As the general election phase nears — and because this blog does not endorse either presidential candidate, and owner Larry Johnson has stated very clearly that he does not intend to support John McCain for some very important reasons — it is time to take a hard look at the Republican party’s presumptive nominee.

I was perusing ThinkProgress today, and found this important to point out — that John McCain is not the “straight shooter” that he likes to portray himself as, and has indulged in quite a bit of “flip-flopping” himself:

As Steve Benen has documented, McCain has flip-flopped at least 74 times over the years.

While some of his shifts may be an attempt to “grow” and “refine” his positions, many of his flip-flops were calculated moves to “placate the GOP right” in the course of his run for president:

TAXES: In 2001 and 2003, McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, saying that they would “mostly benefit the wealthy.” But in 2006 he voted to extend them and now he wants to double them.

IMMIGRATION: In 2006, McCain sponsored immigration reform legislation with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), but in a January 2008 debate, he said that he “would not” vote for his own legislation.

ROE V. WADE: In 1999, McCain told reporters that he “would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade.” In 2006, McCain expressed his unequivocal support for overturning the decision.

OFFSHORE DRILLING: In 1999, when he first ran for president, McCain supported the moratorium on offshore drilling. In June 2008, however, he called for an end to the federal ban on offshore oil drilling.

RADICAL RIGHT: In 2000, McCain declared Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “agents of intolerance,” but in 2006 McCain said he no longer considers Falwell an “agent of intolerance.”


Read this article in full.

There is a reason that Hillary Clinton has chosen to stay with and support the Democratic ticket. She is concerned about the ramifications of another Republican presidency.

Where that leaves me come late October when my ballot arrives, I haven’t decided yet.

I have time. And, quite probably, how I vote will remain my PRIVATE SECRET. It is, after all, my right to cast my vote with the right of privacy.

What I care most about — in terms of rights — is that when 2012 rolls around, that I will be able to cast my PRIMARY VOTE in private, and not in a public caucus that is undemocratic by its very nature.

And what I also care about, come 2012, is that if this 2008 Democratic ticket loses, that I will be able to support Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

Getting back to John McCain: It is essential, before we starting shouting that we’ll vote for McCain if Hillary isn’t nominated, that we take a GOOD HARD, LONG LOOK at this man and his running mate.

Let’s preserve our options.

Let’s keep them guessing.

Let’s never say “never.” Too many people through countless millenia have rued making that statement.

Let’s remain open to possibilities.

And let’s keep our eyes on the ultimate prize.

Let’s be an example OF her FOR her.

  • Ex-Puma

    Comment by tish | 2008-08-25 12:46:52

    There is a difference on rethinking and changing your mind for the times and benefit of the people, as far as offshore drilling goes, gas wasnt the threat it has become today..dear, as far as woe v wade use birthcontrol, instead of murder than you wont have to use that as an excuse, funny how the treehuggers are all first in line to protest war against alquaida, beheaders, rapists and tortures but give no rights to a baby who cannot yet speak, but breathes feels pain, has no problem killing.
    And we do not need a adultering druggy, who is in bed with our enemies at any given moment, oh and did i forget to mention, he plans for you to pay up the ying yang for slavery,,get ready to write your checks to rev wright,,care of trinity church, and global poverty will take up any extra funds they save in letting terrorism run rampid..enjoy hell on earth while you can, vote obama if you want that change!

    Nothing but racist bigotry.

    Where did McCain mean when he demanded “drill here now” at the Sturgis Rally? The Great Lakes? The McCain energy policy is a disgrace.

    “As far as Woe v Wade – use birth control”? WTF? Abortion is not an easy choice it is however a choice a woman must make. Isn’t it great that these “pro lifers” support the death penalty, support sending our troops to an illegal oil war and have no regard for our vets. They claim “pro life” but what help is given to the poor girl, who through lack of sex education gets pregnant and has a child?

    “And we do not need a adultering druggy, who is in bed with our enemies at any given moment”
    I agree we should not support John McCain for President. Send him and the rest of his adulterous party back to the same job lines they have sent many American workers.

    “he plans for you to pay up the ying yang for slavery”. Pure racist bull. He already said he does not support reparations, but he does support strengthening our education system, so that the poorest people of America, black, white or Asian can be given a hand up not a hand out. Far better than the sink schools created by the Repugs that have left many without opportunity.

