I know, I know, that could be any number of things. Obama has, as many of us knew he would, morphed into George W. Bush. Not that his followers will ever admit it, but those of us in the “reality-based community” clearly see who he really is. Just look at his recent flip flopping backtrack on Offshore Drilling, and the machinations his people go through to support these wild swings. What he said as a Senator is mighty different from what he has said as president. What a shock.

But Obama has even bigger problems than his reversal on Offshore Drilling. And that is the recent ruling that the court has made on wiretapping. Now, MANY of us were furious with Bush for doing this, and thought it was unconstitutional. Guess what? We were right, as this NY Times article, “Court Ruling on Wiretap Is a Challenge for Obama,” spells out:

As a presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama declared that it was “unconstitutional and illegal” for the Bush administration to conduct warrantless surveillance of Americans. Many of his supporters said likewise.

But since Mr. Obama won the election, administration officials have avoided repeating that position. They have sidestepped questions about the legality of the program in Congressional testimony. And in lawsuits over the program, they followed a strategy intended to avoid ever answering the question by asking courts to dismiss the lawsuits because the litigation could reveal national security secrets.

But the ruling on Wednesday by a federal judge that one instance of such spying had been “unlawful electronic surveillance” may force onto the table a discussion of how aggressively the Obama administration should continue to defend from judicial review the contentious Bush-era counterterrorism policy.

David Golove, a New York University law professor who specializes in executive power issues, said the ruling had highlighted the “awkwardness” of the Obama administration’s ambivalent stance toward its predecessor’s surveillance program.

“They have a lot of discomfort with the legal arguments the Bush administration made, but they’ve tried to avoid having to acknowledge too publicly those differences or to air them in court,” he said.

Uh huh. Bush II, as I, and others, have written ad nauseum (honestly, I have written so many posts on the similarities and flip flops by Obama, I cannot list them all here). He was telegraphing how much he was like Bush at the same time he was demonizing him. Yet, his followers couldn’t, or wouldn’t, see the comparisons.

But they are definitely there:

[snip] There are some reasons that the administration might appeal, legal specialists said. Among them, it may not want Judge Walker’s narrow interpretation of the state secrets privilege to stand because it might influence other cases, and appealing on those narrow grounds would allow the administration to still avoid engaging on whether the program was legal.

In addition, the administration may fear political attacks from the right if it agrees to pay damages to the plaintiffs, which include an Islamic charity in Oregon, Al Haramain, which the government has said had links to Al Qaeda. (The charity is defunct and its assets are frozen, however.)

But several legal specialists said that the administration may instead want to let the ruling stand. That would terminate a case that has been a political headache for the administration since the month after Mr. Obama took office, when the Justice Department’s decision to keep pressing forward with the Bush administration’s assertion of the state secrets privilege in the matter created an uproar among liberals.

A decision not to appeal would also ensure that the ruling against the government went no higher than a district court judge’s decision, which — unlike one by an appeals court — would not set a binding precedent.

“This is a very hard decision for them,” said John P. Elwood, a Justice Department lawyer in the Bush administration. “The thing that makes it hard to appeal is that they apparently are of two minds about it and don’t want to be pinned down on what they think of it now, but also the fact that they might end up with just as bad a precedent from the court one rung up.”

Still, if the administration lets the judgment stand, Mr. Holder — who in 2008 said Mr. Bush had authorized the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program in “direct defiance of federal law” — would be left with a ruling from a federal judge that such warrantless wiretapping by government officials was illegal. That could prompt calls to begin a criminal investigation. It is a felony to violate the surveillance law requiring warrants.

“Despite the government trying to throw up every procedural roadblock imaginable in this case, the judge has ruled that the Bush administration broke the law,” Senator Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat who is on both the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, said Thursday.

And there you have it. So, now the Obushma Administration has the decision to make of appeal, or let stand the ruling:

Most of the lawsuits brought against the government over the program in the past have faltered because the plaintiffs could not prove that they were spied upon.

But Jon Eisenberg, a lawyer for Al Haramain, observed Thursday that if Mr. Holder chose to open a criminal investigation, he could easily obtain all the evidence of wrongdoing he needed.

“If Holder wanted to be really aggressive, he could go into the Justice Department’s files and pick out some of the people who were wiretapped and prosecute those cases,” Mr. Eisenberg said. “But do they want to do that? No. The Obama administration made a decision a long time ago that they are not going to prosecute Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program.”

Mr. Holder already faced a similar decision over whether to investigate Central Intelligence Agency interrogators who conducted harsh interrogations of detainees during the Bush years despite antitorture laws.

