Obama and his minions are planning on staging some political deja vu by preventing Hillary’s name from being put into nomination, much in the same way Obama forced out Alice Palmer. Seems he feels he can only win elections if he runs unopposed. Not surprising, considering his enormous lack of experience and a resume thinner than Kate Moss.

Except, this time, there is no legal pretense, just his own blind ambition and ego that demands a 76,000 seat stadium and a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany before he’s even the official nominee, much less the president.

Here are his minions, including the infamous Donna Brazile, trying to explain how following Party legalities and requirements would be too much of a blow to Obama’s ego [H/T to Riverdaughter]:

The problem is “there’s a strong feeling” that Sen. Clinton’s delegates need the chance to vote for her, Mr. Devine said. Many are still angry with a party decision that they feel deprived her of delegates from Michigan and Florida. “You don’t want a situation where anybody feels they’ve been cheated,” he said.

A second option would be for Sen. Clinton to be nominated, complete with laudatory speeches and happy floor demonstrations. By prearrangement, Sen. Clinton then would take her name out of consideration and endorse Sen. Obama’s nomination.

“There’s nothing symbolically wrong to putting her name in,” followed by a scripted withdrawal, said Ms. Brazile. But the spectacle of a rapturous welcome for Sen. Clinton would be irresistible to television and could embarrass Sen. Obama.


The Obama campaign said Monday that the Illinois senator would accept the nomination at the 76,000-seat stadium where the Denver Broncos football team plays so that thousands of nondelegates could attend. But the campaign hasn’t settled other key questions about the convention, including whether Sen. Clinton’s name will be put into nomination, said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

Sen. Clinton’s campaign office didn’t answer emails seeking comment. Under party rules, Sen. Clinton’s huge delegate count gives her the right to put her name into nomination. “But do you do it?” asked Ms. Brazile. ”Politically, does it heighten tensions?” [emphasis added]

First and foremost, the “problem” isn’t that we, Senator Clinton’s delegates and her over 18 million supporters, want and deserve the opportunity to vote for her, the problem is that you all see it as a problem. And you’re damn right that if we don’t get the chance to vote for her, we will not only “feel cheated” we will have been cheated. And trust me, if we are cheated in this way, compiled with the other numerous injustices of the primary, there will be no unity. Not now, not in November, not ever.

Second, under no circumstances will we accept some sort of “prearranged” condition under which Hillary is forced to remove her name from consideration so that the Chosen One may be exalted. Democracy isn’t a damn dog and pony show! Both names should be put into nomination. Hell, throw Edwards in there too. Speeches should be given and all delegates, automatic (super) and pledged, should be allowed to cast their ballot. Anything less is not Democracy. After all, Shirley Chisholm, the first African American and the first woman to run for the top spot of a major party received 152 votes on the first ballot and during the roll call in 1972 and she did not even win a primary state! For Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her delegates to not be given their earned opportunity and voice is unthinkable.

And as for you, Donna, I don’t give a rat’s a** what does or does not embarrass Obama. Frankly, his unbridled ambition, and inability to form a sentence without the aid of a TelePrompTer should already be embarrassing.

Embarrassment is one thing and injustice is another.

It is inconceivable that there is even discussion of not placing Hillary’s name into nomination. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first woman to ever win a presidential primary or caucus contest. Beyond that, she is the winner of the popular vote and boasts a significant delegate count. Indeed, she would be the pledged delegate leader but for unscrupulous and undemocratic happenings at the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting.

Moreover, I thought we were against “changing the rules in the middle of the game” Donna?!?! So why are there even questions when clearly, “under party rules” Senator Clinton has a right to put her name into nomination? If he’s won, then he’s won. Why the need to fix the convention and subvert Democracy (AGAIN) because the Almighty Obama won’t be fully and unequivocally worshipped? No need to answer, Donna, we already know the answer: BECAUSE HE HASN’T WON DIDDLY, FRIGGIN SQUAT!

