Recently, Vice President Biden reported that the Stimulus Program had created a huge number of jobs. If you have 41 minutes to spend to watch him – what the hell is the matter with you?? Oh, no wait – sorry. Ahem. I meant to say, if you have the time, you can watch Biden announce all of the many jobs recovered below in this “clip” (and I use the term loosely):

Isn’t that great?? Well, it would be if it was actually true. But it is not. For instance, did you know that Puerto Rico has 99 districts? Nope, me, either. Because they don’t. They have 1 (one). How about Arizona? Heck, they’ve got at least 38 (thirty-eight), right? Oh, wait, no they don’t – they have 8 (eight). The alleged “recovered jobs” bragged about by Biden and how our stimulus money is being spent don’t quite match up. I know, big surprise (almost as much as the following report being on ABCNews):

Wow that’s some “state of the art system” you got going on there, Joe. And I am SOOOOO sure that all of the problems are the result of people not knowing in which district they live. Oh, sure. Because it is so difficult to access that information. I mean, really, you might need to make a PHONE CALL or something. Or look it up on “the internets,” if it isn’t in the area in which you live. Because then, you could just take a little look-see at your voter registration card! Gosh, I am just stunned that they would not be getting these numbers right!

Speaking of jobs, check out these headlines:

This is exactly why so many of us are concerned about the Government running our health care system. Can you say fraud? If they cannot even get this right, how are they going to adequately address issues of life and death?? I don’t think even an abacus could help out there …

  • beebop

    The real eye opener is to go to and see how the money was spent IN YOUR STATE. I found a big payout to GENERAL ELECTRIC and three other companies headquartered in ILLINOIS for sums paid out in Ohio …

    Can anyone tell me why private colleges and unversities (heavily endowed, by the way) are receiving “stimulus” money?

    Can anyone tell me why the CATHOLIC church (separation of church and state, anyone?), law firms, or a company only incorporated in November, 2008, receive stimulus dollars? I bet each of us can find questionable payments in our states. My personal fave is the Pheasants Forever … I thought initially it read PEASANTS FOREVER … which at least made sense, given the current economy and all ….

    Here’s my list:

    Pepper Construction Group 20,075,000 IL
    Value Recovery Holding LLC 4,330,000 OH
    Hohl Industrial Services 3,600,000 NY
    LEADS INC 2,900.00 ?
    Barco Government Supply 4,138 IL
    Pullium Sanitary Service 5,270 PA
    EZ Dock/Playpower 9,465 NC
    Archdiocese of Cincinnati? 31,624 OH
    LHB, INC. 47,740 MN
    Northland Court Ltd 50,461 ???
    LANSING LIMITED 59,875 ???
    PHEASANTS FOREVER, INC. 70,000 ???
    Interactive Media & Construction 83,000 OH
    (a school with 70 students)

  • jwrjr

    Perhaps the single finger that candidate Obama used to “salute” Hillary Clinton would be enough to tally the jobs actually created by the “stimulus”.

  • RRRAmy:

    Please rescue my post.

  • sorry cnn too late shoulda done this last year

    • Obamastolemycountry

      Yes, they darn well should have!!!!

  • Obamastolemycounty

    Sorry this is off topic, but most will enjoy it! Our Hillary is Presidential:

  • Doc99

    If Clueless and Ozero had been making sworn statements in court about “jobs created or saved,” they’d be indicted for perjury.

    • TexasMirth

      Doc99 — You are so right, and it stuns me that there are not any repercussions for CHEATING the American people. I have never felt so powerless and alienated from my government.

  • Galt goes to Hollywood

    I saw “Would An Abacus Help To Accurately Count Jobs “Recovered”?” in the list of current posts and it had that (trademark pending) Rev. Amy snark ring to it. 😉

    And it was you. Great post.

    Some observations wearing my alien visitor cap, being from planet Triskelion and all:

    This is exactly why so many of us are concerned about the Government running our health care system. Can you say fraud? If they cannot even get this right, how are they going to adequately address issues of life and death?? I don’t think even an abacus could help out there …

    They seized power by fraud and will rule by it. Rev. Amy, you and many others on NQ screamed your hearts out a horrific warning when the Kafkaesque election fraud was happening.

    As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap…

    Saddam and Gomorrah comes to mind, loosely, as a metaphor. The Obama/Biden Doppelganger fiddling like Nero as Rome burns along with their “empire” also comes to mind.

