obama10e.jpgFrom The Guardian‘s “New Yorker’s plane snub over Obama ‘terrorist’ cartoon“:

The [New Yorker] article’s author, Ryan Lizza, would have expected to secure one of the 40 press places on Obama’s tour this week but was told no space was available.

Writing on the Huffington Post, media blogger Rachel Sklar said: “So it’s gonna be like that, is it? Retribution for unfavourable coverage is a chilling thing to contemplate.”

Larry Johnson, a former CIA officer and Hillary Clinton supporter, accused the Obama campaign of “engaging in a nasty little act of getting even”.

Journalist Ryan Tate, blogging on Gawker, said: “It’s hard to see the snub as anything other than payback. His people had to know what signal it would send to exclude the magazine so soon after the cover flap.”

We’ve written several more stories on the brouhaha over the New Yorker cover cartoon, including Larry Johnson’s “The New Yorker and the Hubris of Arrogance.”

  • Kevin

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
    Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
    Dec. 7, 1941

    Go ahead barfy, piss off the press.

  • Isabelle

    NOW THIS IS mysteriously fascinating!!!!! On the date that “The New Yorker” magazine was to be delivered to my marketplace. My husband and I tried to get a copy: Borders, diverse news agencies, various markets, etc. They all stated that early a.m. two people came in and bought every copy. Hmmmmmmmmmm?????

    No way will I believe it was the RNC. It was probably Obama’s campaign tendacles endeavoring to keep this mag from circulation. We live in PA. We are, of course per the gospel of Borack Hussein O, the bitter clingers: “we cling to our religion and we cling to our guns”.

    • Isabelle

      Do you detect any resemblance as to communism or Marxism vs. the possibility (if applicable) as to the above effort???????

    • Karma

      That is weird.


    • Isabelle

      GET READY……..serious erosion is predicted. AND IT WILL NOT be from the elusive “global warming”. The erosion will be small, medium and large portions of our liberty and freedom. IMPOSED BY: the ever arrogant Borack Hussein Obama.

  • This act is predictive. If Obama becomes our next President (shudder from my throat on down) he will exclude anyone who does not agree with him or praise him. That would be VERY dangerous for our country.

  • Judy

    The Obama campaign reeks of a communist state – only news that they want the public to hear will be allowed.

    OMG – I am so sick of this guy and Axelrod.

    Americans that have any intelligence should protest this type of treatment.

  • DancingOpossum

    tiberius, you obviously know nothing about the news business when you call the New Yorker “not a mainstream publication” and based that tomfoolery on circulation numbers. Yes, both People and the National Enquirer have higher circulation figures, but they are hardly the sources I turn to for in-depth political coverage. Note that both are very good magazines, with excellent reporters and People especially being well-written, but it would be understandable if a reporter from People got turned down. Turning down a reporter from a magazine that enjoys the reputation of being one of the best-researched and most trustworthy publication in the country(deserved or not is a matter of personal opinion, but the new Yorker has that reputation, like it or not).

    And I really “like” the implication that Lizza should not have expected “special favors” from the Obama campaign because he DARED to criticize the Messiah. That’s an interesting take. So reporters should make sure to fawn over the One in order to receive “special favors” like press access? And that’s OK with you Obamatots, eh?

    • Hope Floats

      Makes me want to get a subscription to the New Yorker, now. I was at the point that I would read the film reviews in my friends’ bathrooms, and that was about it.

      • Karma

        The last article I had read in the New Yorker was in the dentist’s waiting room.

        It was about Dubya’s Executive Order 13233 which pulled Presidential papers from the public and giving their relatives the control. If I remember correctly, despite the fact that Reagan’s papers were available, it reclassified them. Forcing the question what was he hiding that had tracks to the present…Iran and Iraq.

        Remember the hub-bub about the Bush twins controlling our history?

        Sorry, but I don’t want the Obamas in charge of our history just as much as I don’t want the Bush family in charge of it.

        And with actions like these, Obama definitely wouldn’t be The One to resolve that loss to the American public or the historians.

  • DancingOpossum

    They are far less sycophantic to the US government and to its politicians than the American MS

    And their own. They laugh at the notion of “off the record” and truly consider the relationship an adversarial one. I remember years ago seeing a British journalist interviewed on C-Span who said that European journalists thought it hilarious that Americans considered Tim Russert a “tough interviewer” because they considered him a sycophantic blowhard. (They were right, of course.)

  • bmc

    Just another example of how Barack = Bush.

    But will the Bots care? No. They’ll defend it. They have no shame. They are the GOP hypocrites’ reincarnation.

