Where is fucking Ashton Kutcher? I am sure he is skulking around Oslo whipping up mischief and mayhem. There is no way that today’s announcement of a Nobel Peace Prize is not an upcoming episode of Punk’d. If he could snooker Kanye using Jesus then it only makes sense to go after the Big-Eared Hawaiian Kahuna.

But there are some other possibilities to consider.

The Nobel Committee is now getting involved with the Special Olympics and, as a conciliatory gesture to the United States, decided to give Barack a kind of “participation” medal/ribbon in lieu of actually getting the Olympics. If he has the Noble committee send the medal to Chicago then he can truly claim, “I brought home the gold.”

I cannot rule out the possibility that the Nobel Committee wanted to reward Barack for all he has done to improve race relations. Many are forgetting the “peace” that Obama brought to racially torn Boston with his Beer Fest summit. Any body, including a peanut farmer from Georgia, can get Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to shake hands. But it takes the reincarnation of the Messiah to do this:

President Obama shares beer with Henry Louis Gates Jr., Sgt. James Crowley… and Biden, too

Let’s ignore for the moment that Barack injected race into the sordid affair. He brought us peace, baby!

Now, if he can just convince the Taliban to surrender on the basis that the U.S. might eventually win then his legacy is secure. Of course, if that happened, he would actually have to do something other than get a prize for doing nothing other than show up and read a teleprompter.

Okay Ashton. Where’s the fucking camera? This ain’t funny no more.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Retired

    Larry wrote, “Now, if he can just convince the Taliban to surrender…”
    Not necessary. He can just surrender to the Taliban. He won’t necessarily need to bow to Taliban leaders–after all, they didn’t pay for his education–but still, a bow or two to his Islamic betters might be in order at the surrender ceremoney just for good measure. Perhaps he can wear his NPP to the ceremoney and afterwards say, “See, it worked!”

    It is said that there will never be another successful, passenger resistance-free hijacking after 9/11. The question is: Will there ever be another Obama after 2012?

  • Donna Brzile

    Damn Prime Obutt:

    You must seriously want your peace prize rescinded. One more outburst from you and you will deserve it about as much as That One does.

    Nothin’ but love for you little man!

    Stop the shallowfest!

  • Sassy

    As the fjords ran red with wine, a white war drone appeared on the horizon.
    With one middle finger gesture to the cheek, the ONE transformed the weapon into a white-feathered dove with an acorn in it’s beak.
    The wondrous dove then led the nobels, with their gifts of green-backs and peace lilies, to Oslo BO’s ebony chariot, and the world endured in peace and prosperity forever!

    • PainkillerJayne

      Sassy that was beautiful!

      Pass the hopium!

  • creeper

    Larry, would you rummage around in the spam filter and see if one of my comments is stuck in there?

  • MrX

    I don’t see the difference between this and the people who voted for him last November. They’re all batshit crazy.

  • hokma

    Since Obama became President:

    – North Korea began enriching and testing again.

    – Pakistan and Afghanistan situations became tenuous and far more dangerous for our troops.

    – There is no Afghanistan strategy 9 month into his administration.

    – We are still in Iraq.

    – We conceded to Russia and disbanding a missile shield in Poland.

    – Obama wins praises from Chavez, Qhadafi, and Castro but is the mocked by Merkel, Sarkozy and Brown.

    – and the Iranian situation has become terminal as a result of his appeasement policy , no sanctions yet, and an imminent attack by Israel if nothing is in place by Christmas.

    Obama thumbed his nose on decades of foreign policy development believing that his presense would make the world better than any of his predecessors since FDR. Instead he has quickly made it a far more dangerous place and the punks in Europe give him an award for that. It only proves that the Nobel Peace Prize should be renamed to the Nobel Hate Bush Prize because that was the basis of the award when it went to Carter, ElBaredi, and now Obama.

    • Ni

      – What did Bush do on N. Korea for 8 years?

      – Hard to turn around 8 years of disaster created by Bush in such a short time span. At least they are evolving the strategy, which is more than the failed one that had been fixed for 8 years.

      – Afghan strategy is changing. We had a major disasterous election there that changes everything. We have also have a full review that ended in August.

      – There is a timeline to get out of Iraq. We have pulled out of the cities. And slowly getting out.

      – No concessions were made to Russia. The previous “missle shield” was a was of time and money. Did not work? Why are we putting put up missle sheilds in Poland anyway? Why are we wasting our money on that?

      – Great he wins “praises” from these people. So what, nothing wrong with that.

      – I assume you want the neocon strategy of attacking Iran. That would be a disaster.

      Sorry you idiots ran the country for the last 8 years and you created most of these problems that Obama has do find a way to clean up.

      Country heading in a new direction. Sorry if you don’t like it, but you lost the election. The Nobel is confirmation by many in the West that they are happy with the new direction.


      • TeakWoodKite

        I assume you want ….

      • hokma

        You apparently have a terminal case of BDS.

        North Korea had given up enriching and testing.

        The Taliban was kicked out of power and most recently we were not losing the number of soldiers in afghanistan as we are now.

        How is that so-called timeline going in iraq? What has been accomplished since Obama came in that was not already under way (and do so without BS)?

        Nothing wrong with the only praise he gets are from dictators of rogue governments? Get a brain.