    When will the arrogant shortsighted greedy power-crazed human animal learn empires seized by force (physical and/or mental) are deemed to fail from their unholy inception? Maybe realizing they are animals ruled by deep-seated programming from nature would be a good place to start.

    Rev. Amy, thanks for doing your part trying to elevate the human animal from diapers to pull-up Underoos. Humans are not too far more advanced than chimps flinging turds at on another from atop trees. Perhaps just beginning potty training?

    • Galt goes to Hollywood

      deemed should read “doomed”

      “flinging turds at on another” should read “flinging turds at one another”

  • Tricia

    Amy, you nailed excellent points. Who writes Biden’s speeches? Or is this just him? Or something far more ominous. (I worry it’s at least partially the latter.)

  • jwrjr

    You suggest that I spend 41 minutes watching Biden. What did I do to offend you?

    • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

      I think we found a new technique to replace waterboarding…

  • elizabethrc

    This administration doesn’t even try to hide their lying anymore. They think they are possessed of such power and privilege that we aren’t even worth telling the truth to. It’s blatant and an offense to even the morons who voted for him.
    Are they trying to set us up for another election ripoff? I think they just might be and if they get away with it, shame on us.
    We need to meet power with power, we need to push back harder than they push and when they try to intimidate is, be it at the polls or anywhere else, we need to challenge them, and not too nicely, either. We need to scare the hell out of them.

  • Kim

    They are trying to defend this by saying these are just “honest” mistakes. Yeah, right. Honesty is a concept Obama and company know nothing about.

    • Onofre’s arm

      As the saying goes, “Figures don’t lie…….liars figure.”

      • Nicely said. And they surely do.

        Doc, you have got to be kidding me abt the $500k pizza nights. I mean, I can see it happening, and all, don’t get me wrong. And heck, he was already having those big Weds. night parties, so I reckon anything is possible with this man.

        I know there have to be state dinners and all, but to have top stars come perform, and just hang out, is clearly taking that a huge step too far. It really is “Nero fiddling while Rome burns,” though as someone here said once, at least Nero could fiddle. Ahem…

  • HARP

    First you would have to explain to Joe what an abacus is. Maybe Shithead will bring him one from China.

    • ROTFLMAO…Harp, you are too funny!

    • listing starboard

      Tsk Tsk HARP, Obama is really “caring” or haven’t you heard? I mean he showed up at Arlington Cemetary and all, gosh, Michelle had on her respectful blue outfit on and everything. Can’t believe you would call him a shithead, see above post about how much Obama cares.

  • Docelder

    So “Thee One” has been spending money like a drunken sailor ever since he moved in… everything from $500K pizza nights to grand apology tours that have traversed much of the world. Meanwhile Nancy and Harry have porked themselves out with public money funding things like field mice and calling it stimulus. Now Obama seems to actually say something right.

    Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession
    What chance does he want to quit spending though? He probably wants a hefty tax hike in the middle of this recession. Spending money we don’t have will kill us yes, but no more than taxing the small amount of spendable money from the economy will kill us. Choose the poison… both will kill us right now. Maybe combined the damage will be double, probably more than double. Who still thinks this guy is some genius? Seriously who?

  • Obamastolemycounty

    I know how we could create some jobs. We can start a Government watchdog group and hire any unemployed tea partiers for a full time gig and benefits. They may need to be payed overtime, as well, until the Sadministration is ousted!

    • Obamastolemycounty

      oops-paid! I truly have been slowly losing my mind through this Democratic debacle!

      • Obamastolemycounty

        I think I have PTED, Post Traumatic Election Disorder. Symptoms- loss of spelling skills, short term memory loss, anxiety, unexpected outbursts at the television, fear and avoidance of Obots, unexplained crying while watching CSpan or Hillary clinton, among others.

        The cure- voting in a whole new Government.

        Can anyone help rid the country of this horrible disorder? I am not looking for cash donations, just your votes!

        • b mathews

          yes. we can vote out ALL incumbents from both parties in 2010 and then again in 2012. that way we can start fresh with a new bunch who havent been corrupted yet.

          • Obamastolemycounty

            We hope, anyway!

