ACORN’s Leader, Bertha Lewis, recently spoke to a group of young people. Her talk, excerpts below, was mighty interesting:

Holy moley, did you catch all of that? Let’s see: Socialism, Check! Demean Tea Party members, Check! And on it goes.

Perhaps it was because of this speech that ACORN’s funds are once again on hold, as this article spells out:

Appeals Court Temporarily Reinstates ACORN Funding Ban

The ruling by the three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan will remain in place until full arguments on the issue can be heard during the summer.

A federal appeals court on Wednesday temporarily blocked a judge’s ruling that it was unconstitutional for Congress to cut funding to the activist group ACORN.

The ruling by the three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan will remain in place until full arguments on the issue can be heard during the summer.

Rep. Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who has led the charge against taxpayer funding for ACORN, cheered the ruling.

“I applaud the Court of Appeals for immediately addressing the effects of Judge Gershon’s attempt to legislate from the bench,” he said in a written statement. “With today’s action by the Appeals Court, the Obama administration must take immediate steps to re-implement the funding ban for ACORN Congress put into law.”

“In recent months, ACORN has undergone a rebranding campaign to disguise itself and its affiliates,” Issa added. “As a result, the White House and all federal agencies must be extremely vigilant to ensure that rebranded organizations who have continued to make deals and maintain connections to ACORN don’t receive taxpayer dollars.”

Well, this is certainly an interesting change of fortune for ACORN. Maybe all of that name changing sleight of hand raised some red flags. Or maybe the Court wanted to look a bit closer into the reasons why the Funding was restored in the first place:

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon has ruled twice in the past six months that the funding cutoff was unconstitutional.

The Brooklyn judge said ACORN was punished by Congress without having gone through processes to decide whether money had been handled inappropriately.

A series of secretly taped videos filmed at ACORN offices around the country last year caught employees giving advice to a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute, sparking a national scandal and helping drive the organization to near ruin.

On Wednesday, attorney Mark Stern argued for the Justice Department that Congress did nothing wrong when it took action last year against ACORN after it identified “widespread mismanagement.”

Attorney Jules Lobel of the Center for Constitutional Rights said that funding for economically distressed people who receive government subsidies for homes was being blocked and that the money needed to be freed or some people would be homeless.

I am all for economically distressed people receiving funds to ensure they keep their homes. I am not all for the organization handling those funds to be rabidly partisan, and there is no doubt ACORN is that. It receives federal dollars – OUR dollars – as a non-partisan organization. That is but one of the many reasons why its funds are at risk, as well as charges of voter registration fraud, voter fraud, and a number of other potential hot-water issues.

It’s a shame, too – it didn’t have to be this way, but that is the road down which ACORN chose to go, no doubt emboldened by their relationship to Obama. They seem incapable of accepting responsibility for their own actions, blaming those who expect them to operate above board and want to hold them accountable for how they spend our money instead.

It could have been different, it SHOULD have been different. As a result of ACORN’s own actions, people who needed this money will not be able to get it. ACORN has no one else to blame for this but itself.

So, I wonder when we can expect their acknowledgment of wrong doing, and an apology for mismanaging our money? Yeah, I’m scheduling it for “Never.” How about you?

  • Breeze


    From Bill Mears,
    CNN Supreme Court Producer
    April 23, 2010  
    — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has refused an emergency request from housing advocacy group ACORN, which had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over its loss of federal funding.  

    Ginsburg, in an unsigned order Friday, decided the high court would not get involved now in a pending lawsuit over whether Congress acted improperly in shutting off federal funds to support the private group after the release of controversial internet videos.  
    A federal appeals court in New York has temporarily blocked a judge’s determination that the funds were being improperly withheld.  
    Ginsburg has jurisdiction over emergency appeals filed from the 3rd Circuit, which includes New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. She had the option of asking the other members of the Supreme Court to help decide the time-sensitive matter, but chose to act on her own.  
    ACORN, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, was founded in 1970. It is a consortium of groups billing itself as “the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people,” with offices nationwide. They promote neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care, affordable housing, and other social justice issues.  
    The group has been on the edge of bankruptcy for nearly a year, and more than half of its 30 nationwide chapters had disbanded or severed ties with the national organization in recent months.  
    Congress cut funding after secretly taped videos surfaced last year showing employees in various ACORN offices advising a woman and man posing as a prostitute and her boyfriend how to lie about their illicit activities and hide her earnings. The videos proved embarrassing and ACORN leaders vowed at the time to conduct an internal investigation.  
    The Internal Revenue Service later removed ACORN from its volunteer tax-assistance program. ACORN leaders claimed they were victims of conservative opponents out to destroy the group.  
    Questions had also been raised about the group’s voter registration drives in recent local and federal elections, and there had been allegations of embezzlement by a top ACORN associate.

