1) The Boston Herald has a snarky piece beginning with Obama’s now infamous “above my pay grade” remark.

There are certain sentences that should never appear on the lips of the Leader of the Free World. “That Vladimir Putin, what a great guy!” is one of them. “I did not have sex with that woman” is another.

But on the very top of the list of statements about our nation’s laws that should never be spoken by a guy whose job it is to sit next to the Big, Red Button is “That’s above my pay grade.”

With all due respect, Sen. Obama, being president is above your pay grade. And the voters are starting to figure that out.

Oh snap!

The article ends with this:

Leaders don’t pass tough questions to the next “pay grade.” They don’t need five minutes to answer yes-or-no questions about the surge or Russia’s invasion of a democratic neighbor.

Politicians flip-flop on taxes and FISA and the Second Amendment to meet the political needs of the moment. They try to explain away the votes they’ve already cast, like Obama’s extreme pro-abortion voting record. Or they courageously cast 130 non-votes of “present” in the Illinois legislature and pass the buck that way.

That’s not leadership, that’s politics. And Barack Obama is 100 percent pure politician.

Now, the Boston Herald isn’t always so much fun, but hey, might as well enjoy!

Read the rest ->

2) The “above my pay grade” issue seems to only grow. Commentary also has a bit on this. While the discussion on abortion at Commentary reflects a National Right to Life angle, an interesting paragraph focuses, specifically, on Obama dissembling.

But this issue [late-term question Obama answered with the infamous pay grade remark] has now traversed into the matter of public character. Obama accused the National Right to Life Committee of lying because it said that he voted to kill legislation that included a “neutrality clause” he now claims was the sine qua non for his support for pro-life legislation. If the neutrality clause was in the legislation, Obama now says, he would have supported legislation protecting the life of newly born children who had survived an abortion. But National Right to Life has, in Rich’s words, “unearthed documents showing that the Illinois bill was amended to include such a clause, and Obama voted to kill it anyway.” So Obama was, at best, wrong in recalling his own past position. At worst, Obama himself is misrepresenting his position and, in accusing the National Right to Life Committee of lying, is doing so himself.

3) Another fact-free “op-ed” from Modo today. I’ve skimmed it so you don’t have to. In this rather lame piece, Modo has HRC and McCain in a conspiracy to bring THE ONE down. At the last minute a third co-conspirator stops by – Jesse Jackson.

I thought Op-Ed stood for opinion / editorial. How can a fantasy meeting between McCain and Clinton be either? What she’s written is a fairy tale, apropos of nothing and as useful. Blech. I post the link against my better judgment. My advice? Don’t bother reading.

4) At the WSJ today, David Freddoso has an opinion piece. He discusses some of the Chicago-style political machinations of Obama and how he moved through the machine. Interesting if you haven’t followed his book or Chicago politics at all, but definitely a good introduction for those who haven’t.

Democrats don’t like it when you say that Barack Obama won his first election in 1996 by throwing all of his opponents off the ballot on technicalities.

By clearing out the incumbent and the others in his first Democratic primary for state Senate, Mr. Obama did something that was neither illegal nor even uncommon. But Mr. Obama claims to represent something different from old-style politics — especially old-style Chicago politics. And the senator is embarrassed enough by what he did that he misrepresents it in the prologue of his political memoir, “The Audacity of Hope.”

It’s not too long, so enjoy. I’m not too sure how much MSM play Obama’s “early years” have gotten, so it’s nice to see it happen. Even if it IS the WSJ.

5) The WaPo today has an article on how the candidates approach education. Of Obama, it says:

Of the two, Mr. Obama has given the issue more attention. His background as a community organizer and state legislator includes work with neighborhoods on school issues. As a candidate for president, he has delivered several major speeches on education and developed a plan that runs the gamut from birth to college. He places a heavy emphasis on early childhood education, recognizing that if the achievement gap is to be narrowed, work must start before a child enters kindergarten. It is hard to quarrel with other programs he endorses — such as teacher-residency and mentoring initiatives — but he stops short of advocating solutions that many reformers see as essential to real change but which the powerful teachers unions oppose. These include allowing more flexibility in removing ineffective teachers and overhauling a tenure system that rewards those who stay put, no matter how mediocre their performance.

Is this really Obama’s position? Did he advocate the same things as board chair for that Annenberg project in Chicago? How does all his “experience” mesh with his rhetoric now? What would those Annenberg papers say? Interesting that he focuses so much on education while the only relevant experience he has (sans his own schoolboy adventures) is hidden away in, of all places, a library. Irony much?

