The executives were extremely excited about the new business and green job opportunities..

Smart Grids. Windmills. And..

Chicago Climate Exchange.

Our family sat down Friday night and played games of Zilch and a few hours later we looked outside and saw we had around 16 inches of beautiful cooling snow upon this warming planet. The hot chocolate mugs were set aside and then I read the news.

Copenhagen. This global warming event was a failure. What a waste of time and money. The headlines said it all.

From England: Copenhagen ‘deal’ is a ‘shameful and monumental failure’ and Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure.

From the U.S.: President Barack Obama said the United States, China and several other countries reached an “unprecedented breakthrough” Friday to curb.. Notice the different takes on the event between here and across the big pond? More on that later.

I am not going to go as far as some and brush off global warming warnings, but I am increasingly convinced that statements like: “our factories are killing kids in third world countries,” as Lydia Baker, Save the Children’s policy adviser basically said today makes this issue the new race card equivalency. Not unlike how the media was duped into calling anyone who disagreed with Obama in 2008 elections a racist, the U.S. media is prepared to call climate change skeptics uncaring, soulless rich, thieving thugs.

The irony is that I honestly believe that some of those rich thugs are funding the movement against the other rich thugs. Take this note posted on Hufpo (12/18/2009) by Rep. Diana DeGette, U.S. Representative from Colorado

The U.S. Congressional delegation began the final day of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen at a working breakfast with high-tech executives from companies such as Google and Maytag. The executives were extremely excited about the new business and green job opportunities presented by a new alternative energy and smart grid system.

I wonder if she knows just how revealing that little memo was for those who pay attention to details?

It’s All About The Money.

Anyone who has read my articles in the past knows that I have a certain distain for the relationship between the news-filtering, spy-on-Internet-surfers, Obama-loving Google and the current administration. But the relationships that have developed between corporate America and the U.S. Government during this “scare the crap out of people” movement is disturbing to say the least.

It’s not enough that these companies are spending millions to lobby in DC they are hosting a Copenhagen breakfast for our jet-set legislators to pump up the urgency of the moment.

Smart Grid. That would be General Electric. GE, who until its recent deal with Comcast, owned NBC news and is an entertaining example of how one rich thug can use its media company to promote alternative energy, preach global warming and make billions for its shareholders, while beating up on other rich thugs.

They have a fine array of government sponsored businesses. If you recall they sort of supported, and now heavily promote military escalation. (From fighters, helicopters and transports to the next generation of unmanned aircraft, GE’s military engines provide the necessary power and reliability for …)

But they are environmentally friendly rich thugs, as they also happen to be a world leader in developing wind power generators. I despise coal company thugs so much that I would put a turbine in my bedroom if I thought it would help save mountains. But I will not act blind to what appears to be going on with a mountain of my tax dollars.
GE source

NEW YORK, NY -December 10, 2009-GE (NYSE:GE) announced today it has received a $1.4 billion contract from independent power producer Caithness Energy to supply wind turbines .. for a .. wind farm project to be located in Oregon. Oregon (sic) is, offering a 50 percent tax credit to offset capital costs.

Thank you citizens of Oregon. Your generous tax contributions may save a mountain here in the East.

I urge everyone to be kind to the earth. Use less electricity. Drive less. Make sure you take the shortest routes when you fly your private jets to save-the-world meetings. Do all you can do to help. I also urge you to pay attention and don’t simply assume that every company that adds a little green hue to their websites is overwhelmingly concerned for the well being of poor little kids in island nations who may be flooded when the polar caps melt.

Your Money.

These companies are run by good capitalists, as they should be. But will you be shamed enough by their “don’t be an enemy of the earth” mantra that you willingly ask and allow them to use your own government to reach deeper in your pockets to enrich their investors?

Which brings us to the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Yes. There is that word again: Chicago. CCX also controls the European Exchange. Al, I don’t want to pay taxes in America so I will incorporate my company in London, Gore owns 10% of CCX. The exchange was set up by former Goldman Sachs head (drum roll) former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen. Goldman also owns 10% of the exchange.

I am personally against Cap and Trade because it will increase mountaintop removal. Companies that operate coal powered electric plants will buy carbon credits from defunct Russian (formerly Soviet Government owned) companies and jack up their production. [Link: Russia, as a result of the collapse of much of its heavy industry in the 1990s, owns one of the largest stocks of credits to offset carbon emissions.]

