Who’s afraid of a little Tea Party? Everyone, fortunately. So says Kevin O’Brien of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, who correctly points out that while Tea Partiers may lean conservative, they are filled with more anti-incumbent fever (for both sides) than anyone would care to admit:

Democratic officeholders should be afraid.

Republican officeholders, too.

For many a year now, officeholders of both major parties have worked hard to earn the distrust of ordinary Americans. It appears that they finally have succeeded.

If only ordinary Americans hadn’t been so inattentive. If only ordinary Americans hadn’t been so trusting. If only ordinary Americans hadn’t been so damnably nice, the country would be in a better position to manage its finances today. [snip]

Better late than never, a lot of ordinary Americans are waking up to the sobering reality that there really is no one they can trust. Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Not government. Not corporations. And certainly not corporations in league with government.

The people who are angry today are more in tune with this nation’s founders than ordinary Americans have been in decades.

While there are those who make fun of a few tea partiers dressing up in costumes reminiscent of our founding fathers, those costumes are designed to make a point:

The United States has an intricate system of checks and balances, and a government structure based on a separation of powers, and a Bill of Rights that safeguards the rights of states and the rights of the people precisely because the greatest collection of political talent and philosophical insight ever assembled on this continent — and maybe anywhere on this planet — looked at the concept of government and said, “We need to make a really small cage for this thing, then be careful not to overfeed it.”

We seem to have lost the care-and- feeding instructions about a century ago. We let government out of its little cage and it has been consuming everything it can lay its paws on ever since. In the last 45 years, it has been on a real binge, and in the last year and a half, it has taken bigger bites than a lot of people thought possible.

Ordinary Americans who care about freedom are finally getting a clue and — horrors! — they’re hollering at members of Congress. That’s right: Nice, trusting, formerly inattentive Americans are getting in the faces of the political class and calling them names.

…If members of the political class are too tender to endure a little well-earned rudeness from the people whose hard-earned money they like to “spread around,” then they ought to get out of politics. Maybe their successors will find the voice of the people less irritating.

While O’Brien is correct in stating that this righteous anger needs to be expressed without violence, he also states that this administration and our media as taking to shutting down criticism with tactics of demonization (just like the administration before it):

Don’t doubt for a second that the left is hoping desperately for someone to step all the way out of line. They thought they had their man — and early news reports said they did — when Joseph Stack crashed his Piper Dakota into an IRS building in Texas.
As it turned out, Stack proved to be a Marx-quoting lefty — the wrong flavor of nut.

So the left has to settle for a little name-calling of its own: “ignorant,” “racist,” “homophobes,” “hooligans,” “extremists.” The list, as you know, goes on and on.

It’s bunk, but it’s the script.

Tea Party folks are just patriots worried, with good reason, about the future of the country they love. They’re vocal and they’re inspiringly unaffiliated.

They scare the hell out of both political parties, because they’ve embraced distrust.

The Democrats fear them because they see through the left’s empty promise of utopia in exchange for freedom. The Republicans fear them because they’re pushy and because they’re loyal to their principles rather than to a party.

They make everyone uncomfortable. That’s healthy.

While I’ve never been to a tea party protest, I got good and angry when the bailouts started at the end of 2008 and the pork laden non useful Stimulus package passed in 2009 and the bailouts of car companies that couldn’t run themselves properly happened, too. The 2700 page health care monstrosity, whose ugly details are now just coming to light, was the last straw.

I was taught to play by the rules only to discover my taxpayer dollars were used to bail out those using our investments as a giant ponzi scheme. And too many politicans who exempt themselves from the rules and policies we are expected to follow take pork for their districts as an inducement to continue to sell taxpayers down the river.

So crooks and liars are rewarded for their folly while the rest of us are told to pay the bill – and keep playing by the rules. That is but one reason for the groundswell of anger sweeping the country.

What are yours?

  • whoframedrudy

    “they stopped being representatives and became dictators and thugs.”

    Yes.  You just described Orwell’s Animal Farm.  I think anyone who says they are ‘of the left’ but they ignore the lessons of Animal Farm and the horrors of Mao and Stalin–e.g., Daily Kos–then they are really just totalitarian wannabes masquerading as ‘progressives’.  These are people who would enjoy the power to put people in forced ‘re-education’ camps.  And for them, the ultimate thrill is the power to commit genocide — not in their lifetime, maybe, but that is their dream.

  • whoframedrudy

    How about that?  They used to call the Tea Party the ‘Silent Majority.’  Not any more.

  • sowsear

    Yes, they are being infiltrated by a few who will “misbehave”-giving the obots something to cite as evidence that the Tea Party is a bunch of racist traitors.

  • AbigailAdams

    I got 2 words for ’em:  Bring it.