6) Newsweek takes a look at likely campaign spending and finds Obama is not quite as well set as people seem to think.

That said, a tied race is better news–at this point–for McCain than it is for Obama. Why? Because on Sept. 4, the Republican nominee–who opted into the public financing system–will receive a check from U.S. taxpayers for $84.1 million. Obama won’t. Going forward, this gives McCain two advantages over his Internet-fueled rival from Chicago. For starters, he’s free to spend his entire savings ($21 million) plus his entire August fundraising haul (another $25 million or so) before the Republican convention; that $45 million kitty, which can’t carry over into the general election, dwarfs Obama’s estimated budget for August (about $30 million). That’s why McCain has been clobbering Obama on the airwaves in an array of battleground states.

Secondly, for the final two months of the campaign, McCain will be able to stop detouring from the trail to attend private fundraisers, relying instead on $42 million a month in public funds plus an estimated $130 million from the RNC to see him through. In other words, McCain will have far more money after Sept. 4 than he’s ever had before–and he won’t have to work for it. Obama, meanwhile, will still have to step off the stump for glitzy fundraisers like this week’s $7.8-million bashes in San Francisco if he hopes to continue raising $50 million a month–which is what he’ll need to keep up.

Since I find most reporting about money to be nearly useless (who tells the truth about money?), I’ll wait and see. It could be interesting though.

7) And even the WaPo has a piece on the abortion / Saddleback fallout. While McCain has aggravated some with hints he might choose a pro-choice running mate, Obama’s problems go further. His response at Saddleback has confused more people and left him making explanations and calling some people “liars.”

The narrative of the presidential campaign appeared to be set on the issue of abortion: Sen. Barack Obama was the abortion-rights candidate who was reaching out to foes, seeking common ground and making inroads. Sen. John McCain was the abortion opponent whose reticence about faith and whose battles on campaign finance laws drew suspect glances from would-be supporters.

But both those impressions have been altered since the Rev. Rick Warren’s Saddleback Civil Forum in California on Saturday.


As a committee chairman in the state Senate in 2003, Obama supported GOP efforts to add language to the act, copied from federal legislation, clarifying that it would have no legal impact on the availability of abortions. Obama then opposed the bill’s final passage. Since then, he has said he would have backed the bill as it was written and approved almost unanimously the year before.

Douglas Johnson, legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee, charged that Obama is trying to have it both ways because the Illinois bill he opposed was virtually identical to the federal law he said he would support.

Obama aides acknowledged yesterday that the wording of the state and federal bills was virtually identical. But, they added, the impact of a state law is different, because detailed abortion procedures and regulations are governed by states. Johnson and others are oversimplifying the situation, aides said.

“They have not been telling the truth,” Obama told the Christian Broadcasting Network in response to a question on the matter. “And I hate to say that people are lying, but here’s a situation where folks are lying.”

It strikes me that McCain’s problem is not so big. Either he will pick a pro-choice VP or he won’t. And he’s used to ticking off the far right. Obama, however, is back to defending former statements, old side-steps and trying to reconcile at least two contradictory positions and/or actions he has previously taken.


  • Andy

    More on UICU Library, Daley, Obama and Ayers today.
    Article by John Kass Chicao Tribune:


    When Daley says shhh, library is quiet on Obama

    John Kass

    August 21, 2008

    Conservative writer Stanley Kurtz—researching an article for the National Review about connections between Barack Obama and former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers—made a big mistake.

    The poor man took a wrong turn on the Chicago Way. Now he’s lost.

    Kurtz’s research was to be done in a special library run by the University of Illinois at Chicago. The library has 132 boxes full of documents pertaining to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation vested heavily in school reform.

    Kurtz believes the documents may show Obama and Ayers were close—far closer than Obama has acknowledged—over oodles of foundation gifts on education projects the two worked on together.

    First the librarians told Kurtz yes, come look. But by the time Kurtz landed in Chicago, the librarians changed their minds. The donor of the documents hadn’t cleared his research. Perhaps they’ll let him look at the documents on Nov. 5.

    The relationship between the ambitious Obama and the unrepentant Ayers is a subject that excites Republicans, who haven’t really thwacked that pinata as hard as they might. It really irritates Obama and his political champion, Chicago’s sovereign lord, Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    “This is a public entity,” Kurtz told us Wednesday. “I don’t understand how confidentiality of the donor would be an issue.”

    You don’t understand, Mr. Kurtz? Allow me to explain. The secret is hidden in the name of the library:

    The Richard J. Daley Library.


    The Richard J. Daley Library doesn’t want nobody nobody sent. And Richard J.’s son, Shortshanks, is now the mayor.