    • james

      Saying Barack Obama equals George Bush is like some weird logical distortion straight out of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

      If Obama is Bush, who the hell is John McCain?

      • Donna Brazile

        The Democrat!!! Don’t you get it yet?

        Stop the hate!

    • onmomnaturesside

      Arriana, Kos and Ed Schultz the blowhard were all republicans and likely still are. They are the worst censors of all.

  • sayitisntso

    jeez, Primabama is really micromanaging this. Is he on crack or what?

    • onmomnaturesside

      When your entire resume consists of neighborhood organizing and 2 self adoration books, you have to micromanage what gets said. That’s the soul of marketing. Control the message.

  • JM

    Writing on the Huffington Post, media blogger Rachel Sklar said: “So it’s gonna be like that, is it? Retribution for unfavourable coverage is a chilling thing to contemplate.

    This was humorous since it is EXACTLY what many bloggers, like myself, experienced on the different blogs that turned pro-Obama during the primary campaign. Being denied access to the comment areas of different blogs like DailyKos, Huffington Post, and Mydd was OUR version of this, and we have been experiencing this for months already, as if the people who submit blogposts on the Huffington Post were not aware of this. But since we are just lowly peons, it doesn’t matter as long as the bigshots get to have their say. Welcome to our world.

    I have to praise the Noquarterusa.net website, though, since Larry and Susan don’t censor any comments regardless of which candidate the commentator is supporting, unless they are truly inappropriate. I appreciate that!

    • Yes, I am not allowed to post on Huff & Puff either and my posts were always civil; Before the primaries pleading for fairness toward other Democrats…that got me booted. I think all it takes is for an Obamabot to flag you for being offensive…but I never have been…purposely. So much for free speech, Arianna. You are truly a joke…another power mad media celeb.

  • tiberius

    The [New Yorker] article’s author, Ryan Lizza, would have expected to secure one of the 40 press places on Obama’s tour this week…

    Forty isn’t all that many. It was more likely that limited spots would go to go to large-circulation daily publications and media outlets that would provide higher-volume coverage.

    The New Yorker isn’t exactly a mainstream publication. As of 2006, it was in 84th place for magazines based upon circulation. And magazine correspondents are in competition with television, newspaper, and radio reporters for those 40 places.

    While I doubt this was retribution, The New Yorker certainly hasn’t done anything for which the Obama people are likely to feel they owe them a special favor.

  • jyotinc

    The cover of the magazine is real and not a satire. You don’t have to think what’s the cover is all about, Obama is real Muslim and always remain a Muslim even he goes to Christian church. By Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim automatically you’re a Muslim by birth. Why do you think the Muslim world is happy for Obama to be the candidate for president in America. Bin Laden will be the first Muslim to be excited if ever he become a president. Imagine a Muslim in the Oval Office! It’s more than winning a lottery ticket. How about our national security if he become the president? Blood is thicker than water. I will not be surprise if his heart and soul is for the Muslim. C’mon now, Hussein in the White House?

    • NoBigotry

      Comment by jyotinc | 2008-07-22 01:27:18

      The cover of the magazine is real and not a satire. You don’t have to think what’s the cover is all about, Obama is real Muslim and always remain a Muslim even he goes to Christian church. By Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim automatically you’re a Muslim by birth. Why do you think the Muslim world is happy for Obama to be the candidate for president in America. Bin Laden will be the first Muslim to be excited if ever he become a president. Imagine a Muslim in the Oval Office! It’s more than winning a lottery ticket. How about our national security if he become the president? Blood is thicker than water. I will not be surprise if his heart and soul is for the Muslim. C’mon now, Hussein in the White House?

      Another prefect example of a PUMA supporter, ignorant, racist and stupid.

      • Hope Floats

        For the record, we’re ignoring both you amateurs. That was too obvious.

      • tzada

        Dear Poor Pitiful Pawn. Let’s just call you PPP for short ok?

        PPP How do you get that? Obama has 3 Arabic names. His father is/was listed by the Gov of Kenya as Arab African. Obama did go to a Muslim school. Muslim/Arabs including Hamas support him. Other extreme Muslim groups, both foreign and domestic support him. His cousin in Kenya, who Obama joined for his election rallies in Kenya, was going to CHANGE that country into a Muslim country. Did USA tax dollars pay for Obama’s trip.

        You are the one showing your ignorance. It will be a sad day for the USA if Obama is elected, it will also be the biggest joke in the world on the black population if it turns out Obama is an Arab and they (blacks)have pushed for the election of a non black and in fact elected one of the race (Arabs)who were most responsible for slavery around the world, which still continues to this day. Research the Roots of Slavery.