        As far as Iran. Someone is going to bomb those nuclear sites if sanctions do not work. Who do you want USA or Israel? Or are you one of those left wing anti-semites who cares less if Israel survives or not?

        The Nobel is confirmation that they have another left wing appeaser who will bend to every rogue dictatorship because they are not equipped to engage in genuine tough diplomacy and pull the trigger on military use if necessary.

        You and your fellow Daily Kuzz loons think the world would be a better if the USA just succumbed to every threat we face and cower in fear of radical Islam.

        • Ni

          > not sure N. Korea gave up anything. If anything Obama has received some early praise on his N. Korean policy. He has engaged all parties like never before, he stood up to the first test, when N. Korea threatened to test a missile in the direction of Hawaii, which they did not, he got the reporters back, and he is looking to lock down even tougher sanctions.

          > the Taliban have turned their situation around long before Obama took over. They were only down and out for maybe the first two years after they were rousted from the country. Violence has been growing in Afghanistan because of a lack of a Bush policy for the last 6 years. It is only Obama now that is completely reviewing the policy and the strategy. Bush sat on his hands for years.

          > not sure what your critism on Obama in Iraq is, there is a timeline and he is sticking to it. I am sure if he pulled all the troops out immediately you would be complaining about that. End of the day Iraq is Bushes and maybe your mess if you voted for Bush…

          > Yeahh… the leaders of England and France are dictators. Obviously you have an anti-Europe bias. Typical narrow minded American attitude. How cares about Chavez, Qadafi, or Castro. They are Mickey Mouse. I would not spend one minute on these guys. Boy they are a real threat to the U.S.

          > I hope you like $5 or higher oil prices. You bomb Iran and you will destabilize the middle east and drive the price of oil threw the roof. Many military experts say that bombing Iran will not work. It is next to impossible to shut down their nuclear program by bombing a few sites. A complete waste of time that will accomplish nothing except get 70 million Iranians pissed and unite them and strengthen the current regime in Iran.

          The best thing about the Nobel it is drives people like you batshit crazy.

          Do you arguments are almost entirely based on fear? The biggest problem with you people on the right is that you are all paranoid. You live in constant fear and the only option is a hardline and the military. That is why you will never win the peace prize.

          • hokma

            I am not sure how to even respond to someone is completely incoherent. Go back to DK where you belong and where they share the adoration of the completely failed man who thinks he is Emperor of the World.

  • trist

    hey lotto people follow the nobel peeps example and award me $300mil now because i buy lotto tix and who knows, maybe one day i’ll actually hit all 6!

  • beyond_words

    The Nobel Committee is now getting involved with the Special Olympics and, as a conciliatory gesture to the United States, decided to give Barack a kind of “participation” medal/ribbon in lieu of actually getting the Olympics.


  • socalannie

    This award is for 2008. What did Prez Oslama do to “have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind” in 2008? How is campaigning for president benefitting the world? Maybe they’re reaching back to December 2007 where he performed his peace-making skills in Kenya while campaigning for his cousin/buddy Odinga, the genocidal maniac.

    • Five Thirty

      “Maybe they’re reaching back to December 2007 where he performed his peace-making skills in Kenya while campaigning for his cousin/buddy Odinga, the genocidal maniac.”

      You would think this would be a key disqualifier.

  • so this groups of dimwits decided to nominate obummer right after he was “elected”? this isn’t about obummer, it is the self righteous europeans diss of bush. pure and simple! there never was a bigger tool than obama.

  • Dan
    • Excellent article and the products owned by Resnick’s company duly noted. It’s been obvious that Levi Johnson is being used as their useful fool. Good to know the other names with Soros behind these scurrilous attacks on Sarah. I did know about the 2 skanky AK bloggers. Didn’t know Huffpo had given them a place at her table as I don’t slime myself with her drivel…but again, not surprising. She’s such a low life opportunist herself who would she associate with?

    • Portia Elizabeth

      Thanks for the link, Dan. As usual, Texans are on top of it. 😉

  • DeeLee

    why is it, that only in America, we see this clown as depriving some village of an idiot

  • Sarkozy had a cow over Obama not announcing
    Iran’s Qom Plant in his Great Speech at the U.N.

    Now I’m asking, did Obama sit on the Qom revelation to angle for the Nobel? Qom would have spoiled the mood of his Great Speech to the U.N. And President Prozac did win the Nobel for putting the world in a good mood by blocking out reality.

    • DAB

      Sarkozy feels that Obama is extremely naive and only sees that world as he wants it to be. I could see that visible irritation in his demeanor and expression when he stood to one side of Obama during that announcement (with Brown on the other side). There is definitely no love lost between these two and I can’t imagine that Brown is very pleased with That One either, although he is in big trouble politically and has to play nice.

  • Ni

    The achievement is that he has set a new direction for America’s relationship with the rest of the world. That may not mean anything to many on NQ, but that means a lot for the rest of the planet, who had become very very disenfranchised with America. This is a recognition by the rest of the world that America is on the right path. Obama could have continued to “dis” the rest of the world, but he has instead chosen to re-engage on a more equal footing. Maybe many on NQ are against this, but it is positive for the rest of the world. I don’t think people in the U.S. really know how much damage Bush did to the U.S. with the rest of the planet. It was to the point were everyone else on the planet basically hated America. It is a very big achievement to change that. This is a vote of renewed confidence in America.