    Obama, wearing the reformer’s mantle, has generously offered to extend that reform to Washington, even to Kenya, but not Chicago, because he knows Shortshanks would be miffed.

    Ayers, a former left-wing radical accused of inciting riots during the anti-war protests in the 1960s, is now also under Shortshanks’ protection. After Ayers finally resurfaced in 1980, he got a job the Chicago Way, as a professor at UIC.

    The Tribune’s City Hall reporter, Dan Mihalopoulos, asked Daley on Wednesday if the Richard J. Daley Library should release the documents. Shortshanks didn’t like that one. He kept insisting he would be “very frank,” a phrase that makes the needles on a polygraph start jumping.

    ” Bill Ayers—I’ve said this—his father was a great friend of my father,” the mayor said. “I’ll be very frank. Vietnam divided families, divided people. It was a terrible time of our country. People didn’t know one another. Since then, I’ll be very frank, [Ayers] has been in the forefront of a lot of education issues and helping us in public schools and things like that.”

    The mayor expressed his frustrations with outside agitators like Kurtz.

    “People keep trying to align himself with Barack Obama,” Daley said. “It’s really unfortunate. They’re friends. So what? People do make mistakes in the past. You move on. This is a new century, a new time. He reflects back and he’s been making a strong contribution to our community.”

    Mr. Kurtz finally got his answer. It should grace the cover of the National Review, with a cartoon of Shortshanks, dressed like a jolly Tudor monarch, holding a tiny Obama in his right paw, a tiny Ayers in his left:

    They’re friends. So what?

    Welcome to Chicago, Mr. Kurtz.

    The Republican National Committee lost no time in demanding that Obama personally defy Shortshanks and call for the documents to be released from their dungeon.

    “The American people have a right to know more about Barack Obama’s relationship with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers,” said RNC spokesman Danny Diaz in a statement. “Will Barack Obama step forward and call on the university to immediately release all the records?”

    No chance, Danny.

    “It leads me to have tremendous fear for the documents,” Kurtz said. “What if they are going through them right now and deciding which names to take out? I’m completely alarmed. I think public scrutiny is the only way to save the documents.”

    He should be worried. Though national pundits get thrills running up their legs when Obama speaks, it’s when Daley says “I’ll be very frank” that you’ve got to worry.

    Kurtz fears “they’ll manage to take this all the way past the election.”

    You think?

    Even before Shortshanks, when Chicago had a true reform mayor, his freedom of information officer was Clarence McClain, a former pimp with a bad wig who ended up in federal prison for taking bribes. Now that the Daleys run things, forget about it.

    It’s obvious that Mr. Kurtz and the National Review didn’t have the special Chicago Democratic machine library card:

    The mayor’s smiling face on one side. And your voting record on the other.

    (emnphasis mine)

  • TeakWoodKite

    Obama, meanwhile, will still have to step off the stump for glitzy fundraisers like this week’s $7.8-million bashes in San Francisco if he hopes to continue raising $50 million a month–which is what he’ll need to keep up.

    What will be a “glaring” difference is when BO gets to say Small donations, “new politics” and he seen at fundies left and right speaking to the choir.

    The fund raiser at the Fairmont SF, was shown on the eve news. It showed BO driving around the back avoiding the “admiring masses”.

    Go on take the money and Run.

  • Pink Panther

    “That’s above my pay grade.”

    This may be the first truthful statement Obama has ever made so let’s congratulate him.

    • Steve-O

      Touché… 😀

  • Salida


  • sayitisntso

    M. Dowd is an alcoholic.

  • Prem

    “. . . .above my pay grade,. . .” Finally, Obama is telling the truth. Let’s keep him at his current pay grade or lower.

  • kgirl1028

    I know what you mean. I now actually watch Fox News. Never thought I would see the day

  • Prem

    “. . . .above my pay grade,. . .” Finally, Obama is telling the truth. Let’s keep him at his current pay grade and lower.

  • Bye bye Obambi

    As a lifelong Bostonian, I have to say, I can’t believe the Boston Herald is doing better reporting than the Boston Globe. Even worse, I now want to read the Boston Herald. Is the earth falling off it’s axis or something?

  • Thinker

    “With all due respect, Sen. Obama, being president is above your pay grade. And the voters are starting to figure that out.”

    – Oh snap, two times!! lol

    Boston Herald put the smackdown on Backtrack.

    I love it.

