The same generation that despises their parents’ generation because they are so smart and Baby Boomers are just so dumb, can’t seem to stay away from the old parental teat. As I have mentioned a number of times, many of them are pushing 30 and beyond — and have been in the habit of still depending on parental supplements so that they might appear “Upscale”. You can usually find them cruising the far left Regressive sites telling people of their parents’ generation to “Just die”.

Well, even that isn’t working any longer for this Better Than You Are Generation, comprised primarily of Yes We Can’ers. The Generation of I Should Leave Home Right Now While I Still Know Everything.

They grew up accustomed to receiving trophies for just showing up. They lived a life of Mom and Dad Taking Care Of The Problem. They attended “Progressive” schools that wouldn’t use a red pen on their papers because it might Hurt Their Feelings, they were told “Everybody is a winner” even if you didn’t do a damned thing to warrant a win, They have grown up addicted to bright, shiny objects paid for by someone else — and it is catching up with them. And it won’t cost them a thing, because …………They’reeeeeeeeeeeee Baaaaaaaaaaack!

In increasing numbers, Boomer Moms and Boomer Dads are experiencing the pleasure of dependent deja vu, which includes paying for all the food, paying the taxes and utilities and pretty much having an in-house dependent who doesn’t understand the concept of Trash Night. While once these parents imagined they were finally free of the their too-long dependent kids who, chronologically speaking, are not kids at all, they are discovering they were wrong.

They are returning home. Again.Again. Again.

Wait till they find out we moved and didn't leave a forwarding address!

For those of you who know this age group, you know what I mean about “Again”. The Know It All Generation is truly a Boomerang Generation. So get ready parents! 25 is the new 15. And with Health Care Reform, just think about how you parents will have the pleasure again of paying for their health insurance till age 27 too! 27 is the new 18.

But cheer up! We all have one, or more, in the family! You’ve just gotta love a generation that prefers to enjoy all of the consolations and none of the consequences of being “Independent”. A generation of Independent Dependents who narrow their eyes and tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about when you warn them that they are making a mistake, only to return later, expecting you to shell out the money to fix the very mistake you warned about. Yup. We all know one. So if it hasn’t happened to you yet, get ready Boomer parents, because your rather old “Children” are coming home again!

I know what you are thinking. By the time you were 27, you had already been working for years and saved ten percent of every paycheck you received. If times got rough, you endured and figured it out. If you tried to move back home, your parents looked at you like you dropped down from another planet. You were raising a family and had a mortgage, and nobody gave you the down payment for the house either. You didn’t buy a new toy every month because you were an adult. You were also helping out your parents and grandparents when needed, and all the holiday gatherings were at your home.

Get that out of your head and start preparing. Plan on being told that you must prepare vegetarian meals and buy organic produce from Whole Foods. On your dime. Also, for crying out loud, get a new computer will you? That one is from the Stone Age! How embarrassing! I’m not going to use that thing! Aren’t you cooking tonight??? Mom, can you iron this?

And remember: Barack Obama Rocks!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faced with limited job options, many young adults are turning to an old standby to weather the recession: moving back in with mom and dad.

Nearly 1 in 7 parents with grown children say they had a ”boomerang kid” move back home in the past year, according to a study released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center. In a turnabout in the rite of passage in which a college graduate finds a job and an apartment, many are returning to their parents’ empty nests because of tight finances or as they pursue an advanced degree.

Ah the perpetual college student. The NIKE. No Income Kids With Education who imagine that now they can skip the Experience part of the equation. It just takes too damned much time!

We all know some of them too, don’t we? They are the ones sitting in their parents’ homes waiting for some CEO to tap them to be Lord of The Company. Everything else is simply beneath them. The problem is, it’s not going to happen. It doesn’t happen that way in the Real World.

Roughly one-third, or 35 percent, of boomerang kids said they had lived independently at some point in their lives but had to move back in with their parents. About half of the grown children worked full- or part-time, while 25 percent were unemployed and 20 percent were full-time students.

In other words, they still can’t make it on their own. That would mean giving up all those bright shiny objects and Nights Out like their dumb parents had to do! Why sacrifice when you can go home! Why save money out of paychecks for rainy days like today when you can go home! These poor Boomerangs will just have to tolerate those stupid boorish Baby Boomer parents of theirs again. You know, the ones with the checkbook.

I will be dining with two of them on Thanksgiving Day. I look forward to watching them sniff and swish the wine somebody else paid for and I look forward to learning Everything There Is To Know About Everything. They too have decided to bless Mom and Dad by taking back their old room again. But their parents know it’s just Temporary. Just like it was the last time. And the time before….

