Meet Me In Denver

UPDATE: Darragh is in D.C. at the PUMA Conference, and will have a great array of guests with her on tonight’s show! Don’t miss it! Join us tonight at 9pm ET for Meet Me In Denver, live on NoQuarter Radio — now extended to TWO HOURS!

It’s been a big week in Puma land. Tune in tonight as Darragh Murphy (founder of PumaPAC) brings us up to speed.

Listen to the livestream broadcast tonight from 9pm to 10pm ET on NoQuarter Radio. The call-in line for questions is (347) 677-0792.

An audio archive will be available on NQR after the show.

  • nobamaever09

    PUMA… need information about Denver . Were,what time We ALL are getting together to support Hillary. I live here, but need those informations!!!???


  • Thank You for leaving off the “Chatroom available, click on green button” instructions. All the green chat button does is put them into a separate little window and they can’t hear the show with us. This was causing much confusion for new listeners joining in.

    To hear the show and chat at the same time you have to click on the orange “click to listen” button with the flashing speaker icon (when the show goes live), or click on the show’s link itself in the same black box announcing the shows.

    Sometimes, but not always, if you go to a show directly from a link on a blog post you have to refresh the show’s page, or go back out to their channel’s main page ( this case for No Quarter) and come back in again to be able to get the audio.

    Hope this helps. See everyone at the show tonight.

  • JayD

    In looking at the PUMA graphic to this piece, the paw print reminded me of how much I love our two dogs. Then I wondered what pets Obama had in his life. Well, I see now that he does NOT have a pet at all. McCain, by contrast, has 3 dogs, a cat, 2 turtles, 3 birds, and even a ferret by one analysis. Another list says he has 24 pets. I am unsure of what McCain has in his life but it is more than the “zero” that Obama has.

    Of course Obama plans to get a dog after the election (win or lose … so he says but he says a lot of things so who knows what the truth is here.) Why am I not surprised that Obama does not have a family pet? It’s probably because a dog … or a rat on a leash … will take attention away from The One.

    The good news is that now Obama has a whole fleet of pets in his life: PUMA’s! We are here to stay and we are here to leave our paw prints all over his unelectable face.

    • Dawnelle Leona del Puma

      If it wasn’t for Laura I would fear for Barney and the girl.

      Same with Barry. Pity the poor critter!
      Lest it be a ssssssssssnake! Then I would suspect he would love some “constrictor” a boa perhaps?


      • csuzeq

        maybe he’ll get a pit bull.

  • katmandu

    Lynn Sweet has this interesting item. She shows a new Obummer ad saying John McCain wants to open up Yucca Mountain for disposal of nuclear waste. But she then has the McCain camp response:

    “Apparently Barack Obama is also taking a vacation from the facts, ignoring his own votes in support of the Yucca Mountain project. Either Barack Obama is too inexperienced to understand that his votes on the floor of the United States Senate are recorded for Americans to review, or he’s simply showing incredible hypocrisy.” —Tucker Bounds, spokesman John McCain 2008

    In 2005, Barack Obama Voted Twice To Fund The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository. “Passage of the bill that would provide $31.2 billion in fiscal 2006 for energy and water development projects, including $5.3 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers and $25 billion for the Energy Department. It also would provide $577 million for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.” (H.R. 2419, CQ Vote #172: Passed 92-3: R 50-3; D 41-0; I 1-0, 7/1/05, Obama Voted Yea; H.R. 2419, CQ Vote #321: Adopted 84-4: R 48-2; D 35-2; I 1-0, 11/14/05, Obama Voted Yea)–from the McCain campaign.

    Is Obummer really that off base on his attack? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    I think the Messiah is making a mistake spending money on an ad like this. I think most independent voters are going to say, “Where the hell is Yucca Mountain? Who cares?”

    • Dawnelle Leona del Puma

      I know YUCCA and I think NEITHER candidate (except HILLARY) has a GREAT Environmental plan that is PAY as you GO!!!

      Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a WINNER!