Little Green Footballs has the story: Who’s Behind Anti-Palin Smear Site?


Daily Kos has a particularly nasty story up: Palin’s faked “pregnancy”? Covering for teen daughter? UPDATE #2!


I was just catching up on yesterday’s news shows that I tape on my DVR player. One woman spoke for me when she said (I’m paraphrasing this):

“Democratic women who supported Hillary
are sick of being regarded as a safe constituency,
and constantly assumed to toe the line.”

Amen, sister.

MataHarley at Flopping Aces has an extremely good post that responds to the NONSENSE that the MSM is putting out on Sarah Palin’s supposed “Troopergate.”

  • Kim

    Inky99 on Daily Kos is seriously disturbed and more mentally challenged than Sarah Palin’s new baby boy will ever be. They are going to have to “knock out a wall” in Hell to fit all of these people in who say these awful things.

  • DD

    Palin is a mixture of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Geraldine Ferraro.

  • baccachew

    Maybe you should read the whole article before posting LIES!

    This is from the same article that is mentioned above by SusanUnPC

    UPDATE at 8/30/08 2:16:54 pm:

    There is apparently no connection between these attack sites and the official Obama campaign; to get to the bottom of it I emailed the owner of an associated site, and here’s his reply:

    I run, or actually

    I think the person who registered the domain and forwarded traffic to it also owns/ran — this used to be a separate site with short defenses of various factually inaccurate charges against Obama during the primary, but the owner changed it to redirect to Obama’s site after the campaign made one themselves.

    • OBushMA!

      Obama who sells his so-called “New Politics” to Americans is not responsible for the smear tactics of his blog supporters. Good to know, so everyone should disregard everything said on those blog as insignificant and irrelevant.

  • hootnannie

    It seems that the only way the Obama camp knows to react is with hate-filled rhetoric and thuggery. They ought to have enough political savy to know not to criticize a woman for working outside her home because she has a special-needs child. The fact is that most of these elitists, as well as many in the MSM, have no understanding of real family life or Christian values. When they hear about a gal who values God and a gun, they freak! Nothing scares the Devil like goodness, huh?

  • Carol

    I read on a link on one of NQ posts that since we were called “Racists” if we made any statement against Obama, that we should use the word “Sexist” to counter any attacks against Sarah. Sounds good to me.

    No Way-No How-NoObama
    The Hopey Changey Guy

  • The freaks that have taken over the DNC and the freaks that are worshipping at the Barackopolis and trying to smear palin just gross me out.

    I can’t believe this is the democratic party i grew up in.

    Just revolting.

    Beyond grotesque.

    • imustprotest

      It’s not the same party Jeremiah. It’s been taken over by Chicago thugs.

  • American Woman

    Does anyone think Joe Biden was drunk in this video..he does seem very unpresidential..

    • OMG!!!

      that is such a creepy video…

      he sounds like such a slimey used car salesman…

      and how about how the wives just creeped off the stage? that whole event was choreographed and was so stilted and inscencere

      what a bunch of creepy slimey politicians…


      a. hillary
      b. mccain

      america first!

  • Hmm

    Anyone have a picture of “kos”. I hear it makes him nervous for some reason if people know what he looks like. Id love to see his face posted all over the internet.

  • Babs

    Anyone with half a brain (am I giving too much credit here?) would give about 6 seconds to this baby story and realize what a gigantic coverup would have had to have been put in place for this to be true. Sarah’s doctor, all the people involved in her testing, the people at the Governor’s conference, all the people in the facility where she gave birth, on and on.
    I have had it with the Democratic Party. I kept my Dem registration just in case Hillary got the nod, but these assasination attempts at Sarah Palin’s character are the last straw. Who are these people, and why does Obama seem to attract the most vile, unprincipled people to his cause? I am frightened for this country, really frightened.

    • IndayHill

      Babs, you are not the only one who feels that way.We have to fight Obama, the Phony. In my lifetime, I am always for Democrats, even if my husband is a die-hard Republican.This time, I will do my civic duty of voting for the candidate who is a true patriot & a hero, Senator John McCain. Everybody knows he served the country while Obama was somewhere snorting & getting “air” for his ego.(pls. check his book).What did he do for the country? Did I miss his service number?
      Babs, we think positive & for the country, vote for Senator John McCain/Gov. Sarah Palin ’08.
      Hillary ’12

      God Save America !!!

  • Ferdberfle

    I’d like that Talking-Mule Troll, Francis to go to the Oblahblah website to the Obamablog section and see what *real* smears look like.

    When Frankie can condemn that absolute cesspool with as much fervor as he does any comments we make here criticizing his Messiah, then his words might carry more slightly more weight.

    Are you listening, Frank?

  • William L. Donlon

    What has been said by the Daily Kos and the Obama Campaign about this 44 year old woman, this 17 year old girl and this 4 month old baby is beyond sick.

    Obama is less than a rabid dog for doing this to a little baby and a 17 year old girl.

    Every Man and Woman, Regardless of age or race, should leave the Obama campaign, and the Democratic Party now.

    Why would anyone, especially a Woman work with such sick and depraved animals as Obama and his DNC thugs.

    Every one I know, who has seen this story today has been enraged beyond words and wants to kick the living crap out of Obama and the DNC scum that would do such a thing.

    The Girl and the Baby are clearly under age. Obama should be arrested and prosecuted for sexually harassing a minor. He and the scum who do his bidding are not above the law.

    That little baby and that 17 year old girl need to be defended by every man and woman in America.

    Obama is a real big man, picking on a 4 month old baby. Sick! Sick! Sick!

    God, but Obama is a hateful creature.

    • Francis

      Please provide a link where Obama has anything to do with the Palin/Kos smear. Thanks.

      • IndayHill

        Francis, NOTHING will change your belief that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.( his parents gave this name to him) is your idol !Nothing, even if he authorized the show of wasteful spending last Thursday’s fireworks.He could be more appreciated if he donated that money to the needy of New Orleans, instead of satisfying his big ego.Shame on him. Now, people forgot what he said, instead they’ll remember the fireworks & the faces of the celebrities they mingled with. That’s what they’ll talk about and of course the WHAMMY slap to him by Senator McCain in the person of Governor Sarah Palin.Your idol has shown another poor judgement, Francis.

      • William L. Donlon


        Nice try.

