20ef5b41-c955-4a75-9017-2ea0c0d455fdnqlive13.jpgUPDATE: CLICK HERE to listen to this terrific show. From Valerie, we got a fascinating description of the life of a CIA agent, and from Joe we got a great history lesson on the lead-up to the Iraq War. Larry Johnson added important details and perspectives, and we got some great phone calls. SPECIAL THANKS to V and Lady Boomer NYC for coordinating this first radio show and setting up our schedules, our images, our promotions, and the technical programming. On Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET, tune in for Pagan Power and Betty Jean Kling’s first program.

Tune in to “Security Corner,” hosted by Security and Counter Terrorism expert Larry Johnson. Guests: Valerie Plame Wilson and former ambassador Joe Wilson Larry Johnson and other No Quarter writers have championed the cause of Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson. The Wilsons are patriots who have served their nation honorably and suffered unjustly for trying to do their duty. We are honored to inaugurate No Quarter Radio with them. Call-in Number: (347) 677-0792

Full press release:

For Immediate Releasenqlive13.jpg

12, 2008

Premier Guests: Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joe Wilson

Washington, DC – NO QUARTER RADIO Live Internet Talk enters new territory with "Security Corner," hosted by Larry Johnson, a discredited CIA officer who is despised by the extremes on both the right and the left. (Must be doing something right!) Larry Johnson joined the CIA the same day as Valerie Plame Wilson and spent a year with fifty other classmates being trained as an intelligence officer. Larry subsequently left the CIA and served in the State Department’s Counter Terrorism Office. He is an expert in counterterrorism. His full biography may be read here.

Tune in to No Quarter Radio (NQR) live on Monday, July 14, 10:00-11:00 a.m. ET as Larry Johnson interviews Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson. Our guests will be answering listener questions, and the call-in number is (347) 677-0792.

Valerie Plame Wilson is the author of Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House. Her identity as an undercover CIA operations officer was exposed by top Bush Administration officials after her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, blew the whistle on President Bush, who mislead the American people and told them that Iraq had obtained yellow cake uranium.

Valerie Plame Wilson and Larry will chat about the revelations from former Bush press spokesman, Scott McClellan, progress on the upcoming movie about her life, and her thoughts on reforming the CIA. If you want more information about Valerie’s saga, please read these articles, which includes her testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Joe Wilson is the author of The Politics of Truth: A Diplomat's Memoir: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity.

Larry will get Joe’s take on the movie as well and pick his brain on the U.S.'s next steps in Iraq as well as Barack Obama's changing statements on the Iraq War. Ambassador Wilson has written several articles at Larry Johnson's blog, No Quarter USA. Read all eight of Joseph Wilson's writings posted here at No Quarter with his express permission. Those writings include:

Larry Johnson and other No Quarter writers have championed the cause of Valerie and Joe. The Wilsons are patriots who have served their nation honorably and suffered unjustly for trying to do their duty. We are honored to inaugurate No Quarter Radio with them.

An audio archive of today’s interviews will be available at NoQuarterUSA.net and at NQR immediately following the show.

Contact: larry_johnson@earthlink.net

  • cankles

    Seems that all 7 PUMA’s have come out of the Jungle’s in the islands surrounding Japan.

  • LIND


  • Mr.Murder

    Didn’t the biggest part of the FISA immunity deal happen after word got out that unauthorized suveillance was being used prior to 9-11?

    • JudyA

      Nothing surprises me anymore. Have you heard of Bill Hicks (comedian)? He passed away in 94, but I’d love to hear what he has to say today!!

      • Mr.Murder

        Curveball was lying to the intelligence community in 1999. He was a known known and on the burn list for a reason.

  • Mr.Murder

    Desert Storm

  • dave

    This bunch deserves one another.
    Joe and Larry can massage each other’s egos while Valerie looks nervously on, realizing why Joe asked her to move to Cali.

    • Mawm

      Anyone denigrating the Wilsons is not to be trusted. The way the faux-gressives tore into them when Wilson endorsed Clinton is disgusting.

      The Wilsons are heroes, and should be treated as such.

    • JudyA

      They do deserve each other. They are great heros who stand up for what is right. I would be proud to have them as friends.

      As soon as you go serve your country…oops…as soon as you are old enough to serve your country, then you can get back to us. Until then, you can go hang out with Rev Wright & Rezco.

      • Dawnelle

        Right ON Judy and Mawm!

