doesn’t have a strong message. He just keeps hitting away subtly at Obama. But it would be foolish to waste too much money knocking Obama too hard before the convention. They want to run against him more than Clinton.

          • Zeke

            in a nutshell!

  • fred

    Unity America PUMA style.

    We are about to change the landscape of the democratic party and the history of our country. Today Democrats,Independents and Republicans will meet in the center and UNITE in two historical causes. Today we end the democratic stronghold on the most qualified candidate to lead this great country; Sen Clinton and declare Independence from a party thats without leadership and no longer for the people. Donate to retire Senator Clinton’s debt and Green Rain 4 McCain. Sen McCain has shown respect and admiration for Hillary and her supporters he’s extended and olive branch and willing to sit down and discuss the issues important to us. Hes done more than expect our votes hes tried to earn them. Lets help the McCain campaign donate $5.44 or more please include the .44 to represent Hillary’s supporter.
    Lets Make History Together

    • I have this up on one of my blogs…

      it is on my other also a couple post down….I will re-post something today…

    • wac for hillary

      I have already donated to Hillary to pay down her debt. Although I will be voting for McCain, I’m not quite ready to donate to him.

    • Dawnelle

      Ask McCain if he’ll pick HILLARY for VP!!!!

      Then I’d even campaign for him! And get a bumper sticker! McCain/Clinton 08

      what a novel idea (not)

  • rjj


    Romney has promised to rid Chicago of that pesky prosecutor (Fitzgerald).

    • wac for hillary

      Obama will probably vote for him then.

  • scorbs

    This may be the first year i vote for Ralph Nader since I don’t trust New York to count my write-in of Hillary Clinton for her and her only. They’d probably count it as a vote for Obama-no. If McCain selects Romney, I’ll consider him more seriously but as a rule I don’t think republicans should be rewarded for their abysmality. (That’s a new word.)

    • fran

      I’m considering Nader too. He is calling Obama the “Panderer in Chief.” Right now he needs funds to get his name on ballots in the states. If you can, send him something at Even if you don’t vote for him, it’s important to support him, because he is going to pull votes from Obama (IF Obama is the actual nominee come Sept.)

      Cynthia Ruccia was explaining that WomenForFairPolitics’ new professional campaign strategist says it is like a game: voting McCain is 3 points; Nader/Write In is 2; and no vote is 1–all against Obama.

      • scorbs

        Thanks, will go check it out.

      • John

        I can’t vote for Nader because he screwed over Gore in 2000, and besides, a vote for Nader is not as damaging to Obama’s chances as a vote for McCain. So I’ll vote Republican for the first time since I’ve been eligible (since 1984.)

        • wac for hillary

          I’m with you.

          • Go donate $5.44 to McCain’s site. Today is “Green Rain for McCain” day.

        • Dawnelle

          It depends on his VP choice

          but it more depends on August

          I’m still hanging on to a HILLARY REBOOT!! when Bambi hits the wall mount!

          I could never vote for McCain if he picks some nasty far right crazy vp or even worse if he resurrected the BUSH legacy and tried with Jebby. GAG ME!!!

          I’d have to flee the country!~ hehe

        • C D Ward

          John sez:
          I can’t vote for Nader because he screwed over Gore in 2000, and besides, a vote for Nader is not as damaging to Obama’s chances as a vote for McCain.

          Help me out here, John. Seriously.

          You’ve decided to to “screw over” Obama in 2008 just as 250,000 of your fellow Democrats in Florida alone did to Gore in 2000 — all the while clinging to the DNC’s favorite fairytale about how it was all that damned old Ralph Nader’s fault.

          In the 2000 presidential election in Florida, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by 537 votes. Nader received 97,421 votes. In fact, all seven of the other third-party candidates on the ballot in Florida each received more than 537 votes.

          The claim is that this was Nader’s “greatest impact” on the election. Nader himself, both in his book “Crashing the Party“, and on his website, states: “In the year 2000, exit polls reported that 25% of my voters would have voted for Bush, 38% would have voted for Gore and the rest would not have voted at all.”

