Another good one from Jon Stewart — keep talking [Video below the fold.] I know many of you don’t much care for him but let us acknowledge whatever little turn around we can get from the kool-aid drinkers. More so when we have our erratic media fact checking a comedy skit as in — CNN fact checks SNL skit on Obama. Just unbelievable!

Indecision and convenient flip-flops have been the hallmark of this presidency so far but it has started to sow doubt about Obama among a number of his cheerleaders. The fact remains that they just didn’t think much of the 130 or so “present” votes he cast during his state senate days; they didn’t think much of his self-conferred celebrity during his US senate days when he could not be bothered to conduct hearings on, wait for it, the Afghanistan war and learn [more on this below the fold]. All the signs were there but they just could not be bothered to “THINK” and now they with the rest of America are paying the price for it.

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Jon Stewart is seeing the light — “get a bigger plate, because you are the president of the United States.” Many presidential candidates get into the game because they love challenges. But this guy never seemed up for it from the beginning; he had to be propped up by a servile media and dragged through the finish line by his cronies. Remember his “let me eat my waffle” days during the campaign. Remember how he ran away from the debates and remember how he was afraid to go before O’Reilly when our girl, Hillary, ate him for lunch. He cheated and defrauded to get here and all for what? For his handlers to whine that there is too much on his plate? Give me a break.

One more thing, when his handlers start talking about him doing things “deliberately”, note that it is the wimpiest excuse I have ever heard for indecision.

What he wants to be is the nominal head of the country jetting around the world with the excellent perks that come with it, sprinkling his inspirational hope and change gobbledygook on gullible nincompoops. Unfortunately for him, American democracy does not work that way, even though he and his cronies turned it into a parliamentary coup during the Democratic primaries. Now that he is there and he has to play the decider, why can’t he work, dammit?

For most of us here at NQ, it is a rhetorical question. Let us see if the kool-aid drinkers will ponder over it in some earnestness.

While they ponder over it, they may as well educate themselves with what is going on in Afghanistan.

In early March, after weeks of debate across a conference table in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the participants in President Obama’s strategic review of the war in Afghanistan figured that the most contentious part of their discussions was behind them. Everyone, save Vice President Biden’s national security adviser, agreed that the United States needed to mount a comprehensive counterinsurgency mission to defeat the Taliban.

That conclusion, which was later endorsed by the president and members of his national security team, would become the first in a set of recommendations contained in an administration white paper outlining what Obama called “a comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Preventing al-Qaeda’s return to Afghanistan, the document stated, would require “executing and resourcing an integrated civilian-military counterinsurgency strategy.”

To senior military commanders, the sentence was unambiguous: U.S. and NATO forces would have to change the way they operated in Afghanistan. Instead of focusing on hunting and killing insurgents, the troops would have to concentrate on protecting the good Afghans from the bad ones.

And to carry out such a counterinsurgency effort the way its doctrine prescribes, the military would almost certainly need more boots on the ground.

To some civilians who participated in the strategic review, that conclusion was much less clear. Some took it as inevitable that more troops would be needed, but others thought the thrust of the new approach was to send over scores more diplomats and reconstruction experts. They figured a counterinsurgency mission could be accomplished with the forces already in the country, plus the 17,000 new troops Obama had authorized in February.

“It was easy to say, ‘Hey, I support COIN,’ because nobody had done the assessment of what it would really take, and nobody had thought through whether we want to do what it takes,” said one senior civilian administration official who participated in the review, using the shorthand for counterinsurgency.

The failure to reach a shared understanding of the resources required to execute the strategy has complicated the White House’s response to the grim assessment of the war by the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, forcing the president to decide, in effect, what his administration really meant when it endorsed a counterinsurgency plan. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s follow-up request for more forces, which presents a range of options but makes clear that the best chance of achieving the administration’s goals requires an additional 40,000 U.S. troops on top of the 68,000 who are already there, has given senior members of Obama’s national security team “a case of sticker shock,” the administration official said.