And just in case you didn’t know, 76,000 chanting sycophants on constant kool-aid IV drip will not be enough to silence the millions of Hillary supporters. We can smell what you’re cooking from here Donna, and it stinks to high heaven.

Now more than ever, we all need to be working with The Denver Group to ensure that there is an open, free and truly democratic convention.

The goals of The Denver Group are simple:

1) An open convention.

2) Senator Clinton’s name placed in nomination. No symbolic roll call vote.

3) Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton on
behalf of her candidacy.

4) A genuine roll call vote with Senator Clinton as a legitimate candidate.

5) No coronation.

It’s a damn shame that grassroots organizations have to formed to ensure that the Democratic Party is indeed democratic.

  • Gina


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.


  • cldenco

    It is NOT true that anybody “stole” anything from Ms. Clinton. Not Barack Obama. Not the DNC. Nobody.

    You need to see this, as nothing of the kind happened.


    This entire fiasco is a cynical exercise in propagand by vengeful Hillary supporters who are in denial of reality, and by those on the Right who want to fan the flames of discord within the Democratic Party and take advantage of the chaos and enmity to siphon-off votes for John McCain, who will do nothing but continue the Republican Party’s reign of terror that has nearly destroyed America.

    What really happened was very simple. Humbling perhaps, and frustrating perhaps, but nonetheless true.

    Hillary’s people believed she was a slam dunk. To their surprise and horror, Obama ran a much better campaign, raised more money than Hillary and came from behind to take a decisive lead.

    In the final months of the campaign, Hillary and Bill played major league hard ball Karl Rove style in attacking Obama, and yes THEY played the race card and the sexism card. There is more than abundant proof of this, if you will simply Google the subject and stick to sources of factual information as opposed to partisan commentary from people who are determined to manufacture controversy and smear Obama, no matter what actually happened .

    In a final act of desperation as her ship was going down, Hillary’s campaign tried to get the band to play a song by demanding that the DNC reverse its decision to disallow the votes from Michigan and Florida … a rules decision that had been made in full compliance with a signed agreement that was reached early in the campaign between the DNC and all of Democratic contenders, including Clinton and Obama.

    There was nothing unfair, prejudicial or crooked in what happened.

    Take a look at the video and you will see what Hillary’s campaign manager initially said to the DNC in writing on the subject of the rules agreement, then what Hillary said herself in October 2007 in continuing to agree with the rule, then what they said in the final weeks of the campaign when it was clear that she was about to lose the nomination and they were doing everything possible to avert it.

    The DNC has been accused of denying Hillary what was rightfully hers, and Obama has been attacked as the evil and duplicitous equivalent of The Joker who purportedly was behind the injustice. Nothing of the kind is true.

    In point of fact, the DNC bent over backwards in trying to resolve the issue equitably. According to the rules and the agreement that had been in place since the beginning of the campaign, the DNC could have and probably should have said NO to Hillary’s last-minute Hail Mary pass. What they did do was compromise, in allowing a proportionately equitable percentage of the votes to count. This is not only NOT unfair, it was a substantial concessions that the DNC did not have to make.

    Did Obama’s people object to Hillary’s attempt to get the rules changed at the last minute, for her benefit and no other? Well yes (duh), and rightfully so. Would you be OK with playing poker in a game in which your opponent can get the designated wild cards changed based upon what she’s holding in her hand, or get her pair of Queens to beat your 3 nines when there’s a big pot at stake? No, you wouldn’t, and neither did Barack Obama. He was not one bit out of line in resisting Hillary’s flat-out attempt to “steal” the thing herself. Could we please get real here?

    It is abundantly clear that Hillary lost to Obama fair and square, and that the sour grapes and accusations of mistreatment are totally unwarranted.

