So Mr. Transparency and his Pelosi-led crew have been mighty busy over the past couple of weeks. Okay, okay, his entire presidency thus far. But the past couple of weeks have been particularly bad. First there was the whole health care bill rammed down our throats.

But also inside that Health Care bill was a massive change to Student Loans. I am all for student loans – I used them for graduate school myself. But what the heck do Student Loans have to do with Health Care? Just another budgetary trick by the “Transparency” Party. And today, President Obama will be signing THIS piece into law:

Then there are Obama’s recess appointments. Now, all presidents do this, that we know. But there was one person in particular who was opposed by both Democrats and Republicans. The following sets the stage:

Oh, yes. This Becker guy, friend to the SEIU is JUST who we need in a Labor position, isn’t he? Well, you know what’s coming. Obama appointed him despte all of the opposition:

So Student Loan overhaul was used to “balance” the Health Care costs (and we know it really didn’t, given the double dipping shell games used in that procedure), but another victim of the budget is a benefit. It applies to the spouses of those serving in the Armed Services:

I hope the Pentagon is able to figure out a way to restore this benefit. It is an important benefit to those who serve the country, too, by supporting their spouses in the military.

Obama will be meeting today with French President Sarkozy. Unlike other allies who have visited the White House recently, Sarkozy will actually have a dinner in his honor. Why, you might ask? What makes him more important than, say, Netanyahu? Because Obama wants to ask him to send more troops o Afghanistan. I mean, really, after the way he has treated the British, he can’t exactly go with hat in hand to them, can he? No, to our friends he is arrogant; to our enemies, he is solicitous. Go figure.

Oh, and one last thing, also a direct result of Obama’s “Transparent” Health Care Law. Rep. Henry Waxman is a bit miffed that all of these big corporations are coming out saying how much this law is going to cost them, thus cost new jobs, and put more people into government run programs (which I contend was Obama’s intent all along). He is demanding that they come to the Hill and testify April 21st. And they better bring all of their paperwork showing how they came to these conclusions:

Waxman’s demands for documents are far-reaching. “To assist the Committee with its preparation for the hearing,” he wrote to Stephenson, “we request that you provide the following documents from January 1, 2009, through the present:

(1) any analyses related to the projected impact of health care reform on AT&T; and (2) any documents, including e-mail messages, sent to or prepared or reviewed by senior company officials related to the projected impact of health care reform on AT&T. We also request an explanation of the accounting methods used by AT&T since 2003 to estimate the financial impact on your company of the 28 percent subsidy for retiree drug coverage and its deductibility or nondeductibility, including the accounting methods used in preparing the cost impact statement released by AT&T this week.

Waxman’s request could prove particularly troubling for the companies. The executives will undoubtedly view such documents as confidential, but if they fail to give Waxman everything he wants, they run the risk of subpoenas and threats from the chairman. And all as punishment for making a business decision in light of a new tax situation.

The particular problem for the companies involves the prescription drug coverage they offer retired workers. In 2003, when President Bush and the Republican Congress passed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement, they offered a tax break to companies that continued to provide drug coverage for their retirees, rather than forcing them into the Medicare system. The new national health care bill ends that tax break, making it more expensive for the companies to continue offering the coverage. Ultimately, some analysts believe, the companies will stop covering the retirees, pushing them into the government system.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Waxman, because these companies are harshing Obama’s buzz from getting this thing passed is demanding something from these corporations that WE didn’t get from Congress. Yes, the irony, the irony.

Not to mention some validation – I knew the government was trying to force more people into the government run system. Yeppers – just another piece of the Obama pie. I am sure more will be coming out about this issue in the intervening time before the Trial On The Hill.

So – what else is flying under the radar today? Let’s hear it!

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    PO, nice try.  I have been very clear abt where I stand on health care.  You can try and put words in my mouth all you want, but the people who actually read my posts know what my concerns are with this new law, its conception beginning with Obama’s kowtowing to Big Pharma, and its numerous bribes, payoffs, threats, etc.  
    It would be nice if you actually bothered to read what I wrote instead of making your usual disparaging, condescending comments abt me.  You don’t know me – please stop presuming you do.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    PO, nice try.  I have been very clear abt where I stand on health care.  You can try and put words in my mouth all you want, but the people who actually read my posts know what my concerns are with this new law, is conception, bribes, payoffs, threats, etc. 