The reason you should be against it is you should have some pure skepticism lurking about you when you accept the notion that the people promoting it are going to get very rich, off of you, if the rules go into place. We are talking about a world-wide multi-TRILLION dollar industry.

This is a global rip off. For example a consultant based in Kenya tells developing (poor) countries they can make money selling carbon credits on the CCX to industrialized countries which fail to meet emission limits. Everybody can have a piece of your American Pie.

Outside of plowing your hard-earned money into the pockets of old Chicago friends, you may ask, why would the president of the United States of America be behind something that is not a part of the pure and joyful change we hoped for when we selected him?

Let’s look at some history. Once you screw up and vote present on something (or let your ghost writer Bill tell you how to vote) you basically have to stick with the theme.

The Joyce Foundation, on whose board of directors Obama served with “just a guy down the street” Bill Ayers, gave nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were “instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange.”

From (Consider the source, CFP ,but think about the words.)

Even as man-made global warming is being exposed as a money-generating hoax, Obama is working feverishly to push the controversial cap-and-trade carbon reduction scheme through Congress.

Obama was never the character he created for himself in the fairy-tale version in “Dreams of My Father”. He’s the agent of Change and Hope for cohorts making money down at the Chicago Climate Exchange.

The Barbarians are pushing at the gate of the Global Warming fraud, and to borrow a line from children playing Hide and Seek, Here they come, ready or not!

I am very happy that winter came here in time for Christmas and I am actually pleased that the Copenhagen talks failed to produce the deal the corporate sponsors put on their Santa wish list. Maybe soon we can look at environmental issues without using a Harvard MBA business plan as the boiler template for cooperative agreements and maybe..

Maybe the U.S. MSM will get their heads out of their butts and seek truth before reporting opinions given to them by their sources who sign checks written on our bank accounts.

ps. Mr. President. You can fly to Denmark; stick your nose up at the world; insult the Chinese people; act like you give a damn.. But not once have you visited a Mountaintop Removal Coal mine site in your our own country. So tell me: What ARE you smoking these days?

  • Docelder

    I know, sometimes it’s like being the Chinese judge at the olympics… the score that always gets thrown out. Merry Christmas OA and everybody else. Watching the Lone Gunmen on DVD here and waiting for midnight to open presents with the wife and kids here in Tampa. No snow here, we have the windows open, actually it’s fairly warm out.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Look at what my mother sent.

    A picture of hundreds prtesting Global Warming,

  • I’m a Linda too

    Already happened.  Remember, Obama needed more money for his “expanded” convention…and all those FAKE coloumns.  Along came AT&T and in came Telecomm Immunity.

    See, they didn’t need to pay anymore in telecomm loybbyists this year.  They took care of it all LAST year.

  • Onofre’s arm

    Hey Doc! I’m glad you think it’s good that I’m still here. I sometimes wonder if I’m welcome. I LOVE “Flight of the Concords”. One of the best tv shows in the last ten years.

  • Docelder

    Good to see you are still here OA.  😎

  • Onofre’s arm

    Global warming is a doddle. While millions of Chicken Little, warming worriers are losing sleep over a possible 1.5 C rise in temp over the next hundred years, OUR WHOLE CONTINENT is flying off at the breakneck speed of 2.5 meters per century to GOD KNOWS WHERE!! WHERE’S THE BRAKE?? Heaven help us!
    (I’m sure Soros is somehow behind this)

  • Docelder

    Maybe that the White House press corps overreached will be a good thing? It is going to take something to break the inertia. There is this “the news is what we say it is” attitude coming from the White House and it is dangerous. If the rest of the world starts to see that, so much the better. We could use the help. all the help we can get right now.

  • Docelder

    It can’t be long now before we start seeing the DNC convention presented by CitiBank and the RNC convention presented by Goldman Sachs. It will be just like the “Federal Express Orange Bowl” and few will probably notice the change at all.

  • West Virginia

    It also seems that the world press is going to be watching the O team more closely in the future.  The Chicago Way the WH team tried to manipulate the Obama “victory” did not go unnoticed.


    Why did Copenhagen fail to deliver a climate deal?

    Number 6.

