For Immediate Release: From the John McCain Campaign.

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, in Florida, Barack Obama once again demonstrated that his words really don’t matter. When discussing NASA programs, Barack Obama said that “it’s still being reported” that he would delay the NASA Constellation Program to pay for his early education program. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, that is what he proposed and has been saying for months:

Here he is in Titusville, FL, home to many NASA workers and their families, making some very telling comments. Is he flipping again? You decide.

YouTube Preview Image

According to Obama’s own website, he did indeed propose delaying the NASA Constellation Program to help pay for his Early Childhood Education program. See his plan here.

McCain’s campaign had this to say to Obama:

WORDS MATTER: Barack Obama Said He Would Pay For His Early Education Program By Delaying The NASA Constellation Program…

Here is more on Obama’s education plan:

In November, Barack Obama Proposed Cutting NASA’s Budget To Fund His Education Programs. “To pay for his education program, Obama would eliminate tax-deductibility of CEO pay by corporations and delay NASA’s program to return to the moon and then journey to Mars.

In an editorial piece in The Houston Chronicle, they ask, “How Would Barack Obama’s Positions Affect Houston And Its Residents”? Here is what they said:

“Houston is home to the Johnson Space Center. Obama has said he wants to postpone NASA’s Constellation program for five years. Should that happen, the gap between the end of the shuttle program and flight testing of a new spacecraft would exceed 10 years — years with no U.S. ability to fly humans in space. Would Obama really force such a gap, deterring Americans from pursuing careers in space science and crippling the U.S. space program for a generation?”

And today in the Orlando Sentinel, Obama said this about the Constellation Program:

“I think the constellation project is a bold vision but we haven’t thought through all the steps to get there and what the funding sources are.”

Obama it seems has never been able to take a steady stance on NASA at all. He talks about NASA “cannibalizing” other programs to keep the “shuttle program” going. Well, Obama wants to “cannibalize” the next generation NASA program, thereby dumbing down space exploration.

hillaryjohn.jpg Hillary always maintained a steady course, calling for expansion of NASA and other space programs.It earned her an endorsement from none other than, John Glen, former Senator and astronaut. Here is the announcement in The Columbus Dispatch.

If Hillary were our presumptive nominee, would we have to deal with these flip-flops. In a one word answer. No.

Obama, can you tell us where you really stand on NASA and the Constellation Program? In a one word answer. No.

Once again, Obama, is the “no man”.

  • sayitisntso

    It has been pointed out to me that shortly after Obama’s European speech, the SUN was totally eclipsed, visible from that part of the globe but not here.

    Is this just wierdness?

  • suzy000

    And to think he has half the nation in his pocket…what’s wrong with this picture?????

  • suzy000

    Also, Angry Michelle, did you see President Clinton’s remark today while he was in Africa about alot of “things” would come out regarding the DNC primaries? Wonder what that could be? Hmmmmm… Can’t Wait!!

  • Sassy

    Great economic stimulas package…move NASA to China! Hey Florida and Texas, had enough yet? The “O” is going to rock your world!

  • wodiej

    both could be accomplished w fiscal responsibility. let hollywood fund the arts. they’re swimming in cash.

    on early education. I want to know with this influx of cash will parents be held accountable as well on the education and behavior of their kids? that is part of the problem.

  • JoseyJ

    Video is no longer available.

  • MEchelle Hates America!

    BothWaysBarack Oblowme is a refiner.

    What’s a refiner you might ask.

    Does it have to do with oil? Nope.

    It has to do with Oblowme’s continually lying about his stated positions and endorsements.

    Oblowme: redefining the English language.

  • xax

    “That has been a top priority for us. Uh. Uh. Uh. This is an administration that has been anti science.”

    So I see he’s taking Hillary’s talking points… again!

    Say one thing and then when it’s no longer convenient say another. That’s the real Barack Obama.

    • No for O

      BackTrack Obama is one of his names.