    For some of Hillary’s supporters to refuse to support the candidate she has personally asked you to support, and to be cooking up schemes for derailing the Convention and throwing the election to another Republican, is an unimaginable ruthless, malevolent and selfish thing to do. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

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  • rob

    Donna Brazille is an ass…now I know why CNN is so pro-Obama!!!

  • Mary

    Dean’s excuse for forcing super delegates to pick sides before the convention was that we couldn’t let it go on until late August. All part of the plan as the party that is out office is supposed to have their convention in July followed by incumbent party in August. He changed the rules because of the Olympics, which haven’t even started yet. Plan may backfire as it gives Hillary folks time to recover from the coup announcement, and organize.

  • I trust that all people in the Denver Group are sacrificing to pay off Hillary’s debt. She will be appreciative. Does she actively support the Denver Group?

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  • KP

    Add to that I am shocked that the Party allowed caucus votes to REVERSE PRIMARY votes and the winner of the state was not given delegates but the loser of the primary was????

    The party has become so undemocratic, are they democrats now or have they simply adopted the rules of the GOP????

    No longer can the Party Dean indicate they care about every vote counting. They didnt count them!!!

  • KP

    Put Hilliary’s name in the nomination and alert superdelegates that its time they began being honest.

    Obama has made promises and already flip flopped.
    The more I see he in action, the more the truth of Bill Clintons remark that his position on the war and how he WOULD Have voted is a FAIRY TALE. HE proved that already with FISA and Faith Based Initiatives. Clinton was not being racist, Bill was simply evaluating the man and the way he votes. Present always in Illinois but rarely with a definitive stand.

  • HillGirl


  • HillGirl

    How did Donnaobamalamadingding get sooo much power? If what HillBuzz said is true – she has been plotting “Obamania” since 2004 (after Kerry’s defeat).
    She nearly made me choke on my breakfast when she had the gall on Sunday morning TV – 2 days BEFORE the last primary – that “there already is a nominee”. Well, excuse me – let the voters get their say in first. She has got some nerve!
    Furthermore, that indicated to me that 1. she was already a declared superdelegate (even though she refused to say otherwise during that interview and 2. That the whole committee meeting to seat MI and FL was going to prove to be a farce (and it was).
    Yep, she manipulated this whole thing from the get-go. Stealing undeclared delegates and giving them to Obama. And, 4 of Hillary’s to boot!
    I hope that Deaner, Plastic Pelosi and Brazile get their asses handed to them this November.
    They need to get fired!!

  • ann in ohio

    I am waiting to see HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON’S

  • calindi

    Sounds like Obama is going to try to impose the Principles of Democracy learned from the Kenyan half of his family.

  • Retired

    A prearranged withdrawal in the face of a threat of “heightened tensions” sounds like blackmail to me. Oops, wait a minute, use of the term blackmail is racist. Kind of like black ink, black shoes, black tires–all anti-Obama racist code language.

    On second thought, how about we just vote on it without any threats of “heightened tensions?”

  • anon

    I read Donna Brazile’s wikipedia page and you know what, she has advised and worked for candidates that all have lost presidential elections. That says it all. Has she ever won for anyone?

  • Thank God Just Say No Deal/PUMA/I Own My Vote and HOUND offer the option of NOT VOTING in November following a write-in of Hillary or a second ballot for her at the Convention in August. There are millions of us (not just ‘sour grapes’ former Hillary supporters, and not just blue-collar voters or not just older women – but all ages, all incomes and all political persuasion SANE people) who have had enough of equivocation, radicalism and naivete’ and want some change in the current roster of candidates.

    I, like many others, have been a Democrat, civil rights activist and political junkie for over 30 years, and have seen the light — and it isn’t emanating from Obama. We must band together to stop this campaign in whatever way possible before it further degrades the principles we hold dear. Please check out the other options, folks, as we are growing stronger.

    • You are so right. We must not be stupid here and think this is about Obama. I’m convinced the guy meant it when he said, “I’m not ready to run for president.” I think he was talked into it, assured he’d have the backing of Washington insiders, and away we go!

