We can now identify the woman’s name that appears on the phony Barack Obama Certificate of Live Birth (aka COLB). It is Barack’s sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro. Credit for the discovery goes to TechDude. And the woman who has pursued this story relentlessly, Texas Darlin, has done it and has the story. She’ll post the full story here later today.

Here’s the simple summary–an authentic COLB was used as a template to create the so-called “birth certificate” that was first posted at Daily Kos and the official Barack Obama campaign site. Why doesn’t Barack come clean with his own, genuine Certificate of Live Birth? We do not know for sure but it appears that the name listed is that of BARRY SOETORO. Barry Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and, by virtue of that adoption, was registered as Barry Soetoro in Hawaii.

Barry aka Barrack has some “splaining” to do (to quote Ricky Ricardo).

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  • steve

    Colorado.Chick et al: to echo Independent in Chicago, producing the actual documents will go far to end this controversy–plain and simple. But that is not being done. Despite the implication that this is a right-wing conspiracy, the main salvos are coming from a strong Democrat, Philip Berg. Why would that be? This adds a whole different twist. Is it because he is an angered Clinton supporter? That aside, all I really want to know is the truth–good or bad in this case. It is a legitimate question and one that goes to the core of our Constitution.

  • Independent in Chicago

    Colorado.Chick –

    You are exactly correct; the key facts missing are the actual hard original long-form birth certificates (NOT amended/amendable “certifications”). And the problem is that Obama and all the other sites are NOT producing them, and in fact are fighting subpoenas and court challenges requiring that they be produced.

    So, you are correct – we need the hard evidence. There are a number of analyses out now that have created a reasonable doubt for voters that have taken the time to read all this data. The only reasonable thing that will shred these doubts will for Obama to provide the real, irrefutable, authenticated, original, long-form birth certificates.

    Without that evidence, then these analyses will continue to stand no matter how many simple say “they’re wrong”.

  • Dear American People,

    Hello. I will not be giving you my real information, as it needs to remain secret – at least until after our plan is enacted. I am a Top Executive at the Democratic National Committee. I can tell you this. What you have have been suspecting is true – Barack Obama was not actually born in Hawaii. The document that we have provided him to show as his birth certificate is not authentic; it was created in our experimental laboratories at the DNC’s World Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This experimental lab – and, this may be quite shocking – this lab is where Barack Obama himself was also created, almost 48 years ago, as part of PROJECT FLAGBURN.

    Yes, we had been trying for years, using the latest technology, to create the perfect candidate to enforce our liberal agenda. In the fall of 1960, we were finally successful, in our ninth try, in using recombinant DNA and artificial insemination to inject our carefully-crafted genetic material into an electronic womb (by bubbling Argon gas through radioactive stem cells). As the BARACK9 grew, we fed it nutrients infused with “Memory Cells” culled from the brainstems of famous left-wingers such as Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Ambrose Bierce – guaranteed to transmit our policies and doctrines into its growing brain. We radioactively stimulated the liberal centers of the brain and implanted radio-controlled microchips into its cerebellum.

    Here at the DNC, we detest nationalism, pride, the Christian religion, and our troops. We have decided that a hybrid of Communism and Islam would be a much better system for our country. As BARACK9 grew up, we taught it to have these values as well. When the time was right, we entered it into politics, controlling its brain with our “Brain-Control Device”. We also were responsible for 9/11, the financial crisis, and other key events to ensure that George Bush has a low approval rating. Now, the time has come. Soon BARACK9 will be voted in as the head of the most powerful country on earth. You will soon have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As his first act, Barack Obama will issue the following executive orders:

    1. All flags will be replaced with pictures of Barack Obama’s face
    2. All personal property and land of registered Republicans will be forfeit to the state
    3. All churches, pictures of Jesus Christ, and religious iconography will be destroyed immediately. All mentions of the Christian religion will be punished by death
    4. Everybody must wear a turban at all times and pray to Mecca 12 times a day
    5. Arabic will now be the official United States language
    6. The country will be renamed to The Islamic Communist Republic of Ameristan
    7. All white people must issue public apologies to minorities for former misdeeds of their race. The jobs and money of Whites will be offered to blacks, muslims, and atheists as punishment.
    8. White women will be offered as brides to black muslim men who get first priority of choosing up to ten wives. Whites will be put into forced labor camps for one year to show them what slavery was like
    9. All heterosexuals must issue public apologies to gays and lesbians. In order to increase sensitivity to homosexual issues, they will be incarcerated for one month with a homosexual member of the same sex who is allowed to use them as seen fit.
    10. Republicans will be branded with a R on their forehead and must kiss the buttocks of a liberal whenever requested to do so