  • I just got the Corsi book literally 15 minutes ago. “The Obama Nation” So far I see Larry Johnson and a million other things I recognize, including youtube videos.

    Flineo’s “There Will Be Bamboozling ll” youtube video is written about across three pages in the book: pgs 228–230.

    He also has articles I already have stored on my blog. Can’t wait to read it!!

  • No for O

    Okay…NASA under the bus.

    How is he going to make it fit???

    • Zeke

      solid fuel boosters

  • Clinton Fan

    This is getting almost comical.

    I think the list would be shorter if we stuck with matters upon which he has stayed consistent.

    Everything from Reverend Wright to FISA and now this…it’s a frigging JOKE!

    How much cognitive dissonance can the latte crowd, the stupid “Oh, he’s CUUUUTE!” bunch, the “I have to vote for him because he’s ethnic, to prove I am a POST-RACIAL human” types, and the dirty feet Marxists, continue to bear? I mean, really….come ON!!!

    If you stripped away his name, his race, his pretty smile, his GQ look, his male model attitude, and put a styrofoam block up on the stage with his “issue stances” stapled to it, all of the aforementioned assorted liberals wouldn’t give Candidate Styrofoam X the time of day–they’d label him REPUBLICAN, “neocon,” panderer, dangerous, George Bush Redux…you name it.

    I gotta say, Obama is using race to good effect–he’s managed to keep these fools bamboozled up to now.

    But how much longer can they STAY stupid?

    Or is it that they’re too ashamed, like the little old lady who loses her savings to some creepy telemarketer, to admit they have been conned?

    I love the use of the word “refine!” Talk about SPIN!!! It sure beats “flipped” or “flopped” or “backtracked” or “reversed” or “rejected my former position” to explain how he completely FUCKED his one-issue/antiwar supporters. And he didn’t even KISS ’em first! Hey Barack, as a lifelong, generously donating Democrat, I’ve “refined” my contributions to the party–ya jerk!

    No matter how he bamboozles, he’s still saying he is changing his mind, crapping on his activist supporters, who are now STUCK with him, the con artist:

    On Iraq, Obama said Thursday that his upcoming trip there might lead him to refine his promise to quickly remove U.S. troops from the war.

    He now supports broader authority for the government’s eavesdropping program and legal immunity for telecommunications companies that participated in it, after opposing a similar bill last year.

    After the Supreme Court overturned the District of Columbia’s gun ban, the handgun-control proponent said he favors both an individual’s right to own a gun as well as government’s right to regulate ownership.

    Obama became the first major-party candidate to reject public financing for the general election after earlier promises to accept it.

    He not only embraced but promised to expand Bush’s program to give more anti-poverty grants to religious groups, a split with Democratic orthodoxy.

    He objected to the Supreme Court’s decision outlawing the death penalty for child rapists, even though he has been anti-capital punishment.

    Obama also said “mental distress” should not count as a health exception that would permit a late-term abortion, saying “it has to be a serious physical issue,” addressing a matter considered crucial to abortion rights activists.

    What a bullshit artist!!!!!!!!

    • Total bullshit artist.

    • Zeke

      “He not only embraced but promised to expand Bush’s program to give more anti-poverty grants to religious groups, a split with Democratic orthodoxy.”
      There is a much deeper strategy involved with Barry’s “Faith Based” line. I’ve mentioned it before, but the truth of it is that participation by government in his so-called “Faith Based” support is the means by which Government seizes the church.
      Once government gets financial support INTO churches, it then has the right to dictate what may be placed on the walls it helps pay to maintain. There will then need to be LIMITS on what may be displayed as it might offend some little kid getting free day care and lunch.
      Separation of Church and State is there to protect both sides.
      Allow them to merge in any way and it means the end for both.

  • How does this sound?
    barky implodes, Hillary becomes the nominee, the republican have waste tons of cash against barky. Hillary swoops in and wins the election.

    • Sorry about the horrible grammar, I really need to proof read.