Obama is backtracking from his original support of Afghanistan strategy because he has a case of sticker shock. Read the rest of the article for more unraveling of the events from March leading up to McChrystal today. Follow Larry Johnson’s post here to see how the White House and others are trying to make General McChrystal the scapegoat now.
Democrats have found someone worth fighting in Afghanistan. His name is Stan McChrystal.

White House aides have fanned these flames with recent leaks to the media that “officials are challenging” his assessment asking for more troops. In the last two days, the White House National Security Adviser and the Secretary of Defense have both suggested that the general should keep his mouth shut. President Obama called him in Friday for a talking-to on the tarmac at Copenhagen airport.

Though a decorated Army four-star officer, the General’s introduction to Beltway warfare is proving to be brutal. To be fair, Gen. McChrystal couldn’t know that his Commander in Chief would go wobbly so soon on his commitment to him as well as to his own Afghan strategy when he was tapped for the job in April. We’re told by people who know him that Gen. McChrystal “feels terrible” and “had no intention whatsoever of trying to lobby and influence” the Administration. His sense of bewilderment makes perfect sense anywhere but in the political battlefield of Washington. He was, after all, following orders.

As usual this WH has a knack for smearing people in an attempt to hide their own flaws. Any number of advisers can help but there is only one decider and one place where the buck stops in the White House. Right now that person has sticker shock and worries about passing his sham of a health care reform or his 2012 re-election or whatever.

[As an aside, the body language in that picture of the two of them is telling. Obama is looking down and the General is looking straight at him. Something about it bothers me. Is Obama afraid of the military, perhaps because he does not understand them?]

  • Linda Anselmi

    Excellent post pm317. And awesome video. One of the best Jon Stewart rant in a long time. He cuts through the DADT bs beautifully.

  • Chicago Joe

    Great post.

    Makes me think of a great Chris Rock (Everbody Hates Chris) show episode.

    Chris promises the world to his classmates and they elect him. As class president, he finds he can do nothing.

    The principle tells him that class president is a “titular” office, and explains that he has no authority to do anything.

    “What he wants to be is the nominal head of the country jetting around the world with the excellent perks that come with it, sprinkling his inspirational hope and change gobbledygook on gullible nincompoops.”

  • Arabella Trefoil

    A plate the size of a UFO would not be big enough for Obama.

    He can’t make a decision. Watch the series Hoarders on A&E. Those people with house full of crap that they just can’t bear to throw away are not insane – the are just making “deliberate decisions.”


    • Katmoon

      Oh wow, I tried watching just one episode, and that is some serious madness I cannot get my head around, it actually made me nervous just seeing the messes. Whew!

  • Katmoon

    Apparently he just doesn’t have time for all that policy “stuff”. I ran a search and guess what he has a basketball game tonight: here are four links that cover the story:,0,5092500.story

    Next we have the Federal register: which shows he has signed 4 proclamations for certain days to honor certain things, and what looks like a little policy slickness being done regarding Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance (EO 13514) ,
    52115–52127 [E9–24518]
    Environmental, Energy, and Economic

    As an executive order.

    Now if I am right, isn’t there a “date” night on Friday? I guess his plate is really full, full of dessert and playtime. This is how he waits? This is what he does when we have such a major decision still being held off?

    No wonder there is a petition for impeachment started on Media Matters; not my favorite site, but I wasn’t surprised to see it.

    I don’t think he has a plate at all, more like a Scooby-Doo lunchbox.

    • oowawa

      Katmoon, this is becoming more and more unbelievable. Well, I guess that “all work and no play makes Barack a dull boy,” and God Knows, he’s got to keep that dazzling charisma brightly polished if he is to continue charming the world.

      I noticed that he is thinking of inviting some women to participate in the basketball fest, perhaps including K. Sebelius. I wonder if Sarah Barracuda will make the short list.