        The Obama Camp has cleansed it’s site and so has the Kos. We are adults here and we all know how this works.

        The story attacking the 17 year old gil and the 4 month old baby was up yesterday at 5:00 P.M. est and I reported it up, with out repeating it’s sick message, right here on No Quarter.

        Many readers on this sit read my post and clicked on and read Obama’s sick smear for themselves.

        The fact that it is down now changes nothing and does not excuse Obama and the kos for putting it up yesterday.

        A very good source is reporting that Obama caught heat from some MSM with Lap tops who were traveling with him. They also saw the story and he was forced to have the Kos take it down.

        Several other sites (Hot Air, LGF etc.) saw the Obama attack on the Girl and the baby and reported it and linked it before Obama had it taken down.

        He then sends someone like you out to ask: “please provide the link where Obama has anything to do with the Plain/ kos smear”

        This sorry act closes out of town Francis. Every PUMA on this site knows that these tactics were used against Hillary and they are not going to let a sick freak like Obama and his thugs beat up on a 17 year old girl and a 4 month old baby.

        Never Again Francis means Never again! Not to any woman and certainly not to young girls and a 4 month old baby.

        Francis, Think about what you are defending.

        A 4 month old Baby???

        I mean damn!

        Do you really want to defend a sick asshole who is so low that he would need a 12 ft. ladder to kiss Hitler’s feet.

        Get away from this sicko Francis.
        Run, and keep running until the stink of Obama is off you.

        Obama is going to loose because he is a looser who just has to engage in this kind of low life sick behavior.

        PUMAs are going to be one of the biggest factors in his defeat.

        PUMAs are going to be the shock troops that take him out.

        • StrawberrybitesBarky

          William, Francis and the other creatures like it, know full well how this stuff works. It’s like the Karl Rove Whisper Campaign against McCain and his ‘black love child’ back in 2000. Bush went on Meet the Press (if I remember correctly) and lied right to McCain’s face about the whole thing. But like Francis, Bush said there was no proof whatsoever that he had anything to do with the smear. Frankly when someone says “there’s no proof whatsoever” as opposed to “OH MY GOD! THAT’S HORRIBLE AND I WOULD NEVER CONDONE THAT BEHAVIOR AND I WANT THE GUILTY PARTY STRUNG UP BY HIS BALLS!” leads me to believe that yes, Barky’s team knew what they were doing. But the damage has been done and that rumour is out there. Mission Accomplished, Francis. Nice work.

  • Hey, don’t leave us out of the anti-Palin hit parade!!!

  • an observer

    Is Obama and his minions going nuts because she’s “inexperienced” or because, now, all of Senator Obama’s kind overtures to people of faith will be for naught?

    Although politically obscure, Palin was well known to some of the leading Christian Zionists in America, who were aggressively promoting her choice for weeks or months before the McCain “surprise” announcement.

    On Aug. 11, the evangelical publication Christianity Today reported, “Richard Land’s VP Advice to McCain: Pick Sarah Palin.” The article reported on a recent CBS News interview given by the public policy director of the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land, in which he responded to a question about which running mate would “most excite Southern Baptists and other members of the conservative faith community.”

    Without hesitation, Land said, “Probably Governor Palin of Alaska, because she’s a person of strong faith… She’s strongly pro-life. She’s a virtual lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She would ring so many bells.”

    Doug Wead, who was President George H.W. Bush’s White House liaison to the Christian Right, and who is a key ally of Karl Rove, also weighed in on why McCain chose Palin as his running mate: “What is Sarah Palin’s religion? She is Assemblies of God…

    McCain does more than balance the ticket with a woman. He solves his complicated religious problem with Pentecostals and Charismatics, who according to a recent Barna survey make up almost half of all born again Christians. McCain’s on again off again relationships with Pentecostals, John Hagee and Rod Parsley… are now moot points…

    Even with Palin, McCain could have never beaten Hillary. Now, because the Soros puppets in the DNC were so adament about getting rid of Hillary and installing one of their own, they stand to loose the election. McCain, with Palin, has a very good chance of beating the empty suit, Obama.

  • Obama a sneak and a liar? A lowlife chicago thug gutter fighter who hates women? NO! Say it isn’t so!

    • Ferdberfle

      Nah, he’s a regular guy who is just misunderstood (smirk).

  • ed

    Anyone have any “not so flattering” pictures of Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, Nancy Pelosi, or any of the loving pundits – Matthews, Olbermann, Mitchell, etc.. please send them my way –

  • beverly leslie

    Two great video’s of sarah palin. will help you to get to know her. The more I know the more I like. She calls some men neanderthals and she supported Ron Paul. why is that great? Because he is a compassionate conservative and I read his book Revolution which is short and to the point. I would reccomend anyone to read it to learn more about this woman.

    She is nothing like the Dems are trying to paint her.

    • KC

      Wow. She is GOOD. No wonder why the obots in the media are so scared and making up smears. Ain’t going to work obots – the people know when they’re watching one of their own.

  • PS

    Check out this website with photos of Angelie Jolie and Brazilian Super Model Ambrosia at 6 months pregnant and hardly showing. Physically fit women, like Sarah, will show later.

  • ford

    The evil the DK spills into the world will come back to get them…you know it, you’ve seen it,trust it.

    Do not poison yourself.

  • Ferdberfle

    Sarah Palin is a woman who sets a fine example for others. And what do the democrats do? They start a smear campaign through their “journalist” whores and useless, lazy-ass obamatrons.

    • tek

      If Obama had any leadership abilities he would come out and condemn this behavior and say he doesn’t want his supporters slandering women or children, it’s not the new politics. But Obama is just a gangsta looking for a free ride.

      • Ferdberfle

        And he won’t because he tacitly approves of it.

        • KC


      • IndayHill

        I heard many times from the MSM pro-Obama pundits that the negative attacks, including smear/swiftboat attacks, will be left to Obama’s surrogates. Obama wants it that way so he’ll appear like a “saint” !
        That guy is really a PHONY ! I cannot trust him at all ! And Michelle? She looked so “queenly snob” when the intelligent Hillary gave nice talks about MO last convention.The pundits wanted more adjectives thrown to the Obamamamia.
        NOOBAMA !
        McCain/Palin ’08
        Hillary ’12

        God Save America !!!

