Every now and then there are moments in the American media that defy description. Nevertheless they must be addressed.

Case in point: Washington Post “media critic” Howard Kurtz’s article today about FOX News Channel’s “reporters'” growing discomfort with the shenanigans of FNC darling Glenn Beck, he of the mighty chalkboard of insanity, his ludicrous fits of crying, his manic desire to be a political player, the fearmongering, paranoia and Stalin-Mao-Hitler-Marxist-Communist-Racist-Obama-hating cavalcade of madness. The meme that Beck is merely an entertainer and that FOX personalities are worried that the new star on the block could damage its relationship with the White House and the channel’s reputation are laughable at best. After all, Beck organized the infamous “9/12” rallies, a non-news event enthusiastically covered by FOX, complete with inflated crowd estimates. Beck, in displays of false modesty, claims to be a mere rodeo clown. Nonsense. He’s a liar, an ignoramus and a dangerous Father Coughlinesque demagogue who has done enormous damage to political discourse and the profession of journalism. (Beck would probably decry Coughlin’s loyalties but the technique remains the same).

Beck apologized recently for wasting his audience’s time following a hilariously absurd and demented interview with disgraced tickling enthusiast and former Congressman Eric Massa. But not to worry, he’s back to whatever passes for normal now.

FOX’s “news” operation didn’t show restraint or a desire for fact-checking while helping pump damaging, and false stories about the Clintons into the media churn, with the Vince Foster conspiracy theory still holding a strong showing behind the JFK assassination.

And it’s not as if Beck makes money for the network. He’s a loss leader (here’s a partial list of companies that have pulled their ads, despite Beck’s strong ratings). There are rumblings that Rupert Murdoch’s children are fed up with the drama surrounding FOX News’s foolishness, but you can bet that as long as daddy Rupert is in charge and Roger Ailes continues to draw breath nothing will change.

The Kurtz article follows an absurd piece in the Washington Post by former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines. With wide-eyed wonder, he ponders the vexing question of why reputable media organizations don’t call FOX out as a propaganda mill. This from a man who if he had a sense of shame would have the decency to keep quiet about media ethics, considering that reporter Bush/Cheney stenographer Judy Miller’s wildly incorrect WMD/Chalabi articles started being published in the NYT on his watch. The New York Times, which sets the agenda for all other publications in the United States, was thereby complicit in pushing falsehoods that led to an unjust and unnecessary war, costing thousands of American lives and ruining the U.S.’s reputation around the world. Good work, Howell.

But to answer your question, Howell: Cowardice. The American media are sheep. You’re welcome.

American reporters love to express their wonder at the Pakistani media’s love of conspiracy theories and wrinkle their brows over what a terrible impact the dissemination of false and sensationalistic information could have on the U.S.-Pak relationship. Look in the mirror, people.

— Cross Post from: The Pakistan Update

  • FranSC

    I know, Cindy.  2008 was a transformational year for me.  In the past I would not give the conservative view the time of day.  Let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot since then and it has mostly been from the right. 

    Glen Beck absolutely does his homework.  Does anyone think he made up any of that stuff about Van Jones?  He had video tape to prove his allegations – also that Valarie Jarrett fully supports Jones.  He resigned as a result of being so exposed.  And that’s not what Beck was trying to do.  He was trying to point out the fact that most of the people surrounding 0bama are like Jones.  And remember, 0bama is not an original thinker.  He gets his ideas from the likes of Van Jones, Rev Wright, and Bill Ayers.  Valarie Jarrett is just as radical as any of them and she is constantly by his side.  Say what you will, but Glen Beck has got 0bama’s number.  One of his staff said she felt like she had earned a Ph.D in 2009 due to all the research she had done.  

    The critics of GB are not watching his show.  They are listening to the liberal media’s sound bytes.  

    This is the reason I’m very offended that any of our writers would buy into the liberal media’s character assassination of Glen Beck.  All the scary things that were pointed out in this post are a compilation of sound bytes.  Our writers usually work harder than that. 

  • nomobama

    At least Glenn Beck knows he’s not a journalist. If only most of the other self-described journalists on CNN, MSNBC, and the other lame MSM outlets would acknowledge the same. Real, unbiased news
    is difficult to find on the MSM anymore. If I have to choose based on entertainment value, with a smattering of actual real news, then it’s the Fox news channel for me. Even as a Democrat, I found myself watching Fox over it’s competitors. There’s a reason for that. The other channels were propaganda networks shilling for Barack Obama. Their supposed unbiased reporting was an insult to anyone who avoided drinking the Obama kool aid. As for Glenn Beck, he may go overboard with his theatrics, but it’s his schtick, and you can’t fault someone for trying to stand out in the crowd. I’d rather see a few tears from Beck than vitriolic spittle from a rabid Olbermann any day.

  • Onofre’s arm

    And DC media girl, you’re a pathetic little coward by constantly posting under multiple names. But I’m not surprised, you have some serious problems.