According to the latest Pew survey and census data:

–About 20 million people ages 18 to 34 live at home with their parents — roughly 30 percent of that age group. That’s up from about 18 million, or 27 percent, in 2005.

I bet that doesn’t include the ones who returned home more than once. 18-34. Amazing.

The time has come, Senator Barack Obama says, for the baby boomers to get over themselves.

No problem Senator/President! Baby Boomer kids LOVED when you said that.! But don’t you think it’s time for them, AKA your sycophants, to get out of over our wallets? Just saying!!

**Uppity Gen Y readers NOTwithstanding with respect to this article!!!! There ARE exceptions. Rare, but they are there. And they come here! And we applaud you!

  • elenore

    Half the kids living with there Boomers parents are actually helping the Boomers out with bills,I did,because I was renting a house and couldn’t loan my parents money but could share bills so they could pay their mortgage,they should have paid off 15 years ago but keep remortgaging.By the way many of us did pay our own way through college while paying out money for higher costs of living.Sorry your generation decided to export your own jobs before you even retired along with new jobs for younger ones,while letting banks and corporations screw us all over while you borrow large amounts of money Communist Chinese a Greatest Generation President Reagan was trying to help bankrupt along with other Communist,but you Boomers go and borrow large amounts of money which you aren’t paying back but your children and grandchildren will.So you can retire like your parents but still suck up jobs with Part time work loop hole you selfishly put in again taking more from younger generations.M<any I wish the Boomer Death Clock Ticked higher.By the way Blame your self for your bad parenting,sorry you leave your children with resources.But hey keep giving away money you borrow against my future earnings to foreigners OKAY.

  • thetownecrier

    Nice post Uppity! Biting satire that drives the point.

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  • Hot Librarian

    too funny.

    My 23 year old -who has been overseas at many famous beaches for several years moved back home.TODAY!

    IHe is extremely happy that we now live 800 metres from one of the worlds great surfing beaches.

    Somehow I dont think we will be able to get rid of him ever. He will wait us out until we die.

  • Okay *oh superior one* define and defend your arrogant reply, Not Likely. Come on hit and run wonder. Let’s hear it.

    There is no such thing? Okay how many of the greatest generation have tongue studs? How many baby-boomers really give a rip about death metal?

    Define why exactly an individual – a human being – will get a tongue stud like their peers, while their parents – also human beings – will not get one.

    Come on. Or did you just assume and well, make an ass out of you…

  • Not Likely

    Day one of Abnormal Psychology, the professor asked the class…”Why do you think we have stereotypes?”

    Stereotypes exist primarily for the intellectually lazy so as to save them the trouble of figuring out the world on an individual level. There’s no such thing as a Baby Boomer or a Gen-X or Gen-Y. What these things allude to are easily identifiable fads and fashions, things that pass with adulthood, not the actual make-up of a human being. As I assume is typical, the author of this article has started from an intellectually devoid position and stumbled clumsily forward to a pointless conclusion. You’ve done even less than that.

  • Here’s what I said to a twenty-something when they pulled their entitlement crap. You know, along the lines of boomers should just shut up and let us take over.

    There are far more boomers on the planet than you guys. We boomers didn’t have very many of you for good reason. You will be very, very old before the last boomer dies. That is, if you don’t die first from hepatitis from all those tattoos and body piercings.

    Yeah, who’s gonna love all that body mutilation when you’re forty-five? Someone equally as damaged and ridiculous as you are.

    Good luck with that.

    I have a friend who calls the generation younger than the gen_Xers, the X-box generation. At least many of the gen-xers created health//fitness awareness. X-box generation? The art of being obese and living in a perpetual state of make-believe.

    Day one of Abnormal Psychology, the professor asked the class…”Why do you think we have stereotypes?”

  • And btw, I don’t think slamming Baby Boomers was the point of Uppity’s post.


    I was surprised when some of the regulars missed the point. Not surprised when the bots ignored the point altogether.

    And No! I will not STFU.

    Indeed. 😀

    • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

      I didn’t miss any point, and it’s not slamming boomers, it’s slamming Gen Xers. Fuck that. Like I said, what’s Uppity’s point?

      The same generation that despises their parents’ generation because they are so smart and Baby Boomers are just so dumb, can’t seem to stay away from the old parental teat. As I have mentioned a number of times, many of them are pushing 30 and beyond — and have been in the habit of still depending on parental supplements so that they might appear “Upscale”. You can usually find them cruising the far left Regressive sites telling people of their parents’ generation to “Just die”.