          When asked about claims of being a spoiler, Nader typically points to the controversial Supreme Court ruling that halted a Florida recount, Gore’s loss in his home state of Tennessee, and the “quarter million Democrats who voted for Bush in Florida.” A study by the Progressive Review found no correlation between votes for Nader and votes for Gore (i.e. larger votes for Nader did not correlate to less votes for Gore and vice versa).

          When asked by MSNBC’s Tim Russert about the possibility of preventing a Democratic victory in 2008, Nader responded, “Not a chance. If the Democrats can’t landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, and emerge in a different form.”

          It’ll be interesting — if you’re successful — to see whether they’ll “wrap up, close down, and emerge in a different form” as they should, or issue yet another half-assed alibi pointing fingers in every direction save their own.

          This year, at least, it can be both Ralph and Hillary’s fault.

          Nader / Gonzalez ’08 —

      • Hope Floats

        Im in NY state voting for McCain, but a few of my friends have expressed interest in Nader. I’m all for it, since a good 10% showing in a diehard blue state would send a strong message. There is the off chance NY could go red this year, and that would be great.

    • What did you think of Mike H.? I ask because of the type of voters who were attracted to him in the primary…I read different things on the net and some like Mitt and some like Mike…some don’t like either one… and get this…my parents…dems all there life almost voted for Mike in the primary… they liked him and a lot of what he was saying…granted they are older people but a lot of older dems were attracted to him…

      Have you read anything about Mitt and his religious beliefs being a problem for some republicans?

      • scorbs

        Mike H., yes. He has very interesting, more than I expected. He has actual governing experience, and in terms of character, he seems protean enough to make pragmatic decisions. He’d put the country’s interest first. The minister aspect was worrying but it didn’t seem a big issue when he was governor. On the stump, there was lots of homespun wisdom from him that made him interesting. He’d be better than romney, i agree. Must be something in that Arkansas water that turns out good people …

        • wac for hillary

          As someone who lived under the rule of Emperor Huck, it would take a lot for me to vote for him. He is a mini-Obama in that when anything went wrong, Huck always had someone (other than himself) to throw under the bus. He also had a penchant for taking credit for ideas that were clearly not his (ARKids comes to mind). His participation in the Wayne Dumond episode is a definite strike against him.

          However, having said all of that, if I were given the choice between him and Barack Obama, I would choose Huckabee. He is an amateur compared to Obama.

          • Hope Floats

            Huckabee is a clown. He had it too easy with all that folksy charm and his evangelical appeal. He got his slice of the Republican pie too easily. He and Obama are very much alike, actually. Both are snake oil salesmen.

      • Dawnelle

        Romney would be better than Huckleberry but that Gov. of Alaska would be better yet. I forget her name but “whatshisface” on Fox recommended her as the VP pick so I looked her up.

        She’s pro-anwar drilling (which I don’t like) but she otherwise reads moderate and progressive (to a point)

        I can’t believe I’m saying this. And I can’t believe I forget her name.
        (sticking a sock in it now) lol

        • WildChild

          The folks in Alaska get kickbacks from the oil companies for all the drilling that’s done up there. That might explain their overwhelming support for drilling in ANWR.

          • Dawnelle

            same with Louisiana off shore? And Texas?

            I don’t know how I feel about it anymore. I mean I think if each state has a resource they should be free to use it for their people if the people agree or vote.

            Unless it’s polluting something real bad. I never hear of oil spills anymore. Are they just covering it up or being more careful?

            • WildChild

              I don’t think the guys on the gulf coast get kickbacks. I think that is unique to Alaska. If you remember Jeb Bush petitioned his brother to either buy back the off shore drilling leases or suspend them (I can’t recall which it was) before his reelection as FL gov because the pristine nature of the beaches are a huge issue in FL. LOL It seems the republicans are all that keen on the oil companies drilling responsibly when it is their front yard. However drilling in the barren wastes of ANWR and getting a couple bucks out of the deal, the oil companies can aways be trusted to drill responsibly.

            • Hope Floats

              ANWR is not a “barren waste.” It is roughly the size of Delaware, yet they promise millions of barrels of oil can be extracted from about 8% of that property. “It will lower gas prices and make America less dependent on foreign oil.” BS. Alaska has already exhausted its north shore. Once ANWR is opened up, they will keep encroaching upon this vital habitat protected by President Eisenhower and again by Clinton when he vetoed a bill to explore there. No less than 17 bills are pending all of which mandate the opening of the coastal plain of ANWR to oil and gas development. No wonder so many bloggers just looove that dingbat Sarah Palin. She would machine gun down a family of polar bears to get the ok to drill in ANWR. It’s not worth it. Our oil reserves are at 97% capacity. Market manipulation and fear mongering is the reason for high gas prices.

    • Zeke

      its abysmalicity I believe …
      Happy 4th!

  • scorbs

    This is precisely why it was important to think about would Obama be a good president. No, he wouldn’t. He isn’t smart enough nor broad enough nor experienced enough and he has authoritarian instincts. Clinton would be truly democratic and smart about policies. She’d get the best things done, based on core principles. Now we basically have someone who may win the presidency because people are disgusted with republicans, and he’s a complete nitwit.

    • fran

      Can you imagine the mess he will make with foreign relations? Just like his confusing statements about Israel and Palestine, neither country knows what his actual position is. You are absolutely right: the only reason Obama’s empty “Hope” crap has gotten him this far is because everyone is desperate after 8 years of Bush, and looking for someone to save us. Unfortunately, it isn’t the one who actually has the knowledge and tools to do it.

      • wac for hillary

        You know this may sound weird, but I think I could take four more years of GWB if it meant Obama wouldn’t set foot in the White House.

        • Andrew

          I’d take 8 years of Bush over 1 with Obama. These are the possible events that could happen under Obama:

          Flip-flops on Israel and goes to Palestine sparking outrage by the nuclear armed nation who will in retaliation bomb Iran and cause oil prices to spike to $300 a barrel.

          Flip-flops on Taiwan, pulling American ships from the region and allowing China to commit mass genocide or flip-flops on China and recognizes Taiwan as an independent nation causing WWIII, destabilizing the world order as Russia, China, Venezuela, are pitted against the US and its NATO allies/EU (Japan and Australia) and India. A nuclear bomb is used on China causing hundreds of millions of deaths and devastating a major world commercial center.

          Flip-flops on war with Iran, oil jumps to $300 and Iraq and Afghanistan collapses into chaos.

          Meets with Hugo Chavez and capitulates to the dictators demands.

          Causes economic devastation with his naive economic policies and volunteer agenda, sending the global economy deeper into a depression. The trade barriers will act like they did in the 1930s, worsening the economic pain.

          Causes mass riots over repeated flip flops, the U.S. government is toppled, anarchy commences.

          Think it is bad now? Wait for the Obamessiah.

    • scary isn’t it?

      • Dawnelle


  • fran

    Notice how The Chronic Liar says he was “tagged by the left?” I guess he didn’t see the need to correct that misconception (that he fueled), and he didn’t mind taking their money or votes did he?

    “I’m living in a cuckoo clock.”

    We all feel that way. In other election years, ONE major flip-flop would sink a candidate. This guy does it on a daily basis, and the media are working 24/7 to ignore, rationalize, explain and deny his ridiculous lack of judgment and honesty. It continues to be more and more bizarre.

    • wac for hillary

      It’s also becoming more and more noticeable in spite of the MSM’s efforts.

      • Hope Floats

        Obama looks more and more like the Iraq war as each day goes by.

  • Calypso

    There may be much more unrest out there than the corrupt democratic power brokers behind Obama and the DNC realize.

    We wear our Hillary buttons everywhere we go even on an Army Fort and Air Force Base (we are retired military).

    It never fails, each time we are out and about we are stopped by individuals with this comment “I like your button”.

    Which of course leads to conversation about Howard Dean and the DNC manipulating the corrupt primary system to ensure Obama would win.

    And the incredulity that the party power brokers chose Obama who has absolutely NOTHING in his character, background or experience to be the nominee.

    We live in Arizona….wear your Hillary buttons and see if you encounter the same response where you live.

    • fran

      We wear our Hillary buttons everywhere we go even on an Army Fort and Air Force Base (we are retired military).

      Calyspo: I love it! Good for you for wearing your buttons and educating and challenging people. Thank you for doing that.