      • ~~JustMe~~

        LOL don’t be silly Sarah Barracuda will overshadow the one at play.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    [As an aside, the body language in that picture of the two of them is telling. Obama is looking down and the General is looking straight at him. Something about it bothers me. Is Obama afraid of the military, perhaps because he does not understand them?]

    The general knows who is and comfortable with himself and his position.

    Obama not so much

    We know who is together and comfortable with his position I would feel comfortable with advise/information from the General without a moment’s hesitation!

    • oowawa

      Is Obama afraid of the military, perhaps because he does not understand them?

      Well, now he’s in charge of all of them–the tough Marines, the Seals and the Green Berets, the Master Sergeants, the Colonels, the Admirals, the Generals, the whole shooting match–He’s The Man!

      I wonder who taught him how to salute? Did he practice in the mirror?

      • ~~JustMe~~

        His Acting Czar.

        • Ferd Berfle

          LMAO. He also needs:

          A Time-Management Czar,
          A Priority-Identification Czar,
          A You-Need-to-Stop-Talking So-God-D a m n-Much Czar, and
          A Dress-*Me*chelle-Properly Czar

          • jwrjr

            How about a “Resignation Czar”? Or an “Impeachment Czar”?

            • Ferd Berfle

              That works even better, jwrjr. I’d bet the latter might be might busy after the mid-term elections if That One doesn’t get his shiftless backside in some gear other than neutral.

  • jbjd

    As an aside, the body language in that picture of the two of them is telling. Obama is looking down and the General is looking straight at him. Something about it bothers me.

    pm317, this picture makes me cry. The general, acutely aware of the gravity of his responsibility for the lives of thousands of women and men in uniform and unknown numbers of Afghan nationals, sits eye-to-eye with his civilian commander, who seems only acutely aware of his own inadequacies.

    Looking down at the floor? He might as well be looking at his watch.

  • HARP
    • oowawa

      Some of those “starving children in Detroit” that I mentioned above. I would say “LOL”–but it’s very very sad.

  • barry bums a ciggie

    All that he can handle on his plate is some arugala. Can’t deal with the man portions.

  • jwrjr

    The plate is too full for Obama? He campaigned for that plate. He cheated for that plate. He broke the law to get that plate. There is a real chance that he violated the Constitution to get that plate. Now it is too big for him? Poor baby.
    Let’s dream big that some day the MSM will fact-check Obama as thoroughly as they do Jon Stewart.

    • oowawa

      Guess his Mama never taught him–“Take all you want, but eat all you take. You can’t get up from the table until you clean your plate. Just think of all the starving children in Detroit.”

      • oowawa

        And how about “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Seems like Jon Favreau, the Cliche Czar, could have helped him out with some of these.

        • ~~JustMe~~

          like Jon Favreau, the Cliche Czar, could have helped him out with some of these.

          His mind is probably elsewhere like where’s the next cardboard cutout I can grope.

  • Diana L. C.

    Great post, pm317, as usual. Can’t add anymore. I am simply disgusted with the DNC’s selection of a toddler for POTUS.

    • oowawa

      a toddler for POTUS

      Well, Diana, what can we expect but a “toddler”–he’s from Chicago, that “toddlin’ town!”

      • Diana L. C.


  • susan h

    Obama is not a natural born leader, he is a person who allows others to shape his views and then in order to be accepted, tries to mold himself to fit that idea. Unfortunately, this is not working as a role model for President of the United States. If it’s not on a teleprompter, he doesn’t get it. He is kind of like an actor who is fairly good at reading the lines given to him, but if he had to do an impromptu scene, has trouble as he is just not that fast on the draw. Hillary Clinton is a decision-maker. She innately understands the issues and works to solve their problems. She can get the job done, but unfortunately, the crowd chose Barabbas.