  • Jackie S

    I don’t care if you like Glen Beck or not, he gives you food for thought and begs you to Read your constitution and think about what he is saying.

    Obama does not want you to think or research–just agree with him.

    I am WITH GLEN  BTW I do significant research and while he is on the “dramatic” edge the kernels of truth are there.

    I am a Constitutional Constructionist and I think we need to push that more in our culture.

    Personal responsibility

    Personal Integrity

    Give more to your community than you take.

    I am more with Glen than Obama

  • Required Reading

    So now I’m an American citizen – and I have the right to DEEM!  I’m going to DEEM in every single election and I’m going to DEEM the bastards who re-enfranchised me (from voting to deeming) right out of office! Get out the DEEM!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    Sally “The problem is tha Beck actually has proof for everything he says (olberman never does). I’ve looked into many of Becks claims as he’s  consistently 100% right. “….

    Yes folks we have a WINNER!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    Fox News!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    Ferd! Yes you are!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    I believ it. They piss and moan about Hannity and O’Reilly as well….

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    Hank this pix is right up your alley… You dumb shit!

  • Captain Jack Sparrow


  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    We have another winner!

  • Retired

    Cablemews poker: I’ll see your Olbermann, and raise you a Beck.

  • Sally

    You’re the clown….because you can’t substantial your claim. Go ahead prove he’s wrong. He only presents direct quotes from some of your liberal heros….its not his fault that they reveal themselves to be elitists, pro-eugenics, racists, anti-constitution and anti-freedom. HE IS 100% right…you pick up a book and look it up (and put down your glass of KOOLAID)

    How can you be so disdainful of a man who’s only purpose is to guarantee your rights and freedoms? How? You’ve got problems: perhaps suicidal tendencies?

  • Sally

    The problem is tha Beck actually has proof for everything he says (olberman never does). I’ve looked into many of Becks claims as he’s   consistently 100% right.  Beck is obviously worried and just wants Americans to get involved in uncovering the TRUTH. How is that wrong. He is not a dispicable elitist like KO.

    I can’t believe the snowjob we’ve been getting from the so called Legitamate media….it is very disturbing and scary. Anyone not scared obviously doesn’t know the facts. Bravo Beck…thank goodness for him..he’s got balls of steel.

  • Not Likely

    Do you even kbnow what sexism is? What in the hell are you talking about?

  • buzzlatte

    Do I get three seconds back for reading your comment?

  • sowsear

    I asked my uncle who was a fighter pilot at the time of Midway, and asked him if he knew of your relative. He wrote back that he recalled a guy who was shot dswn over the back hills of the Philippines, kept in a cage until the US freed him. This is probably not your relative, but…sad.


    Breaking !

    The guy did not faint at the Obama speech but was taken out for voicing
    his opinion

  • What a joke

    Onofre’s arm:  You’re disgusting, possibly homophobic and should be ashamed of yourself.  What a jerk. And you too Ferd Berfle. Where’s the moderator?

  • What a joke

    You’re right. He’s doing a great job. Which is why he has almost no sponsors exc. for shady “cash for gold” companies.  That’s quality.

  • What a joke

    OBSP: You ARE wrong.  The Foster investigation went on for years and FOX enabled it. And your reading comprehension is very poor.  IT’S FOX’S EMPLOYEES WHO ARE COMPLAINING THEY’RE EMBARRASSED BY BECK….which I don’t believe, but that’s what Kurtz’s article says.

  • What a joke

    Hey Cindy:  Instead of “learning” “history” from Glenn Beck, read a book every now and then.  And read this:



    Beck is King

  • tango

    Oh that’s Obama. But then again maybe not, since we’re not really sure he was even born in America! In that case, then for sure it describes Nancy Pelosi!

  • OBSP

    Glenn Beck is a clown that I do not associate with Chris Wallace nor the rest of the Fox ews Team.  If we are going to associate cable personalities with the news staff I have two words for you, Keith Olberman!  Also, something did not ring right with me when I read this post.  Vince Foster died in 1993 FOX debut in 1996.  I know some of the talk show host bought us old news, but I do not recall them harping on the story.  I maybe wrong!

  • bob

    Did I hit Red State’s comment thread by accident?

  • Breeze

    It is fairly easy to ‘enthrall’ a hand picked ‘crowd’ of 200 paid union robot-heads.

    The liberal media have all had to pinkie swear they wouldn’t mention that in any of their coverage.

    Obama’s desperation is embarrassing enough.

  • stodghie

    el capitan(not), the boob is you in a mirror. i know i know, it is easy to get confused with so many braying jackasses on tv these days.

    say el capitan(not) have you ever dislosed as requested just where you got that faux title capitan. huh? inquiring minds want to know. and don’t run that pathetic false resume again either.

  • Onofre’s arm

    Mark Twain once said that the coldest winter he could remember was summer in San Francisco. (paraphrasing)