  • Mandelay

    All kidding aside (and yes I’m still on the floor but I took my laptop with me), if these clowns do not lose their majority in the 2010 mid-term elections, then they’ve shown once and for all that they can say and do anything, spend any amount, lie all day long, and it will not matter.
    I think Joe Biden is the scariest V.P. we’ve had since Spiro Agnew. While these men come from what seem to be opposite ends of the political spectrum, the result is still the same — a massive manipulation of the public. All manipulation, all the time.

    • I cannot believe Biden is the VP – I mean, really. The man didn’t even carry his own state in the Primaries. And didn’t he tank in the 2004 one, too? Yet here he is, Vice President! With his gaffes-a-second, and general goofiness, i just don’t get it.

      I think you’re right, though I hadn’t looked at it like that before – massive manipulation, indeed.

  • Docelder

    So why is the “terminator” acting as window dressing for the “other one”? Are things really so bad for CA that he needs to prostitute himself out as a Biden stage prop? That is what the cardboard cutouts are for. Get one from a video store and give it to Biden. But, for cryin’ out loud declare the state bankrupt and keep some dignity.

    • Perhaps the Govinator is being forced to be window dressing by the SEIU. They DO seem to have control over CA – remember when they had a chat with their White House Insider – Obama – to not give CA any Federal Stimulus money if CA insisted on cutbacks in salaries? Yeah, so he’s pr bably having to play nice to get any money at all.

      Where can I get one of those $500K jobs???

      LOL abt the Watchdog Group – perfect!!

      • Docelder

        500K is pizza money for Obama. He has no clue at all.

  • candymarl

    Great post! I needed a laugh after the nightmare – uh I mean dream – I had about Obama the other night!

    Joe should take this show on the road. He’d be a hit.
    Really. Trust me.

  • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

    I think I saw this on On The Record on Fox last night but there was one district that had 6 jobs created but $3Million of stimulus money had been spent in the district. That’s $500K per job! WTF?

  • Mandelay

    ” If you have 41 minutes to spend to watch him – what the hell is the matter with you?? “

    I’ve fallen on the floor laughing and I can’t get up!!!! Heeelllllppppp!!!!!

    • 😀 Someone get over to Mandelay’s!!

      DeeLee, ROTFLMAO – oh, if ONLY that wasn’t so plausible!!!

      WVA, wow – cool that your son read my post, but, Oh, Dear abt him cracking up!

      Get this – on the Daily Show last night, Joe tried to claim there were only 70 people who made a mistake abt their districts in their reporting. Yeah, Joe, sure…

      • West Virginia

        We are thinking the 70 phratboys don’t know how to read census data. Counties are numbered in the census files. WVa has 55 counties. The .gov report has $X going to “district” 54 in WV. (We have 3 congressional districts). Even if that is their “little” mistake, it is a huge one. Little mistakes can be.. well, try this. O: “Now, was it the red button I push for room/beer service? Or, is that the one for the Tritons?”

  • West Virginia

    Amy. My son just called from college. He just read your post. He is cracking up, but he was not laughing. Just thought I’d share that. You know what? Since the kids in the DC phrathouse are SO sharp maybe we should ask them to take over the banking and auto industry too. Oh. Wait a minute. That was not a dream, was it.

  • DeeLee

    How can you say that those districts don’t exist? Acorn probably registered 20,000 votes in each of them, and they all voted for Obama. (Or at least that’s what Joe believes, cos Axelrod told him so)

    • candymarl


  • Jillie

    what is hilarious, ironic, and/or sad, is that if palin had become vp, the media would have skewered her for these idiotic comments…and she’s supposed to be stupid????

    • I picked this up somewhere today:

      “Last November, many people told me that if I voted for John McCain, I’d end up with an idiot for a vice president.

      I voted for John McCain and I ended up with an idiot for a vice president.”

  • HEPT

    whothafok Is Joe Biden?
    Oh! That Joe Biden.
    crash Biden.

    • Yes, that would be the one!

      • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

        HAha, Mark Levin yesterday said that more people have died from Biden’s motorcade than Cheney hunting trips, lol.

        • listing starboard

          Familiarize yourselves with the guy on Bidens left, Governor Martin O/Malley. He is being groomed by the same machine as Obama to become a prominent national figure, he is one sneaky SOB. Maryland has certainly spawned some real great politicians, Cardin, O’Malley, D’allesandro, and sweet SHeila Dixon.