      This movement needs to focus on the party processes and demand, demand, demand change. The ONLY way we’re going to accomplish that is by voting smart and backing candidates whom we persuade to run on OUR values.

      First order of the day after this fiasco is over: Revision of the distribution of delegates. We saw all too clearly how this ruined it for the party. Traditional, truly registered Democrats, voted in state after state for Hillary. Obama got very little support from them. Yet, he got an inordinate number of delegates out of the system.

      Second order of the day are DNC rules about caucuses, two-stepping, and a consistent guidelines that allow for oversight. I wouldn’t suggest we go back to IDs. That smacks of voter repression, and we’ve been there, done that. I would suggest we go to caucus rules that are uniform, including how to count the popular vote and turn in numbers.

      Third order of the day is to eliminate SDs entirely. Obviously, that was a plan that worked in the past and failed now. Pelosi and Dean sold the country on the notion that the one with the most delegates wins. OK, but then there’s no need for SDs at all. That’s a rubber-stamp deal. So eliminate them. End of story. She sold that concept down the river, so let them suffer the consequences of it.

      Fourth order of the day is re-establish the importance of campaign finance reform. Obama has trashed it. This business of grass-roots is great, but the money being spent is obscene and wasteful. Hillary raised shitloads of money and it wasn’t enough? That’s nuts. No candidate needs to run ads like Obama did or even put that many paid staffers in states. It’s going to completely ruin elections and we’ll pay the price even more than in the past.

      Fifth order of the day is a DNC methodology for vetting candidates. I’d like to see a standard set for disclosure. Let’s get this crap out of the campaign rhetoric altogether. Pinch it in the bud. Require tax returns, birth certificates, school records, work resumes, etc. up front.

      I can think of other improvements, but there is a lot we could change that would stop the chaos.

      Enough already of the manipulations.

  • mountainlion

    i sent the dnc envelope back with a wad of toilet paper…..i should have used it first.

  • memi

    tHE Clinton presidentcy mentored Donna Brazile and gave half the morons on the Obamabot tabel food to eat in the 90s.

    Hillary braved a fiery storm to fly to SanFrancisco from N.Y. to raise money for that ungrateful dunderhead Barack Obambi! Sure got appreciation.

    also, Hillary started a Fund for Mental Health specifically after being asked by Mrs. David Axelrod.She received great appreciation from the Rasputin of Obama’s campaign….

    And remember Jesse Jackson Jr. who was co-chair of Obama campaign in iowa /N.H. He said that the O.J. would be the natural thing for Obama to do….’knock down a White Woman’….did anyone see the video.

    Jesse threatened directly Hillary by suggesting that Obama was faced with the same dilemma as O.J. To murder or not to murder! Great Hamlet for the misogynist Obamabot nerds..

  • mary

    Yes, DancinOpussum:

    VOTE McKINNEY….best bet to avoid Obamabotic win…Cynthia’s a great candidate, an Arican-American who believes in cleaner planet and social justice!



  • lmary

    Great post RIVERDAUGHTER. THANKS! How insightful to insert with your commentary the fact that Obama is a political recidivist!

    He brutalized his mentor, AFricanAmerican Sen. Alice Palmer in Chicago in ’96 by STEALING her election behind her back so he could run unopposed! He’s too weak for arguments. Look at his pathetic Pa. ABC Debate! Without Telempropter he’s Mickey Mouse without Disney Land! A pathetically, stutteringly inept, typical politician (thank you Rev. Wright, you ain’t Wrong on this!) who’s modus operandi for those whom he finds no longer of usage is to…throw them udner the Bus of his Political Oversized Ambition!

    A rapper-wannabe-President whose most famous role in Yutube’s megahit: OBAMA GIVES HILLARY THE FINGER!

    Well, there are about 18 million midfingers awaiting to get their Obama-friendly exercises in November…and the cracks on the DNC ceiling will fall on their heads. At least they’ll see the LIGHT!


