President Obama made a visit to Ottumwa, Iowa Wednesday. As reported by Jake Tapper on ABC’s Political Punch:

“We’re going to have to make some tough choices” about the deficit and national debt, President Obama said to a crowded gymnasium full of supporters at Indian Hills Community College, after a lengthy riff on how the unsustainable debt would need to be tackled.

This, unlike most of what the president said during the town hall meeting, was met with silence.

“I noticed I didn’t get a lot of clapping about the whole ‘We’re gonna have the hard choices’ thing,” the president ribbed the crowd.

The President is ribbing the crowd? Now that’s what I call “The Audacity of Hope.” Half million dollar pizza parties. The most expensive inauguration in history. After this gentleman spent all of last year more than tripling spending (yes, I know, I know, it was all Bush’s fault) now he wants to tell the American people it is time to make some hard choices?

More frustrating than the endless campaigning and political posturing is the notion that the American people are so bloody stupid, they will not leap to the same conclusions I just did. Further, he tells us this stuff as if he just thought of it. Haven’t the tea partiers, for one, been screaming about these very problems for over a year?

Could it be President Obama is not aware why his audience sat on their hands for his remark about “hard choices?” I cannot prove that the people of Ottumwa, Iowa agree with my assessment but perhaps this might be a reason why he did not receive the adulation he is used to and so craves:

It is offensive to be lectured to about fiscal restraint by a man who has been spending taxpayer money like a drunken sailor for the better part of a year and a half, bailing out and covering for reckless companies with reckless management styles that continue to scam the American people, hiding the true cost of the legislation his Congress has been ramming down our throats and promising transparency while delivering the opposite.

The people of Iowa, and the rest of American for that matter, have been practicing plenty of fiscal retraint as they deal with high unemployment, watching their savings dwindle to dangerously low levels amidst an uncertain future with an administration that appears tone deaf as to their problems.

Any President that keeps trying to sell the bill of goods that cap and trade is going to help solve our economic problems instead of finally planting his feet behind the desk to figure out how to put more people back ot work in this country really needs to talk less to the American people – and listen more.

“This will bear on how we think about our federal budget in the future,” [Obama] said. “Everybody dislikes Washington right now, and everybody wants to lower their taxes. Everybody hates waste in government. But at the same time, you know, government does some important things like helping to make sure you’ve got clean drinking water and that your roads aren’t full of potholes.”

Please Mr. President, stop telling me what I hate. I don’t hate taxes. I am more than happy to pay my fair share and do so regularly. I hate when my taxpayerdollars go to bailout out the actions of corrupt actors who are not held to the same rules as I am. I do not hate government. I hate bloated government, local, state and federal, that enjoys no end of perks and bloated salaries and perks. I appreciate the good things that government does, which is why I pay taxes. What I don’t appreciate is the things my tax money is supposed to pay for – like education – gets “borrowed” away and never returned.

Clearly, the President has no idea what I hate which gives me a clear indication of why his policies have nothing to do with the urgent needs of the American people.
Close attention need by paid to the following:

…Earlier in the day, back in Washington, DC, he’d presided over the first meeting of his Debt Commission, which will issue recommendations after the November 2010 elections on ways to reduce the $12.8 trillion national debt.

“I’ve said that it’s important that we not restrict the review or the recommendations that this commission comes up with in any way,” the president said at the meeting. “Everything has to be on the table. …This means that all of you, our friends in the media, will ask me and others once a week or once a day about what we’re willing to rule out or rule in when it comes to the recommendations of the commission. That’s an old Washington game and it’s one that has made it all but impossible in the past for people to sit down and have an honest discussion about putting our country on a more secure fiscal footing. So I want to deliver this message today: We’re not playing that game. I’m not going to say what’s in. I’m not going to say what’s out. I want this commission to be free to do its work.”

Could it be he is not going to give you any details about what is “in it” until after the midterms because if he told you now, all his herd mentality Dems insistently following Pelosi and Reid off a cliff would be voted down this November? Is that why we are not getting a report from the Debt Commision until after that?

