Okay, I admit it – I have tried to be in total denial about the following interview of Secretary of State Clinton and Ann Curry. My aunt sent me the pertinent quote earlier this week, and I just didn’t want to believe it. I still don’t want to believe it, to be honest. It makes me both sad and angry for reasons I am sure many of you share, too.

And now, to the interview:

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Sigh. So, yeah, Secretary Clinton says she won’t run for President again. Sure, there was this (funny to me) quote in there:

“Maybe there is some misunderstanding which needs to be clarified,” she said. “I believe in delegating power … I am not one of those people who feel I have to have my face in front of the newspaper and TV every day … It’s just the way I am.”

Clearly a little dig at He Who Must Be On TV Every Day, which was enjoyable, I must confess. Okay, it was downright funny.

And then there was the part where even Andrea Mitchell, of all people, is commenting on how surprising it is hat President CLINTON has not received the Nobel Peace Prize despite raising BILLIONS of dollars for the Clinton Initiative which does great work all over the world. Never mind all of the work President Clinton did with President Bush (I) in terms of the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. So, yeah, sure, it makes perfect sense that Mr. Talker No Walker Man would be the one who gets it. Pathetic.

Back to Hillary Clinton. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe she was trying to shift the focus off of her, and was trying not to steal the limelight from her boss (and her water carrying for him is a bitter pill to swallow). But, no, she has repeated that claim again in this article, the title of which is also bitter, Clinton: I’d Have Hired Obama. Yeah, she said it after the claim indicated in the title. I’ll let the article set the stage:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that if she had won presidential election, Barack Obama would “absolutely” have served in her Cabinet.

Recalling the conversation she had with then-president-elect Obama about her joining the administration during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Clinton said that she was at first surprised when the president offered her the secretary of state post.

“It was, you know, about … five, six days after the election. And my husband and I were out for a walk, actually, in a, sort of, preserve near where we live in New York. And he had his cell phone in his pocket. It started ringing in the middle of this, you know, big nature preserve,” Clinton said. “Instead of turning it off, he answered it. And it was President-elect Obama wanting to talk to him about some people he was considering for positions.”

Clinton said she then picked up the phone thinking Obama wanted to talk generally about Cabinet picks when he surprised her by asking the former New York senator and Democratic rival to become his chief diplomat.

“He said I want you to be my secretary of state. And I said, ‘Oh, no, you don’t,’” Clinton recalled. “I said, ‘Oh, please, there’s so many other people who could do this.’

“But, you know, we kept talking. I finally began thinking, look, if I had won and I had called him, I would have wanted him to say yes,” Clinton continued. “And, you know, I’m pretty old-fashioned, and it’s just who I am. So at the end of the day, when your president asks you to serve, you say yes, if you can.”

Asked if she would have made the same call to Obama if she had been elected president, Clinton responded: “Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, of course.”

Well, I can see that she would have to do so, but SHE would have been the boss, and SHOULD have been, as many of us think given te votes she received in the Primary.

And that brings me to this:

Additionally, Clinton backed up her statement from earlier in the week that she will not run for president a second time.

“I have absolutely no interest in running for president again. None. None,” she said. “I mean, I know that’s hard for some people to believe, but, you know, I just don’t.”

“I feel like I have had the most amazing life in my public service,” the secretary of state continued. “And for the last 17 years, ever since my husband started running for president, I have been, you know, in the spotlight, working hard. And this job is incredibly all-encompassing. So I think I’m looking forward to maybe taking some time off.”

She HAS had an amazing life, no doubt about it. She is an amazing woman – no one would expect anything less from someone of her stature. But I have to say, the thought of NEVER having a President Hillary Clinton is demoralizing. I feel like the DNC Elite have won (again), getting the Clintons out once and for all, despite the tremendous successes they have had independent of each other, and for the good of the country. It just burns me up that they might actually succeed. Dammit it to hell.

That despite the fact that k, Secretary Clinton has higher approval ratings than President Obama does now. I’m not kidding – hot off the Gullup wires, her ratings are 62%, and Obama’s are 56%. Maybe it’s because people are seeing that SHE is out there working her ass off on our behalf, on behalf of the country, and for the greater good of the world. They see Obama hemming and hawing, incapable of making hard decisions, or fulfilling campaign promises, yet showing up on YouTube doing the salsa (more or less) the other night while Clinton has been to the following countries between 10/9 – 15: Zurich, London, Dublin, Belfast, Moscow and Kazan. Holy smokes – makes me tired just reading the list.

She is just a remarkable woman, isn’t she?? Incredible energy, devotion, good humor, intelligence, and compassion, all in one person who SHOULD be the boss.

So I have been in denial, not wanting to believe my ears and eyes when she says she won’t be running again. Someone wake me when she changes her mind. Or Obama’s out of office. Whichever comes first…

(And a grudging thanks to Bronwyn’s Harbor for sending me the video. Thanks, BH – kinda!)

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  • Cate

    I wanted Hillary to be President so bad. It appears that Obama and Axelrod played the cards right once again and won. They ask Hillary to be SOS to get her out of Congress and put her out of sight because they knew she would out shine Obama. I still cannot believe that Bill and Hillary, as smart as they are did not see through this schem. I saw it right from the beginning. Obama is an embarassment to the US. He has no business being President. This man has never ran a city or a village. He has no experience.

  • wbboei

    The thing that is really discouraging to those of us who care about the future of this country is to see the bots, some of whom have entered on this site, fail to see the big picture. This is not the normal back and forth of partisan politics. This really is a takeover, and it follows the same pattern we have seen elsewhere in the world. I suspect some of the party line propaganda from these bots is being paid for by the very people who are doing it. The problem is they are becoming more and more like the little boy trying with all his fingers and toes in the dyke and more water is coming in. If you try to tell them what is happening they scream things like racist, or conspiracy nut or they divert the issue. We have seen those tactics before as well. This is about looting the country, and those who claim otherwise are either ignorant or malicious. Beware of these people. They are what Lenin called useful idiots.

  • While there is still wiggle room, compared with interviews over the summer with the Nation and on Meet the Press, the unequivocal denials are getting harder and harder to deny.

    In the past, it was always how she feels in the present day, leaving open the possibility that her “interest in it happening” could change in the future.
    Hillary needs to do what she needs to do but this is also the first I have heard consideration of “retirement” and “taking time off.” Possibly in prelude to a possible resignation before taking another stab at it scenario ??

    • lorac

      I think this is a possibility. If she WERE to run against him in 2012 (which is not so likely, of course), she would first need to distance herself from him so that later she could run against him.

      If she were to step down from SOS before 2012, everyone might say she’s preparing to challenge him. But if she’s prepared the public for her retirement, they’re more likely to accept that reason. Then she can have a break, and decide her next step – real retirement, or stepping up.

      • If Clinton ever retires it isn’t going to be well until she’s dead and buried, if then. But I do accept the “take time off” to “reflect and write and relax” wording of the CNN interview. And there’s clearly a reason she’s trialing the subject at this point in time…


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  • OWG

    I feel your pain of dashed hopes for Hillary as president. I’m afraid there won’t be anymore elections. Obama is going to sign away our sovereignty this Dec in copenhagen to a one world order. Hillary was in on the election fix. Sorry.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that if she had won presidential election, Barack Obama would “absolutely” have served in her Cabinet.

    Sure…she said this while shaking her head NO…who said life isn’t fair? She about admit she is running the show behind the scenes by saying she is part of the team that make decisions…I’ve moved on.