  • Ferdberfle

    Oblahblah is PT Barnum to Axelrod’s Bailey and his run for the presidency is a three ring circus, complete with clowns of all types. No tigers or lions, though (too close to PUMAs). If we stay away in droves, maybe they’ll fold the tents.

  • Patti

    Asslerod and company are so vain they think they invented Marxism and they are the only Ones in the world today that have a handle on it. Thus, as Michelle would say, they’re attracting the youth to this “new” idea. They are just so progressive. They are pros on brainwashing. Hopey-Changey-Yay

    I liked it, once upon a time, when everything was cool.

    Omoonie, he’s jail bait. Yes He Is.

  • cdo

    It makes absolutely NO sense to take money from NASA for education.
    Education is to make sure we have a knowledgeable base of people in fields like math and science. Once they have that education, who will employ them? Uhm, places like NASA!

    Big fat frikking DUH.
    It was that kind of stupidity that turned me off Obama back in February.

  • dan l

    Hee Hee…Tell os how you REALLY feel Kat…LOL Too Funny!

  • AX10

    To his defense (because I am not a blind partisan
    unlike those at the Dailykos Hate site)
    early education programs are highly valuable.
    At the same time though, Mr. Obama wants to
    double the size of the National Endowment For The Arts. That is where Mr. Obama wants to put our
    Scientific Research money towards, one of the
    greatest wastes of money in the federal budget,
    The National Endowment For The Arts. Hollywood is
    estatic that he is going to double the size of the
    endowment. We average Americans are NOT!

    • Early education programs are very important, but it’s so….non-Presidential to want to have dust build at NASA. I care about space discovery–it is so American, to want to explore and learn, and of course, there is world competition. Also, these space projects already take sooo long, many years…and I just don’t like the expansion of faith based programs (it’s already a threat on science, in my opinion), and then NASA…I just can’t deal with that.

      There needs to be a way that we have excellent early education without interfering with the NASA space program. There is no reason why those issues should interfere with one another.

      AND, what do you mean, Obama wants to put our science money into National Endowment for the Arts and Hollywood is happy?


      • Patti

        But Obama is already the sun, moon and stars and skies, kat. Why now would we need that notion called NASA?

  • Can’t believe a word he says, not a word.

  • Joe Smith

    Well, well, once again Obama has all bases covered on his position.

    Barack Obama’s early education and K-12 plan package costs about $18 billion per year. He will
    maintain fiscal responsibility and prevent any increase in the deficit by offsetting cuts and revenue sources in other parts of the government. The early education plan will be paid for by delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years, using purchase cards and the negotiating power of the government to reduce costs of standardized procurement…etc.”

    In the video BO attempts to shift the blame for his flip-flopping on the press. Crafty dude. The man is effing ridiculous.

  • Ya ya ya, Obama you wanna give money to faith based programs, but halt money for science.

    Hillary says she wants to “end the war on science.”

    Obama: Between you and Bush, you’ll have the USA living in caves, hunting with bow and arrows, while the rest of the world is zipping around in flying cars…LOL. OMG.

    omg omg omg

    LOL. Damn IT!

    Give us Hillary. Give us those green jobs. I want HILLARY for president.

  • We had to deal with BUSH for ALLLLL these years for THIS? Obama? WTF!!!!

    I am sooo pissed off.

    Obama changes on everything. EVERYTHING. I can’t take it anymore.

    HOW the HELL does Obama have supporters? What do they support? They support NOTHING. He stands for NOTHING.

    Black community ignored for two Bush terms. Gay community ignored for two BUSH terms. Women ignored for two Bush terms. 8 YEARS. Almost a decade of SHIT. HORRIBLE. DAMN IT.

    Now the democrats want even MORE SHIT!

    Give us Hillary, you dumb stupid idiots! We know where she stands on everything: A True Blue Democrat!!

    Freakin’ Twilight Zone.

    Ok, I’m just going to stop now, cause I am so sick and tired of OBAMA’S CRAP. Just too pissed off right now.

  • Babs

    What scares me the most about Obama defense-wise is his plan to shut down the Star Wars missile defense system. I saw the video of him stating that a few days after China had shot down what was, if I recall correctly, an errant weather station. At any rate, a seventh grader can tell you how vunerable our very existence would be without those birds in the sky, and Obama wants to render us helpless in defending them. God help us.

  • Lyn

    And of course Obama’s PDF linked from his site has scrubbed the sentence about NASA.

    This is WHY I get so po’d at “Read his web site” answers since they change the web site all the time to cover their tracks. I want to hear from Obama’s own mouth his plans, so later on they can’t try (as much) to pretend he flipped, when it is on youtube or print.

  • BobBlackman

    The youth vote and indeed a large element of the Democrat base are excluded because polling companies call landlines. Many young and also poorer people do not have landlines and are therefore under represented in the sample. Polls are useful for general trends, not for each specific poll.

    • beebop

      Don’t they answer the phone at their parents’ house? 🙂

    • Ferdberfle

      The youth vote is a joke. I’ve seen them in inaction.

  • Judy

    Anyone who supports this guy is stupid!

    He wears you out with all of the flip flopping. It is very obvious, once he is in office he will flip flop again on campaign promises.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again – look at the 13th District in Chicago – see how much change and hope he accomplished there.

  • Babs

    This is off subject, but when you have a free minute, go over to Amazon and search on Corsi Obama (sorry, if I tried to provide a link I’d probably bring down the electric grid from Miami to Boston), and read the reviews and the comments on “Obama Nation”. It’s so painfully obvious that none of the pro-Obama people have read the book, and the people who have clearly read it recommend it highly. 700 plus footnotes to Obama’s own words and deeds, not one Obama supporter has yet to refute any fact in the book. This is what the MSM has refused to investigate, and the book is already #5 on the list of all books being sold at Amazon right now.

  • WHY is Obama running to be president? He isn’t even a democrat!! He doesn’t act like one, he doesn’t sound like one: When was the last time you heard him refer to himself as a democrat? He never did during the primary season—wants those republican votes, Hell–he votes like a republican now.

    WTF does Obama have to offer us? HUH? NOTHING. What is the damn point of him? He SUCKS.

    Yeah ok, Obama, expand those FAITH BASED programs, and halt money to science. GREAT!

    I’m gonna flip the hell out.

    Obama. You SUCK!!

    Go the hell away, you fake ass democrat.

    • PKJayne

      I’m glad you got your thougts together Kat. Carry on!

  • Mel

    You people just do not get it do you?

    Every evening, Obama goes to his room, lights some incense and candles and speaks to all the fallen soldiers he has the ability to see and then he contacts all the Democratic Gov’s in the 57 states of the union and between these groups he makes his decissions.

    We are so lucky to have such a gifted candidate who has ghosts and imaginary State Gov’s to consult to form policy decissions, does McCain have that?

  • WIldChild

    What if we promised to send BOBO to the Moon?

    • simanov

      Wile we’re trying to cleanup Earth, let’s not start polluting the Moon.

      • Obama is a bum

        Let’s save Earth. Let’s just put Obama in space and have him orbit Earth for the rest of his life. It would be ironic that a megalomanic who thinks the Earth revolves around him would actually be revolving around the Earth.

  • Bell’Artista

    Pretty soon, if this goes on…..
    ALL thinking people will ridicule Obama, and Obama supporters.
    He is on the verge of becoming another Dan Quayle….

    he is sinking like a stone.
    EVERYDAY brings fresh fodder to be amazed and incredulous about.

    • Obama is a bum

      The media should ridicule Obama but they are trying to elect him. In all fairness to Dan Quayle, the media began ridiculing him the day Bush picked him as VP. They said he was too inexperienced although he had 8 years in the US Senate and 4 years in the US Congress and he ran as VP. Obama running as president has 3 years experience in the US Senate and he has spent most of that time running as president.

      The media spent all of their time trying to pick on Quayle and they make a big deal about him misspelling potato. Yet Obama trips all over himself daily like an inept clown. Compared to Obama, Quayle looks like a genius.

