Barack Obama used donations to refurbish and repaint his campaign plane, and has removed the flag of the United States from the tail of the plane. Reports Bonnie Kapp for Fox Embed:

[T]he plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama “O.” “Change We Can Believe In” and the candidate’s website are splayed across both sides of the fuselage, making this 757 anything but inconspicuous.

This means, of course, that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, and other countries will see a plane without an American flag — a plane on which the sole symbol is all about one man. Barack: Afghans and Iraqis won’t be voting for you in November. But they will notice that you failed to represent yourself as a proud American citizen while you are abroad. We’ve noticed too.

Here is an image of Air Force One, with the American flag appropriately displayed:


Here is the tail section of Obama’s plane:


Below is the image of the front section of Obama’s newly repainted plane:


As a patriotic American citizen, I am embarrassed that a presumptive presidential candidate would fail to display a core symbol of the United States of America.

As a patriotic American citizen, I’ve been somewhat concerned about Barack Obama’s failure to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem as well as his blather when he was forced to explain why he didn’t wear the popular flag pin.

As a patriotic American citizen, I am deeply concerned that the Democratic party may nominate a candidate who is solely focused on displaying his OWN image and symbols rather than those of his party and his country.

Not only is his plane’s symbolism unpatriotic, it is also narcissistic.


Fox Embed and Politico’s “Playbook 24/7” have more details.

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  • Terri

    of course he did, he hates America!  he has to go and go soon, I can’t wait til 2012.

  • Why Whine?, He can put whatever he wants seeing he is a candidate & not the Leader. You people are whiny bitches & cry at anything because your Republican War party lost, get over it…….

  • Really?

    Not an Obama fan, but seriously? These are clearly two different planes. Air Force One is a 747, and the Campaign Plane is a 757.

  • betiryan

    He’s a legend in his own mind…..he doesn’t have a soul – he sold it to Satan a long time ago!

  • guest

    couldn’t agree more.  it’s the george bush memo of keeping people scared to control them.

  • roger

    Hey, he is half white….Hater’s. I served this nation for 24 years hearing Marines refuse to salute Clinton, not true. Read plane found in Iraq desert buried by Saddam, not true, and the crap to think Palin could be President, OMG….I can not be proud of any American who will lie to gain control or to create terror of our people. No Quarter does this. This sight is worst than the terrorist of the middle east. I don’t mind a good debate between right wing, left wing or down the middle….but I will be a PATROIT and not lie to create such a hate…..or disruption of our nation. No time in my life do we need to come together to make a Better America. A greater Nation and one that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence will continue to have meaning. What is No Quarter? SS Nazi’s?

  • guest

    roger…. this is nothing but an obama hate site.  anyone who publishes here or posts comments will repeat any lie told on Fox News without even checking their facts.  i figure it mostly OLD OLD people who are just mean and bitter about a black man being president.  i stop by here from time to time for a good laugh at some of the shit posted. 

  • roger

    I love a great debate, however the right wing once more sets the stage with pork and lies. The plane shown here is not Air Force One. It was used during the Champaigne Trail prior to Presidency. Today he uses Air Force One with the standard logo. You guys are so damn dangerous to our American Society that it is frieghtening. Get on board to a better America. To build a better nation. Stop lying and start speaking truth….No Quarter by the way means, to kill them all….as the Mexicans flew during the Battle of the Alamo.

  • kathy

    OK OK … it took me two year to wake up….but oooh I am awake now.  And I am saying what the %$$#$^%$^ is going on!