    The way this deal was concocted and announced was perhaps the logical conclusion of a news culture wherein it is more important to beam a speaking president live into peoples’ homes from the other side of the world than it is to evaluate what has happened and give a balanced account.

    The Obama White House mounted a surgical strike of astounding effectiveness (and astounding cynicism) that saw the president announcing a deal live on TV before anyone – even most of the governments involved in the talks – knew a deal had been done.

    The news went first to the White House lobby journalists travelling with the president. With due respect, they are not as well equipped to ask critical questions as the environment specialists who had spent the previous two weeks at the Bella Center.

    After the event, of course, journalists pored over the details. But the agenda had already been set; by the time those articles emerged, anyone who was not particularly interested in the issue would have come to believe that a deal on climate change had been done, with the US providing leadership to the global community.

    The 24-hour live news culture did not make the Copenhagen Accord. But its existence offered the White House a way to keep the accord’s chief architect away from all meaningful scrutiny while telling the world of his triumph.

  • Docelder

    Th DNC as I am sure the RNC are corporations. I imagine if these were traced up the corporate ladder we would see that they are two insances of sub corporations setup by under some holding corporation. Freedom has become a relative term as of late. Before we judge the Nebraska senator too harshly… how many are going to tell the government to stick it… we aren’t buying into the insurance? People will go to jail because of this, before it is done. This is bigger than a senator from Nebraska, this bill is a fundamental change to our relationship with government.

  • West Virginia

    The father of the climate change debate, btw, also is pleased that the Denmark meeting went south and he states that Cap and Trade DOES NOT WORK.


    AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Hansen, start off with why you weren’t at Copenhagen. I mean, this is your thing. It was the global warming summit of summits.

    JAMES HANSEN: Well, they were talking about having a cap-and-trade-with-offsets agreement, which is analogous to the Kyoto Protocol, which was disastrous. Before the Kyoto Protocol, global emissions of carbon dioxide were going up one-and-a-half percent per year. After the accord, they went up three percent per year. That approach simply won’t work.

    And I’m actually quite pleased with what happened at Copenhagen, because now we have basically a blank slate. We have China and the United States talking to each other, and it’s absolutely essential. Those are the two big players that have to come to an agreement. But it has to be an honest agreement, one which addresses the basic problem. And that is that fossil fuels are the cheapest source of energy on the planet. And unless we address that and put a price on the emissions, we can’t solve the problem.

  • SHV

    unless I act NOW (polar ice cap gone! terrorist attack immenient! country going bankrupt so pass health care reform!)  and they stand to make a lot of money off a solution being implemented to solve the specific problem they say is dire, then their motives are suspect.
    Exactly…The warming planet is a fact and then that fact is used to enrich Obama’s campaign contributers at the expense of the Public good.  The mortgage based derivative and CDS scam collapsed and now they need the “Cap & Trade” derivative and CDS scam to replace it.

  • Docelder

    Yes there are two factions of radical greenies. One that doesn’t want people to be able to afford to buy, have or do anyting that isn’t good for the environment… the other radical faction doesn’t want there to be people period. Both of these are inherently evil as it requires the imposition of will upon another, which is akin to servitude. Ironic, all the democrats running around invoking the image of slavery and the Holocaust… when in fact the democrats right now are the ones imposing their wills literally to enslave the world under an oppressive carbon tax wealth colection and redistribution scheme.

    The greenies remind me of this spoof video.

  • Retired

    The dinosaurs ignored reports of global warming, too, and look at what happened to them.  If they had only curbed their carbon emissions, they might still be here instead of man.
    Humankind is responsible for everything.  Nature is powerless against us.
    Those who truly love the earth will work to eliminate humankind.

  • West Virginia

    This is an Eastan McNeal post.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Merry Christmas, to who ever composed the post. it does not say as use to at the top.  =-X

  • Tricia

    Very educational–I guess there are vultures wherever there is meat.  It’s hard to get good things done wihtout being ripped off–such a strange irony.

  • I’m a Linda too


  • jbjd

    “Maybe we should just call this the Democratic Auction in stead of Congress.”

    IALT, call the D’s what they actually are: the DNC Services Corporation.Maybe people will begin to understand this really is a business.
    U.S. SENATOR BEN NELSON (D-NE) to the CITIZENS of NEBRASKA: “You’re not the boss of me!”