  • Zombiehero

    I really hope the Repubs are so stupid to nominate Romney for POTUS…..ObamaCare = RomneyCare, they’d open themselves up to all sorts of attacks….but never underestimate the stupidity of a politician.

  • Zombiehero

    All the talk from the Left about the Tea Party all comes down to Ad Hominem attacks with little to no basis in actual reality.

    They do it to scare people away from actually listening to the Tea Party and thinking things over and making their own decision.

    The Democrats aren’t affriad of the Tea Party. They are affriad of people thinking for themselves!

    They need to attack the TP to stop people from thinking for themselves, to stop the debate, to stop a conversation that we need to have, how much is too much.

    The Left will continue to tar and feather anyone they can to stop people from thinking for themselves….it’s going to get a lot worse from here on out.

  • AbigailAdams

    I’m a Linda Too:

    After a little click-through, I found this on the Phoenix Tea Party site.  It is a post from Jason Levin’s crashtheteaparty site and I think it’s important enough to post the whole message here so that anyone at NQ who wants to attend a TP rally or questions future TP behavior may know what kinds of deliberate activities Levin or his followers are up to:

    “Well, the liberal loons are trying another method to embarrass the Tea Party movements. A new group, Crash the Tea Party, started up early this month. Below is
    some info from their discussion forum.

    This is the latest post by Mad Hatter, administrator for this website, on April 7:”

    Here’s the Idea: The Tea Party is planning protests/rallies on Thurs 4/15 (tax day).

    Check Your Local Tea Party Website For Details…

    We’re going to attend their rally, but plan to have a bunch of truly ludicrous signs. Things that say
    “Obama drinks Christian Baby Blood” or “Jesus wrote the constitution”.
    The more misspelled words the better…You could also dress in overalls
    with no shirt, or a stained “wifebeater” t-shirt, But you get the
    general idea.

    Some other thoughts are to ask people at the rally to sign a petition renouncing socialism. See just how much info you can
    get from these folks (name address, DOB, Social Security #). The more
    data we can mine from the Tea Partiers, the more mayhem we can cause
    with it!!!!

    Yours Truly

    The Mad Hatter

  • Sassy

    American Thinker covered it as well. One commenter suggested carrying whistles to alert everyone to surround infiltrators and let everyone know they are outside troublemakers!

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Yes Cindy you said it both depressing and somewhat of an experience. I had never been interested in politics till Hillary ran and after what happened at the DNC meeting 31st May I was just so determined to go to Denver to add my voice along with the other disillusioned Hillary supporters.

  • AbigailAdams

    Kenoshamarge:  I think the Dems treat women in the party the same way they treat blacks, gays and other “one-offs”.  They are the party of tokenism, as you say.  And watch how they treat their tokens.  They all become poster children for how “good” the party is.  We get a flat, one-dimensional portrayal of them.  That is tokenism.  Whenever they want to make a point about inclusion they trot out their poster (child) and are very vocal about it.  It’s sickening.

  • Ani

    I am well aware of that, believe me.  I have posted a number of articles here asking that people look before demonizing anyone.  I appreciate those who wish to raise their voices in civil protest — there is much that needs correcting. 
    The tactics that this and the past administration use(d) to silence legitimate criticim are vile.  The right of potest is one of our bedrock principles and must be defended. 
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Ani


    I am well aware of that, believe me.  I have posted a number of articles here asking that people look before demonizing anyone.  I appreciate those who wish to raise their voices in civil protest — there is much that needs correcting.

    The tactics that this and past administration use(d) to silence legitimate criticim are vile.  The right of potest is one of our bedrock principles and must be defended.

    Thanks so much for your comment.

  • getfitnow
  • Ladydawnelle

    I love that Chicks song!!!  really gets me going!!  I wonder if they’re still mad at the Repubs?  never thought I’d be hoping they had a change of heart AGAIN!

  • I’m a Linda too

    WOOT!  Excellent Cleveland Plain Dealer!   and thank you Ani for bringing it to us with your great post.

    The left only has left their radical organizing tactics,  Come on, we know they well,  Demean, intimidate, say anything-end justifies the means, get in their face, argue with them, mock, blame.

    “While there are those who make fun of a few tea partiers dressing up in costumes reminiscent of our founding fathers, those costumes are designed to make a point:” 

    …awe yes, too bad the media wasn’t in bed with Bush admin, then they too could have used our public airwaves to attack citizens for protesting, or mocked their costumes, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney,…walking like the living dead, or even the more grotesque or falic symbols.  Oh yes, they were a serious lot. lol

    And lets not forget the recent display of Code Pink and their friends Breast not Bombs??????  Baring their boobies.  Boobs, that’s a good self description.