      Well, even that isn’t working any longer for this Better Than You Are Generation, comprised primarily of Yes We Can’ers. The Generation of I Should Leave Home Right Now While I Still Know Everything.

      Like I said, Gen Xers=Obama supporters=lazy no good for nothing leaches. So, please, tell me what “point” I’m missing here? This article is full of cheap shots on Gen Xers and Yers.

      Sorry, but this is a poorly written article in an attempt to smear Obamabots, who primarily happen to be Gen Xers and Yers. And I’ve met plenty of old hippies and boomers here in the Bay Area that are fully drunk on the Obama kool aid, so maybe Uppity needs to drop the bogus generational stuff.

      • So, please, tell me what “point” I’m missing here?

        My comment was not necessarily directed towards any specific person.

        Perhaps you are correct in so far as it was an awkward attempt? I still like the article because of what I feel is the overriding point: The irony of Obama supporters returning to the nest because of Obama and his lack of wise stewardship of the economy. I’m very glad she brought this out.

        That to me is the point that is being missed.

        I have no opinion on the generational issues.

        • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

          Or how about the irony that Boomers split the vote between Obama/McCain (49/49), only to see their kids come home. They wanted their kids gone, yet voted for an idget that can’t figure out what to do with the economy. Nice one Boomers!

          • Yep. I love all the irony! Its at least some form of a consolation prize, something to laugh about — a healthy form of venting my angst. I’m sure others feel the same.

            • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

              Or that Vietnam was started and escalated by the “Greatest Generation”, but the evil Gen-Xers get the blame for somehow not empathizing enough with boomers on Vietnam.

          • Peggy Sue

            Well, this Boomer and her husband did not vote for Obama, though we’re Dems by blood and habit. And only one of my kids voted for Obama.

            Just to set the record straight, none of my kids came home after college. But frankly, if they were in financial straits, they’d be welcome.

            Why? Has something to do with the definition of family. I’m old fashioned that way.

            And btw, if you’re so appalled at the “so-called” bogus generational bias of Uppity’s article then taking cheap shots at Boomers may not be a good strategy. Certainly does not advance the conversation.

            • Peggy Sue

              PS: No Boomer needs your empathy over Vietnam. We lived it. Obviously, you did not.

              • Well stated, Peggy Sue. While we practiced duck and cover, the newer generation practiced whining when they didn’t get the gold star. While we hoped our birthdate didn’t mean a low draft number, they whined when they had to wait in the drive-thru for their super-sized fries.

                Big disparity in life experiences.

                Oh, and technically and if, Obama’s birthdate is correct, your almighty messiah is a BOOMER!


      • lorac

        I think the point was that they are moving back home, and in addition, not contributing to the running of the household (either by working outside the home, or helping inside with chores/cleaning up after themselves).

        Baby boomers are 50 and older. I don’t think many are moving in with their parents, unless it’s to take care of them.

  • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

    If anybody’s generation is out of touch it’s the “reviled” baby boomers (not sure where that “reviled” came from).

    Think about it. Boomers grew up in an era of unprecedented economic growth, got free rides to good 4 year universities via the GI Bill, went to college, took God knows what kind of drugs, LSD, free love, etc. Then when they got out of school they still had a relative vibrant economy with decent paying jobs.

    Then when conditions start sliding back to what boomers parents and grandparents had to face and the boomers got all “WTF is wrong with all you lazy fucked up people”.

    Nothing against boomers, but after 25+ years of listening to how great they are, I think they need to STFU.

    • Peggy Sue

      So, you want to shut down this board and many others?

      Baby boomers should STFU? The same Baby Boomers who were ground into Vietnam dogfood? Those Babyboomers? Or the ones who waited for the world to go boom in a Nuclear War? And witnessed how many assasinations??? Or maybe you’re talking about the technological wave that Baby Boomers had a hand in? Personal computers, cellphones, etc, etc, etc.

      Sorry if I don’t join you on the Baby Boomer apology tour. Were we perfect? Hardly. But neither was any other generation.

      And btw, I don’t think slamming Baby Boomers was the point of Uppity’s post.

      And No! I will not STFU.

      • “So, you want to shut down this board and many others?”

        Just needed to say: There seems to be this bizarre assumption by some people at NQ that everyone here is a baby boomer! NOT SO.

        I am a GenXer. I have also met a few people from NQ in person and they were also from GenX.

        This is NOT a boomer board. The oldest GenXers, btw, are about 45 now.