    • beachnan

      You can move on all you want, but many of us are still hopeful that we will one day be able to say-Madame President Hillary Clinton. Who knows what the future may hold. Aren’t people trying to find out of our current boob of a President is even eligible for the job? Maybe…

  • Cathy in Ks.

    I’m disappointed that Hillary has stated she will not run for president again but I’m not surprised. It was disgraceful how her own party leaders and the liberal press treated her. For that reason, alone, I voted almost a straight republican ticket for the first time in my adult life and I was 60 years old at the time. I just wish that that in 2012 there would be a viable “third party.” Maybe Hillary could run under that banner.
    In 2010 I intend to vote out of office my “blue dog democratic” congressman who is nothing but a coward and apparently takes his marching orders from the dem. party leaders. Many life-long democrats I know have already switched to being “independents” or even “republicans.”
    We are fed up with the democratic party and its leadership. The current president and leaders in congress have betrayed and made a mockery out of the ideals the democratic party seemed to once have in our youth.

  • warehouse553

    Also, what about the black vote? How can Hillary or any democrat challenge this idiot with 99% of blacks blindly voting for him? Who wants to be falsely accused if racism? Pelosi is terrified of low black turnout in 2010. If the Dems dump him, there will be no black turnout. So the question is, will blacks go down with Titanic and continue to support Obama based on race?

    • My black son will vote in the next election; he hates BO. (‘But Mom, he isn’t saying anything!’) Loved Hillary. (‘He just gave her the finger!’)

    • Lyn

      SHE had more votes than Obama last time even WITH all the AA voting for him.

    • lorac

      Blacks are only 11% of the population. Women are 52% of the population. Blacks didn’t win it for him.

  • Gary

    Nothing has changed in the Democratic party. Hillary got backstabbed during the primaries, and she’ll get backstabbed again if she were to run. She realizes that, so there would be no point in her running again.

    The Democratic party tends to eat their young.

  • warehouse553

    For Hillary to have a chance in 2012, Obama must be unelectable and therefore not run. He is so arrogant that if he believes he could lose, he would decline to seek a second term. We have to help the Republicans retake Congress in 2010. We must help Christie and McDonnell win their races in November. He’s lazy and a show horse. If he loses Congress and has to actually work, he might not want to be President anymore.

    • CentralMass

      I’d favor voting all incumbents out of office save a select few. IMO, the idea of voting to give either party is counter productive. One term and out.

      • CentralMass

        That was “IMO, the idea of voting to give either party the advantage is counter productive. One term and out.

    • We must get the AG in just 1 (one) applicable state to ask NP this question: On what basis did you ascertain BO was a NBC before submitting the official DNC Certification of Nomination to election officials in our state to put his name on the general election ballot? (When we asked, NP ignore us. Then DNC General Counsel Sandler said, ‘We don’t have to tell you.’)

  • trist

    It depressed the hell outta me too, when I saw that interview. There’s still a tiny spark in my heart, that keeps believing she will still run again, and WIN next time. That the Dems will know “the one” is unelectable a second time around and unless they want to lose their power for another 8 to 12 years will do whatever it takes to persuade Hillary to run in 2012.

    Frankly the Dem party doesn’t deserve to have Hillary, but the country does, and if she can only get in through that party, then so be it, hopefully she and Bill could restore it to something I can once again be apart of.

    • felizarte

      Who knows? It might just turn out that the GOP actually nominates Palin and the Democrats field Hillary.

  • steve1

    Clinton, 2012! We all know that in politics, there is never, NEVER, a definitive answer! Clnton, 2012!

  • ImaLlindatoo

    Events can change. especially if she is going to run for Governor. It surely wouldn’t look good to be claiming that, so, I’ll let events play out, as they must.

  • Ginger

    RRR Amy, That is different than what I read some time ago on RD. That she had made the deal right before the Convention to become SoS. That Obama had gone over to her place to offer it to her.

    It was upsetting to realize that because so many had been busting their humps to help her get the nomination.

    • Ginger

      P.S. – She wud have been skewered by the media had she given any other answer other than a firm “no”.

      • I agree. And I did go take a look at the video at ABC mentioned above. But she says, emphatically, that she has NO desire to ever run for president again. I can understand it after all she went through, believe me. Though one would HOPE (ahem) that after seeing how much Obama lied through his teeth while campaigning and since he got into office, that maybe they wouldn’t be so hard on her next time. Hey, I said it was a HOPE! 🙂

        Ginger, you’re right – it was a COMPLETELY different story of how she was offered the post. Interesting…

        Sassy and Katmoon, I’m right there with ya…

        ImaLindaToo, I really hope she runs for governor of NY, too. And yes, as I have said, I know she can’t flat out say she’s going to run for president in a few years, but it was the finality with which she was speaking that caught me up, you know? But yes, we just have to wait and see. Time, as they say, will tell…

  • darkknight727
  • growingup…

    President Obama have diffrent way approaching politics and that how is. Hillary, with was my favor and the first democrat I ever vote is also different. It does not look to that Pr.Oba don’t know what He is doing. I vote for Him after Hillary was stripp from Her winning battle by DNC. Now I am a member of Independent Party.We just let DNC to do what they want with no fight. OUR only fault!!!
    I do believe that we are responsible for not fighting for Hillary, and it is OUR fault and only. Now is to late, and it also sense less pointing fimgers and attacking Pr. Obama. It is OUR own fault, that some of people were to lazy to to pools and give Hillary their vote. We are one that should be blame and this is the only truth!!!

    • Ferd Berfle

      Count me out of that collective guilt trip. It was the 69,000,000 who were bamboozled by That One and suffer from terminal suspension of disbelief who are to blame. He’s their candidate–they own him and his stupid policies and arrogant disposition.

      • Peggy Sue

        Excuse me, growing up [and I suggest you still have much to do]–I take no responsibility for the DNC’s underhanded decision during the primary season that effectively awarded the “win” to the loser. And I should, as a Dem, accept without question the the DNC’s decision in this matter?

        Sorry. But affirmation by the collective does not make me tingle all over. Nor does it make that wrong-headed decision right [anymore than the 2000 GE Supreme Court decision in favor of the Republicans was correct or legitimate].

        So, please go peddle your Obama soft-sell to DU. I’m sure they’d give you a standing ovation.

        • Ferd Berfle

          I am not and never was a supporter of That One, Peggy Sue and you know it. There are two parts to this story, which both sides collectively leave out:

          1) Obama was never qualified to perform the job of POTUS
          2) The people who voted for him are just as guilty of malfeasance as he is because they knew 1), above and still voted for him.

          I’m sorry but just because those who voted for him can claim they were had is no excuse. That they didn’t do their homework is not That One’s fault.

  • Katmoon

    Another post lost.

  • Sassy

    I consider myself a realist, therefore I accepted after the election that Hillary would not run again.
    She is the only politician that I would consider credible, and her decision does not surprise me.
    I vacilate between anger about the way she was treated, and relief that she is not confronting all the issues that are tearing this country apart.
    At this time, I pray that we don’t experience another catastrophic event like 9/11, for fair or not, I blamed Condi Rice, and Hillary would be thrown to the wolves.

    • Katmoon

      Well said, I agree Sassy,

      vacilate between anger about the way she was treated, and relief that she is not confronting all the issues that are tearing this country apart.

      To me, it is as though she was, physically, publicly, flogged by 1000 lashes, and survived. Many of us felt her pain and voiced our outrage as well as worked to hep in every way we could. I now know there would be no hesitation in those who did the initial flogging, to step right back up, seeing the healed raised scars, and gleefully work to re-open and to mortally wound her.
      I will never get over what was done by her own ( my own previous) party.

