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The Obama-Ayers Coverup [Update]

Will the media ask questions about the Obama-Ayers relationship and its beginnings before 1995, when Ayers helped arranged the hiring of Obama as head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and maintained a close relationship of its board for years?

Here are some questions the media should be asking and did not ask throughout the long primary season, abdicating its responsibility. Imagine what would have happened if the media had fully vetted Obama and practiced journalism as they should have done.

  1. When did Barack Obama first meet Bill Ayers? Was it in New York City? Under what circumstances? Was it at Cooper Union when Ayers was a graduate student there and Obama at Columbia? Was it at Columbia when Ayers was at the teachers’ college?
  2. Did Ayers play any role in Obama coming to Chicago as an organizer in 1985? Did the Ayers influence the Woods Fund in any way to subsidize through the Gamaliel Foundation Obama’s job? (The Woods Fund was created by the family of the Safari Coal Company, a major supplier of Commonwealth Edison, whose CEO was Thomas Ayers.)
  3. Did Ayers introduce Obama the organizer to his family, his father Tom and brother John? Did they involve Obama in the school reform movement they led in Chicago?
  4. Did the Ayers family help Obama become a summer associate at Sidley Austen, the father’s company’s law firm?
  5. Did Bernardine Dohrn know Michelle Robinson when they both worked at Sidley at the same time? Did she or Ayers introduce Michelle to Barack at Sidley?
  6. Did Dohrn, who attended the University of Chicago Law School with Judson Miner, play any part in helping Obama get a job at the Davis Miner law firm?

UPDATE: It was 40 years ago today that William Ayers was arrested at the Democratic national convention — just like the “Recreate68″ extreme-left protestors at this convention:

It was forty years ago today that Barack Obama friend and political ally, and unrepentant terrorists, William Ayers was arrested while protesting the DNC proceedings. William Ayers set no bombs that day, but he was only working his way up from petty criminal to domestic terrorist. And of course this was long before Barack Obama and he struck up the friendship that would lead Ayers to launch Obama’s political career at his house.

Still, the McCain campaign would take this opportunity to remind voters that those responsible for the violence in 1968 have since been incorporated into the party they once protested, and have been revered even by the likes of Barack Obama, and this despite the failure, in the case of Ayers, to ever apologize for the violence he committed against the American people. (Read all.)

The media had better start asking these questions, and demanding answers.