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  • Pink Panthers

    On this morning’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, in the middle of praising Jesse Jackson, Dan Rather referred to Barack Obama as “Osama bin Laden.” No one reacts on the program.

    You can see the video at the website below.


    • trist

      Well lets be fair, there’s hardly a difference at this point is there?

      • Pink Panthers

        From the look on everyone’s face on the set of “Morning Joe” after Dan Rather referred to Obama as “Osama bin Laden,” others apparent feel this way.

    • SueB.

      LOL!!! Freudian slip?? *chortle* *snicker*

  • IndayHill

    I am beginning to lose my cool. Constant broadcasting of Obama, Obama, more Obamas in the tv network, will brainwash the listeners. I am sick looking at his arrogant face. He is really WORST THAN GWB !
    Why is he acting as if he is already the president (God, pls. NO!)?
    He has no shame.
    Why is America so crazy of this clueless guy?
    For our America, vote Hillary or McCain ’08 !!

    • tiberius

      Maybe somebody should wake up John McCain. He might be get a bigger share of the coverage if he said or did something remotely interesting.

      It’s not like there aren’t plenty of things crying out to be talked about. John’s just not talking about them.

      • beebop

        John McCain will do just fine. People are OVER Obama. Thinking you are president and acting presidential … big difference.

      • tzada

        Sorta like when McCain didn’t do an editorial at the NYT? The one that they trashed? The MSM will lose no chance to twist and turn everthing to Obama’s favor. Maybe McCain is biding his time? Giving Obama time and rope in which to hang himself? After all fads fade and people will grow ill, like we have of his name and face and that dreadful voice. Once that happens, they will really start to pay attention to the wordless words he orates.

  • Athy

    I wonder what GWB’s former White House Press Secretary Scott McClelland would have to say about this.

    Access to the White House is CRUCIAL to any media organization. How far would these media giants go to protect that access?

    I wonder , I F Sen Obama won the election- who would he have working for him as press secretary and why?

    • mahaska

      Does anybody else have the feeling that bush is rolling on the floor laughing about all this?

      • The Real Hope

        Yeah and he’s got the rug wrapped around him too. He’s probably drunker than a skunk in heat.

    • MEchelle Hates America!

      The Black Liberation Messiah’s Ministers of Propaganda would be The NYT, CNN & MSNBC, just like now.

      He already has control of the media. It’s part of his new politics.

      He’ll sick Wexler and the NAACP on you if complain about his greatness.

  • Patti

    Its not gonna happen, Even Noah got a reprieve.

    Mr. President – Billlllllllll !!!

    Speak. We need an objecive view of our state of the Union. Our country is being overtaken.

  • Patti

    If the NYer cover as illustrated above was pure satire the ho would have smoke billowing out of its nostrils.

    Truth Hurts.

    Press on the Press. Our new master.

  • trist

    When will people realize that eventually there won’t be a man, woman, child, nor beast that has ever graced this earth who hasn’t been thrown under the bus.

    Somehow the messiah will eventually find a way to throw the bus under the bus too!

  • Patti

    He’s getting easier to read with every passing moment. Poof mystique gone.

    The MSM justification fr thrie self forgiveness is that he is “new”. Paleeeeeze. Stop.

    How much more can we take? I am actually puking his Symbolisms of Chain-ge. WTF is next?

    Tell me that that wad overblowing itself on our wavy stripes is JUST for a day.

    What the Fuck is that thing in plain language? What?

    Knock it off, jerkoff.

    Just SAY No Deal to False Americana, senor y senoritas!

    Garbage IN Garbage OUT

  • sleepless in Chicago

    Although I’m a former Washington reporter and I know how self-important reporters can be, today’s big story isn’t about how Obama treated the press corps. It’s that he, figuratively speaking, spit on every soldier who has served in Iraq by failing to credit our brave men and women for executing the successful surge strategy. Has this man no shame?

    • Obama is not even qualified to run for county dog catcher

      Obama only gives a shit about Obama.

      • Yoly

        and you only give a shit about who?

        • Hope Floats

          Not you.

          • BlueTopaz

            LOL, literally!

        • beebop

          How are things there in Palestine? If you think that Obama really is going to support any position he has ever articulated, remember FISA. Unless there’s money in it for him and the missues, no go.

          • tzada

            Speaking of money…Even if he doesn’t manage to steal win the election, he has all the names and address, emails etc. of all those donor/supporters which he can then turn around and perhaps sell? Those lists should bring in big bucks dontcha think?

    • The Real Hope

      Not only does he have no shame, he has no balls, no chutzpah and no authenticity! He’s completely on autopilot.

