As reported by Marc Armbinder, at a meeting of Hillary’s fundraisers last Thursday, Senator Obama was asked if he would accept a roll call vote at the Convention. His response, according to a participant:

“Hillary and I are going to negotiate this thing and talk about it, and obviously we’re going to do what is right for the party. We’re all going to make sure we agree.”

There is nothing to negotiate. To remove anyone’s name from the ballot is not legal or moral. Senator Clinton has more than earned the right, in the closest Democratic Primary in history, to have her name put forth into nomination on the first ballot at the Democratic Convention and have a roll call vote.

This is about respect. Respect for 18,000,000 voters, and respect for the pledged delegates whose allegiances were assigned based on the votes cast over the last six months.

Achieving true democracy takes courage. If Senator Obama is truly the ‘uniter’ he claims to be, he would never want his fellow Senator’s rights to be negotiated away.

He would be absolutely committed to respecting all of Senator Clinton’s voters as much as he respects his own. After all, isn’t the eventual goal a Democratic administration? Unity stems from fairness. Not backroom deals or untoward pressure for a powerful opponent to bow out.

The is where The Denver Group comes in, an organization dedicated to ensuring that all delegates can vote on the first ballot as originally pledged, Super Delegates are free to vote their conscience, and most importantly, where both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton’s names are on the ballot. No coronations, thank you.

It certainly looks as though Senator Obama’s campaign fears a roll call vote at the Convention. Given all the gaffes and dustups and policy flip-flops of the last three weeks, I can understand why.

The DNC cannot afford to ignore Senator Clinton’s voters any longer by pretending her name should not be put forth. Even Howard Dean, who only had 130 delegates pledged to him in the 2004 primary, had his name on the first ballot.

While Chairman Dean has made some vague rumblings that this will be an open convention, we have seen that the DNC may not be as committed to the rules as they pretend. Perhaps voters need to both remind and pressure them to do what they know is right. In this regard, the almighty dollar speaks louder than anything else.

Senator Clinton has endured misogyny and bias at the hands of the media. Sometimes, the only way to break through that bias is to get our own message across in the media and one of the best and most reliable ways is to buy it.

Fundraising is not my favorite thing, but three months ago, I was still a “lurker” and not a “blogger”. Until two weeks ago, I had never put a guest post on a site such as this one. I am finding a new comfort with many things. The loud cries we are hearing in the blogosphere, and the resulting movement growing by the day, demonstrates a power that is hard to ignore. A friend said to me today that a full page ad in the Washington Post will send a bigger message to the DNC than 100,000 letters. An ad says money and since The Denver Group cannot accept corporate or union donations, grass roots assistance from everyone out there will send a very powerful message indeed as to the number of voters standing together to achieve one goal.

Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Donna Brazile will hear my message loud and clear – they will know how many donors like me it took to have a full page “voice” in the Washington Post or a 30-second TV spot. Imagine if millions of supporters gave even as little as $5 to the cause. That’s a war chest that will make the DNC sit up and take notice. Money equals power in a situation like this one.

I am not content to restrict myself to writing letters to the DNC or expressing my disappointment privately. Taking action on behalf of The Denver Group is one of the best ways for me to insist that democracy not be taken away.

I will not be disenfranchised. My vote did and does count. I want my voice to be heard. I stand with and will contribute to The Denver Group to make sure that it will be heard loud and proud at the Democratic Convention in August.


Editor’s Note: Don’t miss this week’s NQ Radio Interview — The Denver Group.” You’l also find more links related to The Denver Group.

  • jo2

    And don’t forget OBAMITES to take double strenght Valium Prescriptions for Nov. 4th!

    Pumas have already paid for your Rx and for Gender Sensitivity Studies courses for your Leader for his return to Senate!

  • jo2

    HILLARY’s name should be on FIRST BALLOT.


    NOBAMA ’08

  • mary

    Obama’s support went down from 60 to 54 among those supporters who were to vote for this Chancey the Gardener apparition!

    Obama is going down the Tubes fast.


    Sen. McCain
    Ralph Nader
    Write-in Hillary
    Stay Home and write Condolenscens letter to PeggySue

  • mary

    Hey, Mr. Obamabot-PEGGYSUE: GROW UP and see who acted as a teenager.

    Watch this Yutube mega-hit starring your MATURE Mr.OBAMA:

    ‘OBAMA GIVES HILLARY THE FINGER”–where your pathetic candidate of Hope performs his calculated, well-rehearsed JayZ rapper act and waits for his equally unenlightened, moronic and IMMATURE audience (were you there dahlink Mr. PeggySue Obamabot?) to ‘clue in’ Then this juvenile dahrling of the DNC morons proceeds to scrape th shit (his fellow female senator H. Clinton!) from his dainty shiny shoes and dust her off his shoulders!

    Hey, PeggySue, is this the mature politics and the CHANGE we can believe in, doll? Now go tell your fellow dudes:

    NOBAMA ’08
    PUMAS Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • mary

    Hillary’s name should be on the first ballot and anything to the contrary is not only immoral but illegal under the constitution. (Perhaps Mr. Barry Soeroto should revisit Hemingway, his favorite writer and read his autobiography and his exploits in Cuba..)

    Barry Soeroto is only the PRESUMPTIVE nominee. He is not the Nominee!

  • Jo


    DO NOT RESPOND TO UKforDEM. Let the sOb die a natural one! He’s an obvious jerk and the sooner he gets lost, the less we have to read of his extremely STUPID comments!