      • JozefAL

        Well, the problem was Quayle. He “led the way” for simplemindedness being ignored. One might also note that almost all of Quayle’s “problems” didn’t really surface until AFTER he became VP: The “Murphy Brown” debacle, for instance, didn’t happen until he and Bush the Elder were running for RE-election in 1992; the infamous “potatoe” incident also happened in 1992. Quayle’s only serious flub before he became VP was his self-comparison to JFK (hmm, hasn’t another candidate done that this year?) before he was smacked down by Lloyd Bentsen with the famous, “I served with Jack Kennedy. . . .Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy” reply. Of course, Quayle’s later claimed that, in spite of his “deer in the headlights” look and speechlessness at the time, he did what he intended (attack Dukakis’ liberal record while avoiding comparison to Bentsen’s own record of greater experience–hmm, again, there does seem a bit of a comparison with a certain Presidential candidate with a lack of any real experience).
        What’s more to the point is that Quayle became VP at age 41 (five years younger than Barry will be should he be make it to the White House) after having spent almost a dozen years in Congress.

        • Obama is a bum

          The media set out to trash Quayle from the get-go since he was young and was not expected to be picked as VP. The media made an all out effort to trash Quayle before he even said or did anything. I remember they decended on Qualye’s house right after he was put on Bush’s ticket and railed on him while he was outside.

          Where is the media now with a space cadet like Obama running loose? These idiots are out trying to elect him president!

          No matter how you try to justify the media knocking Quayle you look like an idiot not holding the media responsible for trying to elect Obama instead of criticizing him. Did Quayle spend 20 years in a racist anti-American church? Did he spend over 20 years embracing a terrorist? I see no evidence of this.

  • Obama is a bum

    “If Hillary were our presumptive nominee, would we have to deal with these flip-flops. In a one word answer. No.”

    In all fairness, if anyone else were nominee we would not have to deal with this outrageous level of flip-flops. I don’t think Obama can even remember what he has previously said and I don’t think he really cares.

    “Obama, can you tell us where you really stand on NASA and the Constellation Program?”

    Which version do you want?

    • PKJayne

      The only thing he hasn’t flipped on is the use of the race card.

  • Brodie

    Yeah, Barky, that’s the way to emulate JFK- yeah, sure. Ignorant, lightweight, flip-flopping appeaser dumbass- that’s the way to improve our nation. Like NASA, space exploration and innovation have nothing to do with the economy, education, manufacturing and our place in the world economy? Sheesh- what would one expect from an idiot who didn’t know a thing about Hanford or the Great Lakes or number of states or ….(fill in the blanks- I grow weary just listing them…)

    • jwrjr

      JFK challenged us to go to the Moon. Obama wants us to stay on Earth.

  • Usually I try to make a somewhat thoughtful comment. Can’t do it right now:

    OBAMA FREAKIN’ SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perry Logan

    Obama’s best move right now would be to take a vow of silence.

    • Narcissists are not capable of vows of silence. You have to pull them off the stage with a hook.

  • Well at least we should be grateful that he didn’t tell us we “Weren’t listening”.

    • beebop

      “I know it’s still be reporting” so it’s the media who is stupid I guess ….. How’s that going to work? He’s throwing the cheerleaders under the bus?

    • PKJayne

      Uppity that was a great Columbo piece.

    • jwrjr

      Obama’s problem (one of them, anyway) is that we are listening.

  • beebop

    This is a lie. This isn’t a change in position. This is pandering to the audience sitting in front of you. Period. No nice way to put this. Barack Obama is a LIAR. He will tell you whatever it is you need to hear to part with your vote. He is the VERY WORST thing to ever happen to politics in my 55 years.

    • workingclass artist

      Beebop….Why restrain yourself ? Obama is a Lyin Sack O’ Shit…IMHO….LOL

      • beebop

        I am just stunned at the breadth of his “audacity.” Does he think we don’t pay attention? Does he think that people are just going to give him a pass on this crap? Banking committee my ass. This guy needs to take the time off between now and the convention and get himself together. He’s a big ball of twine unraveling FAST.