    • AF catfish

      On CNN last night David Gergen AND Gloria Borger said Obama did a big no-no in stepping on Bush’s toes yesterday with announcing of timetables should he be elected. Gergen said Obama really broke with tradition in that he’s overseas and should only be on a fact-finding tour, but failed to remember that Bush is still the president, still the C-i-C. Hope somebody has it on YouTube. This might be the clip.

  • Free Press: If you aren’t fawning on us You are against us and will be crushed excluded villified and made inconsequential!

    Free Speach: You are entitled to your opinion as long as it agrees with mine.

    Freedom: Is Never free. Those who are not willing to fight for it will lose it.

    • Karma

      This makes how many rights that the Constitutional law lecturer is against?

      Geez….this man is a menace.

  • Mr.Murder

    Jane sets the rules at FDL, what Jane says goes.

    Not privvy to the conversation, I can’t assume she simply moved you for a different take on the matter.

    She does write professionally. Thus, she might be inclined to have a very narrow threshold of the acceptable to the extent readers would agree. It’s pretty sacred turf there, once someone gets ticked from reading emotional stuff they may not return.

    Err on the side of caution, etc.

    She also helped do some great work on covering Scooter’s felony conviction…

    • Northwest rain

      And now she is a worthless hag.

      What ever good works she did in the past is IN THE PAST — and now nothing she writes can be trusted. Once someone falls for the big O. — they are lost.

      They are a hopeless cult member.

      • BlueTopaz

        Once you go Barack, you never go back. Just look at TM.
        Funny how when people turn to BO, they turn nasty, insulting, arrogant, condescending, and full of sh!t.

        • Hope Floats

          Didn’t you see? LJ got a mention in the Guardian. No one goes to TM anymore. If you like her so much, give her some traffic. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

        • Hope Floats

          Sorry, I read your post incorrectly, because of the first line. I thought you’d been assimilated.

          • BlueTopaz

            Not me, I’ve got brain cells. That disqualifies me from Obamanation, thank goodness.

        • DAB

          So much for Kumbaya…

    • SueB.

      Re: Scooter
      Has she mentioned anything about Dennis Ross?

      The Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust

      A source close to the trust said more than $5 million has been collected to pay Libby’s legal bills. The public face of the defense fund is a cadre of Republican heavyweights that include Mary Matalin, Steve Forbes and Jack Kemp.

      Dennis Ross, (advisor to Barack Obama) was a friend of Scooter’s for 25 yrs and was also served with a select coterie on the Advisory Committee of the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund, raising the multiple millions needed to assure Scooter would not be convicted.

      Ross served under Bush I, Reagan, and Clinton (ah!Proof!! He’s ‘bipartisan’!) and is a Distinguished Fellow at WINEP with Wolfowitz, Pipes and Perle.

      This is certainly not his first stint on a presidential foreign policy team. This appears to be where the Libby/Ross friendship was initially forged:

      Libby caught the eye of then Defense Secretary Cheney. In 1981, following the election of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the newly appointed U.S. National Security Advisor Richard V. Allen was put in charge of putting together the Reagan administrations foreign policy advisory team. Allen offered Paul Wolfowitz the position of Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department. In this position Wolfowitz and his newly selected staff, that included Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Francis Fukuyama, Dennis Ross, Alan Keyes, Zalmay Khalizad, Stephen Sestanovich and James Roche, were responsible for defining the Reagan administrations long-term foreign goals.



      The New york Times later noted that Libby’s legal defense fund “has a board that would be the envy of any conservative institution, including five former cabinet members, five former members of Congress and seven former ambassadors.” The paper did not report, however, that Ross, Matalin, and Fukuyama are all members of the fund’s advisory committee and, as such, are apparently helping raise money to “defray” Libby’s legal costs.

      “I don’t often use the word ‘incomprehensible,’ but this is incomprehensible to me,” said Dennis Ross, the veteran Middle East troubleshooter who is now at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

      Ross said, “He’s a lawyer who’s as professional and competent as anyone I know. He’s a friend, and when he says he’s innocent, I believe him. I just can’t account for this case.”



      Despite Scooter’s troubles, an incredible array of GOP rainmakers and powerbrokers stand with him. The advisory committee would make any GOP candidate salivate.

      The soft Scooter sell is about more than just raising money. It’s also about cleaning up his image for the public, the press, and potential jurors. […]

      The defense team needs to overcome the image of a White House apparatchik hellbent on destruction. So, out will come the testimonials to his decency and humility. The site offers a preview:

      “He’s cared much more about trying to do a job than trying to get visibility for himself,” says Dennis Ross, Clinton’s envoy to the Middle East and Libby’s colleague in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations.