In Ottumwa, the president previewed for the crowd that whatever the commission comes up with, “we’re going to have a very tough debate about how to bring down our deficits.”

He continued, “as this debate unfolds, I just want everybody to pay attention to what folks are saying. A lot of times politicians will tell you, ‘I’m going to cut your taxes, I’m going to lower the deficit, I’m going to expand Medicare.’”

Don’t settle for that, the president told the crowd. “Ask every politician when they say they’re going to balance the budget and deal with the deficit: ‘What exactly are you going to cut? What spending are you willing to eliminate? Are you going to eliminate funding for sewers? Are you going to reduce the cost of Medicare? Because there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Who the hell out here has been getting a free lunch. The free lunch has gone to the folks at Goldman Sachs, Fannie and Freddie, and GM (who claim they paid back their bailouts — however they did it with other TARP money).

A free lunch? Why does President Obama insist upon being condescending? Beyond his pronouncements from on high about “bitter voters,” this reminds me of candidate Obama’s pronouncement about Democrats and abortion during the campaign. As reported by CBS News:

“The mistake pro-choice forces have sometimes made in the past, and this is a generalization . . . has been to not acknowledge the wrenching moral issues involved,” he said.

Really? Do we not? Telling us what we do and do not like or believe seems to be a pattern.

Reading the other fine print of his statement in Iowa, he wants us to ask other politicians what THEY are going to do – but we cannot ask the President what HE is going to do. “We’re not going to play that game?” All he is doing is playing games, while taxpayers can only look on in frustration and disbelief.

The president said “the way folks talk about it in Washington,” you might think the debt could be solved by reducing waste and abuse, eliminating foreign aid and earmarks. But those are relatively small parts of the budget, he said.

Which “folks” are these, exactly?

“We could eliminate all foreign aid and all earmarks and we’d still have a huge problem, because most of our budget goes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and defense spending, about 70 percent of the budget. Everything else we do is only about 30 percent of the budget. So this is going to be a tough bunch of choices that we gotta make here.”

Okay – so here is the bitter pill to swallow – get ready folks. Here come the cuts! So that if you have been paying in to Medicare, as my mother has, for example, in her 50 years in the work force, you can expect less. Presidents like to point toward Social Security’s impending insolvency without mentioning part of the reason it is in trouble is because government keeps borrowing money from it that they do not put back.
Remember his economic advisor Austan Goosbee talked about privatizing Social Security? Do not be surprised if you hear rumbings next year, too – the same rumblings President Bush made several years ago. Now I ask you – would you want the private sector – otherwise known as Wall Street crooks – playing with your dough while you’re busy keeping the roof over your head and don’t have enough time to daily monitor their shenanigans?

“I just want everybody to be prepared” for this debate, which will take place over the next couple years. “Remember when I was running for office, I said I will not just tell you what you want to hear, I would tell you what you needed to hear. And you needed to hear that we’re going to have some hard choices about our deficit.”

Oh, that was my favorite comment of all. I have never heard a bigger pile of horse hooey! And that is saying something. He told everybody what they wanted to hear out on the campaign trail – unicorns and giant popsicles. But little else.

Is there anyone with the courage to stand up and insist that this President start telling the truth? The press has already proven themselves to be, almost uniformly, nothing more than notches on his bedpost, cowed from speaking up for fear of a lack of access, which would mean a loss of their $5 million dollar book deals.

Who is speaking for us?

Thank you. Rant over.

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  • Ani

    This post is not about whose fault it is — I even include a smark to say it’s all Bush’s fault.  This is about a man who loves to spend the money in the treasury while telling us we have to tighten our belts.

  • Ani

    Thanks for the catch, I had a brain fart and meant to write “spending” rather than “national debt”.   I have corrected the piece.

  • AnnieCarmel

    I have my take on his sneaky Iowa appearance up thread…I think this was for the supporters in Fairfield…lot’s of money in the Vedic City development attached to Maharishi University…they were drooling over him during his campaign stop there.  I used to have a C-Span tape of it.  I lived in FF on two separate occasions in the 80’s; thankfully got a grip and left for good.  I have been practitioner of TM since ’69 and do still practice the technique but do not under any circumstances follow the organization based in FF.