  • Katmoon

    I don’t blame SOS Clinton a bit, enough is enough. Whomever decides to run against his highness will have the same experience as SOS Clinton previously did; not one of a political competition, but pure savaging by the media and pundits and other Democrats. There hasn’t been a dem party since last year when the DNC decided to become the voluntary whores of a single candidate.
    SOS Clinton and President Clinton have spent a lifetime in politics, and have given us much, and I will always appreciate their service, and truly admire their efforts. I am also sad, but I also see where it is impossible for a Democrat from previous known definitions to this brothel and auction atmosphere we see today called the dem party are two very different worlds.

    Having been tagged and labeled as unpatriotic, and a teabagger, I am sure neither party has my personal best interests in mind, nor do I believe either party gives two sh*ts about the population as a whole. They are all in for themselves, as far as they can get no matter how much it costs us, and how much blood it takes.
    Times are ripe for a sane central candidate, who can articulate beyond intentions, and plan enough in advance to get their rear on the states voting records as an Indy. OTherwise, this back and forth garbage we are being offered in candidates will continue with the label of USDA choice.

  • rw

    Though I am a liberal, in local elections coming soon I will vote for ANYTHING but a democrat, anything. Same goes for 2010, etc. It’s tit-for-tat voting.

    I think I heard Andrea Idiot Michell say that the anti Bush Obama Peace Prize was “eurocentric”….what the hell would she call the stealing of the elections from Hillary and the media’s tingle leg with Obama….”amerocentric”….really, what an idiot.

    I would call the former meddling in US foreign policy and the latter third world corruption.

  • JayHG

    God you people are nuts……..you three people who post over and over and live in a dream world.

    I know, the Easter Bunny is just outside with a big basket of brightly colored candy eggs for each of you that HE LAID HIMSELF…..go get ’em, quickly, before he goes hip, hoppity down the bunny trail.

    • Portia Elizabeth

      Um, believing in fantastical beings is your area of expertise, Obot.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Speak for yourself, Prime Obot or ahs or ee or believe or Francis or Kelvin or Debbie or Hank or Detractor or UKforDems or Freedom Fighter, or whoever you are, you paid four-flushing obamabot.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Lost yet another comment to the Beelzebub, the resident Spaminator. Why doesn’t that automaton go after all the troll’s banal comments? At least that could be rationalized from a strictly utilitarian point of view.

      • Prime Obot

        They get their share of mine too, Ferd, don’t worry.

  • Lou Filliger

    Rather than worry about whether she decides to run for POTUS or not, why not worry about something of a bit more substance, like WHY THE HELL SHE’S GOING ALONG WITH OBAMA’S SUPPORT OF ZELAYA?

    If she wants to make a name for herself, and earn my respect, all she has to do is say, publicly, “You know what? Honduras is right. Zelaya’s wrong. I can no longer condone this administration’s support of Zelaya. I’m outta here.”

    Show us all a difference we can relate to. After all, what do liberals stand for anymore? Individual freedoms? Don’t make me laugh. Human rights? Sure, as long as it doesn’t step on any union toes. Liberalized drug laws? In theory, maybe, but in practice, fagettaboutit. Stand up and be a damned liberal, Hillary, and say, “We love freedom, We love our Constitution, We respect Honduras for loving and obeying its Constitution, and we oppose Zelaya for his attempted subjugation of the Honduran Constitution.” Yeah, Lou, that’ll happen, just as soon as Jesse Jackson passes up an opportunity to make a nuisance of himself, and Charles Rangell pays all the taxes he owes.

  • Jackarooty

    Amy I refuse to believe that that she won’t run in 2016 barring any critical health issues. A lot can happen in 6 or 7 years. Last night on Nightline Cynthia McFadden had a wonderful interview with our very dear Hillary in Russia and asked her the same thing. Hillary responded the same way.


    One of the readers above mentioned that she kept saying “no” when asked prior to 2007/2008 and then she said “yes”. I like to believe that Hillary will someday be our POTUS. It is her destiny.

    I need to cling to some hope and change that I can believe in. ~snark~

  • tek

    Why are the networks making an issue of her being marginalize now? Why did no one cover this during the primaries? I think the media run these stories to try and cut the critics off at the pass, so to speak. They know this stuff is going to come up in the next election and they’re trying to make her look weak and like a has-been.

    Why are you marginalized? Please. Because Obama’s ego is so big it won’t fit in the room with anybody else.

    I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t run. Donna the B***** destroyed Gore and she robbed Hillary. It’s very doubtful the 21st Century Democrats will ever let any responsible candidate get on the ticket.

  • Diana L. C.


    I sent off my first “I told you so email” to some obot family members today, using links to the reports of the polls showing her more favorable ratings and to one from the Washington Examiner’s explanation of the liberals’ disillusionment with O. I also included a link to an archived URL from 2004 where the headline of the article clearly said O was born in Kenya since these particular obots on my list keep making fun of “birthers.” I said that while I could believe he might have been born in Hawaii, I still wonder why his life story changes all the time and feel it needs to be straightened out.

    Now, as for Hillary not running, I am sad that we have lost the chance to have what I feel would have been a truly great President. It makes me very sad and frustrated. But I do support her decision to lead her life as she feels best. My hope has always been that she goes out in style and then writes a tell-all book about the “selection” process. I would buy it and send it to many, many people.

    As for your post. This says it all about what I enjoyed most from her interview:

    Clearly a little dig at He Who Must Be On TV Every Day, which was enjoyable, I must confess. Okay, it was downright funny.

  • politicsisdirty

    She gave the right answer.

    Whatever happens in the future is something else. Everybody can change his/her mind. Remember, this is the century of CHANGE. Take it form the ONE who started the CHANGE mantra.

    • Good point. Thank you to those who have said this. It is true that she couldn’t possibly say NOW that she would run for prez again without the Obots going berserk screaming, “We knew it! We knew she’d undermine The One!” You know, the ones to whom Diana L.C. was writing below. 🙂 So I do get that. I do.

      I guess I am just angry at the treatment the DNC gave her, thus US, by dismissing our votes, our wishes, our insistence that the BEST candidate was put forth, thus giving us the opportunity to not just have the person for whom we voted, the person who got the most votes, but very possibly, one of the best presidents this country has ever seen.

      If, indeed, she IS going to retire after her stint as SOS, of course, I support her in that. She can do as she chooses. But the thought of this remarkable woman not having some say in what happens in our country is a bitter pill to swallow.

      I do hope, and pray, she is just being tactful, and biding her time…

      • Portia Elizabeth

        Amy, many, many of us are still angry. We won’t forget. The scars will always remind us. Hugs to you for this article and keeping our “hope” alive. 😉

      • felizarte

        it would have been imprudent/impolitic of her to say yes to that question AT THIS TIME. Just think: All those countries and world leaders she met with; her remarks in all those places! In two years’ time she would have an archive of materials needed for a campaign or another book and perhaps another run. We musn’t give up just yet.

        • I sure do hope so. I think Obama will have to continue doing what he’s been doing for her to challenge him, though, and that is a concern…But yes, I concur it would have been both imprudent and impolitic for her to have flat out said, “heck yeah, I’m running!”

          It was the certitude with which she said she was looking forward to taking a break that concerned me. She could have said something more vague, like, “Well, that’s a long way off, and I love what I am doing…” and leave it at that or something.

          But you are absolutely right abt the tone she struck.

          • Lyn

            I keep thinking as WHEN it is closer to the time for the election and Obamas numbers are SOOO low, he will announce he is not running again for health or family reasons. Because his EGO could NOT take going down in history as another one of the POTUSs that couldn’t get relected. Also since more and more people are waking up to him, and he will have an actual record for people to use against him, he has to know just words won’t cut it a 2nd time.