      FROM NYT JAN 07

      “I don’t often use the word ‘incomprehensible,’ but this is incomprehensible to me,” said Dennis Ross, the veteran Middle East troubleshooter who is now at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “He’s a lawyer who’s as professional and competent as anyone I know. He’s a friend, and when he says he’s innocent, I believe him. I just can’t account for this case.”

      Steve Clemons on Ross:

      >But Ross can’t be considered as just a Libby personal pal in this.

      He works and operates at the nexus of America’s relations in the Middle East — and those relations in Israel, Iran, with the Palestinians are fragile on all fronts and at all levels now.

      His involvement with Libby’s funding needs won’t come off to anyone as just personal.

      He’s there for big time institutional reasons – representing Libby’s interests to another nation, and representing that nation’s interests to those in Libby’s circles — particularly Dick Cheney.<

      Sorry, some of the links have gone “missing.”

    • Bigtime

      FDL is a satellite of KOS plain and simple. A click for FDL is a click for KOS. I have not been to any of the old sites in many months now and will not click on them again.


  • I won’t join O’s freak show

    Ouch! Hit a nerve. Poor Bambi.

  • ElliotNC

    There is nothing wrong with this, right?

    No room at the Inn! except for true believers.

    And when they come for you… there will be no one left to stand!

  • nelson

    i want to comment

  • Nader Rox

    o.k. – i have to share this, but please do NOT shoot the messenger!


    tell me there is still sanity in the world?

    • Bell’Artista

      That’s so very icky! o is SO very NOT a manly man……
      he’s so skinny and so in love with himself…
      I find him terribly unattractive and it’s sad that any man would see him as anything to emulate.

      • Yoly

        Don’t be jealous. If you got your fat arse up from the keyboard long enough to exercise you too could be thin. Now stuff your mouth and shut up.

        • Hope Floats

          Obama looks like the undead with those blue lips of his. You probably look like your face caught on fire and someone put it out with a fork. Beat it, freak.

          • tzada

            Assar Arafat is the only other person (I found)who has/had those purple lips, without lipstick aid. Just use a search engine and see what you find. Do you suppose that on the real birth certificate it has under daddy Arafat? hmmmm
            But then again didn’t Arafat have man love? So he probably didn’t father Burpy. Tis just another mean rumor, sorta like the Larry Sinclair, Donald Young ones?

            Oh these rumor/smears. tsk tsk tsk What will “fat assed” rumor mongers, who sit at computers all day come up with next eh?

        • MEchelle Hates America!

          Oblowme’s special polictics and unity at work again.

          Nothing to report from them on the snub by their pussy candidate however.

        • The Real Hope

          Shut the hell up will you, you illiterate fool! Take your fucking fat fingers off your own tool and get lost. TRASH!


  • I just read in the paper recently that Obama(already acting as if he is President) said he plans to open up an office with staff under HIS control in each State and heard also having his own special police citizen patrol. Goodness I guess our Governors and we the people will be monitored to stay in line with whatever he wants to do. Kinda of scarey. Mama warned me that Communists said back in the 50’s that they would takeover America without firing a shot.
    This is getting screy folks. Wake Up before it is too late.

    • Darryl

      They won’t wake up. Same thing happened with hitler and no one was wise untill it was too late.

      • Northwest rain

        Hitler was also assisted by the German media.

        Somehow we must find a way to take back our country — before its too late.

        • DAB

          That’s why voting for someone other than McCain or not voting makes no sense.

          If we have Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress they will give Obama anything he wants because as ardent supporters they are vested in having him succeed. There will be less oversight than there was under Bush and the Republicans.

    • DoroB

      where did you read this?

    • Bell’Artista

      kinda like Farakhan???/

    • The Muslims have also been saying they will take over America without firing a shot.

      • Castro’s refugee army took over South Florida with out taking a shot, thanks to Jimmy Carter.

    • Yoly

      Oh so now he’s no longer a Muslim now he’s a communist? Oh wait is he a Socialist? Can you freaks make up your mind. You all deserve John McInsane his arse is as crazy as yours. I guess I left the Republican Party just in time. It seems they are truly lowering the bar.

      • Hope Floats

        What kind of tea-swilling limey says “arse”? Left the party indeed… the Tories.

        • The Real Hope


      • beebop

        I have to tell you this, average Americans are so OVER him. He is the new Kato Kaelin or Paris Hilton. He has no substance. He is such a media frenzy wrapped in flesh. Ennui is reflected in the polls. He’s a product. A marketing phenom. He’s Cheerios in a new flavor or yogurt that makes you crap if you take it for two weeks. He has so little substance that he doesn’t appear REAL to most Americans. He peaked too early. His numbers bear that out. Unless he actually can walk on water, he is going to have some serious trouble getting people to the polls.