        • Peggy Sue

          I was not suggesting this world or any other is made solely of Baby Boomers, Hillary or Bust. But our numbers are large and impressive.

          Sorry if that hurts your feelings! But that’s what a World War brought–lots and lots of babies.

          You or anyone else asking for our silence will get a similar response. I don’t STFU for anyone.

    • lorac

      The baby boomer era was a long one – I think from the end of WW2 until around 1960 – so almost 20 years. Subsequent “eras” have been comprised of many fewer years.

      The hippie era was for only part of those 20 years, and it was really mainly joined by people who were of a certain age during that period. Most boomers weren’t hippies.

  • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

    So what is the point then? Gen Xers=Obama supporters=lazy no good for nothing leaches? I can understand wanting to nail the young for supporting Obama but turning this into a generational battle is BS. Like an above poster mentioned the concept of the nuclear family is a new concept.

    People used to mostly live in extended families because it’s easier to pull your resources together, not to mention the wisdom of the elders and the support in raising children (what happend Hillary fans? Remember “It Takes a Village”?)

    • *I* am GenX. We are heading into middle age now, many of us. We are NOT KIDS anymore. Those of us born between 1965-1975 are ADULTS. Many in our 40s. I did NOT support Obama. Many of my friends my age also did NOT support him.

      I also know boomers (young boomers, around 50) who DID vote for Obama.

      Don’t confuse GenXers with Millennials. We are NO LONGER in college and it boggles my mind people still think we haven’t grown up.

      • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

        According to the election results Obama took every age category except 65+. Simply put, the boomers for the most part split their vote between Obama and McCain 50/50.

        How’s that hope and change working out for ya boomers?

        • andrew

          We’ll eventually get through the economic mess. Once we have and the distraction has passed, it will suddenly be noted that many important changes have taken place. The bright media spotlight seems to miss a lot of what’s going on. Little attention is paid to many quiet, positive regulatory initiatives currently underway.

          That’s hardly surprising. Little attention was paid to irresponsible regulatory changes that took place throughout the Bush years. At least not until the financial system nearly crashed, credit card rates were arbitrarily doubled and tripled, dangerous uninspected import products began turning up, bad prescription drugs began killing people, telecom giants began squeezing out competing services, etc.

          • Once we have and the distraction has passed, it will suddenly be noted that many important changes have taken place.

            Such as? Or wishful thinking?

            What happened to the 8 point cap on unemployment promised in February of 2009 from the stimulus boondoggle that is bankrupting America? And the delay (since August) until now on the Afghanistan decision? These major issues don’t give me much hope in your prophetic vision or lack thereof.

            Methinks wishful thinking.

            Me-also-thinks less golf, parties and jet-setting around the globe on the public dime would be a wise idea. But the squatter in the Oval Office is not wise at all, has low skill level nor the virtue to do much of anything but consume oxygen and make the lives of millions miserable by shaking down America, forcing himself into power and attempting to carry out his unholy agenda.

            • andrew

              Here’s a list of things accomplished or undertaken during the first 11 months that can either be scoffed at item by item or condemned in its entirety–whichever gives the most satisfaction.


              A number of the items on that list of 90 actually matter to some people. I’m pretty sure, for example, that soldiers and their families appreciate the higher pay, the better body armor and equipment, and the end of stop-loss policies. (Being involuntarily sent back into a combat zone for a second or third tour of duty after your term of enlistment had already expired struck me as nothing less than abusive of soldiers and their families.)

              • No jobs, the list is useless to the perception he is inept.

                • andrew

                  Is perception more important than reality?

                  Conservative-dominated states municipalities are taking all of the stimulus package money they can get, while simultaneously condeming the people and policies that are keeping their schools, police departments, fire departments, and health departments operating. My perception is that this is hypocrisy.

                  I suppose conservative America could make a powerful statement by declining their unemployment compensation.

                  • Is perception more important than reality?

                    Perception was used to sell Obama. Perception will be his undoing.

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  • Tricia

    Love it Uppity! This is so true. They rebel at everything we are, except for our money!

  • jdona

    I couldn’t help but chuckle over this article, I have had kids at home off and on for years. Neither of them supported Obama. Mostly its lack of jobs in this area, but there are some truths that would apply. They were certainly coddled. I’m in my early 50’s, my husband is older. He wants them to be independent, and established with grandkids on the way. But I don’t mind having my kids around. Especially around the holidays.

  • Cathy in Ks.

