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New Yorker Cover Cartoon NOT a Satire?

It is being reported today that Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has in his possession a tape recording of an interview he once had with Barack Obama that may be very damaging to the latter’s campaign for the presidency.

The tape (and the transcript of it) stem from a February 27, 2007 visit Kristof paid to Obama’s senate offices. A column Kristof wrote based upon this interview appeared in the New York Times on March 6, 2007.

In a column he wrote this week about Obama which was published on Tuesday, Kristof once again refers to this earlier interview. Also, he has subsequently seemed to say that his editors have reviewed it in its entirety.

What may be damning about the interview, the transcript of it and—especially—the original tape recording is that Obama allegedly provided Kristof with a recitation from memory of the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic. One of Obama’s cousins in Africa has stated in the recent past that Obama was, indeed, once a Muslim. Kristof’s interview records may prove this more definitively.

Obama lived in Indonesia until he was about ten years old. He attended a Catholic school there but was allegedly enrolled as a student of the Muslim faith. Popular psychologists have maintained for decades that what happens to children during their tenth year of life stays with them most strongly for as long as they live. Obama has admitted in one of his best-selling books that he remembers vividly hearing Muslim calls to prayer when he was growing up in Southeast Asia. But what does it mean if he remembers the call in its entirety in a language, Arabic, foreign to both Americans and Indonesians?

The issue is not whether Obama was ever a Muslim. Who could blame him if his elders exposed him to Muslim influences and even mosque attendance in the largest Islamic country in the world, Indonesia, as a child? What Kristof may, however, have raised as an issue once again—and, this time, in spades—is Obama’s inability and/or unwillingness to tell us the truth about his past in Southeast Asia, Chicago or anywhere else.

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  • TJF


    he recites the shahada, says its the most beautiful sound there is and doesnt tell you that it is a declaration that the reciter is a muslim . It is a recitation of faith. the ave maria is not neither is Oh canada, but at the heart is he lied about ever being a muslim. He was. why was he lying if its nothing to be ashamed of? He is friends with the nation of islam, domestic terrorists who do fundraisers for him in his own home, he visits ghadafi with his “pastor”, Regularkly attended pro palestinian fundraisers and events, and we who are familiar with islamic deception(taqiyya or kitman) might be suspicious that he is more than just a liar need to “get real”. Get your head out of the sand!

  • Mur

    I can recite parts of the Ave Maria. I am not now, nor have I ever been, Catholic.

    I can sing bits of “Oh, Canada” and “Hail to the Queen”. I’ve never been a Canadian citizen nor a subject of Her Majesty.

    I can recite the Green Lantern oath. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been a Green Lantern. I could be wrong on that last one, though.

    Seriously: someone grows up in a Muslim culture, learns enough about it to be able to admire the good parts and speak intelligently about the whole of it, and people declare he’s a *closet terrorist*? Get real.

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  • Foreigner

    I’m not surprised you people had slavery and apartheid for most of your history.

    Americans are the most racist people on Earth.

    • WildChild

      Interesting you should say that since we are peopled by all the peoples of the earth.

  • squeazzy

    wow this hurt you eh, Obamashits? ha ha why’s so painful for you to read this article?

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  • daveinboca

    Kristof woiuld prefer a Muslim to a Christian or a Jew, if I interpret the gist of much of his writing on international issues correctly.

    As an American president, if that wasn’t clear in the original. Although he hates Bashir’s Sudanese persecution of the Darfur black Muslims who are not Arabs, on every other front, Kristof appears to be a strong supporter of Arabs vs. Israel & MUslims vs. Hindus/Sikhs/Christians whenever there is a confrontation between religious countries.

    P.S. Kristof especially appears to hate America whenever there is a dispute in which the US is involved with a foreign country.

  • daveinboca

    Kristof hates Israel, as his recent visit there & subsequent article praising Hamas & Hezbollah demonstrates. My guess is that those tapes will not be made available now that Obama is a viable candidate—Kristof woiuld prefer a Muslim to a Christian or a Jew, if I interpret the gist of much of his writing on international issues correctly.

  • Lary

    So if this was really a story this wouldn’t have been brought up before? Let’s get real people!!!!

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  • Buzz Latte

    We still won’t vote for Obama no matter what he says he knows or what he does.

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  • muhammad rafiq

    this is ridiculous.

    if you’ve ever lived in a muslim country – which obama has – you are bound to learn the azan because IT IS PLAYED FIVE TIMES A DAY FOR 365 DAYS A YEAR AND IT ALWAYS SOUNDS THE SAME AND HAS THE SAME WORDS.

    you should ask a lot of the british expats that live in the middle east these days.

    they all know the azan.

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  • HilllaryforPresident

    I am a moderate democrat who happens to strongly support Hillary.

    Under Bush Administration, I have continued to live and I am free.

    I can live in the state of McCain, I am used to conservative, southern life.

    But I cannot live in southern Chicago, where all the gangs helped by Obama are flourishing.

    Therefore: If not Hillary, McCain it is.

  • BytheBeardofZeus

    This little jewel of information has been mostly overlooked.

    Why hire Obama when he has always been a no-show?

    Do Americans want to get things done?

  • PKJayne

    This has really caused a stir. So many new names I can’t think straight.

    If all the Barry smear fighters are here, who is holding down the fort there?

  • AX10

    There are two simple solutions here:

    1) The DNC nominates the winner of the popular
    vote and the most competent one out there,
    Hillary Clinont.

    2) The DNC nominates the souless, inexperienced,
    corrupt Chicago Pol, Barack Obama and
    the majority of America votes for the better choice, John McCain

  • Johnny at Work

    Remember how Obama made a commercial from the old Macintosh Computer video with the theater full of mind numb bots staring at a screen of Hillary Speaking?

    And the female runner made a hammer throw that broke the screen?

    I find it Ironic that the Bots in that video are now the mind numb Obots. Drinking the Kool Aid and who cannot think for themselves. Assembeled by a call to pray to their Chosen One whose image adorns the screen.

    That image is not to far from reality.

    • chezmadame

      Waffles couln’t even get the imagery right.

      Notice it’s a strong woman running who breaks the screen.

      Hmmm…what would Freud say?

      • Johnny at Work

        “strong woman running”

        EXACTLY – that woman is all the PUMA Women and women everywhere offended by that cretin, and the real men like me who support you.

        The bots are the O’bots.

        And that is Obama’s Image on the screen…..

        I think someone should re-do that video and put O’boy’s big eared mug on the screen. It would be sooo perfect.

      • Hope Floats

        I thought it was one Bills’ Hooters Girls. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • pumastic

    The diary begins

    It is being reported today

    By whom?

    If no source or link, it’s quite likely that you made that up.

  • Retired

    I have no problem listening to a tape of Obama reciting the call to prayer in Arabic. Perhaps it will emphasize a point that he recently made that we all should speak another language. He should be proud of this ability, why would he want to hide it?

    • Johnny at Work

      yeah… WHY indeed???

    • mahaska

      Knowing a prayer in another language doen’t mean you know the language. I can sing in Latin, but only know the latin from singing it.

  • Newly Independent

    Whether or not Obama is a Muslim really isn’t an issue with me – right now.

    What’s REALLY the issue is that Obama is NOT qualified to be POTUS. He doesn’t have enough experience. Plus, he has other serious problems that will keep me from voting for him.

    And all of the smokescreens that Obama and his supporters try to throw up won’t change that.

    Obama marketed himself as “not being Hillary” during the primaries. Now he marketing himself as “not being McCain.”

    But the billion-dollar question is: WHO THE HELL IS HE???

    • HilllaryforPresident

      He’s a BOBOweenie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steveeboy

    yes, obama is a “muslin”!!!

    —that’s a type of fabric you backwards-ass redneck piece of shit!!!

    • WildChild

      If you look down at our keyboard you will notice the qwerty model places the M and the N right next to each other.

    • Donna Brazile

      Watch that language young man and stop the hate!

    • Johnny at Work

      Well that turban is some kind of crappy cotton. Not Pema Cotton that’s for sure.

      It must be sooo uncomfortable that even when he does not have it on he still twitches his head back and forth.

      Ever seen him speak? Why else would he crank his head constantly back and forth? Must be subconcious from that damn uncomfortable turban.

      • Hope Floats

        Reading the teleprompter. He’d follow along with his finger, if he could.

  • Jackson Pearson

    New Yorker cover cartoon NOT a satire?

    I fully agree. The cartoon’s more fact, than fiction! Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama, and his wife Michelle Obama, are at war with America!

  • justme

    LOL do we believe her? They tell so many stories that do not Add UP…

  • justme

    pop corn!! enjoying pimping yourself here kellie thats what women do when they hang out in places they should not be.

  • barko

    When I saw the New Yorker cover, my first impression was not one of satire, but an actual reflection of how I feel about the Obamas. I actually think Michelle is a throw bact to the Panther Party of the 60′s/70′s and that while Obama may not be in his mind a muslin, in the mind of the muslin world he is one. I do believe that if Obama gets elected, Bin Laden’s picture may not be hanging in the oval office, but he definitely will be smiling.

    • Patti

      Read her Princet on so-called Thesis and HIS (my eyes are agaze)…oops!


      That’s French for no ‘chit’.

      See even I can be civil once in awhile.

      Another great day on NQ!!

      Thank you one and all for your efforts and conributions.

      P U M A
      putting Move in movement