  • AnnieCarmel

    Creeper, since you are close to Ottumwa, you must be familiar with Baby Doc’s campaign appearance in Fairfield with all the “Roos” from MUM.  I’m sure they went for him hook, line and sinker.  Maybe this time they didn’t want FF associated with him, therefore had them set him up next door.

  • bamaLV

    not to mention seniors didnt get a cost of living increase this year and will get none next year. bet congress gets theirs tho .so i guess those “hard choices” obama wants us to make doesnt appy to him and his chicago cronies. just the money he spends jetsetting around the world on our dime, could probably feed thousands of people for a year. im sick and tired of looking up his nose while he talks down to us.

  • bamaLV

    the only way we can undo all the damage this POS  has done to america is to find the proof he wasnt born in the USA. that would make every piece of crap law he has passed as illegal as he is.  has anyone bothered to question his kenyan aunt, who is here illegally, about obamas past and where he was born?it has become obvious to anyone with a brain that he doenst think or act like an american. he has shown many times over what he really thinks of this country, which is why he’s so desperate to change it.   i also read somewhere  that he has over 50 social security numbers and dozens of aliases.  hello FBI.. are you listening?  is someone..anyone… out there who is willing to  investigate his  well hidden and mysterious past? impeachment of this imposter is the only way out of this mess.

  • bamaLV

    is he running out of taxpayers money to support his and micheles  high flying lifestyle? come on folks, ante up.  share your wealth with the obamas and their cronies. make the hard choices so they dont have to.   since they made over 5 million last year, do they think  they are rich enough?  btw they claim they made that from the sales of his “fairy tale” books. one makes that much from the sale of books in one year. (well maybe the bible) .

  • CentralMass

    I’m not arguing against your point but on one fact, how did he “triple” the debt?
    The national debt was $10.6 trillion when he took office and we were bleeding $3.8 billion dollars/day.  The debt is now at around $12.9 trillion. The rate of the daily bleed has risen to ~$4.10 billion/day.

  • arabella trefoil

    I just found out that Ayers came to my university to speak on April 21. He must be on some kind of tour. Imagine my chagrin when I realized I had missed the opportunity to hear Ayers speak and then ask him a boatload of questions.

    But I’m a bit busy right now, what with my course load sick family members and looking for a summer job. Oh, Arabella! Where are your priorities!

  • Sassy

    Love it oowawa!
    A rocker’s testimony to our Rock!

  • oowawa

    Well, Sassy, what can I say?  When the spirit calls, you don’t say nothin’: you just go . . .

  • oowawa

    carol, I’m afraid there is no cure for obotulism–but that’s OKAY!

    All the worry lines that used to crease my forehead, caused by never-ending attempts at sarcasm, ARE GONE!  Just like Nancy!

  • oowawa

    Well, sometimes I think I might like to revert to my old usual snarky Obama-bashing life, but “Barack will never allow” me to backslide:

    When you’re a Bot,
    You’re a Bot all the way,
    From your first “Hail Barack”
    To your last “I Obey!”

  • carol haka

    They have drugs for your condition.

    Seek Help!


  • surfered

    I don’t understand why everyone is so concerned.  In a meeting with then Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neil, Vice President Cheney said:

    “You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.  We won the mid terms.  This is our due.” 

    He, of course, was referring to more tax cuts while we were fighting one war, planning for another and passing an unfunded prescription drug benefit for seniors that did not allow negotiating price with the drug companies. 

    The two wars continue.  The prescription drug benefit continues.  The tax cuts continue until the expire by their own accord in 2011 because the Congressional Budget Office predicted huge deficits 10 years out and the more sane legislators insisted on a sunset provision.

    So, yes, yes, yes…it is all Obama’s fault.

  • ~~Justme~~

    LOL oowawa does it mean we may have to start flagging you?

  • Sassy

    I won’t be making any hard choices in the voting booth!
    I’ll be breezing right by any democrat on any ballot!