    • creeper

      Nothing you have written amounts to anything more than pretty words…the same thing that got Obama a prize he didn’t deserve.

      You didn’t even get that right. It’s “disenchanted”, not “disenfranchised”.

      But you did hit the nail on the head at the end. Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize simply by not being George W. Bush.

    • Docelder

      This is a vote of renewed confidence in America.

      Horse hockey. It is just validation of his two year apology campaign against America. He is just Bush III which is no more than an enabled Bush II. We have just moved past playing republican vs democrat… we are playing the entire world now. Make no mistake, they are the same. Time will tell.

  • Ni

    Funny to watch your heads explode!

    • Onofre’s arm

      If anyone’s head has exploded, it’s Obama’s. It is now a thousand times bigger than it was yesterday, and THAT was HUGE. At least his ears are now proportional to his head.

      • Docelder

        We need to chip George Washington off Mt. Rushmore and put Obama on there. He is the father of New America. Kind of fitting that the old father of the country goes the way of the old country.

        • PainkillerJayne

          I wonder if Barry will drag his Greek Columns to Oslo………or demand to have his PRIZE given to him in a stadium so that all may come and celebrate.

          Things to ponder.

  • Ni

    Funny stuff… pop!

  • DeeLee

    It’s so saddening to come to the realization that our president is denying some village of an idiot.

  • Anyone remember Betty White’s ditsy character on Golden Girls, Rose Nyland from St. Olaf? I know now that it wasn’t all a joke…guess they are eye-rollingly stupid.

    • ImaLlindatoo

      What I remember most about Betty White is her character from Lake Placid where she said, ” If I had a dick, this is where I’d tell you to suck it!” Gee, that fits for Obama too, huh?

  • Obamastolemycountry

    EGO, it’s a terrible thing to feed.

    Oh, and BTW so are trolls.

  • Portia Elizabeth

    If awarding Jug Ears the Peace Prize finally causes some Obots to wake up and see the truth, then maybe it’s worth all the absurdity.

  • yttik

    This really was shocking. It’s like astroturf gone global and thrust in your face. Even some die hard Obama fans were stunned. I think people had to look at this and admit wait a minute, we weren’t serious about making him king of the world…

    • Docelder

      He is seriously campaigning for king of the world. This award is just political capital for king. He could give a flip about the US. The US is not the end, we are just the means. We are just as important to the king as the slums in South Chicago were, they were also a means, before we all were a means. We might as well just accept it… King Obama and his Queen… and his dumb dog that poos on air force one. It’s a package deal.

  • beachnan

    Shocked. When I heard the news on the radio, I too thought they were trying to punk us. This makes me sick. There are so many people who are deserving of this award, but instead they give it to that one. What the hell has he done? They have now cheapened the award for everyone who will receive it after him.
    I am embarassed to say I am part Norweigan.

  • trixta

    Check out what Naomi Klein (an Obot) has said about this prize:

    “And then, in the middle of all this [i.e. false hope for Middle East], the Nobel Prize Committee awards their top honors to Obama. And I think it’s quite insulting. I don’t know what kind of political game they’re playing, but I don’t think that the committee has ever been as political as this or as delusional as this, frankly.”


    • ImaLlindatoo

      Wow. isn’t that a shocker in itself.

      • trixta


  • ImaLlindatoo

    Well, I think most of the country…if not the world, feel pUnK’d


    Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: 69% of Twitter Users Don’t Get It

    There are already hundreds if not thousands of political commentaries about it, but we wanted to know what Twitter users collectively thought. So, we asked Crimson Hexagon, who analyzes online sentiment, to compile data on the conversation thus far.

    The results: while 31% of tweets can be summarized as congratulatory, the other 69% have negative opinions varying from “he hasn’t done anything yet” to “makes the prize itself a joke.”


      • ImaLlindatoo


      • Docelder

        He deserves a super bowl ring also. Whoever is about to win the next super bowl… just sub in Obama for one play. He can be QB and kneel down. That way he can say he was QB of the super bowl champion team… and he can have the ring to prove it. There has to be more that can be done for him as well… maybe a monument on the moon. A gold plated statue would be nice. On the moon it would stand as a testament for all time… How great “thou one”.

  • Completely ridiculous and shocking! There is not a single reason he should’ve even been considered for this award. The hero worship is getting real old.

  • connie

    We should be talking about him (Obama) selling the Hummer part of GM to the Chinese today.

    So when we need to buy more is the Chinese going to sell them to us at a discount price or what??

    • There are pluses…my daughter became outraged when they lit up the Empire State Building to celebrate Communist China with their colors…I reported it on my facebook page. She (an Obama voter) said, “And Mom, I was so furious that CNN didn’t even report it but was having a good time over David Letterman. Can you believe that?” I said, Yes, you can’t get news from them, try Fox next time…and left it at that. Slowly but surely they are waking up.

  • beaniedabuddha

    larry, it couldn’t be better said than that. I enthusiastically applaud you for telling it just exactly how it is.

  • candymarl

    Why just the other day I got the neighbors to stop arguing and to agree we should have a barbeque.

    Where the hell is my Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Mandelay

    If he has the Noble committee send the medal to Chicago then he can truly claim, “I brought home the gold.”