  • Nobama4me

    I,too, was heartbroken when I heard her interview, but what else could she say, really? If she said “I’ll think about it” you can bet the DNC would start grooming the next ‘historic” male candidate like, oh I don’t know, “Jon Stewart, the first comedian President” or “Barney Frank, the first openly gay President”, all taking precedence over the “first woman, ex-First Lady, President” So, I don’t blame her either for not wanting to run at all, or if she does, not wanting to disclose it so early on. We will just have to be patient and wait and see. JMO

    • tek

      No, no. The next Democratic candidate is going to be Hispanic. Count on it, La Raza is bossing Obama around since the election. They’re going to have the WH.

      Or, the Republicans will run George P. Bush–Jeb’s 1/2 Mexican son.

      It’ll be a Hispanic man.

      • FLDemFem

        Why do we have to run through all the minorities before we get a President who is representative of 52% of the voting population, ie. women, who have never had the Presidency?? Just askin’.

      • lorac

        The majority (women) will just have to go to the end of the line. What else is new?

  • Docelder

    On the day Hillary out polls “Thee One” we have this? As far as reading between the lines… what does the machine of Thee One have on the Clinton’s that Hillary cannot have at least one day? What is it about Thee One that cannot let just that much happen… just once?

    • tek

      Did she outpoll him? Well, that’s why we see this interview. Anytime anything good happens for the Clintons, the Obama media have to try to stir up some crap.

      Are you going to run again? Like she’s going to say she will and she’s in the Cabinet!

      • I did mention at the end that Hillary’s approval ratings are higher than Barack’s today – she’s at 62%, and he is at 56%. Oh, and it’s a Gallup Poll. The link is above.

        You might also want to check the Rasmussen Reports. They have a daily tracking poll for Obama, as well as other political polls: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/

        My bet is that Hillary will continue to outpoll Obama, especially as he continues to drag his decision-making along, and continues his CONSTANT campaign mode…

    • lorac

      “What is it about Thee One that cannot let just that much happen… just once?”

      Answer: multiple extreme psychological issues.

  • catherine

    Honey, trust me she’s being diplomatic. She said she would’nt run in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

    As long as her numbers remain high and Obummer falls to the 40’s or 30’s, our girl WILL make her move.

    • Woodhull


      I know of at least 3 dozen people who would quit their jobs to work full time on her campaign, including me. Although by then finding a paid campaign position might be a step up from unemployment! Besides, I’ve got all this cool HRC for President stuff in my attic that I’m waiting to break out and I’m not taking the sticker off my car until it’s official.

      That’s real “hope.”

  • yttik

    Nobody, absolutely nobody would be wise to announce a presidential run two years ahead of time. That gives the opposition a long time to prepare to attack you. It also plays your hand, the other team would them select a candidate they think can beat you. Nobody shows the other players their cards, not this early.

  • Obamastolemycounty

    but then, consider this. No republicans are admitting to running for POTUS yet. I am sure she would want to see what happens this first term because if (and that is a big if) things were to trun around and Barrakula actually become competent (haha) then she may not want to run, but if things stay the same I still think she might run.


    Plus I pray for impeachment, daily!!!

  • IndieDogg

    Sure, I supported her, too, back then. I did not support her decision to let BHO co-opt her and remove her from the threat list politically by bringing her into HIS administration. It was a calculated, Machiavellian move and I was stunned that she fell for it. But, it is what it is.

    That debate, as is the campaign, is over. That we can all agree on.

    I would point out, though, that I’m not so sure her higher-than-Obama approval ratings are solely attributable to everyone’s recognition of what a jam up job she’s doing. Honestly, I doubt if many walking-around people could tell you what she’s doing today or did last week. Meanwhile, Obama, like him or don’t (I don’t — he’s a shockingly silly neophyte and a very shallow, politically ruthless man), is on the front lines of a host of very difficult and “hot” issues of the moment.

    I’d prefer that she were out there on the point on these critical things. However, I can’t predict what her current approval rating would be were that the case.

    Lightning rods attract a lot more lightning when they’re in the midst of the storm.

    She’s not running. Time to move on.

    • Portia Elizabeth

      i don’t interpret Hillary’s accepting that post as “falling for” anything. Consider if she had declined. At best, she’d be a senator shunned and marginalized by her own party. Our brilliant HRc would be forced into obscurity and squashed like a gnat.

      By accepting the post Hillary is given a chance to shine, to prove her capabilities on an international level, and best of all, she hasn’t been pushed aside in scorn like yesterday’s news or John Edwards. As much as it galls me to see her answering to That One, I much prefer it to watching as she’s driven off the political stage forever.

      • Jackarooty

        I agree with you! Btw, I really believe that she is enjoying the job. I’ve never seen her look so happy. She’s a brilliant lady. She knows exactly what she is doing.

        • Agreed, PE and Jackarooty – I think she would have been marginalized completely as a senator.

          And if you look at the videos and/or photos from her work at the State Department, you can see that not only is SHE happy, but the people from other countries are happy to see HER (http://www.state.gov/). Oh, and if you watch the videos, you see that she may have notes to which she refers, but that’s all her – no teleprompter in sight (at least not that I’ve seen anyway).

          • Ani

            I agree. I think she is thrilled with this job. And she is also working with people at State and around the world who respect and appreciate her. That must be a welcome change from the backstabbers in her own party and the lousy way the media treated her.

            I also recall Madeleine Albright saying when she was SoS, she dealth with a lot more sexism at home than abroad.

      • Lyn

        Don’t forget she knew IF she didn’t take SOS, who would get it? Kerry? Richardson? Can you imagine what it would be like for our Country if either of them was SOS?

      • lorac

        And by serving as SOS, she doesn’t get the label of ‘sore loser’, will be seen by the racist blacks who voted for him that she is working for their empty suit Messiah, and just maybe they’ll “allow’ her to reclaim part of the huge goodwill she had with them do to having worked for them for most of her life (but hey, what does that matter compared to skin color).

    • lorac

      “It was a calculated, Machiavellian move and I was stunned that she fell for it.”

      I don’t believe that she “fell for” anything. And who is to say that the far-thinking move and strategizing wasn’t HERS?

    • Ginger

      Check out this to see what Hillary is doing:


  • yttik

    She cannot say she will run, even if she was intending to do so. One peep and the media would begin obsessing over it, filtering every piece of news thru that lens. It would saturate the airways and make everyone just want it to all go away. So I don’t really take politician’s at their word when they say they have no intention of running because they really have no choice but to say that.

    I’d love to see her make another run. On the other hand, I’d be quite happy to see Palin run too, or any other number of talented women. After the 2008 election, I’ll never vote for another man again, until women have achieved some degree of equality in congress, the SC, and the presidency.

  • Thanks Amy for posting.
    I had the SAME reaction as you when I watched the interview. I’m still sick from hearing that Hillary will not run again.

    Anybody knows where Coward Dean is lately. The tug bastard who stole FL and MI delegates from Hillary. Politically, I will NEVER forgive Howard DEAN for the theft he committee.

    • Woodhull

      Last I heard he was in American Somoa visiting all the Democratic outposts. He was pouting because bo didn’t acknowledge all his hard work, aka, his “50 State Strategy” on his way out of the DNC — and didn’t offer so much as a diplomatic post to him. Dean was hoping to head up a cabinet post in healthcare.

  • Peggy Sue

    Whoops! Sorry for the double post.

    • Portia Elizabeth

      It was worth saying again.