    • John

      I still have my Hillary sticker on my car, and it’s not coming off. I am visiting my parents in Vermont- which went 2-1 for Obama in the primary- and as I was getting out of my car in downtown Barre a guy called out from his truck “don’t take that sticker off, she was our only chance!”

      That guy was right, and I’m taking his advice.

      No Obama, not ever. Hillary or McCain.

      • wac for hillary

        To think the Democratic Party had a highly qualified candidate who truly could get votes from the entire spectrum of political thought and, for whatever reason, threw it all away. What did the DNC do; they selected an inexperienced, Chicago machine politician for their candidate who has succeeded in uniting people against him. I know the Democratic Party has a history of shooting itself in the foot, but this time they used a shotgun on both feet.

      • pm317

        I am not taking it off my car either and I have a yard sign now on the window of my study and that won’t come off either anytime soon.

    • Karma

      How cool! What a great way to get the conversation going.

      Thanks for military service….Happy 4th of July!

    • nemesis

      my bumper still has John Edwards 08 on it. Not taking it off either.

      Clinton/Edwards ’08

      If enough people wake up in time.

    • Am in Arizona and I wear a McCain AND a Hillary button!

    • Dawnelle

      Same thing here. Today I got out of my car (with Hillary bumper sticker) and because of the holiday match accordingly even wore my pretty rhinestone flag pin.

      Mom and I (red white and blue) it was almost hokey! LOL but I was loving it! I have reclaimed my Country from those who would wrap themselves in the flag.

      Today is the day to show your colors. If no other. jmo.

      Patriotic Unaffiliated (sounds like an oxymoron but trust me, it’s NOT)

  • candymarl

    Heck at this point Obama is running farther to the Right than either Hillary or McCain. But I thought Hillary was the secret Right-Wing Trojan Horse?

    Guess not.

    • Every thing Obama criticized Hillary for in the primary is now his policy….he is moving in on McCain now taking on his polices….who knows what he will stand for in a month..

      • beebop

        His numbers will look dreadful in about two weeks. He is too comfortable with “they have no place else to go.” Maybe he hasn’t noticed that people can stay home. If it rains or the weather is bad that day, his goose is cooked and in the freezer for Thanksgiving.

        • Karma

          I wonder how many op-eds are we going to see for the lefties to ‘get over it’?

          Or is that a special phrase just for the Hillary supporters?

          Those poll numbers should be interesting. MSNBC this morning had the lady behind the desk already smoothing over the rough edges on this move to the middle. Asking if supporters could understand the ‘subtle’ arguments he made in terms of Iraq.

          Subtle arguments? It is the same thing we’ve heard for the past five years from Bush. This nothing new….but out of Obama it is subtle and the people are stupid.


      • wac for hillary

        This guy hasn’t had an original thought since he was born.

  • katmandu

    Google phrases like “Hillary will do anything to win” and you can see lots of diarists who must be feeling pangs now (or are in total denial).

    I never believed Hillary would do anything to win; she took what I thought were reasonable, moderate progressive stances. I did admire Obama’s plan to get out of Iraq on a firm schedule, but it was the only advantage I saw in him. Now that’s gone, and all we have is someone whose politics really are a great unknown.

  • Lucinda

    My apologies to people who consider themselves leftists, but Obama has finally figured out that the moderates of both parties and independent voters are the ones who elect presidents—not the extreme left wing or the extreme right wing. Unfortunately for Obama, the media and voters won’t quickly or easily forget his leftist positions in the primaries much less his liberal voting record.

    • Just Say No Terrorists and Nobama

      Comment by Lucinda | 2008-07-04 08:13:44

      My apologies to people who consider themselves leftists, but Obama has finally figured out that the moderates of both parties and independent voters are the ones who elect presidents—not the extreme left wing or the extreme right wing. Unfortunately for Obama, the media and voters won’t quickly or easily forget his leftist positions in the primaries much less his liberal voting record.

      You would think. But why is it that the average American voter is not as informed as we are? They don’t come to blogs and research things for themselves and trust the party leadership. This election is already proving to be different. We may actually elect the big lie.

      • Lucinda

        I don’t believe that’s true. While you’re right that the average American doesn’t read these type of blogs, they are informed people. They read the newspapers and watch television, and I give them credit for being a lot smarter than some of the Obama people think they are. I am an average American, and I talk to people all the time who are expressing to me that they don’t have a lot of trust in Barack Obama’s campaign promises. We’ll see what happens over the next few months.