  • tango

    Great cartoon, Acorn the Musical.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    That is spot on WVA – you are absolutely right abt ACORN.  Well said!

  • AnnieCarmel

    Well I know we have 6 out in Carmel Valley!  They are going to show up in October and get the vote out.  Wheeeee.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    This is going to be mighty interesting indeed, isn’t it?  Like we didn’t already know that Obama and Emanuel had something to do with it…

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Well, SEIU and ACORN do work hand in hand, especially since they were founded by the same person…

  • POdVet

    FF just so you know…even if we were to buy that made up # of 200,000 coffee party members. That is still only 0.0005% of the US population. I hate to tell you, that isn’t large percentage. You can find more than that, that believe Elvis is still alive! And since you like to wallow with the self proclaimed socialists. Heres a nice little thing I found that I’ll bet you didn’t know!

    The German Workers’ Party name was changed by Hitler to include the term National Socialist. Thus the full name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP) called for short, Nazi.

    Since we know your reading comprehension is a bit low….What that means, is Adolf was a self proclaimed socialist…like all your hero’s!

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Thanks, Tricia, and I am right there with you on all counts. 

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    😀   Thanks, CA!  Great comment – and you hit the nail on the head.  ACORN is SUPPOSED to be non-partisan.  That is how it has been able to get millions and millions in funding from the government.  It clearly is partisan, though, which is a bit of a problem.

    It really is mind boggling that ANYONE is still defending this organization that did nothing when the brother of their founder embezzled over a million bucks – of our money; that has perpetrated RAMPANT voter registration fraud in NUMEROUS states; has encouraged tax evasion; and on the litany goes.  As noted, they are also largely responsible for pushing the subprime mortgages that have effected our economy tremendously.  How people can continue to defend this organization says a lot, doesn’t it?

    And honestly, I am so sick of the ACORN people acting like they’re the victims for being busted on their actions, rather than acknowledging what they have done.  That is also telling…

  • BuzzLatte

    200,000 Coffee Party FACEBOOK members????  That’s hysterical!!!!  LOL!!!!  

    Oh that’s right, Glen Beck made one suggestion and crashed Facebook this afernoon!

    Would you like some whipped cream with that cup of activism, FF?

  • Freedom Fighter

    You guys forgot that already? Let me refresh your memory.

  • stodghie

    now who does dufus of the week go to?? hmmm ff hands down

  • stodghie

    foo foo, shut the f up!

  • stodghie

    the video was reality dip! live with the corruption

  • oowawa

    Uh-oh, the kool-aid floodgates have been opened . . .

  • Freedom Fighter

    Read the link provided. It clearly states 200,000 members, unless that number is too large for you to comprehend.

  • Freedom Fighter

    So Ferd, you work for the EPA? I don’t think too many chemists would care about what is used to buffer dissolved Cr VI and the proper analytical procedures for testing surface water, unless you work for the government. And yet you sympathize with the Tea Partiers. Nice of you to bite the hand that feeds you.

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    You can’t domesticate a troll by taking it in, feeding it, and treating it with kindness.  It’ll still rip your throat out when it gets a chance.

  • karen for Clinton

    oh GAWD.  Why did I respond to this asshat in a nice way a minute ago up thread?  I should have known better.  He is not worth a single word.

    You’re right to say flag early and often.

  • karen for Clinton

    FF why don’t you just quit when you’re behind?  First of all that polling agency is skewed as hell.  Secondly, The caucus BLOG is not the same as the Times.

    There are people who write their own opinions there, they are just bloggers writing about the political discussions of the day.  When I went to that blog I found and posted about constant errors.  It is a web feature, it is NOT the same as saying The NY Times said blah, blah, blah. 

    It is also found with a tiny bit of research just how corrupt they truly are.   They were long overdue for the spotlight focused on them and it is a relief to know they aren’t getting any funds, even temporarily from the taxpayers.

  • BuzzLatte

    You write nicely?  {i’m????}  {i} for I not only the word but the beginning of a sentence in both cases??

