Karma’s a bitch, baby. And today some folks out there got a snoot full.

Jesse Jackson is now falling all over himself to apologize for his “hot mic” comments about Senator Obama. Rev. Jackson intimated Obama is threatening his own support within the African American community by lecturing them on morality and talking down to them. Actually, I think Jackson said he wanted to cut off Obama’s “member”, or maybe he felt Obama was cutting off his own ‘member’ with these kinds of statements – but I’m trying to be polite. [Don’t miss Larry Johnson’s classic post last night, “Is Jesse Jackson in Trouble with the Secret Service?.”

Well, Reverend, you’ve done many good things in this country. I hope you are not the latest to go under Obama’s big, fat bus. It’s OK if you are. Join us. We’ve been down here for months. We’re kinda getting used to being disenfranchised. All us bitter voters who are actually taking a stand. You know, kind of like Hillary did today when she voted NAY on FISA. Yeah, didn’t you hear? She voted against giving retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies for spying on us. But, your friend Senator Obama; the one with the “redemptive and historic” candidacy, just threw the fourth amendment under the bus, along with all his supporters – and voted YEA. How do you, and they, reconcile that, exactly?

Seriously, Reverend, you’ll like it under the bus. We’ve opened a concession stand – we serve hot dogs and turkey burgers every day at 4 pm. Along with some bitter chips and arugula.

Guess if your son goes out and accuses President Bill Clinton of being a racist when you knew it was nonsense and said as much, albeit ever so quietly, maybe next time you’ll slap your rude kid upside the head and tell him to stop lying – and stand up for your old friend Bill with a little more gusto.

Oh, and Reverend, did you hear, Senator Obama just insulted some more Americans. He was Uuhh-ing and Errrr-ing his way through some public remarks and said the following:

“Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can speak English – they’ll learn English – you need to be worrying about whether your child can speak Spanish.”

So now English is no longer the official language of this country? I think he ought to encourage more people to learn to speak English properly, instead of pandering to the Europeans. We should be worried about the fact that our public education system is so abysmal, we have huge numbers of kids not graduating high school.

Chuckling, as usual, he pointed out how embarrassing it is that foreigners come to this country and speak several languages and we go to France and can barely say “merci beaucoup.” How about working on reading, math and science instead of French. I speak French, which is a lovely language. It hasn’t done doodle-y squat for me. And I beg to differ with him that all Europeans speak several languages. We have a number of immigrants in the U.S., with citizens originating from many countries, who lock themselves within their own communities and do not bother to learn our language. If I moved to France, you’d better believe I’d need to put all my years of school French to work toute de suite.

This ELITIST cannot resist any opportunity to make disparaging comments about all in his wake. Open mouth, insert foot, leg and thigh bone. Perhaps it is his instinct to people-please. He works so hard to ingratiate himself to his adoring crowd, forgetting everything he says is captured for replay to other folks who might not find that particular comment so appealing. Let’s go to the videotape!

Not that I want common ground with the notorious Karl Rove, but we agree on one thing: Obama is like a man at a cocktail party, sipping his extra dry martini, tossing out ‘bon mots’ and snippy insults about everyone else in the room.

So, Reverend, listen, now that he is insulting the African American community, according to you and anyone in this country who doesn’t speak a second language. And ‘bitter’ voters. And Asian voters. And women voters. And just about anyone who didn’t see fit to vote for him. And he’s flip flopped on every policy he had in the first place, why should we be so enamored of him?

And let’s not forget our most recent addition – Wes Clark – who reaped a little Karma last week by making the colossal mistake of speaking up for the unity pony, touting Senator Obama’s ‘great judgment and communication skills.’ General Clark used the unfortunate sound bite that ‘getting shot down in a plane down does not qualify you to be President.’ While his remark may be true, not a smart statement no matter how you slice it. Next time, Wes, forget all that post-primary unity crap. Just stick with Hill till the bitter end and say PUMA!

I can see where the General was hamstrung because Obama has little else by way of accomplishments to speak for him. In going for the jugular on Senator McCain, Clark found himself chowing down on some turkey burgers and bitter chips, too.

Do you two know each other – well, let me introduce you!!