        • NOBama in August

          I am just afraid that their will be so much cheating that it won’t matter who goes to the polls.

          • tzada

            I agree. I fear they will be able to hack the electronic voting machines, among one method. Also to eliminate the Electoral College is another. Dems have been working on that as well.

        • SophieL

          You mean like a pet rock?

        • DAB

          Excellent Snark! BRAVO!

        • Karma
      • tzada

        He is an Arab. Arabs are adopting these other methods. They have started with Freedom of Speech and are working on Gun control.

        You always hear “he is not a Muslim” but do you ever hear he is not an Arab?

        His mentor as a young person was Frank Marshall Davis a Communist who was also a homosexual. Obama’s father was a Communist. A man named Richard WRIGHT,from CHICAGO, was an intimate of Davis. Obama went to CHICAGO, and later joined J WRIGHT’S church.
        The Illinois Communist parties blog featured an article about J Wright being “crucified” after his racist remarks became public.
        The words Mafia in Arabic means refuge. Guess all this is just “the Chicago way” ?

    • Yep, Old Nikita said “We will bury you.” Now the stealth candidate is here. Along with the millions of illegals promising to overwhelm our services with sheer numbers, we have the traitors who have been continuing from within called BLT.

      A few months back a friend mentioned he’d heard of a plan to privatize the police and fire departments across the country. He wondered whether we’d have to pay $5k to have them come if someone was breaking in to the house. I responded that if it turns out to be Blackwater that they contract, maybe we’ll be paying $5k for them NOT to come.

      Sickening. We’ve got to stop them.

      • tzada

        Obama’s buddy/backer George Soros is for open borders. Or the NEW WORLD ORDER. The NWO I used to think that was just a urban myth promoted by conspiracy people. Now not so much a doubter, it looks to be playing out like “they” said it would.

  • Clinton Fan

    BO might as well just tattoo PETULANT, CHILDISH ASSHOLE on his forehead.

    • Why? Its all over his face already.

      • SueB.

        HA!! Touche’ my friend!

    • Hope Floats

      Obama will get elected when Little Lord Fauntleroy pants make a comeback.

    • The Real Hope

      There are not enough adjectives in the English language to effectively describe the asshole Obama. I am beside myself whilst trying to adequately state my absolute revulsion for this creature. That we have sunk to this level of political debauchery says too much to be assimilated for any true American who loves this country. When will the decline take pause? Must we hit rock bottom in order to awaken to a reality that we’ve lost our sovereignty? Have we utterly failed in the education of our young people to such an extent that they completely misunderstand the seriousness of free elections in a free world? Are we thus destined for the historical scrapheap like Rome? When it is all said and done, will we own the will and capabilities to triumphantly dismantle a truly despotic form of government or will it tyranically dismantle WE, the PEOPLE?

      I believe that those of us who can SEE the end of this convoluted political avenue that the Democratic Party insists we traverse, are individuals who sense the horrific collision that is about to take place. Would not an Obama presidency be mired in capitulation to such an extent that America would become nothing more than a vestige of its former self? Will we recognize America after an Obama presidency? Will our psychological boundaries be so broken down through the acceptance of global citizenship that we will no longer honour and protect the constitution which gave our country its fervent beauty and love of independence? Who will we become during and after an Obama presidency? Will we recognize ourselves the morning after?

      The tragedy of authentic leadership is upon us. The greatest character defect that Obama possesses is his complete and abhorrent lack of AUTHENTICITY! He speaks with lofty words, but there is something in the very air about him that smells like cheap perfume. He lacks AUTHENTICITY! He lacks AUTHORSHIP! He lacks genuine AUTHORITY! He is not the author of his own autobiography.

      • Kathy

        To Real Hope,

        You just said what has been going round ‘n round in my head for months. You are so right. Thank you for putting it into words for me.

        We must find a way to fight this horrible _________ (I can’t find a good word to describe what is going on) that has taken over our country. When I listen to the MSM, I keep asking myself “are there really people out there buying this shit?” That is what really scares me.

        Who ever thought in their wildest dreams that FOX would be the only channel to listen to?

        • The Real Hope

          Yes I watch Fox too now. Isn’t that ironic? And I cannot find the words either really. We are descending into the abyss. We’ve lost all meaning of being Americans. Where is our study of history?
          Very sad.

  • sayitisntso

    He legitimized and validated the cover of the New Yorker cartoon by protesting them. O. knows he’s a fraud, otherwise, he would have not given the topic the time of day!

  • The Obamaination reached out and got me today.