        • clik212

          Sorry Lucinda,

          The MSM is not at all a source for balanced and informative news. The only reliable source in MSM would be PBS and BBC, if you are fortunate enough to read another language there are plenty of French, Spanish and other blogs and news sites to get what’s really going on. In fact, UNIVision has more reliable news than all the major broadcasters do in the US. It has comprehensive news about Latin America, Europe and the world. Unfortunately U.S. public opinion is so provincial that is why we are viewed as politically naive. The media here is controlled by conglomerates. Sound bites on ABC, NBC and CBS are not balanced or informative. They are merely breaks between commercials. There are websites you can go to that monitor the media where you get links to more reliable news sources.

          • Lucinda

            I don’t believe that every news outlet in the U.S. is corrupt. I worked for a newspaper for 21 years, and I believe there are still honest journalists in the United States who haven’t been bought. No, you won’t find them on the cable networks like MSNBC, so watch C-Span instead.

          • Andrew

            What do you think BBC is? Oh yeah, a giant, government controlled media conglomerate that controls most of the news in the UK. Hmm. Choosing imports over domestic. PBS is also a government controlled entity. Just think of PBS under Obama. It will include an hour of Live from TUCC, GD America. It is not from the news that people become politically naive, only from the blind acceptance of the news.

            • clik212

              Looking at your obvious choices, PBS offers you comprehensive news that you don’t get on commercial network news. Instead of arguing with me why don’t you offer us the alternatives for international news. I’m not saying that all news is corrupt. Read again I am talking about the major broadcast outlets. Don’t get so wound up. PBS is now under Bush and you still get object news do you not watch the News Hour?

        • csuzeq

          My boyfriend is a die hard democrat and so far is voting Obama. My resolve not to has him puzzled and anxious. So does all the talk on msm about PUMA and Clinton supporters not supporting Obama, but they’ll come around kind of news because he knows I will never come around. He and I discussed it yesterday and I challenged him to not believe me if he doesn’t want to. No. I challenged him to research Obama and the state of his district in Chicago and the Rezko trial and Operation Board games and then I challenged him to find proof Obama is not involved and to give me one solid example of Obama doing anything for the people in his constituency to convince me why I should vote for him. Given this challenge, he said he will spend today researching Obama. How can anyone research Obama and not get ill or at the very least some serious doubts. I say thta is how we get the word out. Tell Obama supporters to investigate him to show us why we want to vote for him. There is nothing there.

          • Karma

            I will be looking forward to your update…this should be interesting.

        • KarenAnn

          Lucinda, I talk to a lot of people across the country and, yes, many of them do not have the time or skills to go to the blogs or if they do do not have the time to leave comments. However, one thing they all have in common is a burning desire to NOT see Obama elected. They are all ages, races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. They have been intimidated in caucuses, threatened at their jobs (2 city workers in Chicago, one a police officer threatened with the loss of a promotion if they did not vote for BO) and verbally abused in tel calls and at polling sites. They will not vote for Obama, not BECAUSE HRC is not the nominee per se, but because they feel that the nomination process was rigged from the beginning. Those that live in Chicago tell me that “this guy has been so protected by the Daly machine I cannot help but shudder at the thought of what he is expected to give in return”.

        • wac for hillary

          I would like to see where the MSM falls in a poll of who you trust the most. In my neck of the woods, they would be competing with the Democratic Congress for the last position. The people I know see Obama for what he is–a fraud and a corrupt politician who waves his “patriotism” under our noses when political expediency demands it.

          • Lucinda

            On C-Span the other night, they conducted a focus group on the Presidential election. One very interesting question arose. When asked who they would want to carry the American flag at the upcoming Olympics, one person said Barack Obama and the others all picked John McCain. When asked why, many of the respondents said, “Because McCain is an American hero.” This is why the smear campaign (like the one last week) against McCain’s war record will backfire on Obama.

    • Hope Floats

      Obama’s not that stupid. He knew blacks would vote for him unanimously and give him an advantage in the primaries. He knew to mobilize the youth and radical left, he would have to say a lot of crazy stuff that no sane adult would believe. He figured once he had the nomination, he would move to the center. Except he ran against a true progressive with political chops to see what he was doing.