    You’re an azz, that’s one thing that sticks out more than Michelle’s.

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    WTH is that? A freakin’ bustle?  Michelle’s duck butt covered in lace?!?!  Shudder!!!!!!!

    Her thighs could take out a linebacker!

  • Ferd Berfle

    Acorn was founded
    You mean it was hatched, as in a ploy.

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    Again with the unverified numbers.  If the coffee party is SO huge why hasn’t their built in public relations arm – the mainstream media – been banging their drum?!?!?!?

    More fantasy from FF.  YAWN

  • Ferd Berfle

    There aren’t 200,00 coffee klatch members, dink. You must be in the wrong decimal system Just how many fingers and toes do you have–two?

  • BuzzLatte

    Yeah, in a free society, Kc…you can be a slave to fashion goobs that are laughing and taking your money to the bank.

    But you want your Manolo Blah-blahblahniks and socialism, too!  

    By the way, Manolo’s are a complete rip-off.  

  • Ferd Berfle

    Obama and Congress are autocrats. *roll eyes*
    Did you just wake up, dud?

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  • Ferd Berfle

    I’m sure they think AAs who use “big words” are acting white, too.
    Yeah–just like Oblahblah. They think speaking as though they actually understand the words they are mouthing is the same as understanding them. It isn’t and they don’t. FF is as dumb as a coal bucket.

    And thank you Abigail.


  • Ferd Berfle

    Well, FF, what is the optimum pH for the preservation of Hexavalent chromium in a surface water environmental sample that cannot be analyzed by a laboratory within a 24-hour time frame?

    Oh, my bad, A laboratory is a big building where scientists do their work and analyze means performing tests and 24-hour is the length of time in a solar day.

    Do you need more information, bonehead?

  • Breeze

    Oh, yes, the reference to the anniversary of RFK’s assassination.


    You are a TURKEY, FF.

    You are so full of shiite that you can’t fly…..

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    Well, Dr. Science, you have no understanding of anything other than the echos in your cavernous skull. I kindly invote you to go fuck yourself.

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    More troll droppings from FF.  ^^^^^^^^^

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    OH FF removed his post that I responded to…sad little bot.

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    Ferd,  Don’t explain yourself to these twerps.  They are baiting you ala Alynski.  See how far they’ve got off topic, now they’re asking you to defend your knowledge of chemistry.  As far as using a good vocabulary, the only ones who mention it are them and how stupid they are to try to shame you for using precise language.  Precise language and diction are used between people for understanding.  I’m sure they think AAs who use “big words” are acting white, too.

  • AbigailAdams

    Where are you getting your numbers?  Please cite your source(s), emphasis on the ‘s’.  cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc don’t count.  Er, count count.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    LOL Annie….

    BTW I was down your way yesterday visiting a friend who just lost her husband, he was one of the top chefs at Pebble Beach.  Thought of you as we were sitting having lunch…..

  • Tex-Mex Soup

    ms bertha is not alone in her thinking unfortunatley.  Nevada Fair Housing is run by an AA woman here in Las Vegas and let me tell you she is straight up racist.  Only does for the blacks in the community, those are the only “poor” people she will help. Of course she will help the token white person and if you are Latino and you don’t speak English, move on….. Has a socialistic mindset, blacks got to get their due is their mindset.  They don’t care about helping the poor they care about advancing the black cause whatever the hell that means.  Of course it will never be admitted but the reality is, its there.  Its really pathetic……

  • Freedom Fighter

    Funny I never heard you use chemistry metaphors, but you always talk about skid row… I bet you don’t know the first thing about chemistry.

  • Freedom Fighter

    The government already decides that everyone should buy health care. According to your definition, Obama and Congress are autocrats. *roll eyes*

  • wodiej

    Acorn is helping the “poor” like the Democrats have been fighting the war on poverty ever since LBJ implemented “The Great Society.” 50+ years later, we spend 14% of total tax dollars, $400 billion PER DAY on welfare.  Only .20 cents of each dollar goes to actually help those in “need.”  Places like Acorn, Democratic party etc. are obviously not concerned with solving the problem. If they did, there would be no need for them to exist.

  • Freedom Fighter

    LOL. Ferd is always throwing around terms he doesn;t understand in an attempt to impress people. Insecurity issues?

  • jwrjr

    The NY Times found ACORN broke no laws because the NY Times is found only in the “fiction” section of the news stand.