But Mr. Holder decided not to investigate any interrogators for conduct that at the time had been blessed as lawful by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. That office wrote similar memorandums declaring that warrantless surveillance was lawful, and Mr. Golove, the New York University law professor, said that precedent was likely to be repeated.

“I assume Holder would say there is the same rationale — if they were acting under Office of Legal Counsel authority, we’re not going to investigate them,” he said. “Does he have to announce that? I don’t know — it depends on how much political pressure is brought to bear.”

Sure will be interesting to see how Obama and Holder decide to play this off, won’t it?

At this point, I planned to grab a video on Obama’s Flip Flops, but I cannot begin to tell you how many there were at YouTube. I’m not kidding – go put it in, and you’ll get a ton of them.

But this one is pretty darn good – and it was done a year and a half ago before the election:

Just think how many more Flips and Flops Obama has made since then. His followers will shrug and say it’s different now. We know better, though. The flips and flops are mighty numerous, with the illegal wiretapping being just one. Feel free to list the many others!

  • ~~JustMe~~

    It’s also available on you tube.
    Yes and I have grown into a mean old lady!   🙂

    However, as yet have never posted at Michelle’s Mirror



  • NOBO2112

    Hey JustMe: That video is the banner vid at the MOTUS blog

    I know some of you are regulars there because I recognize your names as some of her MOLs (mean old ladies). MOTUS and the MOLs rip the White House squatters every day.

    and thet is a great video.

  • Cindy

    Onofre—I think that is a very interesting assessment, and you’ve put alot of thought behind it.
    I like studying people, especially those different from me. You learn an enormous amount about human nature in certain personality types (and disorders) and you learn alot about yourself…like what your limits are re: tolerating the people you’re observing.
    Interesting stuff.
    You always make me use my noggin, Onofre.

  • beyond_words

    Wow nice article, Rev. Amy. I loved that video, thanks! Very well done and factual. Leaves a sour taste in mouth about all politicians in general afterwards though, lol.

    As for First Ladies I really agree with the consensus here that Laura Bush was untouchable as a First Lady since Nancy Reagan at least. Now those were true ladies with class and did the U.S. proud in their roles.

  • tango

    I think at the beginning of their marriage, Michelle was wowed. I mean come on, Barack was about 100 times more attractive then her when they first met and probably a lot more charming and socially adept. I bet she figured she got herself a great husband. Barack, he thought he got himself a great conduit to the black community to give him street cred and to inner Chicago considering Michelles dad had connections.

    I bet the bloom went off the rose when she realized her husbands ambitions and no matter how much he tries to portray himself as a family man, something has to be sacrificed when a man desires and pursues great power. She probably knows a lot of his dirty secrets and that too might be distasteful. I’m sure it’s also not that great knowing that many consider you a beard for your in the closet husband. I think Michelle is also just as radical if not more than her husband and the few times she went off script (this is the first time I’ve ever been proud of America) caused her husband and his campaign/advisors all kinds of grief.  I think she’s been effectively silenced somehow through threats or promises of something in the future or just the knowledge that if Barack goes down as a liar or crook or something else equally unsavory, her and the children are tainted also.  I mean most moms will do almost anything to protect their kids so maybe Michelle learned long ago to suck it up rather than risk her kids being humilated. Maybe she’s also realized she doesn’t have the social skills to be First Lady and feels so uncomfortable she just prefers to withdraw. I mean come on, I never attended an Ivy League college but even I know you don’t give the visiting PM of Britain a set of DVDs as an official gift!

    Look I don’t begrudge Mrs. Obama if she wants to be a homemaker. More power to her. None of us know the pressures of being the FLOTUS and not everyone is a Hillary Clinton in intellect and work ethic. So if she wants to sit on her rear end and eat bon bons and only give a speech once a month to 2nd graders, so be it.  Maybe that’s the deal she made with her husband in exchange for her supporting his run for President.   I just don’t want to hear from Obots how wonderful she is, unlike any other first lady, making extreme sacrifices, such a fashion icon, blah blah blah, because it’s just not true.  As first ladies go, I say she’s stunningly average.

  • confused American

    Due to the  2 or 3 good sized(500 + people ) War Protests in the 60s I was in; at first I figured some numbskull blew it. 
    Hey we had a few back then that just could not hold back the crap……Every once in a while some numbskull/s would break ranks screaming inappropriate words or phrases, or even some that would hurl dirt clods, bottles and rocks.. 
    This was rare and a very small % ….  However more often than not it was due to Law Enforcement Harassment both verbal and physical
    I was waiting to see who the stupid few numbskulls were on this mess.  Yet the more and more time went by NOTHING ZILCH. 
    Tons of cameras all over the place from all sorts of people Tea Party Members, Media people and now we find out Democratic Congress People. 
    Yet Still nothing on this mess……WHY?????