    And so the tide begins… 🙂

    Hillary 08

  • kgirl1028

    Like I said yesterday about a Clinton/McCain Conspiracy, the two of them would have crushed the bug we know as obama long ago. Heck and if you throw Jesse “cut his nuts off” Jackson in to the mix. He would have been castrated and sent on his way back in January. I must say though McCain is probably giving obama a beating because of hillary clinton, just not with her help. There have been times at work where people have left other people to fend for themsleves against a patient because they are so arrogant and will not listen. People will come help they just will walk slower. McCain has extended Obama all types of curtsey. He has agreed to campaign reform, kept republicans from airing ads that attack Michelle, and he even defended him when the New Yorker had an unsavory article. yesterday I saw where “critics” were criticizing mccain for his negative “yet truthful” ads, they have accused him of cheating, lying about his experience in Vietnam. Yeah mcCain is walking slow enjoying the sights, it’s about time the press roughed up obama, it couldn’t have happen to a nicer person. this is not Conspiracy it’s Karma.

    Ps. someone needs to get Dowd some help. She is cracking up. I think she feels really damn guilty that she defended obama, and lied about Hillary Clinton and the whole sexism thing. I know was lying because through out most of the discussion with Russet she wouldn’t look up. Anyone who works in a Male dominated field like Dowd does know that male Journalist are sexist. i think she lied on clinton because of what she thought was the “greater good” and then found out that it was “greater bullsh**T” she needs to make up these conspiracy so that she can live the fact she let the incompetent putz beat out the best candidate by not speaking out. Conspiracy therefore is probably the only way she can sleep at night. Obama’s not dumb he’s being plotted against. I would email her and tell her so, but i’m not stupid I know a comfort blanket when I see one.

  • ********************BREAKING***********************

    Hillary -we love you. You cannot stop us from supporting you, and voting for you!


  • Anon 1

    Running dog,

    Obama himself coined a word for republcans voting for him in the primary. DO you remember him boasting about Obamacans? WHere are they now?

  • missE


    Thanks for your work. I will skip MoDo’s doo doo.

    The Real Barack Obama site had this link and I thought this would amuse NQ readers.

    This is Obama talking about his friend Alexi Giannoulias (and a speaker at the convention) back in 2006 regarding allegations that he helped mobsters.

    Under the bus

    Thursday, Apr 13, 2006

    Obama expresses reservations about Alexi.

    U.S. Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday he is concerned by revelations that the bank owned by Illinois Democratic treasurer nominee Alexi Giannoulias’ family gave loans to a Chicago crime figure and said the candidate owes him and the public a full accounting.

    “I’m going to take a look at what’s been going on and I’m going to ask Alexi directly what is happening,” said Obama, an early and enthusiastic backer of the first-time candidate, after a town hall meeting at York High School in Elmhurst.

    “I think it is absolutely appropriate for [Giannoulias] to have to explain what exactly the nature of the relationship was, how aware the bank was of some of the illegal activities that this gentleman had engaged in in the past,” he said. “I think that is something that, as his campaign goes forward, he’s got to explain to voters.” […]

    “It sounds like they hadn’t fully thought that through,” Obama said. “My recommendation to him will be that he needs to have a thorough press conference in which all of this gets completely aired and all of these questions have to be answered. I think that’s what any elected official owes to the voters.”

    I guess questions are appropriate for elected officials who are not named Obama.

    • Zeke

      Why on earth would he stir that anthill? Rezko wakes up screaming every day the polls drop his only hope a point or two and he may start to sing like a tenor any day. What would possess Barry to get people thinking about loan fraud?
      Its like Jeffrey Dahmer saying he likes the rare guy or two…
      As the Senior Bush was wont to say:
      “Ain’t gunna do it… wouldn’t be prudent…”

  • lester

    Nancy Pulosi was just on CNN with Wolf Blitzer
    and never said one word about Stephanie Tubbs Jones

    • Boxer Mum 06


      I really despise this women and wish I could vote her out of office!

      I wonder if the taxpayers are paying for her botox treatments.

    • fif

      They didn’t mention it on the nightly news either. Very strange.

      • Zee

        I could not believe the dearth of coverage.

  • IronMan


    Read ALL about it and spred the word! Barry is on the run, again, and trying to cover his tracks with terrorist Bill Ayres!

    Posted August 20, 2008 9:30 AM

    University of Illinois education professor and school reform activist Bill Ayers during a panel discussion at a conference on racisim at the Field Museum Saturday, September 16, 2000. (Photo for the Tribune by Peter Thompson)

    by Mark Silva

    The University of Illinois has refused to release records related to Sen. Barack Obama’s service for a nonprofit educational project that put him in contact with activist William Ayers, a 1960s-era radical and now education professor.

  • BJ


    I just got the oddest email- I’m super busy and really can’t even read all the latest news on the web about the campaigns- but thought I’d share this with you all incase someone else got this email and/or is interested in looking into it- I have no clue why I got this!

    editor@thecityedition.com to filmspring


    Here’s a link to an article published today that discusses the
    upcoming Democratic National Convention and the circumstances
    shrouding the August 13th slaying of Bill Gwatney, who headed the
    Arkansas delegation. Sen. Clinton won a 44-point victory in Arkansas
    on Feb. 5th, her biggest margin in the primaries. Because no motive
    has been established, the story presents an alternative theory of the
    crime based on the Manchurian Candidate scenario.

    Superdelegate Murdered: Has Karl Rove declared open season on Democrats?


    For more articles on the election, please visit our website at

    Best wishes.

    Rosemary Regello
    Editor & Publisher
    The City Edition of San Francisco
    News, Health, Arts and Marketplace
    239 – 16th Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    (415) 762-3600

    • Zee

      Thanks, BJ.

      I always enjoy Rosemary’s takes on underreported stories.

  • WASHINGTON — In a sharp turnaround, Republican John McCain has opened a 5-point lead on Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential race and is seen as a stronger manager of the economy, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

    McCain leads Obama among likely U.S. voters by 46 percent to 41 percent, wiping out Obama’s solid 7-point advantage in July and taking his first lead in the monthly Reuters/Zogby poll.

    The reversal follows a month of attacks by McCain, who has questioned Obama’s experience, criticized his opposition to most new offshore oil drilling and mocked his overseas trip.

    The poll was taken Thursday through Saturday as Obama wrapped up a weeklong vacation in Hawaii that ceded the political spotlight to McCain, who seized on Russia’s invasion of Georgia to emphasize his foreign policy views.

    “There is no doubt the campaign to discredit Obama is paying off for McCain right now,” pollster John Zogby said. “This is a significant ebb for Obama.”

    McCain now has a 9-point edge, 49 percent to 40 percent, over Obama on the critical question of who would be the best manager of the economy — an issue nearly half of voters said was their top concern in the November 4 presidential election.

    • BTW, all of those reports from BO about how Hillary hold outs are now on board and we are unified…guess Kos is starting his disinformation campaign early.

      Never, never, never will I vote for Barry Soetoro.





      • PKJAYNE


  • tzada

    What is happening to the DNC?

    Lawmaker loses her office space for voting against a proposed Bill in California.


  • IronMan

    Update on Russia

    Associated Press
    Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO
    By BJOERN H. AMLAND – 12 minutes ago

    OSLO, Norway (AP) — Russia has informed Norway that it plans to suspend all military ties with NATO, Norway’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday, a day after the military alliance urged Moscow to withdraw its forces from Georgia.

    NATO foreign ministers said Tuesday they would make further ties with Russia dependent on Moscow making good on a pledge to pull its troops back to pre-conflict positions in Georgia. However, they stopped short of calling an immediate halt to all cooperation.

    The Nordic country’s embassy in Moscow received a telephone call from “a well-placed official in the Russian Ministry of Defense,” who said Moscow plans “to freeze all military cooperation with NATO and allied countries,” Espen Barth Eide, state secretary with the Norwegian ministry said.

    Eide told The Associated Press that the Russian official notified Norway it will receive a written note about this soon. He said Norwegian diplomats in Moscow would meet Russian officials on Thursday morning to clarify the implications of the freeze.

    “It is our understanding that other NATO countries will receive similar notes,” Eide said. The ministry said the Russian official is known to the embassy, but Norway declined to provide a name or any further identifying information.

    A Kremlin official declined to comment on the report, and the Russian ambassador to NATO did not reply to messages left on his cell phone. But the Interfax news agency, citing what it called a military-diplomatic source in Moscow whom it did not identify, reported that Russia is reviewing its 2008 military cooperation plans with NATO.

    Officials at NATO headquarters in Brussels said Moscow had not informed the alliance it was taking such a step.

    Washington described the reported move as unfortunate.

    “If this indeed is the case, it would be unfortunate. We need to work with Russia on a range of security issues, but we are obviously very concerned about Russian behavior in Georgia,” U.S. State Department spokesman Robert Wood said.

    Under a 2002 agreement that set up the NATO-Russia Council, the former Cold War foes began several cooperation projects. They include occasional participation of Russian warships in NATO counterterrorism patrols in the Mediterranean Sea, sharing expertise to combat heroin trafficking out of Afghanistan and developing battlefield anti-missile technology.