    • Lana

      And remember, Hillary has marched in every Gay & Lesbian Pride parade. Obama can’t be bothered to march or speak there. He’ll give them a bit of time the night before, just enough to keep them sitting around another six months for their bit of ‘rice pudding.’

  • Obamastolemycounty

    As an aside, the body language in that picture of the two of them is telling. Obama is looking down and the General is looking straight at him. Something about it bothers me. Is Obama afraid of the military, perhaps because he does not understand them?

    Liars don’t look people in the eye when they are lying to them.

    • oowawa

      Good observation, Obamastolemycountry. A strong General, or a strong Commander-in-Chief, does not look down. Wesley Clark could stare a hole through a steel wall.

      • Onofre’s arm

        Obama behaved like the pouting child who had just been punished after his meeting with Bibi Netanyahu. His body language gave the distinct impression that, in private, Bibi had authoritatively put the nervously incontinent puppy dog Obama on the newspaper in the corner.

        As the Metaphor Czar, I can’t resist also pointing out that doggy Bo’s shit on Air Force One is a not-so-subtle metaphor for the entire Obama Presidency.

        • Lana

          You are well-qualified, Onofre’s arm! Good work!

          I have often laughed out loud at videos posted here. But this is the first time I have clapped out loud sitting at my computer. Go get ’em, Jon Stewart! And Onofre, you keep up with those metaphors and we’ll have the clown out of office The Gay After Tomorrow.

  • Onofre’s arm

    I respectfully volunteer for the position of the Metaphor Czar. The “full plate” image is lame and too general. I would craft a metaphor more specifically linked to Obama. How about “Too many butts, and not enough asstrays”?

    • oowawa

      Love it! The Sarcasm Czar!

      • requiredreading

        I think we should have a “Czar of Czars” or a “Parade of Czars” telethon: they can do the “Yes-We-Can-Can” across the stage until all the Hopey-Changey things Obi-wan promised come true. That would keep them out of trouble, like, forever….

  • cathnealon

    BO is a “nominal” president. That’s the plan. Do you really think that someone who voted “present” 130 times is not going to vote “present” on the real life and death issues like the war in Afghanistan. He can’t “man up” because he’s not a man–he’s a little boy eating all the candy he can get in his mouth. Meanwhile back at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave the real agenda is being implemented by the radicals, money men, stooges and phony czars. He’s broken almost every promise he made during the campaign–I guess he really didn’t mean what he said–maybe he just said those things to get all the different groups to vote for him. And surprise, some people fell for it. Really, they did, go figure.

    • Judging from Freedom Fighter’s dogged determination to try to prove that Obama is still hugely popular, some people are still falling for it. Or at least, there are still a few who are getting paid 10 cents per post to try to make it look like people are still falling for it.

      I truly do not understand how any self-respecting progressive (in the positive sense of the term, not Beck’s version) can be gung-ho about Obama. He’s betrayed the left on a number of fronts. All I want is for the left to hold Obama up to the same standards they held Bush to.

      • Onofre’s arm

        How hard did the media lobby to get the right to take pictures of the caskets of our fallen heroes, with the specific purpose of giving Bush a perpetual black eye? Well, now that their hero is Obama, where are all the casket pictures?

        For close to 7 years, the anti war zeolots were relentless with their protestations about our dead soldiers and civilian dead. Casualties in Afghanistan are on the rise due primarily to a Taliban (pronounced Tahh-leee-bahhn if you love Obama) that is encouraged by our indecisive or indifferent President. Where are all of the deafening howls of outrage now? I guess the former protesters have evolved into drooling sycophants that are stampeding to the Obama alter, and fighting for the chance to clean up Bo’s poop on Dog Pound One with their formerly vocal mouths.

        • oowawa


          My mnemonic for the Taliban: “Towely Band” because, ah well . . .

          • Onofre’s arm

            Jay Leno had a great line about OBL some time back: “Don’t you find it ironic that we’ve put a bounty on a man’s head who has Bounty on his head?”