    Yep, banned at FDL fer being a little to persistent about not going to the polls to elect the Obamaination nor a ‘superMajority’ for Miss Nanch and SellOut Reid.

    This bann joins my ban from ClosedMinds OpenLeft, Corrente, Crooks & Liars, TalkLeft and TPM. Hey….

    ….I can still post and diary at CheetoLand though!

    But I won’t.

    Cannot stand it over their SubComandante Markos is a true Republican at heart…thuggish and sexist to his core.

    Too bad….

    He’s fucked things up for a lot of follks. Now I’m negotiating with Drinking Liberally as to whether I stay on as Chapter leader or not.
    Seems I used some intemperate language re: Obamascum who did not appreciate by criticism of The One.

    When supposed ‘progressive blogs’ carry pics of The One chatting with Genurul Betrayus ‘coptering over Iraq using same to ‘show’ how militarily virile ‘The One’ is you know Sinclair Lewis’s warning to America has fallen on deaf ears.

    The Obamination and his ‘Democrat’ Party fluffers will get not a dime nor a minute from me.

    ‘Write in The Hill’

    • missE

      I think the real subComandante Marcos would be highly insulted being compared to that weasel Markos

    • You musta really been bad to get banned at FDL.

    • Yoly

      Republican Troll

      • Hope Floats

        HA HA HA.

  • When he gets press he does not like, all Obama can do now is refuse admission to his club.

    But, think of what he will be able to do to dissenters when he has his Civilian National Security Force. He will be crushing dissent with an iron fist. Stalin would be proud.

    • DAB

      Sounds like George Bush — only way worse.

      • fif

        It’s EXACTLY like Bush with his limited and controlled press conferences, and he has dealt with reporters who treat him favorably. Hillary, meanwhile, walks into the Pittsburgh Tribune to talk to Scaife, and then does a 2 part interview with O’Reilly that she nails. Obama is a coward.

        What happened to all of Obama’s BIG TALK about transparency? More b.s. He’s full of idealistic talk (FISA etc.) until it comes to actually putting it on the line.

        • onmomnaturesside

          “Uh,…Uh That is uh, a debate I look forward to having with Senator McCain.” How many times did Oblahma say that? He won’t debate him. He won’t answer tough questions because HE CAN’T.

          So, he was afraid to debate Hillary after the pre PA vote and he ran scared from the back of the flat bed truck discussions, that Hillary proposed.
          He ran from McCain’s town hall meetings.
          He’s running from the press.
          What a coward.
          Obama as CIC ? the biggest fairy tale of them all.

    • tzada

      My bet is that he will head this “security Force” with the New Black Panthers. The have promised on Obasma’s own web page to change America the Melting Pot into Molten America. Next arm 13,000 Chicago police with assault weapons. Wonder if Rezco and his buddies were ever given that old base and allowed to bring in those Iraq’s for “training” Wonder if that Chicago based man who is bringing in Iraq’s who fear for their lives is really bringing in the good guys? All roads lead between Iraq and Chicago.

  • standard

    Let’s see if the NYT keeps it buried in the pit where they hide all the other B.O. garbage.

    • Barbara

      Andrea Mitchell on Hardball: “Clearly the Surge has worked”?!? WTF?!?! by WinSmith Mon Jul 21, 2008 at 04:22:16 PM PDT
      Disgraceful shill Andrea Mitchell just gave a two minute speech on Chris Matthew’s Hardball in which she stated that “clearly the surge has worked!”

      I shit you not.

      I’m writing this diary shaking with rage.

      WinSmith’s diary :: ::
      What type of “objectivity” is this when the Surge, already given a propaganda name, is then stated to be “working” without any evidence given as to HOW THE FUCK IT HAS WORKED.

      The violence dropped when we started paying off insurgents with cash and brokering deals with the mullahs.

      What the FUCK does that have to do with the extra 30,000 troops George Bush sent 18 fucking months ago???

      How come we never hear peep about the bipartisan Iraq Study Report which stated we should’ve started pulling troops out in January of 2007???

      How come we never hear that the Iraq government remains paralyzed, that millions of Iraqis have had to flee the country to neighboring countries, that violence is down because there’s no one left to kill.

      That the Surge ™ was supposed to last SIX MONTHS.

      That the 30,000 troops Bush has stuck in Iraq as part of this glorious surge means we don’t have any troops to send to Afghanistan which is spiraling into chaos.

      Who the fuck are you, Andrea Mitchell, to stick your fact-free opinion into the debate simply because Barack Obama is coming off days of brilliance and success in his campaign? This is not balance. it is FALSE EQUIVALENCY.