The Under the Bus Support Group meets every night at 6 pm sharp. At the end of each meeting, you can recite your own version of the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept that I have lost credibility in the political community, the courage to like being ostracized and vilified for the next five news cycles and the wisdom to never be so stupid as to endorse a dissembling, inexperienced charlatan again.

Speaking of Karma, Jesse Jackson, Jr. made this statement about you yesterday:

“Reverend Jackson is my dad and I’ll always love him. He should know how hard that I’ve worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.”

Wow. Your own son just threw you under the bus. This is absolutely amazing! You should ‘keep hope alive’?

What hope is that? Are you gonna put up with this crap when you were absolutely correct. There is nothing hateful in pointing out that Barack Obama displays a superior attitude towards just about everyone.

Hillary Clinton was also absolutely correct when she said, “You don’t need a President who looks down on you.” Never mind that it is no way to get votes.

You cannot lift people up by putting them down. Most people do not get inspired by being on the receiving end of a slap, particularly by a man who regards them as one would a bug under a glass.

Stephen Covey’s book, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, has a chapter: “Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood.” Senator Obama might do well to read it.

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  • So now white white women and working class white men are not the only ones that believe that Obama is an elitist pig.

  • Open mouth, insert foot, leg and thigh bone.

    Maybe that will SHUT HIM UP! for awhile!

    As to the Jackson family squabble- family splits were common in the Revolutionary and Civil wars as well. And I agree, Jackson SR should have slapped his kid a good hard one!

    Maybe if Jesse Sr keeps getting dissed he will see the light and come back to his senses.

  • Clinton Fan

    Wes Clark likely called Jesse Jackson after JJ’s “gaffe” and said “Damn, that was SMOOTH!!”

    I wonder who else will get out there and stick it to old “FISA Barry” while pretending to support him?

    I like the “apologies” after the fact, as well.

    They’re so rich–they extend the story for days at a time!

  • Thomas

    To paraphrase KO: Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton should take Barack into a room and only the two Democrats walk out.

    • Teakwood

      Only two would have entered to begin with.

  • Linda C.

    I would be great if we could learn a second language. However, Obama wants to continue Bush’s no child left behind, which has gutted the educational system. When we lived in rural American..kids had to share literature textbooks and they were planning to stop teaching a foreign language.

    Obama says allot but when you look at his plans..nothing is here to address the issue. Rural America as dying quietly and invisibly. In the next county one in four lived below the poverty level. The rust belt of Ohio. In 2005 Cleveland was ranked second in loosing the most population in one year. The first ranked city for that honor was New Orleans only because it was under water. Pennsylvania is no better off. Senator Clinton understood what was going on here and in PA. Obama could only surmise that the people were bitter bible thumpin’ gun totin’ racists.

  • fif

    Seriously, Reverend, you’ll like it under the bus. We’ve opened a concession stand – we serve hot dogs and turkey burgers every day at 4 pm.

    LOL! I’ll take a turkey burger please with extra chips!

    And you’re right–he does look at eeryone as if they are a bug under glass. He lacks innate compassion and a genuine connection with people that are not like him. THAT is why he lost PA, OH, WV, KY & many others. People did not believe his fancy words (hear that “Believe”?) or trust him. And they won’t in November either.

    I just love watching him stumble all over the place. Each day is a new story of Bawack’s Misadventures!

  • glennmcgahhee

    I LOVE JESSE. Now we see the problem with leaving it up to the youth. Claire McCaskill, are you paying attention. You also support Obama cause your kids do. Maybe we older voters should be put back in charge. We’ve been here before. We’ve heard it before. Jesse probably understands how Bill Clinton feels, he just couldn’t say it out loud.

  • Untilthelastdogdies

    Guess if your son goes out and accuses President Bill Clinton of being a racist when you knew it was nonsense and said as much, albeit ever so quietly, maybe next time you’ll slap your rude kid upside the head and tell him to stop lying – and stand up for your old friend Bill with a little more gusto.

    Not that I’m advocating corporal punishment, but that wouldn’t have been such a bad idea…

    That was the problem from the beginning, they all gave this slander a pass. No one took the Obama campaign to task over this, and by that I mean no prominent “party elders”.

    Unforgivable. Bill is many things, but a racist isn’t ain’t one of them.