  • Freedom Fighter

    The voters seem to be happy with President Obama’s accomplishments. So much for the pipe dream of Repubs winning in 2010.

    • pm317

      Yeah, you and them, the gullible nincompoops. You (and them) got him elected and now at least hold his feet to the fire so he does the right thing.

      Or put a sock in it and let the adults in the room take over. You have done enough with your stupidity.

    • Docelder

      Freedom will never die, fighter. But maybe MSNBC could take a poll whether to chip George Washington off Mt. Rushmore and relpace him with Obama. I have no doubt MSNBC could make that poll pass. Makes legs tingle just thinking about it.

    • cathnealon


      “mmm Barack Hussein Obama mmm’
      “mmm Bloomberg mmm”

      Don’t worry about 2010 pal,with BO your Mom won’t have a basement left for you to sleep in, she’ll be standing in a line like those poor idiots in Detroit waiting for their checks from Obama(“where does Obama get the money?” “I don’t know.”)

    • Donna Brazile

      Hey guys give Freedumb a break:

      Even MSNBC has a couple of fans!

      Stop the dumbfest!

      • Nobama4me

        Yeah, the same MSNBC/NBC that yersterday, in the person of Brian Williams, rapsodized shortly,on Nightly News, about BO (the dog, not the Prez.) incurring in some “accidents” and pooping can’t recall if in the WH or AF1, I kid you not. MSNBC/NBC polls have as much news worthiness as a scoop of Bo’s droppings…

    • Karma

      Of the 2630 people they polled….and called at home….that actually stayed on the phone and participated in a poll?

      The majority of those people like Obama.

      LOL….that isn’t saying much.

      • Karma

        But wait…they like him but don’t believe him….LOL

        “On the negative side, voters don’t believe 71 – 19 percent that Obama can keep his promise that health insurance reform will not add to the federal deficit, down from 72 – 21 percent disbelief August 5. Even Democrats believe 50 – 32 percent that health insurance reform will add to the deficit.”

    • There was absolutely NOTHING in that poll that said that voters were “happy” with Obama’s “accomplishments.” The article you linked to is simply a spin on old news, that is, the Republicans as a party as still less trusted than the Democrats when it comes to health care reform. This is not anything new actually, and there was nothing in that poll that asked voters what they thought about what Obama has actually DONE.

      I also find it interesting that as opposition to Obama has heated up from his own supporters, all of a sudden pollsters are coming out trying to spin more support for Obama. Well, we saw this type of spin during the election. The MSM is trying to keep their puppet propped up.

      You can go read comments on various sites of a wide variety of political leanings, left, right, and moderate, and there’s a HUGE groundswell of dissatisfaction of Obama from ALL sides.

      The left in particular has been very disillusioned as of late.

      So I don’t buy your cheerleading one bit.

      • Lana

        That’s what he pays all those media folk for.

    • Chelsea Patriot

      Hey, Freedom Fighter!

      January 26, 2010
      8:30 AM
      Judge David O. Carter presides over the opening of
      Barnett v Obama

      LMAO!! The DOJ lawyers can’t persuade Judge Carter to throw it out!

      • Obamastolemycounty

        Those DOJ atorneys are getting paid with tax payer dollars. They probably are starting to realize that soon there won’t be any tax dollars to be had and they’ll get the shaft.

        I am not surprised that Carter is letting it go to trial. The DOJ lawyers argument was, “It’s not up to you.” I, myself wondered why they wouldn’t have argued the case is ridiculous because POTUS is qualified and we can prove…Oh, wait!

    • Dianne carlucci

      We’ll see when he is led out in cuffs. That will be a happy day no matter what you people do! And never, ever think WE THE PEOPLE won’t fight for our country, BOY.

  • Sassy

    Remember those required term papers in school? Oh, how easy it was to fill page after page with drivel.
    Answering a direct question from the instructor, in full view of the entire classroom, was a very different story.
    I think Obama’s evasion tactics are coming to a close, and the world will discover that he has no real answers!