    It would be nice if you actually bothered to read what I wrote instead of making your usual disparaging, condescending comments abt me.  You don’t know me – please stop presuming you do.

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  • prime obot

    Guys, I have to figure that if I’m not in moderation, nobody is. 

  • prime obot

    Yes, speaking as a paid operative of the President’s secret fascist-commnist takeover team, the problems with comments on NQ the past couple days are part of our efforts to emotionally destabilize our most frightening enemies. 

  • AC

    Waiting for EASTER

  • AC

    Testing the TEST

  • prime obot

    Then what specific provisions in a health care reform bill would you support? I’d genuinely like to know. Forget process: tell us exactly what you should health care reform should consist of. 

    And let’s be clear: if you don’t think that a bill should be partisan, then you are saying that you don’t think America should ever get health reform until at least some Republicans agree to vote for it. 

  • prime obot

    Okay, Amy so you are now on the record as opposing this health care bill, student loan reform, and pressuring large corporations to justify their insistence on raising people’s health insurance premiums yet again. And you’re getting very good at mimicking Limbaugh/Hannity/RNC language like “ramming it down our throats” to describe a bill that was heavily debated for over a year and then passed by majorities of both houses of Congress. 

    As I keep noting, you are quite the progressive, aren’t you? 

  • Linda C

    Is the health care going to “cost them big bucks” or just close a tax loop hole?  Big difference in my book.  Medicare D is effectively run by insurance companies, however it does receive subsidies from the government. 
    The article also states that half of the companies surveyed were planning a shift in their retiree drug coverage by 2010 anyway. have several strategies available to them for 2006. They could continue to provide coverage that is at least as generous as the standard Medicare drug benefit and receive tax-free subsidies equal to 28 percent of allowable drug costs between $250 and $5,000 per retiree in 2006. Firms also could choose to provide drug coverage that supplements Medicare’s coverage and not receive the subsidy; they could become a Medicare prescription drug plan; or they could terminate drug and/or other medical retiree health benefits altogether.

  • oowawa

    So Rep. Quasimodo, er, Waxman, is going to face down the CEO’s who dissed O-Whole Health by daring to say it would cost them big bucks . . . Well, staring up those cavernous boarlike nostrils, flared with indignation, will have them all trembling with fear . . . They’ll reconsider their accounting once Rep. Henry Waxman shows them all how REALLY UGLY Congress can be when intimidated!

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Sally Mae laying off 2,500 due to the student loan overhall in the healthcare bill.

  • kenoshamarge

    It’s really quite simple Armymom. Obama and the Obamacrats lie, the Obamamedia repeats the lie, endlessly, and most people believe the lie(s). Until the bills come due. Or unless they manage to find some accurate information, which they will not find in most of the media.

    The problem with a corrupt/biased media such as ours if that the “facts” are not reported. Without an honest media the public is ill-informed. Without an informed public making informed decisions the lying pieces of crap that we have elected can continue to play their corrupt little shell games with “our” money. I repeat, OUR money! The government has NO money. They are using OUR money.

    Sorry for the yelling. I just am so pissed off about all the lies, all the deceits that if I didn’t yell I’d start pounding on my keyboard and I can’t afford to buy a new one.

  • confused American

    Bill is so right…All presidents get the same type of complaints and have been for years.  H3LL we on here know the crap GW got and I didn’t vote for him myself. But all one has to do is look back in history at LBJ, Carter, Nixon, Reagan, and the list goes on as to the people’s way of expressing discrepancy with whatever the current  administration is.

    The comment “You’re Racist” now resonates within many schools from students to the adult workers/teachers/supervisors.
    I am amazed when it’s a Hispanic student calling a Hispanic adult school worker racist, or a black student calling a black school worker racist and etc.

    This happens even when no one has been actually accused of anything, just an adult school worker  breaking up a fight, telling a group of mixed ethnic students to quit horse playing, quit running and etc. Its either let the students do what they may or want, or your racist.

    What’s interesting is I have not heard anyone complain about a white
    student calling a school worker racist, even a white student calling a Hispanic, black or other ethnic school worker racist. (not saying it might not have happened but it’s very rare).

    You’re Racist has almost  become the new N word or F word…which many are using as a means to put down anyone that they disagree with. 

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Did anyone post this?
    This is outrageous!

  • TeakWoodKite