“I think people make a judgment by what we do and what we don’t do. He certainly found time to do other things.” — John McCain

George Stephanopoulos interviewed John McCain at length on his Sunday morning program, ABC’s This Week, and asked Sen. McCain about Obama’s decision not to visit the wounded soldiers at Landstuhl:

As Memeorandum.com makes clear, this issue has “legs.” In case you missed it, Larry Johnson wrote an excellent analysis early this morning, “Obama Using the Troops.”

Via the McCain press release:

“I think people make a judgment by what we do and what we don’t do. He certainly found time to do other things.” — John McCain

John McCain
ABC’s “This Week”
July 27, 2008

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “There’s also been a flap about Senator Obama’s decision in Germany not to visit the troops at Landstuhl. He now says that, based on what he was hearing from the Pentagon, there was no way that wouldn’t be seen as a political trip, which is why he decided not to go. Do you accept that explanation?”

John McCain: “Well, I know this, those troops would have loved to have seen him. And I know of no Pentagon regulation that would have prevented him from going there without the media and the press and all of the associated people. Nothing that I know of would have kept him from visiting those wounded troops. And they are gravely wounded, many of them.”

“In Landstuhl, Germany, when I went through, I visited the hospital. But the important thing is that, if I had been told by the Pentagon that I couldn’t visit those troops, and I was there and wanted to be there, I guarantee you, there would have been a seismic event. And so, I believe he had the opportunity to go without the media. And I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.”

“There was nothing to prevent him from going, if he went without the press and the media and his campaign people. But we’ll see what happens.”

“I think people make a judgment by what we do and what we don’t do. He certainly found time to do other things.”

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  • Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman took issue with Gration’s statement, saying that the Defense Department did not object to Obama visiting in his role as an Illinois senator but it did not want campaign staff or the media present.

  • obama could have went to see the troops if he wanted to go see them and he did not go and that is the bottom line. it is something that truly disgusts me. i will not vote for him. i do not trust him. he belongs to the far left……..he will say whatever he things is necessary to get the votes. he disrespected our troops, their families and all americans. sometimes the truth is so simple………HE DID NOT GO TO VISIT OUR TROOPS. END OF STORY.

    • james

      What do you think will hurt a soldier most?

      Remembering Barack Obama didn’t visit the hospital?

      Or McCain’s numerous votes during the past few years against increased funding for veterans’ medical care, veterans’ outpatient services, and his opposition to veterans’ education benefits?

      Unfortunately the story doesn’t end when a wounded soldier leaves the service.

  • Indiana Dem

    I get weary of saying it, but I’ll say it again.

    Just compare John McCain’s actual voting record on veterans’ benefits and health care issues, combat troop equipment and safety, and time between combat zone tours with that of Barack Obama.

    Then tell me again that Obama doesn’t care for our men and women in uniform, while John McCain clearly does.

    Compared with John McCain’s actual voting record–from the beginning of the War in Iraq right up to his recent opposition to and ultimate failure to vote at all on the 2008 GI Bill–Barack Obama missing a hospital visit in Germany is totally meaningless.

    Barack Obama has never been on the wrong side of any veterans’ issue, or any issue having to do with the care and safety of troops in the field.

    That’s the fact of the situation, like it or not.

    • Your opinion only and you’re entitled to it. However, Obama is in consistent as we all know in his loyalties. I believe the term is flip-flopper…

      Let’s stick to reality as of today. Obama could not be bothered to support wounded troops with a quick visit. Why? His explanation is not good enough and seasoned voters know no politician does anything purely out of the goodness of their hearts. This is particularly true of Obama. The WHAAAAA sob, sob, sob, the Pentagon wouldn’t let me excuse was a flat out lie and Obama has been rightly busted for it.

      When Obama didn’t bother to meet with troops in Afganistan – but instead chose to do a photo-op basketball game and then didn’t meet with wounded soldiers, the message is clear.

      Mac Daddy Obama was too afraid to be in their presence since he voted against funding for the troops. He demoralized people in uniform with his constantly needy ego appetite for photo-ops and press adulation. This time it didn’t work too well however, as the press has begun to backlash.

      He is a liar and a sham and has no business even being considered as a POTUS contender on any front.