    • pm317

      Let us see those damn transcripts, eh?

    • oowawa

      Remember those required term papers in school? Oh, how easy it was to fill page after page with drivel.

      It’s really easy if you can hire someone to write the “term paper” (=speech) for you–someone who really knows what cliches can slip right through and say nothing while simultaneously sounding high-minded and intelligent, someone like, say, Jon Favreau.

      • Docelder

        I have been noticing lately, whenever there is a younger Obama bot on one of the TV shows where they have opposing sides… Why is it lately that whoever is playing the obot… they have the demeanor of PeeWee Herman? They incessantly smile or smirk for no good reason, they interrupt the opposing speaker with some redundant line which is repeated incessantly, and they have no logic at all just a comeback line. It is like all the brains have been sucked from their heads and they are in an ignorance is bliss state where just knowing “The One” is enough. It is truly pathetic.

        • Onofre’s arm

          PeeWee is a pillar of maturity and sagacity when compared to most Obama apologists, Bill Burton has set THAT tone. Blaming Bush for all the evils of the world is their form of “I know you are, but what am I?”

          • oowawa

            I’m rubber, you’re glue–bounces off me and sticks on you!

        • Steve_in_KC

          Docelder spake, saying:

          They [young Obama bots] incessantly smile or smirk for no good reason, they interrupt the opposing speaker with some redundant line which is repeated incessantly

          It is strikingly similar to the “born again” or evangelical Christians who keep that plastic smile on their faces like a mask, so serene and so smug. I’ve seen it often when dealing with the super-religious, and I see it on TV when actors are playing them.

          I don’t have a beef with the super-religious, although I prefer to avoid them, but it points out to me how much the Obots are like a cult.

  • oowawa

    sprinkling his inspirational hope and change gobbledygook on gullible nincompoops

    LOL–Good phrase, pm317! I fear the “hope and change gobbledygook” he has been sprinkling is actually a powerful fertilizer, akin to Miracle-Grow, so that the “gullible nincompoops” he is fertilizing can shoot up rapidly to become a bumper crop of obedient vegetables, who will follow his radiance faithfully like sunflowers follow the sun.

    • Hope is art, guys. (h/t

      How do you like it, oowawa? I myself am stunned (but in a bad way).

      • (I’m talking about the Ruscha. I am still too stunned to write a complete thought.)

      • oowawa

        Well, SNK, the Ruscha, with it’s “Maybe Yes,” “Maybe, No,” “On Second Thought,” “Wait a Minute!” themes of indecision, is certainly illustrative of the central idea of pm317’s article, and so it certainly deserves a central place in O’s White House. Good find!

        • oowawa

          it’s=its (I hate it when I still do that, after all these years)

  • Docelder

    Obama afraid of the military, perhaps because he does not understand them

    Or, is he afraid of the general, because he knows the general does understand him? The same flawed logic that gave us Vietnam is about to Vietnamize Afghanistan. You have to wonder how Obama is programmed. In programmatic logic, it only works because everything is yes or no, 0 or 1, black or white. Yes you can have a conditional loop, but it leads you right back to a 0 or 1 decision. Otherwise computers would be ultimately useless. What I guess I am saying is, if this man can’t make a decision other than to average and split the two options… then so too is he ultimately useless. Maybe the programming is flawed? Goodness knows if that is the case, he came by that fault honestly. This country’s fault for not seeing that lies directly on us though.

  • Obama uses those wimpy paper plates that don’t hold up.

    • pm317

      I like that analogy (wimpy paper plates maybe because he can conveniently drop a few things that are on the plate he does not want).

      • Docelder

        Or carry around the plate, like he is working on it… and when nobody is looking, give the plate to the dogs.

        • pm317

          or throw it under the bus when everybody is looking.. after all he knows audacity like nobody’s business.