    GO PUMAS, LET ‘EM HEAR YOU ROARrrrrrrrrrrr

  • DancingOpossum

    If you live in a state that’s unlikely to swing (solid 100% blue or red), only then can you afford the luxury of a third-party vote. Even then, do not vote for that jerk Nader, try McKinney.

  • Isabelle

    The most disconcerting issue that developed from the Hillary vs. Obama Democratic, primary campaign was……..the betrayal!!!!!!!! I respect and honor loyalty. Donna Brazile was mentored by the Clintons: am I wrong????? She was an unknown zero pre the Clintons. NOW, she is vying to keep Hilllry off the Convention Ballot????? This is the epitome of duplicity and, quite frankly, political treachery!! James Carville was correct when he called Richardson “a Judas”……..this is the same scenerio. Unbelievable!!!

  • Thank you for this incredibly powerful endorsement of The Denver Group. We know we can’t achieve anything all by ourselves. Good thing that there AT LEAST 18 million voters who likely share our views.

  • vonay

    We need to get real people, I know some of us don’t want to vote for McCain in the general, but that’s the ONLY way we can stop Obama.
    Staying home, writing in a candidate, or voting for Nader WILL NOT stop Obama.

  • Obama’s gums look sick

    BTW: Obama’s gums look sick because he is a smoker. They are glossy and puffy. Gums don’t lie no matter how many times Obama lies he is not smoking. This man has no moral authority to fix our health care crisis.

  • Karen

    The mere thought that the roll call vote was being negotiated infuriated me so I just called the DNC about this issue.

    The woman told me that Hillary’s name would be on the ballot. There would be an official roll call vote and that nothing would be staged or symbolic.

    She did throw in a minor dig that I should call the DNC first before listening to rumors. I was encouraged. (But I’ve been know to be too trusting)Here’s the number if anyone else wants to call and verify: 202-863-8000

  • Buzz Latte

    The only thing scripted coming from a woman should be Donna Brazille’s farewell speech after her azz is kicked out of the DNC.

    That woman – Brazille- is a menace to society!

    Note to previous post: I read at hcsfjm.com that PUMA jammed the DNC phone switchboard with calls yesterday until the DNC said there would be no preconditions to Hillary’s convention announcement. It’s among the recent comments. I don’t know if it is true, but it sure sounds good!!!

  • bmc

    I couldn’t be more disgusted with the Democratic Party if they were the Republican Party.

    Oh. Right.

    • DAB

      I really hate the Republican Party too but McCain has often proved himself to be an independent in their midst. This is why so many Repubs so dislike him.

      I have no problem voting for him even though I could not bring myself to vote for most others in his party.

  • Obama’s gums look sick

    Nothing less than a full convention participation by leading candidate for that nomination: Hillary Clinton. Clinton won my state and I want my vote counted as it was cast.

    I did not vote to see the DNC steal it away from me. They stole Michegan and Florida and now you are telling me they also want to steal California.

    • Exactly….


  • Betty

    I just called the DNC and a spokes person for the office of the chairman said Hillary will be on the ballet with no preconditions. Call DNC (202-863-8000) to confirm, I am having a hard time believing it.

    • Obama’s gums look sick

      The roar of disapproval to Nazi Brazile’s convention putsch is gaining momemtum and we now have the DNC on the run. Plus they have now heard the deafening silence of their last party unity fund raising request.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        I sent my DNC envelope back with a half pound of wheel weights (which I usually melt down to make target ammunition) and a 3×5 card that said, “NOT LIKELY!”

      • I think that’s what’s working. PUMA is good. Very specific daily instructions and a How-To guide comes with each letter.

        If you haven’t signed up, do. It’s all easy stuff to do, too.