      • Truudy

        I agree

  • vi

    some quotes from these idiots, slandering Palen, and saying nasty things that should iritate woman and voters, They did this to Clinton , the Democratic party, and Obama campaign , use their bloggers to cast deceit and trash Palin record, vote agains Nasty chicago Politics vote McCain, Republicans need to stand up and not allow this to happen to Palin, as the DNc turned a blind eye when they used it against Clinton. I will send to the McCain camp to make sure they stop this coming from the democratic pundants,

    vi Says:
    I see that the sexism and slandering along with the nasty comments have begun, Im definietly voting McCain, and i urge all to vote , a slient vote, a third party vote a sign in vote is a vote for O, it is not ok for the Dnc and O campaign to use there bloggers to do the dirty work, I urge all supporters of Hill and now McCain and Palin, start coping those post from the idiotObots, and start sending them out and posting them to blogs along with the commenter name, and sight, copy and send to McCain and make sure u let them know your a democrat that supported Hillary and you are outraged about the sexism the Obama campaign and pundants lashed out at hillary, and to make sure they eye these and address each pundants and media commentator, such as the dumb dumbs of Nbc, Msnbc, Daily Kos, everywhere, let them know we are not going to allow this again and no one address it. Post some comments with a statement to Fox news, Oreilly and ask them to put a stop to demeaning a candidate with sexism before they can lash out stupidity more.

    Ask them to read the comments with the names and blogs that are doing so, not only o supporters

    Heck and start sending them out to the papers , and lets see how much we can call attention to these fools, if you cannot blog on merit and issues, it does not belong here, and Hill suporters need to stand ground and lash back at their stupidity , since really non of O supporters can really address issues, other than the word Change, , over and over and ask them how he will change it , they call you raciest and dirty names, be very scared obots, Palin and Mccain will gain more votes by those statements upsetting more and more woman, O will be the defeat of the obama supporters and his dirty radical terrorist friends, nobama ever McCAin and Palin , have my vote, im disgusted with the Dnc and O campaign, period, and i have alread posted on myspace and several other sights nastyness of O supporters fight back and stand as one, one voice one vote NObama and definietly send toe the McCain campaign to address the pundants.

    • Katmoon

      I am doing just that, I say enough of this crap. Not again.

  • Francis

    In posting this rumor about Sarah Palin, her daughter and her new baby, I agree 100% that Kos was wrong to post this smear without evidence. All Kos seems to have is circumstantial evidence, and since this rumor has been going around Alaska for months I would assume the McCain people would have vetted this. Nasty indeed.

    Having said all that, isn’t it IRONIC the criticism of Kos is coming from No Quater, home of the whitey tape and the fake COLB?!?!?!

    Just saying, I have yet to see any type of apology issued by this site for whitey-gate or COLB-gate. Perhaps we should all practice what we preach, and be more careful before posting rumors and smears.

    • There are many people who have been told of the existence of the whitey tape, and there are people who have seen it. It was not a smear.

      And the colb is not a smear either. The colb posted is a FAKE.

      And neither of those things are an innocent baby.

      • Francis

        There are many people who have been told of the existence of the whitey tape, and there are people who have seen it. It was not a smear.
        Who? Where is it? Why haven’t we seen it?

        And the colb is not a smear either. The colb posted is a FAKE.

        No the story is FAKE. I know it can be confusing on here, but just so you are clear…THE COLB HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC SINCE MAY 2008 NO ONE ON THE PLANET has been able to prove the COLB is a forgery. No one. Let me repeat. NO ONE! Sure, they are a few bloggers like Texas Darlin and Techdude who claim they had proof. But their “proof” quickly fell apart. Notice Texas Darlin is longer even linked to this site. Even Larry doesn’t buy this garnage anymore.

        And neither of those things are an innocent baby.
        Agreed, but the point I’m tring to make is smears are wrong period. Kos should be grilled for spreading this filth, but that doesn’t make it OK for NQ to spread equally hateful filth.

        • yay


          did you see the comments on the wapo stroy about her corruption investigation?

          There were about 20 vulgar, nasty, sexist comments that were repeated word for word about 15 times each, and there was no moderation.

          Today here are all the gop shills crying about sexism.

          Smells like rove to me and any sentient being.

          I salute your patients dealing with these racist idiots.

          google susan + makah + racism and see what our suz has been up to in the past.

          • Ferdberfle

            Yay: You’re spreading lies again. You bring shame upon the house of oblahblah.

          • Francis

            Thanks yay. Sometimes I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

            BTW, do you notice Hillary is barely mentioned anymore?

            • Ferdberfle

              BTW, do you notice Hillary is barely mentioned anymore?

              That’s because the DNC and Oblahblah and the likes of you, jackass, buried her.

        • bemused

          Francis, I do a lot of computer drawing. What you have when you have that is a bunch of code lines that say 000100111000 etc., the computer translates those bits into color information, and voila! Your screen has a colored pattern on it. It is nothing but a vapor of electrons making a fleeting presence. You can’t hold it in your hand or frame it.
          Likewise with the “COLB” we’ve seen since May. It is an effervescence of photons, a collection of pixels. Many eyes have gone bleary looking for patterns or the lack of patterns or most important, the disruption of patterns in the “COLB,” but at the end of the day one can only make a guess. About the real birth certificate. Which this is not.

          • Francis

            So in other words you have no proof.


            • Donna Brazile waiting for JC or Fran-arse’s answer


              Can you bray a little about health care yet?

              Stop the eating and stop the hate!

              • Ferdberfle

                ROFL. Those oats are just too good to pass up so he’ll be awhile answering your question.

            • bemused

              No, in other words, Francis, YOU have no proof to offer us and we would like to see some. All you have for proof is a .jpg scan which isn’t the best picture format, for a start, it isn’t the original but a copy, and every word that has been argued about it has been over the pixel detail in that inadequate data.
              Assuming that the scan was not artfully made to look like a forgery in the first place, it sure looks to me like a made-up thing, not a real document (that is, it looks like there was a real document or maybe even 3 involved, but then it becomes difficult to tease out the order in which changes were made). My point is, this can only be resolved by examining a physical document and starting all over with the measurements, and doing it in a way that could be accepted in court with witnesses and certified experts.

    • Ferdberfle

      Just saying, I have yet to see any type of apology issued by this site for whitey-gate or COLB-gate. Perhaps we should all practice what we preach, and be more careful before posting rumors and smears.

