Barack Obama used donations to refurbish and repaint his campaign plane, and has removed the flag of the United States from the tail of the plane. Reports Bonnie Kapp for Fox Embed:

[T]he plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama “O.” “Change We Can Believe In” and the candidate’s website are splayed across both sides of the fuselage, making this 757 anything but inconspicuous.

This means, of course, that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, and other countries will see a plane without an American flag — a plane on which the sole symbol is all about one man. Barack: Afghans and Iraqis won’t be voting for you in November. But they will notice that you failed to represent yourself as a proud American citizen while you are abroad. We’ve noticed too.

Here is an image of Air Force One, with the American flag appropriately displayed:


Here is the tail section of Obama’s plane:


Below is the image of the front section of Obama’s newly repainted plane:


As a patriotic American citizen, I am embarrassed that a presumptive presidential candidate would fail to display a core symbol of the United States of America.

As a patriotic American citizen, I’ve been somewhat concerned about Barack Obama’s failure to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem as well as his blather when he was forced to explain why he didn’t wear the popular flag pin.

As a patriotic American citizen, I am deeply concerned that the Democratic party may nominate a candidate who is solely focused on displaying his OWN image and symbols rather than those of his party and his country.

Not only is his plane’s symbolism unpatriotic, it is also narcissistic.


Fox Embed and Politico’s “Playbook 24/7″ have more details.

  • Tyler Roseborough

    Not the same plain retards.

    • Linda Lee Wentworth

      Why resort to calling people retards?

    • Keith Cook

      You mean “Plane”…right? RETARD!

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  • Phyllis Harrell

    The Obama sympol is on his CAMPAIGN plane, NOT-NOT-NOT on Air Force One. He did the same thing to his campaign plane as BUSH, McCain and Dole did. Liars…

  • hulia

    are you guys are morons? obama had his chartered north american airlines plane repainted with his logo during his campaign. this is common during campaign season, when candidates are traveling across the country regularly. bush, dole, kerry, and mccain all did the same thing with their chartered planes. the “flag” obama had painted over, was the north american airlines logo. he didn’t repaint air force one, you nit wits.

    • hulia

      and for the record, the plane he chartered is no longer being used by his campaign because the campaign is over and he won. presumably it’s been repainted with the north american airlines logo and refitted for regular passenger travel.

      • hulia

        i just realized the last comment was two years ago, lol. whoops. i’m sure you all have been informed of the truth already by now.

  • Linda DeClue Kissler

    Why does this HAVE to excepted as OK? Re-paint it back!

  • redscream5

    I think what you mean is that he removed the AMERICAN AIRLINES CORPORATE LOGO from the tail of the plain, you unintelligent refuse-to-do-your-basic-research idiots.

  • Phil McLeod

    This is for sure a Narcissistic symbolism. He need to be removed out of offcie. He is not for the people or the America. Hey Marcus you are way off base. He has not created 5 million Job when there is 23 million unemployd people don’t have jobs. He has spend more money then all the president put together. 6 trillion so far. 49 million people on food stamps. He is not a leader of the freedom world. United States of America is still number one. He well lose the election by a landslide. And he knows it. He bout a house in Hawaii to move when all this is over. He is a dum ass Leader and a kacky cyliberty. Screw him and his administration. Democraps are all going to lose the next election period.

    • 30309guy

      How is this narcissistic? Romney has his own campaign plane with his name all over it. Crawl back in your hole, moron.

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  • ExpertShot

    Again, this is the type of lies the Right spins. This is a FALSE story.

    • 30309guy

      Of course it is. But this is the kind of thing these stupid sheeple crave. This Larry Johnson asshole is just a lying, stupid creaton who needs to just shoot himself with his gun.

  • Mike Burdette

    Hell didnt ya see the Nascar Race Obama was at and he had them Sing One nation Under ISLAM ?? I dam near Puked !!! I thought to Hell with Nascar too the next time I saw it they didnt sing it that way I was Pissed

  • Mary L Bevacqua


    • 30309guy

      This yahoo posting this and making people think the President painted Air Force One and took off the flag? Yes, it is. This idiot needs to get a life and stop trying to deceive people.

  • J

    It’s a completely different plane. The photo is from the 2008 campaign before he was even President.

    Did you know the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary?