    Last week, Russia’s ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin warned the Western alliance against cutting off cooperation, saying it would hurt both sides.

    The Interfax news agency, citing a military-diplomatic source in Moscow, reported Wednesday that Russia is reviewing its 2008 military cooperation plans as a result of NATO’s decision to suspend meetings of the NATO-Russia Council.

    Eide said he hoped NATO and Moscow would get back on track with dialogue and cooperation but said that Russia would first have to comply with a cease-fire in Georgia.

    “I regret the situation has come to this,” he said.

    The hostilities between Russia and Georgia began earlier this month when Georgia cracked down on South Ossetia. The region is internationally recognized as being within Georgian borders but leans toward Moscow and regards itself as independent. Russia answered by sending its troops and tanks across the Georgian border.

    Proud to say HELL NO to Obama, or Soetoro, or whatver the hell that POS’s name is!

  • democracyfirst


    “Clinton’s Brother Meets With McCain Adviser”


    This is just one more thing that has happened recently that I am adding to the list of why I think McCain and Hillary are discussing (at least) the VP slot.

    A couple others –

    McCain is announcing his VP pick the day after the Democratic convention.

    McCain camp has been asking states if it is legal to have a non-Repub on the ticket.

    McCain and Clinton are good friends, have worked together, and they greatly respect each other.

    I could be way off, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence.

    • tzada

      May be asking for Lieberman who is an Independant

      • democracyfirst

        That’s what FOX is speculating. I don’t think he’d pick Lieberman because he is not very popular with Dems or Repubs. But it is definately possible.

    • It was my understanding that per GOP rules, the Veep must also me a Republican. Lieberman nor Hillary, not a possibility. But there would be a cabinet to fill, and both would bring much to the table.

    • helen

      That would be awesome.
      Two people in office that want what is best for America,
      What a concept.
      She could tell the new democratic party to go screw themselves after their treatment of her.
      The American people would get the “A” team.
      One can only hope.



  • OUCH.


    The hits just keep on coming, don’t they!

    That’s one bit of devastating press after another!

  • Anon 1

    Maybe an Obama loss is the best thing for the DNC. The party needs to rebuild around centrist dems who understand core democratic prinicples. How this party got so far left, I have no clue.

    My only fear is the Obama supporters will blame HRC and Bill if he does not win. And I am sure there will be many riots if he loses and claims of racism from his wierdo cultish net following.

    I have no doubt HRC would be up 10 points goign in the convention. Obama supporters were quick to talk about his ability to draw republicans. Now we all know the Republicans voted for Obama in the primary so that HRC could lose. Now that she is out, they are also deserting Obama. It was the true Dems and centrist Independents who were voting for HRC.

    By the way those of you worrying about ROe Vs Wade. John Mccain is on record voting to preserve the staute although he is very prolife.

    OBama is very quick to tax people making $250,000 and more. But what if that person has a student loan, 3 kids and a small business with 3 or 4 employees? We should reward people who work hard for their money. We should not be too quick to take it away. He has to tweak that tax plan.

    Many people must have voter remorse.

    • JohninCA

      Roe isn’t a statute; it’s (an infamous) SCOTUS decision.

    • IronMan

      All those fools over at the DNC, led by Scream Dean and Poopy Pelosi, will get a huge wake-up call when Barry LOSES the Election to McCain.

      The likes of Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile will be out ojn their collective asses, and WE THE PEOPLE, all 18+ million strong of us that support Hillary Clinton will be more than happy to show them the door…especially…barack “Barry The ONE WITH NONE Soetoro” Obama!!


      Hillary or McCain in ’08
      Hillary in 2012

    • IronMan

      All those fools over at the DNC, led by Scream Dean and Poopy Pelosi, will get a huge wake-up call when Barry LOSES the Election to McCain.

      The likes of Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile will be out on their collective asses, and WE THE PEOPLE, all 18+ million strong of us that support Hillary Clinton will be more than happy to show them the door…especially…barack “Barry The ONE WITH NONE Soetoro” Obama!!


      Hillary or McCain in ’08
      Hillary in 2012

      • athena

        I venture to say we are more than 18 million now…..

    • RunningDogLackey

      Riots? Weirdo cult? Republicans voted for Obama?

      Quit drinking the varnish, dude. Or are you just another GOP plant?

      • hehehe….

        …oh wait. Obama hmself asked republicans to be democrats for a day and vote for him in a number of primaries and open caucuses didnt he?

        OMG NO….NOT THE TRUTH!!! That has no place in camp koolaid.