  • judd

    Jesse Jackson did this on purpose.

    He wanted some of the love. Meaning no matter how he got it, he wanted some of the media love good or bad and it helped Obama “supposedly” in some sick sorta freak way.

    I say castrate all of the bastards that brought Obama to power both the men and women who voted and supported him.

    The middle east is about to blow this election sky high and because Israel hates Obama, and Obama loves Iran AND THIS COUNTRY LOVES ISRAEL AS AN ALLY……………………….Barky Obama is a gonner………………..

    Iran hates Israel and Israel hates Iran and they will be at war before Bush leaves office. This country is already in the middle east in Iraq. This country will be in that war.

    Hillary Clinton made it clear she would wipe Iran off the map while Obama wants to play footsie with Iran. You tell me who should be commander and chief…

    When the shit hits the fan in the middle east and when it is time for the American People to vote for a president, they will not choose Obama if he is still around…..IF HE IS STILL AROUND….IF…MOSSA–

    If Hillary is the nominee or McCain is the nominee my money is on Hillary.

    Otherwise the Democrats can bendover and assume the position right along with Barky Obama as he has done I am sure many times before per Mr. Sinclaires testimony…..and the Dems can kiss their political asses goodbye……

    All of them, the ones who backed Barky and all who are in congress with the exception of Hillary can kiss their sorry negative 75 percent approval rating from the American people CAN KIS THEIR SORRY POLITICAL asses goodbye…………..



  • kevin

    I was an olbermann junkie for years (reformed now), and like an idiot I believed his rants about billo. I watched him last night for the first time(so I could hear JJ) and he seemed fairly reasonable (I did like Dennis Miller’s bit). I know he has his flaws, but i learned a lesson, that i should have known…
    Don’t let others tell you what to think or what your opnion should be. Do your own independant research.
    Discover your own facts. Own your mind.

    • Clinton Fan

      O’Reilly is a fucking idiot. But Olbermann is just as bad. They’re both two pathetic idiots playing a retarded child’s game.

      I hate YOU!!!

      Nooooo…I hate YOU!!!!!!

      They both have one thing very much in common–they’ve absolutely no idea how to behave in dignified fashion around members of the opposite sex. You can’t even call them pigs, because pigs have more class than either one of them do. One guy harrasses his coworkers, the other one is a fanfucker–both classless fools.

      A pox on both their houses.

      Save electricity, turn off the tv!

  • basil

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    July 10, 2008 5:19 PM EDT

    AMOUNT: $50.00

    “For everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one’s for you.”

    insert h t t p

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    Andy’s book is being released!! KEWL!!!!




    (CHICAGO)(July 10, 2008) Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and muckraker Andy Martin will hold a news conference Thursday, July 10th to announce that his new book on Senator Barack Obama is on the presses. Based on pre-publication sales, the book is already an international bestseller.

    “We are so excited,” Marin will state. “They are doing an initial print run for review copies to book reviews, media, etc. In a few days they are gong to start printing truckloads, and the publisher will be shipping copies to pre-pub orders. The shipping date is estimated to be July 25th.

    “I have over forty years of experience in the cesspools of Illinois politics. I worked for an Illinois senator, knew several of them personally, have been in and out of Washington for decades and was the first writer to start questioning Barack Obama’s resume and life story. No other writer can match my background. No other author can match my book.

    “I am the only political columnist who ‘adopted’ Hillary Clinton as a candidate during the dark days of February. In Europe, I’m not known as a political author. Rather, I was the courageous and confrontational Baghdad bureau chief who took on Paul Bremer, and earned a place on my second presidential enemies list (Nixon, Bush). I spoke truth to power in Baghdad, and when I returned to Chicago I began to speak the truth about Barack Obama. Media bias is overwhelmingly in Obama’s favor so I am always swimming upstream with both my facts and opinions.

    “‛The Mask’ is a compilation of my original columns combined with a series of startling new essays on every aspect of Obama’s life. Some of my comments are short and tart, some sharp and long, others derisory. The new material is sure to be controversial. None of it has been published anywhere before. My original news conference about Obama in 2004 has become one of the most Googled items on the Internet. The new book has already exceeded our expectations.