    “and global poverty will take up any extra funds they save in letting terrorism run rampid” Obama supports, as do all Democrats, including Hillary, the already signed up to UN agreement to get International Aid from the richest economies up to 0.7% of GDP

  • Linda—-NOOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John McCain and Cindy paid for their house,unlike Obama “REZKO”RING A BELL?Ayers?

    McCain I will give my vote to anydAy.


    HILLARY YES.Not Hilary then my vote is for McCain

    Hillary or McCAIN 08

  • Linda—-NOOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John McCain and Cindy paid for their house,unlike Obama “REZKO”RING A BELL?Ayers?

    McCain I will give my vote to anydy.


    HILLARY YES.Not Hilary then my vote is for McCain

    Hillary or McCAIN 08

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  • democracyfirst

    The really interesting thing is – we have the power to influence this election. That means we have the power to influence the candidates’ positions on issues.

    We know we can’t influence Obama – he has no positions, just hunger for power.

    McCain may be willing to listen on some issues.

    I think neither candidate can win without us. Amazing isn’t it.

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  • democracyfirst

    It is important to know the truth about McCain’s stand and history on the issues.

    This is the choice I have:

    Obama – bad character, liar, cheater, anti-democratic, dangerous, sexist, racist, corrupt DNC, etc., etc., etc.

    McCain – good character, honest, wrong side of some issues.

    For me, it is:
    the lesser of two evils – the one who will do the least harm to this country for the shortest amount of time. In addition to the obvious danger of Obama, he would have free reign with a Democratic majority Congress; McCain would be checked, if Democrats get a backbone.
    And the one who will provide Hillary the ability to run again in 2012.

    Unless something changes, I have no choice but to vote for McCain.
    I will never vote for Obama. Voting for anyone else who is not a viable candidate is giving my vote to Obama.

    I will not know for sure who I am voting for until the day I vote in the GE. Much can change before then. I sure hope it does.

    I am in no way suggesting how anyone else should vote. I’m just saying how I see it at this time.
    Everyone must take advantage of the freedom of the private one person one vote, while we have it.

  • OK, then, if it’s a case of who flip-flops the least — John McCain wins by a long shot. Obama, as it turns out, is the worst flip-flopper ever. On almost ALL of the issues, truth be told, Obama doesn’t know which side he’s on.

    Obama is the only flopper I have heard to say he will “refine” his flops (with reverence to Iraq, the Iraq surge and needing to travel to Iraq to get the facts from those on the ground) and has, as far as I know, not to date indicated what became of his refined plank — this after his ‘carnival of patsys’ to Europe.

    Notwithstanding the above, the surge supported by McCain worked (as evidence by a report in the NYT — the liberal rag — and by Obama’s own hapless admission).

    What Mr. Obama is essentially saying with his choice of Joe Biden (also a flip-flop) is that OBAMA DOES NO HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE TO GOVERN. A tutor for Obama (Biden) and on-the-job training (Biden’s own words) is not sufficient experience.

    Obama’s rating will continue to drop like water falling over the Niagara falls.

  • mike, tx

    no one has given a single reason to vote for John Mccain, other than being mad at the DNC. do you really want to risk the country on Mccain?

    ok granted he’s a maverick, and he might playing the party, but you’ve forgotten one thing we know for sure: HE WANTS TO STAY IRAQ! where do you think our economy problems are coming from? not to mention not to mention the amount of lives that will be lost.

  • Standing with Hillary all the way

    THANK YOU Susan & NQ for standing with Hillary and starting to show what McCain is REALLY about. I will stand PROUDLY will Hillary as there is no country without Hillary’s party.
    BRAVO to Susan !!

  • karen for Clinton

    Susan, count me among the NQ readers who defend your right to do exactly as you please. You own your vote.

    You are not TM and any linking of NQ or any of the many contributors to her is insulting.

    What you are doing, and what should be done, is not rolling over for anybody, but exploring the options and refusing to be a blind devotee of any particular politician or party. Kudo’s for presenting both sides of the story.

    As a life-long Dem, I made my decision based on what I consider to be NO OTHER OPTION, to support McCain if need be when the time comes.

    I haven’t mustered a drop of enthusiasm in that decision yet and haven’t donated a dime to him, but there is no doubt for me that I cannot vote for ob-bi.