    But, it seems the left is only left to lie and accuse others of what they do, along with the list of their other know tactics.  Now we also have reports that they formed a group to infiltrate the Tea Partys to try to blame them for their racist/ignorant tactics

    Conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity warned Friday about a rogue website that’s encouraging mischief-makers to crash tea party rallies. How will they infiltrate?

    “Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the tea party in ways which exaggerate their least-appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them,’’ suggests the site, called “crashtheteaparty.XXX”. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/04/11/tea_party_is_on_guard_for_hub_stop/

  • kenoshamarge

    As far as the Democratic Party is concerned I knew I would never be willing to “make nice” after May 31st, 2008. Meant it then. Mean it now!

  • Sassy

    Great post Ani, and very timely!
    It’s a beautiful spring here in East Tennessee with our red bud, dogwood and bradford pear trees all in bloom. Yesterday, on the way to dinner, we did a little recon. Campaign signs for our May election are as plentiful as dandelions! I have not seen anything like this since 2000!
    Some of you may remember that I am a “former” Blue Dog, who resides in a republican stronghold. In 2008, when our state budget started going awry, as well as the massive over-spending in Washington, we replaced our state representative and our House representative.
    There are millions of like-minded voters around the country, and the Tea Party movement is the perfect conduit for our frustrations!

  • creeper

    Ooops…that’s in reply to cA above.

  • creeper

    It was the hair.

  • kenoshamarge


    I believe that the misogyny turned on Hillary and then on Sarah Palin is bone deep in the Democratic Party. Which makes me ashamed of having been a Democrat for so many, many years.

    I am now proudly Independent and will vote for people, not parties in the future. When I pulled my partisan head out of my partisan ass I heard a lot of things I had never heard before.

    If we were under the impression that the Democrats anti-woman campaign ended with Hillary or is only focused on Palin these days take a peak at what’s going on in Hawaii’s Special Election. The Female Democratic candidate is being sandbagged by her own party.

    Two sources said the DCCC is providing under-the-radar organizational support to former Rep. Ed Case against Democratic state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa, including assistance from DCCC Western Regional Political Director Adam Sullivan.
    Here’s the link:http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0410/35422.html

    They support women here and there in order to keep women voting for Democrats in the mistaken idea that Democrats are better for women then Republicans.

    Personally I don’t think it has much to do with “party” so much as with the old bulls that run both. It’s a very private club and there’s an invisible sign nailed on the clubhouse door stating “No girls allowed”. And they mean it.

  • creeper

    You’re our video queen, JustMe.

  • Kathleen Wynne


    About liberals having our best interests at heart. Well, I was a life-long democrat and always believed the democratic party stood not only for justice for all but also EQUALITY FOR ALL.  

    You have to ask why the dems turned on Hillary they way they did.  She was just as, actually even more, historic candidate than obama because there had never been a female president in this country.  Yet, they unveiled a vtriolic misogyny that I always thought could only come from the republican party!

    Also, if this is truly about their having our best interests at heart, it is also about “listening” to the will of the people.  When the numbers against legislation are in the majority, they need to stop and listen.  By ignoring us, IMO, they totally lost the moral high ground and the reputation as the party who stood on the side of women.

    As Sarah said, the Tea Party movement began as a result of women being tired of being shoved aside for someone else and expected to “wait” and we are not sitting down and letting the menz tell us what’s best for us anymore. 

    Look around.  The men in power have failed us miserably and they no longer have the right to expect us to do exactly as we’re told anymore!

  • confused American

    Geoff– It sounds like its no different than what it was like protesting in the 60s only that now the establishment has send their supporters out after the Tea Party Members.

    Its is going to be an interesting November and 2012….
    What I fear the most in 2012 is that  we know already know there was a quite a bit of corruption in 2008, so how much will there be in 2012…

  • creeper

    Teak, I think you nailed it.  The numbers of Tea Partiers at the rallys are just the tip of the iceberg and pols know it.

  • confused American

    I saw the Blagman on the celebrity apprentice, he go fired last weekend. Blagman is one very slow guy, who has no idea about texting, computers or even typing into a computter…
    If Blagman was an example of Chicago Politics they should be glad they go rid of him…
    How he ever got elected for governor is probably a question for all those watching the show and the other celebrities on the show.

  • kenoshamarge

    Perhaps it could once again be “fashionable” to be a patriot? I mean a patriot, not a nationalist. I think that’s what the Tea Party People represent. And because they do not that is why the “lamestream” media attacks and attempts to demean them.

    I believe that many, maybe more like some on the left actually do believe that they have the best interests of the people at heart. They believe that somehow “they” have the right to take from some of us to give to others. That’s where they go awry in their arrogance. Once they decided that they had the right to take from some to give to others they stopped being representative and became dictators and thugs.