    I take exception to categorizing “boomers” under one tent. My husband and I are boomers who have just recently retired, at least my husband. I’m still working various and sundry jobs both volunteer and paying. My generation is also sometimes the “sandwich generation”, i. e. we were sandwiched in between aging parents and our growing children. My mother-in-law lived with us the last nine years of her life. It was not an easy experience but somehow it worked because we all learned to compromise. And yes our children have moved back and forth back home but it’s not that simple as to “why”.

    I think we sometimes forget that the concept of the “nuclear family” is a modern phenomenon. One generation living by themselves during their golden years does not fit many people’s reality of their family history. I only have to go back to my grand-parents lives to see that this is false. One grand-parent was considered a “half-orphan” as a child because her widowed mother married a man who did not want her children and she was “fostered” out to work for a couple old enough to be her grand-parents. Another grand-parent was an immigrant who came to this country as an adolescent and worked for a family until he was nearly 30 years old to pay off he and his siblings ship fare. Both of these grand-parents went on to marry and raise big families of their own but continued to take care of grand-children and some adult children who for one reason or another did not move away from home.

    I guess what I have learned thus far in my life is no two families are exactly alike. But what distinguishes a family as opposed to a non-family is that the members may not always agree or even like each other, but the bottom line is that they support each other through “thick and thin”.

    • I take exception to categorizing “boomers” under one tent.

      Duly noted. Do you understand Uppity’s topical to today’s political landscape main point though?

      I’d hate to see that point get lost in the discussion. 🙂

      • Cathy in Ks.

        Silence Dogood, I think I do understand the point that Uppity Woman was trying to make. I have two adult children who probably fit the category – at least superficially – of the point Uppity Woman was trying to make and they both are Obama supporters. However, one who is now living with her boyfriend is graduating this semester from college. We have only helped her minimally. It has been hard work, and dogged determination on her part. She is graduating at an almost 4.0 average. She plans to return to work for some time before pursuing her “master’s”. She still remains an Obama supporter primarily because of what she hears from her professors. Needless to say we didn’t discuss politics at Thanksgiving.

        Our son, also a “boomerang” person is currently living with us but his “bright shiny” toys are all those he paid for while he was still employed. In fact he has done many major remodeling jobs around our home since he has moved back and the computer I now have is thanks to him giving me an old computer of his. Yes, he is vegetarian but he cooks his own meals and prepares some for us – many of gourmet quality. His lifestyle could best be described as one of “austere simplicity”. He also is an Obama supporter although until Hillary dropped out he did support her.

        I think Uppity makes some good points with her satire and her article was quite funny. I’m sure that there are some who fit quite neatly into the stereotype but unfortunately statistics and satire may overlook the finer details of many people’s lives.

  • The usual appearance of the dance/spin troop Minions de Trolls has inspired the following hopefully colorful metaphor:

    An Obama supporter’s arguments are akin to a sprint runner with two broken legs: their intention is to run like the devil, but they never quite seem able to move an inch! 😀

  • yttik

    Ha! Karma moves back home. It’s a great curse for any Obama supporter, may your children live in your basement forever. And may they eat all your food, trash your kitchen, and raise your power bills.

    • yttik, I concur. Perhaps add something about a “leaky camel,” a la Johnny Carson of Tonight Show fame? 😉

  • Sassy

    My early years were spent on a farm, so we didn’t have many slackers in the family.
    I have seen many of the thirty-somethings that are described, but the real treat is coming with the teens of today!
    I have never seen their match in my lifetime!

  • This is just what you’ll read in the “Boomer Evolution” (parenting) portion of my upcoming book “Is That My Light at the End of the Tunnel” – for and about Boomers’s foibles and what we can do to fix the messes we’ve made… Stay tuned….

  • Smart Blonde


    i’m an older boomer, born soon after WWII, and i never thought my parents “knew nothing”, nor did i think that “no one before [my generation] knew about drugs, sex, music or ‘reality’.” we didn’t all do drugs or go to woodstock or haight-ashbury; those kids just got a lot of attention in the media. this business of judging an entire generation by the actions of a few is ridiculous. no generation is perfect and no generation is useless.

    • That same generation went marching off the Vietnam meat grinder, fighting for an ideal. But–hey- 60,000 dead– they were hippies, right?

  • DCMediagirl

    Thanks to the Bush I recession I had to move back in with my parents after graduating from college in 1992. I had worked my way through school and had a full resume but couldn’t find work. It was a humiliating necessity to live with Mom and Dad for a year while I earned pennies temping. But I’m glad they took me in. Sometimes we have to live with our parents because of hardship, not because we want to kick up our heels and take advantage.

    • Docelder

      the Bush I recession

      Those were the good old days when all we had to deal with was “read my lips”. How anybody could wreck what Reagan did in one term is beyond me. People expected way too much of Bush II if the dad was supposed to be the qualified one.

      • For the away team Status Quo, their batter steps up to the plate, aligns his cup, and the baseball drama continues… The home team Body Politic faces an uphill struggle in this game!

        Bush I: Ste-e-e-rike one!

        Bush II: Ste-e-e-rike two!

        Obama: Ste-e-e-rike three!

        Status quo of extremism leadership: You’re out!

        We need moderate leadership with a genuine concern for the people, not this self-serving sugar coated dreck we keep getting thrust upon us.

      • FLDemFem

        The first wave of children returning to the empty nest due to lack of jobs happened in the Reagan years. I remember it well. My parents had four daughters, all of whom have good educations and had good, albeit entry level, jobs at that time. Three of us became unemployed during the Reagan “boom” years. It was a great time for big business, not so good for the average worker. We all contributed what we could, and went back to doing our childhood chores, and we eventually got jobs, but Reaganomics really screwed the non-executive worker. Sort of like Obamanomics is doing. I was an adult working during the Reagan years, and I remember them well. Not the shining city on the hill that mythology insists upon seeing, not by a long shot.

  • tango

    There are differences – if a kid graduates college, can’t find a job that will pay his/her basic living expenses so moves home to his parents but still contributes, that is one thing. The kid works (or looks for work), does chores, assists where needed, doesn’t take/beg money so he can go “party”, doesn’t refuse to contribute to the bills because would rather spend his paycheck on something he wants or blows his money rather than saving it so he can move out and become self sufficient. There is a difference between families coming togather to support each other during hardships where there are sacrifices from ALL parties involved and situations where parents are the only ones really sacrificing while a child takes advantage.

    There are the 3 young men I know who live with their parents in two different families. They are 19, 20 & 24, work full time at really good paying jobs (for their ages, certainly enough to live on their own nicely) and live at home. None of them has any desire to move out because they’d rather have the cash to buy a new truck or 4-wheeler, go out with their friends, party or spend it anyway they want. I think the mom of two boys requests $150 a month room and board but they don’t pay it most of the time. And even when they do pay it, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper then renting an apartment and paying all the expenses on their own. The other boy isn’t required to pay anything. They don’t live at home because of loosing a job, not being able to find a job, divorce, illness, etc. They live at home because it’s convenient for them and their mother/parents allows them to. And none of them feel any stigma. You would think girls would be less willing to date a 24 year old who is living at home with his parents, but it’s not so. He has lots of dates. Probably because he has extra $ to spend on them verses on living expenses.

  • kenoshamarge

    Great post Uppity. I too know a couple of “condescending” Gen X’ers who treat their parents like idiots while constantly picking their pockets. Both parent and “child” are nitwits IMO.

    Those who know this post isn’t true because of some ancedotal evidence about someone they “know” are missing the point.

    No one said all the children of the Boomers are moving back home. No one said that of the ones that did it was only because they were deadbeats. Some are exactly as described in this post.

    If the shoe doesn’t fit your experience, don’t wear it.

  • glennmcgahee

    For the life of me I cannot understand why people are not in the streets yet. Our Cobra subsidies are going to expire this week. Those subsidies have enabled the unemployed to keep their health insurance. The average cost of maintaining coverage will go from under $400 per month to over $1000 per month immediately! Are we going to wait until its too late and everyone loses their coverage? YES, its happening now.

    • carros

      Conveniently, this provision expires while our esteemed leaders are debating a huge health insurance bill. Coincidence?

    • 10,000 homes are foreclosed upon each and every day in the United States.

  • Uppity, it seems to me some folks are entirely missing your point arguably on purpose.

    Thanks for the post. It did its intended job. You do indeed enjoy poking hornets’ nests with a stick it seems. 😀

  • bart

    The author forgets that boomers are still convinced their own parents knew nothing. Boomers were convinced they would (and now did) change the world and no one before them knew about drugs, sex, music or “reality.”

    Whatever. Not thinking the previous generation knows anything is a time honored tradition of generations. Even Aristotle bemoaned the younger generation. So what.

    Out of an entire generation spanning roughly 1964-1982 or so, some move back home for many possible reasons. Each family is different and so are the reasons for such an arrangement. Suggesting the entire generation is moving home or that they are whiny is just more generational finger pointing, just now from the other side.