      Since you keep bringing it up must mean that you’re still a bit anxious. There has been no resolution, yet, because Oblahblah won’t open up his records for all to see (and don’t tell me to go to an Obalhblah website to get it). As for the whitey tape, give it a few more days, then we’ll see who needs to apologize to whom.

      • Francis

        I will hold you to that.

        • Ferdberfle

          Hold me to what? I don’t control anything but myself, which is something you should learn to do. You can hold me to anything you like but that doesn’t obligate me to do a damn thing, you presumptuous putz,

          • Francis

            There has been no resolution, yet, because Oblahblah won’t open up his records for all to see (and don’t tell me to go to an Obalhblah website to get it). As for the whitey tape, give it a few more days, then we’ll see who needs to apologize to whom.

            I’m sure you will apologize if the whitey tape turned out to be a fraud.

    • candymarl

      The whitey tape involves an adult.

      Sarah Palin’s situation involves an infant and an a teen-aged girl.

      Anyone who can’t see the difference truly has no heart.

      • Francis

        So you are saying it is OK to lie, smear and distort Obama’s life because he is an adult?

        • StrawberrybitesBarky

          The only one who distorted Obama’s life is Obama.

        • Ferdberfle

          You obviously can’t read since you’ve had your answer at least a dozen times, you fool yee-haw.

    • StrawberrybitesBarky

      Noooo, the Republicans will pull out the tape when they need it. Why would they pull it out now when Sarah is getting such good coverage and obliterating Barky’s convention bump as sad as it was? Timing is everything in politics and you keep proving you are a newbie. Oh and KOS is the one who posted the fake COLB.

    • Indyvoter

      So Francis, you’ve seen a real birth certificate?
      And you know BO is not an Indonesian citizen and never was?
      You were there?
      It’s not up to us to prove his eligibility, it’s up to BO and the DNC.

      It seems to me he said he spoke Indonesian and lived there as a child and went to school there.

      • Ferdberfle

        Francis is a bit off tonight as he hasn’t had his oats, yet.

        • Dr. Kate

          oats are kind of high class for this talking mule, eh?

          • Ferdberfle

            Yeah, let him eat hay. LOL

      • snosandy

        The only word I’ve heard him pronounce correctly in Indonesian is Pock-ee-ston.

    • beebop

      80%+ of all Alaskans approve of the job Governor Palin is doing. Can 0bama find 80 people in South Side to say that he did a good job for them.

      Francis … her daughter is a teenager. Her mother is now a public figure. Do you and the rest at DK have so much hate for women that it starts when they are teenagers? How can you actually look in the mirror after this kind of filth?

      You are dead to me.

      • Francis

        Gimme a break!

        Are you even reading what I posted? We all agree children and families are out of bounds, and Kos should be pilloried for posting it.

        But I ask again…does that make it OK to smear Obama, his deceased mother, his infirmed grandmother with xenophobic garbage?

        Where is YOUR humanity???????

        • Ferdberfle

          But I ask again…does that make it OK to smear Obama, his deceased mother, his infirmed grandmother with xenophobic garbage?

          Those weren’t smears. A question about his birth certificate is not a smear, ding-dong. The question of the whitey tape is not a smear either unless it is released.

          Shut up and eat your oats.

          • Francis

            Per Webster’s Dictionary:


            3: a usually unsubstantiated charge or accusation against a person or organization —often used attributively .

            5: Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone.

            • Ferdberfle


              3: a usually unsubstantiated charge or accusation against a person or organization —often used attributively . Note the word usually

              5: Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone. Note the use of false or mailcious: neither charge is false because nothing has been proven either way. Malicious doesn’t apply either since we want answers to basic questions that YOUR candidate should answer.

              You best try another approach, Frank.

              • Francis

                OK I’ll go slowly since the folks at Webster have obviously confused you.

                Let’s say I alleged a friend of mine had a tape of you throwing cute newborn puppies out of a 6 story window. Granted, I didn’t show the tape to you or anyone else. I just kept repeating I had it. How could you prove I was wrong?

                Answer: You can’t prove something that didn’t happen…didn’t happen? Get it!

                BTW what ever happened to Texas Darlin?

                • Ferdberfle

                  I’ll talk in bray so you can understand me better:

                  If this is a smear, let Oblahblah present the documents proving he is a citizen AND show some proof his wife didn’t say those things. Only THEN do you have a case.

                  Game, set, and match.

                  • Francis

                    How does he provide proof of something she didn’t say???

                    With all due respect you are dense! No wonder you are shilling for Ailin/Palin 08.

                    • Katmoon

                      Enough of the ageism as well.

                    • WildChild

                      I expect crematoria are on the agenda early on in soeBOBO administration.

                    • Ferdberfle

                      Grancis, there is no one quite as stupid as a bot and you’re one of them.

                      You’re right, you can’t prove a negative. But try getting your case into court if you’re so inclined.

                      And you STILL didn’t address the first issue concerning the COLB, either. So stop the incessant braying and eat those damn oats we left you.

                • Donna Brazile waiting for JC or Fran-arse’s answer


                  Health care or are you slower than slow?

                  Stop the hate!

                • Hope

                  Your point about not being able to prove a negative is true. The damaging thing about the tape is not really whether or not you personally view it. The fact that Michelle Obama’s previous behavior makes the idea of her saying those things completely plausible is the root of the problem. Her demeanor has been seen as angry and her words offensive at times.

                  On another point, because I know you post here often, do you not consider it counterproductive for Obama supporters to continue to insult potential voters?
                  I can understand your anger over having Obama’s shortcomings contemplated endlessly. But it is very reasonable for voters to want information about a person seeking POTUS.

                  • Francis


                    I agree that it is counterproductive for Obama supporters to insult potential voters. I try to have reasoned discussions with others on here, but am usually insulted and called a mule (whatever the hell that means!). Most times I try to respond reasonably, but every once in awhile I probably have stepped over the line.

                    Contrary to popular belief. I, and most Obama supporters are not “kool-aid” drinkers. Obama wants to be POTUS and needs to be held to account. I think his campaign at times has shown some arrogance and that worries me. I think he needs to be held to account on FISA, NAFTA, and other reversals. I also think Rev. Wright, Rezko, etc. are all fair game. And yes I agree the MEDIA was unfair to Hillary at times and treated Obama like a rock star.