  • Peggy Sue

    I share your pain, Amy. What might have been . . . but was closed down by the DNC. And for that, it will a long, long time before I forgive the Democratic Party for proving themselves no better than the Republicans and the underhanded moves we witnessed during the 2000 GE.

    Part of me understands HRC wanting to have time eventually for herself and family. She’s had a stunning career over a long period and running in a national election must be exhausting on so many levels. But then, the selfish part of me wants her to keep on, keeping on.

    There’s the outside hope that the landscape may change and what she said to Curry was of the moment and is still fluid. But yes, it is like a dagger in the gut thinking she may never take another run at it.

    We shall see.

  • Peggy Sue

    I share your pain, Amy. What might have been . . . but was closed down by the DNC. And for that, it will a long, long time before I forgive the Democratic Party for proving themselves no better than the Republicans and the underhanded moves we witnessed during the 2000 GE.

    Part of me understands HRC wanting to have time eventually for herself and family. She’s had a stunning career over a long period and running in a national election must be exhausting on so many levels. But then, the selfish part of me wants her to keep on, keeping on.

    There’s the outside hope that the landscape may change and what she said to Curry was of the moment and is still fluid. But yes, it is like a dagger in the gut thinking she never take another run at it.

    We shall see.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    Thanks for the post Rev. even though the whole thing is so unhappy making.

  • janicen

    It comes as no surprise to me that she isn’t going to run for president. She did, she won, and her party (not the voters) decided it wasn’t her turn. How old is she? In her mid to late sixties? She doesn’t owe us anything. She put her heart and soul into her campaign, and I honestly think this country doesn’t deserve her. She should go off and enjoy her life. I say good for her. Always leave them wanting more. Public opinion of her is twice that of Obama. We can all pine about what we could have had.

    • Jean

      Dido. We lost out big time.

    • No, janicen, she doesn’t owe us anything at all. Rather, I think it is the other way around – we owe her for showing us the kind of leader we deserve, the kind of leader we WANT (given, as noted above, she DID win the votes necessary), and the kind of leader we must demand.

      She deserves whatever she wishes for her life, no doubt.

      But speaking for me personally, I feel this country missed out on someone who could arguably have been the best president ever, and that is most definitely our loss.

      • Prime Obot

        Rev. Amy: I would not take anything HRC says on this subject seriously at this point in time. She is serving a Democratic president, and she is good at everything she does (except winning Iowa primaries, ha ha), and so of course she will have the discipline not to say anything that would disrupt the White House today.

        Here’s the reality: the very idea that Hillary isn’t interested in being president anymore is laughable. Of course she is. And of course she will run if she gets a shot. Here’s how she gets a shot: if Biden has health issues or any other reason that he (and/or Obama) don’t want him to run again as VP in 2012, HRC could very well be on the ticket. And in 2016, if Hillary is a healthy 69 year old, and things have gone well for Obama, she will be a plausible presidential candidate, especially if she has been VP for four years.

        You want to see HRC as president? Root for the success of the Obama presidency. His success and a longterm Democratic ascendancy are Hillary’s best shot. I agree with you that she would make a great president. And I still think she has one more shot in 2016. Personally, I have no special feelings for Joe Biden and am hoping to see HRC on the ticket in 2012.

        • chuva

          She will get it if he fails or succeeds. Her fate is not tied to Obama.

        • trixta

          Obama’s only shot at being reelected would be to replace Biden with HRC. But I’d still vote against that ticket, even thought HRC is on it — can’t ever see myself casting a vote for BO. I would rather have HRC run as his challenger in 2012.

          • trixta

            i.e. “…even though…”

    • Honora

      I agree that America and the DNC do not deserve her, but we all do!

      You are right, of course, they would all start to ramp up the anti-Hillary stuff all over again. We had our chance and we(as a nation) fu#ked it up. Let her retire and have fun with Bill, she owes America nothing.

      • janicen

        I agree. All those fools who voted for “change” are now realizing that they got more of the same. Imagine the true change in this country and the world if she were our president. Thanks for everything, Hillary. Because of you, the next serious female candidate won’t get beaten up so badly. It will be better next time. I just hope it’s a woman who is even half as brilliant as Hillary.

    • Ani

      She is 61 now. Even if she did run in 2016, then she has to deal with sexism and ageism.

      And the backstabbers in the Dem party who will still be around.

    • lorac

      Janicen, I think she is only 61. Her birthday is on October 26th, when she’ll turn 62. Unless those were last years numbers – maybe she’ll be 63 this year. There are “old 63s” and “young 63s”, and she’s the latter!

      (I laughed so hard when Obama said that he was a fighter, he doesn’t quit. Words, just words. Take away the slobbering media, the rigged elections, the diminishing infatuated people, and then let’s see how he fights and doesn’t quit when the going actually gets TOUGH! Aaarrgghh – Hillary had to fight hard with the media and powers that be working against her – and she STILL had way more energy than the ever vacationing Obama. No contest. )

  • Portia Elizabeth

    I don’t expect Hillary Clinton to say anything or do anything that might seem threatening to her ego-driven boss. As Rev. Wright said last year, “A politician will say and do what he has to say and do.” For the present that means SoS Clinton must be the loyal cabinet member. I will never believe she would give up a life goal so easily when she won the first time around. She’s just a bit wiser and is keeping her cards close to the vest.

    • avwrobel

      That’s right. She’s just playing the media game like the master she is! What’s she supposed to say when that idiot reporter asks ‘Would you have made the same call if you had won?’ Of course she says ‘Absolutely!’

    • hokma

      I agree fully.
      Since when does a politician stick to what they say?
      There is always a caviate.
      The FoxNews poll shows that Obama would only get 43% of the vote now and that number will continue to decline.
      In 2012, Democrats are either going to have to cede the Presidency to whomever the GOP puts out there or they will have to replace Obama.

      • Prime Obot

        He gets 56% approval but would only get 43% of the vote? Okay, well, if Fox News says so, it must be true.

        The reality is, Obama will be the nominee in 2012, and in all likelihood he will win easily. He isn’t an absolute lock. If, for instance, we fall into a double-dip recession and unemployment is still at or near 10% when the primaries begin two years from now, then I think Obama could be in a lot of trouble. That’s a fairly far-fetched scenario, though, since virtually all economists think the current recession is already over and that unemployment will start declining in a matter of months.

        Bear in mind also the likelihood that by the end of the year Congress will pass health care legislation which, once its implications become clear, is likely to be extremely popular. NQers can fulminate all you want: the bottom line is going to be legislation that protects the insurance of a couple hundred million Americans and extends insurance to 40 or 50 million more. That’s a lot of independent families who may not be “voting” for Obama today when the pollster calls.

        • Woodhull

          OMG!! What planet are you on? Believe me when I say there are a lot (a lot, lot!) of independent voters who will not be voting for bo in any event.

          • Prime Obot

            Yeah, and the millions of Democrats who wouldn’t vote for Obama in November 2008 doomed his chances against McCain. It wasn’t true last time and won’t be true next time. The fact is, Obama is very well-liked by the American people, and that has never changes; his approval is still pretty high right now, it will go even higher once health care passes in December and the economy recovers next spring, and as a result he is likely to win reelection as the Democratic realignment continues. Or did you think elderly southern white evangelicals were suddenly going to increase as a percentage of voters by 2012?

            • hokma

              Obama’s poll numbers have dropped tremendously and every poll has the GOP winning many seats back – and probably the majority – in the House and many seats in teh Senate. Are you paying attention to polls for elections next month???

              The only healthcare reform will be a heavily watered down version because 56% of the people are opposed to what is being voted on now. You add the Pelosi factor and it gets worse.

              The only reason Obama’s numbers are not in the 30’s yet is because the GOP has not its act together at all.

              There is little doubt Obama will not get re-elected the only question remaining is will the Dems stick by him or go with a more popular Clinton?

              • Prime Obot

                The GOP is almost certain to gain some seats in the House, and maybe a couple in the Senate. That is how political cycles go; after the last two blowouts, the Democrats now have way more competitive seats, so we are much more likely to lose some. It remains to be seen, however, whether our losing one or both houses of Congress will still be considered a feasible possibility by next fall. I understand that at our lowest ebb (most recently, in August, I assume), that mathematically becomes possible. But I would posit that the cycle will be swinging back up by next fall, assuming that a good health care bill passes and unemployment is dropping.

                As for 2012: dream on. With each year that passes, there are more Democratic voters — under-30 voters, Latinos, Asians, etc — and fewer GOP voters: older, white, southern, evangelical. And Obama (no matter what PUMAs would like to think) is a very popular president. Unless things are going downhill badly by next fall, his defeat is not likely. And his replacement by HRC or anyone else is sheer delusion.

            • Lyn

              There was NOT an increase in Dems that made a difference in last elction, it was the huge amount of Republicans that stayed home because McCain wasn’t conservative enough and they wanted a “carter so they could get a Reagan” the numbers don’t lie, there were alot less Reblicans that voted in the last election than when Bush won.

              • Prime Obot

                I think there is some truth to this. McCain was never going to be a candidate who pleased the Republican base. But there is a lot of truth to what I am saying, too — that demographic trends are strongly favorable toward Democrats. Remember, Bush lost the popular vote to Gore in 2000, and plausibly one might argue that Bush only won the popular vote by a little bit in 2004 because of 9/11. And in 2008 it wasn’t close. And we know from many dozens of polls that voters under 30 are more Democratic than older voters. Certainly on issues like gay marriage: for under-30s, gay marriage is a no-brainer. They support it and always will. For over-60s, gay marriage is also a no-brainer: they are against it by large margins, and always will be. But the under-30s will inherit the nation, which lets you know the future of this issue: gay marriage will come, state by state, until it is the law of the land and people are shocked that it was ever controversial.

                I would not argue that party affiliation is nearly so straightforward. But it does seem clear that we are in the middle of one of those periodic realignments. Take another key issue: immigration. Latinos comprise a higher percentage of American voters every year. Which party do you like they will identify with for years to come?

                And so on.

                This doesn’t mean that Obama *cannot* lose; it just means that by any reasonable demographic measure, the advantage is to the Democrats, for now. And I see nothing to necessarily change that by 2012, except a second recession.

                • Prime Obot

                  By the way, you are wrong. Here is 2008:

                  Barack Obama Democratic
                  69,456,897 52.92%

                  John McCain Republican
                  59,934,814 45.66%

                  Now here is 2004:

                  George W. Bush Republican 62,040,610 50.74%

                  John F. Kerry Democratic Massachusetts 59,028,444

                  Obama picked up 10,000,000 votes more than Kerry. McCain only lost about 2,000,000 votes that went for Bush. Obama benefited from a HUGE surge of Democratic votes. This derives in large part from the big shift in party ID from Republican to Democratic or Independent, which in turn derives from the mess Bush made of pretty much everything during his presidency. But it also derives from the demographic changes I am talking about. And they will only continue from 2008 to 2012: more young people. More Latinos and Asians. Fewer older conservative southern whites.

                  Looking at these numbers only confirms what I have been thinking for years: the Republican Party is in a lot of trouble. And the idea that Obama can be expected to lose in 2012 is delusional. It is possible that a Republican can beat him, but not at all likely, unless the economy completely collapses.

              • Prime Obot

                And you flat out wrong, Lyn. My long post got spam-flushed, but if you go to Wikipedia and look up final results for ’04 and ’08, you will see that Obama picked up 10,000,000 new Democratic votes over Kerry ’04, and McCain only lost 2,000,000 votes from Bush ’04. Obama’s easy victory last year derived almost fully from new Democratic voters.

                • Lyn

                  I am NOT flat our wrong, that break down does NOT show who voted for Obama or Kerry it just shows the totals. There are many article with the break down on voters, the amount of Dems that voted didn’t go up.

                  As for the younger and Dems being for Gay issues, that is wrong too or Prop 8 would have been different in Cal. Since Obama won, IF his voters supported Gay Marriage, Gay people would be getting married, but they didn’t.

        • trixta

          P-Bot, have you heard what (The Guardian [UK] reporter) Grep Palast has to say about Obamacare? He was interviewed on Pacifica and says that Obamacare will be WORSE than what we have now, and that it will be an obscene boondoggle for the insurance companies.

    • rosa

      AS I listened to her ,i got this same thoughts about what she said and what it meant,especially the part about not having to be in everyones face……………just saying what we all feel with OB socializing all over the place ,partying it up.

    • Ellen D

      Even Sean Connery played again in a James Bond movie. Never say never.

    • lorac

      I totally agree. I have no idea whether she’s being truthful or not, but if she does have any thoughts about even *possibly* running again, now is not the time to say it. Not at all. For one thing, every thing she does will then be weighed against the knowledge that she is going to “dethrone” her boss in 2012, so her actions will all be interpreted in that light. And I think she is very invested in doing a good job (anything she does), and she doesn’t need 3 years of unnecessary questions.

      I hope so much that she will run again. And when i read these periodic articles that quote her saying that she won’t run, I feel dejected. But then I remember that she can’t tip her cards. She’s not going out there making big speeches saying she’s not running, trying to get it into our thick skulls. She’s simply being put in positions where she’s asked yet again about it, and it’s just not a question she answer “yes, I’m running”.

      So I think we should ignore when the media throws this perennial question at her. If the time is right and she wants to run, she will. Nothing said 3 years out is going to mean anything, IMO.

  • Seriously Sick of Obama


    Hillary Clinton signals Obama Impeachment

    Lamecherry blogspot reads between the lines of What HRC really said in that interview! I found this an accurate description of HRC words without saying the actual words if you read between the lines! IMHO!

    INTERVIEW QUOTE-“I believe in delegating power,” Clinton said. “I’m not one of these people who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on the TV every moment of the day. I would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, ‘Oh, no. Everything must come to me.’”

    What she didn’t say but meant-“I believe in using a coup against Obama using powerful sources,” Clinton said. “I’m not one of these Obama types who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on the TV every moment of the day. I would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, ‘Oh, no. Everything must come to me like power freak Obama does.’”

    Why would she have to run for President, bc if all things come to pass as they should in this country according to the laws of our land, O will be impeached and HRC will be given the office of POTUS-Just a Thought??

    • Typewriterstreaming

      If Obinokinobee is impeached we get Biden. Then Pelosi. It’s a stream of horrors before we would get Hillary.

      • ~~JustMe~~

        Does Biden not get to choose his VP?

      • Lyn

        wouldn’t it depend on What he was impeached for and IF Biden and Pelosi were part of it?

        • Honora

          If enough people get impeached, I become president.

          • ahs

            Yeah, but I would impeach you.

          • Peggy Sue

            LOL, Honora.

            Obama’s impeachment [a long shot at best] would not result in HRC’s ascendency. Think about it: J. Biden received what 9000-10,000 votes during the primary? And Pelosi, next in line. Can you imagine a Pelosi presidency?

            Gives me the willies.

            This is a moment where the wise man says: be careful what you wish for.

            • Woodhull

              Hey Peggy Sue!