    Let’s see who Mac picks and how it goes and until then hold all politician’s feet to the fire – even Hillary’s when need be. I was not happy with some of her decisions every now and then and said so.

    I cannot vote for Nader either, too much animosity towards his years as a spoiler, or any other 3rd party candidate.

    For me, if it comes down to mac vs ob, it is mac as a lesser of two evils.

    For you, keep telling the truth – even if it isn’t something that will rub the issue raw.

    Kudos to NQ, Susan and Larry and all the good people here who do not drink the kool-ade from either side.

    I have a whole lot of bones to pick with republicans for their actions over my 51 years on the planet.

    And yet, there is something very, very soothing about the republicans having the luck to run with Mac this year, so far and up to this point, and who knows how this will all play out. Keep the dialog open. Thanks.

  • Flforexperience

    DanO, I’m with you. I come to NoQuarter looking for hope that something can be done about the Democratic Party. I don’t come to NoQuarter looking for MSM information. I have cable television for that. Thank you.

  • Ohio Bill

    In the spirit of full disclosure I will admit I support Obama (pretty Obvious).

    That being said, this article does have a pearl of wisdom no matter who you support.

    “Keep them guessing”

    This time since the primary should have shown you all that if you speak in absolutes you give your power away.

    One other note, If McCain does win in 08 they will win again 12. (McCain or his VP) because the country is at bottom, they will have some upswing in the next 4 years.

  • Dee

    My issue with your reasoning is that if you elect Obama this time but you really want Hillary the next time, you are shooting yourself in the foot. The DNC wouldn’t let her have the nomination this time and you can be sure that if Obama wants to run for a second term, the Democratic Party will support the current Democratic president no matter how much he has screwed up. With a Democratic House and Senate and McCain as president, McCain will adapt (note I didn’t say flip-flop — I have flip-flopped many times in my life as I grew to understand what worked and what didn’t).

  • Perry Logan

    I take heart in the fact that Republicans don’t like McCain very much. If Republicans don’t like him, he can’t be all bad.

    And nothing could be worse than having a crooked Democrat in the White House.

  • DAB

    Here’s an interesting article about the personal McCain — “The Great McCain Story You’ve Probably Never Heard”.

    P.S. If McCain is so bad why did Biden and Kerry try to get him to join the ticket in 2004????

    Could NOT stand to look at Obama prancing around the White House for even a second much less 4 years. Besides with a strong Dem Congress, I see little danger in him. Please don’t go all Taylor Marshy on us!!

    • Ohio Bill

      BTW, That was a different McCain, check his policy positions the have swung 180 since 2004.

  • Christy

    Ok, McCain sucks, but BO is worse! And the idea of voting for McCain truly is depressing, but not as awful as the idea of BO.

    I mean, McCain has had to flip flop a lot to appease his Republican supporters. But he is known as a maverick, and I am holding out hope that once he becomes president, he will flop back to his original positions.

    I think McCain is the best chance we have to get rid of BO, and take back the democratic party from Pelosi and Dean.

    This whole turn that the DNC has taken has to be stopped. We can’t support where it is going, we have to chance it on McCain. And Hillary can run and win in 2012.

    I know it is difficult to vote for the republican…let’s get a look at his running mate. Maybe he’ll choose Leiberman.

    I am voting McCain, but I respect the writers at No Quarter, so I’ll pay attention to what you are saying.

  • Faith-NoBamBi

    I love NoQuarter but I have to vote for McCain. Obama has exposed himself to all except most of the MSM.

    There is currently a Democrat Congress–and a house leader by the name of Nancy Pelosi. Where would the checks and balances be in this government? We’ve already seen how the elite controlled the entire primary process and counted out the candidate of the majority!

    No way can I vote for the Democrat of choice this cycle. This spineless and undemocratic party cannot go unchecked. I’m from a state that set out to silence my vote–when they voted to move up the primaries. The Dem governor signed it, the leadership supported it. No, in my state I will be letting them all know what I think of their cheating ways. I know my vote won’t change a lot but I will vote not only McCain but straight ticket Republican this year.

  • And may I add that this is only if Hillary doesn’t provide us with another one:


    (If she doesn’t, she will always be seen as nothing but another politician, not the great statesperson that she is.)

  • I can sum up our only option in two words: