Last night, Hannity of FOX News had two female panelists, both conservatives, discussing Sarah Palin’s new book, her great success selling 300,000 copies the first day and the derangement syndrome of the left in trashing her and calling her “dangerous.” Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing for America, is looking to raise $500,000 to combat this “dangerous” woman.

I agree that the debasing attacks on the former Governor are ridiculous. Hannity just conducted an interview with Palin which brought him huge ratings. He was respectful to her and I’m sure the principles she trumpets are similar to his own. That is fine. What is not fine is the nonsense he spewed with his panel as they all got fired up defending Sarah Palin. Hannity made the remark that you can bash a conservative woman all you want – but no one would touch a liberal woman. He basically said if you’re Hillary Clinton, you’re safe from this kind of treatment.

Well, Sean, if you’re reading this – here is a little refresher course on what the left did to Hillary in 2008. And by the way, you and your right wing cronies taught them well with the fifteen years of Hillary bashing she and we have had to put up with. Here are a few examples…

“A Super Delegate needs to take her into a room and only he comes out, that kind of scenario.” ( Keith Olbermann, MSNBC)

“The only reason she was elected to the Senate is that people felt sorry for her because of her husband.” (Chris Matthews, MSNBC)

“When she is on camera, I involuntarily cross my legs. She’s castrating, overbearing and scary.” (Tucker Carlson, MSNBC)

“Doesn’t it seem like the Clinton’s are pimping their daughter Chelsea out in some weird way?” (David Shuster, MSNBC)

“They fined CBS a million dollars for Janet Jackson’s nipple. Just think what they could get for Hillary Clinton’s cunt.” (Bill Maher, HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher)

“If she had any dignity, she’d just bow out.” (Jonathan Alter, Newsweek)

“Some women deserve to be called bitches.” (Castellanos, CNN)

“She’s never going to get out of our faces. … She’s like some hellish housewife who has seen something that she really, really wants and won’t stop nagging you about it until finally you say, fine, take it, be the damn president, just leave me alone.” (Leon Wieseltier, literary editor, The New Republic)

“She’s an aging, resentful female.” “She’s a ludicrous embarrassment.” (Christopher Hitchens, Slate, MSNBC)

“Some find that she makes their skin crawl. Some run screaming from the room. And some want to drink a gallon of rat poison while lying across a railroad track.” (columnist Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

“She’s the most secretive politician in America today.” (David Plouffe, Obama campaign)

“We don’t want to have to watch a woman grow old in the White House….She’s got a testicle lockbox.” (Rush Limbaugh)

“Someone needs to go there and take her out behind the barn.” (Pete Snyder, FOX)

“It cries.” (Glenn Beck, FOX)

“When Barack Obama speaks, men hear “Take off for the future.” And when Hillary Clinton speaks men hear, “Take out the garbage.” She does register with married men, like a small worm boring through the brain.” (Marc Rudov, FOX News)

“She is a stranger to consistency, sincerity and (at a guess) oral sex…” (Bob Ellis, ABC Unleashed)

“Without nepotism, Hillary would be running for the president of Vassar.” (Maureen Dowd, NY Times)

“…when I see her again, all my — all the cootie vibes sort of resurrect themselves…I’m sorry. I must represent a lot of people… I actually find her positions appealing in many ways. I just can’t stand her.” (Andrew Sullivan, Chris Matthews Show)

Readers, please feel free to add your own.

You see, Mr. Hannity, there are several big reasons why Sarah Palin said she would love to sit down with Hillary Clinton for a cup of coffee. Those two ladies have a lot to commiserate about. They were both trashed by the left.

The majority of the comments above came from the liberal media. This was but a mere fraction of the daily filth spewed by the likes of these arrogant cowards. Never mind the shameful General T. McPeak who said “Hillary is not fit to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier,” or some of the horrid, betraying comments made by the backstabbing elite in her own party. Further, the daily commentary from the likes of The Huffington Post, Daily Kos and so many lefty blogs who bashed Hillary, the more qualified candidate, in favor of a brand name with no experience seems to have escaped Mr. Hannity’s attention as well.

I’m sure Sarah Palin has a great deal of admiration for Hillary – her toughness, her resilience and her body of knowledge. What a shame, Mr. Hannity, that you cannot see fit to extend the same courtesy to a woman clearly deserving of your respect – even if your political philosophies differ.

This is the big problem with punditry from either side. I appreciate that Mr. Hannity has been brave enough to cover topics others news stations will not. I also appreciate that FOX News is the only network daring to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire on policy, rather than cheerleading. While I may not agree with the conservative bent of the network, I do at least get some news rather than pillow fluffing. Hannity’s show clearly is more opinion than anything else, but when he ignores the experience of Hillary Clinton and the insults her supporters had to put up with in the campaign last year – his credibility takes a nosedive.

It was interesting that just before he mentioned her name, he paused for a moment – he knew he was lying about her, saying liberals gave Hillary a pass – but he just couldn’t help himself. Integrity is not selective.

It is said that character is what you do when nobody’s looking. Perhaps Mr. Hannity thought no one would be paying attention. Well, I was looking and his character last night was found wanting.

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  • Fannie

    Add Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes to the list who hated on Hillary, they screamed out a thousand times
    “do the math”, she can’t win.

    You can’t deny that sexism isn’t taken seriously as
    racism,yesterday, and today.

  • Hannity really said that Hillary Clinton would never be treated like Sarah Palin???

    I don’t know what to with the list you have come up with. On the one hand, it deserves to remembered for all time to show what it took to bring down a woman who STILL received more delegates from the primaries than Barack Obama, even when Florida and Michigan were not counted.

    On the other hand, I kind of wish it could be burned and forgotten it is so outlandish. You can add Michael Moore to your list as well.

  • larry Johnson

    Spot on. It is the faux outrage by Hannity that drives me crazy. If he was simply intellectually consistent I would have far more respect. Instead, he checks the team jersey before deciding whether or not to be outraged. Well done.

  • Mandelay

    Big problem with Hannity … he repeatedly “reports” fragments of news stories and slants/spins to back up his beliefs. And yes, his “interviewing” technique is just not there. Every question he asks is embedded with “the approved conservative philosophy” and he waits for his guest to echo what he said. Even when Colmes was with him, they both were spinning away. Now I see Colmes doing it once in awhile on O’Reilly’s show. He can’t seem to break out of the liberal view, just as Hannity is mired in the conservative view.
    Fox needs to realize their ratings soared in the last year because so many UN-conservatives switched to Fox channel after throwing up for months over the “news” coverage on the “United Obama Networks.” Fox needs to acknowledge their audience is now coming from some unexpected places. Most of the time, O’Reilly seems to do a decent job, although he goes off the rail once in awhile. Van Susteren can be a voice of reason.
    But the rover boys — Hannity and Colmes — are knee-jerkers, from their opposite end of the spectrum. I’m willing to allow them points for “entertainment/acting” but if I want to know more facts about a story, I never take what either man says as “the truth.”
    SUPER GALT, I’ve been dreaming about that Hillary/Sarah ticket for a long time now. Hillary and Sarah are too good to be used to degrade each other (and isn’t that a typical male tactic used in the workplace so often?) Hillary/Sarah 2012? Greta would grin with glee … “the boys” would huff and puff … Dick Morris would have apoplexy … and it would be a you bet’cha good thing for the country. Go ladies! Don’t let these “boys” divide you and silence you in the process. Go get ’em!

  • abycat

    Great smack-down Ani.

  • **== SUPER GALT **==

    Someone kindly rescue comment-1279367


    • Ani

      I’m going in!

      • **== SUPER GALT **==

        Did you remember to darn your flame-retardant Nomex suit and breathing apparatus? The spam monster has been known to breath fire, especially with all the incendiary comments around these parts!

        • Ani


  • Judy

    I have to admit I am a Sean Hannity fan; however, he is wrong about Hillary bashing. It is one of the reasons I cannot stand Obama today – the finger moment was one I cannot forget. The MSM treated Hillary terrible – I cannot watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC due to their treatment of Sarah and Hillary.

    Hillary and Sarah have suffered immensely, but where are the so-called feminist for either one of these women???

    We are witnessing emotional and mental abuse of 2 great women – which tells us all that in this country it is OK for domestic abuser to put women in their place.

    The feminist movement is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • **== SUPER GALT **==

      It is the nature of all movements to be co-opted and corrupted by people in said movements for the reasons of hidden agendas prompted by greed and ego. Case in point, the civil rights movement has been perverted and contorted into the abortion called “President” Barack Obama.

      MLK rolls in his grave, as the basis of the movement (being judged by content of character and not color) has been flushed down the historical crapper.

    • FranSC

      I have said over and over, there is no feminist movement. There are some internet groups sprouting up, but I continually stay disgusted that those (primarily on FoxNews) who keep asking, “Where ARE the women’s groups?” who think N.O.W. is the spokesperson for all women. That is a joke! N.O.W. has NEVER spoken for me – even in the 80’s at the height of their membership. N.O.W. is about two issues – abortion rights and gay/lesbian rights – BOTH of which I have supported for over 20 years. BUT, neither of those things protect women from the human indignities suffered by Hillary and Sarah in ’08. In fact N.O.W. contributed to women’s indignities by endorsing B0!

      The success of these two issues will not put a nickle more in our paychecks! Women do not get promoted to top executive positions at major corporations because of abortion or lesbian rights.

      N.O.W., NARAL, and others need to continue their work in these areas, but we must have groups separate from these to gain the rights I list above plus others that fall into the human rights category. These two issues are too divisive to chain ourselves to for basic human rights we are STILL fighting for. I understand that gay/lesbian rights are also human rights, and I agree. But the basic issues that we most need as women can be supported by both liberals and conservatives. This is the only way we will achieve equal pay for equal work, promotions to executive positions, participate in the boardrooms of Corporate America, and elect women as POTUS.

      The Civil Rights movement would not allow these and other subtexts in that movement because they too were very divided about them. I understand there are those that want to have these issues front and center of women’s rights, but this is not just a woman’s issue. Abortion and gay/lesbian rights cannot continue to be the face of what we must focus on like a laser for just women.

      • Ani

        Spot on. As long as women allow themselves to be divided on the issue of pro life/pro-choice, they stop themselves from pushing the equal pay, rights and end to violence agenda that you discuss.

  • disgusted

    Please, someone send this article to Sean Hannity! Truer words were never spoken! Sarah thinks she’s had it bad? HA! Try taking it for almost two decades and see if she is still left standing!

    Again, someone please forward this article’s link to Sean. He needs a good tongue lashing. I am sick of his double standard!

  • Texas Playwright

    I agree with Larry’s post re: the rage in this country about the lack of honesty and integrity in politicians–and IMO, media/pundits/pseudo journalists. The rampant misogyny against Hillary and Sarah and therefore all women at any level of accomplishiment or power is the source of my rage. Deeper than that is my visceral disgust at the women who participated in the attacks on Hillary and Sarah overtly with ugly words and images or covertly by not speaking up when men or woman abused a female Senator and a female Governor.

    bho the fraud had his chance to be a man and stop much of this sexist vitriol. He chose to feed it. Let’s see how many women wake up and say enough of this thug and his thug cabal.

    Media is much to blame for misogyny then and now. Shame on all of them, especially the women.

    • **== SUPER GALT **==

      Hillary and Sarah should go indie and run together in 2012 and oust the PiC (Poser in Chief)? 😉

      I can see the koolaid droolers foaming at the mouth over this.

      • Ladydawnelle

        now THAT WOULD be ROGUE! I think the misogynists would burn them at the stake!

  • getfitnow

    Consider the source.

  • I never could stand that whiny hannity with the plastic hair. That’s all he ever does is whine. If he has a guest on, all he ever does is interrupt and say “But”. He’s a religious fanatic and he has never had any respect for women unless it serves his purpose. I never expected respect from him and he rarely disappoints my expectations. He was only treating Hillary better during the primaries because he hates Obama. No other reason. He’s a pig. I frankly do not understand why anybody would watch him. He has the voice of a cartoon character. As for O’Reilly, he’s a coward who pretends to be tough. With the way he tries to cowtow to Obama, he’s laughable besides. What a tool. I also truly cannot stand Shepard. Now there’s a major pig. And truly, I suspect he could use a trip to AA. Soon.

    As you can tell, I don’t watch Fox any longer, except Red Eye, Greta and Cavuto. If you ask me, Red Eye in their humor are part of the few who are telling it Like It Is. I get the distinct feeling that Greta probably shakes her head daily off-camera at the tools she is surrounded with. Cavuto takes no prisoners without acting like a jerk. FOX is nothing but the other useless extreme to MSNBC, which I also don’t watch. If I want to watch women get bashed I can tune into Lifetime Channel.

    As for CNN, are they still even here? Just what I long for. Watching Cafferty look like he’s always having an intestinal gas attack and looking at Matthews, thinking he really could use a shower and a good hair washing. Cripes,that network is a waste.

    The TV cable news networks are acting all shocked that women are getting their health care needs stripped, when they started this entire disrespect for women with their own disgusting behavior. It’s my pleasure to know that people like Rachael Maddow, who crucified Hillary and snuggled up to Olbermann, is now horrified that she might not get her own breast exam. Apparently all of these enablers are not connected above the neck enough to see that they are reaping what they have sown.

    I am sick of watching these networks, far right and far left, skewer women and I am no longer going to give them a poll number. Hillary put up with this shit for 15 years and Sarah got what she got because they learned how to do it from the Hillary Bashing crowd. When you beat up on one women, you beat up on them all. Next thing you know, one day it will be your turn to be offended. Take heed.

    I now get my news off internet news outlet sites, such as Reuters. And the UK news outlets cover news before the NY Times does, that’s for sure. They expose all the things that the American Media In The Tank bury. I love that.

    • **== SUPER GALT **==

      They expose all the things that the American Media In The Tank bury. I love that.

      On the current open thread I pointed out its possible the truth can be buried in plain sight by quasi revealing it in supermarket tabloids since they have a reputation of posting nonsense, speculation and innuendo.

  • trist

    Since this post sort of involves Palin too, I just want to add, I liked her interviews that she did this week, of those I saw. If it were between her and the one in 2012 I’d vote for her hands down. BUT she needs to quit that Pro-choice vs. pro-abortion talk right now!! That infuriates me when people on the right say that. When they can point to someone who’s ever said “gee abortion is the greatest thing in the world, something every woman should experience at least once in her life” THEN you can claim there are those out there who are pro-abortion! I know people like her have to appeal to their core base, but not when it come to saying such hurtful lies like that!

    I expect more from Palin and ANYONE who hopes to get my vote!

    • trist

      ooops that should have been Pro-life vs. pro-abortion

      • FranSC

        This is precisely why the politics of abortion or any of the sideline issues should not be a subtext for women running for political office. This issue is the most divisive political issue there is.

        African women learned that lesson and were able to successfully elect the first woman president in an African country – Liberia. They had experienced politics dividing them in the past. What they all had in common was being unified against violence toward women and girls that included abuse, rape, murder, and using them as sex slaves from eight years of age, and the men perpetrating these crimes were not even punished. The African women learned to not allow politics to get in the way of the big picture.

        As American women, until liberal women stop insisting that pro-life women accept and become pro-choice and conservative women stop insisting on all people being charasmatic, born-again Christians who are always pro-life, we will stay divided 50%-50%.

        We will continue to get no where with Human Rights for American Women. That fact was brought home to us in 2008 when Hillary Clinton endured the most horrific distain ever experienced by a woman in a civilized country. Then Sarah Palin received equally egregious treatment. Both candidates received this lothsome treatment from both the left and the right. We ALL blew it by either engaging with men in the misogyny, sexism, and disrespect, by not speaking out, or by not voting for these two women.

        • The Supreme Court already settled the abortion issue. It is legal and because it is legal, harassing people who legally have abortions is simply out of line. You or I may not like it, but it is legal. While I respect the right of anyone to resent abortion, this does not give them the right to interfere with the law. While I also appreciate the argument that no government funds should go into abortion based on religious beliefs, you might want to ask yourself how many non-religious people in this country don’t want to pay for faith-based initiatives either. It goes both ways. So religiously, anyone has a right to object to abortion if they are so disposed, but religious views have no real place in consideration of the law on this issue, which has already been settled by the SCOTUS. The last thing we need in this country is a theocracy. After all, we’ve spent billions fighting theocracy in the middle east.

          • kgirl1028

            Uppity I have to disagree with you on one thing. Abortion is not settled. Why do i say this? Becaue no where in the constitution does it give SCOTUS the right to make laws the legislative branch does that. And for the most part the average woman understands that which is why they are so frighen of the appointment of too many conservative judges being placeon the court who might overturn Roe v Wade. This is one the main reason Democratic women put up with crap they do from their party, it’s rope democrats keep them tied with, because everyone knows that If abortion was put up for a vote in most states, it wouldn’t pass. The majority of Americans are prolife and uncomfortable with it. Personall I would keep abortion legal, although i won’t pay for it, but even though I have relgious beliefs I believe God made us seicent creatures capable of make decisions for ourselves though he may not always approve and to top it off I get sick of seeing stories like the one that happened so reently in SC of a mother who had drug problems regaining custody of her daughter from the father and then proceeds to go out and sell her 5 year old daughter for sex, she’s dead now because the pediphile her mother solde her to killed her. People like that should not be parents ever. And it would been so much better had her mother aborted her, instead of doing what she did. It’s not just about a womans right choose, it’s about child right to grow up with parents who love them, and want to take care of them and to be spared the pleague and a selfish parent. I appalud women who know they are too selfish to be parents. If you do not have the ability to put the best interest of another being above you won then you should not be a parent, and i will support any measure that keeps you from being one.

        • NomNomNom

          “As American women, until liberal women stop insisting that pro-life women accept and become pro-choice and conservative women stop insisting on all people being charasmatic, born-again Christians who are always pro-life, we will stay divided 50%-50%.”
          I vote against my enemies. I intend to stay divided from my enemies, and any person, male or female who works against my rights is my enemy. This is not negotiable.

  • Eastan McNeal

    Ok. Let’s start this.


    Every man on this blog needs to at least say that.

    We have found kinder in TV people who agree with us. But we should not forgive them if they are not with us on issues that are important to our daughters.





    My daughters are democrats. My youngest is a fan of Palin. Keep the faith. Because..

    I think girl power trumps politics.

  • Eastan McNeal

    this “dangerous” woman

    Why are these people using this onerous language?

  • kgirl1028

    You know Palin may be a learning experience for thos one the right prehaps they will become more sensative to what they say about liberal women now they conservative women are coming under attack.

  • NomNomNom

    “Readers, please feel free to add your own.”

    “She’s the stereotypical bitch, you know what I mean?”– Glenn Beck on his radio show

    “Oh, I swear to you. I think her — I think Hillary’s voice makes angels cry. They do. They’re up there. [sobbing]”– Glenn Beck March 29 on CNN

    I think [her laugh is] actually one of her best qualities..uh, it makes her seem almost, I don’t know…human”– Glenn Beck’s Hillary Clinton laugh montage where she is also compared unfavorably to the wicked witch of the west

    “Hillary Clinton”/ “Nurse Ratchet” Rush Limbaugh, asked to say what comes into his mind when he hears the name given

    • Revolution 2010

      Beck is b_s crazy and we all know it. On the other hand, he’s pulled back the curtain on the Obama administration in many ways. It’s unfortunate, though, that he seems to be on tract for backing a third-party candidate that will cause Obama to be re-elected.

      NoQuarter was the only place to get the real scoop on Obama last year and, unfortunately, the rest of the world didn’t pay attention to all of the dirty politics at play to hand Obama his nomination despite the will of the people. Now his administration is doing to the country what was only obvious to us and perhaps Hannity listeners.

      What I haven’t heard yet is how PUMA lead the way for the tea-party/grassroots movement. (No, Nancy Pelosi, it’s not astroturf!) PUMA demonstrated to the tea-party movement how to activate and participate in politics. What happened in Michigan & Florida was UNAMERICAN. What this administration did to Hillary last year is what it’s doing to the country in this term.

      Ani, I always enjoy your posts and forgot to thank you for this one too. If you haven’t forwarded this to Hannity yet, I would like to pass it along with your permission.

      I’m grateful to Hannity for enlightening some people about Obama’s hidden motives and background–unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears for many.

      It’s time to clean house and let our “representatives” know they work for the American people, not simply to line their own pockets and play games with the futures of our children and our parents. Unfortunately, so many people are too busy to enlighten themselves with the current state of affairs and a very small portion of the voting public is really paying attention. If it’s possible, please discuss what’s happening behind the scenes with ACORN and how they were to be involved in the census (and their history of voter registration fraud). Discuss the bold-faced lies made by the Dems in relation to this healthcare bill (and the end of Medicare advantage, etc.) Discuss the recent “research” to support prolonging mammograms and cervical exams (womens issues again?). Discuss that Congress refused to sign in to the “public option” that they are forcing down the throats of every American (the only body in America that will be exempt from it?). Discuss the out-and-out lunacy of trying KSM in New York despite his plea of guilt and request for death in a military tribunal (and Holder’s ignorance of any precedent for trying in civil court).

      Our fellow Americans are too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads right now to know what’s really going on. Please help them to know that they have to become involved and become active citizens to the fullest extent their schedules will allow. Every man and woman who ever served this country deserves better than the citizens are allowing to happen right under their noses.

      Please help—Revolution – Election 2010. Educate, activate and vote. Perhaps next year will be the end of Queen Pelosi’s rein.

  • Cathy in Ks.

    I agree Hillary was mercilessly trashed by the left. I also saw Greta last night and Greta didn’t let Dick Morris get away with his below the belt remarks about Hillary.
    Hannity is a conservative and that is where his focus is. But you’re absolutely correct, Ani. Hillary was savaged by the left and so of course was Sarah Palin which although despicable as well was probably to be more expected. That’s why I, a life-long democrat, voted for every republican I could last November. I even campaigned for some of them. It looks like I will continue to do the same in 2010. Thanks “Revolution 2010” for your comment.

    • Hillary was mercilessly trashed by the right for 15 years. No amnesia here. The left learned how to trash hillary from the right. They even used some of the same photoshops. Hardly any work for them at all. Then they carried over everything they learned about trashing hillary and used it on Sarah. You reap what you sow, Right Wing! No pass from me!

      • **== SUPER GALT **==

        Far left and far right are just two sides of the same extremist coin = bad for America and bad for themselves since they live here along with us, although they portend otherwise. Extremists of both stripe seem to behave as if their view of America is the only correct view thus drowning out the voices in the middle whom are the silent and sensible majority.

        Bush II extremism was embraced then failed. Now we will have to suffer and schlep through Bush III (Obama) extremism. When that fails, unless we step off the treadmill and embrace there is a pattern of letting extremist ideology dictate our future, we will be on to Bush IV.

      • Ani

        Amen Uppity. They capitalized on right wing talking points and took off from there.

      • Peggy Sue

        No pass from me either, Uppity. Galt’s right–the Republicans and Dems are more alike than different, “flip sides of the same tarnished coin.”

        The 2008 primary season proved that to me.

        Thanks for the unpleasant reminder, Ani. Sarah Palin got and continues to taste what Hillary Clinton has endured since the 90s. The true obscenity was when the Dems savagely turned on one of their own, a woman who worked tirelessly in their behalf.

        So neither the Dems nor the Republicans get a pass.

        I’ll go third party, even if my vote is a throw away.

  • z

    I might vote for Palin unless she joins the bat shit crazy bug-fuckers– like Hannity.

    • FranSC

      As far as the FoxNews anchors, pundits, etc., I hear continual slights from many of them – the women included. But, I am thankful these conservative men have finally found a woman they can admire, respect and could vote for in Sarah Palin. It takes baby-steps sometimes.