  • Carl Johnson

    I think this is false, snopes, the source says its not true.

  • Kevin Killian

    Any plane that the President of the United States is on is auto changed into AIR FORCE ONE. It could be a cargo plane. As long as the united states president is on board its is called air force one. Because That is how the military can identify where he is so that they can escort him to. He knows this. And is still flying around in his “PERSONAL” plane with his logo? He is a joke. And to the comments about jobs. HE didn’t do crap for jobs. He laid off 3 million people. But you don’t read about that? You read that he gave 20,000 new jobs. At this rate. he will need to be in office 12 more years to give EVERYONE he LAID off there job back. Yea keep him if you want. I rather vote for a dog. At least a dog is loyal.

    • 30309guy

      Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Try reading instead of mindless reacting and posting. The plane in question was a leased plane during his original campaign. He was not the president so no plane that he was on at the time would be called “Air Force One”.

      Your job remark is also another joke. We were losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 a month. From where did he lay these “3 million people” off? Mindless chatter from someone who obviously doesn’t want to take the time to understand anything.

  • Marcia Ann Kuehl

    Hello – can I suggest you check your facts before you open mouth and insert foot?

  • Mariana225

    All dictators prefer a symbol of their own to the flag of the country over which they rule. Obama is no different.

  • 30309guy

    God you people are stupid. The campaign plane Obama used when he was campaigning in 2008 was leased from North American Airlines. Their “waving flag” emblem on the tail is nothing like an official US Flag. The whole plane was repainted and yes, there WAS a US Flag on the plane, right in front of the Tail Number (Like all planes).

    The plane he used was not one of the official 747s used to transport the president as “Air Force One” so why are telling lies to people. McCain, Bush, Dole have all had campaign planes and none of them have had flags on them.

    You, sir, are NOT a patriotic American. You are a disgrace to all US Citizens.

  • Mike Raybell

    discraceful socialistic betrayer

  • Steve Reichert

    You are all a bunch of fucking morons…do you have an American flag on your car…boat…house…or trailer depending on what you prefer to call it…Obama is pro-people its about damn time a president cared about people rather than faking like he cares about America…AMERICANS are what make up this country…not the inanimate ideals that every single one of you hear in your dumb ass Charlie Daniels songs…you guys spout about him being a socialist and this and that…if you didn’t have to pay for health care you would be healthier, live longer, and be able to bitch about him just as much as you want to because he cares about your right to speak…THE OTHER GUYS…only give a shit about what you say as long as you are agreeing with them…Down with the haters…Obama has done more to help this country that that good old boy dumb fuck bush ever did…all the socialist take away your rights bills, passed under bush. All the Gung-Ho war kill as many people as i can bullshit, started under bush…Make sure your timelines are right when you make accusations otherwise you look like a ignorant asshole

  • Francisco Velez Jr


  • Francisco Velez Jr


  • Leonard Rohner

    oh one moer thing put r flag back 

  • Leonard Rohner

    well if we all dont pull toghter and get this clown oh wait he is not even a clown but a jack ass he must go asap people of the USA stand  up for r rights 

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  • Don Miller

    Remember it’s “better to remain silent and be judged a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”.  You are obviously a fool or you’d know AIR FORCE ONE is the official plane for U.S. PRESIDENTS, not some corrupt politician’s tool. 

  • David Trotter

    This is a crap load of BS. This is a campaign jet, not Air Force One. 

  • ff

    disinformation is being generated here. be a proclaimer of the TRUTH. wrong plane, he did not alter Air Force One. AF1 is a 747
    not a 737

  • TruknFool

    It’s very disrespectful to the American People however you look at it. This is not his country, its ours. And they way he is turning our rights as Americans to his own agenda is disrespectful for the American People who built this country to the fighting men and woman of all the Branches of Service, who have died and fought for our rights, and for all the veterans and their families for the sacrifices. And in almost 4 yrs he has put our country in disarray and we need to vote a new president who will turn our country around for the better. And even if the new president cant get the deficit back to normal, anything is better than what we have now.

  • Kelly Matthews

    false, check snopes, factcheckorg. etc do your damn research!

  • Sara Petty

    When will someone call to order Obama saying his father served in  WWII and came home and recieved his benefits?  His father and setpfather respectfully were about 5 and 6 during WWII!

  • Marion Phelps

    Someone might find the following interesting.

    It answers a lot of questions pertaining to who paid for Obam’s campaign plain and/or who is responsible for paying to have the plain in question repainted after the presidential election is over.


    Posted on August 8, 2008

    Q: Did Obama replace the U.S. flag on the tail of his campaign plane with his campaign symbol? A: Yes. Obama’s newly designed campaign plane features the campaign’s logo on the tail. However, an image of the U.S. flag appears on the side of the plane.


    I was sent an e-mail about Barack Obama’s plane. It said that he had removed the American flag from the tail of his plane and replaced it with another symbol. Can this be true?


    Obama The Patriot – Removes American Flag From His Plane

    The Patriot Room
    Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 8:11:07 AM by Bill Dupray

    Barack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaul of his 757. And as part of the new design, he decided to remove the American flag from the tail…



    On July 20, before Sen. Barack Obama took off on a week-long overseas tour that included stops in the Middle East and Europe, his campaign unveiled a newly designed Boeing 757 plane that the Illinois senator, members of his campaign staff, secret service and members of the press corps will use for the remainder of his campaign. The plane features first class, business and coach seating, with new carpet and leather chairs and a brand new paint job of the exterior.

    Prior to the redesign, Obama had used a number of planes for his traveling needs, but the plane in question was one he has chartered from North American Airlines since late March. The design of that plane had featured two images of the American flag: a small wavy flag that was displayed on the side of the aircraft and a much larger image of the flag that appeared on the plane’s tail. According to NAA’s director of corporate communications, Steve Forsyth, both images are typical of North American Airline planes. “The flag design is used on the tails of all North American aircraft (Boeing 757s and 767s) and is in the corporate logo,” said Forsyth. However, neither image is a part of the Obama campaign’s new plane design.

    Obama’s freshly painted plane features his campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In,” and his Web site name on the side, and the campaign’s sunrise “O” symbol on the tail, instead of the American flag. However, an image of the flag does appear on the body of the plane with its tail number.

    When asked about the plane’s new look sans the flag on the tail, Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said, “I’d note that there is a flag on the side of Senator Obama’s plane, near the center. I’d also note that there is not a flag on the tail of John McCain’s plane. Lastly, I’d note that I don’t think plane design should lead us to question the patriotism of either candidate.”

    It is probably worth mentioning that Sen. John McCain’s campaign Boeing 737 plane does not feature a U.S. flag on its tail either. As these images from CNN show, it does feature one on the side of the plane near the campaign’s slogan, “Reform. Prosperity. Peace.”


    Note: The Obama campaign plain for 2008 and 2012 were leased plains chartered from North American Airlines and are not government owned plains as I originally thought.
    Now, pertaining to who has to pay for repainting the plain in question after the presidential campaign is over, it is the responsibility of North American Airlines to repaint the plain in question to the specification of the organization and/or entity who decides to lease it from them at a later date.

  • jonathan katz

    what the fuck!! as our commander and chief you do not display our flag. As a proud citizen and veteran i live and die by that flag. it more than just a symbol and i don’t need see to slogan i know what red white and blue stands for.
    God Bless America 

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  • Laurie Johnson
  • Ronald Peterson


  • unclepickles

    WE GOTTA GET HIM OUT, HES an embarrasement to The UNTED STATEs

  • Don

    Home > Politics > Barack Obama > An American Tail




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    September 11

    E-mail this


    An American Tail

    Claim:   Barack Obama removed the U.S. flag from the tail of his airplane and replaced it with his own logo.


    PARTLY TRUE: The U.S. flag was removed from the tail of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign plane and replaced with his campaign logo.


    FALSE: The U.S. flag has been removed from the tail of Air Force One and replaced with the Obama campaign logo.


    [Collected via e-mail, July 2008]

    Barack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaul of his 757. And
    as part of the new design, he decided to remove the American flag from
    the tail…

    What American running for President of the United States would remove
    the symbol of his country? And worse, he replaced the flag with it with a
    symbol of himself…


    [Collected via e-mail, December 2011]


    Obama Removes American Flag from His Plane

    He has turned Air Force One into a campaign slogan carrier… not only
    the Obama Campaign logo on the tail, it bears his Campaign Slogan. I do
    believe in most States there are laws against something so blatantly an
    abuse of power, using public funds for campaigning. Atop this
    “personalization of Air Force One”, Obama has logged more miles than any
    previous President. We have a triple A president Audacity, Abuse, and
    Arrogance… He should pay for the cost of repainting/restoring the
    craft…. this guy has to go.

    Photograph ©
    Rob Olewisnki


    Origins:   Given the length and breadth of modern presidential campaigns, it has become de rigueur
    for most major-party candidates to have their own airplanes for
    ferrying themselves and staffers, press, security, and other personnel
    from stop to stop along the campaign trail. Such planes may be
    purchased by the candidate’s campaign, or they may be leased or
    chartered from commercial airlines. Typically when a campaign owns its
    own airplane or leases a plane under a dedicated charter arrangement,
    the aircraft’s exterior markings will be modified to identify it as a
    particular candidate’s campaign plane, with some notable recent examples
    of this practice including aircraft used by presidential candidates Bob Dole (1996), George W. Bush (2000), John Kerry (2004) and John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” campaign plane (from 2008):

    Although Senator Barack Obama flew on a variety of aircraft during the
    long 2008 presidential campaign season, from March through June 2008 he primarily used a Boeing 757-200ER aircraft chartered from (and operated by) North American
    Airlines as his campaign plane. During that period, the plane bore the
    standard color scheme and company markings of a North American Airlines

    However, once the primary campaign effectively ended and Senator Obama
    became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, his campaign
    plane underwent a month-long refurbishment to prepare it for the general
    election campaign, a process that included reconfiguring the interior
    seating and modifying the exterior markings to identify and publicize
    the aircraft as Barack Obama’s official campaign plane. The latter
    activity included replacing the North American Airline color scheme and
    markings with the Obama campaign slogan (“Change We Can Believe In”),
    the BARACKOBAMA.COM domain name, and Obama’s sunrise/flag “O” campaign logo:

    Two U.S. flag images were removed from the airplane during the
    refurbishment, although technically they were not ordinary
    representations of the American flag; rather, they were commercial
    markings of North American Airlines, whose logo (a registered trademark of that company) employs a stylized rendition of the U.S. flag.
    The North American flag/logo on the forward portion of the fuselage
    was removed and the one on the tail was replaced with the Obama “O”
    campaign logo, while traditional depictions of the U.S. flag adjacent to the plane’s registration numbers remained:

    Original North American version

    Modified Obama campaign version

    In late 2011, pictures of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign plane were recirculated with the claim that the U.S. flag
    had been removed from Air Force One and replaced with an Obama campaign
    logo. This claim is completely false: both of the two Boeing 747-200B airplanes typically used by the President of the United States (and commonly referred to as Air Force One)

    remain with their standard markings (i.e., the words “United States of
    America,” the American flag, and the Seal of the President of the United
    States) intact:

    Last updated:   12 December 2011

    Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2012 by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson. This material may not be reproduced without permission. snopes and the logo are registered service marks of


        Cooper, Michael.   “For McCain, Airliner Interior as Campaign Motif.”
        The New York Times.   29 June 2008.

        Gavrilovic, Maria.   “Obama’s New Plane to Meet Him Overseas.”   20 July 2008.

        Kapp, Bonney.   “Obama’s 757 Is Back in Service.”   20 July 2008.

        Oinounou, Mosheh.   “Air ‘Straight Talk’ Launches.”   30 June 2008.



  • bohica08

    I think he should be made to put this aircraft back to the way it was. This aircraft belongs to the american people, not Barrack Obama. Obama  should be ashamed of himself.  No worries, GOD will eventually get even.

  • girlfishy

    First of all, you dude, are an  idiot. You and your entourage of retarded sheep. Yeah, I said retarded sheep. Retarded because of your choice, to agree with a moron who couldn’t  get his story facts correct before posting. And sheep because one after the next after the next you other people jumped on his ‘ tards only ‘ PMS bitch wagon like it was the thing to do.  Shameful. And
    President Obama is not making a  mess of this country. It was already a mess right from the start for him. The downward spiral of  our Auto & Housing Industry,  the stock market crash,  the billions of federal reserve dollars taken/stolen against our wishes, happened under  President G.W. Bush’s command, not to mention the myriad of other economical failures  that immediately  followed. These are indisputable facts and to say otherwise is a blatant lie.  President Obama started his presidency with the United States  facing one of  the worst economical collapse this country has ever seen.  So get off the man you racist  A- holes.  8 years of George Bush and beyond, a faulty congress with members that have been there way too long and forgot they’re supposed to do whats best  for the country not just  for themselves and a certain few, and the greed of dishonest wall street fat cats are what screwed this country and the hard working people  in it.  The disappearance of 401K  monies, homes, jobs, etc. went rampid under Bush’s lead not President Obama’s. You should all know this already. It took  many years of corruption to do the damage that was done. To place blame  and/or  expect our new president to fix everything in just a couple of short years is absolutely ridiculous. And that flag on that plane isn’t a real flag, it’s a painted picture of our flag. It’s also  not   “the new symbol of America”.  It’s art work expressing his creative  passion  and love for this country. To deny the President  freedoms you yourself  enjoy, makes you the villain dumb ass.  He isn’t  telling  you how to  paint your ride.  I found that design to be pretty cool looking. It’s certainly not our flag, but it surely screams USA all over it.  It’s too bad you have no mind for art or design.  As for the things that concern you……?…… WTF  are you doing?  Of all the problems in our world today, your “deep  concerns” are of the presidents wardrobe accesory choice, whether or not he puts his hand over his heart ,  and flag stick pins?  Really?  Seriously?
    And last but not least,you claiming to be a “patriotic american citizen” . I don’t believe you even know what that means. American citizen?….Probably. Patriotic?…..Fuck NO.
    Belittling the President of the United States of America is the complete opposite of patriotic. Get a dictionary dumb ass. Barack Obama Is The President Of The United States Of America! Bashing a United States President while he is in Office is something that   ENEMIES  of our country do. Wheres your PATRIOTISM  now you stupid shit stain?

    • bohica08

      You and Obama are a disgrace.

      • girlfishy

         AGAIN, that’s all you got? Name calling?  Wow,  if that’s all you got, it’s you who’s the fool.  Oblivious of how putting yourself out there for the whole world to see  your mental incompetence and low self worth is  considered an embarrassment.  Being how your “lack of abilities” is apparent, Explaining my diagnosis of your person would be pointless because you wouldn’t understand. I feel bad for you.  Have you applied for government assistance and housing yet?

        • bohica08

          There is something real fishy about you.

        • Steve Reichert

          actually he made some very good points in that argument…and the use of big words isnt going to make you look more intelligent…anyone can use a thesaurus…He is absolutely right about most of his argument…the only thing I would disagree with is that the REPUBLICAN representatives  don’t do whats best for themselves or for the country…its just the exact opposite of what Obama thinks we should do…saying someone is always wrong before you have heard the argument is borderline psychotic…by the way girlfishy have you payed the payment on your trailer yet this month…because if not the REPUBLICAN policies and lack of regulation will allow the bank to take your house or jack up the interest rate on your double wide…you wanna take shots at someone for name calling you tried to take one back…How very hypocritical of you…see i can use big words too

        • Patricia Behrens

          Obama’s days are numbered ! I see it has you flustered, but get used to it ! He will soon be back to the crime ridden hell hole AKA Chicago !

        • Yves

          face facts you are a disgrace so is obama. no more need be said……..just read the news everyday………that says it all……The Liar and Chief……..!!

    • Jason F

      I think you need to do some homework.. First I do not support Obama.. But this is not Air Force One, its his campaign plane from 2008 big freaking deal…  On the note that you were saying  “The downward spiral of our Auto & Housing Industry, the stock market crash, the billions of federal reserve dollars taken/stolen against our wishes, happened under President G.W. Bush’s command, ”  Yes Bush borrowed money but that was over a course of 8 YEARS and Obama has borrowed TRILLIONS OVER A COURSE OF 3 YEARS.   So your points just do not make any sense.  Unemployment is also up since when Bush was President and the number of food stamp recipients has more than doubled so you really think its bushs’ fault that Obama borrowed triple the amount of money and sent more people to food stamps that makes no sense I’m done

      • Steve Reichert

         Jason you are right Obama has borrowed trillions…to try and get the economy in a upward turn using that money to attempt to create more jobs and stimulate the economy…but the debt was already in the trillions LONG before Obama started borrowing…and there was more spent by Bush than Obama has accrued yet.

    • Joe

      You are completely out of your mind.