                    What really sets me off is the whitey tape, fake COLB, gay limo sex nonsense that has been too prominent on this and other alleged “democratic” sites. I have no problem with someone being anti-Obama, but one can do it without smearing. This is why I criticized Daily Kos for their post about Sarah Palin’s baby.

                    Thank you for your very reasoned post. We may not agree but we can still be civil.

                    • WildChild

                      We’re holding soeBOBO to account for fisa, nafta and other reversals. We’re voting McCain.


                    • Ferdberfle


                      If your candidate isn’t made of sterner stuff, he will wilt like a cheap rose when the RNC comes after him full-bore.

                    • Hope

                      I absolutely have to say you are the first Obama supporter I have encountered that has actually given any credence to the fact that Obama has some very serious and very real issues to address. It is refreshing to say the least.

                      One of the largest of those problems is in the fact that he and supporters of his insult the voting public by making them feel as if they have no right to have their concerns or questions acknowledged much less answered. That coupled with the extreme nature of some of Obama’s associations, character flaws , flip flops etc. brings into the question the judgment and credibility of anyone who would condone such behavior.

                      I appreciate your distaste for smears, and most people would likely agree. However, Obama has always had the ability to genuinely ‘stop the smears’ by simply providing simple, easy to obtain documents.The more he resists transarency the greater the speculation will become.

                      I also agree that the attack on Gov. Palin’s children is far below the belt, so to speak, and unfortunately will be seen as another unreasoned, unethical and immoral act by those who support and represent Obama.

            • Katmoon

              You mean something like this from the obama campaign site?


              By geegee Today at 1:05 am EDT (Updated Today at 1:05 am EDT)
              I was kind of thinking that myself. Not to be sexist (more of a realist) We may have just sealed a chunk of that “working white men.” Not that this is the way I would have preffered it happen, but I have known a lot of men that were less racist than they were sexist. Sad but true.

              • snosandy

                Oh, well, women make up 54% of all voters.

            • Dr. Kate

              note also the word “unsubstantiated”…
              barky would not be in two lawsuits right now on his documents if things were unsubstantiated.

              ha ha

              • Francis

                Right, there are no frivilous lawsuits ever filed in this country! LMAO!!!

                • Ferdberfle

                  Speaking of frivolous, how’s your posting going?

    • elise

      Could you give some references to the “rumor” other than kos. Say, like someone who has lived in Alaska?

    • American Woman

      Bob Bekel confirmed that he believed the Whitey Tape was real and would be released…the only question is WHEN?

  • Hope

    It shows alot of desperation when attacking a woman’s pregnancy is political fodder.
    The argument is nonsensical. The fact that Down’s Syndrome babies are much much more frequently born to older women makes the baseless assumption statistically unlikely.
    The fact that the McCain camp, upon announcing the choice of Palin, made it well known that she has walked the talk of her values by continuing the pregnancy even after the diagnosis. There would be no logical reason to do this if the baby weren’t hers. They simply could have omitted the fact.
    And again, pot calling the kettle black much? What an odd attack considering the secretive manner in which Obama’s own birth has been handled.

  • Anee

    The DNC is afraid of Palin, they know she is the better than BO, I am laughing all the way to the voting booth to vote for McCain/Palin, in November.

    I went to donate to McCain on his website but the site was so busy I had to call and speak to a human being and give my donation over the phone.

    For the first time in my adult life I will be voting for the Republicans.

    The democrats are embarrassing and vile…

    Country before Party!

    • J.J. (The Puma)

      For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country the Republican Party.

  • I don’t know what’s more ridiculous – that KOS is taking the pregnancy conspiracy story seriously, or that some of the bots think it would actually be the downfall of the Republican party! WHO CARES! Even if by some slim chance Palin is taking care of her daughter’s child, I don’t give a rat’s ass! She’s still taking care of the child and taking care of her family! Keep the teenage daughter out of this!

    Geez. How low can you go?

    • candymarl

      I agree. They’re going after a disabled infant and a teen-aged girl.

      This is hope and change? This is something to believe in?

      Re: the whitey tape mantra. True or no at least it involves an adult. Not an infant and a teenager. But I guess that doesn’t bother Obama supporters.

    • yay

      Gotta a link that kos is taking it seriously?

      No didn’t think so.

      do you people need to lie to yourselves to justify your hatred?

      Thought so.

      • ohio

        well “ya”, if they are not supporting this, we sure have had a lot of low lifes spreading this kind of shit on McCain’s web site. That’s fine if that is how they want to play. I’ve been copying all of it and I hand it out to everyone I know. They get to see just what kind of people support Obama. And believe me, it hasn’t been very pretty for Obama. McCain/Palin 08

      • Katmoon

        Here are two post from the obama campaign site

        By Sans Doute Today at 1:02 am EDT (Updated Today at 1:02 am EDT)
        Geez… I could barely walk the first couple days after I gave birth. A lot of people have been marveling over the fact that she went back to work 2 Days after giving birth, and to a special needs baby. I thought it sounded strange to me, so I “used the google” and found a story about how her baby may not be HER baby, but rather her daughter’s baby. ***IF*** that is the case, it wouldn’t surprise me since she is SO PRO-life: Even in the case of rape or incest. She also wants to teach Creation in schools, instead of Science.

        By Eva from Princeton, NJ Today at 5:03 pm EDT (Updated Today at 5:03 pm EDT)
        well, for once, we could all verify if she or her daughter is the mother of Sarah Palin last child. All kind of suspicious info on that pregnancy. check the web, please.
        By Kim, part of the Greatest lobbying force Washington has ever seen Today at 6:11 pm EDT (Updated Today at 6:11 pm EDT)
        I think that is a deeply private issue. Please let’s leave it alone– if there is a there/there (and I’ve seen the pics, there may be) the press will find it. This is the kind of story that the press really pushes if its true. Let’s leave it alone– what if it isn’t true? That would be horrible for everyone involved in the false accusation. Let’s leave it alone and trust the 4th Estate– the press does like titillation, we can trust them with this one.

        • this happened really to Jack Nicholson. His real Mother was a teenager and he was raised by his Grandparents and thought that his biological mother was his sister.
          In any case, so what? Why are the DNC so intent on destroying this little girl? Because that is what they will do. And, actually, because they have started this rumor, they have already destroyed her life. That rumor will follw her everywhere.
          they will achieve nothing, except disgrace themselves. so what if it is her daughter’s kid?
          That would make me respect her more.
          These people really need to go take a bath.