  • hank48188

    Obama is on the way down, people are starting to learn about him and all his baggage, this is going to get ugly for the DEMS. I live in Michiganistan and will be voting straight REPUBLICAN, the DEMS stole my vote and gave it to Obama, they don’t know what DEMOCRACY means.

  • hank48188

    Hannity was talking about the Papers from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Grant that Kurtz from NRO wanted to see. We can thank Steve Diamond for his work in getting this story some light. Hannity will probably talk about this on his TV show as well, lets just hope he can shame the MSM into getting off their asses and doing some work.

    • The MSM doesn’t have the resources to put reporters…real reporters on the case. All available hands are assigned to propping up Omessiah.

      They will wait for the National Inquirer to do all the leg work for them and break the story wide open 3 times first before they are shamed into picking it up and then they will claim the “its not an issue” moral high ground as a way to explain their bitterness with the american people for not buying the Obullshit hook line and stinker.

      • unfortunately, unless it involves a penis a baby or an alien its not on the front burner of the national inguierer.

        • Boxer Mum 06

          Maybe they will dig into that teaser about him living with a white women when he was in college or whenever it was.

          I’m sure Michelle will be proud of that – and what’s with the rumor that he isn’t picking Biden b/c Michelle doesn’t want him …. who exactly is the chosen one?? Michelle or Barry???

          • Zeke

            Barry was “Chosen” by Michelle when she said, “I’ll get you, my pretty!”

  • There is nothing historic about the color of your skin.

    If we are truly a post racial nation then we vote on a persons experience, qualifications, accomplishments, positions and record.

    So tell me if that is the standard by which a post racial nation would act, why again is he getting 90+% of the AA vote when his record (non-existant) of helping the AA community pales when compared to the clintons record?

    Thats what I thought.


      You nailed it Jeremiah!

  • harvey

    I would like to see Obama lose both the presidential election and his senate seat. Along with Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, and the whole entire pack of rats for Obama.

  • untilthelastdogdies

    When you’re POTUS, ain’t NUTHIN’ above your pay-grade Barky!!

    Do the homework dude!

    My oh my, THAT will be in an October commercial…

  • Steve

    Finding answers to difficult questions is exactly what falls into the President’s pay grade.
    If Obama feels that his is above his abilities, then he might consider a less challenging job…

    But this seems to be a character trait of Mr. Obama. His explanation for more faith-based initiatives was that the problems are too difficult for him to solve, so everybody has to lend him a hand and do his job for him.

    Why are we expected to vote for him again?
    Historic candidacy?
    What else?
    Racial issue?
    Ooookaaaay… just wanted to make sure…

    • beebop

      So … his advisers are gramamma and nasty Michelle … do you want the decision as to when life begins left to one of them? Really. What a giggle he is. Except. Not. This isn’t King of the Prom. This is the real deal.

    • C.S.

      Perhaps everyone should just take him at his word and believe that his unconscious mind was telling us that he isn’t qualified for the “pay grade” that makes these kinds of decisions. You, too, disciples, take him at his word and let him lose to someone who does have the “pay grade” experience.

  • Andy

    Nice round up LisaB: great job thank you!!

  • William L. Donlon

    The Super delegates must feel that they have seen the little man up on the stairs!

    Yesterday going up the stairs
    I met a man who wasn’t there
    He wasn’t there again today
    I wish, I wish he’d go away.

    Denver is approaching and the nomination of the non candidate is about to take place, following his non Primary win , following his non vetting by the media.

  • Thanks LisaB. I couldn’t help myself though…MoDo is the columnist I love to hate. Pretty funny this time although I think she meant it as a Grimms Fairytale.

    Putin would have this rookie for breakfast. Can you even imagine Barry in the same room?

    Insofar as the right to lifers, they will be dogging him throughout the rest of the campaign. His dodging of the issue at Saddleback along with the news about his live birth abortion vote (and attempt at mudding the waters with technical arguments) has solidified their support of McCain.

    Obamabots really are in a state over all of this past week’s developments. I think what we’re seeing now is the result of Saddleback. Love it when the bots come here in a state of the hissys and I can’t wait to see them implode in November.

    • C.S.

      ~”Can you even imagine Barry in the same room?”~

      Actually, I can. I think his plan is to talk Putin to death. But Putin will have Poland by the end of the first sentence.

      Actions speak louder than words.


  • Mr.Murder

    Above my pay grade
    above the third grade

    Lecture away, O great orator.

  • roseeriter

    Obama wishes he was the fountain of knowledge, experience and qualifications but he truly is a gaffe gift that keeps on giving. NQ will never run out of material of Obama’s mistakes, misstatements or missed oppotunities.