    I am only divulging this because there is nothing which can be done about it at this point. We initially saw Sarah Palin as an immense threat to our cause, but we have launched a huge and successful disinformational smear campaign against her which has neutralized her influences.

    Prepare for your new leadership to begin on January 20!
    DNC Top Executive “John”

    • The allegations made in this blog are, honestly, completely irrelevant without accompanying physical evidence to ascertain their validity.
      In the United States a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and cases must be built on hard evidence rather than hearsay.
      The information on this site is currently, and will remain hearsay unless supplemented with tangible evidence of all the claims made.

      For this site’s claims to be valid – it must provide along with its claims:
      1. a copy of Maya Soetoro’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth
      2. a copy of Barack Obama’s “forged” Hawaiian COLB under the name Barry Soetoro
      3. a copy of government documents certifying Barack Hussein Obama II’s legal name change to Barry Soetoro – documents that verify the alleged name change is recognized by the US government. (It cannot be his Indonesian school records – because a nickname in the private sector does not a name change prove)
      4. a fair, just presentation of the Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth Obama has provided on his website. It can be found here http://fightthesmears.com/articles/5/birthcertificate

      People cannot be expected to believe such crazy accusations without hard evidence. – Provide the above materials for your readers to examine. If you are right, you have nothing to fear in presenting these documents.

      If, in fact, you’re spreading rumors and tossing around libelous accusations with no evidence to support them — then your journalistic integrity is at stake.

      Defamation, even in this country of free speech, can be found criminal.

      I hope you and all the people reading this post will begin to fact-check these outrageous stories before “passing them on”.

      This isn’t Gossip Girl folks — this is the Presidential Election. Use your brains. Don’t let some schmo with a blog tell you what to think. Find the facts and think for yourselves.

  • Therese from NV

    Additionally, what everyone fails to realize, is Senator Obama was not born in the hospitals in Hawaii. His birth was just registered at two hospitals. Why? Because during the 1960’s Hawaii was much more liberal than the State of Washingon, Oregon or California, which would have required an attending physician or midwife to sign off on the birth. The Vancouver, Canada birth certificate signed by attending physicians should be easy to verify http:www.rense.com/general82/pbb.htm
    Senator Obama was born in Canada and his mother and grandparents attempted to legitimize his American birth by registering him in Hawaii. If this is accurate-Senator Obama is Canadian born to an American mother and ineligible for the Presidency.

  • Therese from NV

    Okay everyone, I am NOT Racist! I don’t care if the candidate is black, white, green or purple-Republican, Democrat, Independent, Greenpeace or Snoopy! What I do care about is the Constitution of the United States, which states in plain terms that a candidate for the Presidency or Vice Presidency must be born on American soil. This was specifically set up to impede foreign interests from obtaining control of the Presidency. Considering Senator Obama’s heritage and schooling oversea’s;questioning his legitimate birth is reasonable. After researching the internet for 20 minutes, I’ve obtained a internet signed copy of Senator Obama’s Vancouver, Canada birth certificate http:www.rense.com/general82/pbb.htm. Obtaining verification of authenticity shouldn’t be difficult. If this is accurate, he is a citizen of Canada-ineligble for the presidency, with an American mother

  • se

    It’s beginning to look like Techdude has decided to leave TexasDarlin and all the other blogs that carried his Maya story twisting in the wind.

    He’s been found to have contradicted himself not once, but twice.

    Perhaps he’s decided to cut his losses an return to the shadows.


    • Ray

      It’s just as well he didn’t go along with the Pay Pal idea that was mentioned on the TD blog. If he had accepted donations while people thought he really WAS an expert, and actually held the credentials he claimed, he would have been committing another type of fraud.