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Will Barry Soetoro Be a Problem for Barack? (Update)

When did Barack Obama become Barack Obama? There is now overwhelming evidence that for a significant portion of his childhood the man we now know as Barack Obama had a different legal name–he was Barry Soetoro. Both Texas Darlin and Matthew Weaver have written about the document that the Associated Press turned up showing Barack aka Barry registered at a Catholic school as a citizen of Indonesia and a muslim.

Inside Edition has done a story that features this document:

Here’s what we know for sure:

Barack/Barry’s birth father was a non-practicing muslim from Kenya. Barack Obama of Kenya was a defacto polygamist but this had nothing to do with a deeply held religious believe.

When Barack/Barry’s mom, Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro Barack/Barry was adopted and became legally known as Barry Soetoro. Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was updated to reflect that fact sometime between 1965 and 1969.

In Indonesia Barry Soetoro (the man we now know as Barack) was considered to be a muslim and learned the muslim call to prayer. However, when Barry Soetoro moved back to Hawaii to live with his non-muslim grandparents we have no evidence that he continued to identify himself as a practicing muslim. I do not know why the Obama campaign allows this cloud to linger because the Republican machine will succeed in forcing him to concede that as a child he practiced Islam.

Matthew Weaver listed eight questions he would like answered. I have a much simpler list:

1. When did you change your name legally to Barack Obama? Why?

2. When did you renounce your Indonesian citizenship that came to you by virtue of your adoption by Lolo Soetoro?

What is fascinating in watching the video above that seeks to debunk the notion that Barack is a closet muslim is that all of his schoolmates know him and refer to him as BARRY. So Barry Soetoro, what is the real story?

UPDATE: Here’s the point the Obama crew fails to grasp. I am not alleging he did anything illegal or wrong, but his refusal to answer these questions in a simple, clear manner keeps the issue alive. And the Republicans are not going to give him a pass on these matters. They will insist on getting the answers. And the pressure will increase dramatically once the conventions are done. At that point Barack/Barry’s ability to talk about issues will be drowned out by the insistent demands that he “come clean.” The refusal to address these questions in a straightforward manner will simply reinforce the suspicion that he is hiding something. If the Democrats want to spend the fall dealing with he issues of his identity then they are likely to get their wish. It is simply amazing that these matters have not be cleared up by now.