    Larry, you’re so right — this ain’t funny no more, but that line about bringing home the gold is enough for just one more big laugh today. Thanks much!

  • Jackarooty

    I can’t wait to see how SNL will treat this subject.

    Bill Kristol was just on Bret Baier (FOX) and commented that Sarah Palin should win the Nobel prize for literature for her new book. Baier commented that it hasn’t been released yet. Kristol said that was okay. It’s #1 on Amazon, has generated a lot of excitement and a lot of people want to read it.


  • Freedom Fighter

    I really have to side with the DNC on this issue. All of you guys who are angry with the fact that our popular President has won the Nobel Peace Prize are siding with Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

    • Arabella Trefoil

      When your mommy tucked you into bed at night, Freedom Fighter, she propably checked under the bed for monsters. She told you “Night nighty, little FF. There are no monsters under the bed.”

      When your pet gerbil died Mommy and Daddy told you “Don’t cry, little FF. Your gerbil is up in gerbil heaven with the most wonderfulest gerbil maze ever.”

      Now you are a big boy, and mommy still provides you with food, clothing and shelter, and great big snuggle hugs when you get scared.

      Too bad nobody ever told you that there are people in the world who want to kill you, FF. Very bad people. People who would roast you alive, blow you to smithereens, or even worse things. There are people out there who hate, hate, hate you because you are an American, and they would kill you without a second thought.

      You are not only boring, you are incredibly naive.

    • the whole frickin world thinks it is ridiculous. spare us your pathetic attempts to continue the Democrat attacks. EVERYONE is shocked because it is stupid.

      • yttik

        Everyone really is shocked. They asked some Taliban guy on the news today about Obama getting the the Nobel prize and I learned how to say “WTF??!” in Arabic.

        • Docelder

          Maybe they could put a picture of the Nobel peace prize on all future drone planes? That way the villagers will know how benevolent the guy who is blowing them up really is.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Frak you Freedom Fighter. You sorry ass example of humanity. I want the award to go to the Private or Captian who’s in Afganistan, who is taking tea with the tribal elders to find peace, all the while knowing they are targets?
      He himself said he did not deserve it. Yet he took the award anyway. That who he is.
      Know this you turd, I am NOT angry, I do NOT hate BO. The award is NOT given for “momentum”. Look the Nobel set up the ground rules… “shall have done” is the basis for the award. The only thing this fool has done is “JACK SQUAT”. You think he will donate the money to the kids of Chicago, so they can get home with being shot or murderd? NOPE.

      The only “peace” BO seeks is a piece of the action.

      Arabella Trefoil is spot on.

    • HARP

      FF…Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you abuse the privilege.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      Oh My F-ing God. i know that even you, FF, don’t believe this, but the fact that you said it speaks volumes about you and your political allies.

    • carolhaka

      Thank you. Being a one term insultee as in “rac*st” was quite lonely. Now, that you have added “terror*st” to our description makes everything balanced.


      CAROL HAKA 👿

    • trixta

      Didn’t the BO admin declare there was no such things as a “terrorist”? What is their euphemism for “terrorist”?

    • Peggy Sue

      Well, FF, if you “really” have to side with the DNC, you’re a lost soul. So now, instead of racists, anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama’s award is a terrorist.

      Yes sir, that is a winning argument!

      Here’s a hint–Try thinking for yourself. You might come to like it. You’ll also sound less lame.

    • creeper

      Our “popular” president has been sitting on a Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll index in the minus range since early August.

      Oh…maybe you meant “popular” in Norway.

    • Tammy

      I’m confused.
      I thought Obama was now going to allow the Taliban to be part of the Afghani Government. Obama is their friend.

      I guess he doesn’t mind that the Taliban rape boys under 9, stone women who expose skin and don’t allow women to go to school.

      Ah, pesky details.

      • Onofre’s arm

        Surely there’s a compromise for such acts. Perhaps they can raise the age of boy rape to 12, have schools where women learn obedience, and only stone women with chunks of pummice. There’s always a happy middle ground in Obamaland.

  • Arabella Trefoil

    The Nobel Peace Prize is going to bite Obama in the ass. This is not good news for him.

    Trust me on this.

    • Freedom Fighter

      You guys should be ashamed. Even foreigners are proud of our president.


      • Onofre’s arm

        Yeah? You mean like Gaddafi, Castro, and Chavez? We should all be proud of him for winning THEIR black hearts.

      • TeakWoodKite

        You guys should be ashamed.

        I am. Ashamed because he is POTUS. Kenya?

        If they are so happy for him let him be President there.
        At least there is no debating his Kenyan citizenship as requirement for the job.

      • Peggy Sue

        FF, I guess you didn’t check a variety of international headlines, many expressing shock [to say the least]. Or Poland’s former President and Nobel prize winner himself, Lech Walsea, who in no uncertain terms said it was far too early, too fast for the Nobel committee to hand out an award to someone who has yet to accomplish anything resembling “peace.”

        But please, keep deluding yourself!

    • yttik

      You make a good point. It’s not going to be good for him.

      • Arabella Trefoil

        He’s going to become a laughing stock much sooner than I ever expected.

        Believe me, the award is very bad for him.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Arabella Trefoil, spot on.

        • Clara

          I agree Arabella. Zero will find himself hamstrung by the honor of the Nobel Prize. What were those panel members smoking when they picked him?