      As far as Glenn Beck, reading that transcript about Hillary’s tears in NH is infuriating – he sounded like as much of a jackass as Jesse Jackson, Jr. who used the tears to say Hillary had not cried about New Orleans’ problems after Katrina – always the racist! No wonder he was 0bama’s Race Man. I digress! Back to Glenn – I will give Glenn credit for all the research he is doing on 0bama and if he keeps digging, Hillary and her supporters may someday get an apology. He’s the only one doing this and he is right on with That One!

    • Ladydawnelle

      LOL I agree! But I won’t say MIGHT. I WILL vote for her


      “she joins the bat shit crazy bug-fuckers– like Hannity”

      and I will add, like Hannity used to be. He’s waking up to his own hypocrisy (I’m noticing) but I agree! As soon as I start seeing her cheering alongside of the last administration or some of the haters it’s gonna be sad (for me) cuz I really do like her.

      DON’T change SARAH! Stay Independently Conservative!

  • jbjd

    Thank you so much for reminding people, Glenn Beck is no friend of women.

    • WhatNow

      jbjd – this article is about Hannity. I think Hannity is so immersed in his conservative ways, nothing else is on his radar.

      So Beck is not about women. So, tell me, who does support women? Of all of the politicians, womens organizations, media, etc. who supports women without a partisian twist? The best I can come up with is, Greta, Hillary and Sarah.

      • Peggy Sue

        I agree on Greta Van S. She was even-handed and balanced with both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. She treated and treats her interview subjects with respect.

        What a concept!

    • maryann

      I saw you post this over at Citizen Wells, and they quickly dissed you over it. Hannity is no fan of Hillary, but he’s no enemy of women.

      • jbjd

        Correction: “They” did not diss me over this comment. Rather, 1 (one) woman pointed out, GB hates HRC and that’s why he said nasty things about her but since he likes Sarah Palin, he would not diss her. (This commenter has also accused the Clintons of complicity in the death of Vince Foster; and does not like my adherence to the principle of the separation of church and state, either.)

  • Revolution 2010

    Hillary kept taking it on the chin and never gave up. I’m giving Hannity a pass on intent on this one–I don’t think he followed what was said about Hillary while he was busy digging up info on Obama. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt but I would encourage you to send a copy of this post to him for the record.

    As a Michigander, I am even angrier now that Plouffe’s book of dirty Obama politics is out–and how Edwards and Obama camps conspired to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida.

    May 31 was the end of the Democratic party of yesterday–and the beginning of a new form of government, not of the people or for the people. It was the warning shot before the bloodless revolution of a new form of ruling class and serfdom.

    In 2010, let’s put up a roadblock for Obama’s policies and join together with the Repubs, and yes–even Hannity.

    • FranSC

      It would be fine to give Hannity a pass on this one or the benefit of the doubt if it had been the only time he said, “Only conservative women get attacked. It would never happen to a liberal woman like Hillary Clinton.” If he has said that once, I have personally heard him say it dozens of times. So, this was by no means a slip-up.

      I don’t think the right got involved in the democratic primary debacle. I don’t even think the news media had a clue about it either. To her credit on Bill O’Reilly the other night, Bush Press Secretary, Dana Perino acknowledged Hillary when O’Reilly said the same thing about no women on the left are ever attacked, it’s just conservative women. Thank you, Dana!

      • elizabethrc

        I think he should have said ‘by and large’, and I am hoping that, as he did when he mispoke recently and Jon Stewart called him on it, he will correct himself this week and offer an apology on his own.

        I also note that 4 out of the 18 quotes you cite are of the conservative flavor while the rest are the liberal leaning MSM. This doesn’t excuse it but I think perspective is important.

        • Ani

          That’s why I wrote the majority of those comments were from liberal sources — which I think is most significant.

          She was being trashed as much or more by those who you would think should be defending her. Hannity knows this. I refuse to believe he had no idea. He is a news junkie. That’s what he does. he lives and breathes this crap. He knew exactly what he was lying about.

    • reddragon22

      I cant give Hannity a pass. Two years ago driving near Atlanta I saw big billboards with Hannity on them and the words, “anyone but Hillary.” And look at what we got instead.

