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What else is going on in the world?

  • Latinosformccain

    AMERICA Please wake up Obama is a Racist. Just look recently about the statement he stated about white president on Dollars bills. He is trying to make this a Race issue! Latinos wake up open your eyes obama is NOT for the Latinos!!!

    Latinos for McCain

  • america is waking up from its obama hangover….

    just in time!!!

  • Scott Ferrarello

    The Obamessieh and his Apostles are their own worst enemies. The RNC just sits back and waits for the next
    commercial topic.
    Hes just like Dean except Dean can’t read a teleprompter.

  • I’ll be there.
    OMGIAMGOINGNUTS is my name on BTR.

  • eurogirl70

    The vast majority of young and new voters, who are supporting Obama, are very agressive when it comes to being told what to do. I used to hire from the student body population at the University of Maryland, and these kids did not like to be told when they needed to come to work, how long they had to work, or the schedule they needed to adhere to.

    Yet this same generation of “don’t tell me what to do” have no problem whatsoever with being told what to THINK, provided that it is packaged with a kick-ass poster, free concert, and beer. If you can get over-paid and under-talented celebrities and so-called “artists” with the staying power of fruit flies to come out wearing “Obama or Die” t-shirts, “they will come”!

    These kids think that they are being so original and forging a new path, when they are falling for the oldest huckster scheme ever; take the old and make it new again! Have fun living out of your moms’ basements’.

    To all of us rational, intelligent souls, I have but one thing to say. These trolls will soon be leaving the blogosphere because without a job, they will not have the money to pay for high-speed cable. MySpace and Facebook will be taking a huge hit in the year to come!

    • eurogirl70

      correction: internet

  • BoboBolinski

    My God you Obama haters are incredulous. All this energy to avoid facing the facts. Yes you can say Yes to Obama – try it. It might make your lives less miserable.

    • WildChild

      hmmm, why do you hate BOBO? Don’t you support the guy?

    • roseeriter

      What facts? Obama is unqualified for POTUS. What other fact is needed here?

    • max

      BOBO that is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read at this post. I guess in the new world order of the chosen one we are not allowed to have our own opinion just the talking points our leader gives us. Can you say 1984.
      You Obama supports remind me so much of cultist, just smile and say everything is wonderful in Obamaland.
      Get a life

    • Ann On

      “My God you Obama haters are incredulous.”

      So true.

  • fred

    There’s an article about PUMA in today’s Politico (Ben Smith — 2nd article). Puma comments needed!


  • CheatedFLVoter

    Breaking… Sen Ted Stevens R of Alaska has been indicted on 7 counts by the Justice Dept.

    • workingclass artist

      Karma Dominoes….anyone ?

  • katmandu

    Rasmussen says the Berlin bounce is gone — the race is a tossup again. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/2008_presidential_election/daily_presidential_tracking_poll

    Hillary didn’t need a bounce. The last comparative polling had her running well ahead of McCain.

  • Denise

    That was a great interview with Diane in Ohio.

  • imustprotest

    Great job Diane!! I love that she worked in the not visiting the troops!

  • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

    DIANE is on right NOW!!


  • S&T

    Obama is going to lose. He stole the primary from Hillary and now we need to take it back. Obam is a phoney

  • katmandu

    The CEO of the Democratic Convention, Leah Daughtry, is online from noon-one at Washington Post’s online chat. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2008/07/22/DI2008072201903.html Send her a question!

    (BTW, she believes in faith healing and the creationist theory of how life began.)

    • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

      Ahh this is the marxist who supports reparations isnt it?

      CEO of the Democratic National Convention, Black Liberation Theologist
      By Rizzuto
      Mon Jul 21, 2008 – Is the Democratic Party suicidal? The head of the DNC’s religious outreach, Leah Daughtry who, in addition to believing that God finds abortion acceptable (something I find hard to swallow even as an agnostic), is a believer in the same Marxist “Black Liberation Theology” preached by Reverend Wright. This from a glowing puff piece about Ms. Daughtry from the New York Times:
      Behind her as she preached, a simple wooden cross hung on a brick wall in the vaulted and sizable sanctuary of the church, which is headed by her father, Herbert Daughtry. A prison convert who served time in his early 20s for armed robbery and passing bad checks, Herbert Daughtry — whose father founded the church and whose grandfather and great-grandfather were also ministers — became the church’s pastor 50 years ago, and today Leah was delivering the sermon as part of an anniversary celebration. Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, “They Owe Us.” Fliers recounted Herbert Daughtry’s arrest, a few weeks earlier, as he led marchers protesting the not-guilty verdict in the police killing of Sean Bell, an unarmed black man. His ministry has always combined consuming spirituality with black liberation theology — the theology Jeremiah Wright invoked this spring to defend his controversial sermons — and zealous political activism. Leah holds these forces within her.
      But wait there’s more! This New York-born Pentecostal minister is not only the head of their religious outreach, she’s the CEO of the Democratic National Convention! That’s right, the CEO of the DNC is a MARXIST! Folks…do we really need any more proof?

    • workingclass artist

      Holy Cow !…..Infiltration of the Party is COMPLETE….Somebody better post a Guard at DARWINS’ GRAVE….OH BROTHER!

  • roseeriter

    Major DNC Donor to Party Treasurer: Obama is a Bad Investment

    After years of stepping in land mines, I learned to read people and situations. I had no choice – my listening skills were honed, my gut fine-tuned. I picked up on what was and was not said, and I always paid close attention to the cast of characters.

    • imustprotest

      Thank you for posting that. The author’s letter validated the feelings and opinions expressed on this site and others.

      • imustprotest

        opps…I should say echoed the feelings not validated.

        • roseeriter

          I think most of us here at NQ can relate to it.
          We spotted Bush as bad for this country and Obama too.

          • WildChild

            The thing is Bush exceeded all our expectations his being bad for the country. We’d have to be crazy to vote for his son The One.

          • workingclass artist

            Can you imagine how BAD we ( fans of Ann Richards ) had it watching this trainwreck ( HIJACK 2000 ) whilst surviving in the Sunny and mildly Fascist state of TEXAS….Kept shouting No! No! No! and felt like Mr. Bill

    • Zee


      thank you SO much for posting that. It was an AWESOME letter.

      I wrote to I own my vote to thank them also and ask the writer if s/he minded our quoting it?

      It’s EVERYTHING put so succinctly and eloquently!!!

  • JoseyJ

    Only 35% view Obama’s foreign trip as positive.