        • this happened really to Jack Nicholson. His real Mother was a teenager and he was raised by his Grandparents and thought that his biological mother was his sister.
          In any case, so what? Why are the DNC so intent on destroying this little girl? Because that is what they will do. And, actually, because they have started this rumor, they have already destroyed her life. That rumor will follow her everywhere.
          they will achieve nothing, except disgrace themselves. so what if it is her daughter’s kid?
          That would make me respect her more.
          These people really need to go take a bath.

  • Lynn

    Let me tell you, I sat next to a woman at work and did not know she was pregnant until she was past 7 months along. She was super thin and just never showed until one day she popped! I couldn’t believe she was pregnant and then found out she was due in less than two months. So for all the Obamidiots who are questioning it, it can happen.

    • And I have no doubt that Palin did not tell people she was pregnant because there was a high possibility of miscarriage (woman over 40 with a downs fetus). And who knows, she could have been struggling with the decision of choice…

      It is gross that they are slamming her.

    • no vote for Oblabla

      Heck, I experienced this in my own pregnancy. I’ve never had a regular menstrual cycle (excuse me if this is TMI). I could go for a year without one and then cycle and another 6 months without. I went to a few different Gynecologists and they could never fix it so I just gave up trying to be regular.

      I have one child, and I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I actually felt her moving around LOL I never had morning sickness, didn’t gain any weight, etc. Since I’d never been pregnant before I had no idea what that weird moving stuff was that I was experiencing. So I went to the Dr. and he sent some blood work to the lab…and you can imagine the surprise I had when they told me I was pregnant. Three months later my daughter was born 😀

  • WarriorofG-d

    Why don’t they concentrate on Larry Sinclair instead of picking on a woman who had a down symdron child? If they are going to start smearing her with lies- let’s have them put the Larry Sinclair on the tube and see how the minions of Obama like it. Go to the website and start putting LS name and see how they stop spreading lies about this remarkable woman.

  • MrMike

    In re this “It’s Palin’s daughter’s baby” trash that little git Markos is pushing. It reminds me of Rush Limbaugh’s failed TV show when he did his infamuos “White House Dog” bit then showing a picture of Chelsea. But then I understand that Markos is a lapsed republican.

    • yay

      Markos is pushing?

      Is that why he removed a diary on the rec list?

      keep worshiping hannity and places that refuse to allow dissent.

      • StrawberrybitesBarky

        It went to the rec list? That in itself says shitloads about what KOS has become.

    • Scully

      Ha – yes and look at Rush now versus Chelsea now.

      Hate to say it, but I lost some respect for McCain when I read about the joke he made about Chelsea years ago – when she was still a teenager. What the heck is with politians?!

      • Ironic that someone from the DK is concerned about allowing dissent!!!

  • Andy

    DKos is unbelievable….how low do these people are willing to go? Because they have already been in the gutters but this is like a gutter-rat filthy smear.

  • NeedProof

    Where’s the whitey video? Wasn’t it supposed to come out at this time?

    • RR

      No. You fail. You fail just like Kos.

      Dailykos has lost all credibility! LOL

      • yay


        that’s why larry is on tv all the time these days.

        NQ is the joke.

        Who was the last prominent person to post here under their real name?

        That’s what I thought.

    • beebop

      And you idiots are critical of a helpless infant with Down’s Syndrome? What’s your excuse?

    • kgirl1028

      Dear they called it October Suprise, what month is it? that’s right August. However were as the validity of the tape is in question, that fact that DNC is run by a bunch of sexist jerks is not. And I will not be voting for any democrats this year mark my word. And regardless of whether the tape exists you don’t shape up this black female is about to ship out.

    • WarriorofG-d

      The whitey tape and the arabic prayer to call video is in the hands of the Republicans- will be shown three weeks before election. Does that answer your question?

    • Asian4Hillary

      It’s not October yet. It’s supposed to be the October surprise.

  • katmandu

    Bill Maher talking about MSNBC:

    (Hat tip to for the citation)——

    Maher’s full rebuke on the August 29 Real Time with Bill Maher:

    I think there is a problem, though, with the media gushing over him too much. I don’t think he thinks that he’s all that, but the media does. I mean, the coverage after, that I was watching, from MSNBC, I mean these guys were ready to have sex with him….It’s embarrassing.

    • Bill Maher, however, blasted Palin! His whole monologue ridiculed and belittle her accomplishments. He barely recognized that she was a governor–and when he did, he said that being gov of a sparsely populated state such as Alaska didn’t really count.

      And we all know Bill Maher has serious issues with women!

      • WildChild

        he seems to like the strung out skeezy ones like ann coulter

      • noproblama

        Ain’t that the truth. Couldn’t get a date in high school syndrome to be sure.

  • One of them is Kos.
    Anyway, the pick of Palin puts McCain ahead in the latest Zogby

  • Astra14

    I remember when Geraldine Ferraro was chosen for the VP runningmate – it was more like her husband was running because the news kept bringing up HIS background, not HERS!

    • MessyMarcy

      Yes, and rumors were also spread about Ferraro’s mother; but at least they were adults being slandered. The rumors the Obamabutts are spreading about Palin’s children remind me of when Bush’s campaign spread a lie about one of McCain’s adopted children in the last Presidential campaign. This officially makes Obama twice as bad as Bush — his folks are attacking not one, but two of Palin’s children. Decency is not a quality in any way associated with his desperate attacks on Palin, but Oprah must be so proud.

  • Indyvoter

    To think I used to look up to the democrats and actually be one!

    They’ve lost all respectibility!

    All we can do as voters is look at each choice and candidate individually.

  • kgirl1028

    You know this is borderline Ridiculous. number one Palin is running for office not her teenage daughter or her last child. there for why are they dragging them into this. Would Obama supporters allow Malia and Natasha to be dragged into this. Heck obama chose to have his children interviewed, and when everyone was heckling them for not giving their kids birthday gives, I said it was great for them to teach their children not to be materialistic, but how in the heck can they do this. Someone has to stop these nuts. I guess we hold these truths to be self evident that democrats have something against women. Ladies it’s time to pack up and move out. this is incrediable. If the Republican party is the white party, then Democratic party is the Pe%$# party. where in the heck do they get off with this bull!