    Now when many people, predictably, are trying to fight back against their grasping of what is “ours” they turn on us in their mistaken belief that any that oppose them are evil.

    I learned a long time ago that while many liberals hearts are in the right place their heads are up their ass.

  • Cindy

    Abigail—I had completely forgotten about those American flags thrown on the floor of the Pepsi Center. If that is not symbolic of this administration and the Democratic Party, I don’t know what is!
    Thanks for that reminder.

  • Cindy

    Just Me–Denver must have been exciting and depressing! But, what an experience for you.

  • Cindy

    Just Me–Terrific song! And one that many of us would like to lock arms and sing. Actually, that’s what we’re doing here in our comments! I love hearing the Dixie Chicks, though.

  • Cindy

    How about the Tee Off Party? See you out on the links!

    Yes! Like, “Are  you FORE or against us?!”

  • kenoshamarge

    Whaddaya think of Mitch Daniels?


  • helenk

    thank you Have a drink on me for being a great DJ



  • beyond_words

    So many noble posts here it’s heartening. No worries my friends , other free countries peoples have your backs as well..

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Opps, quite I was not about to make nice.

  • TeakWoodKite

    I am angry? If you wish to call it that…. I liken it to the spitten Clint Eastwood did in “Josey Wales

    for instance;
    Giannoulias was not granting interviews Friday as the Chicago Tribune ran a front page story with the headline: “$20 MILLION IN BANK LOANS TO FELONS.” The story detailed how Broadway Bank, a Giannoulias family-owned institution in Chicago, had lent large sums to convicted felons Michael “Jaws” Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos.
    The fact that Broadway had loaned the men millions—Stavropoulos was convicted of running a multistate bookmaking ring and Giorango of promoting a nationwide prostitution ring—was a campaign issue when Giannoulias ran for state treasurer in 2006. But the Tribune reported it reviewed court files and other documents that showed millions more—a total of more than $27 million worth of mortgages to Giorango, his land trusts and companies since 1999, $20 million of which was loaned when Giannoulias was a senior loan officer.

    Obama Rezko; Obama Giannoulias; Obama and “The Blagoman”; Obama and all his “crazy uncles”… and STILL they vote for ’em.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Not quite, however I was

  • ~~JustMe~~


    ot quite however I was

  • Onofre’s arm

    Vigilante JustMe!


    Ani, I’m angry for the same reasons you’re angry.  I would like to encourage you to attend some tea parties and talk to some of the people.  We’re not as ignorant as the left would like people to believe.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    I keep thinking of all those American flags, picked-up from off the floors, by the garbage bag-full, after the “main event” at Pepsi Center.   
    I went to Denver but got out of dodge before the coronation! We even protested down the main strip in the city and we had a police escort! I was fine until the night they came out with those blue Barack Obama signs….. I wanted to snap them off the sticks they were carrying them on!!   

  • ~~JustMe~~

    I keep thinking of all those American flags, picked-up from off the floors, by the garbage bag-full, after the “main event” at Pepsi Center. 

    I keep thinking of all those American flags, picked-up from off the floors, by the garbage bag-full, after the “main event” at Pepsi Center.

    I went to Denver but got out of dodge before the coronation! We even protested down the main strip in the city and we had a police escort! I was fine until the night they came out with those blue Barack Obama signs….. I wanted to snap them off the sticks they were carrying them on!! 

  • HARP

    Jon Voight’s Letter for the American People

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Visiting Primal Obot =-O

    Ugh hate when I have to have a life the past 2 evenings and miss the party at NQ!!!!!

  • jbjd

    A2, know what?  Once you understand how political clubs work, you don’t need to re-learn this.  Once you realize no provision of any law requires anyone to vet the candidate from the major political party as to Constitutional eligibility for the job, you don’t need to re-learn this.  I might have started out behind the curve; but I have certainly caught up.  And, for the past 2 (two) years, it has become my life’s mission (obsession) to catch everyone else up, too.  So that never again will so many people use their superior knowledge about how to work the system steal the power from those of us who did not know how the system works.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Visiting Primal Obot

  • ~~JustMe~~

    I was just the DJ for helenk’s request!  :* :* :* :* :*

  • ~~JustMe~~


  • Daisy Mae

    What is happening now goes deeper than fiscal/debt/job issues.  I believe that what we are is being trampled on.  We’ve been called nasty names, told to shut up, told that Congress knows best about h.c., and there a realization that we are being led into something that clashes with what we believe we are.  The Tea Party where I live consists of people across parties.  Nice folks.  

  • sowsear

    To talk to The Great Pumpkin?…Or to see his psychiatrist?