    His IP is NOT in the UK! He’s playing with his computers from Barry’s basement again!
    Maybe Rezko would give this nice old english gent a job…

  • Peggysue

    Those so called Hillary supporters need to grow up! I’m getting sick and tired of this mess. All this talk about Hillary being mistreated because she’s a women. I swear! Never have I experienced such sniveling and crying in a presidental campaign! I mean, she and her supporters are acting very much like women, or rather, teenagers who didn’t get their way! And can somebody tell me what happened to all those 18,000.000 supporters she keeps bragging about when she needed help paying off her debt? Most of these discruntled people are probably Rush’s republican minons who were sent out to vote for her and pad her votes anyways.

  • navyvet48

    Try 2 million of us at the moment–that’s a one month number. Add 2 more months, more disaffected and disenchanted Hillary supporters, MSM advertising, and additional Obama shifts and gaffes and then we’ll talk about PUMA power and its relevancy in Denver.

    Until then, sit on it!

    Ed Hale the rancher from Texas has 6 million hits on his site. + 2 million PUMA members. Those numbers are huge. As many people are not as hooked to the blogosphere as many of us here…How many more are at home saying Ican’t vote for the one who was selected not elected?

    Do you think the whatever it is questioning us has enough fingers and toes to count that high?

  • Steve

    Listen, I hope everyone is going to participate in the Million March on Denver….Bring you body and 10-20 other amigos…This is the only way we are going to force the Sellouts, listen, Howard, Pelosi and the others. This is the only way we are going to stop the corrupted Chicago Combine from taking over the Party. We need to organize, spread the word, and verbally protest!

  • Patti

    Stinky Diaper- TIME FOR A CHANGE?

    You be the Judge:

  • Patti

    Make Dr. King Proud on the Anniversary of his “I Have A Dream” Speech.

    Make his Words Ring Loud and Clear! Let’s prove him right!

    Let “HIS” words come to Life in the 21st Century!

    Mark your Calendars for the summer evening when Hillary comes to the podium in Denver to speak and to say: I accept the nomination of my Party and will be honored to lead you back to a path of peace and prosperity.

    Right On! Hillary 2008!

    Thank you Dr. King! We hear you still. Loud and Clear, Sir!

  • Patti

    Check this out…Chicago Sun Times ad being paid for by the People.

  • Anonymous

    The democratic party has spent nearly a hundred years trying to dismantle our democracy and replace it with various forms of fascism and marxism. Hell, they invented the pattern of political behavior most would label today as fascism. Now, Obama is using those methods to seize control of the party and marginalize the legitimate leader of that party.

    Why are democrats surprised about this? Why are they surprised that this sort of behavior has an extreme negative backlash with most folks?

    Newsflash. This behavior has severely weakened the democrats politically, time and time again. Rallying against it is the prime motivating force behind the republicans and is the main reason they keep winning elections.

    This election, they are more vulnerable than ever. Why? Because Bush acted in a way severely at odds with how democrats want to run the country? No. Because the war is unpopular? Not exactly. People are pissed that so much is going toward the enrichment of people who hate us….NOT because they feel what we did in Iraq was morally wrong in any shape at all. Most people would love to nuke Iraq.

    Bush is vulnerable because his policies compromise with the DNC so much that he’s abandoned the conservative agenda and there is widespread sentiment that the entire party has done the same. THAT is why they are vulnerable.

    And the dems are going to lost despite this overwhelming advantage because they simply could not bring themselves to simply sit back and be moderates. Instead, we get Barack Hussein Muhammad Farrakahn William Ayers Jeremiah Wright Obama dumbass. The republican base that was prepared to simply sit out the election is looking at this rightly in concern. They will hold their noses and turn out in record numbers for McCain in order to prevent the very real disaster that will happen if the dems get their way with Obama.

    At least a large number of dems are waking up to what they’ve done and decided to try and prevent it from continuing. But, how much of this is a simple temper tantrum because your messiah was cast aside for another? Obama is just the latest and biggest losers in a long list of misc. scum the dems have dredged up and tried to ram down an ignorant electorates throats. And both Clintons are on that list for some of the most extreme behaviors (like suspicion of murdering a large number of people who have gotten in their way).

    Yeah….that needs to stop.

  • RIcki Lieberman

    ELECTABILITY. The only job of the Super Delegates in Denver is to select the candidate able to take back the White House for the Democrats in November, and she is HRC.

    The ELECTABILITY WATCH is a no-cost grassroots action to cultivate SDs during the summer leading up to the Convention to remind them of their responsibilities and that we will hold them accountable for fulfilling them by nominating Hillary Clinton.

    To participate in the ELECTABILITY WATCH, please go to TOGETHER4US.COM, comments, ELECTABILITY. If you would like to receive a list of 18 SDs, rather than picking your own, please let me know at

    We already have scores of participants but can use many more to get full coverage in order to have maximum impact – to keep the option open for HRC’s nomination.

    With Obama morphing in to Bush 3, now is the time to join the ELECTABILITY WATCH and GO GO GO!!!

  • Kiki

    Larry check this video out. At about 3 minutes, HRC talks about the convention. And she says that she has a lot of delegates that want their voices to be heard. It looks like HRC is not going to let them take her name of the ballot.

  • cathnealon

    Since when is someone who is down by less than 100 delegates not on the ballot? What is going on? What is he talking about “negotiating”? This is insane,Democrats, if he gets the nomination we have to vote McCain, a stay at home decision is a vote for Obama, right now that’s what the sleaze is counting on. Don’t stay home, vote McCain, as awful as he is, he’s better than this Marxist.


    Is Hussein in the room? Man, it stinks!!!


    Hussein will never allow Hillary to have the 1st ballot .It is just another lie. Hussein would not be the victor on the 1st ballot if he let this happen..The dems have become the nazi party and the brown shirts rule..It pains me to say so but we all know its true.
    Hillary will be treated like crap used and tossed aside…thrown under that damn bus…..
    To Hell with Hussein..

    • standard

      The truth is, she is in a terrible debt, and they know exactly how to manipulate her.