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    DENVER GROUP INTERVIEW TODAY Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX, TODAY – at 4 or 4:30

    • Dawnelle

      kewl remind us right before again ok? pretty please? 😉

  • Mr.Murder

    Val mentioned the book that is out tommorrow re:torture, Clemons higlights that at TWN!

  • Mr.Murder

    As for the notion that Libya could help determine Niger and Iraq did business, didn’t a Libyan ‘diplomat’ that Wilson held in skeptical light develop ties with rebels in northern Niger hostile to the gov’t? Al Kuma?

    Saddam tried to or supplied Christian militias w/missiles to use against Syria in Lebanon, as payback for not backing them more during the Iran/Iraq war. We’re supposed to believe he forgot these war founded grudges and sent WMD into their trust, and nobody got fired for claiming this?

    Amb.Wilson’s book is a fount of insight, an oasis in the desert of spin that remains from the wake of this invasion.

  • Zee

    The trolls are out in force, Larry….which means your show was a success!

    lol— I love how an Obamadrone tried to bash Hillary on the first call and was shut down, by the facts.

  • Louise

    Hillary has asked her supporters to help Obama become president.

    If Hillary cannot get her most ardent supporters to do what she wants them to do right now, how was she supposed to lead our country?

    If you want the world to admire Hillary Clinton’s leadership skills, work hard for Barack Obama and then work with President Obama and Senator Clinton to make American great and respected again.

    This is truly insane. Larry, I can’t believe you are taking time away from the security of our country, helping out these GOP operatives and odd creatures elect a 4th Bush Term.

    Go back to your REAL work.

    And do what your chosen leader wants you to do!

    • Bonita

      My vote is my own!

      • roseeriter

        I choose my leader, thank you very much…’Chosen Leader???”” Give me a fuckin’ break–Barack is so not a leader!
        Country over Party Loyalty!

        GO PUMAs!!

        NOBAMA EVER!!

    • Zee

      Without democracy, nothing else matters. Obama should’ve thought of that before accepting someone else’s delegates and shutting down revotes.

      I don’t reward frauds, period.

      • Bonita

        Amen Zee!!!

    • Zee

      Oh, and if Republicans had been Americans first and partisans second, Bush would’ve never been installed.

      Apparently, you think the ends justifies the means. There’s another name for that.

    • Mawm

      Obama is the real 3rd Bush term. Total inexperience mixed with just the right amount of Hubris.

      Deadly combination.

      • Zee

        Well put. I’m not afraid of McCain. I can wait another 4 years if it means reclaiming our party.

      • bemused

        That’s the best-case scenario, though.

    • rjj

      baaaaaa? bah!

      • Dawnelle

        rrrrrrrrrreally you said it better than I did with less cuss words too! hehe

    • Oops…..bad argument. Obama can’t get his top doners to do as he asked: Pay down Hillary’s debt.

      So that means, by your thinking, he can’t lead the country.

      He’s also not doing so hot at unifying the party, either.

      Oh well….I never expected him to do that.

    • Dawnelle

      that’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever read

      you are some kind of moron lemming I tell you

      it’s scary

    • JudyA

      It’s a little something called Country before Party. We trust McCain more than Obama. Maybe one reason is that people in his state keep electing him as a Senator. We don’t even know yet if Obama could have won a 2nd term as Senator.

    • Beacuse we support Hillary and so we must vote for the less qualified, faithless fraud Obama…. What are you sicko….? We love Hillary but Obama is a NObama… He is a fraud and worthless piece of shit… PUMA ROCKS!…

    • Deke

      Obama is closer to Bush than McCain or Hillary. When has Obama ever demonstrated any independence from the party line. He has lived a privileged live few of us ever get to experience he has never had to put his life on the line or work for the better of the country. It is all about him, typical spoiled rich kid.

  • Mr.Murder

    Q:How are you, Vakerie?

    “I’m fine.”

    She’s quite understated.

  • Tim

    It really says it all to me that the anti-Obama comments all have cute little insults built into them. Clearly it’s what the commentators do instead of using argument and thought. It’s all about your egos, isn’t it? I am nearly sixty and would like to see another democratic president, but you people clearly don’t give a shitabout my grandchildren, do you?It’s all “me me me! what I want!” Great. This is why Republicans win most of the time you fools.

    • Mawm

      I do not want to see a completely inexperinced person as POTUS even if they have a D next to their name, and I certainly do not want to reward the election fraud, vote stealing, and corruption of the DNC.