  • RepublicanChick

    McCain can choose Lieberman, Hillary, or Daffy Duck to be his VP. It just better not be Romney.

    • churl

      Other than his underwear, what’s your gripe with Romney? He is of course a notorious flip-flopper and reminds me a cooked possum– greasy and slippery and oozy. But other than that…

      • Rev. Wright, can you fix my garlic nose?

        I didn’t like Romney during the (R) primary. Rudy was my first choice. When it became clear that Rudy had some problems, I considered the republican field, and all of a sudden I realized McCain would be a strong president. This is when he had about a four percent chance of winning the nomination.But I said what the heck, I’m standing behind John, win or lose.

        Romney just struck me as too “oily”. I don’t know, something about him is too slick. That said, I’ve no problem with him as veep. Nor do I have a problem with Tom Ridge, my state’s former governor. I know a lot of conservative Republicans don’t want a pro-choice Veep, but really if abortion was going to be outlawed it would have been during the Reagan years.

        I know you asked Republican chick but I barged in anyway

        • K Lynne

          I’m a moderate Repub myself, and felt exactly the same about Romney. He reminds me of a used car salesman. If either he or Huckabee had been the nominee, I would likely be sitting this one out.

          As an Arizonan, I’ve always had a mostly good opinion of McCain. A former co-worker (ran for state office as a Dem) knows him personally and believes him to be a far, far better choice than Obama.

          The funny thing is, after the last 8 years under Bush I was determined to vote Dem this time around. I never paid much attention to the Dem primaries, but gained a LOT of respect for Hillary. If it were McCain vs Hillary, I’d be comfortable with either one as POTUS – I feel both have the country’s best interests at heart. Obama appears to have only his interests in mind.

      • Ferdberfle

        Cooked possum? ROFL.

      • Bye bye Obambi

        Romney was governor of my state, Mass. He is every inch a product, and does not care about regular people. I’ve never liked him.

        • Tuppence 411

          As another voice from Massachusetts- Romney sucks.
          ( except when it comes to making money- the guy can make money). But I heard interesting commentary- McCain will not pick Romney despite the pressure because 1.) he doesn’t like him and 2.) he doesn’t trust leaving the country in his care. Not only if he was to drop during his presidency, but because the VP is the automatic party front runner for 2012 or 2016.

    • AX10

      You are a Republican and do not want Romney? Why?

      • varepub

        Because Romney is our Obama, a fake. He sure does look good and talks a good game, but after that he is empty. He probably checks the polls to see how much hair spray to use. McCain picking that man is the only way I won’t vote for him. Sarah Palin is a sure winner as VP choice. I really wish we(the Repubs)were losing by 20 in MI so that phoney wouldn’t even be in consideration.

        • Spend a week in Utah trying to get a drink, not run into any little black daytimer looking book holding cult members*, and then, if you’re a woman, see if you can get a straight answer or any real help. They’ll have to talk to your husband first to see if you have permission to spend “his” money.

          Then you’ll understand why no one should want Mitt Romney any where near the White House.

          And yup, he is a fake of the mormon kind. That’s up there with the Chicago thug in many ways.

          • Ferdberfle

            It’s the same in southeastern WA state where I lived for a few years. They run the entire place. It’s creepy.

          • varepub

            Never trust a man who doesn’t drink(recovering alcoholics excluded). Let alone one who doesn’t even drink coffee.

            • StrawberrybitesBarky

              Or straps his dog to the top of his car.

              • Lyn

                The dog is where he lost me

  • Tuppence 411

    “Above my pay grade” was a smart-ass remark that will and should haunt Barky Nobama ’til November. He is not a leader. He is not a public servant. He is a POS ambitious politician.

    • meileen

      The comment ranks with The Dean Scream, The Macaca Moment and Dukakis in a tank. And tank he will.

  • Northwest rain

    The WSTJ’s article on Obama style — Chicago style politics goes to Soetoro’s character. This is typical passive aggressive behavior — sneaky and underhanded.

    And we still have no idea about Obama’s core values — except for his lust for money.

    • B from Bloomington

      Thinks he’s worth his weight in gold apparently.

    • athena

      and power
      and his own seal
      and private plane
      and …..

  • “That’s not leadership, that’s politics. And Barack Obama is 100 percent pure politician.”

    Looks like the Boston Herald doesn’t want an invite to barky’s next world tour.

    • look everyone! I am angry….heres why

      Obama Uses Native Americans As Propaganda



      • Anita

        This is shameful! Natives americans are used in a folk_show?!?. They are a part of Obama’s Show.