      You, Andrea Mitchell, you tired, worn out Washington hack fraud, are injecting bullshit to help the republican candidate to try to prove you’re “objective.” But as any child knows, this is not objective. It is fraud.

      If you want to claim sending 30,000 troops to Iraq 18 months ago was “clearly a success” then explain the following, Mitchell you moron:
      Andrea Mitchell, a plan is NOT a success if none of the goals, timeframes or larger events intended come to fruition.

      How does a plan that was supposed to take six months be considered a “success” in its 18th month? How does a plan that removed what little reserves we had from serving in Afghanistan, where even the spineless McCain now agrees needs more troops, constitute a “success”? Could there be OTHER factors that have contributed to lowering violence levels that have nothing to do with Teh Surge ™, Andrea Mitchell you flunkie fraud? How do you explain how few political benchmarks were met as part of a six month “Surge” plan in its EIGHTEENTH MONTH??

      Simply lowered violence rates doesn’t mean shit, Mitchell you moron.

      Now, for balance, Chris Matthews is interviewing disgraced and indicted Trent Lott. Trent Lott is now trashing Obama while Chris Matthews chuckles.

      Ladies and gentlemen, our national media.

      And now, as I’m typing this:

      Trent lott: “Clearly the surge has worked, Senator Obama was wrong about that.”

      Chris Matthews: Mmmhmmm.

      Trent Lott: “The Surge has worked.”

      Fucking disgraceful.

      This is how the left treats anybody who sways away from their insane thinking , they turn vile , nasty, a depraved group of people ,The left wing hate site is a place where the venomous Obama supporters get together and just bash anybody who doesnt agree with them. They allow any language providing you direct to anybody except their precious Obama. I have tried on several occassions to post here,non threatening, civil post but because I did not support the O’Mighty One,my comment never made it to the page. You must love Obama to be a part of this obnoxious group of scumbags, but then the one they support is one of them,a scumbag married to a scumball wife.

      What a joy it is that all these scums of the earth have a place in their own ugly little hateful,delusional world together all in one ugly place in the hell they live in .

      • DAB

        Clearly, the Surge HAS worked.

        I was for leaving earlier because Bush couldn’t seem to get anything right and the situation seemed hopeless, but they finally put the right people in there. So I am a reluctant convert to the fact that

        Clearly, the Surge HAS worked.

  • About time we saw some journalism these days!

    Now,if we could only get the lemings on this side of the pond to take note of what it means to report actual facts, not what they’re TOLD to report.


    • tzada

      A very “telling” article.

      At a morning background briefing, reporters parried with senior advisers on the characterization of Obama’s speech Thursday in Berlin as a campaign rally. The outdoor speech at the Victory Column could draw thousands of people, similar to the size of Obama events in the United States.

      “It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.


  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    I love the foreign press, they are so….journalistic!

    • Hope Floats

      They’ve figured out Obama doesn’t like tough questions.

    • Joe

      They are far less sycophantic to the US government and to its politicians than the American MSM.

    • MaryPat

      Strange that the US media keep promoting the idea that Obama is loved and adored overseas, yet when I read articles in the British press the comments about Barry are more negative than positive.

      For instance, here’s the link to an article about Obama not being funny. There are comments like: “If Obama makes it to The White House, the joke will be on America.” “The only thing laughable regarding Obama is his utterly unjustified self-importance.” “The fact is Barack Obama is funny. He’s an idiot, but we are not at liberty to say so.” “Obama is a pathetic little parasite who is in way over his head. Dubya is a mental giant compared to this retarded socialist fool.”

      Of course, you can’t always tell whether the feedback is coming from the US or Britain, but I sense that the Brits, having been “bamboozled” by the boyish charm of Tony Blair, are much more wary of Obama than the US MSM would have us believe.

      If you are sick of the obvious bias in the US media, I suggest you check out UK papers like The Guardian/Observer, The Telegraph, The London Times, and The Independent (whose Dominic Lawson has done some highly critical opinion pieces on Obama).


      • Hope Floats

        Someone posted a joke in the comment thread. Hillary Kitten.

        Why Beer Is Better Than Obama

        “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” –Benjamin Franklin

        Soldiers like beer.

        Beer doesn’t come from Madrassas.

        You know what’s in beer.

        Beer won’t take half your paycheck.

        • MaryPat

          Why did Barack Obama cross the road?

          Because there wasn’t a body of water nearby for him to walk over.

          • B from Bloomington

            Ha ha! That’s a good one.

      • WildChild

        They used to show the BBC on CNN after midnight during the build up to the Iraq war. But even though the Brits were our allies, their media was asking questions whereas our media was all lined up with the cool graphics and the war sound tracks. Needless to say the BBC broadcasts didn’t last long.