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  • gotalife
  • Hank

    1. I love the video “This boots are made for walking”. We should get it to the MSM, The official video of the PUMA’S.
    2. I change channels whenever Donna is on.
    3. I thought in the Muslim world, embarrassing the male is very bad.
    4. Somebody should unplug the teleprompters when BO makes a speech. LOL

  • beverly leslie

    Donna Brazille has lost her mind. She is so disgusting and unprofessional she doesn’t even try to hide her bias. Nothing less than her dismissal from her job is acceptable.

    Hillary 08

    • Obama’s gums look sick

      McCain/Clinton: 2008!

  • helen

    I just got an e-mail from southwest Puma group
    July 15 in San Franciso between 11:00am and 1:00pm at the palace hotel a “victory fundraiser for obama with donna brazille”
    Planned demonstration.



  • catherine

    Donna Brazile must hate Hillary because she thinks the Clinton’s kept Al Gore out of the white house. Otherwise she is just a downright hateful bitter woman who cares more about seeing her candidate in the White House than Democracy. Obama we know only cares about himself. We all just must plot and work harder to see Obama does not win the election in November.

    • Obama’s gums look sick

      Brazile is black and has lost all sense of perspective. This is a chilling scenario for any racially partisan movement.

    • elise

      Al Gore and his campaign made the decision not to ask Bill Clinton to campaign with him. That was a big mistake because Pres. Clinton had an approval rating in the sixty percentile when he left office and he definitely could have made a difference in Arkansas. That may have been Brazil’s decision, who knows? I believe Pres. Clinton offered and was turned down. He was out campaigning for Kerry just weeks after his heart surgery. When did loyalty stop being a virtue?

  • basil

    One theory about why HRC needs to retire her debt ASAP.

    Dateline – It’s a speculation that it’s part of the negotiation between DNC & Hillary to put her name on the roll call in Denver. DNC believe that HRC continue to raise money is a drain on DNC & BO ability to raise money. So they want her to stop. But she has to do it to pay off her debt. So DNC gave a dateline if she can’t pay off her debt at a certain date, she won’t be on the roll call. Bear in mind that we can’t get the confirmation of the dateline. The email from Hillary Head of Fundraising department won’t confirm the date. He only said “we want to get it done as soon as possible”. There was a great urgency in his email.

    • Where did you get this story? I assumed, maybe wrongly, that Obama agreed to help her retire the debt, which he has not been able to deliver upon. Not only is his fundraising down, but his people only ponied up 100 grand. That’s embarassingly low and shows more that his side wants nothing to do with unity, either.

      She has the right to a rollcall. He has to negotiate with her on this. It’s in the party rules. She could dig in her heels and insist, and they could bitch but that’s it.

      She’s in the driver’s seat, in other words.

      I can see that she wants this debt retired so there’s no more connection at all to the issue of the Democratic Party and it’s nearing red-faced story that the rumors of his moneymaking machine have been greatly exaggerated.

      But beyond that?

      I’ve gotten no letter other than the t-shirt sale.

      • Obama’s gums look sick

        Hillary can’t negotiate this because this roll call right belongs to the voters who went to the ballot box and won their state’s right to put her name in nomination. It is not hers to keep or give away. It is our right.

        • Doesn’t it work that she could notify her delegates that she releases them and remove her name from the rollcall vote?

          Then you’d be free to vote for Obama?

          I thought that’s the way it worked.

          I’ve been confused for weeks now with all this talk. I didn’t THINK the DNC had the right to force her off the rollcall.

          Apparently, I was right about that.

          They are pulling their usual stunt, pretending they are in control and misstating the rules publicly until we called them on it.

          • josgirl

            They can’t force her to do anything.
            The whole negotiate for a place at the convention is thuggery.
            But it’s going on, nonetheless.
            HRC is in the driver’s seat, and if her debt goes away the thugs will have no more leverage.
            So they’re trying to negotiate in the media.
            Heidi Li’s site has more details about the state of the negotiations.