    United States Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) receives his $174,000 annual salary through payroll checks drawn from the U.S. Treasury but he actually works for the Corporation. The DNC Services Corporation. So, while the U.S. Constitution authorizes his office in the Legislative branch of the federal government, Mr. Nelson takes his marching orders directly from the DNC. And even though the Declaration of Independence proclaims that governments “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed,” given the choice between following the lead of his constituents back home in Nebraska or the dictates of officials of the Corporation, again, Mr. Nelson defers to them. 

    Surely, if the enlightened thinkers who conceived and drafted of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution had intended to transfer any portion of the power of the people into the domain of the major political parties in this way, they would have mentioned political parties somewhere, anywhere in these auspicious documents. But they didn’t. The recent conduct of Senator Nelson points to prima facie evidence why.,,,

  • I’m a Linda too

    Excellent, excellent post.  Thank you.

    Maybe we should just call this the Democratic Auction in stead of Congress.

    Yes, the “Cap and Trade away our economy” program sucks.  And if you read what ACES had in it and most was tha miserable program of Cap and Trade, no wonder Al was for passing it.  It made no sense to me when I saw it was doing nothing for cutting pollution or CO2, but driving up energy for open market pricing for carbon and permits.

    AND…of course, we know how Obama was going to get the bad Coal folks and then had his secret meetings and granted 36 Mountain Top Removal Permits.

    Awwwe, doesn’t this make us all feel warm and fuzzy. 🙁

  • surfered

    The World Meteorological Organization reports the decade ending 2009 will be the warmest on record, warmer than the 1990’s, which were warmer than the 1980’s.  Their findings are consistent with those of our own National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 
    The Arctic’s five lowest sea ice extents on record all occurred in the past five years.  Satellite photos reveal that both the fabled Northwest Passage and the Northeast Passage melted free in 2008 for the first time in recorded history.  They melted free again in 2009.  The shrinking island of ice around the North Pole has also gotten thinner.  According to NASA and the University of Washington, overall mean winter thickness has decreased 48% since 1980.   
    At the other end of our world, Antarctic temperatures have risen 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 50 years.  A study performed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and universities from four nations found that ice loss there has increased 75% in the last 10 years and is now nearly as great as that observed in Greenland.
    Those who deny these facts are arguing with satellite photos and thermometers.  Good luck with that. 

  • Texas Playwright

    Wonderful post!  Amen to the it’s-all-bout-the-money premise.  It is.  IMO, greed is the worst of the seven deadlies.  I’m willing to go into major thrift mode to resurrect my country.  My grandparents’ values during the Great Depression will be my guide, and I bet millions of Americans would do the same.

    We the People have more power than we think.  Time to stand on our Bill of Rights and save our country.

  • trixta

    (The above post @ 7:12:55 is mine)

  • Anonymous

    As you suggest, the jury is still out on global warming, but if it means discrediting this theory to prevent Cap & Trade then so be it.  I do, however, think that pollution and the decimation of mountaintops, etc. need to be addressed. 

  • tango

    Go green anyone?  Have to test out the new message system!

  • tango

    That’s why I take everything that Al Gore says regarding global warming with a grain of salt. I feel there is some man made proponet to it, etc, but when anyone tells me specifically that something bad is going to happen unless I act NOW (polar ice cap gone! terrorist attack immenient! country going bankrupt so pass health care reform!)  and they stand to make a lot of money off a solution being implemented to solve the specific problem they say is dire, then their motives are suspect. 

    Of course Al wants global warming to be true. Of course, he wants to sell carbon credits and make 10%. Of course when asked to explain or debate some of the silly things he says, he refuses.  All the while, continuing to live a lifestyle that’s not necessarily sympathetic to conserving resources and making tons of money.

  • Docelder

    The CCX is maybe the bigest reason Obama was “the one” in 2008. In the end it wasn’t his Hopenchange attitude, or his Oprah star power or even his skin tone… it was his involvement with this carbon as the “new gold standard” scheme. The scheme is so evil, and so transparently evil if it weren’t true and the story was leaked out it would be too ridiculous to even make a good conspiracy. Because nobody would believe it. Such is the world now Post Obama. We really should have started the calendars over to 1 B.O. in January 2009, because nothing in the “age of Obama” will ever be the same again. Change changes everything.