    • creeper

      I hope you’re right, AT, but I sure don’t see how.

  • Freedom Fighter

    There goes your argument President Obama is unaccomplished. With today’s Nobel Peace Prize announcement President Obama is now one of the most accomplished Presidents in US history. So far he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, won two Grammys, be the first African American president at Harvard Law Review, first African American President of the United States, written two autobiographical best sellers. And he is just getting started. He is also tackling the US economy, healthcare, and the colossal foreign policy mess Bush has left behind. Do not be surprised if most Nobel Prizes make their way into President Obama’s ballooning trophy room.

    • Arabella Trefoil

      Balooning trophy roof full of bloated corpses.

      Swarming with maggots.

    • Onofre’s arm

      In baseball, all of the items on your list would be called “un-earned runs”.

      • jbjd

        Perfect analogy. Each of those accolades listed. 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

        • Onofre’s arm

          And all of those “achievements” are actually the result of dreadful errors by others.

    • rosa

      and yet we can’t read his college records or find proof of anything that he talked about, that he actually did the job. kinda like this disaster healthcare plan ,well, it really isn’t a plan, is it? except for insurance interests or, say maybe the TWO WARS that are going on while he flits around , or maybe standing by without comment when the Iranian people were getting killed and we watched on twitter!! What exactly has he done ? I mean he puts people out there to take the heat and if it works he gets the credit and if it fails they get the blame right?

    • PYW

      Even the WH was shocked he got the Nobel. Pretty much every rational person in this country realizes such an honor was clearly premature at best.

    • lorac

      C’mon – you have to tell us your age. I just can’t even believe an adult would evidence this kind of infatuation and hero-worship.

      No snark. Won’t you tell us – how old are you?

    • freedom, you are beyond the surreal! go home and take your meds. stay off the streets. no one will think you are balanced.

      • ~~JustMe~~

        it’s his young speech writer from the Whitehouse.
        there is only one person can come up with those lines!

        • Ferd Berfle

          Oh, you mean Favreau and his sophomoric, high-school platitudes delivered by POTUS our Prom King. No wonder when That One speaks, I feel as though a high-school football game is about to break out.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Now, if he can just convince the Taliban to surrender on the basis that the U.S. might eventually win then his legacy is secure.

    How about if the US surrendered instead? Wouldn’t that also bring peace? I think President Obama definitely deserve a 2nd Nobel Peace Prize if he could bring peace in Afghanistan.

    • Onofre’s arm

      I have an idea Frito Farter, why don’t YOU wander into a Taliban held village and personally offer up the olive branch? You obviously hate this country so much that they’ll probably adore you, or…..they’ll hack your head off. In either case, we’ll at least be rid of you.

    • Arabella Trefoil

      Let’s just surrender everywhere and go home.

      How about if Obama apologized to the whole wide world on behalf of America? How about if he destroyed all our weapons, and disbanded the military?

      How about if we just held hands and sang songs?

      What a great idea.

      • Freedom Fighter

        The voters agree with President Obama and he won. And he also just won the Nobel Peace Prize, so he must be doing something right.

        • Arabella Trefoil

          You are one crazy son of gun, FF. Are you twelve years old?

          • TeakWoodKite

            I got spammed here. Dude where’s my Peace Prize? (never smack)

            • TeakWoodKite

              No I didn’t. I mistook it for the sign that George Washington slept here.

              My comment re appeared down thread.

        • Onofre’s arm

          I least we can be certain that He’ll NEVER win the “No Bull Please, Prize”.

        • steel magnolia

          Yes, once he wins the Heismann, the Oscar, the NBA most valuable player award and awards himself the Congressional Medal of Honor, I expect him to start wearing those military uniforms that his dictator friends like to wear and show off all those medals on his scrawny little chest.

    • TeakWoodKite

      They already have Pay to Play.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Well, Frankfurter Frencher, I’ve nominated you for the NQ Lifetime Ban Award. That’s right, you get a facsimile of Larry’s boot kicking your backside out the door, never to return.

  • Cugel

    I heard that some on the committee wanted to give him the Nobel for economics (for the stimulus plan) and the Nobel for medicine (for the medical plan) in addition to the Nobel for peace, but some on the committee thought that was undeserved.

  • Lana

    Please rescue me from spam. I think my letter was a bit too long…

  • lizzy

    Don’t bother to impeach-try him for war crimes. Mostly against our own soldiers.

  • Donna Brazile

    I nominate Freedumb and Prime Obutt for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize!

    Stop the low expectations fest!

    • Ferd Berfle

      Hell, Donna, let’s be inclusive and include believe, Kelvin, UKforDims, Detractor, Francis, and all the other bots who made this possible for shallow cardboard cut-out of a POTUS to win something he wouldn’t deserve in a entire lifetime of bamboozling.

      • Donna Brazile

        Oh, I forgot about Fran-arse! Oh, and Gugalooloo too!

        Stop the expectation that you have to do something to earn an award fest!

    • steel magnolia

      How about the 2010 No-Ball Peace Prize?

  • carolhaka

    Take your barf bags over to TC and see who the potential recipients were. It will make you sick that this piece of crap was even in the running.

    I just saw on hotair where that want us to help Obama win the Heisman Trophy. I’m in without saying because I want to be on the non-rac*st winning team!