      Obama isn’t a Democrat anyway. HAven’t you noticed that he loves Reagan and has been shedding himself of all the Democratic positions that he held during the primary.

      Obama is a liar and would be a disaster for America.

    • Zee

      Oh, I’m so sure your kids will thank you for the wiretapping.

      Me? I’m just horrified you have offspring.

      My son? Came to the same conclusion on his own. He’s not voting for Obama.

    • Deke

      Tim’s attitude is what is wrong in American politics. Has it boiled down to rooting for your team to win. We are not voting as a fan but voting for the leader of our country. When someone is so obviously unqualified for the position are we still supposed to vote for that candidate. Our responsibility as voting citizens is to vote for the most capable candidate and ensure that a proper vetting processes takes place when we select our candidates. This did not happen in this election cycle and when people turn on their team it is because the people obviously disagree with the presumed nominee. Try using some logic and let go of your preconceived notion of being a fan of a party.

  • Zee

    Fantastic job, Larry! You have a great voice.

    I registered but there was already a Zee, so if a Zee shows up in chat, it’s not me!

    And wow….more shows, please!

    I dusted the office and polished my nails while listening and learning!

    • Mawm

      Is this Zee from the Unity NH protest?

      • Zee

        Yep! Hi Mawm! Wasn’t John Overton great on air? heh

        • Mawm

          Nice to see you. I really regret not getting a statement from you on video that day. I had never organized something like that before, and I made a lot of mistakes.

          Are you going to Denver? Gary and I are going in an RV, and making a video about the trip.

          • Dawnelle

            how cool! Be sure to post it here for all us little critters that are unable to make the long journey for HILLARY!

            I wonder if she is secretly HAPPY about this movement or secretly afraid we will screw her up somehow by NOT being lemmings and just following her no matter what?

            I did that chit for Clark (twice) I won’t do it again. And Clark turned uber political too by backing barry in emails. I felt forced to quit CCN.

            no more move on, ccn, dfa, dnc, jez I really am an Independent.

            • Zee

              I betcha BILL loves us!!!!

              • JudyA

                who in their right mind doesn’t??? 🙂

                • Dawnelle

                  hehe right ON Judy!

          • Zee

            I know! I regret not getting a pic of you! Forget it….I made SOOOOO many mistakes that day and I am a SEASONED protester. I should’ve scouted the area before parking, I had a ton of poster-making stuff that would’ve been nice to have on closer hand.

            I also should’ve found a dog-sitter. If I’d known we’d be in the BUS area, I would’ve….then I could’ve gotten a good seat and interrupted BO’s speech. I’ve done that before, stood and turned my back on the likes of John Kerry and Katherine Harris.

            Missed opportunities abound. My worst missed opportunity haunts me to this day…I could’ve been inside Faneuil Hall the day that weasel Kerry conceded in 2004. And I can project. Unforgivable mistake! Ah, well.

            Anyway I saw on another site that you’re going to Denver in an RV.
            Too cute!

            I haven’t decided if I’m going…it’s not likely. Maybe if it were in a place I *wanted* to go I’d be more motivated. Plus, the logistics are tough.

            Someone here had the same idea I had for a big splash at the nomination…if I came up with a way to make it happen, I would be so there, but I’m the world’s worst fundraiser.

            I may try to help send sashes (banners you can wear) so I will definitely post if I can get that together and anyone wants some.

          • Zee

            Oh! And I’ve been watching the videos on Riverdaughter’s site.

            Great job! Really—it’s just fantastic because the main point of protesting is to give firsthand accounts of what really went down.

            Letting the elite know we exist is another reason!

  • roseeriter

    I think Joe would like Hillary voted up at the convention- there’s still hope that Obama will scandalize himself BIG TIME before Denver.


  • Great show!!!

    Typical of the Obama camp to drag their heels on accepting Joe Wilson’s offer of his expertise…
    Joe sort of danced around the issue of full-blown support, though…Left the door open on who the actual nominee will be, but went after McCain.

    And he pointed out that Obama’s foreign policy team members weren’t exactly against the war….

    • Zee

      Joe will be better off when Hillary takes the nomination in August, as he mentioned, it’s not final yet!

      • Dawnelle

        GAWD I LOVE when people say hopeful things like that!!!

        That’s HOPE I can swallow!