    • candymarl

      Oh yes, infants and teenage girls are now fair game.

      Welcome to the new Repub- I mean Democratic Party.

      • beebop

        But no criticizing Hera as I recall. That was going to make Zeus quiver, right?

        • Zeke

          I’ll tell you this much…
          If the “First Dude” says to lay off his wife, it might behoove one to pay some attention.
          That guy is no wuss…

          • Ferdberfle

            He should be introduced to Francis, huh?

        • Ferdberfle

          I think Hera smote Zeus on Thursday after he kissed Oblahblah’s feet.

    • Their attacks about the birth of Palin’s baby is an attack on her daughter too! They’re destroying her reputation as a young woman! Since when do presidential candidates go after the opponent’s children? Oh, yeah, . . . since Obama came onto the national scene.

  • Astra14

    I just donated to John McCain so he has more $$$$ to fight with! I really enjoyed watching Sarah Palin speak today – I can relate to her. She’s not Hillary, but I thinks she’s worthy of respect. She’s down to earth and I think McCain made a great choice!

    • Aunt Bea

      I couldn’t help thinking, as I watched the Governor speak, that if she were male, if she had on an Armani suit and the striped tie and the Italian shoes, and the very same resume. . .

      no one would be questioning (his) qualifications. No one.

      • J.J. (The Puma)

        Do you remember that Tim Polenty was on McCain’s short-list: A Lightweight with no foreign policy experience.

        Do you remember Virginia Overnor Kaine was on Obama’s short-list. A man with no foreign policy experience.

        Do you remember anybody questioning their credentails?? A……

  • Patti

    I read that DK trash earlier, I didnt know how to do a link on this particular site.

    It didnt take them too long to decide their version of the truth. Pond sucking pigs, especially the pond sucking scum women there.

    Damn the democrats have turned into their own version of “MEAN GIRLS”.

  • Ever Vigilant

    Uh, it says that the Obama campaign had nothing to do with the websites if you follow all the updates. The rumour about the pregnanct has been around for a while and is a result of the fact that no one knew the Gov. was pregnant until a month before she delivered and also people confusing fact with fiction ‘Desperate Housewives.’

    • beebop

      No excuse. None. Inhuman. Not human. Not the Democratic party I knew.

      • yay

        No excuse for what?

        It wasn’t Obama.

        And since when is highlighting Palin’s gay rights position a smear?

        Is this a right wing fundy website that hates gays, and thinks saying someone does is a smear?

        Give me a break.

        • Ferdberfle

          You don’t read very well or perhaps just don’t pay attention. I said the following below: Look at the Oblahblah website. Someone was spreading the story today at 0102.

    • Ferdberfle

      Horsefeathers: Look at the Oblahblah website. Someone was spreading the story today at 0102.

  • bemused

    It looks like they are hardcore on the women-hating, all right. The Hillary hate, now transferred to Palin. What is up with that?

    • imustprotest

      Good point bemused. So many Barrybullies said to me “it’s not that I don’t want a woman president….it’s just THAT woman” referring to Hillary. So it appears it’s not just Hillary.

      • noproblama

        Yeah, if I had a nickle…

        • noproblama

          that would be nickel.

    • yttik

      It’s now called the Misogyny Party. Bashing women is what they do.

      • beebop

        So much for “bros b4 hos” …. its bros and no hos, I guess.

        • karen for Clinton (sigh, McPalin now)

          Well I’d pick that ho before that bro any time.

          And she is definitely NOT a ho.

        • J.J. (The Puma)

          Outstanding Beebop. Need that on a bumper sticker.

          The selection of Governor Palin has transformed this site from a wake to a party.

          We have hope, optimism and enthusasm. I am even starting to welcome comments from Obamatrons who are writing in between trips to the bathroom to barf.

    • mimi

      To parrot another post, if the 0bama campaign thinks misogyny and sexism is a good strategy, I hope they roll with that.

    • RR

      Crazy, isn’t it?

      And I actually believed it was just Clinton hate they were exploiting. I remember all the Obamabots who said they’d vote for McCain if Hillary was the Democratic candidate.

      • karen for Clinton (sigh, McPalin now)

        Yep, they made it clear. As we knew all along it wasn’t just Hillary it was ALL women who dare to be successful, smart and capable.

        They say only weak men need to bash women.

        That means we have some pretty fantastic strong Hillary and Sarah supporting regulars around here.

        Salute to the men who are man enough to support women.

        • BlueTopaz

          Hear, hear! Good on ya, guys!!!!

    • It’s kind of sad.His Mom didn’t have very god character and was an atheist, so she got knocked up young. Then, instead of settling down and giving Barry a half decent life in Hawaii, she drags him off to another country and then she starts remembering that Oh, maybe he needs an American education and dumps him off with Grandma.
      And Barry gets to meet his real dad once and then finds out that he’s a drunk with a bunch of wives.
      This guy should be on a psychiatric couch. and will be after this campaign. Or in jail.
      The clowns who chose him as their straw man sure did a good job of analyzing his weaknesses. But they forgot one thing.
      The American Public doesn’t like to be bamboozled.

  • “Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama”
    (It’s a comparision chart.)

    • Katmoon

      OK this is a copy and paste from the Obama campaign site: I’ve posted it on other threads here in the last hour. It looks like either they started this crap or little green footballs did(whatever the name)

      By Eva from Princeton, NJ Today at 5:03 pm EDT (Updated Today at 5:03 pm EDT)
      well, for once, we could all verify if she or her daughter is the mother of Sarah Palin last child. All kind of suspicious info on that pregnancy. check the web, please.
      By Kim, part of the Greatest lobbying force Washington has ever seen Today at 6:11 pm EDT (Updated Today at 6:11 pm EDT)
      I think that is a deeply private issue. Please let’s leave it alone– if there is a there/there (and I’ve seen the pics, there may be) the press will find it. This is the kind of story that the press really pushes if its true. Let’s leave it alone– what if it isn’t true? That would be horrible for everyone involved in the false accusation. Let’s leave it alone and trust the 4th Estate– the press does like titillation, we can trust them with this one.

      • yes, they will question whether her baby is actually hers, but they won’t bother to check if Obama is actually eligible by birth to serve as POTUS.