  • Peggy Sue

    Talk about getting punked, my post was just gobbled by spammy again, Larry. Sending an email now.


    Give the Devil his due, BHO did not ask for it. It is a very free , not imposed by anyone, fancy of the swedish committe; and unless you plan to have no american getting any Nobel Prize for the next 50ys- very sensitive folks, those swedes, once you get the Nobel Prize you say thanks. Very few refused the prize, and their countries suffer suffer to this very day. Much ado about nothing.

    • Ferd Berfle

      It really isn’t about the prize but about past recipients, many of whom did a lifetime of work for that elusive peace.

      The selection of That One is an insult to those past winners. If Oblahblah were any kind of man, he would refuse it–But he isn’t much of a man at all. As a matter of fact, he isn’t much of a human being.

      • Lana

        And an insult to the others who were nominated this time around–people who risked their lives to do good work.

      • ImaLlindatoo


    • HARP

      Ahem…….You do know the difference from Sweden and Norway…..right?

  • Peggy Sue

    I mentioned on another blog that maybe this is the Nobel Appeasement Prize, an offshoot or stepchild of the Peace Prize, for the most consistent string of apologies an international figure has made to make the world feel warm and fuzzy.

    I could understand the Prez competing for that one, a world-class champ.

    As for the Church, I expect sainthood would seem to tame for Barack Obama. There’s only one spot in the Vatican for the One: The Pope of Hope, a wonderful moniker that’s been sitting around since the primary.

    After Washington, DC, Rome better watch out!

  • Stupid Nobel committee must have been high.

    Maybe the four children killed by drone attacks ordered by Obama January 23rd should have been posthumously awarded the peace prize. http://news.antiwar.com/2009/01/23/business-as-usual-in-us-drone-attacks-kill-20/

    Shame, shame, shame!

    • jwrjr

      The Nobel committee was smoking Hopium.

  • ImaLlindatoo

    LOL Indeed, LJ!

    The only “piece” we got, is a sliver of resemblence of this countries principles.

    Welcome to the reality world, Nobel has as much meaning and integrity as Code Pink.

  • oowawa

    How are international relations between Denmark and Norway? Is Oslo tweaking Copenhagen’s nose for snubbing Thee One during the OIC meeting? “Well, nyah nyah nyah you stupid Hamlets–you wanna diss Thee One!?!? He’s ours now! Okay America, who’s your favorite Scandinavian country!?!? Forget Denmark–something’s rotten down there anyhow! Norway! Norway! Rah Rah Rah!”

    • Ferd Berfle

      They need to create a new Nobel for Pandering and award it to themselves.

      • oowawa

        Well since Oslo and O are now so cozy, perhaps Thee One can urge, in the name of World Peace, Progress, and Harmony, that Norway stop slaughtering Minke whales.

        • Ferd Berfle

          That wasn’t the Norway Thee One knew, so he can be forgiven for his lapses in discernment, don’tcha know?

          • oowawa

            Well Ferd, I’ve been at this topic for most of the day, and I know when it’s time to put down the computer, walk away, and watch Spongebob Squarepants on TV. It’s all I can stands cuz I can’t stands no more . . .

        • Onofre’s arm

          Please God, hear my prayer. May Obama’s confession…I mean,…ACCEPTANCE speech in Oslo sound like and resemble this:


          I’ll never trouble you again. Amen

  • Ferd Berfle

    That isn’t the Nobel Committee I knew. Why didn’t they just rename the awards, the Obama and be done with it? That way he could get his bantam-rooster strutting over and done with. Just what in the blue blazes is next, the prize for economics AND medicine for his disaster of a healthcare plan because he might potentially get some POS legislation passed that will only make things worse and not better?

    Peace Prize? Hell, this man is so divisive he threw his own grandmother under the bus along with his white half.

    The man who sat in a racist church for 20 years and had such wonderful friends as William Ayers and Rezko and groups supporting him such as ACORN gets a Nobel Prize. Has the world gone b a t s h i t crazy? Mother Teresa and Anwar Sadat are collectively spinning in their graves along with others who spent their entire lives in search of peace. That One spins a few tall tales in stilted, fractured English written by a third-rate fratboy and voila.

    The next damn thing you know, the Catholic Church will make him a saint.

    Christ, If I had a spare box of 10-penny nails, I’d eat them every damn one of them and wash them down with sulfuric f-ing acid. And that’s what I wrote down at 0600 this morning. I’m just getting started. Next stop, an email to the cretins on the committee who betrayed their own rules in making this monumentally selection.

    • Ferd Berfle

      And that should read, “Next stop, an email to the cretins on the committee who betrayed their own rules in making this monumentally STUPID selection.”

      • Lana

        The email address is postmaster@nobel.no
        Here is my letter if anyone would like to use it as a place to get started:
        Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee,

        I write to you as one of the many Americans who are shocked that our president, Barack Obama, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. While he has made many speeches on the subject of peace, he has yet to accomplish anything in that area. In fact, he had been in office only 12 days before the deadline for the prize applications. This leads us to believe you have awarded a prize based on campaign speeches. Obama may deserve the award in the future, but he certainly does not now.

        Further disturbing are the reports of nominees who did not win: Dr. Denis Mukwege, doctor, founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo; Sima Samar, women’s rights activist in Afghanistan who with dogged persistence and at great personal risk, kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime; and Greg Mortensen who risked his life to build schools in Pakistan and Afganistan. All of these people have dedicated (and risked) their lives to helping women and chidren.

        Why weren’t any of these people chosen?

        American polls right now show that 70% of Americans do not believe Obama has done enough to earn this honor. In fact, we believe the Nobel Peace Prize has been tarnished with this selection.

        Though it is too late to undo the damage you have done to the reputation of your Prize, I hope you will not repeat this mistake in the future and that you will do all you can to restore the good name of the Peace Prize.

        • Lisa

          Lana, thank you for the e-ail. I also wrote to them today. I closed my letter by saying that they have lost credibility.

        • Ferd Berfle

          I wrote them yesterday, letting them have it for their betrayal of the spirit and intent of the awards.

      • Done, Ferd. I just emailed them my award as most ignorant Norwegians and urged them to come to CA to pick up their prize and see CA and our 12% unemployment foisted on us by this faux American.

        Oh…forgot. Anything negative he inherited. Anything else he claims he created. Did I just hear him say he ended a war in Iraq?

        • Prime Obot

          The current unemployment rate is Obama’s fault? Thanks for the keen economic analysis, Rush.

          • He has taken every mistake GWB made and quadrupled it. I had a job until he was elected.

            • Prime Obot

              Name one mistake Obama has made on the economy. You think we would have been better off without the bailouts and the stimulus bill? Well, most economists think the entire global economy would have collapsed without them (and the similar bills in Europe and Asia). I’m terribly sorry you lost your job; my wife lost hers as well, and hasn’t been able to find another. But let’s get real: by the time Obama was elected last fall, pretty much every economist in the world knew we were already in a dire recession (if not a depression), and that unemployment could be expected to rise throughout 2009.

              • You are wrong. So wrong. Read mises.org, lewrockwell.com and dailybail.com for honest analysis of this economy. These blogs are only the tip of the information iceberg on how the outrageous bailouts, disastrous ‘stimulous’ package, out of control budget and shocking actions of the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve.

                • Prime Obot

                  I really wish you had finished your sentence; I’d like to know what exactly it is that the federal government is supposed to have done badly over the past year. But I mean — mises.org? Lew Rockwell? Really? You do realize you’re talking about hardcore libertarians who believe in disbanding the entirety of the federal government, right? If these are the sources we’re touting, then sure, I believe they would be very much against what the Bush and Obama administrations have done. But if you buy that, you also must be in favor of ending Medicare, Social Security, public education, the EPA, FDA, HHS and so on down the list. Are you? And if you aren’t, why would tout these far-far-right sources as definitive about anything?

                  • Donna Brazile


                    Getcha peace prize Prime Obutt. I nominated you earlier today.

                    Stop the high expectationfest!

                  • Ferd Berfle

                    I really wish you had finished your sentence;

                    She did finish her sentence–you’re just an illiterate little half-pint twit.

                    And speaking of sentences–I only wish your local penal system had made YOU finish YOURS.

                    • Prime Obot

                      She finished this sentence?

                      “These blogs are only the tip of the information iceberg on how the outrageous bailouts, disastrous ’stimulous’ package, out of control budget and shocking actions of the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve.”

                      You’re the idiot, Ferd. Seriously. You. Are. An. Idiot. I’ve never heard a significant piece of political insight from you. Ever. Not once.

                    • Prime Obot

                      “These blogs are only the tip of the information iceberg on how the outrageous bailouts, disastrous ’stimulous’ package, out of control budget and shocking actions of the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve.”

                      This is a finished sentence? I think, quite clearly, it is you who are illiterate.

                    • Ferd Berfle

                      I believe she left out a word in the middle, which would have completed the thought. As for illiterate, you take the booby prize, with your love of irrelevant prattle and your fawning love of That One and his stilted prose. By the way, you still need to finish your sentence, Miss Demeanor.

                    • Donna Brzile

                      Prime Obutt:

                      Your peace prize is in danger of being rescinded if you can’t come here with love, understanding, and hope.

                      Stop the “piece”fest!

                    • Prime Obot

                      Actually, she left off the entire end of the sentence, you obscene, witless pig.

                    • Donna Brzile

                      Damn Prime Obutt:

                      You must seriously want your peace prize rescinded. One more outburst from you and you will deserve it about as much as That One does.

                      Nothin’ but love for you little man!

                      Stop the shallowfest!

                    • Ferd Berfle

                      Actually, she left off the entire end of the sentence, you obscene, witless pig.

                      Actually, moron, she left out one word. That you are incapable of seeing it is not my problem. Your understanding of the English language leaves a lot to be desired. There are more ways to write a particular thought than you will ever be aware of. So take you prefabricated, prepackaged, regurgitated rubbish elsewhere, Obutt.

                      Oh and you can stuff the witless pig up your backside next to your brain. I’ve forgotten much more than a little reprobate like you will ever know in a lifetime.

                    • Prime Obot

                      You know nothing of me or my writing ability, trust me on that. I know you want me to leave, because nothing strips the buzz from a member of a hate cult, which you most certainly are, than having to listen to someone who doesn’t subscribe.

                      But I’ll stay around and enjoy watching cultists like you gnash your teeth when we pass a strong health care bill this fall, stomp the GOP’s butts next fall, and reelect Obama by a landslide in 2012.

                      I realize that the price of continuing to post here will be your reflexive ad hominum insults. That’s okay. Have at it, clown. It’s your hate cult, enjoy your membership.

                    • Donna Brzile

                      Prime Obutt:

                      Welcome! You’re just another of the many cultists here! Glad to know you’re one of us! Thanks for giving peace a chance.

                      Stop the lovefest!

                    • Ferd Berfle

                      Wow, Goob, you really think a lot of yourself. Well, I suppose someone has to take that thankless job and it may as well be you.

                      And your use of the word cultist is laughable since you call yourself a Prime Obot and kiss the feet of Bot of the United States, formerly called POTUS.

                      As for your predictions, I’m laughing at you, troll. You really have absorbed much more Kool-Aide than a single person can handle and it shows in the trashy crap you write.

                    • Prime Obot

                      We’ll see, Ferd. I predict:

                      1. A strong health care bill passes by the end of the year.

                      2. Democrats lose seats but retain control of the House and Senate in 2010.

                      3. Obama is reelected, easily, in 2012.

                      What do you predict? Do you have the balls to put your predictions in writing, right here, for all to see?

                    • Onofre’s arm

                      Prime Obot, are you the result of Nostradamus raping Pollyanna?

                    • Prime Obot

                      Well, a year ago I was on this site trying to explain to you all why Obama was virtually certain to win the presidency. You all laughed at me and told me how dumb I was then. But I guess that time I was Nostradamus and you were all Pollyanna, huh?

                      Get ready for the next round: the health reform bill that sends Obama’s approval rating back into the stratosphere in time for the next electoral cycle.

                    • Donna Brzile

                      Prime Obutt:

                      All that I’m saying is give peace a chance!

                      How’s the echo chamber in your head?

                    • Prime Obot

                      The echo chamber is fine. Notice what a craven coward Ferd is. No predictions! No comments, once the pure insults are finished.

                      He really is one of the most pathetic people on this site.

    • Prime Obot

      Dude, you’re still on Rezko and Ayers? I agree with you about this award, but — I mean, come on. Get a new act.

      • Ferd Berfle

        Dud, you come here day after day (after day (after day, etc.) parading around you selective and ill-educated indignation about irrelevant issues never related to the topic at hand and then have the unmitigated gall to call me on my righteous indignation about an award bestowed but not earned. Further, you only repeat the same phrases over an over and over again (and over again, as nauseam) as though your pseudo-chant is enlightening and that you’re entitled to come here and post it. You aren’t and frankly I’m sick of your hogwash. Go f u c k yourself.

        • Prime Obot

          I ask again, for anyone from the site who is reading — is this acceptable discourse?

    • Tammy

      Holy God, Ferd, you are hilarious today.

      And Larry? I laughed my ass off at your post.
      You’re damn right we’ve been punked!

      I’ve been laughing all day long at various posts on the internet. With something as bizarre as this, I think you have to laugh or you go completely kooky.

      And Ferd, it looks like you’re getting awfully close! LOL.

  • FrenchNail

    Very funny collection of cartoons from around the world on Obama’s win


    • Margaret

      Ooo, I love the cartoon of Obama taking the Nobel Peace Prize out of a box of Froot Loops, perfect!!!

  • barry bums a ciggie

    I think the Norwegian band AHA have been asked to sing their hit ‘Take on Me’ when Obobo accepts his award. How exciting!


  • typical gram cracker

    Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama appears like a blatant attempt to influence US foreign policy. Who are the committee members and what is their agenda?

    • Boing

      Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, also provided a statement in reaction to the Nobel news.”We condemn the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for Obama,” Mujahid said.

      “Something has happened here that we all agree with the Taliban and Iran about, and that is he doesn’t deserve the award.” -R. Limbaugh.


    • NoBamaNoWay

      i think that’s exactly what happened; maybe this will finally bring some of the kool-aid heads out of their stupor and make them realize that it wasn’t The One’s greatness that got him elected; it was entirely orchestrated by powerful interests that saw him as a useful tool.

    • proud mobster

      Yes! Obama has been rolled once again. Just give him a prize and he will throw the US to the wolves.

      • Mia

        From an other blog KT wrote:
        Mr. Obama should have been awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature for inventing the slogan “Yes, we can.”, the Prize for Medicine for inventing a Healthcare Reform he claims to make money while around the world, the same system is losing money, the Prize for Physics for knowing for sure that this world will cease to exist due to global warming and the Prize for Economics for spending almost $800 billion dollars to create a negative number of jobs in America. Please help me find any person on Earth who has achieved so much in such a short time as Mr. Obama.

        Charles Wickham wrote:
        What a farce. 50% or more of the US population is afraid he is rapidly driving us into bankruptcy and are disgusted by his mea culpa world tours. If Europe likes him that much please nominate him for President of the EU and take him off our hands.

    • Lisa

      gram cracker, The below quote came from an article on Yahoo.

      “Aagot Valle, a lawmaker for the Socialist Left party who joined the Nobel committee this year, said she hoped the selection would be viewed as “support and a commitment for Obama.”

  • Judy

    It’s not funny, but thanks for making me giggle anyway! 🙂

    • PainkillerJayne

      Big-Eared Hawaiian Kahuna.

      Larry I love this!