              Remember, Nixon wasn’t the only one who got to take the last disgraceful walk across the WH lawn to Marine One. There were a few others who took their fall in that long, hot summer. There’s enough to impeach bo, a number of cabinet members and boot his czars out, too.

              See ya at L.R.:-)

            • Lyn

              I can imagine anything that Obama would be impeached for Pelosi played some role in doing with him and would be just as guilty, so don’t think she would be taking over..who is after her?

          • Honora, I am certain you would do a FINE job, too!

            And yes, Peggy Sue, the thought of a President Pelosi is terrifying…

            • felizarte


              This article might provide a hint. Hillary’s campaign committee is still active–“winding down affairs–can’t close until all bills are paid.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Line of succesion….that’s why.

      I do love Hillary’s abilities to address her comments to several audiences at once with the same comment.

    • tek

      yah, right. Like she was given the office of VP because she actually had more votes than Obama. Please, the democracy in this country is so over.

    • Prime Obot

      Could I just ask the simple question: what impeachable offenses exactly would Congress be considering in this scenario?

      • Seriously Sick of Obama


        Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

        Big Issue | Financial Standard | Maddo | Pulse | Style | Society

        Sunday, June 27, 2004

        Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

        Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

        The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

        Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

        Barrack Obama

        “It’s clear to me that a vigorous debate on the issues most likely could not take place if I remain in the race,” Ryan, 44, said in a statement. “What would take place, rather, is a brutal, scorched-earth campaign – the kind of campaign that has turned off so many voters, the kind of politics I refuse to play.”

        Although Ryan disputed the allegations, saying he and his wife went to one ‘avant-garde’ club in Paris and left because they felt uncomfortable, lashed out at the media and said it was “truly outrageous” that the Chicago Tribune got a judge to unseal the records.

        The Republican choice will become an instant underdog in the campaign for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, since Obama held a wide lead even before the scandal broke.

        “I feel for him actually,” Obama told a Chicago TV station. “What he’s gone through over the last three days I think is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody.”

        The Republican state committee must now choose a replacement for Ryan, who had won in the primaries against seven contenders. Its task is complicated by the fact that Obama holds a comfortable lead in the polls and is widely regarded as a rising Democratic star.

        The chairwoman of the Illinois Republican Party, Judy Topinka, said at a news conference, after Ryan withdrew, that Republicans would probably take several weeks to settle on a new candidate.

        “Obviously, this is a bad week for our party and our state,” she said.

        As recently as Thursday, spokesmen for the Ryan campaign still insisted that Ryan would remain in the race. Ryan had defended himself saying, “There’s no breaking of any laws. There’s no breaking of any marriage laws. There’s no breaking of the Ten Commandments anywhere.”

        If he was quoted in this article, then he had to have seen it in print, but why not demand a retraction on the articles title…KENYAN BORN? Alan Keyes has to be telling the truth because he even said it to Obama during there debate. SEe date of 2004

      • Chelsea Patriot

        Barky won’t be impeached, Doll.

        Do not worry your head about the House of Representatives impeaching and the Senate convicting. Nothing like that is going to go down.

        Actually, Judge Carter asked Counsel, before moving ahead and setting the trial date for January 26, 2010, about impeachment. Response was…

        You can’t impeach someone who is not President.

      • Several Congresspeople wrote to their constituents that the reason they were sufficiently confident BO is a NBC, to ratify the EC vote for him for POTUS; is that, Annenberg Political Fact Check said, he is for real. The complaints of election fraud we are filing in applicable states against members of the D party – the person named in these charges is the person who submitted the Certifications (of BO’s eligibility) to state election officials – spell out, even IF NP or anyone else claim reliance on APFC for authentication, given the facts we lay out, no “reasonable person” could have believed anything they said. A finding of fraud necessarily means, Congresspeople who assumed BO was a NBC based ONLY on APFC – these names can be found in the article “IF DROWNING OUT OPPOSING FACTS IS un-AMERICAN THEN IGNORING UNPLEASANT FACTS MUST BE un-AMERICAN, TOO” – now have no reason to suspect, he is real.

  • Doc99

    What I find more disturbing is the prospect of the Russians’ coming to inspect our nukes without a quid pro quo on Iran. Please tell me there’s been a subsequent deal with Putin.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      yeah Doc99 what a FREAKIN’ OUTRAGE. We’re not just being sold down the river, we’re being kicked.

      • hokma

        Not to worry this is all part of Obama’s “bend-over-and-take-one-up-the-***”
        foreign policy strategy. At least he didn’t just give them the warheads (at least not yet).

        Two points:

        1. This is clearly a Soros strategy to neuter the U.S. as a global power.

        2. This is also something that Hillary could always disassociate herself from since she is simply being a loyal employee and following direction.

        • billybob

          Hokma, I read on the Internets that Soros has a fleet of black helicopters standing by, manned by former Saddam Hussein Revolutionary Guards, in a secret base just outside San Francisco. The Nazi-Muslim Brotherhood is recruiting black fellas and Mexican Mafia types just released from prison, for the moment when Soros gives “The Signal” to take over the world.
          It is believed ‘The Signal’ will be pairs of old sneakers hanging from power lines, marking the neighborhoods to hit first.

          • Portia Elizabeth

            So this is what passes for high humor in O World???

            • Prime Obot

              It made me laugh, so I guess, yeah, it passes for humor among sane progressive Democrats who insist on rolling rocks uphill on NQ. 😉

    • Lyn

      Don’t forget the 2nd in command of the Chines Military going to the Pentegon for a week.

  • I suppose Hill could be drafted…but considering that the bulk of the Dimocrat party consists of vapid, 0bots, who aren’t that in touch with reality, could she really be proud of being put in office by them?

    • ziggy

      So how do you reconcile Obama’s reduced numbers in the polls with the statement that the bulk of the Democratic party consists of “vapid Obots”?

      The majority of Obama supporters are apparently somewhat more objective about the President than you give them credit for. They can find fault with the man and still support his efforts.

      • to77

        you are entirely wrong. His drop in the polls is the result of his loss of Repub support and he is hemorrhaging support from independents. he is only slightly down in Dim support.

        • Prime Obot

          This is largely correct: he has lost Republican and Independent support. But the fact is, Obama at 56% at this stage of his presidency is actually pretty high. Higher than Reagan or (I think) Bill Clinton at this stage. And considering that Obama took office just as the worst recession in several generations was gathering steam, with two unresolved wars dragging on, killing U.S. soldiers, makes it even more remarkable that he’s still as high as 56%.

          I’m thrilled for Secretary Clinton that she’s at 62%. But the GOP noise machine hasn’t been attacking her relentlessly every day all year, so her 6% edge on the President isn’t all that surprising.

          The most relevant comparison is between Obama and any Republican, or the Republican Congress, or between Congressional Democrats and Republicans. That is where you will find that even in our disgruntled, recessionary, throw-em-out mood, Americans still favor Obama and the Democrats over the Republicans. We also still favor the robust public option that the GOP and health care industry have just spent $250 million trying to brand as socialism.

          Finally: what the mainstream media hasn’t yet picked up on is the fact that Obama’s approval ratings are once again rising. Say what you will: my man can take a punch. Or many.

          • Woodhull

            Your “man”, huh? Okayyyy. Better start fundraising for him for 2012, ’cause he’s going to need a lot more than your pocket change (or whatever’s left after 2010) to buy, er “win”, the election.