        • beebop

          And … it was allegedly written by a female. Nice, huh? And someone wants me to worry about her right to choose? I choose to feel really really sorry for her parents.

        • J.J. (The Puma)

          This is true woman’s equality. It is usually men who are suspected of not being the parent.

    • woops, I meant “comparison”

      Anyway, I can see that they are going to attack Governor Palin with the same kind of gender bashing / negative BS tactics.

      I think it’s going to backfire. It will push more people to fight for her to win.

    • karen for Clinton (sigh, McPalin now)

      kat in your hat

      Great side by side comparison chart, thanks for the link and for a good laugh at barfy.

      It was pretty funny today, some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door and as always we ended up talking about the bible and the situation in the world and about barfy’s bots acting like he is the messiah.

      There are so many groups of people offended by him.

      The worship is blasphemous. And people here who say his supporters are going to need medication when he loses are right. They are so over the top nuts in their utter worship. The look on the faces in the crowd at Invesco and at his other events is scary.

      Hillary or any other politicians crowds show polite respect and admiration. Look at a NORMAL crowd for Hillary or for Bill’s speeches, they showed respect and admiration and even love, but there was no sign of that adoration and psychosis for Bill or Hill.

      Then look at any obot audience – they are freaking out of their minds. They wonder why we call them a cult?!

      They ACT like it and deserve to be called a cult.

      • roseeriter

        There’s a desperation attitude from the party and supporters looking for revenge- some want to fix what Bush destroyed (that’s good) but most are looking for validation – the kids and many AAs- which Obama has pandered too. But most of us elders know they will be ignored once the voting is over. Then you have all the corporate corrupted leaders like Pelosi etc., who’s power-trip comes before intelligence- and all the backstabbing, tripping over each other-Dean, Brazzila, with greed in their hearts. And the biggest factor ignore the rules- Not vetting O, voting fraud, stealing, bullying delegates and add all the misogyny, and the race card and the Dem party just looks like a CHAOTIC disaster with no Principles or integrity. or

        Maybe as I get older I get a bit more conservative and EXPECT the people we elect to STAND for SOMETHING and be qualified and respectable. Obama just doesn’t do any of this for me.

  • Have you checked out the MSNBC’s blatant media bias against Palin already?

    • mimi

      Why would I support a candidate who never learns?

      How would someone like this change the country?

      Obama and his Botheads are a bunch of misogynist pinheads.

      In a year when the Democrats could have strolled into the WH, they have offended, cheated, bullied just about every Democratic constituent.

      And the astounding fact is that they keep doing it again and again.

      Botheads: The gift that keeps on giving.

      • beebop

        I kinda feel sorry for Plugs. No wonder he looked like he’d been drinking. He can’t believe his political career is ending in the shadow of Thugs.

        • MaryPat

          I can’t wait for Joey to pull his best Lloyd Bentsen on Palin at the debate. “Governor Palin, I know Hillary Clinton, I’ve worked with Hillary Clinton, and you are no Hillary Clinton.” To which Sarah can reply, “Well, if Hillary Clinton is so impressive, why did your Party kick her to the curb?”

          Plugs may finally find himself at a loss for words.

          • standard

            Phew. This is what Daily Kos is reduced to.
            No wonder respected writers stopped posting there.
            Democrats stink worse than a thousand porta sans.

        • Kevin

          He’ll just go back to the most exclusive club in the world

      • Yes, it’s the Clinton treatment all over again. Fortunately, it’s not hard to boomerang the smears back in the direction from which they came. Especially when you have the facts going for you.

        Obama’s October Suprise

        Who Really Represents Bush’s Third Term

        • I’ve argued before that because Obama’s campaign and identity are so wrapped up in misogyny and sexism his campaign is at a loss when it comes to a male adversary. But now that a woman is in the picture again, his campaign is charged up and ready to dust off their old strategy of bashing anything female. You see, misogyny is Obama’s default mode, the ground for his insecure identity.

          But I suspect that just as his race baiting against McCain failed (at least for now!), his sexist attacks on Sarah Palin will fail too and even backfire. His strategy is becoming pathetically transparent, especially as voters tune in to the election. In choosing Plain as VP, McCain may have set a trap for Obama.

          Ideology aside, many will identify with Palen as working a woman juggling a career and family, as a woman dealing with the old-boy network, and as a reformer set out to clean our dirty political houses.

          I think the latter—her ferreting of corruption—is what also scares the Obama camp, since Obama and Biden have ties to very shady individuals and are part of the same slimy Chicago world. Palin seems to have a nose for smelling putrid politics and will do something about it, regardless of party.

          • Kal

            Well said. Yes, the longer this goes on, the more BO’s default settings begin to resemble those of men of the 1960s, who saw women as tools of various types, and the women’s movement as a type of conservative backlash.

      • tek

        Misogynist doensn’t even cover it. As to the fake pregnancy, Palin’s water broke while she was giving a speech at a conference in the lower 48. She finished her speech, was taken aboard her plane and flown back to her doctor and hospital and gave birth. The woman actually has witnesses to the beginnings of childbirth, so the Kos idiots can just STFU.

        I’m really sick of the juvenile Obama people and their sexism is unconscionable. At first I just wasn’t going to vote for Obama, now I’m going to work to defeat him. If you just listen to the lyrics of rap music you know how black men feel about women. Obama’s always acting like a wannabe rapper.

        At least Sarah Palin smiles and is personable. Obambi always has a scowl and he’s always lecturing and preaching at everyone.

        • SWPAnnA

          Well said, and absolutely AMEN!!!


        • BlueTopaz

          Sounds like the bots have been watching too much Desparate Housewives.

        • Obama’s new party is the BROs before HOs Party!

        • MaryPat

          The risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome is directly related to maternal age. By the time a woman approaches her mid-forties, the statistics are one in every thirty births.

          Not that Kos would ever let the facts get in the way of their little hatefest.

        • noproblama

          I didn’t think I could dislike the Obamorons any more than I already did until I followed that link to KOS.

          Despicable doesn’t even begin to describe these creatures. Where the hell did they come from and how the hell do we get rid of them?

          Our piece of crap party let them get away with this bs but I hope the Republicans throw a fit and name names.

    • Leisa


      I have heard the one sided reports from them, NPR and CNN. We all should know by now that the media is not for the people, it is for their ADVERTISERS.