    But hey, everyone should enjoy yet another retrospective on the awesome 60’s, fabulous Woodstock and yet another NPR story (it would be the 4th) on Alan Ginsberg.

    • HARP

      The author forgets that boomers are still convinced their own parents knew nothing………Not true.

      The older I get, the more intelligent my parents appear to have been.

    • Yes, but mixed in with that arrogance was a nice heaping dose of FEAR. While FEARING your parents is not the ideal way to proceed in life or to grow as a human being, it is actually a few notches better than Sarah Silverman’s highly arrogant and completely unfunny youtube that I linked to in a prior message up above and that basically sums up the condescending viewpoint that many younguns have towards their elders in general.

  • May I contribute the infamous and incredibly condescending Sarah Silverman youtube video.

  • Sometimes when I read various blog titles on DailyPUMA, I’ll find one like this, that just makes me laugh.

    Sometimes the title is so effective I wonder if I need read the actual article.

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  • ziggy

    The suggestion that most young people who have returned to the parental home have done so out of laziness seems way off the mark to me. Kids who have recently completed college–at an average cost of around $26,485 per year–are confronted with an economy where there are virtually no entry level jobs available. People having both education and experience are already in the line ahead of them, competing for positions that probably won’t replace the income they’ve recently lost. With college debts, no money, and no avalilable work, where do we expect the kids to go?

    Likewise with many young adults were doing quite well before their jobs disappeared out from under them. Many have lost homes they were buying, or have suddenly found themselves unable to pay their rent. Where do we expect them to land?

    I’m nearly 60. I think this would be an unusually difficult and discouraging time to be 30.

  • thetownecrier

    For all the young folks who shoulder their burden with a strong work ethic, family values, and scruples, good for you. For all the rest who are expecting a handout from hardworking parents to support their lifestyle, be careful. Parents one day will cease to exist and they may not bequeath it all exactly as you might expect.

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  • I’m generation X – almost 40. You’ve got some of this backwards. The only people I know my age living with parents are genxers with parents who are too ill or dysfunctional to live on their own.

    I.e., I know of a baby boomer mom who used to be a trophy wife until her husband dumped her for a younger woman. She’d never worked a day in her life, lived off her divorce settlement for a while, became morbidly obese in part due to her depression, got diabetes and other ailments, and now lives off the back of her genx daughter.

    I have a male friend of 38 who is already stuck in the position of taking care of his mother, who is partially blind and emotionally dysfunctional.

    I could go on.

    • Yeah well his mother was stuck with raising him too but I bet he doesn’t see it that way. Try being a member of the sandwich generation, you know, the reviled baby boomers? They are taking care of their parents and their kids are still hanging around too. Some of them are still in their 20s and some of them are in their 30s.

      The thing is, somebody decided that ten years does a generation make. It doesn’t. 10 years is an era. If your brother was born 9 years before you he is still of your generation. As impatient as we are these days, we can’t change an era into a generation.

      But you are right about “Gen X”. What’s with that? I would think they would have the good sense to be embarrassed still leeching off their parents in their 30s.

      • I think you missed my point. What I was saying is that the only GenXers I know who live with parents, are taking care of parents who did NOT take care of themselves financially or physically, and are leeching off their kids at the age of 60.

        My GenX friends are NOT leeching off their parents. They work to SUPPORT their parents.

  • Not Likely

    Everyone has friends with kids at home. It’s not abnormal. Now more are moving back, because there are NO JOBS. It’s mind-numbingly simple.

    • Agreed there is a painful shortage of employment for those who wish to work.

      Its ironic that many who supported Obama are being forced to move back home, if you consider the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (economic stimulus package) that Obama penned into law back in February has not delivered on the promise of keeping unemployment below 8 percent.

      The economy is a disaster and Obama has failed on his promise.

      • Not Likely

        Well, that’s entirely unrelated to the topic, but OK.

        • Unrelated? Its germane: it explains why the economy continues to be a disaster and the adult children are moving back home. The economy continues to be a disaster because an inept president forced his way into office.

          You brought up the economy. I was agreeing with you and providing additional detail. Perhaps you’d rather not I brought it up, but it is highly related to your assertion.

      • ziggy

        I fail to see any irony there. I clearly recall the democratic candidates focusing on our worsening economic problems early in 2008, while their opponents flatly denied any serious fundamental problems. The denial continued until around September, by which time 605,000 jobs had been lost. No one needs to be reminded what followed over the next couple of months.

        Most of those who voted for Obama were hardly blindsided by what came as 2009 unfolded, nor did most expect the economic stimulus package to be a magic bullet. My own take on 2009 is that we’ve actually dodged the bullet. For months I truly thought that total economic collapse before the end of 2009 was a very real possibility. That didn’t happen and I no longer believe that it will.