        • PKJayne

          I hope he keeps going and unravels faster!

        • Andy

          The best sentence I read in the last couple of days was from Jennifer Rubin who asked:

          Will the base rise up or have they put their collective intellectual integrity in a blind trust?

          and then she continued:

          And what’s the next flip-flop? As to the latter, I’m thinking it will be on his bevy of tax increases. (”In this weakened George Bush-John McCain economy I can see that tax cuts might further drag down the economy which is already the worst since the Great Depression so . . .”) Coupled with a conditions based withdrawal in Iraq, support for offshore drilling and FISA support, skepticism about late term abortions, and a newly enhanced respect for the Second Amendment we really could have a Bush third term. ( But only if you believe all the recent positions are going to stick and all the former ones and his voting record as the most liberal senator weren’t the “real” Obama.)

          Who knows !!???!!

          Full article here:

          (I think SusanUnPC referenced to this as well yesterday in a post).

      • TeakwoodKite

        I thought you had an issue with not having cromium pigment, workingclass artist?

        BO has a life time supply.

    • WIldChild

      Republicans called that positions for the moment when trying to explain their wild gyrations in policy positions as they crept ever closer to the abyss.

    • suzy000

      Can you imagine having Obama in the White House together with Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house? What a travesty for the next 4 years…it scares me to death!! Did you see what she did in the house on Friday? Wish we could leave our job at 11:23 am and go home…all at the expense of us…the taxpayers.

  • Hmm

    Did anyone see today how the press was discounting the polling info saying it did not reflect the youth vote?
    I thought these were scientific polls? The youth vote has been in play for 7 months now-how could they not be counting it.

    There is something beyond curious about how determined these people are to ignore facts to support Obama.

    The funny thing was the only one who seemed to realize what the polling numbers meant was Donna Brazille. All the other were sitting around looking smug but Don-she looked a little worried.

    • The Youth vote is no ace and if they think it is, they are stupid. Donna SHOULD look worried. She remembers history.
      A little late. But she remembers.

      • beebop

        And she’s never watched a candidate so hell bent on destroying his own slim chances.

    • Ferdberfle

      Generation “inert” will stay away from the polls in droves. Their friends will tell them it’s all good and that Oblahblah won. So much for the youth vote. Hahahaha

    • Andy

      Why it didn’t reflect it do tehy think? Because the “college kids” are all on holidays? Really? Does that include all the working class college kids and all of the AA youth? They are on holidays alright…ELITISM anyone?

    • The MSM has been saying that this entire election cycle. The think because the NIKE’s and College kids only have cell phones they don’t get polled.

  • Angry Michelle

    Clinton Supporters Receiving Death Threats From Obama Supporters

    There are number of Hillary Clinton supporters that refuse to vote for Barack Obama, some willing to sit out the election, others preparing to vote for John McCain and still others that continue their valiant battle to force a roll call vote in at the Democratic convention to be held in August, wanting her name to in nomination so the superdelegates actually have a choice to publicly state who they support.
    All the Hillary supporters listed above are the subject of this post.
    Many are reporting that they are receiving death threats from Barack Obama supporters and the list that PUMA PAC has published is still growing.

    • workingclass artist

      Fascist is as Fascist does….Typical Obama supporter behavior

      • roseeriter

        I hope they have reported these threats so some law official has documentation. This is horrendous!

    • They have become the very thing they have hated. Mirror images of the Bushites. Threats, stopping dissent, insults. Cheating. Lying. Bulldozing. The left left left Neo-Liberals are looking to replace the Neo-Cons. Same savagery, different extremist agenda.

      • beebop

        Absolutely. Eight years of screaming at each other at Huffingsomepoop has turned them into the very thing they said they deplored! Absolute assholes.