    “Obama has relentlessly tried to stop me. He has thrown his recent ‘Manchurian Surrogate,’ Danielle Allen, into the fray. But we keep fighting back, with the truth abut Barry O. Obama is a political version of Budd Schulberg’s Sammy Glick. He is a crass opportunist who has thrown everybody under the bus in his rise to power. And if people are foolish enough to elect Obama, he’s going to throw America under the bus as well,” Martin states.

    “My book catalogs Obama’s operations through the nomination victory last month. Now he has reversed himself, moving from the extreme left to ‘who knows where?’ Next week we are going to begin a medley of new columns on Obama’s mendacity. And we are already working on the second book. ‘Barry O’ is good copy.

    “People in Chicago do not want to hear the truth. I love it. They are in deep denial. They are so desperate for a ‘president.’ As we Episcopalians like to remark, ‘Be careful what you pray for; your prayers may be answered.’ Putting a Daley Machine stooge in the White House is not my idea of ‘change’ or ‘hope.’ And tomorrow, Friday, I will be out on the beat, in the sewers of Chicago politics, digging deeper for the real ‘Obama Story.’ There is much more to come.”

    Details on the book can be found at http://www.OrangeStatePress.com. Advance orders from Orange State Press. Available worldwide in days: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, even Blackwell’s online bookstore in Oxford. Because of the expected heavy demand, advance orders will be filled by date of order.

    Review copies are available by request at: contact@orangestatepress.com


    WHO: Internet Columnist-Editor/media critic Andy Martin

    WHAT: Printing begins for Obama: The Man behind the Mask

    WHERE: Southeast corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago

    WHEN: Thursday, July 10, 7:00 P.M.


    CONTACT: (866) 706-2639


    WEBSITE: ContrarianCommentary.com


    BOOK: http://www.OrangeStatePress.com

    • kevin


  • Dave_Not_For_Obama

    Comment by believe | 2008-07-10 15:35:20
    The left blogosphere talked about FISA quite a lot.
    They’ve moved on to other issues.
    Most people don’t find the need to obsess over a single issue. They know there are more fish to fry.

    At last count (TODAY) there are about 21,000 blogs on Obambi’s own website AGAINST OBAMBI’s stance on FISA, lol.

    Now considering that most Obambi kool-aid drinkers would not talk openly against him, well perhaps 1 in a 1,000 ObamiBots might talk against him, lol.

    21,000 blogs X 1,000 = 21,000,000 that don’t agree with Obambi voting with BUSH on the FISA bill, lol.

    If you are really quick “believe” you can post on all those 21,000 blogs and let them know you think there are bigger fish to fry than FISA, lol. I’m sure you will get tossed on your ear faster than a lightning bolt.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Great article Ani.

    That exchange of “black on black” and “father and son” (punk), and JJ speaking the truth and apoligizing for it…all inside one news cycle!

    What frakkin circus…
    NUTS! I tell ya!

  • kevin

    “Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can speak English – they’ll learn English – you need to be worrying about whether your child can speak Spanish.”

    I don’t habla!
    neither will my kids!

    Learn english or fucking leave

  • RMinNC

    Let’s get something clear.
    Jesse Jackson just said what many Americans(BLACK AND WHITE) are thinking. Barack Hussain Obama is a snob who thinks he can say or do whatever he “damn well pleases” and the American people are suppose to buy into it. Well apparently Mr. Obamba didn’t read Mr. Lincoln who said, “You can fool all the people sometimes,some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”.
    I think most Americans are tiring of Barack Hussain Obama’s stupid little charade.
    Hurry up November so we can send this Pied Piper packing back to the slums of Chicago from whench he cometh.
    If my memory serves me correctly, four years ago we had another piper named John Kerry who acted in a similar manner.
    What is it with these damn dummicats? They have no humility or brains. A double loser!

  • Here’s my take, which includes background info on how radical preachers (the kind Obama likes) have been treating Jackson…and the Democratic Party, at least since the 2004 Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (from an original post short-title “A Party Held HOSTAGE…”

    “The Jackson/Obama and Obama Family Follies on O’Reilly: I Can’t Believe I’m Seeing What I’m Seeing (UPDATED 1X))”