            • Prime Obot

              Right, because fundraising was way more important to Obama’s election than to any other election since the invention of television, right? If you say so…

              • Onofre’s arm

                Fund raising at some levels is to be expected in a political race. What set the last campaign apart from all others was the record amount raised by one candidate (8 times his opponent. Do you think he would have won if he had the same amount as McCain?) and the suspicious nature of a large percentage of it. It was also a stark example of Obama’s ability to lie without a speck of shame, he did of course vow to take public funds in the general election, which would have vastly limited his $. But he chose to lie to McCain and the entire country, and the MSM made barely a peep about it, and they intentionally downplayed dozens of items that would have derailed any other candidate. If the MSM had done one fifth of the background research on Obama as they did to Palin, he would not have survived the public outrage that would have accompanied a better understanding of his disturbing and often revolting past, his frequent verbal and written disdain for this country and it’s people, and of his nearly treasonous personal relationships.

                • Ferd Berfle

                  It was also a stark example of Obama’s ability to lie without a speck of shame, he did of course vow to take public funds in the general election, which would have vastly limited his $. But he chose to lie to McCain and the entire country, and the MSM made barely a peep about it, and they intentionally downplayed dozens of items that would have derailed any other candidate.

                  A fact which NotReadyforPrimeTime Obot will completely ignore, instead choosing to go off on some wildly irrelevant tangent as his delusional state dictates. He is one sick puppy.

          • TeakWoodKite

            This is largely correct:

            not major?

            They can find fault with the man and still support his efforts.

            What is a fool,… I mean tool Alex?

            But the GOP noise machine hasn’t been attacking her relentlessly every day all year,


            Boo Hoo. You know how big the worlds smallest violin is? What’s the matter? BO saying in N.O. that he is “just getting started”? “Ready on day one” eh? (Choke; GAG)
            You the remarkable thing is? As Bill Clinton said while president and again while campaigning in South Carolina…”They really believe this crap”.

            • Prime Obot

              There’s no boo-hooing here, TeakWood. This is the big leagues. When the little boy asked Obama today why people hate him and he simply said “I don’t quit,” that pretty much says it all. 56% approval, after this horrible year of 2009. Let’s see where it is on Christmas. I’ll bet over 60%, with a passed health bill. What do you think?

              • TeakWoodKite

                What do I think?
                When Obama is asked by a 7 year old why he is running for President. He says I got hit in the head with a rock” or when he is asked by another young person the response is America sucks then what I think is secondary to self evident facts.

                1) Bo is a fraud and all that flows from that is a lie born out by the record todate.
                2) BO can’t and has never been able to close the deal. The fact that he is POTUS doen’t change that. He meet with his NSC 5 times and made no decision. The psyc profile of BO is one of a very dangerous egomaniac with a bad infiorority streak that is being used by other nations of the world. BO has NO clue what he’s doing.

              • TeakWoodKite

                A kite got spammed here. 1789.

              • Onofre’s arm

                I think it’s fascinating how history repeats itself. Good ole Adolf was REAL popular, for a while, and then, not so much.

                Botfly, your droning propaganda is becoming insufferable, stale, and repetitive. We’re all aware of your mindless devotion to your idol, and you are no longer contributing anything new or interesting to the debate. If I had a mind to, I could very easily write your next post, using your name, and nobody would know it wasn’t you, you’ve become that predictable. The more you post, the more you reveal and prove to us your one dimensional, quite simplistic view of the world. You show no promise, you run from substantive challenges, and you constantly reley on events that are yet to unfold to validate your claims in the present. Adoring an asshole like Obama because you hope and pray that things will turn out O.K., is a form of insanity. Your reliance on polls (you constantly refer to them) is the definition of an ad populem argument, and proves nothing one way or another, and most of us here roll our eyes at such nonsense. Stop it! It’s pathetic!

                You bring no refreshing or new insights to the issues, it’s the same shit no matter what you post, and the saddest part of all is that it seems you actually believe that you’re giving us arguments we’ve never heard, or posing questions we’ve never considered. But truly, to most of us you sound like the child who thinks he’s the first to discover the reason for the seasons, or why two people sharing the same birthday can be different ages. What is a revelation to you is common knowledge for most others, and rather than wrapping yourself in smug momments of “gosh I’m so smart”, you might get further in life if you start to admit “most people are WAY smarter than me”. You obviously need a smackdown,……or three.

                • Prime Obot

                  Insult post: FAIL. There are people who are perfectly willing to engage me on this site. You aren’t one of them, so you go in the Ferd IGNORE pile. Don’t bother typing your insult posts anymore, they don’t interest me. Bye.

                  • Onofre’s arm

                    On three prior theads I dissected your statements point by point, after you challenged me to do so. All three times you dissappeared from this site for days rather than “engage” me. I also directly asked you questions and offered you the opportunity to provide actual facts to support your preposterous claims. Again,……. crickets. You only engage as long as it remains a pillow fight, but when the gloves come off, POOF, you’re outa here. Or you blubber indignantly that you’re being insulted and then rather than consider the possibilty that your posts are shallow drivel, as I’ve just pointed out, you simply cover your ears and squeal “lalalala”, as you’ve just done here.

                    “Insult post”? Hardly. I didn’t call you names or resort to ad hominems. I was describing the general nature of your cheer leader like comments, and I believe most people familiar with your childish contributions would agree with my assessment of them.

                    You proudly boast of “your man” being able to take a punch, but most of us here can recall numerous occasions where your man has shown his remarkably thin skin, and his petulent obsession with his detractors. Take a punch? The little weasel cringes in terror before the punch has even landed. A typical trait of Narcissists, the false bravado and challenges to “cross this line” are a symbolic shield meant to protect an extremely fragile ego. How many debates and town halls did he challenge Clinton and McCain to? I recall him valiantly daring his opponents to dozens of debates with the battle cry if “Bring it!”, and then he chickened out of all but a few. Obama can take a punch? Don’t make me laugh. Like you, a simple slap to his ego is crippling.

                    • TeakWoodKite

                      Obot, Seeing how you asked me what I thought, You don’t respond. tsk tsk.

                      Onofre’s arm is correct. BO has a glass jaw and is “pound for pound” the biggest wimp ever to hold this office.

                      When you say Hillary has not been in the spotlight and had not experienced the full force of propoganda from the left and the right (for years) thrown at her as a comparision to the deep throated adoring blow job BO gets from the MSM, you loose ANY credibility you “thought” you had.

                      Please grow a pair you whiny little turd.

                    • Onofre’s arm

                      Right Teak! The proper question to ask the fellating MSM after their loving treatment of Obama is, “Did you swallow?”

                    • Prime Obot

                      Dude, I gotta say, if I failed to fully engage in a conversation with you, my bad, and I’m sorry, but it was hardly because I couldn’t or didn’t want to. My job and kid keep me very busy sometimes, I often have to travel, if I’m on this site it’s sometimes in the middle of the night or in an airport terminal. So, you are probably right, but trust me, it was inadvertent. I’ll try to make extra careful to follow up on your posts henceforth. And if you want to find and resend any extended posts you made in the past, I’ll take them very seriously, I promise you.

                    • Onofre’s arm

                      I’m compiling an encyclopedia of lame excuses, but I haven’t yet decided how to organize them, alphabetically, or pathetically. Perhaps by subject, i.e. sports excuses, work excuses, etc. Anyway, thanks for the contribution.

                  • Donna Brazile

                    Prime DingBot:

                    You give writers a bad name. You are the biggest whiner EVAH!

                    By the way, what about those insurance premiums? What’s the rate you pay for health insurance for you and your family?

                    Stop the sniper attack and man up!

                    • Ferd Berfle

                      LMAO, Donna.

                      Prime ODingButt is to writing as MTV is to music.

                      That is, no relation at all.

          • trixta

            Keep sippin’ the kool-aid, P-Bot.

            Ignorance is bliss, as they say!