      Hillary has been intimately involved with two winning presidential campaigns. She has stumped for countless Democratic politicians and raised money for them. She knew what she was doing as she continued to expose Barack Obama throughout the primaries. That’s why the SD’s kept coming out for Obama ($ v. bombshell still kept them slow) and party bosses kept calling for her to drop out. He fell back on scorched earth politics to try to distract the public, engaging in ad hominem attacks from the right wing. He’s trying to appeal to these people now, because he got their attention with WWTSBQ and all their favorite Clinton slurs.

      Unfortunately, she is out of the race for now, and he has nothing else in common with the right wing. Hillary succeeded in getting everyone to pay attention to Obama’s votes and making sure he was asked tough questions. She humiliated him in that second Philadelphia debate. I think she loved it, too. She and Bill share a love of rough and tumble politics. They enjoy a good fight.

      Obama probably reminds her a bit of Bill, in that they are both “naturals.” Hillary put up with being “Lady Macbeth” all those years. I think she enjoyed coming out and openly fighting for what she always wanted. What’s wrong with wanting power, anyway? She is pragmatic, though. Most importantly, she put in her time. She had the real experience. Obama appears weaker since the party leadership had to muzzle her to push him forward. He looks like the weak, effete leftist that John Kerry was, a flip flopper and a snob. Obama is toast now. Hillary 2012 or sooner.

  • John

    …and if you listen to Air America Radio, you hear Operation Ignore Obama’s Flip Flops underway as well- it’s all about McCain’s Flip Flopping. Also ignored are Obama’s shady land deals- instead, we get hour after hour of John McCain hasn’t paid his taxes and look at his credit card balance!

    It should be called Look Over There Nothing To See Here Radio. I can’t believe they are fooling anybody.

    • wac for hillary

      I imagine it is very hard to keep coming up with bogus reasons why we should jump on the Obama bandwagon. The best offense is a good defense seems to be their current motto; the only problem with that is they seem to play defense like a lot of pro basketball teams–poorly.

      • Steven Mather

        L. Ron Hubbard’s strategy was “always attack, never defend.” Given this, and the impressive logical and factual contortions that Obamabots perform in justifying their Big Brother’s actions, the parallels between the Church of Scientology and the (soon to be?) Church of Obama are quite striking.

        • Dawnelle


          uncontrollable shaking

        • Hope Floats

          That’s what this FBI noise is all about, ushering in the State Religion. TUCC has NOI roots and pays lip service to the Bible, but Black Liberation Theology is a marxist and humanist doctrine. Just as Obama used the teachings of Saul Alinsky while working as a “community organizer,” the model is about to go federal. Just like he brought Chicago on board for his campaign and moved the DNC there, The Possum King plans on moving his court to the Capitol and unlocking the treasury for his friends.

          • JozefAL

            Uh, Hope? Personally, I LIKE the idea of “humanist” ideology. It sort of reaffirms the idea that HUMANS (not some sort of mythical/supernatural being) are responsible for their own lives, and that natural acts (like hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes) are NOT the result of someone’s or some group’s “sinful actions”. This doesn’t preclude the idea that government should be there to help the less-fortunate.
            Also, Marxism has never been put into actual practice. EVER. While Lenin and other later Communists claimed to be advocates (and devotees) of Marx and Engels’ theories, none of them truly were, as the base concept of Marx and Engels’ Communism was supposed to be based on INDUSTRIAL workers in Capitalist societies leading the “Revolution”. As we’ve seen from history, EVERY SINGLE COMMUNIST NATION came from largely agrarian societies (with almost no real industrial base to speak of). In fact, Mao’s vision of Communism saw peasants as active participants in the Revolution. (It’s worth noting that the Eastern European states that fell to Communism after WWII were all largely agrarian societies until the Soviets forced mass industrialization programs on each.)

            • Zeke

              Hey Jose,
              It’s the Fourth of July.
              Go fuck yourself

  • John

    Yep, the parade of “this is what I’ve ALWAYS believed, if you thought differently it’s because YOU are mistaken” pronouncements has already begun.