        • workingclass artist

          RFLMAO….I have yet to find an historical source that equates FASCISTS as Big Deep thinkers….Calculating yes….Navel ponderers no….chuckle….

      • Andy

        Exactly Uppity…Both extremes are the same.

      • Uppity is funny that each passing day barky’s policies become more and more the same as bush’s.

        barky the closet republican.
        Change we can believe in.

      • Ferdberfle

        Ain’t that the truth. I can remember watching Olbermann back before he chugged the Kool-Aide. He was a breath of fresh air. Then he became the Rush Limbaugh of the left. Great, just what we need, another arrogant asshat with an agenda. And don’t get me started on HuffandPuffPo.

    • Obama is a bum

      I would rather die than vote for Obama.

      • RepublicanChick

        While this election is critical, we need you around. Death will have to wait.

    • Ferdberfle

      Those making threats should be prosecuted under the Patriot Act (not that I like that particular statute). That would certainly fix their little red wagons.

    • Katmoon

      I am going to check this out, hopefully some of these cowards can be found, it is a federal crime, even when done via e-mail or on a blog.

  • Peep

    Obama is willing to say and do anything to be elected that’s it there is nothing deeper and it’s the same reason he has no record, didn’t show up for the tough votes like Iran, pushed the wrong button and just as the lone Rep voted Present. Stop the denial there is no there there and the Nation letter is the most pitiful referendum on uniformed ideologues electorate on the left, yes admit it,they have become what we hated, what the difference from those on the Right those poodles we scorned for 8 years, not much just different wedgies.

  • Mel

    Now now people, Obama said these things exhausted from his endless hard work on HIS Banking Commitee, so give him a break will you after all, he can only save one thing at a time and he will save the world, tht is what he told the drunks in Germany who rallied around him en-mass of 200,000 people JUST there to hear him.

    • PKJayne

      LMAO, Mel you always make me laugh.

    • Angry Michelle

      He also spent many hours inflating tires.

  • rwc

    He’s the candidate of change and he’s giving it to you, so be appreciative!!

  • HARP

    Can we give him a tour of NASA culminating in a free ride on Discovery to Obama land.

    • Chicago Joe

      Let’s let him have the moon all to himself. He can be the Lunar King.

      • roseeriter

        and his followers can be moonbots.:-) or space cadets..

        • WIldChild

          or floaters

  • roseeriter

    Earth to Obama? Phone home. (go home, step down, shut mouth, go away)


  • Jaime in Texas

    Can someone make me a list of all the Obama flip-flops so far?

    • workingclass artist

      Nancy A Thanks for the post….
      Will noone rid us of this lyin sack o’ shit ?

    • Bush’s FISA
      Campaign Finance
      Late term abortion
      Gun Control
      Off shore drilling

      & Huh??
      Capital punishment
      Expansion of faith based programs
      Voting for Dick Cheney’s Energy bill
      Iraq Time table

    • Obama is a bum

      Someone needs to write a book.

      • beebop

        They are talking about “Obama Nation” over at Amazon … pretty heated.

        • PKJayne

          I’ve been reading that Beebop.

        • Patti

          Yea and where’s my Andy Martin book?
          I am going to need something to keep me occupied on the beach.

          Just say no to watching people swim in August.

  • simanov

    So the message is: Best way to advance education is to stop science. Got it.

    • Science is Out. Hopey Changey Magic Wand is In.

      • beebop

        I have a suggestion for where he can use that wand ….

      • simanov

        Chang it to COSMONAUTS and Obama will support NASA.

        • roseeriter

          lol.. I think you mean kosmabots.

      • workingclass artist

        LOL….Uppity….Aaaand someone needs to post guards at Darwin’s grave

      • That’s not the policy I knew.

      • OBSP

        LOL, you are too funny!

    • RepublicanChick

      Science will be replaced by musical lessons by Professor Ludacris.

      • Patti

        ROFL – hah!

  • yttik

    My kid is completely baffled, she thinks the first thing a president should do is go into space. They’re leaders, right? They should lead the way in space exploration. I think I’m starting to agree with her. On November 4th, let’s launch our new leader and send him off to the moon, LOL.