    • Tuppence 411

      I am so sick of those fu@kers! (pardon my language) Obama’s money has vanished and it’s Hillary’s fault? She is sucking money away from their messiah? Fu@k them. I am sick and tired of them blaming everything that’s wrong with Nobama on Hillary. Mob of friggin’ bullies. I sure hope Hillary is playing hardball and cracking nuts behind the scenes. I hope her and Big Dawg’s list is really, really long. Pay back’s a bitch!

      • 12Speakout

        Oooohhh! That felt GOOD!

  • Edna

    P.S. If anyone wants a much more detailed account than that provided in the link in the article, of what Obama did to force Alice Palmer off the ballot, go here:


  • barack hussein obama and company are playing a dangerous game with Democracy. Sen Hillary Clinton will not be given the opportunity to be on the ballot, first one or otherwise. the obama minions know more deeply than the rest of us that Hillary won the primary. thus, we are all aware of the “Selected One’s” possible “embarassment”.

    this hoax is beyond belief.

    the people of the U.S., and indeed the world at large, are closely watching and taking notes. many are not saying too much.

    obama and his band of thieves underestimate the deep feelings of the majority of Americans when it comes to their Democracy being highjacked and held hostage.

    for the GE some will stay home and sit on their hands in protest.( a rather ineffective strategy for blocking the obamacoup)

    some will write in Hillary. (very nice and supportive for her, but again, an ineffective strategy)

    some will vote for Sen McCain. (the only real option other than Hillary)

    a Hillary/Mac ticket would be unbeatable. to hell with “party” lines and empty unity propaganda. we’re entering a new paradigm here.

    can we all say ” Democracy First”????

    let freedom ring.

    • wodiej


  • Update on website stats:

    DailyKos.com and TaylorMarsh.com tank in website hits.

    JohnMcCain.com matches DailyKos.com stats for the first time.


    • Very interesting, Matthew….so TM tanked, too.

      Wonder how Talk Left is faring.

    • elise

      Thank you for posting this, Matthew. It’s wonderful news.

  • Dogg

    The corruption of the Democratic Party grows exponentially. In a year when there was never a better opportunity for a change candidate to win and undo the damage of the Worst President Ever, the Obamatons, followiing the lead of Pelosi and Reid, have given us change that’s no change. If we can’t take advantage of Obama’s ongoing collapse to get the nomination for Hillary, I hope all PUMAs consider the possibility of organizing a third party. There has never been a greater need for a progressive party willing to address the real needs of the American people and, thanks to Obama’s Republican in the people’s clothing act, there has never been a better opportunity to create one. It’s Hillary or a third party for me.

  • Edna

    I cannot believe Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man cannot even WIN with grace. Witness what his official campaign did here in Florida AFTER the Democratic Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting settled the delegate situation in the fairest way they could at that point (and I am someone who was SCREAMING for all our delegates to be reinstated from Day One, from the moment Dean went against the rules by taking away ALL the delegates instead of half, but I was ready to accept the RBC ruling as the fairest solution at that point): http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/news_politics/2008/06/obama-wont-like.html After I read that article, that was the last straw for me: I CANNOT vote for Obama. I was all ready to try to move beyond the delegate nightmare and unite behind our presumptive nominee, despite my opinion of him, but then his campaign goes and acts in such a despicable manner, basically dissing Florida Democrats AGAIN and a fair election process yet AGAIN? And did they fire Kirk Wagar over that? Heck no, they said his job is “absolutely safe” and that “no one cares about a few beds in Denver”. Color me DONE. And now he is trying to fix the convention so that we just chant “Deutschland, Deutschland Uberalas!”, basically, and don’t have a PROPER roll call?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO. Just say NO, everyone. We must stop Obama and Dean from totally subverting the democratic process! Enough is enough!

  • Lyn

    Did you see the first Denver ad hit the Chicago papers today? there is a copy of it at http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com/2008/07/denver-group-brings-its-first-print.html

    Great Job Heidi and Mark!!!