    Some Obama supporters are angry and disgusted. Others shrug and say “hey no big deal, this is what politicians always do.”

    I notice that very few actually agree that Obama hasn’t flipped on this and other issues. It’s only the degree to which they care that seems to vary from person to person.

    But we can toss aside forever the “Obama is a different kind of leader” BS. Because he’s not. This is exactly the kind of crap that turns people away from the “old ways of doing things.” Obama is just another corrupt, lying politician.

    Hope? Only that we can do better in 2012.

    Change? Not at all.

    • ame

      “Change” and “hope” are the reason why Clinton was rejected. Experience didn’t matter as long as there was “change” and “hope.” Now the Democratic party is stuck with a candidate that’s a fake; they also have a candidate that lacks experience.

      • Dawnelle

        The DEMS just couldn’t leave well enough alone!!!

        They had a SURE THING (with Hillary) the PEOPLE VOTED!!! Even after all the GARBAGE talk for DECADES by MOSTLY the wretched RIGHT over the HORRIBLE CLINTONS. SHE STILL OUT SHINED THEM ALL IN THE END!! (do you hear me yet?)


        go AWAY CHILDREN & Republicans
        we don’t want to clean up after you.

        Barry go back to the Southside. Buy someone an Air Conditioner/Heater combo! Be useful! Learn how to install it YOURSELF!!!

        ya pantywaist

  • AnninCA

    I personally hate this effort by Dems. *blech* on seeking out religious differences for votes.

    • wac for hillary

      I think they have finally realized that throwing the Democratic base under the bus wasn’t such a smart idea. Now all they are left with is their “new” Party, and it’s not enough. They have to try to find others they think they can “bamboozle”, but I don’t think the evangelicals like what Obama is preaching. I can’t wait until someone asks Obama on-air what his position is on a woman’s right to choose. Will his answer be the latest flip flop, will he use his escape and evade technique and answer obliquely, or will he shock the living daylights out of me and commit to supporting a woman’s right to choose?

  • mr

    obama is fake told youall

  • Linda C.

    GAO report raises serious questions about Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative

    For years, President Bush has being going around the country touting his faith based initiative (FBI), claiming that it has been achieving remarkable results delivering social services to the needy. Few reporters have bothered to ask what the president meant by “results.” Well, the results are in on the FBI and they are decidedly not positive. A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has affirmed what many critics of President Bush’s faith based initiative have long asserted: too many religious groups that have received government grants have been mixing religious activities with their social work; and the government has not yet established a concrete process to monitor grant recipients to see if they are being effective.

    • wac for hillary

      Why am I not surprised!

      • I’m sooo sorry the NYT is “disappointed” in Obama’s current persona. Perhaps if they had done the minimum research on him before they vaunted him as the Messiah they would not have been in the least bit surprised.

        As an ex-Chicagoan myself, his exploits are legion: beating out his former mentor in his race for the state legislature (black woman)and an old-time pol (black man)shows that he early on knew no moral bounds he couldn’t cross on his way upward. What kind of reporter (all media, including pundits)doesn’t do his/her homework on a candidate before waxing poetic? Answer: ALL OF THEM.

        No, I don’t think he’s evil, just the same ole, same ole, without the political savvy of his cohorts. Sad, very sad.

    • sjc-tx

      Default Shocker: Leftist Ny Times Disenchanted With New Not Improved Obama
      July 04, 2008
      A Lightbulb Goes off over the NY Times Head

      A shocker from the paper that has all but promoted the candidacy of Barack Obama. They find some major league faults with the new Barack Obama.

      In the past the paper has all but deified Barack Obama. The news section has underreported – or not reported at all- a stream of factual errors, exaggerated claims, campaign tricks, unseemly associates, his ignorance of diplomatic history, his appeasement and accommodationist approach towards our enemies, flip-flopping on Iran, and other assorted developments that cast doubt on Barack Obama’s character, judgment, and fitness for office.

      But when Obama has started shifting to the center to accumulate more support and casts doubt on how firmly he supports the liberal principles of the Times he has crossed a threshold.