    • TeakwoodKite

      Ground control to Major Tom:
      Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wong.
      Can you hear me Major Tom?
      Can you hear me Major Tom?
      Can you hear me Major Tom?

  • HARP

    Obama Wants to Slash NASA’s Budget

    Obama plan: reward teachers, lengthen school time, Baltimore Sun

    “Barack Obama is planning to unveil an education plan today that would make affordable pre-school programs more widely available and offer pay incentive programs for effective teachers. It would also allow schools to lengthen the teaching day or the school year. The $18 billion annual program would be offset by savings and cuts in federal agencies, including NASA. … The cost of the early education plan would come partly from delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years …”

    Obama’s Education Rollout, MSNBC

    “Though Obama called for a renewed investment in math and science education, his plan would actually pull money from the federal government’s greatest investments and achievements in math and science. Obama would delay funding for the NASA Constellation program for five years, though he would maintain the $500 million in funding the program would receive for its manufacturing and technology base, in order to help fund his education policy. The campaign did not say how much money delaying the program would provide.”

    Obama unveils education proposal , The Hill

    “A spokesman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) criticized the NASA cut. “It is ironic that Barack Obama’s plan to help our children reach for the stars is financed in part by slashing a program that helps us learn about those very same stars,” said Danny Diaz, RNC spokesman.”

    • Obama wants to trash our military so his buddies over in the middle east can bring us their beloved Sharia Law. That’s after they trash Israel.

      • beebop

        Israel will give them all they can handle. Speaking of which, John McCain is now vetting a Virginia representative who is Jewish. That’s a win win combination.

        • RepublicanChick

          Eric Cantor or Sarah Palin would be a whole lot better than Mitt Romney. Yes, I’m on my anti-Romney trip today!!

          • WIldChild

            Please not Eric Cantor. He was one of the biggest media apologists for the Bush administration during the last seven years. My skin crawls just thinking about him.

            • RepublicanChick

              Anyone is better than Romney.


              I know it is difficult to comprehend this sometimes, but McCain needs to shore up the Republican base and Cantor would do that. However, I’m holding out for Sarah Palin.

              • WIldChild

                If he needs to shore up with the base I’d prefer he tap Huckabee. The guy has executive experience and I personally think that like McCain, he’s a decent human being.

                • RepublicanChick

                  UGH! Pick someone else WildChild so I can agree with you. I don’t like Huckster either. 🙂

                  Sarah Palin

                  • WIldChild

                    I have no gripe with Palin.

                • Patti

                  Lets keep up the chat on our John McCain VP… they’re listening.

                  I think he and the lady from Alaska, Ms. Palin, make a nice U. S. Presidential picture.

                  I am checking in to her. Heard she got her brother-in-law fired or something. Its a scandal. What’s the big effin deal? So what?

                  I think we should start building prisons in Alaska. Plush and dNC accommodating. A little Siberia for the worst in society. hmmm, probably a few thousand jobs would be created.

            • beebop

              I think we need to remember that come the end of the day, we are “borrowing” the GOP to avoid getting the DOPE. Can you be a bit more forthcoming about Eric Cantor other than that he was an apologist? That pretty much sums up a lot of people … imho

        • Ugh- I saw rendell on TV today with Stephanopoulos- NOT RENDELL! Please God- not the instigator of the Homeland Security Department- aka- the SS.

          ANYBODY but Rendell!

          • Georgia

            I’m with you………… I want Romney. Think he will be good on economic issues. That’s McCain’s soft spot

          • TeakwoodKite

            It was not Rendell it was Ridge.

      • OBSP

        I did not read the People Magazine with the turd on the cover, but I heard he said that they do not give their children Christmas Presents? Growing up on the SS of Chicago, I always felt sorry for Black Muslin and JWitness children that did not get Christmas Presents.
        Did they actually say that?

      • Patti

        omigod. I know.