Separated at Birth?


Kurt Westergaard’s 2005 genius of the exploding Muhammed turban was inspired by an illustration from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves; however it is strikingly close to the snapshot of the late Mullah Omar stooge, Haji Omar Khan, who was targeted and killed by a Predator on New Year’s Eve at his safe house in South Waziristan.

Bill Roggio, Long War Journal, reported Saturday 2 that Haji Omar Khan “got sloppy” and got axed; however the timing does make it look like a strike in retaliation for the Khost Province shahid bomber who penetrated FOB Chapman.

The Taliban agitprop now claims that FOB Chapman was in retaliation for the Predator strikes in AfPakia. Perfect revenge cycle as suits the Land of the Pashtun (Afridi to Winston Churchill and the 4th Hussars).

Any event, FOB Chapman was a sizable win for AQ, as it is said to have been launched by the allied Haqqani Network, which is the credible VIet Cong of the war, operating successfully out of AfPakia (Khost and North Waziristan) against the Sovs (predating Bin Laden’s AQ) and now again ISAF.

Cartoon Taliban.

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The scattershot jihadist attacks of the last weeks do comprise a series of victories for the jihadists, and they certainly mark them down on their websites as advances in their thousand year caliphate delusion:

b>Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, Anwar al-Awlaki of New Mexico now at Yemen; Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab at Detroit; FOB Chapman strike; sudden closing of the US/UK embassies at Sana’a; reengineering of airport security with body scanners at EU and soon at US; finger-pointing and blame-shifting at DNI Dennis Blair and the alphabet soup of US desks, from State to DHS to DoD.

(The NSC and White House are in this mix somewhere, though not near the top; and meanwhile the cross-purposes will get sorted out when the humid Hawaiian White House returns to the dry cold DC White House; and when POTUS begins the year with a review of reviews of last year.) The Somali/Netherlands attack on Kurt Westergaard is part of the puzzle. Detail emerges that Westergaard was cut-off from his 5 year-old granddaughter by the attacker and fled into the panic room without her. Yikes.

Where was security? (The security agent did have a weapon; and he used it; but where was he that this assassin get inside the house?) Why wasn’t the security agent in the room or just outside the room? I attended a luncheon with Westergaard last fall, and his security was a primary focus. The imams in the Netherlands are now said to be calling for calm. Shrug.

From Westergaard’s remarks, the problem is obvious and uncontrollable except with vigilance. I make the debating point that the cartoon drawings of Mohammed and so forth are not in any fashion prohibited or banned or cursed by the Koran or by the religious scholar record of the last thousand years. The fever against the cartoons is entirely invented in the last years by the vanity of the stooges of Wahhabism, which itself is concocted from delusions after the storming of the mosque in Arabia in November 1979 by Abdullah’s (now King Abdullah’s) National Guard.

Concocted. Invented. Out of nothing but ignorance, superstition, prejudice, self-loathing, a bad childhood with sadists whom they become.

See Tarif Khalidi’s “Images of Muhammed: Narratives of the Prophet Across the Centuries.”

There is nothing to this mania to kill the cartoonists but agitprop by conniving and competing ganglords and their ill-read and vigorously stupid pals, who are called imams but are better understood as volunteer shamans.

Their scholarship is as accurate as their IEDs and just as self-destroying. The assault on Westergaard is a low-cost version of a hate campaign that destroys the debaters and enrages bystanders.

This is a war of ideas. The jihadists have one repetitive and savage idea, which is sadism. The jihadists feature their uncivilized brainpower to keep hacking at the tree with a stone axe until the tree falls or it’s supertime. We have lots of ideas, and one of them is zero tolerance for hate hawkers and their savage stooges.

  • PizzaDriver

    it doesn’t matter whether there is any prohibition of such cartoons in the koran; civilized society allows freedom of speech and expression of unpopular ideas, with the usual exceptions – such as shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, etc.  they have militancy and reproduction rates on their side; we should have brains, vigilence, and a superior foundation for our culture on our side.

    people must remember that in evolutionary terms, violent elimination of one’s competition and high reproduction rates work.  it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong.  this is a fight we could lose, and we need to have a strategy to win that doesn’t compromise our principles.  what it is, i’m not exactly sure, but it is not pretending that they love us and are willing to peacefully coexist with us (or anybody else that doesn’t submit to their theocratic dictates.)

  • Doc99

    Salman Rushdie still has to look over his shoulder. The West still hasn’t learned.

  • Wana88

    Mr Batchelor just hit the nail on the head with his analysis. The Q is: What are we tangibly going to do about this petro “diplomacy” funded cancer. Some form of “RECIPROCITY” is needed…