  • Sassy

    oowawa, is this a tent revival?
    Pass the collection plate, preacher…we got us a convert! LOL!

  • jbjd

    jwrjr said, “Obama’s Tax Return is almost as reliable as his Birth Certificate.”

    OMG, the President did not file his taxes!

  • Boxer Mum 06

    must have been another drive by from FF. I don’t see a post anymore….

    I thought he got banned by RRR Amy??

  • Boxer Mum 06

    Maybe next year, he’ll be a guest judge on American Idol or put on his dancing shoes and do Dancing with the Stars.

    He wants the spotlight and let’s face it, these are the two shows on air that draw the most viewers. It’s a no brainer!

    Of course when he falls on his face and makes an arse out of himself, he’ll blame the guys who polish the floor, his shoes and most importantly his partner. We know he’s flawless on all things he tries (i.e. throwing 1st pitch, bowling, golf, and IMHO hoops – every shot I saw him take he missed).

  • Boxer Mum 06

    Once we stop being so stupidly partisan and start using our brains it will make it much more difficult for these asshats to hoodwink us.

    YES! And just like cockroaches, they will run and hide when the lights come on!

  • Boxer Mum 06



    Right there with ya! I’ve never been so excited for an election! Can’t WAIT to vote AGAINST the D’s especially the newly appointed Specter!

  • creeper

    P.S.  The liberal guilt tripper inside me screams that I should be ashamed for not paying anything.  “Parasite!” it hisses.  “You’re not contributing.”

    I wonder if Barry has any advice for dealing with this.  He’s the champion of not contributing.

  • AbigailAdams

    He/She is here because back in elementary, middle and high school they were inculcated with the the politics of some teacher who got their teaching credentials from one of the many teacher factories that values “social justice” (think Alinskyesque, Ayers, revised history) over “equal justice” (think constitution, reality-based social studies).  Add a heavy dose of political “correctness” (funny how the left uses the opposite words to make us all feel so good) and a disdain for anything American and you get …. FF.  Braces on his/her brains and a slavish follower of someone like barry.  If it is not obvious already, it soon will be — that we will need to send a generation or two through some sort of deprogramming process and convince them they can think for themselves without fear of being thought un-hip.

  • Noogan

    Amen, me too. I will have to “suffer” and “sacrifice” but I will bear any burden to help my country. So, I’ll check every single REPUBLICAN  candidate on the voter ballot this November. It’s my civic duty to serve my country! 

    I used to check the DEMOCRAT candidates; no more; that’s ancient history now. 

  • Noogan

    “He’s going to demand….”

    OMG, these people are so sick, aren’t they? 

  • Noogan

    Who Really Needs to Suffer Mr President?! 

    Timothy Geithner & Ben Bernanke, and that’s just the beginning. 

    Stop the Looting, and Start Prosecuting:;

  • kenoshamarge

    Whenever a politician, from either party, tells us we’re going to have to make “sacrifices” or “hard choices” or “bite the bullet” or any other euphemism for paying more we should all be prepared to be robbed. Again. Lied to? Well that’s just SOP.

    The “hard choices” need to be made by the pinheads in Washington who are spending money as if there was an endless supply.

    The fact that Bam the Sham can even give that speech in Ottumwa with a straight face is all the proof you need of his deceit and hypocrisy. After adding more bureaucracy to government, after adding more money to the deficit and after adding another “entitlement” to the mix he has the audacity to give this speech? What a bloviating asshat!

  • kenoshamarge

    Don’t forget the nine bathrooms. Proves you’re full of sh*t if you need that many commodes.

  • kenoshamarge

    For most here his words never carried much meaning. We knew that what he said and what he had done were miles apart. In fact he had spent the better part of his lifetime voting “present”.

    There was also a worrisome lack of openness and honesty. Many simply accept that as a pol being a pol. Our fault if we accept that as the norm.

    In the time that I have stopped allowing pin-headed partisanship to brainwash me I’ve stopped trusting any politician. I look for some evidence that their words mean anything. Look for actions. Look for honesty. Look for integrity. Feel like Diogenes?