        • Too bad the sound levels were so bad on Valerie and Joe. We could only hear Larry, very loudly. The other two sounded like they were stuffed into a trunk. Very amateur.

  • NoBO

    Loved the interview of Valerie and Joe. Great job, Larry! Very disappointed that Joe is now supporting Obama for president.

  • Dawnelle

    Me too Me too!!

  • Mr.Murder

    Lost the close of it, but it was a great interview what I did hear. Some volume items, nothing that turning the volume up here did not resolve.

  • Ya, good show, Larry! Nice job.


  • Did I win the race?

    • Dawnelle

      U won! lol

  • standard

    I enjoyed the show!
    Larry has talent.

  • CheatedFLVoter

    Great show, Larry!

  • I really enjoyed the show Larry…Joe and Valerie were great..You were too..What did Joe say at the end when he was cut off…about NO Quarter?

    • Zee

      Yeah….I want to know, too!

  • roseeriter

    Oh no, Joe just said he would follow Hillary’s lead..


    Other than that great interview Larry. Thank you Joe and Valerie. You are both honorable patriots.

    • I hated hearing that..I have read Joe’s work…knowing the things he knows about Obama why would he vote for him?

      • roseeriter

        Joe said he didn’t want Bush 3 meaning McCain so he’ll vote democrat.

        He did clear up the progressives LIE about Hillary’s vote, something I argued with koskids but they wouldn’t listen to me.

        • JudyA

          Just stay home Joe – dont’ vote!

      • Zee

        He left the door open…mentioned that it’s not final yet…he’s obviously hoping Obama’s campaign will implode before the nomination.

  • Send Jesse a knife.

  • lute

    Fascinating dialog. But her audio levels are too low.

    • it’s inaudible. i had to turn it off.


      send Jesse a knife

      • Zee

        This is a Hillary bashing link, don’t bother.

  • Dave_Not_For_Obama

    I always knew Obambi was an empty suit but after reading the New Yorker piece on him I thought to myself that many others will know also. 🙂

    There is one thing I’m very curious about though. We all know Obambi does not have the capacity to be POTUS, so WHO is the ACTUAL power structure that wants him in office so THEY can pull the puppet strings?

    WHO is the quiet one lurking in the background that really pulls the strings of Obambi. Dean? , much too stupid. Soros?, much too obvious. Any ideas?

    • blech

      It’s so interesting how different people reach different conclusions from the same 15,000 word article. Obama looked to me like someone who knows how to work across the aisle to get things done, a very experienced legislator with strong political skills.

      • Dave_Not_For_Obama

        Can you please direct me to legislation that Obambi actually wrote himself and no I don’t mean bills that his FRIENDS wrote and attached Obambi’s name too, lol.

        As for reaching across the aisle, yep he did a great job of reaching across the aisle for BUSH by voting YES for FISA, lol.

        It’s funny you left out Rezko and a host of other nauseating and criminal acts CLEARLY evident in the article, lol.

        But hey, ” it’s so interesting how different people reach different conclusions”. ROFLMAO @ you

      • Bonita

        That’s why we have classes for slow learners.

        Stop the hate!

  • Peg

    OT: Todays LA Times has a blog about O’s speech at the National Council of La Raza yesterday:

    “It was then that the crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause and warm cheers. But not over Obama’s policy proposal.

    What ignited that outburst was the mere mention by Obama of the name Hillary Clinton, his vanquished party opponent.”



    • Dave_Not_For_Obama

      You have to love that response to Hillary, I hope Obambi’s ego shrunk by double digits and his ears burned red, lol.

      • blech

        I’m sure the Obama campaign loves it. Clinton’s endorsed him and he’s leading McCain 2-1 among Hispanics.

        • JudyA

          See how much he needs Clinton. If she were the nominee, she would have like a 5-1 lead

  • latent energy

    We have had enough of a white Satan in the white house for eight years and what happened to USA and the rest of the world?

    Now are we going to have another black Satan manning the white house? What will it be like if this happens?

    It will be the end of USA and the rest of the world.

    Oh God the almighty, please save us from all these Satans (whether white or black).

    Go away Satans, we don’t need you here!

    It’s the end of the world”

  • Newport News Dem

    Never mind… needed to register!

    • So sorry! I didn’t realize that that was a requirement for listening. We’ll try to remember to include that in our future announcements and press releases.

      • roseeriter

        I listened without registering. If someone wanted to talk or leave a message one has to register.

  • Mr.Murder

    Trying 2 register now.

  • Newport News Dem

    HELP I give…where is the listen icon..how do you get the show!!!!!

  • john

    Help make calls to Joe Lieberman office Demanding someone obtain us a copy of Obama’s birth certificate McCain had to show his Liberman supports McCain he will get to the bottom of this heres the Number (202) 224-4041

    • blech

      Maybe someone can organize so that people can contribute to buy lots of ads in CT newspapers about this. That would really pressure Lieberman to act.

    • DAW

      There’s a copy of Obama’s birth certificate on his Fight the Smears website.

      Do you believe everything people email you? Because if so, I have a $5000 cashier’s check I’d like to send you in exchange for $500 cash…

  • Larry,good luck with the show!

    By the way, the bio has a phrase in it that might cause some confusion….”a discredited CIA officer”–while probably technically correct, it sort of hit me in a jarring way.

    Maybe it could be restated without the use of “discredited”–(“formerly worked with/for the CIA”, perhaps?) You don’t want to get into trouble with the Obamabots…LOL!!


    • Larry was spoofing himself!

    • open mic

      Being discredited by the CIA these days is a badge of honor. Wear it proud Larry!!!

  • jmk

    Glad to see full clear counter to google junk about Larry.

    Keep up on the MSM summer spinbama campaign – without the disgust of actually having to watch it. See here:


  • The Barack Obama Flip Flop Express goes viral 😀

    Watch here.

  • CheatedFLVoter

    Larry, you’re the best. Good luck on your new show.

  • blech

    Where are all the breathless postings about John McCain throwing Phil Gramm under the bus?

    After all, Gramm is his top economic adviser and good friend from the Senate who presided over the deregulation that led us to the mortgage mess/credit crisis and McCain just cut him loose?

  • Christy

    You’ll be GREAT Larry!

  • MP98

    Didn’t the US just remove 500 tons of yellow-cake uranium from Iraq?

    Hmmm.. could this be the yellow-cake that Joe Wilson said Hussein didn’t have?

    Maybe Larry Johnson should go back to the Michelle Obama tape?
    That’s probably got more truth to it than Wilson’s bullshit.
    Wilson should just go back under his rock.

    • one eyed jack

      That wasn’t “yellow cake uranium” you have your nose in boy. That is where Obama crapped when he was in Iraq.

      • katmandu

        On the yellow cake uranium — correct me Larry if I’m wrong:

        This uranium stockpile dates back to the early 1980s and was under IAEA safeguards. Saddam allowed IAEA to verify that the stock was still under seal up until the 2003 invasion; this was not a surprise to anyone and it was under control. In short, it was well known to all US and foreign intelligence agencies; Bush I allowed Iraq to retain this stockpile after the first Gulf War.

        The stockpile was sold to a Canadian company so it would not deteriorate in Iraq, or fall into enemy hands. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20080708.YELLOWCAKE08/TPStory/TPNational/Ontario/

        Now let’s bring Joe Wilson into this. As the Globe and Mail story relates:

        Yellowcake was at the heart of the U.S. government’s justification for invading Iraq in 2003. At the time, the government claimed that Saddam Hussein had tried to purchase more uranium from Niger for a nuclear weapons program. When former U.S. diplomat Joseph Wilson wrote that he had found no evidence of the attempted purchase, his wife Valerie Plame’s job as a CIA officer was leaked to U.S. journalists by government officials.

        Lewis (Scooter) Libby, Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, was convicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice as part of the Plame affair.

        In short, this is no story; that’s the reason it has been virtually ignored by the press.

        I think the commenter owes Larry and Wilson an apology, no?

    • one eyed jack

      That wasn’t “yellow cake uranium” you had your nose in boy. That is where Obama crapped when he was in Iraq.

  • ssmith

    WOW.. larry ask them about PUMA!!! And Just SayNo Deal

    I hope the haven’t drunk the kool-aide

    I really respect joe and valerie, I TRUELY hope they don’t talk about party unity..

    the “Democratic” party is dead to me..

    bunch of spineless wimpy corrupt politicians propping up another spineless, wimpy, corrupt, scary ties politician.

    Absolutely disgusting!

    can’t wait to hear them and Larry. Congrats on your new show Larry

    • Dawnelle

      Thanks for this Larry, etc!!

  • Can’t wait for the show to come on. Thanks Larry…