  • getfitnow

    I read during the primaries, when his time as president of the HLR was being discussed, that after he left, it was written into the job description of the president  the requirement to publish articles. To that point all presidents had.

    B TW–there were 2 black men before BO who served as editors on the HLR, and they got there the old fashion way–they earned it!

  • confused American

    HOLY CRAPPYDOO  or as I usually say it HOLY CRAPOLA
    Did Michelle on April 3, 2010(??)  really say What I think she said…… =-O

    I know of several sources that have this video secure in an offline safe place.

  • getfitnow

    Remember when he indicated in one of the debates that all his state senate office files had been thrown out? WTF? This did not raise one MSM antenna. Unbelievable. My blood pressure spikes everytime I think of the blatancy with which he campaigned.

    And you still hear idiots marvelling at what a great campaign he ran. I don’t get it.

  • confused American

    What’s new guys????  Why do you all think Obama put everything under lock and key as soon as he was sworn in?
    What I can’t understand is  WHY the majority of the media  did not vet him, as they have so scrupulously done with all our other candidates for many decades.
    For some reason I think this whole load of CRAPOLOA got shoved under the rug due to the “Race Card”….
    Think about it Guys…..Whenever anyone questioned him , they were racist. Currently its Obama’s  policies we don’t like not Obama, yet  “You’re Racist.”  Have to say I have begun to dislike the guy quite a bit lately because of what how he acts.
    Sorry but this guy and all the people behind him are a fabricated piece of _____(fill in the blank yourself).
    Like I said before I am not racist because I Did Not Vote for GW, I  am not racist because I Supported Hillary, I am not racist because I Voted for Bill Clinton, and I am sure as the H3LL not racist because I Do Not like what Obama and his cronies are doing to our country.
    Let’s get over this CRAPOLOA and pull all that fictional crap about Obama out of the closet and find the real truth.

  • kgirl1028

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Amy you just shut Freedom Fighter down right in the middle of his Obama worship.  I’m impressed.

  • getfitnow

    Our new veggie nanny has been teaching kids how to do the rhubarb dance.

    I have no way of knowing, but I have a feeling MO made a covenant with BO. People talk aboute Clintons, but I think the Obamas’ relationship was an arrangement from the beginning.

    If I feel sorry for anyone it’s their daughters–being dragged outd used as props. Actually if you see quick snapshots of them, especially of the oldest one, she often looks like she’d rather be elsewhere.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Holy crappydoo, y’all – those are some articles to which you linked!  I kne Obama wasn’t a real Constitutional Scholar, and his tenure as head of the Harvard Law Review wihtout ever publishing anything was just bizarre.  I worked wiht a bunch of Harvard Law students.  They busted their butts working HARD, first of all, but being published was important, too.  And they weren’t the Editor.


  • Breeze
  • bayareavoter

    Interesting link- thanks! They always scream racism when they need attention.

    BTW, Isn’t it weird that so many biracial people were thrilled when BO was elected Pres but on his census form he claims only that he is black? Wasn’t he raised by white grandparents and had a white mother? It begs the question of how accurate is the census?

  • bayareavoter

    The Obots I know who are starting to admit they are “disappointed in BO” always tell me how “fabulous” Michelle is and how they love and respect her….Blech!

    (and one Obot keeps telling me Hillary couldn’t have done any better on health care)….I Don’t think so…but sadly we’ll never know will we?

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Here’s the link, Getfitnow.

    And this is the photo at the top of the article:

  • Onofre’s arm

    Hey getfitnow, I hear you loud and clear. My pity for M, small as it is, does not mean that I like her or that I’m not furious about her role in all of this. But I believe M will soon be joining the masses of bewildered Obamaphiles in the bottomless pit under his bus. But I’m also aware that she was mostly dragged into this mess, and like her or not, her life is no longer her own, and I’d be willing to bet she wishes she could have her old job back, and live a quiet life away from the gathering storm.

    Aren’t you wondering where she has been lately? Why hasn’t she been out championing her husbands great victory with the BFD bill? She’s been uncharacteristically silent lately, don’t you think? I think she may be having an Elizabeth Edwards moment, and at what point will she place what little regard she has for this country over the destructive ambitions of her avaricious husband? At what point will she hate her husband more than she hates this country, and spill her guts? How far do you think Obama will go to keep her in line or assure her silence? 