    Once we stop being so stupidly partisan and start using our brains it will make it much more difficult for these asshats to hoodwink us. It’s harder than just marching in lockstep for “our” team like some mindless robots but it’s a hell of a lot more satisfying.

    Great post Ani, you always get such interesting discussions going.

  • arabella trefoil

    And a GI Joe with kungfu grip.

  • Noogan

    “as taxpayers look on in frustration….” 

    More like “as taxpayers look on in FURY. 

    We love to be abused. Clearly, we LOVE TO BE ABUSED. Here’s a guy who’s contributed NOTHING whatsoever to this country, suffered nothing, sacrificed NOTHING, and spent with abandon someone else’s money. Now, I don’t know about you, but the audacity of this man is nothing short of GALLING. For him to arrogantly talk about how WE are going to have to sacrifice is galling. He hears the pollsters telling him that is what we want to hear. And, we do. For we love to be abused; we think it actually solves the problem he created–we want to be told we are going to have to suffer, to sacrifice. 

    Well, I won’t suffer, and I won’t sacrifice. I saved MY money; and I have NO debt. I own my home and my cars and everything else outright. I have no intention of sacrificing for OBAMA’s political agenda. So, I don’t know about the rest of you, but frankly, it’s time for OBAMA to suffer and sacrifice. And, I think November is when he needs to start serving his sentence. So, I’m going to give him notice now: In November, I’m voting for every Republican I find on the ballot, just to send him notice that I DON’T INTEND to listen to his arrogance, his brazen lies, or watch his incredibly corrupt act any longer. He’s had his time at the bully pulpit, and it’s time for the hook. 

  • arabella trefoil

    He’s bored out of his mind already. How long has he lasted at anything? (Please note the use of the word “anything.” I deliberately did not use the word “job.”)

    He’ll have a temper tantrum and quit.

    He wants adoration and unconditional love from the masses. He’s not getting it.

    “I’d rather be a great half-term president than non-historical one term president.” Thanks, Obama. Always lowering the bar for yourself, aren’t you?

    Biden is waiting it out. He’s scrawling on cocktail napkins:

    President Biden
    President Joe Biden
    Joe Biden, President
    Commander in Chief, Joe Biden

    And by the way, where is Michelle?

    Hillary and Biden are working very closely together now. Hmmm.

  • Noogan

    Sigh~why do people always feel like they have to respond to FF? His comments are ludicrous and irrelevant. He misses the point MOST of the time, and CLEARLY, if FF is in the “10% tax bracket,” he’s either a high school student, or unemployed living off of someone else’s income. 

  • AnnieCarmel

    LaRouchites don’t go to TP meetings but they show up at rallys with their Hitler posters.  I’d like it if ouf local TP organizers could keep them out.  They are NOT part of the Tea Party.

  • AnnieCarmel

    In Montecito no less…right down the road from Ophrey who just signed a contract with Proctor and Gamble for $100million.  Didn’t she know she’s already made enough?

    Ani, interesting that he was in Ottumwa which is right next to Fairfield.  He campaigned in Fairfield and they were lined up to see him.  I’m sure all were the people who are invested in the community driven by Maharishi University of Management.  And, I’m sure as cultists,  they went for his BS bigtime.  However, their focus is not on “hard choices”.  That community is focused on enlightenment, abundance, living an utopian existence.  Everyone meditates 2x and more daily, practices Ayurvedic medicine (wonder how they like what he’s doing…betting they thought they’d be included on the “preventative medicine payout), children go to a special school, etc.  It is a community though that Baby Doc likes I’m sure since it has degenerated into very, very wealthy meditators who live in a development called “Vedic City”( based on Indian principles of building, etc.), and the serfs who serve them.  No middle class to speak of other than the original townspeople (Townies).  The “Roos” took  over the town back in the 70’s when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was their inspiration.  Considering the disparity between what they heard from him and voted for (Utopia, no war, hopey changey) I don’t doubt there was little applause.