        • I fail to see any irony there.

          Look again.

          There’s a direct ironic relationship between an unemployed Obama supporter’s choice in candidates, Obama’s stimulus law and supporter’s predicament. His supporters dancing around the truth does not make it disappear from sight. Quite frankly, I find this dance comical and disingenuous.

          If I was an Obama supporter, I’d say “Yeah, it is ironic. But I want to give him more of a chance.” Why is the truth a pill so hard for some people to swallow?: The 1000 pound elephant in the room (Obama’s failure on the stimulus). Why can’t these people admit fault?

          Just as Obama needs to take responsibility for his actions, so do his supporters need to own up in whom they voted for. But they continue to be in denial. Please, Obama supporters, own your president: stop making excuses for him with this silly dance. My feet are getting tired! 😀

        • TeakWoodKite

          Ziggy, all BO did was kick the can down the road.

          The economic forces that are driving the Chitlens back to the nest are still present and getting worse. Much Worse.

    • The only question that remains now is what was the excuse before the economic crash? It’s as simple as that.

  • Not Likely

    The economy is a disaster and you’ve decided the reason kids are moving back home is because they were coddled as children?


    • Tammy

      I have friends in their 50’s who had kiddies living at home WAAAAAY before this “economic disaster” hit. I have a friend who just kicked her son out of the home five years ago(and he was thirty).

      The only MORON reading this is YOU, Not Likely.

      And I’m guessing that you’re writing this from your Mommy’s computer.

      I have sympathy with those who move back with their parents, but most of the Baby Boomers that I know coddled their little kiddies into dependence.

  • Tammy

    The Ex-hippie generation(boomers) who finally had to grow up and get JOBS, turned around and taught their children that they didn’t have to work.

    And it’s not Gen X that is the only problem. The boomers also gave birth to gen Y(which started in 1982).
    Gen Y should be renamed the “group-think”
    generation. Can’t make a decision if their life depended on it.

  • rw

    One question to the baby boomers: who raised generation x…and taught them to be as they are? nice job.

    • and who raised the boomers– oh yeah, the greatest generation who– never mind, dont’ want to disrupt any parades.

      • rw

        >and who raised the boomers<

        spot on. Didn't Tony Blair say that the hippies ruined England…nice job, again.

      • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

        At this point I’m kinda used to Boomers crapping all over us Gen Xers.

        • The Advocationist

          You’re kidding right? Generation X was fatalistic, angst-ridden, if you ask me even lazier than Gen Y, and concerned itself more with it’s own existential crises than the betterment of the world at large… when they were young. The same as Gen Y does now, the same as Gen Z or whatever snappy name we call them will do once they pass adolescence.

          I’m really surprised to see generation bashing going on here. To stereotype an entire decade just seems crochety and bitter and not much else.

          Every generation and their parents had their disagreements, you did and your children will. History will not show that Gen X did more or was any “better” of a generation than Gen Y, because history does not have the skewed perspective of “those out of touch old folks” or “those damn impetuous kids”

          The world turns round, the torch is passed, and no set of hands is more or less capeable than the last.

    • Tom K.

      This piece isn’t about Generation X. It’s about Generation Y. Generation X’ers are in their 30 and 40s now.

  • jwrjr

    Maybe they follow Lord Obama because he promises to be like their parents – give them everything in exchange for no effort on their part. Problem is, that some of us know how much Obama’s promises are worth. Nothing.

  • SoCalDem

    My children live at home, they don’t belong to the group you speak of though. Its impossible to live on one income in California, my girls are single parents and we all pull together. I have personally been without fulltime employment since 2000. I would have lost my house without their help. Now its paid for finally.

    • thetownecrier

      Congratulations SoCalDem. Nothing like familes who throw their resources and wherewithal together for the sake of getting through.

      • betty

        That’s right, and has been for all of time. One example is this, during the crusades the Pope told men they could leave their wives and children with nothing and go fight in the holy land for the church. A group of women called the Beguines banded together, built mutual self-help communities for these women and children. Eventually the “church” labeled the Beguines heretics, hunted them down and burned them at the stake.

  • I hope these older folks who have their koolaid intoxicated children return home ban Cheetos from their homes as a condition of taking them back into the nest. Oh, and they have to turn in their iPhones, iPods and MacBooks as well. 😀

    • TeakWoodKite

      I tried. Good luck I say, to others in the same predicament.