    Perhaps M will remain dutiful and loyal to the end, who knows? But right now she’s trapped by circumstance, and she’s a reluctant passenger for now, INSIDE the Obama bus. Unless you’ve lived with someone with full blown NPD, you probably can’t imagine how bad it can get, and you may not understand why someone living with an NPD behaves as they do. Quite often, victims of an NPD are terrified to show the public anything but fawning support for their abuser. I’ve noticed several incidents where I could swear that M was trying to send a coded message for help, or where she hinted that life with Barry wasn’t a walk through the tulips. M could be a prime example of someone too frightened to speak ill of the powerful person they’re most frightened of.

  • getfitnow
  • Docelder

    As a ‘legacy’ candidate and a beneficiary of affirmative action – Yep, that trumps smarter and more qualified every time. What should happen is smart and qualified people who were denied should sue these institutions because less smart and less qualified people get in all the time. But then the same thing happens again with employers for the same reasons.

  • getfitnow

    Anyone who helped perpetuate this fraud on our country; divide us more with race baiting and card playing; and display total contempt for the citizens of this country–I WILL NOT FORGIVE OR FORGET! And FLOTUS is right up there with the leadership of the Dems. She knew her husband wasn’t qualified; and I have no doubt if she had of put one of those size 12’s down, that would have been that. But no, it wasn’t about governance. It was and continues to be about them. It’s sickening and she doesn’t deserve one ounce of pity, imho >:o

  • Armymom

    That’s funny because Kenya claims he was born there. Even his grandmother told the story of her being there when little Obama was born.

  • getfitnow

    That’s right. And it was so critical to the hospital’s operation, they didn’t replace me when I left.

  • Docelder

    What is the chance that any single President would also be the smartest ever? And that his wife would also be the smartest first lady ever? What is the chance of that contrasted with the more likely chance that there is some serious rationalization going on to cover buyers remorse.

  • Onofre’s arm

    Normally, I would eagerly jump at the opportunity to dump on Michelle, but lately, I’ve been getting signals that M is beginning to realize the extent of her husbands NPD, and like the rest of us, she and her kids are now victims of Barack’s quest for power. I’m going to adopt a more merciful approach to M.

    Few people know what they’re getting themselves into when they marry someone with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or the similar BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). Even very intelligent people fall prey to individuals with NPD or BPD because they let their love delude them into thinking that they can change, control, or “live with” their partner’s increasingly intolerable behavior. M gave us some hints about her displeasure with some of her husband’s behavior, and she was less than enthusiastic about the idea of her husband becoming the POTUS. She gave support of course, but she did a poor job of concealing her doubts that her hubby would make a good Pres.

    I think Obama bought her off during the campaign with promises of endless parties, exotic travels, and all of the other trappings and perks that are usually bestowed upon the First Lady, and for the better part of a year, Obama has delivered. But all of the swank parties, celebrity attention, and 5 Star services will not smooth over the fact that she’s married to a man who is starting to expose his dark interior with each passing day and each new dose of power. NPD’s are hard enough to live with in normal situations, but just try living with one who has the conduits of almost limitless power plugged into an ego that can never be fully charged.

    M ain’t a happy camper right now, and as much as I dislike her and her complicit role in getting a man she knew to be unqualified into the White House, I can’t help but pity her a bit. I put the odds that their marriage won’t last the length of his one and only term, at 50/50.

  • Docelder

    These billboards look like astroturf to me. Notice the overly large nose drawn. There is a reason this was done in Atlanta. Atlanta has a history of racial tension. This is somebody on the left stirring the racism pot. I would bet on it. Notice also the “socialism” tag. Yes, this is a sympathy billboard for Obama and not against him. “Socialism” I wouldn’t say. flip-flopper I would say. Broken promises, again yes. There is no need to go to “socialism” unless you are going for the sympathy backlash.

  • Docelder

    Thise billboards look like astroturf to me. Notice the overly large nose drawn. There is a reason this was done in Atlanta. Atlanta has a history of racial tension. This is somebody on the left stirring the racism pot. I would bet on it. Notice also the “socialism” tag. Yes, this is a sympathy billboard for Obama and not against him. “Socialism” I wouldn’t say. flip-flopper I would say. Broken promises, again yes. There is no need to go to “socialism” unless you are going for the sympathy backlash.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Um, “home country”??  Holy smokes.  I think you’re right, HARP – she probably told the truth ONCE…

  • Breeze