      The Times takes him to task (finally-a little late but welcome nevertheless) for his political transformation, spurred no doubt by the McCain’s campaign to highlight the policy differences between the candidates (see Charles Krauthammer’s column today in the Washington Post for an analysis of the cynicism behind Barack Obama moves-it is all about being The American Idol).

      New and Not Improved: (From the Times editorial)

      Senator Barack Obama stirred his legions of supporters, and raised our hopes, promising to change the old order of things. He spoke with passion about breaking out of the partisan mold of bickering and catering to special pleaders, promised to end President Bush’s abuses of power and subverting of the Constitution and disowned the big-money power brokers who have corrupted Washington politics.

      Now there seems to be a new Barack Obama on the hustings. First, he broke his promise to try to keep both major parties within public-financing limits for the general election. His team explained that, saying he had a grass-roots-based model and that while he was forgoing public money, he also was eschewing gold-plated fund-raisers. These days he’s on a high-roller hunt.

      Even his own chief money collector, Penny Pritzker, suggests that the magic of $20 donations from the Web was less a matter of principle than of scheduling. “We have not been able to have much of the senator’s time during the primaries, so we have had to rely more on the Internet,” she explained as she and her team busily scheduled more than a dozen big-ticket events over the next few weeks at which the target price for quality time with the candidate is more than $30,000 per person.

      The new Barack Obama has abandoned his vow to filibuster an electronic wiretapping bill if it includes an immunity clause for telecommunications companies that amounts to a sanctioned cover-up of Mr. Bush’s unlawful eavesdropping after 9/11.

      In January, when he was battling for Super Tuesday votes, Mr. Obama said that the 1978 law requiring warrants for wiretapping, and the special court it created, worked. “We can trace, track down and take out terrorists while ensuring that our actions are subject to vigorous oversight and do not undermine the very laws and freedom that we are fighting to defend,” he declared.

      Now, he supports the immunity clause as part of what he calls a compromise but actually is a classic, cynical Washington deal that erodes the power of the special court, virtually eliminates “vigorous oversight” and allows more warrantless eavesdropping than ever.

      The Barack Obama of the primary season used to brag that he would stand before interest groups and tell them tough truths. The new Mr. Obama tells evangelical Christians that he wants to expand President Bush’s policy of funneling public money for social spending to religious-based organizations – a policy that violates the separation of church and state and turns a government function into a charitable donation.

      On top of these perplexing shifts in position, we find ourselves disagreeing powerfully with Mr. Obama on two other issues: the death penalty and gun control.

      Mr. Obama endorsed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the District of Columbia’s gun-control law. We knew he ascribed to the anti-gun-control groups’ misreading of the Constitution as implying an individual right to bear arms. But it was distressing to see him declare that the court provided a guide to “reasonable regulations enacted by local communities to keep their streets safe.”

      We are not shocked when a candidate moves to the center for the general election. But Mr. Obama’s shifts are striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games.…_over_the.html

      It seems that when Obama was yapping about change, who knew that the kind of change he represented was a change on all of his positions once he got the nomination. Doesn’t sound like the Change to Believe In.

    • Faustina

      I think many grant programs administered by state and federal governments are very inefficient, poorly administered, and generally a waste of taxpayer dollars.

      But think of the complications that would come with trying to oversee faith-based programs. If someone tried to discontinue a program on the basis of waste or fraud or abuse, I can imagine that the organization being targeted would try to claim bias or prejudice. To make sure these programs operate as intended, you would need very tight auditing or law enforcement resources beyond the capacity of existing systems.

      I think it is a bad, bad idea. Faith-based groups should be independent and should help themselves, help each other, and help their believers without tax dollars. They are already tax-exempt.

    • Dawnelle

      I don’t care whose line it is – I LOVE IT!

      and I FEEL IT!!!

      cuckoo! obambibabies R KOOKOOOOOOOOkachoo!

      We’re happy there is no rain predicted for tonight’s GREAT FIREWORKS SHOW!!

      These Mountaineers know HOW TO CELEBRATE a HOLIDAY!! Hopefully they won’t start the forest on fire! (lol not funny)

      Enjoy you Holiday Everyone!!

      I cheer for Peace with Honor!
      Bring em home NOW!!!
      Let’s have a REAL PARADE!

      • Dawnelle

        I’m losing letters

        YOUR holiday

        if you please