      • FranSC

        This is the only reason Fox let up on Hillary – they started to realize their off-the-wall criticism of Hillary, then Bill, Bill, then Hillary may be influencing people toward 0bama.

        In fact, when Rush Limbaugh realized 0bama was moving *ahead* (not really, but with fake caucus numbers translating into delegates) that’s when he started telling his republican listeners to vote for Hillary in the primaries since McCain’s nomination was assured.

    • lowdowndog

      Horse a piece. Democrat or Republican. They’re the same. Ive’ always been a progressive Democrat. Now I’m voting only for 3rd party candidates. I don’t care who they are or what they stand for. My intention is to shake things up and break the back of the two party system. Anyone who isn’t the status quo can’t be any worse than what we have.

  • trist

    I missed his show, so didn’t hear his comments, but it’s not just Hannity, all this past week as various FOX shows have had Sarah on, they’ve also had other conservative women to discuss her, and her treatment, and they’ve all said the same thing, that the attacks ONLY happen to other conservative women, and a liberal women would have been left alone. Guess THEY missed all last year, or are suffering from amnesia!

    I think only Greta corrected her guests about that not being true when they made that claim. For that I thank her! She is probably the ONLY commentator with a show to be truly fair!

    But you know it’s the same on both sides, agenda first last and always…truth only when it’s convenient!

    • FranSC

      Yes, indeed, Greta gets it – and got it in 2008! In fact she had Dick Morris on her show this week who a-l-w-a-y-s has a snide remark about one or both Clintons. When he made the unflattering remark about Hillary this week, Greta gave him a backhanded smack down, lecturing him that what he had said was not true.

      I believe he was taken aback and may refuse to be on her show again since he is such an arrogant sob who hates the Clintons but insists on being headlined as “Advisor to President Bill Clinton”.

      • Ani

        God bless Greta. She was truly one of the ONLY fair journalists/pundits on the air last year. Still is.

          • disgusted

            Eldear- what a great article in Vogue. Thanks for posting the link. It is as everyone states–Hillary is nothing short of amazing. All these men who “hate” on Hillary all these years are intimidated by a stronger, more intelligent woman! It threatens their “manhood” and they can’t handle it because of their own insecurities. She is brilliant, beyond any man in politics, and is loved around the world.
            On a side note, for anyone to compare Hillary to Sarah is a true injustice. I am sure Sarah is a fine person, but she cannot hold a candle to Hillary’s intellect, know-how, drive, experience, political savvy or communication skills. Please don’t mention the two in the same sentence.

            • I didn’t post it so you could man-hate. Hillary is a star. Men can be stars too.

              • Peggy Sue

                Eldear Jhane, you’re right. The Vogue article was a great read, one of the best and most balanced pieces I’ve read on HRC.

                And she deserves it. She is a star in her own right, and it’s about time she received some decent press. Her trip to Africa was completely ignored [other than her angry response to that student’s question]. But clearly, her interaction with people and the way they feel about her is inspiring. She’s a wonderful representative for this country.

      • Fredster

        I believe he was taken aback and may refuse to be on her show again

        Promises, promises.

        Ah, toe-sucking Dick. I really believe him every time he opens his evil little mouth.

      • mary

        Dick Morris went to Kenya in ’06–07 with The Obama to help him write speeches for his misogynist Genocidal Couzin Luo tribesman and current presidnet ODINGA! Obama helped his couzin slumlandlord billionaire Odinga with ads, posters, campaign speeches and hundreds of thousands of Dollars from American Taxpayers!

        Then Odigna’s gangs raped and pilllatged and burned Christian Churches. Result of Obama’s help: 400,000 homeless, 30,000 dead and thousands women and young girls raped!

        Does anyone care? BBC and CBC did report on it and commented why did an American Senator as young and inexperienced as Barack be allowed to campaign in a SOVEREIGN country?! The then prime minister (now co-pres) had vocipherously complained!!!!

        Odinga had signed for special agreements with SHARIA LAW to be enacted in Kenya! and Obama agreed in helping him campaign!!!